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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  June 13, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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for stalking, remember that. melissa: i will. [laughter] we are continuing coverage today and of course tomorrow. it's been so much fun from here at pebble beach. ashley, back to you we do we are now done as you say and will be back at pebble beach tomorrow but bolden bears starts now. >> if the assessment of the united states government that the islamic public of the run is responsible for the attacks that occurred in inmont today. iran is lashing out because they want maximum pressure campaign lifted. no economic sanctions held the islamic [inaudible] to stop global oil markets and engage in nuclear blackmail. david: developing tonight to oil thinkers attacked in the street of [inaudible] and mike pompeo says iran's finger prints are all over it. leaving, i'm david asman and this is bulls & bears, thank you for joining us returning on
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panel tonight jonathan, christina, gary and liz. oil prices initially surged after those two oil tankards were attacked in the gulf of a month and a senior u.s. defense official saying the same type of mine was used to damage for oil tankers last month and basically the same area but despite the bad news oil actually came down from their eyes at the end of the day and markets ended up triple digits instead of selling off. that brings into focus america's newfound energy independence which clearly buffered news that in earlier days probably would have tanked the markets. should president trump get credit? what do you think? >> he is certainly allowed greater expansion of onshore leasing of oil and done everything he could to allow for the greater exports of natural gas. we have a surplus of natural gas and supporting that effort to export lng is a huge boon to the oil and gas industry.
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the answer is yes, he should get credit but who gets the credit mainly is our oil and gas producers who for several years now have brought new technology to bear and reversed a long-term decline in u.s. oil production which now has turned around and we are now producing about 12 million barrels a day on the net ten years ago literally no one was predicting. huge benefit. >> huge benefit but to that point we have stockpiled that created a decrease in the price of oil over the past few days. i'm more concerned about timing right now. maybe the rest of the panel can weigh in and once we go into deeper discussion as to why go after iran right now especially when it such an important shipping artery for saudi arabia to get the global oil production or supply out of the market so why say that it's iran at this moment in time.
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>> because this is an act of war. if this was iran - this was an act of war. that's the role of the navy to protect american shipping and to your point, david, ten or 15 years ago the market would have been down through the points on this news but oil women up $10 on this news and we've not seen it because of the freedom in the oil industry and keep in mind the democrats want to get rid of fossil fuel and against fracking but it still technology which is made lifesaving resource energy so widely available if you could get that deregulation into the schools and healthcare and other areas of our economy would be golden. >> the most important part of the equation is i remember years ago when opec said something the market moved the way they wanted to and usually an extreme anomaly changed it went the other way but no longer today have the part power over price they used to. why? we have major-league production here that is involved in the whole thing about bob nothing but great news and keeps prices down and helps the consumer and helps business and let's hope it
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continues. david: imagine what the prices would be if we had adopted these new green deals that we are hearing so much about that limit carbon fuel production. let's bring an army veteran and house foreign affairs committee member congressman stephen watkins. good to see you, congressman. mike pompeo had a strong words earlier today on iran and let's listen to more of them in this assessment is based on intelligence, weapons used, level of expertise needed to execute the operation, recent similar tax on shipping and the fact that no proxy group operating in the area has resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication. taken as a whole, the unprovoked attack present a clear threat to international peace and securi security. david: commitment, how do we respond? >> listen, we need to hope they respond with democracy from our democracy and listen, we obviously have the uss abraham
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carrier strikeforce group but we will respond with economic and semitic measures and hope they come around and come to the table. >> excuse me, thank you for being with us. i think what will be alarming to all of us is if we see shipping rates go up, insurance rates will go up based on the last series of events at some point are people going to demand that the united states take a firmer action here and strike back at this unprovoked attack on international shipping? this is pretty serious, seems to me. >> no, it is serious and the fight with the involvement from mike pompeo and the president and we have acted accordingly postured well in the area and have the u.s. abraham lincoln preconditions f-15s and b-52 fighters in the area and taking the situation seriously and i'm proud of that but this also is
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muted by the fact that we are energy independent for the first time in 70 years and obviously with the world's producer in oil and gas that helps the posture and i lived in the middle east for many years and the linkage between security and energy production is apparent and we learned from that and i'm proud that the u.s. is a leading energy producer. >> congressman, i'm wondering more about how we can move forward because you have iran to nine in saint the timing is suspicious and is coming from the foreign affairs minister and then i ran supreme leader telling president abe they will not negotiate with president trump so how do we move forward then? >> listen, it be great to have proof that we need to have proof but it would be great if we would be presented that proof through the united nations but we have intelligence that i know that i can't share with you and we have reason to believe they're responsible. >> congressman, gary, thanks for being with us.
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my worry that seems to be since the start of may is escalating. first i ran threatens to enrich the iranian then we find the uss lincoln in the patriot missile battery 1500 troops and now this. how can we back away from this with all the harsh rhetoric going on without something really nasty happening? >> listen, we want a peaceful resolution in a fight were acting as with diplomacy and economic measures. we have to stay the course and already overseen is them responding to those pressures and that's what this is. responding to those. again were sitting in a very good position with energy independent and doubled production since 2008 and expected to increase it by another 50% in the next decade. we are positioned well. >> charisma, these are essentially floating bombs with massive argument - can they be
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assured that the u.s. government is going to protect them against - would you consider this to be an act of war? how else would you describe it? can we be sure it will be protected? >> that is a measure we have taken in the past and dating back to the iran, iraq war in this straight we use do accompany oil tankers and have not taken a measure or accepted the mission of ensuring absolute protection of thinkers but we do have that capability. >> would you support that? >> i would support looking into that as a potential solution and a possible way i had. david: congressman, christina mentioned that prime minister abe is in iran right now ironically for peace talks or to discuss the possibility of peace between iran and japan and the rest of the world but if in fact iran is responsible for this it appears to be an attempt on their part to embarrass the prime minister with a loss of
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face to be in iran at the same time that your tankers are being attacked by iran looks like an attempt to embarrass him. >> highly unusual that would happen. obviously, it's affront to the japanese and they take pride so very seriously and very unusual but again, we have reason to believe it was iran and in many ways japan and prime minister abe is our partner with peace and economics so were postured well to protect our interests and protect freedom and our allies. >> i gather there are one or two tankers that are ready to go or at least those of oil ready to be shipped that are refusing to sail because of these events. what happens if that turns into ten or 20 shipments of oil that are basically held up? to john at this point they really will have to make some kind of assurance to shippers
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that they will be protected and i don't know how you do that except with force. >> obviously, iran's ident is to obstruct oil or disrupt trade despite our energy independence of the fact that were an exporter of millions of barrels of oil do pass through the area and it matters to the region and to the war of economy and will take escalate the steps, if needed. david: congressman, thank you for joining us but we thank you for your service to the country as a serviceman. >> thank you. david: breaking news from the white house this afternoon. sarah huckabee sanders will be leaving her position as press secretary. the president let's go straight to edward lawrence live from the white house with morbid edward, what's the latest? reporter: is the president tweeted out announcement he tweeted out the fact that sarah sanders will be leading at the end of this month. the president in the street saying - so go to her home state
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of arkansas and the president went on to say that she's done an incredible job for him and president trump adding he hopes that she runs for the governor of arkansas like her father the former governor of arkansas. president trump: she is a special person in a very, very fine woman and she has been so great and such heart and is strong but with great, great heart and want to thank you for an outstanding job. thank you. reporter: sanders holding back tears saying she has to remain strong and appear to remain strong. sanders is only the third woman to hold the job as press secretary. second press secretary under president donald trump and it's been 13 weeks since last press briefing. her job was evolved under this presidency and the president has only had in addition to having not having a press conference in 13 weeks they become shorter and
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about 20 minutes. sanders worked closely with mercedes the white house director of strategic medications and she says that sarah has been heart of our team and fantastic rest person in key advisor for the president. she's been a strong leader in information to me. sanders worked in the 2016 presidential campaign for president donald trump before coming here to work at the white house. she is staying for the end of the month. david: how she does that job and raise a family is extraordinary edward, thank you. bernie sanders pushing his socialist agenda and he is not backing down. how are the polls responding. we'll tell you all about that coming next. ♪ >> will face massive attacks from those who attempt to use the word socialism as a slur. but i should also tell you i have faced and overcome these attacks for decades. ♪ patients that i see that complain about dry mouth,
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david: >> every american regardless of his or her income is entitled to the right to a decent job that pays a living wage. [applause] the right to quality healthcare. [cheering and applause] the right to a complete
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education. david: two new polls showing elizabeth warren pushing ahead of bernie sanders as the vermont senator continues to defend his plea for socialism. people are now waking up to how much bernie's proposals will cost our country? gang. >> complete misunderstanding of what a right is. the right to healthcare, education but a right is the right to act, it's not the right from free stuff for everyone else. if you look at history anywhere social has been tried it has failed to the extent that it has been tried time and again. the problem is bernie, in effect, and elizabeth warren have the educational establishment in the mainstream media who has taught the american people that socialism is the - capitalism is the american system and individual a spirit that creates the wealth that lets socialist like bernie be distributed to everyone else. >> to follow that sentiment that's the strength that bernie
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is trying to capitalize on. the struggle of the class and the fact they deserve these fundamental rights so he is proposing healthcare for all, education and that is winning a lot of hearts and minds but i think where he stands apart from the other democrats is the fact that he is going against capitalist and so angry focusing on the 99% and not that 1%. that is what differentiating him elizabeth warren who has said that she is a capitalist in the past. there is a major division of why there is a separation. >> i think that is like bernie sanders is talking about socialism. he needs to distinguish himself from elizabeth warren as progressives with increasingly, overtaken policy. everyone now is medicare for all and green new deal so what wishes bernie sanders only talking about socialism and i think he's also - for example, recent harris poll showed 55% of
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american women between 18-54 prefer socialism to capitalism. 55% bernie is not - i think that's an outline for. >> icing polling go that direction. >> look, let me take some of his own words from this fabulous speech yesterday. he said we are the wealthiest country in the world but my goodness, how did we ever get so wealthy without bernie sanders leading the way and if we are so wealthy why does he want to change it? but then he said something else. he wants to fight against forces of authoritarianism. but the problem is he defines that word. being an authoritarian is somebody who wants to raise taxes, run the whole country's business like healthcare and like insurance and take the decision-making out of your hand by saying you can't buy health
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insurance from that company and you have to get it through us. he is the definition of authoritarian and the good news is he's going to the dustbin of socialism when all is said and done. david: is also the way he defines america. christina said the 99% versus the 1% we are a country where the majority of people are in the middle class in either part of the 91% core which is the way he put it or the one present superrich. it's the fast middle that socialist countries don't have and he also expanded from america to the world and if you look at what the world has happened by an overwhelming majority though socialist countries are overwhelmingly poor and most capitalist countries have a solid middle class and that is what defines what america is. it's not majority poor but majority middle-class. >> david, let me pick up on that. the lowest 5%, lowest american incomes, are wealthier than 60% of the rest of the population. the poor that are struggling are
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rich on the world stage but i'll push back - >> unfortunately, the one. [inaudible conversations] >> he is doing that and people seem to disagree with both of you. >> the point of america is we are individualism, it's not - we are all individual never has the opportunity. >> you do not make the portraiture bite make the rich poorer. this is what he is trying to do. he's trying to take everybody down a notch. the 99% - what will they do for them? will hand them out a little check in the whole idea about the 99% is get educated, great, great job do well in it, work hard, sweat and toil, become a leader and an owner and a rich and then everyone else 99% moves toward the 1%.
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[inaudible conversations] >> not to interrupt your rant which i applied but - [laughter] polling shows that when faced between freedom and these other things that are handouts americans still choose those freedoms. that's pretty encouraging. to jonathan's point into gary's point it is an authoritarian regime and i think basically the polling shows people don't want that. david: it's not just americans who prefer it but the world. 1 billion people in the world have gone from extreme poverty to a better place because of capitalism, not because of socialism. you can't deny that and that's what most people want. by the way, that's why people come to america. >> greatest thing that happened in the last two years is how many people have come off food stamps and welfare and are now working on producing and earning money into the system set up taking out. david: thank you, gang. what matters most to voters? valerie jarrett saying president
5:23 pm
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david: is the president tone it matter to voters more than the booming economy? valerie jarrett speaking to neil cavuto and foxbusiness exclusive. here is what she said she's looking for in the next president. >> when you hear joe biden and a lot of the things he said that he would bring stability back to the white house but americans can look at it and say i'd rather the on employment rate go down or jobs or the market doing what it's doing. >> why should you choose? we cut the unlimited half in president obama and he was always civil. tone starts at the top. i'm looking for someone who i
5:28 pm
won't have to turn off the television when the president is speaking. david: say what you will about donald trump stone but has he not, smart with the style and negotiating tactics then be a bomb in biden team ever did? what matters most to voters? >> another incredible meal cavuto interview. great job. the economy first but i do think tone matters. look, i do my own radio show and speak to people and they are talking about it and they would like to see a little different and if i in the president's ear i would say lower it's a little bit. i don't think anyone wants to see the president keep calling people dummies or things like that. i like to see him back it up. the economy is doing just fine and the employment figures are magnificent and people with jobs will tend to vote. economy first but tone will matter i promise you that. >> i would second gary. i've looked at pulling today about the issues that matter most to voters healthcare
5:29 pm
immigration and jobs and employment et cetera but you don't see good manners listed there. i don't get something people talk about but the truth is when i've been hearing president trump go after joe biden calling him names and so forth i think we all cringe a little bit and don't think we think that the way the president of the united states should talk about his rivals. he doesn't need to, by the way. >> the economy is strong, very strong. ironically, people do not both their pocketbooks. the people voted their pocketbooks whited so meet rich people vote for obama or support sanders? people post vote on morality based on who they think is right and a good person so that's what makes this debate if you will. capitalism or socialism such an interesting and effective an important debate. this is what people are voting on, not pocketbook but morality. >> i disagree. then in 2016 they voted for
5:30 pm
their pocketbooks. we knew from the billy bush tapes and a whole lot of other things that came up the president trump was not a lily white kind of a sinless character and he himself made n. i've got to take issue with you there. i think it was all about the pocketbook. >> i will agree that because the capitals groups or in general were happy with the reduction in financial regulations and happy with the market climbing higher but want to take a step back and say it's premature for all of us to weigh in at this moment in time. the president is not done we don't know the repercussions. >> what are we doing a tv show than? >> the concern is - wait a second, - may could be an anomaly but what about gdp growth and the fact that some of it was on inventory because companies are prepping for the trade war which jonathan and on the panel have agreed it's a negative for our companies going forward and continuing. his attacks on americans and could only get worse.
5:31 pm
i think it's too soon for us to say anything. david: look at those numbers. 3.2% growth right now despite all the problems that we've had with trade wars in china and worries about mexico. one other thing i'd like to mention about his tone. gary, i'll take issue with you on this because i would love to live in an environment where - saw how nice christina was to give the floor to jonathan when he brutally interrupted her and i love the kindness. [laughter] but at the same time washington is a den of thieves. gary, you said that time and again. maybe it took somebody with a nasty tone to break up some of that collegiality that they have done their. >> but elections are about votes and if one vote decides to go the other way because of it is a vote that matters, especially in states like michigan one by 11,000, wisconsin 23,000 votes. that's all i'm saying. bottom line is it will be about
5:32 pm
what happens next november where the economy and i remember after mccain did his speech he was leading obama and then all heck broke loose with the economy in wall street and that was the end of that. if the economy at south that will be a big no-no but if the economy stays in shape that will be a big win and carry him a long way. >> gary, perfect. if the economy stay strong but then why does the president push for rate cuts by the fed if things are so rosy? david: he thinks they're too high. he thinks they aired on the side of pushing them up. we have to move on but thank you, gang. american medical association supported obamacare but now taking a stand against medicare for all. ahead of medicare, medicaid services they received a big ovation from the ama this week while making her case against her government healthcare. she will join us next to explain why in a foxbusiness exclusive. >> is head of the medicare program i am deeply concerned
5:33 pm
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unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? >> we must with the patients and their doctors in the drivers seat to make decisions about their care, not the government. [applause] david: head of the centers for medicare and medicare services getting a resounding applause from doctors at the american medical association's annual meeting in her criticism of the latest proposals by democrats for medicare for all. she joins us now in a foxbusiness exclusive, administer, thank you for being here. the ama endorsed obamacare but it seems like now they're having i can thoughts about government involved in a healthcare.
5:38 pm
no? >> absolutely. what people are saying is doubling down on sales government solutions is not the answer. we want americans to have affordable, high-quality care and government solutions have not delivered for america. we look at what happened with obamacare all we have seen his double-digit rate increases and a lack of choice. we want the iraqi people to have affordable, high-quality care and to make sure they're driving the decisions about their health care, not the government. david: the phrase medicare for all, people say that's socialize medicine but it assumes medicare is doing great but in fact, the gao, government association that looks at the cost of all their government programs, estimated it loses $60 billion a year in waste and fraud. is that figure about right? >> that is it. you hear people talk how medicare has low administered rates but the rally is not spending enough on administrative costs and so you do see fraud and abuse.
5:39 pm
under the current law we have only able to review less than 1% of all claims. what medicare for all is all about is essentially taking a 180 million people stripping them a private coverage and putting them into a government-run bureaucracy. if we look at the experience of other countries that had what we know is that will lead to rationing of care, problems with access and certainly having issues with people getting access to innovative treatment. this will raise the cost for taxpayers and because of that that is what leads to rationing care. david: you extrapolate that 60 billion of waste and fraud a year into a medicare for all which would be triple or quadruple the size of medicare and you come up with hundreds of billions of dollars just down the drain every year. i think if put that way americans might be leaning towards medicare for all may have second thoughts of their own. >> that is exactly it.
5:40 pm
medicare for all is something that is going to hurt seniors and our seniors have paid into medicare program their entire life and deserve better than to face long wait lines and problems. that is why this ministration is focusing on making sure there are options for people, more affordable options. just today under the leadership of president trump we announced our health reimbursement arrangement is a new rule in essentially it allows employers to make contributions, tax-advantaged contributions into account and unless their employees by the insurance that will work best for them. some portability and takes the hassle off employers, especially small employers, of having to run an insurance program. we're trying to focus on giving people more affordable options and giving them more choices in trying to address the driving
5:41 pm
cost of healthcare. david: i'm wondering when you were at the ama meeting there were clearly doctors there with first work for obamacare might have changed their minds but did you talk to any of the doctors to see why it was there now leaning against salaries with government involvement healthcare? >> for doctors they had seen the product of government overreach. we are hearing about lots of doctors facing burnout because of all the government regulation that happened under the obama administration and they also see that with medicare for all that they would face almost a 40% reduction in their fees. that will lead to major access problems for all americans that doctors offices would essentially close down. david: administrator, we appreciate you coming on. thank you for my pleasure. thank you. david: i want to bring the panel in now. what did you make of that? >> i want to know more details. she talks about the ministry
5:42 pm
cost and how we should provide she said not spending enough on a ministration and that is a huge pickle for these but if you don't want the government to pitch in and how do you fix that? >> shame on - shame on them, david, for supporting obamacare. that's what open the door. we are headed for socialized healthcare in this country. you can call it medicare for everyone or whatever you want but were headed in that way. trump promised insurance for everyone. president trump has praised the australian healthcare system which has happened to be socialized healthcare. republican congress people on this program has said yes, will have a program that covers everyone. healthcare is a right and whether you call it medicare for all or whatever you call it that socialized healthcare and that's where were headed. >> i thank you may be right, jonathan. but i think what doctors are looking at is all if you look at what goes on in england or canada or other places where they have socialized medicine
5:43 pm
and doctors to make very much money. that's to bring it home with these people spent an enormous amount of time and money becoming practitioners and then the government comes and says no, your fees are 40% less but guess what? in those countries there less than that. i think they did not get it with obamacare was on the table promising more delivery of healthcare that looked like a growing industry to them but i don't think they quite got it that that was the golden path to exactly what you're talking about, socialized medicine. david: i've got to ask jonathan that you think donald trump is for socialized medicine? >> david, i'm using his own words, he's promised . david: he never used socialized medicine. >> david, he's praised the australian system which is a socialized healthcare system and is he advocating for private or getting rid of medicare? no. you can't say medicare is great we want to preserve it but it medicare four - [inaudible conversations] >> besides the a tour
5:44 pm
authoritarianism taking 189 people to go take a flying leap all one has to do is see what's happening with the nhs and united kingdom shortages and wait times. when you tell people come one, come all it's all free they will be lining up at every clinic or hospital or emergency room and cancer patients are waiting months and months now. hip replacements months and months. exactly what will happen here. you need competition. when you take competition away all heck breaks loose and unfortunately i think jonathan is right. we may be headed there because momentum is momentum right now. >> i want to address loses points. doctors are getting paid less but what about here in the united states were doctors student bills are so high which is why so many of them specialize? david: except for nyu med. >> yes. [laughter] i've a friend who said she will specialize because she can't
5:45 pm
afford to pay for - >> i can answer your question in one word, christina. government. government is at the center of all of it. [inaudible conversations] david: not getting paid back for the money they spent on tuition. >> there at the center of - that's why we seen technologies go down in price and healthcare and education only go up. it's because - [inaudible conversations] david: don't forget the cost of malpractice insurance and that has a lot to doctors but we have to be that the house set to vote on a bill that could have a big impact on all witnesses large and small. details on what that will be for the economy next. ♪ the lexus es... ♪ ...every curve, every innovation,
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david: so-called fight for the team hitting capitol hill and the progressive caucus pushing for a house vote on the raise of the wage act which would double the federal minimum wage to $50 by 2024. the congress unless approved a wage increase in 2007 but if this passes what impact will it have on the economy?
5:50 pm
>> i think it will do a lot for capital spending. you have a lot more automation. that is the bottom line. the scene is in various histories were the minimum ways has gone up artificially and is artificial in a case like this for the government is mandating it. basically how businesses respond they come up with ways to end lay off people and if not, it's not overnight but over the long term but will definitely encourage that. david: i want to read, by the way, something from someone who passed away, martin feldstein, wonderful professor of economics at harvard and wrote a lot about minimum wage and said there's an overwhelming consensus that the higher minimum wage would reduce employment and that those who are displaced will be the low skilled youth who now have the hardest time getting work. the experience of europe for the unlimited rate has now reached twice that of the west shows the danger of traveling along the road to higher minimum wages. gary, you admired the man, right? >> absolutely. it's called logic, david.
5:51 pm
when you mandate higher cost to businesses they will react. how do they react? they go to automation. i don't know if you seen airports with the kiosk and mcdonald's with the same but that is - do you know what else happens? someone to get the job at ten, $11 an hour will not get one at $15 an hour. you'll have less employment. aunt mary and uncle bob running small businesses, if they can't pay for cost they will do something about it. it's a simple logic the government does not have any of. >> i think when you talk about - automation is inevitable because of something that companies are doing to reduce costs but i agree the focus should be on small businesses and we seen weakness as of late in may so that's a concern as to how they can afford it but look on the flipside because we look at the other side it could reduce welfare spending and could reduce employee turnover and it could reduce in terms of poverty in general people have more money and -
5:52 pm
[inaudible conversations] i think it may resonate among the socialist. go ahead, jonathan. >> but what you have his last waders. this has been proven time and time again. the labor department when minimum wage was instituted 80 years ago discovered it hurt poor people pacifically. look at seattle which instituted that minimum wage. a study proved that low income people lost an average of about $124 a month after the minimum wage increase to help them. this is rich elected bureaucrats trying to feel good about playing around with other people's money. it's arbitrary. you can't hire someone for $15 an hour who only produces at seven. >> there's always a simple solution, let the market bear out. go somewhere else.
5:53 pm
>> the stupidest thing is to make it nationwide doesn't even make any sense. the cost of living is literally 150% different at birmingham, alabama and san francisco - what on earth will that mean? is a great slogan but terrible policy. david: as a former waiter your money isn't it's not minimum wage. aoc knows that by the way. forget meatless mondays but how about meatless everyday. new report saying we are headed in that direction. is this where everybody wants to go? >> yeah! david: debate is coming next. ♪ fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees ..
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david: america's largest meat producer tyson is joining the trend make nuggets from plants and paddies and beans. >> is that a hybrid version they are launching in the fall? i'm excited because i don't eat meat. i tried all these companies. i don't think it's the healthiest option because there are processes ingredients and salt in there, but i think it's better for the environment. and for me it provides an
5:58 pm
alternative once in a while. most of of the time i won't eat that crap. >> a burger is possible. it's delicious. >> the cheesiest tag line ever. impossible duringers possible. >> i think meat is pretty much perfect the what it is. for most of our lives at humans we lived in subsistence just staying alive and american innovation is change the way we eat. >> the cavemen are rolling in their graves and the cows are popping the champagne corks. >> what wine goes with pea processed? >> the strongest stock in the
5:59 pm
market is beyond meat. that's all i can tell you. the valuation is a joke, there will be heck to pay. david: gary, were saying in a commercial break one day we hear this is great, then a month later or year later that it's bad. they have genetically modified meats that go in some of these products. maybe the meat is better than the false burgers. >> all the restaurants, mcdonalds, a lot of them are providing meatless options. once those guys get in there will be competition. >> i'm going to call my wife and save i am coming home. get me some genetically modified
6:00 pm
meat, i'm hungry. david: the impossible is possible with a free market. thanks for watching. that toss it for "bulls and bears." take care. reporter: president trump leaving open the possibility he would accept in the next election. one of the president's top aides is stepping aside. a stern warning from the secretary of state two oil tankers attacked in the gulf of aman and the u.s. is pointing the finger at one middle east adversary. where the 2020 democratic


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