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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  June 28, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and palm springs and california for four days in august. i tried to get in but i didn't get it. >> have a great weekend. both the bears starts right now. >> all eyes on japan where in a few hours president trump and president xi will meet for the much-anticipated trade deal talk. we will have a live report from the g20 summit in just a few minutes. appear first,. >> raise your hand every government would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. [cheering] >> you see that, all ten of the 2020 democrats on the debate stage last night raising their hands as a support for healthcare coverage for undocumented immigrants in the president wasting no time to respond. this is "bulls & bears" i am
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seasonally ansusan. here is what susan tweeted and all the democrats on stage, here is his response to that unison response. all democrats raise their hands for giving millions of live legal and millions on limited healthcare, how about taking care of americans first. that is the end of the race. it is true right? could the stance helped trump in 2020? >> i saw ten candidates on stage last night and you know who won, karl marx one. this is insane. candidates, when you look at blue states like new york and california, they're going through a massive housing crisis. voters in the states are saying your giving free healthcare, you
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already tried to push free college tuition, what do we get in the cell. the democrats are forgetting the american people. >> i will frame this a little bit differently, i think this whole topic is pathetic which i mean sad. it is an american value to help those in need. what we're saying, would you deny healthcare to people in your community no matter what their circumstances are who need the help would you deny it. if your answer is yes then you're not a caring person. the president is trying to frame this to help people in need or help americans first. it does not need to be framed that way. we want to help americans and those in our community that need help. >> actually it does need to be from that way. think of the chances of you going illegally into any other country in the world and going
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to hospital in saint please treat me for free. i cannot think of any country that that would happen. but even further adam, at some point you have to make financial decisions, as it stands now medicare is expected to run out of money by 2026 even if they use the most positive expectations, certainly within the next ten years or so. my question back to you we cannot even take care of the people that we have here now legally. how are we going to take care of everyone if we have a system that is broke. >> i know everybody deserves a turn. we tried passing the alternative healthcare act and republican sabotage that every chance i got. the question is if someone is dying, do you save your life or
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do you let them die because they don't have the right documents in the pocket. >> let me show you the cover of the new york post, it seems like there to be on board with the president as well. here is a graphic for you, we will get your commentary after the spring some is for flopping on policy. some who didn't believe in all the sudden on stage they raise their hands in unison. what do you think. >> first of all, we are mixing up healthcare benefits are you allowed to work into the emergency room. >> i went to a bike trip in canada between montréal and québec. and you said other countries, i got in a bike accident, all my fault, i remember being surprised that i got x-rays, it was all free, no bills. i'm not even a citizen. it is not an american mentality to offer health benefits to anybody. but we offer emergency room care like that was in america to undocumented people but we are
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not going to offer cholesterol test and go on a hundred month statin for the rest of your life and that's why obamacare did not offer that affordable care act because it's very expensive. i want to differentiate, that's what they were saying on stage that they wanted to offer health benefits which is like seeing doctors all the time and one of the key panelist was saying how were already paying for this and it's partially true but emergency room care is nowhere near as expensive as ongoing medical care that you benefits and $20000 year healthcare plan. i think most americans don't want to do that in america and in fact democrats are making a big mistake, they are strong on healthcare. republicans are weak and there's one strong area, they are throwing it in the garbage. >> i want to make sure my medicare is intact.
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>> i do not disagree with anything that you said. the issue, healthcare is a red herring. this is about immigration. did the democrats, who ever raise their hand lose the election raising their hand. no. this appeals to the president anti-illegal immigration based and that's it. >> all they're doing is solidifying their position. >> i think it's bigger than that, this is why the democrats will lose votes on it. it's not just about immigration, this is why obama did not want to go into this area, it's very expensive to offer health benefits to ten plus million people, the kind that are subsidized without additional taxes the added to pay for tho those, i think a lot of americans are a little selfish about this. they want to make sure 30 underfunded medicare and not very great benefits that are getting expensive because of a lot of people coming under the plant don't go bad because --
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very sick people are coming into this country, they don't want to give them ongoing healthcare benefits, it is selfish but that's the reality of the voter. the making a mistake. >> it's common sense, charity begins at home, people in america people pay higher premiums, people are being out of the market and then when you combine that to going one public auctiooption. we don't even do that with her education we offer free healthcare, free education, if the complete madness and it has to stop. trump will be elected in 2020. >> the other issue, building on what jonah said, it gets to the point where some people are starting to feel, many people, i bent half the country, our thinking why do we even have
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borders, why do we even have a country, why do i pay my taxes, why do i obey the laws when people can come and illegally and get the same benefits and services. >> you are all proving my point, we are falsely framing this as a healthcare conversation and it's an immigration conversation. >> this is one of the big benefits we talk about. >> if you want to get into the weeds you know those people don't get social security benefits, they do pay sales taxes wherever they are so their pain into the system and they're not taking out. >> to get a little more -- perhaps even undocumented, they often have a much higher federal sales tax system that captures money spent by even illegal people that we don't really have in place.
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>> i live in a high sales tax state which is also height illegal immigration state. >> you would have to more than double it to hit the sales tax built-in -- >> they offer these benefits in your. if these democrats want to step up and say we want to offer these european healthcare benefits to anybody whether they're a citizen or not, they need to have a plan that is not raising the capital gains. you gotta taxes people that are paying for the benefits as it's in europe and some of the other countries. to be helpful i'm happy to jump over to site of the politics. i do not think this is a good political issue for the democrats prayed. >> you made a good point that they are on the right side of the healthcare issue in this is not helping them any. i totally agree with that but i'm saying most american people, you say there selfish, i think they're compassionate.
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it sounds like bernie sanders saying we have to raise taxes to pay for it. >> we are going to go to the g20 summit in japan. a live report from the ground as president trump and xi jinping gearing up for a face-to-face on trade negotiations and that is set to start in just a few hours from now. we will bring a live report after this. ♪ hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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>> a few hours away from a major meeting for president trump and presidency. it will be at the very top of the due agenda and a few world leaders remain locked in a turf battle. let's go in japan who is at the g summit.
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>> we should know in a few hours if they can restart the trade negotiations, yesterday the two trade delegations met and try to lay the groundwork for the meeting that is happening today in to see if they can work out the trade disputes. the u.s. would like to see china put back into the deal everything that the trade representative robert lighthizer said that they deleted all the concessions. he said the deal was 90% done, they want to finish the last 10%. president trump remaining optimistic that something can be worked out. >> a lot of people are talking about and i find it very interesting, it will come out hopefully well for both countries. reporter: the chinese will present with their wants or requirement in the trachea. they say all distinctions need to be removed before they'll agree to anymore concessions. the chinese want huawei removed from the section list ideally
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within 90 days. xi jinping has been talking with other world leaders at the g8 tried to get them to stand against the united states use of tariffs worldwide. he met with josh japanese world leader and they say they are very close to finalizing the trachea. in japan china tree deal will help bolster the economy and help china hold hard like with the u.s. negotiations. >> we will be watching closely for what happened later on tonight in the face-to-face, 8:30 p.m. eastern time, meantime becker at home, the wall street journal apple could be movie production of 6000-dollar. >> pro, to the u.s. and china instead. it's the only one is about in the u.s. i think we want to be careful in turn of the trades along with
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apple. it does catch apple in the crosshairs. if a story like this comes through do you think the betrayed impact? >> i think there could be, but we have to take and the broader context. they want to know if donald trump and xi jinping will come to a great bargain at the g20. i say they are not, both sides understand in the short term all they need is a truce. donald trump went to truce because he wants the economy to keep cooking until 2020 until he gets reelected. xi jinping basically wants something similar. it's a 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic and they will have a massive display envisioning and they don't want any of that of director. in the short term will sutures but in the long term these two countries are not mnes. that will not change. >> what about the sideshow, it seems like other countries seem to benefit a lot if we don't resolve it with china.
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under russian stocks have gone up a lot because probably they're going to export more agriculture that were not exporting to china. our people looking for other beneficiaries, what is the side effects of her perpetual tier four which china. >> i think a lot of countries are trained to go to china and negotiate better deals because they know the chinese are still an expert economy. the problem for xi jinping, china exports over $500 billion of goods to the united states. we are buying more chinese goods than anybody. there is no way that the chinese and the long-term can replace our market. xi jinping knows that and i do think in the long term we will get a treaty with the chinese. i don't think it'll be anytime soon, the problem with the united states and the problem with president trump, the chinese never comply with any deal they can side with us. were in for a bumpy ride, but nobody that can replace united
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states and president xi knows that. >> i agree with you, i do think there is eventually going to be a truce and i do agree we will probably have a relationship like we did russia, their frenemy's if you will and that's the best we can hope for. you remember way back when in the medieval ages, this all started over the intellectual property theft. that seems to not even be discussed anymore, is that solvable via tariffs or trade or anything else or is it done on a company, by company basis in no country to country agreement could solve it what are your thoughts. >> i think you can have a country to country agreement, i think the united states and china will probably sign on. the problem is the chinese are going to cheat. i give you example after example, let's face it, when the
5:19 pm
chinese are investing hundreds of billions of dollars in the state owned enterprises to build 5g, a thomas car, they are revving up to take over the global economy and all these industries. it is very tempting for the individual companies themselves to cheat. even if china wanted to enforce it they will probably cheat in the companies will cheat. >> i'm scratching my head trying to figure out what do you think the terms of this truce are going to be. because of the chinese had wanted to truce they would've done a month ago instead if you believe the chopper ministration, and i do that the chinese ripped up the document and agreed but they agreed too so far. >> i think the problem, necessity is time. the time on the clock is running very short for president trump in 2020 and more for president sheet. he does not want to have an economic recession as they go into the all-important 70th anniversary. >> what will they give each other. what will they give on to come to truth. >> i don't think they will give
5:20 pm
each other anything. i think they will agree to the status quo and basically agreed to keep talking and i bet president trump will say something like we had productive conversation. >> i totally agree with you. >> i don't see much movement here. both countries know each other's exponential threats and that something you can result. >> i agree with you 100%, tariffs are a huge barrier with respect to making sure we continue our relationship, i see something else here like president trump mentioned several times you cannot implement ideal and what you ministration is trying to do, whatever they agree on is codified in chinese law. when you combine that, with president trump stance invoking the 5g and concerns, security concerns with the products that
5:21 pm
are chinese state owned and electronic companies are trying to disseminate throughout the entire world. yet the turf battle, the issue of enforcement, and security. how do you reach a deal that last 10% -- how do you rita do we have three elements on the table. >> i think only what they voice them. i go back to the wto negotiations back in 2001. united states person hard and got them into the wto, chinese prospered. they made all the speculations that they would not get a lot of support in the end of giving hundreds of billions of dollars. they have outcompeted us, if you look at huawei, they put tons of different cell phone companies out of business to build the brand. they are global powerhouse now. they can make all these deals that they want but if they don't enforce them that's a problem. >> great to have you on with us today harry.
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we have to go to break but president trump getting heat from a former president over his friendly warning to russians vladimir putin. the details are coming right next. ♪ ♪
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[inaudible conversations] >> president trump who is facing criticism for lighthearted warning that he gave to president vladimir putin at the g20s summit in japan but jimmy carter not taking interference lightly. here is what he had to say earlier. >> i think the interference quantifies, it would show trumped didn't win the election in 2016, he lost the election and he was put in office because
5:26 pm
of russians interference. on his behalf. >> to believe president trump is an illegitimate president? [laughter] based on what i just said, i cannot recite. >> while. >> there is a greater than 0 possibility that what he said is correct just based on what we know about russian interference. we will never know to what extent but we know it interfered with the election. i don't think his comments are helpful. we should not be focused on questioning trump's legitimacy, if you're against him you should be focused on getting him out of office and ever for him be focused on voting for them. the president's behavior with food is nothing short of shameful to make light of the situation and it shameful for an american president on foreign
5:27 pm
soil. >> i'm going to attack adam stroman. he is making a lighthearted joke. -- obama did the same thing, people would've been belly laughing. let's get back to the present, russian meddling, we even hearing this for years it seems, i am still scratching my head how. go out into the street adam and asked the next 1000 people that you know if they were influenced by russia for the vote for trump. i am more influenced by procter & gamble by tide and a and by russia and how i go. i don't understand how that can be. because i signed on to facebook somehow, that influence me. i still cannot get to the bottom of the. >> you're entitled to your opinion but the intelligence agencies made the point clear
5:28 pm
and mueller through his indictment that the interfered in the election. you can choose to not believe that that had any result in anybody changing their mind. it's a free country take whatever you'd like. >> that is ridiculous. >> is conclusive, they try to interfere in terms of meddling -- >> the key is the own intelligence agency said it had no impact -- >> they said they cannot find chuck -- charge the president. they did not say there is no impact. >> it was a lighthearted joke, the only thing would've been funnier if he would've said i would have more flux ability after get reelected. >> first of all compared to the last meeting, it looks like two people are not going to be at work anytime soon which is the former soviet union.
5:29 pm
if he wants to use for enemies, i think that is better, what you gonna do in front of all the other people in the pressure are you going to be mean until putin don't like you can tell the russians don't and it'll do anything anyway. if you don't want them to hack into the election yet to tell facebook and the people making the voting machines don't and make sure it's not huggable. telling the russians whether he does as a friend or joke or seriously is irrelevant, we should be friends with russians and friendly, i don't see how this is a bad situation to have a positive relationship on the surface and on the background that's where we want to tighten up the system. you said 0%, look at the hundred% chance that the president one by meddling by russia. you don't want to keep reminding everybody that because that's not what the russians would've wanted -- >> i agree with you.
5:30 pm
the president should not talk about it, if that is true then we have to fix our system internally and be strong and put up a strong phase. >> the former president should not break protocol in ridicule another president and say he's not legitimate. that's not how we operate in america. >> if i can respond to that, i agree with you and i agree with jonas and i said that at the outfit i don't think it's helpful for an ex-president to be questioning the current ones legitimacy. but preaching protocol, we have a president who breaches protocol almost every time he opens his mouth. i would not necessarily go there in the argument. >> someone who is unconventional, not from the swamp, not a politician. -- >> protocol has not gotten is anywhere with russia.
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>> i'm going to break and were going to talk about the new reports that the trump administration is looking to make a major change when it comes to capital gain taxes. could wealthy investors be the only ones to benefit here? this is reported more than 20 years ago. we will tell you who after the short break. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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you may choose any doctor that accepts medicare patients. you can even visit a specialist. with this type of plan there are no networks or referrals needed. also, a medicare supplement plan... ...goes with you when you travel anywhere in the u.s. call today for a free guide. >> the white house reportedly cutting taxes on capital gains
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before the 2020 election and critics are saying this would only benefit the rich, wealthy, the ministration saying that is not true. hillary bond joins us for more from d.c. >> they could be key to the president's reelection strategy as the white house figures out how to boost the economy heading into the 2020 election without having to get democrats on capitol hill on board. administration officials in the white house and treasury are reportedly looking at an executive order that would index capital gains to inflation but top democrats on the hill used to be fans of capital gain tax cuts and back to 1982, top democrats voted in favor of cutting taxes on inflation, 27 years ago, chuck schumer stood on the house floor and spoke in favor of indexing capital gains. >> if we really want to increase growth there are proposals that we can do.
5:36 pm
i would be for indexing all capital gains and savings and borrowing. >> nancy pelosi and bernie sanders back then also voted for the tax pass under package that had this amendment that tied capital gains to inflation and since then they have change or two. the white house wants to get the sensing so the benefits take place before he is up for reelection in november, governor has been leading the charge on this and tells me the white house could make this change within the next two months. the vice president chief of staff telling me this morning that expectations should be tempered, he says right now conversations are in the infant stages and he has not talked directly to the president about this. he does say he is in favor of indexing capital gains pray. >> hillary think is much pride this will be a cut of 10% off the top and will this benefit
5:37 pm
the wealthy customer and is a good look for executive order what you heard on to baystate last night questioning. >> first of all, i'm going to get away from the classwork, when you're dealing with changes in capital gains it's going to be just professionally hurt those with capital gains. it's very good idea that is been kicking around for a long time. to be very clear what it is, if you buy something for $100,000 and sell it today for $200,000 there would not be any tax because you did not make any money for inflation with opposed bites of the new year ago. it would help people in the long-term investment or hold hundred homeowners et cetera. it would get flipped her out of five years when democrats win again, that is a stupid way to do it. you will never get a pass because it will raise the deficit and benefit the wealthy
5:38 pm
people. the way you do it you index it to inflation and you get rid of capital gains and make it all-encompassing, which is already progressively taxed in america, it also gets rid of the loophole for carry interest which takes advantage of low couple gains. you can make it budget neutral or budget positive in it rewards people for long-term ownership and you do not pay taxes -- >> i agree that the president should not do this by executive order because all it would do is get it tied up in the supreme court and the next thing you know it will be a huge thing held over his head when trying to get reelected. in terms of linking capital gains tax to inflation is a smart idea, i think we need to broaden. as you pointed out during the break we need to link it to 401k. >> the way this needs to be positioned in marketed and branded for a real impact, the middle class tax cut. >> that is where the average person has capital.
5:39 pm
>> that's how it has to be position. that way whether passing laws and wanting to pass laws to get free benefits to illegal aliens, i want to give a middle-class tax cut in their blocking it. >> of course it should not be done by executive order because we don't do tax policy by executive order, that needs to be an act of congress. that said, i thought jonas expended very well, he made a very good case of white is a good way to do this. this is like the same thing, if the president wants to do this he can raise his hand to not get reelected at the president elizabeth warren's dream to have trump advocating and lowering capital gain taxes in 2020 pray. >> i am going to move out of the long key level and give you the emotional argument on this.
5:40 pm
what are capital gains, they are for people that make money and people that invest. these are actions that we want to reward in this country, the second thing, we know the whole point of having even raising capital gains and the whole class argument is to put more money in government. i am just the opposite way. government spends its money terribly and i want to lower capital gain taxes, i want to lower income taxes and adam you should be behind not for a guy who's magazine is named fortune. >> that is something that were taken $110 billion over the gains tax over the next ten years. some people will say is worried a bigger hole than we are here. let's talk about social media, twitter will flagging abusive
5:41 pm
tweets from political leaders but will this be used to discriminate against conservatives and against but in the white house. we will debate this after the short break.
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>> twitter is implementing a new policy to flag tweets from political figures that they say violate the code of contact, this comes after president trump told us this week that the social media site is biased against conservatives. >> totally biased for democrats, if i announce tomorrow that i'll become a nice liberal democrat i would pick up five times more followers. i was picking up 100,000 followers every few days. and all of a sudden, i am much harder now -- >> he says it's all democrats. is the president right? will this be a policy that unfairly targets him and other
5:45 pm
republicans when it comes to the court upon duct and violating the platform rules on trolling and bullying? >> no it will not unfairly target him and republicans, that is utter nonsense, by the way, twitter loves donald trump, donald trump has been very, very good to twitter. will it target him, yes. when he breaks the rules, if the shoe fits and he's a bully in a troll which he frequently is then he'll be punished. but it is not ideological. >> let me test this with you, i was asses earlier, you think if he calls somebody a loser will that be blocked? >> i don't know the rules, i wish i did. is that bullying? >> i think they have clearly defined roles and i don't know if that qualifies but i'm sure he breaks them constantly. >> i think adam started out with the no in a yes and just to be
5:46 pm
contrary, amerigo with yes, i don't know when i'm answering yes or no to. >> will impact them negatively, join the 12 trillion other people on twitter and what twitter has evolved two. this is another nail in the coffin for this once great site. now it is evolved to nothing more than a tower of babel in the new restrictions will make it less and less relevant. i ge but everybody used to check twitter ten times more per day than they do now. >> is a ideological,. >> i think it is. >> no way. >> you're entitled to your opinion. >> it's devolving, this is a beneficial to the president because it looks like the media is ganging up on him and restricting his speech which will only make people take aside, even neutral people on the middle.
5:47 pm
i think twitter is getting in hot water, if i did this quickly, if i want to tweet out that adam is a loser to buy a hundred army then i can block, but if you're somebody that has a lot of followers, and influencer then you can say whatever you want in a get to disclosure because it's important for the world to know what you have to say because you're an important person but what i have to say gets totally centered. this is going in a weird direction and i know what they're trying to do and i think they made a mistake and will benefit the president and it might ruin the whole twitter devolution if that's even a word. >> this is a way to censor the president and label him. if he has numerous tweets with all these warning labels to a person that is in the middle or the left or the right, they will say they're saying a lot of negative things. it is a way to brand the president negatively from their
5:48 pm
advantage point. that's unfortunate, who is to say it'll stop there? it could actually go to those of those of certain religious police. >> again -- >> we have to go to break. >> i need to get more twitter followers to get a warning label. >> bernie sanders, he is admitting he would raise taxes on the middle class to pay for his programs but will voters be on board with this, we will debate after the short break. the latest innovation from xfinity
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5:52 pm
administration? >> people who have healthcare will have no premiums, no deductibles, no copayments, no out of expense pockets, yes they will pay more in taxes. go you heard it, bernie sanders forced to finally admit that the middle class will pay more for his programs including free healthcare, what do you think voters will think of this. >> he tried to do the corporate two-step by not answering the question but good to the reporter for kneeling him down to get the confession. >> this is a reality, if you want to use comparisons, how you think you pay for free education, free healthcare, you taxed the middle class. >> the whole debate is going to be one of the great campaign ads
5:53 pm
by any president running for reelection. no only does have free healthcare for illegal aliens, so many different soundbites, and now you bernie sanders, a person that could win the nomination saying middle-class america and seniors we are going to raise your taxes. that is terrible. that is not a good winning proposition. >> i'm still waiting for republicans to tell us how were going to pay for tax cuts. i'm glad bernie is explaine expg how this is going to be paid for other than taxing millionaires and billionaires and wall street, that's how you pay for that. if you want to spell that out in the public is for that and like that, great. i think you have a problem at the election because the way the current system is so hidden, you will like medicare not because has monopoly power and low prices which is true, it is partially paid for it other people's tax money, people like their healthcare because the
5:54 pm
company is worth paying for, they don't see all the bills and a huge tax deduction that companies are getting the has to go away. and if you get a stick somebody with a direct tax where they're paying the new tax for the government healthcare, the magic is gone, people don't like it to disappear. that will kill the voting unfortunate. >> i am not surely for bernie but let's be honest where he was honest, your ignoring one thing he said, yes i'm going to raise people's taxes but i'm going to give them a discount over here by eliminating some of the things that they're paying for now i'm not saying it's a good idea but you're not focusing on all of what he said and that is fine because you don't want to for example. >> he said more than that. >> if you want to focus on everything that he is saying, the bigger issue, he is saying
5:55 pm
let's give the government control of one fifth of the economy, i would like him, someone to ask him, you cannot run medicare, you cannot run medicaid, you cannot run the va hospitals but sure let's give you control of all healthcare because government runs things so officially. >> that's what the government should come back with. >> at least he was honest on stage for once. let's talk about google, google looking to improve the commute experience. what they have planned and if it could actually work. with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth...
5:56 pm
are you in good hands? .. ..
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
susan: can google maps improve your commute. they will tell you how crowded a train or bus is before you actually get on. google maps could lead you down a dead end as well. do you think it will actually
5:59 pm
work? >> i love this. of course, it will work. they tell you which are the busier times to shop. i know certain people have privacy objections, but i think it's good for consumers. >> ignore the fact that there is a giant television screen tapping into everybody's phones. unless government makes more trains and buses, we have to have both side working here. >> this is going to work with adam. god bless google, but now let's have the government break them up. >> this is another opportunity for people to keep their location services on so they can collect more data.
6:00 pm
susan: why doesn't the metro system use this telling to make sure the trains run on time. a pleasure. run for that sofa. that does it for "bulls and bears." liz: the g20 in just a few hours, president trump will meet with the chinese president xi jinping. it could move the markets monday. we have a top expert who says the president is spot-on correct in the way he's dealing with china. and the president should get tougher with china with sanctions. congress signing off on a $4.6 billion border funding bill. progressive erupt in open civil war in the democrat p


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