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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 6, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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interested in getting to the bottom of what happened in 2016. >> thank you. thank you for having us in your home. thank you for watching. "lou dobbs" is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories tonight, president trump in normandy commemorating hundreds of thousands of american and allied troops who heroically stormed the beaches of normandy 75 years ago today. and in washington, democrats remain in conflict and disarray, politico reports house speaker pelosi in a meeting with senior democrats says she wants the president in jail. while she blocks committee chairman who want to impeach the president. and the u.s.-mexico meetings ongoing tonight at the state department. no deal has been made nor seems in prospect on the border and
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illegal immigration. the white house says the 5% tariffs remain on the schedule for monday. jackie deangelo is at the white house tonight and has the latest for us on those talks. reporter: good evening to you, lou. after several conflicting reports today on the progress being made in these conversations, vice president pence throwing cold water on the notion that there may not be tariffs imposed on monday. in fact he said the tariffs will be imposed if mexico doesn't step up. listen. >> the president announced 5% tariffs will be imposed on monday on all goods come in from mexico. that's the policy of the united states. the president has said what he means and he meant what he said. we made that clear to the mexican delegation yesterday, that for anything to change, either before or after monday mexico has to step up. reporter: vice president pence setting the record straight at least for now.
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there's no word on how long the talks will lost but they're continuing tonight at the state department. fox news confirming the arrival of the foreign secretary of the state department not long ago. today here at the white house, white house reps, defense department reps and dhs apparently were part of the conversation. and from what we know, these conversations are focused on the substantive issue, on how to control the flow at the southern border. two ad menstruation officials telling fox news that the talks have been going well and that mexico was making some proposals that it hasn't in the past. the markets are watching this closely. it's not aws jus just the tarift could come on monday but it's the mca. progress has been meadz there and there is concern that the tariff issue could potentially throw a wrench in that. lou: thank you very much. president trump tonight in ireland where he will stay until
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he heads back to washington tomorrow. the president earlier today in normandy honoring the heroes who stormed those beaches 75 years ago. kevin court traveling with the president with the story. kevin? >> lou, always great to be with you. a fitting trint indeed to the fallen. for the folks who had a channels to see it today, they will never forget the pictures. images so powerful along the southern coast there over in france. it was 75 years ago heroes young and old faced absolute hell and thoad thetoday they were remembs leaders paid fair respects. they wrp joined by survivors, each with his own story, lou, of life and loss. honored today by president trump and french president emanuel macron. the world stand in the gap to preserve peace and serve and save the french people and
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others from the nazis. >> they won't back this ground for civilization to more than 170 veterans of the second world war who join us today, you are among the very greatest americans who will ever live. you are the pride of our nation. you are the glory of our republic. and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. >> a heartfelt thanks from the president of the united states as leaders, the warriors themselves and those who will never forget gathered, they saw much more, lou, than monuments to men. they saw the power of promise, the certainty of light over darkness and a thankful people ever hopeful for a future together. >> i'm ready, mr. president of the united states of america. dear donald trump. the people of france are ready.
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ready to renew this friendship between our nations that has contributed so much to the history of the humanity. >> it was a sight to see, i must say, lou. even as the president prepares to come home, as you pointed out, this trip, the sights, the sounds, most of all the people and their stories will travel with him forever, even as we solemnly remember those who never came home. what a day over at normandy. obviously here in the emerald isle, a subdued night for the president of the united states. if he plans to step in front of a camera between now and then i promise to tell you all about it but for now, back to you. lou: thank you for, as always, your outstanding reporting, your
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diligence and promise to step up to the camera if the president makes the opportunity available. thank you so much, kevin. as the president earns intense praise for his overseess trip, still not mincing words, responding to the mitch mcconnell-led rino leadership, big business lobbyist who are fighting at the prospect of the president's tariffs that they believe would in fact end open borders and illegal immigration. the president slamming all who oppose his plan, specifically singling out the mitch mcconnell-led rino republicans in his criticism. >> a lot of people, senators including, they have no idea what nay ear talking about when it comes to tariffs. they have no, absolutely no idea.
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when you have the money, the product, the thing that everybody wants, you're in a position to do very well the tariffs. and that's where we are. we're the piggy baik. the united states is the piggy bank. it has all of the money that others want to take from us but they're not taking it so easy anymore. lou: joining us tonight, mark morgan, the acting director of immigration and customs enforcement and former u.s. border patrol chief. great to have you with us and we appreciate your time. i want to first turn to the meetings that are ongoing right now. the fear in the voices of the high no republicanrino republic, the radical dimms as they stare at the prospect that the president is going to finally be able to secure the border and the change the conduct, the behavior of the mexican government and enforce their own laws and secure their own borders. your thoughts. >> i'm not an economist.
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i'm a law enforcement professional. we should be doing everything that we can to apply maximum pressure for mexico to get off of the sidelines and do their job. we've seen this decade after decade. every time we apply a little pressure, they do a little for a little while and go back to the sidelines. they only have 150 miles to secure. there's clearly identified points from the northern country tries from mexico that they could shut off. mexico needs to be our partners in it and they could do it and i support the president to apply the pressure he needs to do that. lou: we're looking at 130,000 illegal immigrants apprehended over the past month. the numbers rising dramatically. a 30% increase from the previous month. we've seen the numbers increase since the president declared a national emergency four months ago. we are still not seeing interior
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enforcement. we are still not seeing the enforcement of u.s. immigration law, let alone the enforcement of our partner to the south, that is mexico. what do you plan to do about that? >> so, lou, i'm glad you mentioned the topic, interior enforcement. it's a topic not mentioned enough and we need to talk about it as a country. and here is why. right now you mentioned 140,000. border patrol has 19,000 in custody. they're broke. i.c.e. we have 52,000. we've overwhelmed. everybody is overwhelmed. and one of the most important incentives for individuals to come here illegally and remain here illegally is they know you grab a child, it's like a u.s. passport to get in this country and once you get here you stay. we need to apply consequences. we need to apply the wall equally across everybody that's here, not exempt anybody and that includes families, lou. we have to do this. apply the law. and do so with some passion and
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humanity but we need to enforce the law. we do that, take away the incentives, you're going to see the numbers go down. it's been done in the past and it works. lou: i would like to share some numbers with the audience, if you will, to reinforce what you're saying. and that is first from immigration and customs enforcement, the number of family members released, released since december 21st, 200,000 family members. the family units in the united states. to show you what is happening there, 98% apprehended are remaining in the country as of 2017. 98%. and, and looking at the numbers for the control of the cartels in mexico to show the depth of the corruption, looking at the red and yellow in that mayed mae
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the controlled and influenced regions of mexico by the cartels. the green represent areas controlled by the government. mexico is overwhelmed. and if you will notice, the government controls nothing in northern mexico. that should be frightening to -- obviously it's frightening to the mexican people. it should be as frightening to the united states because that, that is what is being exported to the united states every day across our southern border. >> lou, you're absolutely right. and we've been saying that for a long time. the cartels own the mexico northern border. absolutely. there's nothing that happens without the mexican cartels owning and profiting from it. there's another thing we're trying to get out there. i don't understand why congress won't do what they need to do. because as we are suffering in this country from this crisis, the migrants coming highwayer are suffering from this crisis. meanwhile the cartels, they're a mull billion dollar industry and
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they're talk i guess it to the bank while everyone is uferg from the crisis. with the respective family members, we need to do this with compassion and dignity and humanity. but the truth is unless we apply consequences to anyone who is here illegally, if you're here in violation of federal immigration law, consequences should be applied. and we do that, we're going to remove the incentives, you're going to see the numbers go down. that's what we need. the right thing for everybody. lou: and to put it plainly, whether nancy pelosi or chuck schumer or mitch mcconnell, all of whom are opposing the president, the tariffs that are working that have brought mexico to the table in washington, d.c., they are lining themselves, the rino republicans, the radical dimms, with the drug cartels, the human smuggling cartels. it is stunning to think that the national left wing media will
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not state plainly what is so clear. they're aligned with the drug cartels rather than the interest of the nation and the safety of americans. mark, you get the last word here. >> so, lou, i absolutely agree. i'll throw something in here that should be shocking to everybody in this country. right now because of this crisis, because congress has failed to do what they should do that would end this, we have babies now, minor children that are being rented. they're being rented. we have intel, the last one was 100 bucks and they're coming across into this country because the kid is a free passport into the country. and once they get here the child is picked up by a facilitator who is then recycled, flown back to mexico to be recycled to come across into the country. that is unacceptable. everybody should be saying let's do whatever we can to stop this event from happening. it is truly disheartening. lou: and everybody should be
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saying thanks you to president trump and to mark morgan for joining in the fight. we appreciate it, mark. thanks for being with us. good luck. up next, president trump's speech today in normandy earning unlikely praise from one likely sources. we'll have that for you. and the comments reportedly made by the speaker of the house that has everyone in washington talking. we take that up right after these quick messages. we're coming right back. please stay with us.
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lou: president trump delivered a rousing heartfelt address at normandy today in which he commemorated the lives of all of the men who survived d-day and honoring those who did not. president trump's speech winning the praise of his usual opposition in the national left-wing media. >> president donald j. trump delivering what at least i believe to be his most powerful speech that he's given as president of the united states. >> this is perhaps the most on-message moment of donald trump's presidency. hitting all of the right notes. rose to the moment. >> trump's speech itself was very good and measured up to the moment disblncht. >> i thought it was a terrific speech. lou: afp, the french press
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service reporting today on the immense support the president received from d-day vets who were there in normandy with him. jack gutman, he was an 18-year-old soldier storming the omaha beach 75 years ago. he said of the president, if i could see him, that would be a thrill for my. because the man has done an awful lot to help our country. fellow d-day veteran george champa saying quote, he's not a political person. he sees a problem and fixing it that's what george s. patten did. he had the same temperament as trump and helped win the war over here. joining us tonight, general jack keane. good to have you with us on this 75th anniversary of d-day. i have often felt, when i looked at the combat photography of the big red one, the first infantry
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division as they stormed the normandy beaches, i cannot imagine the courage that it took. and so many, tens of thousands of americans and allied troops doing so to liberate europe. your thoughts on this day. >> well, yes, certainly i totally agree with that. it was a day when we had people who came from every fabric of life in our country to travel to a place most of them had never been. and they were -- had a common bond together from the kind of life that they all lived. and yet what they did was fundamentally so uncommon and such an extraordinary act, they assaulted literally into hell here, lou, as you were describing. and they came by parachute, came by glider, came by landing craft supported by naval gun fire, supported by fighters and bombers. so many things on that day went
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wrong but nonetheless they persevered. that adaptability that the americans have is reflected in their soldiers as well. and you're absolutely right. on that day, fear and death was a silent companion to our troops as they moved forward and kept moving forward despite the physical destruction of their buddies around them. you got to remember, except for a few, members of the first infantry division being some of the exception, most of them had never experienced artillery fire, had never conducted an assault, had never attacked a beach. they literally were under heavy machine gun fire, had not had an experience like that in their life. can you imagine when they saw the scale of the operation early in the morning and recognized that there were 5,000 ships out there and tens of thousands of them that they knew that they were going to be part of something that was truly
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historic. and thank america and fox and others like yourself for honoring them. they deserve what they get. and i agree with you about the president. i thought that speech was absolutely one of his best if not his best. and i love the fact he spent so much time honoring our veterans. lou: absolutely, giving them hugs, talking with them. and truly giving them the respect that they earned so mightily on that day. and we should thank everyone in this country serving in uniform for all that is being done to this very moment by our service members. general jack keane, we thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate it. a tragic accident in upstate new york near the united states military academy. west point officials say a cadet was killed, 22 people injured in a training accident. officials say a 5-ton tack call
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vehicle transporting cadets and soldiers 0 an dirt road overturned early this morning. president trump this morning tweeted, mourning the loss of the cadet, offering prayers for the injured. up next, the radical dimms worried that their lives will be exposed by the department of justice. inspector general michael who horowitz. more after the break. stay with us. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios.
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lou: well the radical dimms are up creasingly anxious each fearful about the soon to be released justice department inspector general's report. that, according to a politico article today saying the inspector general report could disrupt dimm plans to rehash the mueller report by exposing the corrupt origins of the russian probe potentially destroying the dimms collusion nair tiff if it hasn't been destroyed by the
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very report we're referencing. how speaker nancy pelosi's rhetoric behind closed door more extreme than her public persona. pelosi telling democratic leaders she doesn't want to see the president impeached. she wants him in prison. joining us tonight, trump to 22020 national press secretary katie mcnally. great to have you with us. and the president absolutely magnificent in normandy and in the uk. it's been an extraordinary trip for the president. your thoughts for your prospective candidate. >> we've seen a diplomat at his best, someone who is excellent on the world stage. the likes of jim acosta praising him. he's doing a good job over there. what a contrast to the radical 2020 democrats calling for
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impeachment want abortion and all of this nonsense. you see a statesman and then you see crazy radicals. it's a nice contrast for the american people. lou: it is wonderful imagery for the president and for the left-wing national media. you can tell how much their ratings have dropped. they're actually considering, well, paying the president a compliment for a change when it's in their face as the president obviously has stood taller than any one of the leaders assembleds with him, has been gracious, magnanimous in his appearances with the queen and the prime minister of the uk, teresa may. meanwhile back home, the radical dimms and the rino republicans in the senate led by mitch mcconnell doing their best to undercut this president. what in the world is going on in that town? >> it appears they learned
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nothing in the 2016 election when the american people said overwhelmingly we want a wall, we want mexico to pay for it and we want this now. that's what the president is doing. he's getting his wall. he's going to end the illegal immigration flow. the only president in decades to have the courage to take on this problem. and to see republicans, you know, wavering, some of them and not standing beside him, i think in the end they will but it is disappointing and shows that very little was learn from the 2016 election. lou: mitch mcconnell chief among them saying that his conference doesn't support the tariffs nor will it. and doing so almost with glee as he joined the likes of chuck schumer and nancy pelosi in undercutting the president. he seems to forget that the democratic party in alliance with the deep state have spent the last two and a half to three and a half years trying to stop the candidacy of donald trump, subverting him, and attempting to overthrow a sitting president
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of the united states. this is not political gamesmanship. it looks like mcconnell doesn't understand what is going on. >> right. and well democrats, one thing we know they do well, they stick together. even nancy pelosi saying the crazy lines you hear from aoc. we republicans have got to stick together and this party sends a clear message to mcconnell and all of the republicans when they say we support the president to the tune of 93%, highest modern day approval rating for a president in his own party. listen to the voters. they're sending a clear message. stand behind president trump and the tariffs. lou: what are we going to see happen? the president has made it clear that those tariffs are going to be put on monday if there is not a guarantee, apparently, from the mexican government that they're going to patrol their southern borders and stop illegal immigration into this country. this is -- we're watching nancy
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pelosi, chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell align themselves with drug cartels responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of americans every year. sex trafficking and the smuggling of illegal immigrants into this country. how dare they. >> exactly. how dare they. and they act as if they care about these children crossing our border. they don't really care, it seems, for the six-month sin fant who was carried across the rio grande by a 55-year-old man that was not her father being smuggled as she was crossing the border. it happens every day. if you care about humanitarian causes, you care about stopping the flow of illegal immigrants. but they don't care. this is about political power and stunts to win in 2020. but it will be backfire. lou: great to have you with us. >> thank you wa, lou.
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lou: a new zealand waiter caught on camera with a mishap. the bartender carrying a tray of six beers before one wobbles twhab's a wobble r wobble, those are spills, sending the rest of the brews to the floor. he explained it to the general manager who laughed just as the patrons. thompson bought his customers another round. i should hope. up next, the latest immigration vote proves some rino republicans in congress are simply pawns of the multinationallists, the globalist e lites, big business and wall street. or are those all the same thing? stay with us. we're coming right back with the story.
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lou: the pro-am necessity, proopen odder borders globalist koch brothers raising the house democrats and the seven house republicans who voted this week to give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. that bill, well we're told it's unlikely to be taken out by the senate. but given the behavior of mitch mcconnell i don't think we should accept that assumption. the koch backed saying it has to be a new beginning, the start of a discussion of how to move legislation through the senate. we're thankful to lawmakers who support this important effort. well not many people are
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thankful to the koch brothers bs for their open borders amnesty, pro-am necessity positions and financing of all efforts in that direction. joining us tonight, the daily caller's editorial director vince coal naiz. give us your thoughts. >> this is why people are disgusted with washington. one of the most obvious thing. you have members of both parties in a heavy way, the democratic party preferring this week to make permanent lawlessness saying if you break our laws we're going to guarantee you can stay in the united states. rather than confront what is obvious, a dramatic crisis on the border. they're begging congress to
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intervene. we had 140,000 people illegally crossing our border last month open apprehended. rather than solve problems, they exacerbate them by making them permanent to the people who already broke our laws. lou: why do you believe there are those in the national media who, unlike me, refuse to suggest what is clear, that is chuck schumer, nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell are aligning themselveses with the interest of the drug cartels, those behind the human smuggling, illegal immigrants, sex trafficking and the drug traffic. they're clearly doing so. why don't people have the temerity, the guts to say straight up what's going on? >> because the national media at large disproportionately shares the view views of chuck schumerd nancy pelosi. the reality is that too many in
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washington and new york think that open borders should be the default position of the united states, should be how this is handle. and any attempt to get control of it is insanity. here's a real key in media bias. you can read any article and expwruj whether or not there's bias in the article. the truck is what issues do they cover. we call it selection bias. what story dos you focus on. and almost nobody in the national press corps, up until very recently has begun to cover the border crisis and how much not only people are coming across the border, but sex trafficking, children being recycled, drugs, illness. all of those things. lou: killing 70,000 people a year in this country with opioids alone through overdoses. they are behind the sex trafficking across the border. they're behind the smuggling of illegal immigrants. this is ignorance of an immense proportion on the part of our leadership in washington, d.c. open if it were not for the
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president of the united states, that amnesty bill would go through -- would sail through immediately. >> right. lou: sponsored by the democrats and bought in to by the rinos. they're owned, bought lock stock and barrel we the doc the koch , the business round table. this is an ugly moment our history where the business lobby should absolutely be ashamed of themselves and apologize to the american people for the affront and the insidious attack on our way of life. >> and the media completely ignores those connections. they still pretend like there's some sort of left-right divide, big business opposed to the democratic party. business big is in bed with the democratic party. they're for it and far too often it's for illegal immigration into the united states when most americans are not for that. most good business owners are not for that. they're for an orderly
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immigration system, once that makes sense and lets people in on their mer merit. lou: those who are voting against the amendment, 23, 24 candidates now in the democratic party, 2020 hopefuls. look at this, elizabeth warren, michael bennett, cor cory booke, kirsten gillibrand, kamala harris, beto o'rourke voted for the hyde amendment. why are they hiding that they voted for the hyde amendment. >> they don't want to talk about it on the campaign trail. the other, there's a dramatic radical dissent going on in the democrat uk party far father than you and i are seen. you watch, the democrats are saying the hyde amendment for
7:43 pm
those who don't realize, the hyde amendment prevents federal funding from going to ie aborti. you yonow you have the overwhelg democratdemocrats insisting thal tax dollars must go towards paying for abortions. they're beholden to their left-wing base as they run in the primary and the americans should pay close attention to what they say about this issue. lou: it's quite a process to watch the radical dimms narrow and narrow and ever more to the left their world view. vince, good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: new journalistic guidance on how to report on the pro-life sweeping the nation. in a new article, a reporter described the unborn child's heart beak as embryonic pulsing.
7:44 pm
npr telling its reporters one thing to keep in mind about this law and others about it, proponents refer to it as a fetal heart beat law. that's their term. it needs to be attributed to them if used and put in quotation marks if printed. we, said the left, should not simply say that the laws are about when a fetal heartbeat is detected. you wouldn't want to do that. that's plain english. and of course the pro-choice advocates want to change the language to suit their untenabl. china's huawei strike as major deal to build a 5g network. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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lou: chinese tech giant huawei signing a deal to assist russian telecom country. that deal coming as chinese president xi jinping is meeting with vladimir putin. they've met 30 times over the past six years.
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xi going so far as to call putin his very best friend. i added the "very." it was just best friend. there it is. president trump threatened more tariffs on chinese goods in the coming weeks. >> when am i going to put the extra $325 billion worth of tariffs? i will make that decision, i would say, over the next few weeks, probably right after the g-20. one way or another i'll make that decision after the g-20. i'll be meeting with president xi and we'll see what happens. lou: that g-20 sum hi summit tas place june 28 and 29. joining me now, james freeman, assistant editorial at "the wall street journal," great american, good to have you with us. xi and putin lining up together. two commies. should any of us be surprised they like one another? >> i long with huawei's other
7:50 pm
problems, i think it needs work on public relations too. because it seems to me, if you're trying to say we're not a threat, we're not dangerous, your next move is not to say look at our new business partner, vladimir putin. lou: we might have hyper sonic missiles and we're tickled pink to try them out. >> just in terms of if this was meant to be an economic show of force, russia we take seriously because it's run by a thug and because they have nuclear weapons. its economy is less than 10% the size of ours. this is not a huge -- lou: but we don't take china seriously because it's run by a guy in a three-piece suit and button down collar? come on. he's stealing half a pill ondollars from us a year. putin isn't doing that. >> if peut season not it's because he doesn't have the opportunity. lou: i didn't say it wasn't a matter of wherewithal. i wasn't suggesting it was a
7:51 pm
higher moral plain on which vladimir putin lives. but the fact is, one is a thief of immense proportions and the other can't get it done. >> i would say there's more upside than downside with china. we obviously draw a lot of benefits from trade with china. but we have a big problem -- lou: wait a minute. think about that proposition. we draw a lot of benefits from china. they steal half a trillion dollars from us every year, intellectual property and technology. they also maintain a 350 billion-dollar trade surplus, or to us a deficit of which will reduce and has reduced by $5 trillion or economic growth over the past 20 years. i'm struggling to find the benefit in being the trading partner of such a bunch of thieves. >> the intellectual property theft, you're 100% right. i think the president is pushing the right issue there. lou: absolutely is.
7:52 pm
>> trade deficits don't matter most of the time. lou: whoa! >> we've had good years with trade deficits. lou: academic contracts like some economist. >> no. if a trade deficit or surplus is happening because -- lou: government. that is our gross domestic product is it not, plus or mie news trade deficits. >> we can have a good relationship with a country if they're making stuff that we want to buy. lou: this isn't an academic or hypothetical, james. >> no. lou: this is a thieving bunch of communists stealing o our future and by the way, we can't blame the chinese because they've stolen from us. we should blame ourselves for permitting it for the past two decades. it's madness and you say it doesn't mat center. >> the argument to drive a hard bargain with china is --
7:53 pm
lou: how about preservation. >> hard to bargain with mexico. lou: why? >> these are completely different situations. lou: you've got 20 to 30 million illegal immigrants in this country. they're exporting the joorlt of metmethamphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, fentanyl into the united states and killing tense of thousands of people. i'm sorry. can i not consider that the acts of an enemy state? >> wouldn't you agree that the government of mexico has been much more reasonable than the government of china in trade negotiations. lou: to be honest with you, we have a trade agreement with can that and with mexico. >> they just cut a new agreement with president trump. the mexicans gave him a lot of what he was asking for. and now as we see -- lou: what about the matters i did raise with you that is the basis of the crisis, the national emergency this nation faces. you know, it was declared by the president. >> i would say --
7:54 pm
lou: illegal immigration, drug smuggling, sex trafficking. are you kidding me? knees are the facts of a friendly state? >> look at how they're reacting, much more reasonably than china and much more reasonably than nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. lou: you're giving me a real choice here. i get chuck schumer, nancy pelosi or lopez obrador or see jinping. what the hell. do you judge things on whether it's reasonable or do you judge whether or not this nation is able to protect and preserve the safety of its citizens and protect its borders, sochty and sovereignty. >> the mexicans have come with serious options. more troops on their side of the border. more asylum requests handled in
7:55 pm
mexico. lou: lopez observe r on obradort next time. thanks. more on the president's efforts to force mexico to be reasonable and secure or shared southern border and for mexico to enforce its immigration laws. wouldn't that be nice? stay with us. we're coming right back. portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell.
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>> all those concerns about tariffs and all the concerns about the nonsense being spewed by the radical dems? investors apparently loving it owl. on wall street the stocks closing higher. volume on the big board almost 4 billion shares. it's great what mitch mcconnell is doing for the nation, isn't it? he's really helping us out. mexico's foreign minister just left the state department for the evening. talks he says may continue tomorrow. no agreement reached. president trump today honoring obviously all who died fighting for this country and to liberate europe on the beaches of
8:00 pm
normandy 75 years ago. that's it for us. we thank you for joining us. good night from new york. see you hereby tomorrow. thank you. [♪] trish: tonight, renting babies at the border. babies for rent. they are the ticket for migrants to get across the border into our country. that's how ruthless and desperate the emergency is at our border. we have the details on these new statements by the department of homeland security. take a look at brand-new video released by customs and border patrol. this is 150 migrants casually walking around a poring of the border wall.


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