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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 20, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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instagram. e-mail. fox business. tomorrow night 5 5:00 lou: good evening, everybody. what happens next. that's the question all around the world tonight after the iranian islamic revolutionary guard used a russian made surface to air mistoll shoot down a u.s. navy rq4a global hawk drone. when asked about what the u.s. response will be, president trump replied simply, quote, you'll find out. and a day after the mexican senate approved the usmca trade deal the president is talking trade today with canadian prime minister justin trudeau.
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still hopeful that the house will ratify the agreement calling on house peeker nancy pelosi to do the right thing. an wall street, a record day. the s&p 500 closing at an all-time record high, the dow closing at its third highest level in history, only 75 points tonight from its record high. all of this despite heightened tensions in the middle east after iran shot down that american drone over international air space. president trump today slammed the roi rogue nation's mistake s iran made a big mistake. this drone was in international waters. clearly we have it all documented. it's documented scientifically, not just words. and they made a very bad mistake. lou: a big mistake, a sad mistake and for more on the iranian attack, fox national security correspondent jennifer griffin with the latest from the
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pentagon. >> lou, pentagon officials deny the u.s. drone was shot down over iran. the air force released this video of the actual moment of impact of the u.s. navy's global hawk drone being shot down by the advanced iranian surface-to-air missile. it was shot down roughly 20 miles from the shoreline. u.s. navy officials say the drone was flying over the strait. here's the air force commander for the gulf speaking from a u.s. military base in cu qatar. >> it had not violated iranian air space at any time during its mission. this attack is an attempt to disrupt our ability too monitor the area following recent threats to international shipping and the free flow of commerce. iiranian reports that this aircraft was shot down over iran are categorically false. >> the general did not take any
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questions nor did any of the spokesmen here at the pet gone. the chairman of the joint chiefs took with him to the white house military options for the president. the president gave himself and iran's leaders an out perhaps to get home the negotiating table. >> i find it hard to believe it was intentional, if you want to know the truth. it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid that did it. we'll be able to report back and you'll understand exactly what happened. but it was a very foolish move. that i can tell you. >> the shootdown of the u.s. navy's large unmanned drone with the wing span the size of a boeing 737 took place from not far u.s. officials say acran ien attacked two tankers last week. iran missed when it fired on a lower-flier drone that was sent to monitor the tanker that was hit by mines last week.
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lou? lou: jennifer, thank you. jennifer griffin reporting. jennifer noted that the u2 spy plane that's been in existence since 1956 has, in some ways within superior performance specs. the u2's ceiling is 75,000 feet, 15,000 more than the downed global hawk. the iranian attacks twb primary focus of the president and his national security team today of course, but the president did take time to meet with canadian prime minister justin trudeau at the white house. the two leaders working toward a trade deal, both optimistic that the mca will be approved and ratified. fox white house correspondent kevin cork joins us with the latest. >> it's the largest trade deal by far ever entered into and we're close to having it finalized. a lot of jobs for our country. >> a bullish president trump
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today joined by canadian prime minister justin trudeau in the office that a vote to approve the trade deal will happen so. >> i believe that nancy pelosi and the house will approve it. the senate will approve it rapidly. it's going to be very bipartisan. >> legislators in mexico have signed off on it. getting the u.s. and canada to complete the u.s. mca could take months because democrats on capitol hill have concerns over the agreement's enforcement mechanisms for prescription drug costs and environmental protections. >> translator: i celebrate the raratifying of this treaty. we reiterate our determination and conviction to maintain ties of friendship and cooperation with development of canada and the united states. >> even as the president congratulated mexico's leaders for rat fying the u.s. mca, some wonder if the mexican people have a reliable partner in the white house. >> well this week i consider them a friend. they've been doing a great job,
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actually. >> my great job the president meant mexico's new improved assistance in helping to stem the flow of illegal aliens reaching the u.s. southern border, one that may have to do for now. >> is this a week by week. >> i'll have to see how they do. nay can easily stop if they want to. they can easily stop this tremendous migration to the united states. >> indeed a wide-ranging interview with nbc. the president among many comments said that latinos and hispanics support his idea of deporting millions of illegal immigrants in this country. he said because they don't want to lose their jobs, they don't want to see their salaries and wages go down and most importantly he said they don't want crime. lou? lou: kevin, thank you very much. kevin cork from the white house. hispanic americans are not monolithic any more than any other segment of our national
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population. our first guest tonight says congress needs to pass the u.s. mca trade deal this summer. joining us tonight, peter navarro, director of trade and industrial policy, director of the white house national trade council. peter, great to have you with us. >> good evening, lou. lou: this is a strong week for the president, for the administration, for the country on trade. the senate, mexico passing the deal overwhelming margin. justin trudeau it appears has come to his senses and understands the importance of getting this deal done. and now we have only one question, really outstanding and that is what does nps think? nancy pelosi think. what does she think, peter. >> this was a promise in between by candidate trump to renegotiate nafta. he's done his job, bringing it
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to the finish line. lighthizer is working hard on capitol hill to get this on the floor of the house and the senate. if it gets there it's going to pass overwhelmingly in a bipartisan way. and all we need to do now is get what's called the implementing legislation. and lighthizer would love to hear from anybody on capitol hill with any remaining concerns so we can get this ball running. we need to do this summer. it's a high iq. the highest iq trade deal ever done. it's strong, going to bring back manufacturing jobs. it's worst about half a million jobs. a point on the gdp growth. it all revolves around two things, a rules of origin rule with strong laborrary environmental protections to keep our jobs here not there and modernizing the agreement so we get the digital economy, services and intellectual property into the old nafta. and those three sectors, those are three sectors where we
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really have a strong competitive intcompetitive. let's get it done this summer. lou: it would be pe persuasive o the democrats and the republicans to hear the metric, how much would the trade deficit that we run with mexico and canada be reduced? >> that's going to go down substantially. there's not a member of congress that would go out to their district now and get any kind of credit for this deal. it's going to be talked about during the election and the best thing to do for these congress is to support this deal now because it's good policy. it's going to be bad politics if it gets hung up in partship. this is onpartisanship.ahave t . often the trade deals pit our
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farmers against the manufacturers. not true with this one. lou: farmer efarmers represent a small segment of the 20-plus trillion dollar economy of ours. they're going to be very disappointed that it's not a fair fight. like engaging those overwhelming numbers. i understand the importance political of farming and agriculture. but when we look at trade particularly now with chai in which we see emphasis on soybeans for crying out loud instead of highly industrial technological trade, people sort of scratch their heads at what so many three presidents permitted to create over all these years. it's stunning stuff. >> well, the china situation, i was lucky to be in orlando tuesday night for that magnificent speech. and what the president said very clearly is we're going to get a
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great deal and a fair deal with china or we're not. and the bottom line is either way we've got a strong economy, a bullish stock market. public opinion and congress on a bipartisan basis fully behind the china tariffs. and guess what, lou, the china tariffs are working beautifully. we're bringing back our jobs, our factories, the supply chain. we've raised over $15 billion. but my favorite is the fact that q1 2019 real gdp growth rate, the full point of that was due to reducing the trade deficit largely because of the china tariffs. tariffs are good. they're working. china is paying for the cost of the tariffs. lou: peter, now will never have to dpe fend tariffs. we report here nightly that they're working and working, as you put it in trumpian terms. beautifully. thank you so much. great to have you with us. new information tonight
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about the number of convicted criminal illegal immigrants traveling to the u.s. border. according to the department of homeland security, more than a thousand illegal immigrants traveling with caravans over the past nine months possessed u.s. criminal histories. hundreds of those with criminal convictions, a caravan of 8,000 arrived at the border back in december. and among them, 660 criminals convictedded in the united states. now we contacted dhs to find out what happened with those criminals. were they apprehended, were they turned over for incarceration or are they simply released as has been too often the response, caught and released into this society. we have yet, we have yet to get an answer. up next the left wing national media actually covering the political corruption of joe biden and his son.
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>> is hunter biden profiting off of his dad's work as vice president and did joe biden allow it. we're talking about millions of dollars in two countries. lou: the national left wing media actually covering a negative story about joe biden. incredible. democrats take note. also, president trump putting his instincts at the center of his 2020 reelection bid. we'll have that and much more right after this break. stay with us. ♪ play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums
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lot of faith in his core supporters in an interview with "time" magazine. president trump was asked whether he should reach time-out to swing voter. hep responded with this quote, quote, i think my base is so strong i'm not sure that i have to do that, end quote. the president's campaign manager telling the magazine that their campaign mantra is turnout, turnout and turnout. a former staffer for new hampshire democratic senator maggie hassan sentenced to four years in prison for his role in docking republicans who supported the confirmation of supreme court jus cities brett
10:18 pm
kavanaugh. the 27-year-old also worked for barbara boxer and sheila jackson lee. hack senate computers, posted the personal addresses and numbers republicans. at the sentencing u.s. court judge condemned him for putting people in harm's way in a polarized society and four years in jail ought to be instructive in that regard. joining us tonight, fox business political analyst the so van himself, ed rollins. good to see you. >> how are you? >> lou: i a want to start with ira. the president did something very interesting, talking about an avenue to a different result than simply a retaliation for this strike by the iranians. your reaction to it. >> i think it's always good to
10:19 pm
basically give them an option -- you always need to give someone an option not to go to war. they continue this kind of behavior and obviously the tap people made a decision to shoot down one of our drones, then i think it's more significant. but once we start there it's going to be a significant battle. lou: last count two pipeline understanincidents, six tankersd and one of our drones shot down. >> i basically think when we start firing i'm not for putting men on the ground but i'm certainly for using our sophisticated equipment. we've gone beyond the pail. they're going to have a lot of fire in their oil wells. lou: it's really stunning that they're being this stupid. i agree with the president. i can't imagine how stupid the iranians are to have done this. >> i totally agree. and i think that reality is, you know, we'll see in the next 24 hours what he's going to do. but i think he gave a tough
10:20 pm
message and i think he's gave the message in the right place and he said if you didn't do it, wasn't at the top level, which i assume it was, step forward and tell us. lou: hey's going to do what ? >> step forward and tell us. i think everything in that country is in the hierarchy. i think the revolutionary guard runs the place and the ie to ya iayatollahis making the decisio. lou: we're 40 years in. it's pretty clear who they are. >> no question. we were not -- i mean our drone is a sophisticated piece of equipment. it did not have to go over their space and we didn't do that and i have great confidence of that. lou: let's turn to the politics of it all. the president getting off to a -- this has been a remarkable week with the kickoff in or land do with the mexican senate ratifying the u.s. mca.
10:21 pm
this is a president who is, frankly, continuing his absolutely adroit leadership and governance of the country. >> a very clear message the other day. people saying it's a repeat of what he's been saying and what he's been saying is what she's been doing. you know if you vote for president trump r trump you're going to get xjz and more of the same. if you want to vote for the democrats, you're going back to the dark days of obama. lou: i thought you were going to say back to the talker ages. >the dark ages.>> certainly badc policies. when pascal and everybody talks about revving up the base, the base is not just republicans. a plurality of voters today are independent voters. you've got to get a third of those voter to win a presidency. lou: let's be very clear. >> trump has done that.
10:22 pm
lou: this president has outperformed with hispanics, with african-americans, with women. and when he does, as you point out directly and i think correc, his base is not an arch defying group of republicans. >> right. lou: it is really important to understand, i believe this to be the case, that he will expand his appeal to each one of those minority groups i any across all demographics. we're going to broaden his outcome. >> four years ago he beat a candidate who had nothing and he didn't have a great campaign. he now has a strong strong record to run on. and that's what he needs to do. every single thing that he' done. lou: stronger record a than any modern president tharchlts' what he needs to run on.
10:23 pm
lou: great to see you. the trial of navy s.e.a.l. edward gallagher taking an extraordinary turn. he's accused of stabbing and killing an isis prisoner of war. today special operator first class corey scott testified that he, he was in fact the man who killed the isis prisoner by asphyxiation after gag ge gallad been charged with stabbing the man. when asked why he killed the terrorist, scott replied, quote, i knew he was going to die anyway. i wanted to save him from what was going to happen next to him. end quote. amazing developments. up next, a new report says the dirty garag fraudulent steee dossier wasn't the only dirty document used by the fbi against the trump campaign. we'll have that and much more right after this quick break.
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lou: judicial watch obtaining internal e-mails that show the "the new york times" was offering advanced information to the fbi about a story concerning jared kushner. reporter michael schmitt contacted fbi assistant director for public affairs back in march of 2017 about dus curb kis the . well new reporting from the hill's john solomon placing the spotlight on more deep state corruption, solomon, who has been leading the coverage of spygate with his reporting focusing on the black cash ledger used to target paul manafort. the fbi and robert mueller's
10:29 pm
special counsel team receiving reportedly several early warnings from ukrainian officials that that block cash ledger was likely a fake. so instead of citing the ledger itself, mueller and the fbi used media reports about the ledger, some of which they helped facilitate by the way to justify going after the former trump campaign chairman. our next guest, one of the most influential investigative journalists in the country and leading, as i said, the coverage of deap state corruption in spay-gate. joining us tonight, the hills' john solomon. good to have you here. >> good to be here. thank you. lou: let's tar start with this manafort thing. sit astonishing. >> it. lou: the low-life standards of
10:30 pm
the fbi and the special counsel in pursuing manafort through the black cash ledger. >> yeah. lou: how can -- how would you characterize their conduct? >> well this is the fbi operations manual that every agent is given makes it clear. when you apply for a search warrant and submit an affidavit, you may only use evidence that you know to be factually true. and in this case they used evidence, they cited the black ledger in four search warrants in the probable cause section citing the black ledger after they had been told that it was likely false, likely fake, a fraud. ukrainian prosecutors told them that and their own research told them that. they had witnesses who told them those transactions do not match. here's the biggest reason they knew it was wrong. the ledger purported to show that paul manafort was taking money in cash under the table and in fact they had all of his bank records.
10:31 pm
he was getting everything above the table in wire transfers. they knew that document was wrong and yet they put it in the search warrant afte affidavit. lou: what is the impact of this? where does this leave manafort? because it would see that this is, at the very least, a basis to throw out charges against him. >> we'll have to see what his lawyers do. i think his lawyer is giving a speech tomorrow in california. we should keep a close eye on that. immediately there's breaking news tonight, congressman mark meadows, senior republican on the house government and oversight committee, he's preparing a referral tonight to ask the inspector general of the u.s. justice department to investigate the handling of these search warrants. and one of the articles that they soas cited was that the fbi agents working on the case assisted. they met with the ap the day before, gave hem a nod that the hftion was accurate, they
10:32 pm
published the story and then the fbi agents turn around, take the story and put it into their search warrant affidavit as an independent corroboration of their evidence. it's a pretty remarkable thing to see that complicity going on with the fbi and the justice department are using a leak that they created as efs i evidence n their own filings. lou: it's astonishing to me, even after all of this time, watching the 11 months of an fbi investigation, two and a half years almost of the special counsel investigation. the only corrupt figures that are reveal here are the investigators themselves, the prosecutors and the team of the special counsel. this is institutional just pure ignorance and political corruption. it's stunning where we are today. >> i grew up in a family of cops and it's hard for me ever to say the word dirty cop or bad cop. i have seen cops do amazing
10:33 pm
things, my father included. but in this case a small number of fbi supervisors appeared to have hijacked the process and cheated the process. that's not good for the country and question v we have to get to the bottom of it so it didn't happen again. lou: we have got to bring these people to justice. >> accountability. lou: and we still have seen -- if this is moving at all in that direction, it is moving at best a glacial speed. your thoughts. >> yeah, listen, the justice department has a hard time punishing itself own. i did a report last week, fbi agents were found shoplifting and defrauding, not a single one of them got prosecuted, got to keep their job and their retirement and pension. it's a problem for the department of justice. in the last two weeks with the special prosecute out of connecticut and the ig, there is
10:34 pm
movement going on and i have hope that they're going to get some answers and immediat mead e accountability. lou: thanks for all you're doing in assisting in that process beginning with informing the american public. we appreciate it. an update new york county clerk michael kerns promised not to issue licenses to illegal immigrants. the radical dimm governor of new york cuomo signed in the right of illegal immigrants to have those licenses. here's kerns refusing to issue the licenses and his reasoning. >> this is not only about the law, this is about security and this is about voter fraud. in new york people can register to vote and when there was discussion on the assembly and senate floor the sponsors of the bill said there are already people in new york who are voting illegally.
10:35 pm
lou: well we'd like to hear your thoughts about that and anything that we talk about here tonight. excuse me. share your comments, follow me on twitter @loudobbs, follow me on disbram. instagram. up next, more evidence robert mueller helped the radical dimms steal the 2018 midterms. that's right, steal them. victoria toensing and jo digenova join us after the break i can't tell you who i ame break or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: the washington examiner's byron york revealing a previous unknown undisclosed at least third memo from rod voazen stein. the memo outlining a third scope of robert mueller's investigation. it's dated october 20th, 2017. several months after the former special counsel's appointment. as of now its contents are secret but york says its existence proves a major, major point. >> we know in the end mueller could not establish conspiracy or coordination had taken place between trump and russia. what we know is by october of 2017 that's when he was learning that he could not establish this. lou: joining us tonight victoria toensing, former deputy assistant attorney general for the criminal division of the
10:40 pm
justice department, joe digeno digenova. great to have both of you back with us. let's start with first the byron york's reporting on a third scope memo. your reaction, victoria. >> the first memo was ill pleel because it didn't name a crime. all it named was a counter intelligence investigation. i don't know what they were going to do expect go downhill from there. it appears, according to byron, that it hads something to do with -- not carter page but roger stone. those were all process crimes. it's like they couldn't get the real crime so they're going to go out and question people and find any little difference in what they said and indict them for that so they can say they had indictments ltd you indictm. lou: your thoughts, joe. >> this points back to the beginning of this investigation
10:41 pm
with the illegitimate setting up by rod rosenstein. when history of this scandal is written, one person will be blamed and should be blamed for the entire wasting of two years of president trump's presidency, rod rosenstein was a coward. he didn't know how to tell mccabe and those people to stop fooling around and messing around with trump. he came in, found out about the hillary clinton investigation, sow how anti-trump they were and he, rosenstein caved and gave up the power of the attorney general and the deposi deputy ay general to a bunch of corrupt fbi officials. and the third scope memo is proof that he was scared to death of mccabe. lou: and following the reporting now peter swiezer who honed in on biden, his son, ukraine and
10:42 pm
the corruption, the empire of corruption that the chinese have helped to create. your thoughts about -- actually we saw a couple l of left-wing national media outlets, victoria, actually report on this. i was stunned. how about you? >> i wasn't that stunned, lou, because what happens in this town is a media like abc will take care of a politico that they're friendly with. they put out -- there's a really bad story so they're going to put out two or three bad facts and bury the really bad facts. let me tell you the background of this biden situation. lou: very quickly, please. >> hunter bide inwaen was kicket of the na navy for cocaine use d joe biden was in charge of ukraine for president trump when he didn't know squat about energy or ukraine and he was
10:43 pm
also not only a cocaine addict but a prostitute addict. and the worst thing about this is that biden threatened the president of ukraine, if you don't fire the prosecutor general who is now investigating his son, you won't get a 1 billion-dollar loan guarantee. and the u.s. ambassador helped bury the case after the prosecutor was fired. lou: and this level of corruption, you're dismissive of this couple of outlets in the left-wing media. but this is becoming a real problem, is it not, joe, for joe biden? >> i think joe biden is dead. i think his campaign is going to go on, but it's going to be a mess. not only because of joe biden's physical incapacity and his inability to function at a high level, but because he simply can't get away from the obviousness of it. and here's what's fascinating, lou. you have an obvious pay to play
10:44 pm
with the vice president and his son. whenever hunter biden is on the plane with the vice president he gets a business deal when they leave the country. that is call corruption. where were andrew mccabe and james comey and loretta lynch and sally yates and andrew wiseman. the fact that i with are is thes allowed to break the law but when you're a republican you got the grand jury thrown at you. it still hasn't changed and bill barr is going to clean it up. it has to be done because the fbi and doj remain today politically corrupt organizations. lou: and the obama era intelligence community, the fbi, the cia relying on, it turns out, three redacted reports marked as draft from crowd strike which was their
10:45 pm
investigative arm in this instance to see who had hacked the dnc. i mean this stuff gets worse by the day. >> let's really look at that, lou. remember obama's talking points, 17 intelligence agencies have confirmed that this is a russian hacking job. no. only two had. the mapping organization doesn't quite do that kind of work. only two. and guess what two they were. the ci airks ay and cia and the. mike rogers from the nsa didn't go along with it. think of this as a former prosecutor and investigator, the fbi relies on technical information from a third party that draft, redacted, and the third party is an ally of a political opponent of trump. i mean for goodness sake. lou: it gets worse and worse
10:46 pm
without question. victoria toensing, thanks so much. joe d da digenova. >> it's like old times. lou: it is like old times. this time i will get to buy dinner. appreciate it guys. welcome back. up next, the supreme court's landmark decision on whether or not a cross-shaped war memorial could stay on publicland. there it is. we'll have that and much more. pastor jeffers on this amazing day in court when we come back. day in court when we come back. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa"
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ruled that a world war i memorial in the shape of a cross can remain on public land. that's the decision. it with us a 7-2 decision, which may surprise some of you. this court 5-4 court came out 7-2 ruling that the 40-foot cross in maryland doesn't violate the first amendment. justices ginsberg and sotomayor decented. justice alito writing even though the cross is a christian symbol, destroying or defacing the cross that has stood
10:51 pm
un disturbed for nearly a century. and he could not be more right. joining us, fox business contributor and the host of the new fox nation show "pathway to victory" launches this coming monday and we're delighted to have you with us. good to see you in the studio. >> thank you for having me. lou: on any day other than friday. we usually wrap up our week, you're always welcome here every day of the week. >> thank you. lou: let's start with this decision. were you at all surprised or were you in any way concerned that this is not the way the court would rule? >> you know, the newer more conservative court over the last couple of months has made several decisions like this which is a hopeful new direction for the courtesying nalling that perhaps they're ready, lou, to put an end to these insane assaults on faith that the left
10:52 pm
has been launching against faith issues for the last 60 years. and look, i'm grateful for the decision, lou, but i have to say it's pathetic that we get excited because we're allowed to keep a acros cross on a war mem. this is insane up. the supreme court allowed and encouraged bible reading in school, prayers in school, ten commandment displays, crosses on war memorials. then in 1962 suddenly the supreme court says these things are no longer constitutional. lou: and it did begin with the supreme court. >> it did. lou: that changed everything. >> and what is it that changed? the constitution changed and nobody told us about it? no. what happened is we've allowed the atheists, the humanists to seize control of the country and pervert the first amendment into something that the founders never intended. and thank god we have a president who is going to appointed, he has already, he's
10:53 pm
going to appoint more justices who are originalists and who will interpret the law by what the constitution actually says instead of what liberals wish it said. lou: justice ginsberg saying in so ruling that the court was elevating religion above all other concerns. my question is what's wrong with that? it may be uncomfortable to some who believe this is not a you christian country, it's heritage from its founding on. but to argue this is just, to me, a bizarre and -- and what is it really all about? is it about practicing religion freely or about removing the christian faith from our society? >> look. it is an historical fact, lou, that america was created as a christian nation. the you day yo christian faith hads been the bedroom.
10:54 pm
1892 the supreme court of the united states said quote, america is a christian nation. john jay was the first chief justice of the supreme court. he said god has given us the privilege in this christian nation of choosing our leaders. and again we welcome people of all faiths and no faith in this country but you cannot separate america from its christian heritage. lou: we have seen that separation effort, as you point out, for 50 years. it's been raging. and without either a resolution or reconciliation and that's a shame. so who is going to win this fight? >> well ultimately god is going to win it. i can't tell you when he's going to win it but he ultimately is. but i thought we ought to be grateful for the turn we're seeing in our country right now. lou: as always, pass tore robert jeffers, thanks for being here. and good luck monday with your new show on fox nation, if the pathway to victory ."
10:55 pm
there it is right there. available monday, june 24th. congratulations. great to see you. >> thank you. lou: stay with us. we're coming right back. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ i come face-to-face with a lot of behinds. so i know there's a big need for new gas-x maximum strength. it relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort fast. so no one needs to know you've got gas. gas-x.
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but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. lou: it was a record-setting day on wall street after the stocks closed higher.
10:59 pm
the s & p hit a record close at 27 points at a new record high. the volume on the big board just short of 4 billion shares. where is all that talk about tariffs and tensions in the middle east? nowhere to be found. the deep state exposed. the fbi using a discredited black cash ledger to target paul manafort. the story who broke the story is john solomon. he led the spy gate reporting. he talked about the disturbing fbi actions. >> they cited the black ledger in four search warrants in the probable cause section after they had been told that it was likely false, likely fake, a
11:00 pm
proud and ukrainian prosecutors told them that and their own research told them that. they had witnesses who said thosons do not match. president trump: iran made a big mistake. the drone was in international waters. it's documented scientifically. not just words. they made a bad mistake. >> tensions escalating between the united states and iran. after we accuse that country of shooting down a massive american drone. iran's ambassador to the u.n. twroight u.n. security council saying while the


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