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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 11, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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joining us tonight.that does it for us. there is a lot more coming up on fox business. lou dobbs is next on fbn. i will be back for liz tomorrow night. until then have a good one. lou: good evening everybody. president trump in iowa tonight where he and radical dim candidate biden are looking for votes. each holding events and giving biden a taste of what it would be like to actually run against president trump in 2020 and the answer? not good. not good. certainly, sleepy joe is not getting any help from the trump economy. which continues to surge. small business optimism in this country has had a seven month high. as the market is near its all-time high on the dow jones industrials.
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and president trump, slamming the radical dems today for their refusal to do anything, anything at all to help stop the flow of illegal immigration, the flow of deadly drugs across our border with fact, the government of mexico is now working harder to do far more than the democrats to help the united states secure the border and to stop illegal immigration and sex trafficking. >> this is one page, this is one page of a very long and very good agreement for both mexico and united states. without the tariffs we would have had nothing. we had nothing to weeks ago. for many years, people tried to get what we got. in a period of a couple of days, and they could not get it. they started very strong action.there move right now 6000 soldiers to their southern border. who ever heard of that?
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did you think we had that two weeks ago? lou: the mexican government indeed has set up a board and management task force at this hour it is unclear how many troops have been sent to the guatemalan border. 6000 as the president said are expected to be deployed. the mexican foreign minister saying that a mexican general is beginning to tour the southern border to quote - speed up the deployment. the border has not changed those unclear why the general store is necessary. it is too early to declare mexico has taken necessary steps to secure that southern border despite the agreement to do so. we will be watching it carefully here. joining us tonight to talk about the deployment of the mexican national guard troops and other steps, being taken by the mexican government as it becomes clear that the president of mexico has decided to partner with president trump. joining us, tom harmon, for
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interactive immigration and customs enforcement, fox business contributor, great american, tom, great to see you here. the president obviously , with a great deal to really declare victory over and that is, this partnership as of now, obviously, being established with president lopez obrador. >> it is a historical accompaniment. he has to do with mexico that saluted every president before him. once again, president trump is a great president. and once again, he took his dollars to school. he took the democrats readership to school, he took even those in his own party without the tariff that was a bad idea. he took them all to school and he won again. despite the resistance from the democrats and rolling against him 9/10 times, his account was more into yours on the border
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than a president i work for and i've worked for six of them. even some that had eight years. a great president, he's keeping his word, defending america. i am proud that he is my president. lou: indeed. and we have to go back 33 years to 1986, president reagan. when he offered up the first amnesty to mexican nationals in this country. and was assured that there would be a secure border as a result by the democrats. in 33 years the democratic party have done nothing to honor the promise to president reagan 33 years ago. your thoughts about where we are now, the democrats and their continued resistance to national sovereignty and the national interest and the well-being of the american citizens. >> is worse than ever. the democrats are not often up one thing.not one. the president has taken a series of executive actions.
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he has written immigration plans that they are not responding to. he has declared national emergency.he put tariff threats with the president is on his own, once again he's fighting the fight doing the right thing and it democrats have not offered up one thing. it is not just them doing nothing there working against him. what other work done? daca recipients, amnesty. that's why families are coming to begin with because after they past daca then they have a pay raise in fy 19 appropriations bill to put language to go to the parents and sponsors that smuggle the children of the country, put their children in the hands of criminal cartel, that shameful! not only are they not doing anything there working against them. if there's a manufactured
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crisis, i submit to that the manufacturing the crisis. they are purposely making it worse to try to embarrass the president but he won't be embarrassed and this president will not fail. lou: absolutely not, cannot agree with you more tom. also as we look at what the democrats are doing, with the chamber of commerce is doing, the business roundtable, wall street in its alignment with the business lobbying groups, the koch brothers. the chamber of commerce threatening to sue the president of unisys pursuing natural interest and taking responsibility for the national security. these groups, these business lobbyists, wall street, the koch brothers, letting with the interest of the drug cartels in mexico. and it is that straightforward, that simple and that dangerous to america. i just cannot imagine why the left-wing media, that is still hope, at least in part, independent from that of the
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lobbying groups, the democrats, the radical dems. they simply aren't accepting this and i find it stunning that they would permit tens of thousands of deaths from the opioid drugs being smuggled across the border by the cartels. the continued violence, the murders. if every two nations should partner for their mutual security, it is mexico and the united states against the drug cartels. >> actually, i just wrote an op-ed for and i talked about this. my 34 years of government i've never seen anything like this in my life. the constant resistance to try to secure this border. i mean i don't care if your democrat or republican, there is no downside of securing the border. and i'm sick and tired of democrats talking about let's investigate children dying. children are dying, 31 percent of women are being raped. and do you know a democratic
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leadership, you want to blame somebody? look in the mirror. because you refused to close the loop also bring these people to the country. sanctuary cities, rewarding daca, you've done nothing to slow this down. closing zero loopholes even though we ask you to do it two years ago. you've done nothing. you know what? you on this, the president is the only one addressing it. and he is going to succeed, lou, i am telling you. we've had a secured border. >> they will be accounting in 2020. and it is one that will, in my judgment, it is going to unseat democrats in huge numbers. let me ask you this. against all of this, why are we not seeing an energetic removal of those under deportation orders having gone through the immigration due process, judge making the removal orders.
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hundreds of thousands, millions in this country, family units, entire family units living here illegally despite orders to be removed. >> i have been pushing this for six months because i did this in fy 15. when you remove the groups, numbers went fy 15. i know it works because i have done it. i talked about six months. the plan is sitting with the acting secretary for months. he said the plan approved, i.c.e. needs to do the operation to show such america there is consequences. you cannot enter this country illegally is a crime. commit immigration fraud which is a crime, get removed by a federal judge and hideaway for the next amnesty. we cannot allow that. this is a policy issue, it is the law. weneed to enforce the law. we are asking meskill to do more, congress to do more and we need to do more . i am with you, the secretary needs to approve the plan now. lou: it will move the democrats as well to see the consequence will result from those due
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process orders by judges, for removal to be enforced. that is one of the few things that might awaken some of these democrats who are now so energized by resistance to this president. the president talking about a secret. holding on agreement today in a gaggle, talking right secret agreement with in this broader deal that he and lopez obrador have reached. what are your thoughts about what that might be? >> safer country. i've got my sources, i think it is a safer country.what would be the most important agreement. that will be a game changer. because it will simply mean that people from honduras and el salvador would have to claim asylum in guatemala. guatemalans have to claim asylum in mexico. it would not really be, it has to be approved by the mexican congress but you know what? it would be a hardship on
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mexico because once you take united states of the table they will stop coming for you not facing fear of persecution, this is about getting to america. if we can shut that off mexico will not have much to do with at all. lou: thomas homan, as always, great to see you. >> great to see you. lou: up next, president trump's partnering with joe biden in iowa today. was it really sparring, joe biden was playing the part of a speed bag. listen to this. >> under the obama initiation ourpoliticians the other countries put push us around. treat our country with no respect. and he said that with biden. we would never be treated with respect. because people do not respect him. even the people he is running against, they are saying where is he? what happened? sleepy joe. he is a sleepy guy. lou: also tonight kirsten gillibrand 's unbelievable position on pro-life americans.
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joe bono thought china was not a competitor. china made $500 billion over a
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short period of time against obama, biden, for many years in all fairness to them. lou: the president taking aim at joe biden after his latest policy flip-flop and reversal. the former vice president just taking a couple of days to make this reversal. he now says communist china does pose a serious challenge as he put it. after calling them no competition, just a month ago. joe biden also using a stop in iowa today to target the president. target the president? joe biden? joe biden called the president an existential threat. he is an existential threat all right! [laughter] he is an existential threat to joe biden. and now, comes kirsten gillibrand.lockable comments tonight from the new york senator. and democratic presidential
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hopeful, kiersten gillibrand in an interview with des moines register says pro-lifepolice be should be compared to racism. >> all these efforts by president trump and other ultra radical conservative judges and justices to impose their faith on americans is contrary to our constitution. there is no moral equivalency when you come to racism. and i do not believe there is a moral equivalency when it comes to changing laws and denying women reproductive freedom. lou: she's a complicate a person. i think she just probably assured the anonymity which she will return to. joining us live former reagan white house political director, leading republican strategist, fox business political analyst, ed rollins. my friend, good to see you. >> thank you.>> lester with kiersten gillibrand. what in the world, she taking complete leave of her remaining senses? >> i think she is encouraged by mayor di blasio in new york.
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lou: there is praise! >> you will be quickly be back as a senator here in new york she will be -- people who care about abortion rights and people that care about pro-life position that have very deep emotional commitments to it. it is not a casual thought process and it should be. i think to a certain extent to challenge that and accuse it to be racism or any -- it is outrageous. >> i think at one point in time she was pro-life. lou: there's no telling what she was or what she is. in many instances, seemingly mouthing words as are a number of the radical dem candidates but will it ever sort out which is which. but biden, do you think biden really has a stomach full with the president today sort of playing with him, slapped him around silly. i can't see biden staying in
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this very long. >> i think biden ought to get up early and write every last on tape and put it across his four head because trump is going to use him as a punching bag. he is not a competitive guy, he's not a guy that's ever done well in campaigns outside of delaware. and my sense he will quickly find he is not doing overwhelmingly, the front runner of the democratic party. he's having a competitive race in iowa i think he could lose iowa. bernie sanders obviously after that happens, the whole game changes. lou: listen to the president on much he would relish the opportunity to spend a little quality time with the former vice president. >> no, i would rather run a guess i think biden than anybody.i think he is the weakest mentally. and i like running against people that are weak mentally. i think joe is the weakest up here. others have much more energy. i don't agree with their
7:20 pm
policies. lou: extra credit for at least energy. aoc, today, she wants a raise. she wants a pay raise to prevent dark money loopholes opening. i mean she wants more money. it is pretty clear. the idea that aoc wants a big raise, will she make, $40,000 year in her highest-paid job? winning a congressional seat. your thoughts? >> i think she has other issues that she should be advocating. she must be the advocate for increase in congress -- she will quickly find a lot of her base quickly walk away from her. and i think there are other people more serious members that could basically make the argument for pay raises but reality is, she will get painted with this and people will argue why do you need, all of a sudden your bills you have to pay taxes. lou: list take a look at the
7:21 pm
average income in this country. this young socialist, here we go. she's making 174,000 dollars a year exclamation is an increase. the average median income in the country is 61,000. she's always a woman of the people. she's obviously a socialist. i so admire that kind of -- don't you? >> i met your -- it will be as opposed to the green programs report forward. my sense is, she likes to talk. lou: i mean $3 trillion! [laughter] she needs a raise of 174, the country making far less and she was to blow 93 trillion on, we are not quite sure what. ed rollins, as always great to see you. >> thank you.lou: up next, a former u.s. diplomat going to
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blooming. quench the national federation of independent business, small business optimism in this country as he turned to a seven month high. according to the survey, 64 percent of small business owners in this country have made capitol expenditures over the past six months. making may 3 months of 2014 since that higher percentage but real confidence and real expression of faith in the future. chris will that is critical to
7:27 pm
all of us in this free enterprise capitalist economy. greg allen, president of the u.s. china business council today, i know, what you are thinking. he is bipartisan. china, united states. not necessarily. he is complaining about president trump's hard-line approach to chinese telecom giant, huawei and its capacity for potential inductive espionage activities that the president thinks might be deleterious to american interest. -- has served for 30 us in court if we want to keep it out of our network it is easy to do. let's just ban them. but putting them on the entity list and prohibiting u.s. companies from dealing with them, it is more like murder. try to put an end to them. allen, a career diplomat, clearly now representing communist chinese interest. now that is broad-minded, isn't
7:28 pm
it? joining us live, one of my favorite people to talk with at any time, paul bracken, professor of local science and business at yale university. great to see you. >> great to be here. lou: lester with if we may, alan, certainly in the business for china. this government with espionage activity against the united states and our allies. >> there's a lot going on behind the scenes that had not been reported even by the wall street journal, financial times. that is, u.s. is moving a lot of it's r&d research what used to be in china, they are moving it out. it is for intellectual property protection and also because they do not think the business environment will be a good environment. for the next couple of years. oracle just shut down a big r&d center there and there like one of the you know, it is really important cutting edge technology.
7:29 pm
this will hurt the chinese for sure. but i think american, i teach about multinational corporation. you have to look at what they do. not what they say. what they are doing is withdrawing from china. on a number of fronts. lou: and under the rubric of moving the supply chain out of china, what is taking place as you say is more fundamental and perhaps, far more important. that is the research and development apparatus within these critically important technology companies. safe and secure markets.>> that's right. and is good for countries like vietnam and some others that are on the international learning curve for the stuff. so they are good things there. but technology is really such a driver of the international economy now. because of the national security implications and its
7:30 pm
massmarketed applications. lou: two years ago we weren't having this discussion. the intelligent, the establishment, multinationals were not having this discussion about the security of intellectual property about the importance for national security of preserving the security of innovation and intellectual property, technology. >> that is right. the attitude among the elite universities and certain think tank second mention, was that the best thing we could do is have them sent students over here, send our investment over there they would see american ways and their middle-class would gradually expand. that would put pressure on the government to be less authoritarian.lou: then there will be a hallelujah chorus, we could all hear and the chinese would be just like america. >> they would be -- you, they will be converging. it took us a long time to learn this.
7:31 pm
data really mattered when people start to see the deal flow that china was pursuing. and in silicon valley. they were incorporating into their own systems. and then we start to see where sophisticated cyber attacks on u.s. military forces in the pacific command as well as commercially. the other thing i think is interesting is the way that companies are now for the first time appreciating how to deal with technology and the corporate strategies. they can see that with the chinese, they were producing enormous consequences negatively down the road. but you have not seen anything yet until you get to the global competition in automobiles coming.lou: right. >> with all this artificial intelligence in the cars and autonomous vehicles. lou: and aia and autonomous vehicles.
7:32 pm
obviously critical, complementary in terms of future. the r&d and production of the future vehicle. i personally can't imagine the autonomous vehicle.and therefore, i defer to greater minds of which the planet is blessed with billions. i just cannot imagine any time soon. >> i was in china and some is interesting, you americans, the first time and autonomous vehicle killed a pedestrian, you have a multiyear delay. we want. [laughter] lou: hence another decision between a communist nation and ours. >> that's for sure! lou: the president right now, is running on external record of accomplishment and achievement, the economy is surging by any standard. this small business optimism i think has surprise some people to see that. even with the stock market near
7:33 pm
the record highs, the dow just a hair away from its all-time record. your thoughts? >> i think what we have to recognize is that innovation, where does it come from in the united states? a lot of times it was big business and now, because money is cheap, because of silicon valley, it is so easy to launch a startup, it is shifting. to small and medium-size company. this is an enormous implications for employment, independence of companies, the relationship of the large corporation with the smaller one. who are they are deciding what the in source and with the outsource and i just go through a number of case studies in my class. and the big corporation thought they could take a lot of these businesses over. and they really can, it is just better done by small business. lou: and innovation is what
7:34 pm
this is the hallmark of american business history. and it is an extra ordinary legacy. >> and technological innovation something the united states is really good at. a lot of things we are not good at but we are good at this. lou: helmet leadership? president trump. i just have to share this as we wind down on the economy and our future. if we could take a look at this, the nobel prize-winning economist after president trump was elected in 2016, lamenting and saying so, we are very probably looking at a global recession with no end in sight. i suppose we could get lucky somehow. but on economics as on everything else, a terrible thing has just happened. and the siren song of despair by the intelligence and globalist elites go unanswered. by the way, all of the answers so far, have been profound as
7:35 pm
offered by one president donald trump. paul bracken, it is always great and i have to tell you, absolutely educational to talk with you. >> good to be here. lou: thanks professor. up next, the department of justice smacking down radical dems like jerrold nadler who try to gloat over the mueller report deal. will set the record straight. attorney harmeet dhillon joins me after this series of messages. we will be right back. libert♪ too many people a restless night's sleep. there's a better choice. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve. that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed.
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representatives, 229 to 191 approving a contempt measure to enforce subpoenas issued for attorney general william barr and former white house counsel don mcgahn. you've got to admire the kind of leadership that produces this kind of activity in the house. speaking of speaker nancy pelosi, she admitted house democrats are nowhere near being able to and preach anybody. >> if majority of the caucus jennifer majority of the caucus was to go for with impeachment inquiry, would you vote for it? >> is not even close in our caucus. >> but eventually. >> why are we speculating on hypotheticals? a little tired of talking about donald trump after a while. and let him know it.
7:40 pm
the justice department pushing back at the radical dems who were gloating for a whole day over the mueller report deal, a source telling fox news a quote - this is not a blank check. the doj indicates it will not allow house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler to see what documents you want. that is not the deal at all. and joining is now, -- rnc committee woman for california, a member now of the 2020 trump advisory council, my goodness you're growing and growing. >> thank you. >> the house vote today. i don't know, can you tell me in very quick order with the vote was all about? and why it was even necessary? or they just want to plan something? >> it was not necessary at all,
7:41 pm
it is a fairly toothless way to show the rule of law for the american people by continuing this russia investigation and mueller investigation charade. it is really jerry nadler kind of looking at the trials of this mueller investigation and seeing what he can salvage from it. it is quite a pathetic spectacle.the attorney general has struck the right tone with his people going to give miller information if they want although it is not their job to see it but he will not stand for a fishing expedition. lou: let's listen to congressman radcliffe on these documents and what this clever deal that nadler is bragging about. here is his assessment. >> the key evidence that jerry nadler talked about yesterday, the same evidence the department of justice has been offering to democrats for some time now. i'm glad that jerry nadler is happy and he is finally submitted to the process the
7:42 pm
way to supposed to work. but he overplayed his hand on these subpoenas against bill barr and now he's looking for an offramp and he got one yesterday. >> do you agree? >> is exactly right, the attorney general is barred by law from sharing the underlying information that the mueller investigation looked at because some is protected by statute and court rule. finally, jerry nadler is when it came to the table and face reality. i don't think it will amount to anything other than more distraction and less of the americans, -- lou: you know, have to say that the, what i'm watching right now on the part of the radical dems, nadler, all of the usual crowd shift with intelligence. it's disgusting, appalling and absurd. the mueller report is an purity of the present put it, straightforwardly, case closed.
7:43 pm
and yet, the republicans continue not to create a countervailing influence in the senate against the ignorance of the dems in the house and lindsey graham is doing nothing with the senate judiciary committee. at least that is apparent. why in the world can't the republicans defend this president and this nonsense and focus, create a conference wide focus in the senate or the house on how the president is achieving and stop the ignorance and stop it now. >> well, i do think the judiciary committee in the senate has done a great job with one thing, the judge's they are getting through. it's really important and it cannot be underestimated. i think yesterday in the house, the republicans on the committee did an excellent job showing what ridiculous spectacle it was to bring john dean there to testify. i do think we see quite a few of them doing a good job people
7:44 pm
were stunned how well the present it with mexico. lou: you say people are stunned? have they been watching what the president has done against all odds for two and half years? why would they be stunned? >> you and are not stunned and he knew their support of the president but some of those naysaying republicans who say no tariffs. lou: you promise you will do that with the rnc, get rid of them. just between you and me.i will not mention it. >> just between you and me and your audience. we could use some fresh blood in congress all around. i definitely would work towards that. lou: was good to something that i think is really critically important. william barr, now it turns out the inspector general is not going to produce the report on anything even approaching a
7:45 pm
late basis, i don't understand why it's being tolerated. i'm so sick of the justice department that moves at a glacial pace when this should be about efficiency and a new productive, energetic era, the justice department getting rid of political corruption and those who led it. why can't we get anything moving quickly and were in that department? everything goes there to die. >> the expeditions of the whole idea of relying on inspector general to make change is a fallacy. the inspector general is akin to the murder or the medical board in the hospital where patient is already there. it's kind of a postmortem analysis. lou: that is you unlock the truth. >> in our democracy and justice but i think the u.s. attorney has actually been given a lot
7:46 pm
of resources, the office of the doj and i think he's going to be moving forward and naming names. he actually has the power and ability to do that. i think really going to be the more promising outcome for investigating the investigators and how did we get to the point where we said so much time under the presidents ability to advance the agenda. i think it's important we will see that happen. lou: i know she did not give me an end date. we hope it will be sooner than later. >> absolutely. lou: always good to speak with you, harmeet dhillon. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next rino justin amash is a wash. we will take that up after these quick messages. stay with us. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear.
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7:51 pm
that is kind of cute, don't you think? anti-trump rino justin amash is no more part of the freedom caucus. the congressman stepped down last night he says he does not want to be a further destruction for the group this week's after amash trashed president trump calling for impeachment. amash remains the so-called republican, only to call for the president's removal. quite a cute little fellow. german, the chairman of the american conservative union, matt schlapp. when i see him i think that's the republican party bird aren't you all proud? >> i don't think so. especially his own state where the devose family his wash
7:52 pm
their hands. the one thing donald trump is unified is republican activist and conservative actors across the country. no president has seen the kind of numbers he has with republicans and conservatives. the idea is a member of congress a calls himself a libertarian leaning, would somehow give some kind of credit to what obama struck the intelligence community did is ridiculous. lou: he is a ridiculous figure. it is also ridiculous with the republican part of the president of the 94 percent approval of republicans the country to have to put up with that excuse for a member of the conference. why not just throw him the hell out? >> mark meadows do the right thing by getting him out of the caucus. lou: now kevin mccarthy maybe he will do the right thing! >> republicans will do the right thing by supporting his primary. i do not think will talk about him much longer. lou: but will talk about him so he gets primary.
7:53 pm
it is like paul ryan he was supposed to come around for nine months, what the hell could he do except estrela conference and drive out republicans from the house and give up the majority. i guess it is not a very good idea. >> i don't think he will have big townhomes in his district the one he has had were a wash. lou: why not get him out of the conference? because he is not a republican. >> he is more of a libertarian than republican. i think it is a very fair challenge. lou: what does that mean? >> acting as a fair challenge to the republicans saying do you want him coming to your meetings? lou: you and i are agreeing. >> i think we are agreeing! [laughter] lou: list tied to the news which is heard. 45 days for the mexican government to provide third nation safe country for
7:54 pm
asylum-seekers.what is the deal? does the foreign minister think he can play cute? is it obrador? >> i think 6000 troops at the border as well. lou: it is not yet. and this is the thing i'm trying to keep absolutely straight on this broadcast. it is not yet. do i believe it will get done? i have confidence. but lopez obrador continues apache was on, defiance and bull he was peddling instead of getting things that will not work. it will not work for his country either. walking around the streets doing nothing for his people. taking, not taking on the cartels but talking talk. he's actually got to do something now. >> i think he's met an american president that will hold him accountable to the promises he's made.if he doesn't do a thing donald trumpwill empty an
7:55 pm
the ante. spoon obrador -- lou: matt schlapp always good to see you. >> good to see you, we agreed again! lou: mark these dates and agreements! thank you so much. up next, the president expected to take the stage soon add another event in iowa. did you know that sleepy joe biden is there too? we will have more from our president right after this. right after this quick break. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i was relentless first. relentless about learning the first song we ever danced to.
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lou: president trump now in des moines and has just taken the stage. let's take a look if we may. let's listen to it very quickly. president trump: everyone in this room appreciates. that's why i'm here, jeff. lou: president trump in des moines, a campaign event. the president on to a fundraiser. we'll be back in washington tonight. that's it for us tonight. please join us tomorrow. among our guests, brandon judd, gordon chang, fred fleitz as we assess the global and political economy. see you tomorrow, good night
8:00 pm
from new york. reporter: president trump coming out swinging calling ge -- joe biden weak and vulnerable. the liberal media wasting no time mixing side. a shock revelation from the department of homeland security. the acting secretary says 90% of illegal immigrants simply skip their asylum hearings and vanish. that's right. 90%. so when will democrats stop


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