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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  June 7, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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thank you for being with us. we hope you will join us on monday. we thank you for joining us tonight. see you monday. good night from new york. david: mexico sending 6,000 troops to its border in an effort to show the trump administration that it's willing to curb the flow of migrants across their border. even some in the liberal media are saying nancy pelosi wept too far after reports surfaced that she wants to see donald trump behind bars. >> i think she is a disgrace. i don't think she is a talented person. i tried to be nice to her because i would have liked to have gotten some deal done.
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she is incapable of doing deals. she is a nasty, more hibl, vindictive person. david: efforts to stop the increase in homelessness in los angeles are failing. officials arrest a 22-year-old man after learning he wanted to attack times square with guns, suicide vests and grenades. "trish regan primetime" begin right now. [♪] hi, i'm david asman in for trish regan. the u.s. attorney tasked with investigating the origins of the russia probe is quote asking the right questions. john durham has met with attorney general william barr on multiple occasion in wee recent
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weeks and is digging into the fbi's use of fisa warrants during the 2016 election to spy on the trump campaign. joining us is corey lewandowski, former trump campaign chairman. some suggest it could go all the way to the top of the previous administration. >> i think we'll get to the top of this. president trump has given attorney generaattorney generale discretion to declassify any documents that he wants. the american people deserve to see the fisa application and the predicate for the application. the false dossier paid for by the clinton campaign throug thre
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perkins law firm. they were denied which only takes place in 2% of the application. they were being denied because they were being overly political and the judge refused to grant the application. now with u.s. attorney durham on the case, i believe we'll see a criminal referral coming from inspector general horowitz. it will go to the top of the fbi, to senior members of the department of justice and may lead back to the previous white house. david: there is a group i would focus in on. attorney general barrattorney g- attorney general barr. there was spying. the president said it a year and a half ago, and barr is confirming it. who was the head of the spying agency in the united states? john brennan. most of retired intelligence
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officials keep their mouths shut because they are in the business of secrets. he's doing anything but that. clearly he was pushing a lot of stuff with regard to the trump dossier, et cetera. >> there is no question he has a role in it. but comey, brennan and clapper all knew that this dossier was false. they all wanted to spy on donald trump. they have such visceral hatred for donald trump. and they authorize through the fisa application process the spying on american citizens on domestic soil, a clear violation of fourth amendment. they were so unequivocal that there was collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. when the mueller report came out, all they said was i guess we got some bad information. these were the three heads of the intelligence communities in our government.
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i think there is accountability. but it goes much higher than brennan or comey or clapper. this goes into the white house. i don't know if it goes to ben rhodes or susan rice or higher. with those three individuals involved, the orders came from the very top to spy on a presidential candidate because they didn't like his politics. david: we learned they were always trading information with the people at the top, the people from the fbi were, the people from the cia and national intelligence agency. so they were sharing information. why should they not share information about what they thought was a plot or what they were using to try to prevent donald trump from entering the white house. >> my sources tell me clearly there is an email chain out there. the singular most of members of
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our -- the senior-most of members of the obama administration were in on it. i believe barack obama was completely read in on what was taking place and the fisa applications asked for by the courts in has been no questioning of him. if there were failures in 2016 to stop the russians, that falls under barack obama and his intelligence community, not donald trump who is a candidate for office. is there not one person from that community held accountable. not one person has gone to jail. u.s. attorney durham -- david: we have a lot of investigations ongoing. house speaker nancy pelosi reportedly told her party she would like to see president trump in prison. and even the liberal media is on
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the attack for this. >> is this the democrats' version lock her up? there was a judicial legal process. it did not result in an indictment whether you like it or not. >> now the speaker of the house ought to be in prison. imagine you live in sow rinky dink country that less looked up to ours. and you see the leader of the some significance say he ought to be in prison. defeat the guy then hang him. david: i was glad to see at least some people in the liberal media fight back on that. >> that does not happen on a daily basis. but it's so irresponsible of nancy pelosi to make those charges to a sitting president when we know there was no crime. she is saying let's not impeach him, let's put him in jail. can you imagine if president trump said that about her?
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the mainstream media would be calling for his resignation. her talk will push her to the far left. she is the moderate of that caucus and she'll end up filing for impeachment and it will cost her the majority in the 2020 election. david: she is third in line to the presidency. when you are third in line to the presidency, you don't suggest the president, the person you are following that you could replace should be in prison. that's selfishness to the extreme to the point where the republican is damaged by comments like that. corey, we thank you for being here. the clock is ticking, the white house saying it's fully prepared to slap a new 5% tariff on mexican goods this monday if mexico doesn't stop the flow of
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migrants heading towards this country. mexico reportedly offering to send 6,000 troops to its southern border were guatemala. but there is no deal as of this moment. joining me is former army combat veteran and turning point spokesman. graham, i think it's a national embarrassment that the united states has to turn to mexico to solve problems for our own border. this is something that should be solved by the congress of the united states. it wouldn't take a lot. you tweak the asee you slum laws. but instead we have to go hat in hand to mexico for a exclusion. >> you would think it would be an easy discussion to have at the end of the day. 144,000 is how many apprehensions were at the border last month. that's a 32% increase in the
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previous month before that. it's a 13-year high. the highest figures in 13 years. to sit there and say this border problem, this border crisis that the left would have you believe the president is making up, it's simply not true. you would think this would be something in congress we would be able to pass and have it done. but the president now is having to go elsewhere. we are not making any headway in that department. david: even some members of his own party. but definitely the entire caucus of the democratic party, and also by the courts. we are left with a deal with mexico. having said that, not only are we making flog these talks in washington, mexico has frozen the bank accounts of a number of these human smugglers, including some of the people that
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organized these caravans. i for one am going to be interested to find out who those people are. >> i will, too. it's amazing what happens when the president doubles down and says tariffs are coming if you don't start helping us here. a report came out earlier, and i think this is important for america to hear. an isis fighter was detained and said isis recruited him to come across the border where the u.s. has a weakness at the mexico border. so to be honest when you are talking about isis fighters you are talking about human traffickers. but especially isis fighters. it's disrespect to men and women who wear the uniform. so we don't have to worry about these problems at home. but we can't secure our own
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borders. david: the illegal immigrants who are here now who have been given these passes, and most of of them never show up. apparently they can fly on u.s. airlines with just one of these notice to appear forms. it's not a photo i.d. it's less than what citizens of the united states have to use when we fly. we are giving privileges to illegal immigrants that u.s. immigrants don't have. >> we like to talk about what's moral and what's not. is it immoral to have borders and security or is it moral to give more freedoms and more exceptions to illegal immigrants over the people that actually came here legally. in my opinion that is immoral. david david: remember when google executives were devastated after
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hillary clinton lost? >> most of of the people here are pretty upset and pretty sad because of the election. >> it was the first moment i felt like we were going to lose, it was a massive kick in the gut that we were going to lose and it was really painful. david: tonight another google employee is ex pleasing the company's toxic environment. a shocking number of students sthor conservatives face at least some discrimination on college campuses. one liberal state seeing a surge in homelessness despite or because of the billions they have been spending to solve the problem. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin.
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david: new numbers coming out of california. the state's liberal policies are apparently failing to stem the homeless crisis. up 20% in l.a. and san francisco and 40% in san jose. this despite bills in taxpayer dollars spent in california specifically to battle the
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issue. niger, the headlines say despite government spending. i would say because of government spending. i season toughs matter. if -- i would say incentives matter. those cities are incentivizing people with taxpayer money to be homeless. >> that's exactly right. it's not only the state of california. it's throughout the west coast. and in uber progressive cities, my former home city of new york city. they subjects die and promote homelessness and a homeless lifestyle. they are creating a sub city within a city. what is the consistency with all these cities where homelessness
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is going up 10, 20, 30 percent in some cities. they are one-party rule. it's the uber progressive wing of the democrat party who are pushing these bills and these laws. the tragedy of course is you have a number of people, of folk that are caught up in this homelessness crisis as decent people that could be gillette matily helped and they are left him and fall through the cracks. david: there are people who through no fall of their own are left homeless. particularly single women who are forced to live in cars. but you don't incentive eye folk for doing the right thing. l.a. created a new privilege or right of the homeless to keep as much of their possessions on the street as possible. societies were created to stop that sort of thing.
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with that comes disease as we have seen in lack. you have outbreak of twphus which they haven't seen since the 19th century. >> almost half of the homeless are in new york and california alone. since 2007 the homeless rate has fallen 15%. in michigan it has fallen 50%. the reason is, we look at it as a temporary condition. when people are homeless we want to help you. but we also want to get you job training and help your skills. we want to get you back in school if that's what it takes. in l.a. the whole incentive is for the poverty brokers to have
8:21 pm
a big homeless population. david: there are people making money off this. it happens in education, too, where the education lobby make money which should be going directly to the people who need it. instead it's being diverted. >> always. whenever you have a big spending government program, the first thing that gets fed is the bureaucracy which then feed on itself. the people it was created to help get left behind. you want to know getting close to a presidential elect. you want to know what the uber left wing of the democratic party, take a look at california and san francisco which used to be a beautiful city. it's now a human toilet bowl. it's disgusting. >> they set up a political infrastructure so the money can
8:22 pm
keep flowing to them. if they do the math in l. am and l.a. county, they are spending $1.2 billion to address homelessness. they are spending $200,000 per homeless person. david: the penalties for being homeless and taking advantage of these policies are diminishing and the incentives are growing. niger, you mentioned your experience in new york. i lived in new york since 1980. i have seen them deal with these crises. giuliani to a large extent solved the problem or at least diminished the problem. we know what the answers is and they are not taking that course. >> all it take is will and leadership. unfortunately it's among the far
8:23 pm
progressive activity makes homelessness a normal lifestyle choice. david: coming up, remember this. conservative activist hayden williams attacked at u.c. berkeley because of his conservative beliefs. a shocking new study shows there is anti-conservative bias at college campuses. federal authorities arrested a man for planning an attack in times square. get to be in this o commercial? let's do the eyebrows first, just tease it a little. slather it all over, don't hold back. well, the squirrels followed me all the way out to california! and there's a very strange badger staring at me... no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico.
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after planning a terrorist attack on times square. >> an undercover fbi agent tells at least 20 meetings with a 22-year-old bangladeshi man living in queens, new york. he said he admired the 9/11 attacks. the fbi's joint terrorism task force careful lire tracked his moves -- carefully tracked his moves and made their arrest after he tried to find pistols from undercover officers. he debated between times square or washington, d.c. where he could kill a senior government official. he settled on times square wanting to use a bomb strapped
8:29 pm
to a vest. and wanted grenades to take out at least 8 people. he said it would make him happy to see the flag of islam on the twin towers. there was never a threat with agents watching his moves the whole time. this is the 6th terror plot targeting times square since 9/11. david: jackie, thank you very much. joining me to react to all of this. former army intelligence officer, bret bellakovich. they do their job undercover. these guys don't mouth off. they just do their work. somewhat an incredible group
8:30 pm
there that is weren't joint terrorism task force. i used to work with them quite a lot when i was hunting isis leaders in iraq and we would interrogate these guys on the battlefield. a lot of them would provide us with u.s. plots or contacts they had in the u.s. we would sift through. the joint terrorism thanks force is built of some of the best minds in the business of counter-terrorism. it's not just the nypd, you have the nsa, the nga. all the top alphabet agencies that allow this organization to cut through the red tape and hone in on the intelligence information to stop these terrorists. david: we forget the majority of the people who work for these organizations are doing god's work and keeping us safe. but let's talk about this incident. is this just a lone crazy man or
8:31 pm
is this the beginning of something percolating again. >> david, i wish i could tell you that things like this are easy to stop. i wish i could tell you this is the last of it. but the reality is some of these guys are going to slip through. some of these lone wolf attackers will slip through. there are terrorists out there who are hell bent on killing americans because they have been convinced to hate us for a whatever twisted reason. i have been saying for a while that this lone wolf style terrorist attack will be in my opinion one of the greatest threats to our society because they are so unpredictable. it makes it difficult for these counter-terrorism officials to defend against. there is no set profile for a lone wolf attacker. research has shown with a lot of these attacks there is no ethnicity class background that is the same.
8:32 pm
it's amazing we haven't seen more of these it's simple for a der regioned individual with no access or communication with isis to conduct these attacks. david: here is something that complicates. a new study from the international study suggests isis at least they are getting this information from some of the former fighters has at least thought about sending terrorists to our southern border. could a member of isis get through our border right now? >> fairly easily. that's unfortunate. this joint terrorism task force in new york was something i should talk to the viewers what here, telling them another story where there was a situation where we had another potential attack come through the border when iran wanted to kill the saudi ambassador in washington, d.c. wanted to blow up a restaurant. the way they were going to do
8:33 pm
that was through the cartels. they were going to come through the southern border and smuggle explosives and immigrants. this is a serious threat. they think it's not a terrorism issue. this is absolutely a stair rifle issue. there is no doubt people that hate us are looking to exploit that weakness. david: we have breaking news. we thank you very much. we have some very good news that president trump has announced a deal. apparently a deal has been reached with mexico. the president just tweeting out, i'm pleads into form you that the united states of america has reached a signed agreement with mexico. it is signed. the tariffs scheduled to be implemented by the u.s. monday against mexico are hereby * indefinitely suspend.
8:34 pm
mexico has in turn agreed to take strong measures to stem the tide of illegal immigration coming from mexico into the united states. details of the agreement will be released shortly by the department of state. thank you. thank you, mr. president. this is news that undoubtedly is going to affect the market in a very positive way. already today we had the first up week in several weeks on the market. but this clearly will make monday's session very interesting to watch and a positive market session. remember when google executives were devastated after hillary clinton lost the 2016 election? >> in the first moment i really felt like we were going to lose, there was a massive like dmict gut that we were -- kick in the gut that we were going to lose it. >> is there anything positive
8:35 pm
you see from the elections? >> that's a tough one right now. david: laughing but more crying than laughing. another google employee exposing the company's toxic environment. a shock number of students admitting conservatives face discrimination on college campuses. the number when we continue. -i'm sorry? -what teach here isn't telling you is that snapshot rewards safe drivers with discounts on car insurance. -what? ♪ -or maybe he didn't know. ♪ [ chuckles ] i'm done with this class. -you're not even enrolled in this class. -i know. i'm supposed to be in ceramics. do you know -- -room 303. -oh. thank you. -yeah. -good luck, everybody.
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but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios
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to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. david: a recent survey reveals 34% think conservative students face discrimination on college campuses. joining me is madison and
8:40 pm
anltjuan. they are not acting liberal in terms of giving everybody a voice. soot word discrimination means so many different things to so many different people. when i hear the word discrimination i think about how people look like me have been discriminated against over the years. i think the word discrimination is subjective. david: in the mccarthy era it was what was going on inside your head is what you were being discriminated for. i just had dinner with a
8:41 pm
director in hollywood. he's afraid to come out and tell people his views because he knows he wouldn't be able to find a job. that's mccarthyism. >> it's what we are seeing on campuses across this country. we should have no room for discrimination of any kind. in law school people threatened to beat and rape me so. it's unacceptable. we are in a very politically divide era. it doesn't make it acceptable to behave that way. we should respect everybody regardless of the different opinions we may have. >> madison we have to figure out what discrimination looks like. if discrimination is calling you out because you disagree on a position. >> you don't think it's discrimination for want to go
8:42 pm
beat and rape somebody for having different political opinions. >> if they actively deny you the right to something you have the right to. you are an attorney. i think of my share cropper parents or even in my generation actively african-americans were discriminated against for years when i think about the word discrimination. off course that's discrimination. there are many forms of discrimination. let's talk about the professors giving students worse grades ont on campuses. people are denied their free speech rights across the country. it's unacceptable and as liberals and conservatives alike we must be able to bring light to this. david: societies all sort of globe have discriminated on the basis of what you think. that's discrimination that can come with all the consequences.
8:43 pm
there have been millions of people killed for what they think. that's the danger we face. let me turn to something we might all agree with. president trump tweeting out the tremendous news that there is a deal. he said a signed deal between the united states and mexico that will stop the tariffs from being implemented monday. hopefully it will give a boost to the usmca. antjuan you have got to admit this is good news. >> the devil is always in the details when it comes to donald trump and we must see the final product. david: the mexicans have signed on to it. >> again, i think we should see it. a lot of you were doing victory laps on north korea and we know where we are now. david: nothing was signed with the north koreans.
8:44 pm
>> he came away telling the american people -- david: he never said anything was signed. >> this is fabulous news for mexico and the united states of america. people should be very excited to hear this. the actual deal will be coming out shortly it's very good. this is the best possible result right now. we didn't want to have to continue to negotiate on this. we want a deal to protect our country. david: antjuan, you have a small business owner. if those retirement plans go up, that's good news whether a democrat or republican is responsible for it. >> you know this and madison knows this. i have no problem giving the leader of the free world credit where credit is due. but i also call him out where he has not done well for the long
8:45 pm
term. david: we are seeing one example of how the overall health of the economy of is doing well. the dow jones futures as a result of this news, they are way up. 284 points. that's about the extent they were up today. the dow jones industrial average. these are the futures responding extremextremely well to what is happening. that is good news for your 401k, antjuan and mine as well. great to see you both. coming up. conservative writer peggy noonan said it's time to overthrow the prince of facebook. ronald reagan's former speech writer says it's time to break up facebook. a google engineer exposing the
8:46 pm
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david: the "wall street journal"'s peggy noonan is make the case to break up facebook. she says break them in two and three. regulate them. they were once a pleasure, now a utility. is noonan on to something? joining me is ned ryun. what do you think? >> absolutely. i think peggy noonan is correct. i have been making this argument, amazon, google and facebook of their own volition have become telecommunications companies and publishers. and more importantly, they are monopolies. i made an argument in a piece i wrote for american greatness. i am concerned about the power
8:51 pm
they have right now. if we don't deal forcefully. we'll be ruled by a tech oligarchy in less than a generation. david: if it's a tech oligarchy we know what side they will be on. the algorithms are all about pushing the left-wing agenda better it's google or frontal boundary or amazon. they have every bit of information we have ever put into the internet, that could be a dangerous thing. >> i was at the google innovation summit and the thought struck me that google will have the power in the short term to manipulate, influence and decide national elections because of the power they have to manipulate the flow of information online. they dominate 76% of the search
8:52 pm
engine results on a loaf estimate. i think it' higher than that. but what are they doing with all of your personally identifiable data. what they are doing with this general artificial intelligence and automation, i think the american work and american people are in great danger in the near future. >> another long-time google employee announcing her depar fewer amid claims she was unfairly targeted and retaliated against which echos what we heard from mark whacker who appeared with trish. >> they are so hostile you want to push back against them. if you push back, they can turn on you instead. david: he has since been fired. but what do you think of that case? >> i would say, if you look at
8:53 pm
core a stapleton, now it's not just conservatives, even liberals who step out of lines that challenge google's biased practices. she was engaged in protected activities. she was in a protest saying you can't be giving people charged with sexual assault with these large restiermt packages. guess what, this is the problem when you have monopolies. they think they are bigger than the law and they are a law unto themselves. david: peggy noonan mentions an anecdote of having twice been called by the facebook people to have private meetings with zuckerberg and other conservatives.
8:54 pm
she wrote a note saying thank you for the invitation, but i'm a journalist. i am not going to go to something that's some of the record. she heard coming out of these meetings with the conservatives who went, all this pandering to zuckerberg. she call them pawns, the people that were being used. i won't go through the names, i don't want to embarrass anybody. but the point is, he's very successful and the whole organization is about getting their way whether it's inside the beltway or a group of interest electric tiewrls outside the beltway, they know how to make people happy. >> they are spreading a lot of money around d.c. last year they spent $78 million. they are spreading money in the election campaigns. i call it hush money.
8:55 pm
our freedoms are going away because our elected officials and these people in d.c. who should be standing up for our privacy rights and the free flow of information are being bought off by these tech companies. david: i want to announce once again. donald trump, the president just tweeted out that we do have a deal with mexico, the tariffs will not go into effect monday. it's a signed deal between the u.s. and mexico. we'll tell you more about that when we come back. what happens when a rat is spot inside a crowded new york city subway? jardiance asks... when it comes to type 2 diabetes, are you thinking about your heart? well, i'm managing my a1c,
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key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. david: a rat hopped on to a new york city subway. the terrified passengers hid on their seats. the passenger recording this video said the rat eventually got off. make sure you tine my show, "bulls and bears" 5:00 p.m. eastern time. the big news on wall street will be the deal with mexico. the president just announcing he has a written deal with mexico and the united states. that is great news for the markets. we showed you futures are up. but we know the markets are
9:00 pm
going to be up monday on the news. it's great news for the united states and mexico. maria bartiromo's "wall street" begin right now. maria: happy weekend, everybody. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. my exclusive interview with the krerk o of walmart. and bank of america's ceo. a weaker than expected jobs report in the month of may with the you be employment rate holding steady at 3.6%. economists were expecting 185,000 jobs.


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