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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 14, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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terrible in terms of charities. but those french should be shamed. that's my own opinion. ladies and gentlemen, have a great weekend. that does it for "bulls and bears." we'll see you next time. blake: foreign interference and the campaign. after receiving criticism within his own party, president trump now clearing up his stance on whether he would take help from another government. we are live from the north lawn of the white house with the chief of staff to the president. the acting defense secretary talking about contingency plans. his concerns about the worldwide flow' oil and what iran might be able to do that. then, should student debt be wiped away? elizabeth warren says yes. but there is a price tag, who
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she wants to pay for it all. "the evening edit" starts right now. [♪] >> president trump clarified some controversial comments regarding foreign interests force in elections. he took to the rose garden to announce aning expansion of the administration's healthcare policy. first to edward lawrence with the details. the president turning the debate back to healthcare. the president announcing he's expanding the healthcare or health reimbursement arrangement rule. companies were not allowed to reimburse companies for health premium costs. that there change january 1. this allows companies to pay into a pot so workers can use
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that money to go out and find premiums that fit their policy. find healthcare that fits their lifestyle and be able to pay for it with help from their company. >> this will be the way of the future' the previous administration imposed crushing fines on hras to prevent employees from selecting the plan of their choice. it was impossible. we are eliminating all of those restrictions. >> the president defending himself. he walled in to "fox and friends" and clarified what he meant when he said he would accept opposition research when offered by a foreign government. >> if i thought anything was incorrect or badly stated, i would report it to the attorney general, the fbi, i would report it to the law enforcement absolutely. one thing that's different with the president. if they say we don't like your
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opponent. am i supposed to put the president of france to the fbi? blake: he went on to say it's the democratic administration that got caught spying on his campaign and the russia probe was paid for by the hillary clinton campaign. we'll get reaction from the white house in just a moment. stocks were down for the day, but up for the week. jackis'. reporter: the mark test were not able to close out the day with a gain. the dow jones 17 points down. 26,089 after he spending most of of the day in red territory. we watched the qe ipo. the first trade was 36. intraday it went up around 39.
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this was a 59% gain for the online tech retailer. remember a company owned by petsmart, at least 3/4 of a company petsmart owns. investors hailing this as a success. there still is appetite for ipos out there. the retail sales figures up half a percent for may. and we saw the april figures revised as well. that helps market sentiment. blake: joined now by mark short. he was once the head of legislative affairs to the president and is currently the vice president and chief of staff. it's friday night, thank you for sticking around. i want to get to some policy matters but first to a couple issues the president clarified.
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foreign interference. we heard the president clarify his response. i don't believe we heard yet from the vice president. should she represent his office if the vice president is contacted or anyone within the vice president's office by a foreign government, does the vice president believe he should contact the fbi if he's contacted with opposition research. >> the vice president's position is consistent with the administration about turning over information to the fbi. but i confess we think there is a will the of irony that several years ago the dnc along with the hillary clinton campaign paid a spy millions of dollars to put together a false dossier that led this investigation and rather than outrage over that, there is more concern over an answer the president gave in his interview. the reality is this whole investigation started by actually the democrats accepting
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information from russian and foreign spies for which they were paid millions and millions of dollars. this administration, we'll turn over that information to the fbi. blake: i want to ask you about the president was asked about a possible tenth presidential run in 2024. didn't necessarily endorse it just yet. listen here. >> i love mike, we are running again. so you can't put me in that position. i certainly would give it strong consideration. he's a very, very outstanding friend. >> mark, do you make anything of this? president trump hasn't endorsed joe biden as well. >> this is what i make of it. the very much was honored to have been asked by donald trump several years ago to be his vice president. he has been honored to stand by him every day of this
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administration. and the president asked him to stand with them again for reelect. we are looking forward to that launch tuesday night. they formed a great partnership, and we look forward to a number of years of their partnership as president and vice president of the country. the bottom line with this one, kind of let small businesses give employees tax-free money to buy health insurance premium. it would also let people buy into plans that are non-compliant with the affordable air act. nancy pelosi said from day one the trump administration and talked hard-working family's healthcare, push them into shoddy junk plans, spike their health costs while prehe tending
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to care about people with preexisting conditions. >> the healthcare system in our country has been undermined by democrats for several years. when they advanced the takeover through obamacare. they went up 100%. with this president offering new plans and actually having more choices, more competition, markets show that keeps rates stable. it helps understand plans to stay more stable ever since donald trump become president. what president have put forward is medicare for all that would eliminate private insurance and obamacare all together. you want to talk about and talking obamacare, this president actually like the policy of table sizing rates because we are looking at more choices for customers.
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blake: , iran, what's going on in that part of the world. shanahan said contingency plans are being made. 50% of the world's oil flows through the strait of hormuz. we need to make contingency plans should the situation deteriorate. >> under this administration's deregulatory agenda, america is a net exporter of oil and gas. we are no longer depend debit on the middle east the way we once were. the policy toward iran with the previous administration sending millions in cash to pay for attacks on innocent westerners across the middle east by change that policy, the iranian economy is in shambles. they are suffering hyper
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inflation. >> are you worried that they are one leverage point could be stopping the flow of oil? they control as you heard from the secretary of defense a massive portion of the world's oil. >> i think there will be assurances the straits of hormuz stay open. america is no longer as dependent on the middle east for oil. blake: who might those assurances come from. >> i think you will see the international community make sure there is a safe navigation of those waters, and that's in everybody's common interest. blake: mark short from the white house lawn. thank you for joining us. the showdown in the gulf of oman. the pentagon says this video shows the iranian revolutionary
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guard removing an unexploded mine from the hole of an oiler tanker that was attacked. now a pair of guided missile destroys. questions about the deaths of self healthy american tourists vacationing in the dominican republic.
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blake: new developments tonight out of new york in the arrest of cuba gooding, jr. >> we are getting a look at that surveillance video. what it shows is unclear. but the actor's attorney came out swinging in a press conference where he turned the blame on the victim. this is the video he swears will exonerate his client. it was obtained by tmz and not independently verified buying fox. gooding flew from los angeles to new york to speak to detectives about a groping incident. a woman claims he grabbed her breast while having drinks on
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sunday. but his lawyer says they did not expect that meeting to turn into an arrest. gooding answered to the allegations, his attorney accused the alleged victim of stalking the actor. he says it's possible she wants money or 15 minutes of fame, and he wouldn't be surprised if she gets charged for lying to cops. he was described as a friendly frisky fella. then he said a better word would be friendly. he loves people. and he's perplexed because the people he usually sees when he goes to these parties and different events are always kind and moving and want to get a picture much him. and he precip pro case by
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kindness. -- and. there is a report by the many past the statute of limitations for charges. cuba gooding, jr. also denied charges in that. blake: in the dominican republic there is a desperate search for answers as 7 american tourists died there. investigators are looking at bootleg liquor as the cause. >> the latest woman to die was here to celebrate her birthday sunday, instead they found her dead in her resort room monday. we spoke with her son in knoxville, tennessee. he says he doesn't believe a healthy 53-year-old woman is suddenly dead from a heart attack.
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>> i can't even put into words how frustrating it is just to get my mom's body back home. it's hard enough when you lose a parent. but knowing that a foreign country has total control of your mother's remains is unimaginable having to deal with it. reporter: cox is one of seven americans to die mysteriously in the past' several months. police have detained nine people in the shooting of former red sox great david orit is. ortiz continues his rehabilitation in boston after being shot sunday, but the there are several suspects on the loose including lewis riv sarks known as the surgeon. blake: joining me now, dr. marc
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siegel. hello, doctor. there is this -- the "new york post" is reporting that bootleg liquor is where the investigation might be going to now. methanol is a pure form of alcohol. but you think that's look count wrong path? >> i think it could be. because methanol' tore wood alcohol comes from wood and ethel alcohol comes from grade. i believe if these deaths are linked to the mini bar, then yet mini bar could have been contaminated. there have been reports of mini bars or alcohol being contaminated. but here is the problem. it doesn't cause acute onset death. chuck warner was supposedly standing there, took a drink, then cold over and had a d keeled over and had a heart attack.
6:20 pm
it would cause g.i. problems. it wouldn't cause the respiratory failure. if we are talking poison -- blake: if you rule that out, essentially bootleg liquor, methanol, what do you think it could be? >> i am shiing of things like cyanide. and believe it or not, sarin or liquid gas and strong pesticides that could be contaminated. cidcyanide. poisons. the son is saying where is the tox report. they want my mother out of there and embalmed or cremated without
6:21 pm
a tox report? we have got to see the tox reports. maybe it isn't poison. the fbi is involved. where are the tox reports. blake: you saw the backdrop behind steve harrigan. the dominican republic is a beautiful place. there are stories the travel agents are getting calls from clients saying yank my trip. do you think it's gotten to that point where you would tell people not to go? >> there are some issues that have come up about lipo suction, people who come for medical tourism. but to answer your question directly, the numbers are still small. so the chances of something happening to you have is extremely low. i would hate to see that fear
6:22 pm
reef response take over the whole country. the dominican republic has answers to give us. only one death is one too many. there has been 105 homicides in the dominican republic to americans over the last decade and a half since 2002. 105 in a small country is not to be looked other way at. we need more answers. i think the chances if you go down there are highly likely you would be safe. dr. marc siegel. good to speak with you as always. we have several developing stories. the "wall street journal" is reporting facebook is preparing to double its spending on advertising in a bid to repair its image. the company has been dealing with a slew of negative headlines ranging from data
6:23 pm
breaches to deepfake videos. the german compani' has been hit with lawsuits' claiming that roundup causes cancer. a couple wasn't awarded $2 million saying their cancer diagnosis led to the cancer. governor cuomo has signed legislation to end exemptions for vaccines. many of the cases recorded in new york are from members of the orthodox jewish community, many of whom have invoked religion exemptions to prevent children from being vaccinated. iran is denying responsibility for a pair of oil tankers that
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blake: the u.s. navy release this video which appears to show an iran ran navy boat removing an unexploded mine from one of the two ships attacked yesterday
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in the gulf of oman. president trump: iran did do it, and you know they did it because you saw the boat. one of the mines didn't explode and it probably essentially has iran written all over it. you saw the boat at night trying to take the mine off the boat. and that was exposed. that was their boat, that was them, and they didn't want the evidence left behind. i guess they don't know we have things we can detect in the dark. reporter: officials say the unexploded mine removed from the tanker is the same type of mine used to attack four oil tankers last month in the same area. u.s. central command released this photo what it says is the unexploded mine attached to the hull of one of the tankers
6:30 pm
attacked thursday. it's claim of iran's involvement in the attacks. the iranian revolutionary guard fast boat. iran denies it played any role in the attacks. they put a press release out saying they rescued all 44 sailors. one of the tanker crews were detained by the iranians thursday morning after being rescued by a her channel vessel. one of the crew members spoke yesterday. >> i am from russia. the service is excellent. they hosted us fine. reporter: the sailors have been held for nearly two days against their will. the u.s. navy he it rescues the other 21 sailors. the sailors on board the japanese vessel have been treated and released back to
6:31 pm
their ship. but u.s. officials told me four tugboats contracted to pull the norwegian tapinger were prevented from doing so by the iranian gun boats surrounding the tanker. blake: congressman, thanks for coming in. what do you think iran's end goal is here? what are they trying to do? >> i think it goes back to what they said the end of april. they were going to drive up oip prices by disd drive up oil prices by driving up oil in the straits of hormuz. i can't think of anyone else out there removing the lipid mines. blake: drive up oil prices for
6:32 pm
how long. i'm wondering if it's a play to shake thing up with the 2020 elect around the corner and whether they want to make the president look bad. >> i am sure it i. they are in the fight for their economic future, so they say. if that's true, why are they funding terrorists around the world. they are in south america and central america. if they are worried about their domestic economy, that's where you think they would be spending their money to shore that up instead of doing this nonsense with the houthi rebels. >> we heard the warning from patrick shanahan saying they are looking into the possibilities or at least game planning for the possibilities of what happened at the strait of hormuz. that would be a game changer if
6:33 pm
iran were to go
6:34 pm
>> when i say regime change, i mean they have to change what they are doing. they can't continue to do the same things. the iranian people like the chinese people don't have the right to protest. when they do, they come in with sanctioned by the government to suppress the people trying to change things internally. this is something we'll stand with our allies to make sure the oil comes out. blake: there has been an issue the last couple days as it relates tost the campaign were to get political opposition from russia. your position is to pick up the phone and call the fbi or no? >> i think so. you know, there is going to be
6:35 pm
influence by russia as we know already. the chinese are over there, and they are working to destabilize western democracies. we can see that in our own hemisphere. all three of those actors are down there helping the maduro regime to destabilize the western hemisphere. i think it's orchestrated and planned. with iran doing this, and i'm sure the forensic will come out saying iran was 100% behind it. so this is something that is in their playbook. it's the repeat of that, they want to disrupt that oil flow. it will drive the oil up. blake: senator his beth warren want to tax the wealthiest
6:36 pm
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6:41 pm
on forgiving student loan debt. she wants congress to tact now. warren tweeting this. we'll free up an entire generation so they can buy homes, launch businesses, and start their families. there are 43 million students who took out student loans. under warn's plan the government will pick up the tab. we took senator warren's loan calculator for a span. if you make $90,000 a year, you would get $50,000 loan forgiveness. it's 100% paid for by her millionaire tax. her plan promised up to $50,000 per men that mace under $100,000
6:42 pm
a year. not everyone owes the $50,000 in student loan debt, but the plan is prepared to pay for it. blake: with we now is bach ceo. this plan from elizabeth warren has a -- the way she would pay for it would be a 3% tax on wealth over a billion dollars. you are a billionaire. that means you would potentially be hit with a 3% you are charge tax. are you willing to pay that? >> along with other tax she proposed. i think it's desperation. she is so far behind in the polls. it's fantasy. >> she also says that 2% of it would be paid for for wealth or $50 mill. is that real stick?
6:43 pm
>> i don't think it's realistic at all. the people she deems make too much money she wants to pay. i don't agree at all. the students took out the loans. they are responsible for the loans. the job market, the unemployment, they should pay it back. the girl that put my microphone on, heather, she has $70,000 worth of student loans and she is prepared to pay it off. blake: people would say ernie, you are a billionaire. but i'm sure you might have employees under you that might have $70,000 in loans so is it about the people who work for you? >> unfortunately it doesn't work that way. that's not how this system work. i think it's desperation. i truly do.
6:44 pm
she is so far behind in the polls. she is reaching for straws. >> i want to talk about the graphic. let's put it up again if you can. this is the debt kri is in the u.s. outstanding debt. student loans, $1.5 trillion. that's more than auto loans, it's almost double the amount of credit card debt. what has to happen in this whole equation of those who want to go to college and get an education but cannot take one? >> miss warren, mrs. warren, she was a teacher at harvard university making $450,000 a year. they could bring those teacher's salaries down and make college and little bit more affordable.
6:45 pm
there are a lot of things they can do. blake: is that only idea? when you are talking $1.5 trillion. it seems like it would make barely a dent. >> no. i think the debt should be paid back. i don't want to pay it back. if the government has to pay the back, then we are all paying it back. blake: what do you make of elizabeth warren'. i know you say she is desperate. but the polls show she is gaining steam in the national polls and picking up support in iowa. it seems her policies, those are very real issue ofs you could talk about another day. but it seems like people like it. that's the reality. if you look at the polls. if you believe it. >> she'll continue putting these policies out that are fantasy
6:46 pm
that draw people to her. i don't believe that the $1.4 trillion will slide through as smoothly as she thinks. >> there is the whole issue, well, if it is president warn, what will the congressional makeup look like getting the votes. ernie, thank you for talking about it with us tonight. breaking news now. president trump tweeting the following. the dishonest media will never keep us from accomplishing our objectists on behalf of our great american people. the president take on all comers claiming joe biden just doesn't have as he put it the mental capacity. we'll take that up. as the former white house counsel, the president is arguing, it doesn't matter what don mcgarn told special
6:47 pm
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blake: this is the latest from the president tonight. he said quote just spoke to marilyn houston about continuing operations for the sikorsky in coatsville, pence vainl yeah. she'll be d pennsylvania. she'll be making a decision soon. while pennsylvania is booming, i want lockheed to boom along with it. meantime the president suggesting his former white house counsel don mcghan might have lied to robert mueller committing a crime in the process. the president was asked why mcghan testifiedified that the president instructed him to have mueller removed as a special counsel. president trump: that was to show what a good counsel he was. >> why would he lie under oath?
6:52 pm
president trump: because he wanted to make himself look like a good lawyer. blake: the president said he was never going to fire mule per and said he never suggested it. joining us, john malcolm. good to talk to you again. what do you make of that clip from the president? >> everyone throws out the word lying. only two people were party to that conversation it's entirely possible that they had different recollections of these things. the import of this is whether the president attempted to obstruct justice. don mcghan said he wasn't going to create a document that jibed with the president's recollection and don mcghan said he wasn't going to do that. blake: it seems like the
6:53 pm
president is throwing mcghan under the bus. >> he allowed mcghan to go in three times and speak to the special count for over 30 hours and never told him what to say or not to say. so there certainly doesn't appear to be an attempt to obstruct justice. blake: who the president thinks is in contention for the democratic nomination. they feel like they have to drink a lot of water. medications seem to be the number one cause for dry mouth. dry mouth can cause increased cavities, bad breath, oral irritation. i like to recommend biotene. biotene has a full array of products that replenishes the moisture in your mouth. biotene definitely works. it makes patients so much happier.
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♪ ♪ blake: president trump predicting earlier today the eventual democratic nominee will be either joe biden, elizabeth warren or bernie sanders, he says. joining me now is bill mcgurn. hey there, bill. >> hey, blake. blake: you think that's about right? >> those are the top three vote-getters in the primary polls right now, so it's not that unexpected a pick. blake: right. i remember, you know, it's june 14, 2019. i remember where i was june 16, 2015. and that was almost four years ago in the lobby of trump tower. and if i'd given you or anyone had given you a top three republican, it probably would have been bush, paul and pick someone else. >> absolutely. it could come from, you know, someone not besides one of those three, reasonably, right?
6:58 pm
>> look, biden has a big chunk, you know, plurality of the voters, and all the rest is split among the other candidates. and so if the other ones coalesce around someone else, it could be anyone else. and i think the first debate will tell us who has the ability to inspire. none of the other ones are distinguishing themselves. you know, joe biden at least is distinguishing himself saying i'm a moderate, i know how to work, how to get things done. everyone else seems to be trying to move as far left as they can. blake: glad we got the debate pick check up up there -- picture up there, because there's two different debate because there's 20 people who have made the cut. the first one is 11 or 12 days, and joe biden is not in that one, elizabeth warren is. in the second debate, joe biden, bernie sanders, pete buttigieg. the rule in politics is you always punch up, as you know, bill. >> right. blake: so is this kind of a bad
6:59 pm
break? for those who don't get to be on the same stage as joe biden? >> yeah, i think a little, a although they may benefit from some of the bloodshed on the other night. biden's going to be in an interesting place. when donald trump first started, i think, in the debates he was considered a gadfly, some people thought he'd fizzle out like a lot of other unexpected candidates, but he didn't. and by the middle of the debate season, donald trump was front and center. that's what joe biden faces right now. blake: yeah. real briefly, during the debates do you think we hear more about joe bind or donald trump? -- joe biden or donald trump? >> look, they're going to be trying to persuade people i'm the guy or the gal that can defeat donald trump. blake: bill mcgurn, we will see where it goes, "wall street journal" editorial board, again, the first debate 11, 12, 13 days now. whatever it is. bill, thank you very much. appreciate it.
7:00 pm
that does it for us this evening. it's been a great week filling in for liz. had a lot of fun. hope you have a great weekend. to all the dads out there as well, happy father's day. make it a good one. lou dobbs is next. ♪ ♪ gregg: good evening, everyone. resistance at the southern border, radical dems trying to stop border wall funding in both california and new mexico. mexican lawmakers resisting the deal between the u.s. and mexico. president trump remains undeterred, putting together a security team with a core consisting of mark morgan, ken cucinelli and now tom homan. the president's america first agenda keeps paying off for american workers. in business, u.s. factory producti


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