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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 24, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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[ mouth trumpet noises ] tomorrow night on show, a manly man tuesday. tim cardi, see you. lou: good evening, everybody. president trump pulling back on planned sweeps by immigration and customs enforcement, and today i talked with the acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan this evening. in a talk on the phone, he absolutely denied categorically all charges of leaking, and we take that up here tonight. the nba moves away from calling the people who own nba teams owners despite being owners. and california governor gavin newsom cries foul at the republican party's, quote,
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hyper-masculinity, end quote. what is going on? hyper-masculinity? toxic masculinity? former nfl star, businessman, author burgess owens among our guests here tonight. we'll take up that. and president trump today slapping another round of sanctions against iran, targeting the iranian supreme leader as well and other high ranking iranian military leaders. president trump standing firm to never allow iran to possess a nuclear weapon. for the latest on the president's sanctions against iran, we turn to fox chief white house correspondent john with roberts. john roberts. >> reporter: good evening. the trump administration has imposed more than 1,000 sanctions against iran since the united states pulled out of the iran nuclear deal back in 2017, but the sanctions that were announced today take the economic squeeze to a whole new level. >> we cannot ever let iran have a nuclear weapon, and it won't
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happen. >> reporter: president trump made good on his pledge to hit iran with tough new sanctions. in the oval office today, taking aim at the ayatollah khamenei. >> the supreme leader of iran is, ultimately, responsible for the hostile conduct of the regime. he's respected within his country. his office oversees the regime's most brutal instruments including the islamic revolutionary guard corps. >> reporter: some of the sanctions were already in the works. some were added after iran shot down an unmanned drone last week. president trump called off a retaliatory strike against missile and radar installation saying the loss of lives would not be proportional. sanctions, he insist, are the right way to go. >> these represent a strong and proportionate response to provocative action. >> reporter: last week president trump suggested the shootdown may have been ordered by a rogue commander and that the iranian leadership did not approve it. but in addition to khamenei, the
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treasury department also slapped sanctions on eight iranian military leaders including the head of the navy. what you've announced today would seem to indicate maybe this wasn't a mistake, it was an intentional act -- >> no, i wouldn't read anything into that. we are designating people who we believe were responsible for the chain of command whether they knew it or not. >> reporter: president trump today repeated his offer to meet meet -- >> we would love to be able to and, frankly, they might as well do it soon. >> reporter: iran's parliament didn't seem much interested in negotiation chanting, "death to america." [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: america and its allies must realize that our country would not easily surrender to their threats, and we will resist them to death. >> reporter: president trump is applying much the same strategy with iran as he did with north korean, maximum
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pressure, military threat, yet also holding out an olive branch. how it goes is up to iran. >> i look forward to day when sanctions can be finally lifted and iran can become a peaceful, prosperous and productive nation. that can go very quickly. it could be tomorrow or it could also be years from now. >> reporter: like he does so often with north korea, president trump today touted the economic promise of a reformed iran. but unlike kim jong un who wants a relationship with the united states, for the past 40 years iran's leadership hasn't shown much interest in that. lou? lou: john, thank you very much. john roberts from the white house. the u.s. defense intelligence agency, military intelligence, the war fighters, defense policymakers and force planners in the department of defense and the intelligence community itself, the agency went to work immediately following iran's attack on a u.s. drone last week. and for more on the agent i city and what it's looking into, we turn to fox news chief
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intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. >> reporter: in his first national television interview, the head of the defense intelligence agency told fox news he believes iran is likely at an inflection point but could not get into operational details. he provided immediate analysis for decision makers. options for future u.s. actions as well as the regime's likely response. even before today's new sanctions, director ashley said the regime was hurting. >> they're kind of at an inflection point now, and i think this uptick that you've seen is a reflection of them trying to change the status quo and the path they're on. i would say the pressure campaign is working, and there's hardship. the president has asked the question before, you know, is this having an impact on the iranian people, and it has an impact on the entire nation when you look at their economy. the economy's moving into recession, and they are struggling. >> reporter: on iran's threat to surpass enriched uranium
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brokeredded by the obama administration, director ashley says he appears it's designed to rein in the u.s. >> one of the things we assess is they want to figure out how they can leverage also the european nations to come back in and bring the dialogue back to floor to have those discussions. if they were to break out and start fully building out, you know, the program, it's still about a year out before they could actually get to rollout. >> reporter: china is a long-term concern adding china and russia have a transactional relationship which means they work together on a limited basis to block u.s. interests. lou: catherine, thanks very much, catherine herridge. president trump has called on radical dems to fix our broken immigration loopholes and asylum laws, but those radical dems, the rinos as well and the deep state have instead launched an all-out assault on the president's immigration agenda, his border security agenda at the expense of order and
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national security. but word from mexico tonight where lopez obrador announced 15,000 troops will be moving to the u.s. border. joining us tonight, tom fitton, president of judicial watch, that has uncovered shocking e-mails and more over the course of the past three years. tom, great to have you with us us. as we're looking at what is happening here, your decision to proceed against the state of california and to make, i think, a historic achievement in getting those voter rolls rolled back because of the questions that you asked and insisted upon answers. i want to just, first of all, congratulate you for that. >> well, thank you, lou. that was a lawsuit against the state of california, h.a. county. there are almost 1.6 million names on the rolls that california, l.a. county
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specifically, has begun the process of removing. and it wouldn't have happened without our federal lawsuit and a settlement. you know, when you have a million plus names on the rolls, people who aren't voting or are inactive, dead, people who have moved away, that's a pool of potential voter fraud opportunities for those who want to be able to steal elections. so there are 3.5 million extra names nationally on the rolls. now, thanks to this lawsuit, 1.5 million of them are going to be the removed, and cleaner elections in california and nationally as a result. lou: a cleaner election across the country. the president talking about voter fraud and the left-wing national media, you know, absolutely mocking him for doing so, and and it turns out time after time after time as we hearn more and in -- as we learn more and in part because of your organization, judicial watch's, efforts and those of other
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groups, we're seeing real results here. the president again proved right. >> yeah. you know, and it's tied to border crisis. we've got tens of millions of aliens both legally and unlawfully present, and the idea that they don't register to vote and then vote is just ludicrous. so there's a large number of aliens who are illegally voting, it's the pretty clear, numbers in texas have borne that out, numbers in pennsylvania have borne that out. and, you know, frankly, lou, the left wants to be able to steal elections when necessary. i think from the point of view of most americans every stolen vote is a civil rights violation. and i don't know about you, but one stolen vote is too many in my book. lou: no question. yeah, and what is deeply concerning is the various state agencies across the country, states' attorneys general, all sorts -- and, by the way, the republican party -- are they taking seriously enough voter,
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electoral integrity and the security of those votes? i don't think so. i haven't heard any plans for 2020. you can roll out and get all the votes out you want, but if they're not legitimate votes, what is, you know, we're not going to have a legitimate election. >> well, you know, there's virtually no voter id laws across the nation, only ten have strong the, only ten states have sufficiently strong voter id laws. there's no citizenship verification, practically speaking, in order to register to vote. the justice department every time -- look, the president's tried to have this commission, it was sued 13 times to try to figure out these election integrity issues. texas started asking questions about aliens voting, the left went crazy. there's this desperate effort to protect, desperate efforts to prevent election integrity measures from being pursued, and
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it tells you that there's something up. lou: yeah, something up, and the government accountability institute saying point-blank what's next, illegal aliens voting right after the state of new york signed into law the gift of driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. a number of states, i believe, now it stands at 12 who are doing so and the district of columbia. it is de facto citizenship because so much that is the privilege of citizenship can be secured through driver's licenses. >> well, that's right. and not only that, but it's easy to register to vote. you know, in theory the documents say only citizens can register to vote. no one checks to see if that happens or not. and once you're registered to vote, even if there's voter id because of these types of licenses you're talking about, you've got the necessary documentation in order to vote. you know, it seems to me that both republicans and democrats ought to join in making sure
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this core civil right, our right to vote, isn't being stolen by shady political types who want to be the able to steal votes and aliens both lawfully present and otherwise. legal and illegal aliens have no business voting in our federal elections. lou: tom, let me be pragmatic, if i may. it is the unlikely that you will see a bipartisan effort -- [laughter] with democratic participation since they are the ones trying to steal those vote. and as you suggested, have had historic success. it's remarkable the lengths do which the democrats have gone whether it is the theft of the 2018 election through spygate and the witch hunt, whether it is the entry across those open borders of illegal immigrants for whom they now seek and demand amnesty.
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>> the republic is under attack from all points. look at the attack on the electoral college that led to creation of our country in order to allow votes to be run up in liberal states to guarantee that only leftists are put in the presidency. someone's got to say no to this. lou: you know, and another place they need to say no -- we're over time, but i've just got to a make this very quick point as we wrap up -- bernie sanders today coming out with $1.6 trillion in gifts to, you know, forgiving tuition loans. that'd be $1.6 trillion in gift to universities and colleges that are left-wing indoctrination centers who are running up their prices at a rate somewhere around 50% above the rate of inflation. tom fitton, always great to have you with us and always great work by judicial watch. thanks so much, tom. >> you're welcome. thank you, lou. lou: up next, the radical left reaching new levels of lunacy.
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joe biden at the forefront. he doesn't believe president trump's border policies are working. did i mention mexico's sending 15,000 of its troops to their northern border with the united states to secure that border? also tonight, more on gavin newsom's comments. the california governor has a hangup about masculinity and republicans. republicans. stay with us, we're
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>> rally demonstrate joe biden calling for amnesty of millions of illegal immigrants all the way slamming president trump's america first immigration policy in a miami herald op-ed, the former vice president, the former obama vice president i believe, accused of president trump of quote badgering mexico with threat of tariffs end quote. >> what the former vice president did not mention is that president trump is the only american president to demand that mexico's government take responsibility in stopping illegal immigration across the u.s.-mexico border, including, today's announcement mr. former vice president, that mexico will send 15,000
10:19 pm
of its troops to the border with the united states to secure that border. >> how that is working? mr. biden? >> well a poll shows almost a quarter of all americans see immigration as top concern. the highest ever according to gallup, about 23% believe it is the most important problem facing the nation, that is the highest ranking gap you'll recorded on issue since it began surveying mentions of immigration back in 1993. joining me now former reg white house political director fox business political analyst leading republican strategist and great. >> ed rollins. >> one reason numbers going up president focused on it made people focus on it get to see every night on your show other shoes what a serious problem it is. you know thousands and thousands and people come across the border every day,
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basically, with no maintenance to support at the moment biden all guys complaining about treatment of these people they have 8 easier, to try and do something they did nothing. >> biden, and obama were the ones who got involved in family separation, they were roundly criticized deportations, running at you the know, it -- higher rates than under president trump, this is the usual left wing hypocrisy no one should be surprised nor should anyone expect anything of dems pelosi first response friday night calls the president asked him delay two weeks, the enforcement of immigration laws, the nor enforcement of immigration laws on those who the court orders to leave the country. and then he decides to give her two weeks, that she requested, not one week but the two weeks. and what does she do? starts talking about
10:21 pm
comprehensive immigration reform same blather same nonsense and ignorance delayed real border security and real reform of immigration laws for the past 30 years. >> i have not seen the word ever come out of her mouth that talks about skushg o-- securing borders i have known her a long time lived in first sanctuary city in the country san francisco many, many years not for border control not for basically any regulatory program to a certain extent country is realizing what a serious, serious long term problem this is. >> i would hope right now looking at complete disaster. and don't you love the cute little folks, who work in the national left wing immediate talk about 11 million illegal immigrants for left wing politicians, it is not 11 million folks most recent
10:22 pm
survey mit yale survey and study shows estimate between 22, and 30 million illegal immigrants in the united states. not 11, it was 11 in 2006 when it kennedy mccain bill propaganda on in spence spewed by left wing news outlets of the left wing corporate masters. >> she asked the president two weeks get their act together not done a singlening in the democrats will not do a thing thing to border sayings next two years they won't do it. >> gavin newsom erstwhile governor of california has not the got hang-up about republicans he said, a couple weeks ago that the republicans are going to be con signed to the dust bin of history, a third a third party was their designee designee talking ones
10:23 pm
hbo highly likely republicans will because of their xenophobia hyper masculinity end up as party party i get the -- i get the -- the fact he doesn't like republicans. but he is just getting really -- i think frenetic, in very imaginetive in use reasons why the republicans won't win. >> again, represent city of san francisco as he did got appointed to basically staffed for years lieutenant garden grove a none on the desk -- nonjob let them be point person for illegals in california that is the -- attack republicans. >> can you explain so me something i think i am pretty as in clinton fellow i don't know that i would be hyper masculine. . do you know anybody hyper masculine? >> joe frazier i knew george forman --
10:24 pm
>> pretty hyper, hyper masculine. >> i don't think that -- >> what -- >> ever accused of being hyper masculine. >> i am curious about why that would be so -- so much of a concern to her? >> well -- reality -- >> [laughter] >> i mean people decided masculinity period, is toxic, you know. >> decided we white males are toxic need to be exterminated politically or otherwise. >> i wish we had full screen one other will have the i don't language rough even by, not so hyper masculine governor newsom he said white men get ready for this ed white men, were sold a complete bill of -- it is just a yard of crap just damn sad. >> talking -- i mean, this is this is a man with some really deep thinking don't you believe? >> well, would i like to see him companion a little bit more what does that mean?
10:25 pm
>> we are born -- therefore we are bad that is the drill? we are born white therefore racist. >> i think the men thing was a problem. >> vast majority of millionaires day -- >> coming on the show later, and nfl star author scomrua gre american the anybody would know about hyper masculinity could explain it to us he is one. he played in the nfl 10 years i would have to think would qualify. >> a qualified on many things very articulate. >> great guy. >> great american. >> is it ed rollins thank you so much appreciate it. >> president trump says time for other countries to protect their own interests at sea. >> other countries. now he has been saying this for a while we are going to show you how much of a while. we have new video tonight of chicago police responding to jussie smollett hoax -- this
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lou: president trump today arguing that foreign countries should be protecting their own oil tankers in the middle east. that has a certain, well, absolute common sense ring to it, doesn't it? the president taking aim at nations like china and japan, saying they've been relying too heavily on the united states military to insure safe passage of their oil through the strait of hormuz, for example, without giving anything back. and this isn't some new idea of the president's. in fact, it is a long-held view of the president. and how far back does his thinking on this go?
10:31 pm
well, more than three decades. back in 1987 the president, soon to be president -- well, not so soon, 30 years later -- he bought a full-page ad in "the new york times," a full-page ad in "the boston globe" and "the washington post" arguing in the, quote: the world is laughing at america's politicians as we protect ships we don't own carrying oil we don't need destined for allies who won't help. you think he hasn't been thinking about this a while? chicago police tonight releasing 60 hours of video connected to the just city smolling let investigation. -- jussie smollett. this new video includes officers approaching the actor in his apartment, he was still wearing a noose around his neck after claiming he was a victim of a hate crime. police say the actor orchestrate
10:32 pm
thed that hoax to drum up publicity, and he's certainly gotten that, hasn't he? a special prosecutor has now been appointed to look at why charges were dropped by the prosecutor in the case against smollett. the prosecutor also under investigation, we might point out. joining me tonight, republican strategist, former chair of the nevada republican party amy tarkanian. amy, great to have you with us. i just, i find, you know, people want to put this president down, the left-wing media is, it's a full-time greek chorus. and here is the president for more than 30 years talking about these issues. in this instance, protecting the ships, nations not contributing and relying on the u.s. for military defense. the man has been thinking about it for 30 years, and the left-wing media wants to say that the he is impulsive and sometimes rash.
10:33 pm
the inverse seems to be the case. >> right. and you hit the nail on the head earlier in your opening when you said that, you know, he had common sense if back then, still has it today. it doesn't take a brain surgeon, it doesn't take a professional politician who's been there for 30-plus years to figure this out. it's common sense. why are we, why are we protecting other ships from other countries without any compensation at all? we are now, the united states is now the largest energy producer in the entire world. we do not need to continue going down this road, and we are not the world's police. so i think, you know, he's doing the correct thing. is and you're right as well with the meet ya, they are dub media, they are so fixated on attacking our president at every corner. i don't even think it's a full-time job as much as they probably even dream about it. it's 24 hours for them. lou: the left-wing media is filled with more mediocrities than one could count, and they're dealing with a president
10:34 pm
who is brighter than any three or four of them, in my opinion, that i've seen working in the white house press corps. i mean, i don't even know who they think they are. but one thing is clear, this is the president who's getting things done despite them, despite the radical dems, despite the rinos and despite every other possible opposition force that can be arrayed by the establishment against him. >> absolutely. and you know what i love about him the most is that he's a straight shooter. you know exactly what you're getting with this gentleman. he tells it like it is, he's filled with common sense, and he's going to do exactly what he promises, and that's something that we haven't seen, i don't think, in my lifetime. lou: do you suppose that gavin newsom, the governor of california, is giving us an insight into something on the part of the left? they see the president is perhaps too masculine? i mean, this for the second week
10:35 pm
in a row he's gone after republicans for hyper-masculinity, toxic masculinity. i think he wants the republican party to turn into a bunch of daffodils. what do you think? [laughter] >> right. well, i don't think that the governor of california, the one that's actually allowing its major cities to turn into a dump, a third world country, unfortunately, we shouldn't be taking any advice from that individual. which is very sad. i'm actually here in southern california, and it's beautiful, and i would love for everyone to be able to come and witness this beauty and live here and enjoy it. but, you know, when you've got somebody like that up at the top who is, he's living in his own bubble. lou: yep. >> and the president is very strong. i don't want a president like what we had in the past who basically held an apology tour i and who was very, very weak. lou: yeah. we saw how that worked out, and
10:36 pm
we see how the iranians are spending that money that president obama give them. >> right. lou: amy tarkanian, thanks so much. much. we're coming right back with all money managers might seem the same,
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10:40 pm
appointment of jeff sessions as attorney general the biggest mistake of his president -- presidency. sessions resigned after the 2018 midterms having recused himself from robert mueller's special counsel investigation, his witch hunt, and bringing zero, zero indictments against any members of the deep state or the radical dems who were persecuting and remain persecuting the president. well, my next guest says president trump will act to secure our border and not bow to radical dems' inaction and opposition. joining us tonight congressman matt gaetz, member of the house judiciary and armed services committees. great to see you, congressman. first of all, the news that the mexican government, president lopez obrador has ordered 15,000 of his troops to northern border, the u.s./mexico border, to take responsibility in
10:41 pm
securing that border. i think that is extraordinary, extraordinary achievement. >> well, mexico knows that the trump administration means business. and frankly, it's been past time for mexico to stop acting like a turnstile for the human traffickers rolling out of central and south america and up into the united states. what we have learned through this experience is that when the president engages his full deal-making capabilities, we can have the type of transformational change that will lead to a more secure border. lou: yeah, you know, it's his leadership at work here. and it's unprecedented leadership, it's historic leadership. we're talking two the and a half years of his -- two and a half years of his first term in office, and to think of what he's doing. this move with lopez obrador, if these two men begin working as a partners in their respective national security interests for mexico and for the united
10:42 pm
states, this is going to be, this is a tectonic achievement that will change mexico, change the united states. >> and, lou, you remember during the campaign when democrats said, oh, if donald trump is elected, we'll never be able to make a deal with mexico because he said all these things about mexico. the reality is that republicans and democrats have been trying for more than 20 years to get an agreement like this, and it took someone with the skill and deft and, i think, sensitivity to what's really going on that donald trump brought to bear to, ultimately, get us across the finish line. lou: the racists, in point of fact, are the radical dems who have chosen benign neglect of their responsibilities to help our southern neighbor achieve domination over the drug cartels, to end the cartels' influence along that border which is costing just in opiate deaths and overdoses in this country the lives of 70,000
10:43 pm
americans a year. who are these radical dems? who is nancy pelosi and charles schumer to oppose this president? >> well, and now they're actually joined by those who believe that we should stop interior enforcement of our immigration laws. lou: right. >> the latest calls from the radical left in congress would oppose deporting people who were caught, who got due process, who were deemed to have no valid asylum claim, who got a deportation order, and the radical dems think that they ought to be able to stay in our country forever with no consequence. there's no difference between the policies that they are advocating and having no borders at all. and that's why the work of interior enforcement -- getting rid of the million people in this country who have deportation orders -- is absolutely essential to preserve the rule of law and to deter illegal border crossings going forward. if people can get an order by a court that they have to be deported and they stay anyway, it makes a joke of our entire
10:44 pm
immigration system, and it will result in even more people moving from the northern triangle into the united states. when you look at the last five months alone, 1% of honduras and 1% of guatemala have moved into our country just in that short period of time. lou: and very quickly, mcaleenan, the acting secretary of dhs, accused -- the washington examiner reporting, five different sources saying that he was the source of the leak. i talked with him today -- >> i don't believe it. lou: -- he categorically denied that he was the source of those leaks. your thoughts. >> i absolutely believe acting director -- or acting secretary mcaleenan. he has done a phenomenal job in putting together these deals not only with mexico, but guatemala and honduras to stop the flow of this invasion. he had dinner with me just nights before this reporting from the washington examiner, and he was going through the specific strategies that he
10:45 pm
wanted to use to be effective. there was no person more dedicated to making interior enforcement of our immigration laws successful than acting secretary mcaleenan. i have total confidence in him, and i just don't believe these anonymous sources, lou. this town is full of this anonymous source garbage and, frankly, a lot of times it's intended to distract us from the good work being done by the trump administration. lou: congressman, appreciate it. congressman matt gates. >> thank you. hey lau up next -- lou: up next, gavin newsom's hyper-masculinity. what the heck is going on? we take it up and a lot more with former super bowl -- well, he is, he's a super bowl winner. not former, he's a former nfl not former, he's a former nfl player, but he's a super bowl ♪ i want it that way... i can't believe it. that karl brought his karaoke machine? ♪ ain't nothing but a heartache... ♪ no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of
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10:50 pm
these governors? joining me now, burgess owens, former nfl player, author of "why i stand: from freedom to killing fields of socialism." and ten-year veteran of the nfl. and it's great to see you. this is -- we've got a lot to talk about, but this gavin newsom talking about hyper-masculinity, what would you say, every professional athlete is guilty in the country who plays football, basketball, you know, i mean, what in the world does that mean to you? >> well, first of all, i want to congratulate the governor. he can afford to live in a mansion with big, high walls, and if evil does show up, he can hide behind his wife and kids until masculine men with guns show up. i am so thankful i was raised by
10:51 pm
a generation of real men that were 18, 19-year-old kids when they stormed the beaches of normandy. i watched as an adult, i watched these masculine men run into buildings that were burning, world trade center. i can only envision people like the governor running out of those buildings, running over every single woman he can find to get out. we have to understand that what defines men, real men is their willingness to give up everything, to sacrifice everything, their lives, their fortune, their fame for our country, our god and our families. and these are feminine men that are not willing to do that. so i'm thankful that i'm a masculine man, thankful to be surrounded by men who made this country great and feel the same way i do. lou: good for you, well said. and the reason i'm asking about this, i'm getting really tired, very tired of the left talking about toxic masculinity, hyper-masculinity, taking on men as if we have been, you know,
10:52 pm
the scourging of civilization, and these little daffodils, these little darlingsings who are spewing this nonsense -- darlings who are spewing in the nonsense are somehow heroic figures. they are not, in my opinion. >> well, lou, keep in mind -- and the black community would be a good prototype, the reason why during the '40s, '50s and '60s that we led our country in so many categories of success -- men committed to merge, entrepreneurship, matriculated from college -- it's because we were taught to be proud men, to lead and protect, protect womenhood, and they destroyed our families. they destroyed the concept of manhood. so understand everything they do we should go the exact opposite way to prove they don't know what it is to raise families and to raise -- to make a great country. so understand it's just who they are. it's a socialist or marxist who are against our judeo-christian
10:53 pm
values, and this is a good example of it once again. lou: and, again, i just find it, to me, incredible that there's this bias, this dismissal of the american male right now that is -- well, i guess my perspective is perhaps biased because being a man, i just, i'm tired of it. i've got two sons, two daughters, and we talk about equality the, and then the next thing being masculine is something to say, excuse me. there is a way to be masculine that doesn't fit the ogre that these left-wing daffodils keep conjuring up for public consumption. >> well, again, it's going to come down to men, first of all, being proud of who they are, recognizing that real women are looking for real men. and men, basically it comes down to we want to be visionaries, we
10:54 pm
want to be courageous, we want to be respectful. matter of fact, that's the core of who we are, we respect women, we respect our country, our flag, and we're willing to give up our lives to protect all of the above. is so realize there's no place in the history of mankind that them in anyone men have ever -- feminine men have ever done anything worthwhile, and real women are not looking for them. ladies, please, make sure you grow your boys to be real men. lou: and that's the issue, real men, real masculinity and standing up for all that is right about this country, right in your religion, in your beliefs. you know, it's just a sad way for the, for the left to continue to create dependency which requires weakness. and the truth of the matter is we've got to be strong enough as men to make sure we don't let this go any further because real
10:55 pm
men are getting hurt in this as well. >> one last point on this one -- lou: sure. >> if you wonder why the left is going nuts, going crazy, because we have a president who's a real man. lou: i think you're right. >> they don't know how to deal with that, and i tell you, they are going nuts to a point where it's become very obvious they've lost their mind. it's good for us, because it just helps our president to get reelected, and our country will be built and continue to remain great by masculine men and feminine women, and at the end of the day, that's the bottom line. that's what makes us who we are. lou: burgess, it's the always illuminating to talk to you. come back soon, we've got a whole bunch to talk about. >> thank you get ready for the insurance-themed experience of a lifetime. it's "progressive on ice." everything you love about car insurance -- the discounts... the rate comparisons... and flo in a boat.
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lou: on wall street not much happening today, stocks narrowly mixed. the dow gaining 8 points, the s&p lost 5, the nasdaq down 26. volume on the big board, 3.1 billion. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast on coast on the salem radio network. judicial watch recently settled a lawsuit requiring california to clean up its voter rolls, tom fitton says the left's push for illegal immigrants to vote is all about preserving power. and that's it for us
11:00 pm
tonight. we thank you for being with us. here tomorrow night, brandon judd, damn bruce and -- tammy bruce and dan patrick among our we thank you for being with us tonight. good night from new york. ♪ ♪ trish: tonight, the democrats have a renewed obsession with free handouts. watch. >> this proposal completely eliminates student debt in this country and ends the absurdity of sentencing an entire generation, the millennial generation, to a lifetime of debt. trish: sounds good, right? well, why these types of giveaway will only run america down the path of venezuela. i'm going to set the record straight coming up. meanwhile, president trump unveiling a new round of targeted sanctionson iran. hey -- on iran. maybe we should let o


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