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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 21, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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back? >> yes.>> thank you for joining us. thank you and hope for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: good evening everybody i am david asman sitting in for lou dobbs. president trump such to ramp up interior immigration enforcement this weekend. the present directing immigrations and customs enforcement to gather up 2000 illegal immigrant families facing deportation.the attorney general, william barr, has a radical dems in the deep state on notice, the review of the russia witchhunt origins now looking into whether the intel communities assessment that russia wanted donald trump to win was politically motivated. and the president strength and
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resolve on full display. the president demonstrating real leadership by calling off air strikes against iran. u.s. military was ready to retaliate against iran for shooting down an unmanned u.s. drone but when the president was informed, there would be casualties, he called off the attack. the president in no hurry to strike back against iran as sanctions he has placed on the rogue nation are crippling the iranian economy. and the president knows he has the upper hand. for more on the president's decisive action, which under correspondent, kevin corke. >> good to be with you, david. the president said on twitter 150 people dying simply not proportionate to the downing of an unmanned surveillance drone. which of course begs to question, was a satrap from the very outset by the iranians which is to say with a simply trying to spark an attack by the u.s. in order to build support inside their country for rapidly failing regime? or were they simply you know, they've had enough. if you like the u.s. was operating with impunity and they were going to take it anymore. what of the iranians motivation
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we do know this for the president said he was this close to authorizing a strike. but when he was asked if he did give the final go-ahead, he said this. >> no. in fact, we had something ready to go subject to my approval. and they came in and they came in about and a half hour before and they said we are about ready to go. i said, >> were planes in the air? >> no, but ready to go. they would have been pretty soon. >> meanwhile, leaders at the united nations are now being briefed on the situation. >> a secretary message to all the parties involved is to avoid anything that would escalate the situation further and as he put it, to have nerves of steel. >> david, the iranians claim the drones sway into their a space before being shot down. the u.s. says it never came within 20 miles of iran. very interesting to wash away
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the iranians have in handling this at least by way of media. showing the wreckage and also the video of the missile taking off, it appears that this was not an accident like the president originally suggested. of course we will all be looking forward to with the un security council has to say as a convene on monday. we will watch carefully from the state department. for now david, back to peers. david: kevin corke, good to see you! thank you very much for joining us now with reaction to the president's resolute leadership and decision not to strike iran as well as the growing tensions in the middle east, fox business national security and foreign policy analyst, doctor -- what do you think of the call to call for strike?>> it was a decision to not have much greater escalation for that is what makes it very important. the big picture was iranians were doing many things. they were ordering their allies in yemen to send their drones, military drones into saudi arabia. they have been responsible allegedly, for the attacks against four ships in front of
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the coast of the uae and war in iraq and more in syria, we deployed so this incident that took place is not insulated, is an iranian decision as they try to do that, we come as iranians, are going to attack you and invite you to attack us back. what would that do?it would force negotiations, it cannot negotiate between our reunion and united states which is not something we are ready for because we don't want to negotiate from a position of weakness. david: we had from kevin corke's report that the arenas are trying to draw us into agree with that? >> i do agree with that because of the transfer we are deploying, they are deploying. one incident here and then you have the rules of engagement. meaning if we hit back against him what will they do the next day? hit back against us. it may be in syria, it might be iraq or yemen. we would be compelled to hit back against them and that would be a confrontation, not
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on our timing. david: i don't politics is not your thing but it was extraordinary how you say democrats were calling the president a warmonger. today, they say that he was chicken for not hitting i mean you know, it is extraordinary the double standards that are in place within the course of 24 hours. >> that's right. these are politics but remember that the same president would a successful strike against and military airport in syria under a solid response will for use of chemical weapons. >> and that was the red line in the sand. yesterday, you listen very carefully what the president was saying about the iranian attack on our drone. there was no talk of a retaliatory attack, there's no talk of a redline. in fact the president was willing to give them some space in terms of suggesting it might have been a mistake. there was a redline where as in syria where they clearly was
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syria stepped over that line and they were met with tomahawk. this is not a present that is afraid to do that. >> he made it clear had they been american killed, believe me, he would have responded with all the defense we have. but he and his team are dealing with a much bigger issue. it is not one drone. there could be many drugs if not one iranian attack it could be and i think there will be another iranian attempt against us. >> even though the europeans have been very duplicitous as they always have with regard and deals with iran because they're more interested in business than in our national security interest or the world for that matter, still, this gives the president a real leg up in terms of putting together a united coalition against iran, doesn't it? >> yes. and the first step will be as he is mentioned at the security council.
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we were the ones who have been attacked. we were the ones who said we will not counterattack. we take the case to the security council, it will really put the pressure on who this time? on the russians. and will have a much wider coalition supporting us. i think the decision not to retaliate immediately is very intelligent but at the same time we are doing many things. we are actually cutting off iran from iraq into syria and lebanon. this is the real stuff happening in those areas. david: hesays intelligence also presidential . a term they do not use much for president trump. there is another area of the world it may help us with. thus china, general jack keane spoke that point last night before we had confirmation that the strike had been called off. he had the foresight to see that possibility. let me play this so i can get your reaction. >> me think about it, you are dependent on gulf oil, japan is, country most depended on is china. >> the fact that china will continue at least in the short term to get these imports from
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iran helps us in our bargaining position with china. >> it does. the chinese know that we have the upper hand in the gulf. we just yesterday, not ordered but asked all of the services across the area to stop and everybody else stopped. so the chinese know that we can deploy.we have deployed. and that would give our president, our government a better position in the negotiations with the chinese, absolutely. david: what about our allies in the middle east? primarily israel but also saudi arabia and united arab emirates. the thing that would've happened from the rater facilities it would have blinded them to actions from saudi arabia or the united arab emirates. is that something that we should look at in the future? because frankly, i think the saudis have been more interested in attacking iran than we do. >> of course, because there have been attacked in their backyard. i been dealing with arab media since yesterday, since before
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yesterday. they were concerned how come the united states did not react. in their vision the united states should have reacted but the leadership, politicians in charge of national security understand what the white house is doing. david: presumably, they have been informed thoroughly on everything we've been doing as well. final quick question about hezbollah. the terrorist arm of the iranian regime. they going to try to get that organization in motion here? or perhaps in europe? >> we do have information. of course i mean you know that last year iranian intelligence and probably ate about hezbollah, try to attack the iranian opposition in paris. and of course now we have the case of an individual arrested whose represented as hezbollah. we have to be very careful, homeland security fbi agencies, they have to do their job to make sure iranian actors operating against us here. david: walid phares, doctor,
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thank you very much for coming in great to see you. >> thank you para. >> more trouble at the border. hundreds of thousands have made their way past agents despite being detected. the u.s. border patrol chief telling house homeland security committee quote - this high level of cutaways is a direct result of agents being reassigned away from the front line in order to provide humanitarian support to the unprecedented numbers of the individuals and families who are now in custody.coming up next, president trump sounds off against the radical dems push for impeachment. >> impeachment is very unfair thing. because nothing that i did was wrong. and if you look at the mueller report, there is no collision, this is all about collusion. >> was a major development in the trump administration crackdown on illegal
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abbott announcing today his state will deploy 1000 national guard troops to the us-mexico border. he says the troops will provide assistance, temporary holding facilities in the rio grande valley and el paso sectors. it called congress a group of -- for not addressing the
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crisis of the border. and new reports are that president trump is directed immigration and customs enforcement to sweep up illegals living in the country. raids are expected to begin sunday in 10 major cities could target up to 2000 illegal families in violation of deportation orders.i thing i.c.e. director mark morgan telling abcnews this will help deter more people from coming illegally into the united states. >> this is about maintaining integrity of the system and enforcing the rule of law. right now one of the greatest factors for families to come here is they know once they arrive in the united states they remain here untouched. >> a number of cities like new york, denver, chicago and la have said they will not be assisting i.c.e. with the raids. during now present of the national border patrol council,
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brandon judd. great to see you. what can you tell us about the preparations to follow through on the president's order? >> if you look at it, we are doing is targeting those individuals i have already had their day in court.avery had the opportunity to present their case.they were not found to have a true refugee status or a reason to be in the united states. they were ordered deported by a judge and frankly, they have not left. so they are define the law, the defined law in the first place for crossing the border illegally. now they are defying the law by ignoring a judges order. it says they do not have right to be here to be deported. these individuals have already had that chance to exhaust all of their appeals rights and they still continue to push back and ignore the laws of the united states. this is an operation that has to happen and to hear mayors like that out of chicago, saying that they will protect the refugees and immigrants, these are no longer refugees.
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they are now illegally in the united states and they should be deported. david: you talk about the law. it is ironic that some of the lawmakers are the ones that are define the laws that are in existence and not helping. is there any way they could obstruct this border process that you are trying to enforce right now? >> no, actually. that is something united states attorneys office needs to take a look at. if mayors around the country in this particular cities, if they are going to give a potential criminal head's up on when i.c.e. will be there, when they are coming and they help these individuals from authorities then yes, the absolute could be held responsible and frankly, violating the law and they should be gone after. david: thank you, some people, including the judge in massachusetts who let illegals
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that i.c.e. whereafter out her back to her are now being prosecuted. we will see what happens there. what about these getaways? 100,000 getaways since the beginning of the year. these are border agents, your brothers and sisters, border agents are so busy just dealing with the migrant camps along the border that they don't have time to do their real job and 100,000 of these people have gotten away. >> yeah, this is something we been warning about for years. we've been saying that the criminal cartels are using these potential refugees as pawns, to forcing them to cross the borders, between the ports of entry because they know that tyler burhans. when it ties up her hands oppose resources out of the field and it allows the criminal cartels to cross the dangerous persons that want to make it into united states because they know they cannot ask for refugee status. this is a very scary situation. especially knowing how many people are working their way up with these caravans or have criminal records here in the united states. they know exactly how to bypass the system because congress
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refuses to act and congress refuses to give us the proper funding that will allow us to put more of our agents into the field to properly secure the border. >> of course this endangers you folks too. it puts you more at risk than ever before because it creates a floor for the worst of the worst to come across. just to put a fine point on what you are saying, the dhs come out with a report, there was a caravan not long ago of 8000 people, of those 8000 660 had criminal convictions, that's a huge percent. of those 660 broadway, 40 were guilty of assault with a deadly weapon. these are as a president would say, bad hombres.
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>> intent across illegally to make it back in the nicest and frankly if they've already committed the crimes here in the united states before and they will defy our laws again by crossing the border illegally chances are they'll come here and commit more crimes. we have to get to the border under control priebus the safety of the citizens of the united states. frankly again, if you look at with the president of the what the united states continues to say, he wants to secure the border for the safety of the american people. it is funny that he gets torn apart for doing i.c.e. reads the same type of raids as the obama administration did.and frankly, he did not see the democrats in congress step up and say he shouldn't be doing his i.c.e. raids, is low because the president trump and the costly want to disparage him and show that he is a bad person when in reality, all he's doing is acting within the laws of the united states that they themselves passed those laws and expect our law enforcement to enforce them.
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>> very quickly, we mentioned texas governor abbott, he is planning on deploying 1000 national guard troops to help you in your 16,000 brother and sister agents along the border. is that going to help out? is that enough? >> it is absolutely going to help out. if you can send, for national guardsmen can free up one border patrol agent is one more that we can have on the line protecting the border. and with 1000 he can potentially free up a thousand border patrol agents that will be out on the line protecting this country. >> once again brandon, thank you for your service and the 16,000 of your fellow border agents. we really rely in them and we think the best of them. thank you very much. >> thank you. david: a shocking assault capture video at sky harbor airport in phoenix. tsa officers attacked by a man he rushed through a security checkpoint. he's quickly subdued and arrested. the 19-year-old now charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors salt. according to tsa officials,
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david: radical damn jerry nadler under fire today for comments made to president trump's, communications director hope hicks. ãjudiciary chairman repeatedly calling hope hicks miss lewandowski. during a closed-door hearing. hicks corrected nadler telling him if he wants the american people to take his investigation seriously, he should not act immaturely. asked about today nadler said he misspoke because he was preoccupied. more than 600 years companies have signed a letter supporting president trump's american
10:27 pm
first terrace against china pruden limited president trump titled country first, companies wrote quote - no longer should america play second fiddle to china. it is important we stand behind the united states and their agenda and put the country over political differences. america's national security and economy are at stake. we offer this letter as support for your tariffs on china. join me now former reagan white house political director and fox business political analyst, ed rollins. >> nice to be with you. david: just we thought they couldn't get any lower, very nadler calling hope hicks, who by the way, works for our parent company here, calling her miss lewandowski. i mean what is going on? >> and to say he was preoccupied. david: he did it several times! it was not just once. >> better get occupied what's in front of him she's an important witness to the janitor across the country. david: now they are insulting her. >> yes, hope hicks is not a difficult thing to remember. >> it just goes to show how
10:28 pm
completely these are turning into witch trials. let's turn to something important. what's going on with iran. the media portraying this as weakness. the president pulling back. likening it to when president obama would not step over, would not do something after syria stepped over the redline. just yesterday, not too often when they contradict themselves so quick. just to show they were calling him a warmonger. and today there calling him weak. what do you make of that? >> made sense of the president is being very deliberate. it's a very important decision how he will respond. obviously they will do other things. there are bad actors in that part of the world for a long time. to attack them last night may not have been the correct thing. he did not have congressional support and what difference does it make another day or two? maybe not to do anything. the decision is not to drinking but i promise you they have
10:29 pm
been put on morning. they will do something like this again, beware.there will be a big hole in the ground. david: i may be making too much of mainstream media they probably don't deserve all the attention but the fact that if president obama had done exactly the same thing, they would have given him another nobel peace prize. right? >> sure. i don't think anybody in that part of the world is sitting there saying, were not going to worry about trump anymore. just like president xi jinping in florida. i think if they continue bad behavior they better be prepared the united states will not tolerate it. david: okay let's switch to pure politics. joe biden did not have a good week. getting called racist by democrats in a democratic fight for the nomination, it is tough. is he really out of it? can he recover from all of this? >> i don't think -- and everett that he was a good candidate. his past performances outside
10:30 pm
of delaware prove he was not a good candidate. he had one percent of the vote when he ran for president last time. you know he got picked by obama to be the vice president does not automatically make your presidential candidate i think the real issue is trying to find a new leader not an old leader. i think he is sort of reinforcing how things work in the godel days i could sit there with the democrat racist and get along. that is not what they want to hear. they want to hear new energy and i think to a certain extent, i expect him to probably not end up being the nominee. david: you think there is a good chance, better than likely chance that he will not be the nominee?>> being a trump support i would like him to be a nominee because i think you'll be a -- candidate at this point democrats are looking for a new, young dynamic candidate.
10:31 pm
there 23 or 24. david: most of whom, the young, dynamic candidates went for the green deal. which will cost what, $90 would bankrupt the united states just by looking at a peer request will spend the next 18 months explaining how they will be able to put into effect. but i think reality is that joe biden had a very bad week. david: for all this making a lot of people look at what happens in a second term of the trump presidency. and kimberley strassel, hot in atlanta called it make america even greater. and she was start with this phase 2 of the tax cuts. focusing on individual tax cuts. >> is very important in a campaign. the one i ran for president reagan we did not have a second term agenda. it advocated we won 49 states and the key thing is we did a lot of international stuff. i would argue very strenuous the president has a record to run on, he needs to basically see what he would do in the
10:32 pm
future. david: i think it's important to quote - a little bit of the piece by kim strassel. she says america select mr. trump to trade with other presidents would not. he is a disruptive choice and his success rests and promising more positive disruption mr. trump claims to know america well which means he knows that americans are not satisfied with being great. they always want to be even greater. i think she gets it anything he gets it as well. and the american public seems to want to appear. >> i think they definitely wanted. i think he can give them what he wants for his great campaigner and he loves the crowds. they have to fix the tax plan so i think that they will have an agenda. spoon ed rollins, great to see you. have a wonderful weekend! we would like to hear your thoughts.share your comments and follow lou on twitter @lou dobbs follow him on facebook and twitter and instagram. and denying working with president trump but emails seem
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10:37 pm
findings were motivated by political opposition to mr. trump. president trump today accusing "the new york times" of providing false stories about his administration to the fbi tweeting out just revealed that the failing and desperate new york times was feeding false stories about me in those associated would be to the fbi. it shows a kind of unprecedented hatred i have been putting up with for years. with this crooked newspaper, is what they have done legal? gemina, tom fitton, president of judicial watch which uncovered the shocking email. tom, surprise, surprise! anti-trump forces in the fbi were colluding with the new york times. what do you make of it? >> the emails speak for themselves here "the new york times" is trying to defend itself they say they were just doing journalism. email to the spokesman to the justice department from a new york times reporter. describing a story that colleagues are working on about jared kushner and russia.
10:38 pm
a story that we know was planted to make donald trump look bad. and suggest nefarious activities. none of which have panned out of course. the reporter was not asking for a comment. he sent the information along. and so, you know that seemed unusual. and there is a second mo "the new york times" is willing to give the fbi leadership a head's up, a preview on a story. so you know, that is journalism i think americans would be upset about it because it looks like the media is working with the fbi on -- david: and we should mention it was not the entire fbi. obviously these are the anti-trump forces the fbi using their position to get things out that they knew the press was hungry for because the press hates donald trump from the beginning. so they knew who was a receptive audience.>> yeah and, you put in a context of
10:39 pm
illegal leaks to the new york times and the "washington post", classified information. concerning russia. the anti-trump you know this material came from the cache of documents of peter strzok and lisa paige emails. so this is further documentation also, that peter strzok and lisa paige were in the center of the russia investigation by the fbi and doj and was also involved in media relations. david: and by the way we should mention once again as congressman nunez has recently, in october 2016, christopher steele, the guy behind the trump dossier met with a deputy assistant secretary of state and he came out with information that even she, although she obviously was not pro trump said was completely false information. like there was a miami division
10:40 pm
of the russian consulate which does not exist. she passed the information onto the fbi and the fbi still went ahead and full throttle with christopher steele and using his so-called documentation which she told him was bad, for the fisa warrant. >> none of that stopped the state department from other documents we have with colluding with continuing to collude with christopher steele and sent his information along also to the top leadership of the house democratic party. and again, going back to your first story, you bet william barr nice look at that hit job i see assessment on president trump. no new president trump is going to win. i don't even know if president trump knew that. the only reason that trumps wanted him to win it was absurd. the thought hillary clinton was going to win and activity look
10:41 pm
like it was designed to put hillary clinton back on her heels as she enter the presidency. it suggests to me otherwise it was politics designed to undermine the legitimacy for president trump's election. and you can look at the i see assessment yourselves, it is publicly will see it is as much of a weak argument against donald trump as the mueller report. just, i see intelligence deep state garbage created by the obama gang. david: i wonder how much of what the attorney general is uncovering and will uncover will discredit portions of the mueller report or at least discredit his inability or unwillingness to look into what was going on. the anti-trump forces within the fbi. >> the perceived wisdom even about russian interference in election designed to help president trump cannot be taken at face value. he has got to look at everything that is everyone assumes is true. there was never collusion, it is not even clear the russians
10:42 pm
were trying to help donald trump. they may have well been trying to help hillary clinton. with no idea donald trump would win. david: i want to get your assessment on something. the president was interviewed it will be shown on sunday, meet the press. he talked about the whole push for impeachment and nancy pelosi willingness to go that way now. let me get your reaction. >> why do you think nancy pelosi has held off her impeachment process? >> i think she feels i will -- >> you think it is good? >> i think i win the election easier but you know i'm not sure that i like having it. look, i did nothing wrong. i was spied on, what they did to me was illegal. it was illegal on the other side i did nothing wrong. impeachment is a very unfair thing because nothing i did was wrong. david: i can understand the president. politically it might actually
10:43 pm
help him but it is a stain. no one wants to stay particularly if it is totally undeserved. >> that is exactly right. and the president obviously is concerned that they will continue with impeachment fight. even if they lose or even if he wins, it is an abuse of power by congress even talking about it. there is no collision, no obstruction. no case for impeachment. and nancy pelosi thinks that something sensible the other day based on my understanding. she said look, impeachment something that is obvious. there's something out there that obviously someone is to be impeached for. and the idea that the house is going to hunt around to make a case that is not for anyone else in the country, nancy pelosi is a sophisticated enough politician to know that it will not wash. david: tom fitton, great to see you, thank you very much. >> a massive fire erecting at the largest crude oil refinery on the eastern seaboard. flames and smoke filling the
10:44 pm
philadelphia air around 4:00 this morning pay look at that! this happened at the philadelphia energy solutions complex. the fire is now contained. officials say four workers suffered only minor injuries. the cause is still unknown. this marks the second fire at the 150-year-old refinery just this month. coming up next company develops in the jussie smollett case. and why he could face new charges. plus, bernie wants american taxpayers to foot the healthcare bill of millions of illegal immigrants. illegal immigrants. we will take that up all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the decision by the cook county prosecutors to dismiss all charges against actor jussie smollett. he was accused of course of lying to the police about a staged racist and homophobic attack in january. the judge suggested the county state attorney, kim foxx, mishandled the smallest case -- the jussie smollett case aftershave recruiters appeared by the way bernie sanders admitted his $32 trillion medical for airplane will cover the millions of illegal immigrants living in the united states. >> we all have to end the and create a medicare for all
10:49 pm
healthcare system that guarantees healthcare to every man, woman and child. david: absolutely. join ameena, alex vogel, ceo of the vocal group and former deputy counsel for the rnc. and liz harrington, rnc spokesperson and former washington free beacon writer. thank you for being here. first to the jussie smollett case. lady and gentlemen.forgive me. cook county state attorney kim foxx, liz, this woman is a real piece of work. what do you think happens to her? >> well, this is the case that we actually need a special prosecutor. unlike the russia hoax. but the cook county is one of the most notoriously corrupt counties in the country. and unsurprisingly it is run by democrats. but kim foxx basically in this case recused yourself in name
10:50 pm
only. which she still had a top aide making all the decision so she was still doing it. kind of reminds me of when loretto lynch, her non-recusal after she met with bill clinton on the tarmac. and said that she won't interfere in whatever the decision the prosecutors make after the scandal. they already have exonerated hillary, months before so i'm sure she relayed the information to bill. kind of reminds me of that situation there. david: alice, let me switch to iran which is again a far more important topic for we have someone tweeting something brilliant on the reaction to all of this. i should have given her credit but she tweeted if obama had called off airstrikes, the media would demand he get the nobel peace prize. such a double standard. i think the voters of this country see through that double
10:51 pm
standard. don't you? >> i do. and actually think that last 24 hours in the presence decision and really unique window that he gave the american public into this thinking, is going to prove to be very consequential for his presidency. people forget, we don't normally get that kind of insight into most presidents decision-making. and so bob woodward writes a book a few years later and here we have the president in near real-time telling america, what led to his decision process. and the fact that it was thoughtful and based on proportionality, again, the president is not focused on the near-term issue of a drone. he is focused on a long-term strategic goal keeping iran from having nuclear weapons. and so i think that actually reflects very well on the president and his performance. david: liz, he has a lot of advisors. some of whom are hawks and some are less hawkish than others. i have heard, i don't know if the story is true but there is a legendary story about the trump presidency saying that he was asked, do you go adventure
10:52 pm
advisors? he said i have a lot of advisors but they are advisors. i'm the one who takes their advice and makes a decision. so he does amalgamate the advice of all of his expert advisors. he has the best of the best from bolton to mike pompeo, these are really the top minds in the country. but ultimately, he is the one who makes the decision. that is what being president, commander-in-chief is all about. >> exactly. he is the commander-in-chief it's his decision. i think it shows he does not take that job lately. he makes a measured call and exactly right, very transparent about it. he left the american people know exactly why he made the decision he made. but absolutely he's got a great team around him as well. the president has been so tough on iran, we pull out of a terrible nuclear deal which put them on a pathway to nuclear weapons. and i love our chairwoman what she said about the media coverage. but i guess the media did not
10:53 pm
have to beg them to give obama the peace prize because he got it on day one. before he sent cash to iran. david: no joe biden. he's had a terrible week, alex. i'm wondering, the establishment is trying desperately, the old democratic party establishment, to get them to lay off of joe biden, not call him a racist or suggest he has said anything wrong. i don't think they are succeeding very well at it. do you? >> no, they are not. it's rick pitino we haven't even had the first debate yet. people think this is going to somehow pass quickly, it's not. they're just getting started and what i think the vice president is realizing that a lot of the same things he has done over the years politically to the president, republicans and others are now being used against him. and frankly, his responses challenging and also these issues highlight and really
10:54 pm
show the fragmentation and the divide politically within the democratic party. >> liz, if joe biden is defeated by the young, one of them, just take one. and not so young, bernie sanders who we heard wants to spend all of our money giving medical support, full medical care to illegal immigrants.i mean that is not going to even fly on the first day of the campaign. will it? >> exactly. we should not be surprised though from bernie sanders who wants terrorist have a say in our democracy from prison. it is not surprising american citizens are always the last on his list of who he wants to support. he wants to take 180 million americans offer private insurance and then make us all pay incredibly huge amounts of taxes to pay for this. and give it to illegal aliens. it is so out of step with the mainstream. sadly, it is the way the democratic party as they appear they are all on board with
10:55 pm
trevor, harasses open to the voting from prison idea too. david: is extraordinary! thank you both. coming up next, the trump administration prepares for a weekend of ramped up interior immigration enforcement. we wi beep goes off ] now that you have new dr. scholl's massaging gel advanced insoles with softer, bouncier gel waves, you'll move over 10% more than before. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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10:59 pm
closing lower. the dow is on pace for its best june since 1938. the nasdaq lost 20 points. the dow and s & p up over 2%. the nasdaq up 3%. a reminder to listen to lou's reports coast to coast and the say emimmediate work. the i.c.e. will begin sweeps of criminal illegals. >> they are defying the law by crossing the border, and now they are denying the law ignoring a judge's order saying they are to be deported. >> they have had every chance to
11:00 pm
exhaust their appeals rights and they still defy the law. this is an operation that has to happen. david: you can catch me every week night, 5:00 p.m. trish: president trump putting iran on notice saying the united states was indeed ready to strike iran for shooting down an american drone. but at the last moment the president called off the attack because of possible civilian casualties. president trump: we are sitting with the possible death of 150 people and i didn't like the. i didn't think it was proportionate. trish: my intel on why the president made the right move and what he need to do next. socialist and presidential hopeful b s


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