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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 1, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> she shouldn't have signed the contract. david: there are a lot of people that aren't half as rich as she is or a quarter or a hundred who might be affected by this. liz: stocks touching record high after president trump completes a whirlwind 100 hours and puts an historic deal with china closer in reach. the president making history meeting with the leader of north korea in north korea. the crisis at the border. the protests at hong kong. all this as 2020 democrats are completely flailing. the democrats risk losing the white house because they have veered way far left and abandoned the centrist strategy that won them the house in 2018.
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"the washington post" says none of the candidates are presidential and the voters will be misinformed or not informed at all. and none of the democrats speak to the goodness and optimism of america that voters like to see. all the 2020 democrats getting yanked around by the hard left. this as frontrunner joe biden dropping in the polls. biden saying figure obamacare, then saying yes he supports giving healthcare to illegal immigrants which obamacare outlaws. even his biggest supporters are thinking the button biden should be wearing is the mute button. transnational criminal organizations coming over the
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border as even liberal media say democrats get on the stick. yoyou are in a bubble on the border crisis. we are you what's going on in portland, oregon. at least one republican senator saying a federal investigation of that city's mayor after a conservative gay journalist was beaten bloody and left with a brain injury. what's gone terribly wrong with liberal portland, and why antifa should be shut down. now to the capital. bracing for a showdown when robert mueller testifies in a couple of weeks. the former whitewater deputy independent counsel. we'll talk about which strategy will likely win with voters.
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i'm elizabeth macdonald and "the evening edit" starts right now. [♪] tomorrows soaring, ripping to record highs after a truce in the u.s.-china trade fight. gerri willis is at the big board. but we begin with edward lawrence at the white house where the president just spoke. reporter: the president is delaying new tariffs on chinese imports. he also says huawei will be allowed to buy american good and technology. president trump: i expect him to move it. if he doesn't move that's okay. but i think we have a good chance of making a deal. i think they want to make a deal. they are losing companies that are leaving because they don't want to pay the tariffs.
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some are moving back to the united states where they belong. reporter: the president at the g20 summit enjoyed the conversation with xi jinping and the chinese liked what they heard. >> the two side agree to restart the china-u.s. trade consultations and the u.s. agreed not to impose new products on chinese tariffs. no one benefits from a trade war or tariffs which cannot solve the problem at all. reporter: the additional tariffs are paused, but could be added once the report from the trade representative's office are finished. a source close to the trade talks says google has a temporary license and is working to offer all the products that they offer to google for sale. supporters of the policy say the
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president is trying to thread a needle here. >> the licenses could be granted quite quickly, i would say this week for google to provide android apps for huawei phones. but they could also been turned off again. it's the same thing for not putting the tariffs on. these are carrots to get -- to get xi jinping can back to the trade talks. li a lot of action on -- liz: a lot of action on the new york stock exchange. gerri willis is there with more. >> an old-fashioned summertime rally. the dow up 117 points at the close. the nasdaq up 85. the dow reached an intraday record high and couldn't move on largely because of boeing.
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dragging down the dow after a report the department of justice is investigating the dreamliner 787 production of that plane in south carolina. there were reports of shoddy work majship. that -- workmanship. the investigation is ongoing. the s & p hit a record. the casino stock doing better on reports that the largest game hub in chinese territory had bert than expected revenues in the month of june. it was better and all of the gaming stocks doing better this afternoon. liz: president trump getting meaningful things done. a deal with china now in sight. concessions from nato, a modified nafta, and china's president xi saying 40 years on, enormous change has taken place.
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one basic fact remains unchanged. china and the u.s. bern fit from cooperation and lose in confrontation. colonel, the president is making inroads here in areas that have not been dealt with appropriately according to wall street analysts for defend kids. your take on the president's victory. >> i want to make sure the victories are not short-term laps, but there is a marathon,ing a long-term race we have to be concerned with. we have a china with a one world strategy and domination of not just economic markets, but also they look at military domination. what are we going to do about the man made islands in the south childa sea where they put military weaponry on. what are we going to do with the
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intellectual theft of our technology. liz: the president's team is aware of all those issues, but my point is getting them to the table to tackle the issues. president trump: we had a great meeting. and we will be continuing to negotiate. and i promised that for at least the time being, we are not going to be lifting tariffs on china. we won't be adding an additional, you know, tremendous amount -- i guess we have $350 billion left which could be taxed or tariffed. and we are not doing that. we are going to work with china on where we left off to see if we can make a deal. >> you just recently met with the chinese president, xi jinping.
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president trump: i did. >> are you closer to a trade deal? president trump: i think we did. we got along very well. we understand each other. liz: that was from tucker carlson's interview which will air tonight on tucker carlson's show. colonel west, your reaction to that? >> we have to have a defined deadline and timeline for this. we don't want to see the chinese continue to drag us out thinking they have time on their side. one of their options is waiting out this president to see what's happening next november. they think long term. liz: they think in hundreds of years, we think in four years. we have news on what's happening with facebook. breaking news. emergency crews on the scene of a facebook mailing facility in menlo park, california.
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a package possibly containing the deadly sarin nerve gas. initially four buildings evacuated. at this hour three have been deemed safe. let's get on the phone with the former department assistant director of the fbi. this is concerning. this is a chemical warfare agent. your initial reaction to the news? >> i hope it's a false positive. sometimes the machines will say it's sarin and it's not. you but you have to treat it like it is. it was invented in germany. the man who invented it's was sicked and spent weeks in the hospital. i'm hoping it's a false positive but let's pray for the best. liz: fit turns out to be sarin, where would investigators start
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to look? >> it depends on dcial the intel on it, they have a good intel apparatus. shipping material. they will treat the envelope like it's evidence and look at the dna. liz: who could get their hands on sarin? >> it's hard. it what almost have to be to foreign country that has it. sarin gas was used in syria. that's what raised the controversy about the famous red line with barack obama. it's not something you cook up in your backyard. it's hard. when it was used in gentleman in the subways, some of the people who made it were affected by it. it's deadly. there are other things that are more effective. this is more of a scare tactic.
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but the fbi trains to deal with this. we have a lot of assets. and the main thing is to get people away from it. liz: next up. we have the details on how taxpayers, you may want to run for your lives from democrat states across the country. 2020 democrats trying to score political points on the president's meeting with north korean leaders. president trump: this was a special moment. this is an historic moment. the fact that we are meeting. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise.
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county rsh we developed a great relationship. if you go back 2 1/2 years and look at what was going on prior to my becoming president it was a dangerous situation for south korea, for north korea, for the world. liz: the president meeting kim jong-un at the dmz. the two deciding to restart nuclear talks. hillary vaughn is here with the
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latest. reporter: president trump says kim agreed to take back up nuclear negotiation. the president tweeting thank you to president moon of south korea for hosting the american delegation. good things can happen for all. the president says they are delegating a team to head up the restarted talks between north korea and the u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo will lead the u.s. side and the time shine could move quickly. president trump: speed is not the object. we want a comprehensive good deal. the teams will start working to see if they can do something. big stuff, pretty complicated. but not as complicated as people think. reporter: a nuclear freeze is on
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the table. but administration officials are publicly pushing back. national security advisor john bolton tweeting, i read this "new york times" story with curiosity. we have not heard of' any desire to settle for a nuclear freeze by north korea. the president saying that north korea still has not drawn down any of their nuclear power nor destroyed any of their missiles. vice president joe biden called the summit a photo-op. liz: the 2020 democrats trying to attack the president's meeting with the leader of north korea. >> i don't want it simply to be a photo opportunity. >> this is a ruthless dictator.
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the president will meet with him, but then we have no clear path and nothing comes out of it. >> we have added legitimacy to kim jong-un. it's all for show. he's raising the profile of a dictator. liz: david gergen says the visit could be view offed positively. >> i must say from a political standpoint, he scored some points today. you have to hand it to trump, he knows show biz pretty darn well and he did that. having said that, it's obviously all about symbolism and way over substance. the communications people in the white house may driewl -- may drool over it with you the national security advisors are retching over it. liz: let's bring in retired major general robert scales.
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>> i thought it was very positive. one of the things i found interesting about the democratic candidate was how wrong they got their history. they criticized the president for meeting with kim jong-un. franklin roosevelt spent years meeting personally with josef stalin, the greatest murderer of the 20th century. any time the president has an opportunity to diffuse the situation that involves nuclear weapons, he must take it. he really has no choice. i have been working the korean issue since 1976. i was there in 1994 when the president clinton tried to work out a deal that turned out disastrously over nuclear weapons. the north koreans have always
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been trying to get something for nothing. and president trump comes along and starts to pull some leverage on these guys. my view is, let's take our time. let the administration work out a deal and see how it looks a year from now when it's time to sign the document. li it should be point out that north korea has not tests an icbm since november 2017. the president said a lot of great triumph based on relationships. is that true? dictator like kim jong-un make decisions based on raw, national interests, not just because they like a president. >> if ever there is an underpinning for what will some day be known as the trump doctrine. it's economics. why is kim going to these
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incredible lengths to hang out with an american policy. the little guy i think is jealous of economic success and floght west and he want to replicate it in north korea without giving up his dictatorial power. i'll tell you what, liz. a trip to washington, d.c. by that guy i think just the optics alone will go a long way toward changing his mind. li he's about modernity. he's in love with modern ways of living. modern economy. he wants to make history becoming a legend in north korea. but his cache is his nuclear weapons. if you have a third summit they have to show proof they are denuking, correct? >> in 2019, that's all the man
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has left. i have been following north korea's conventional military capability for almost 40 years. i will tell you right now, his entire military is nothing more than a museum piece. when i first got involved in the '76-'77, the north koreans could have invade and conquered south korea. now the chip he has to play is nuclear weapons. that all he's got. he's turned off all of his neighbors. his conventional military is crap, so this is it. liz: we are following other key stories tonight. some sad news to share. los angeles angels pitcher tyler stagg passed away. police responded to a report an unconscious man in a hotel room.
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an investigation under way. skaggs is just 27 years old. the most of expensive divorce settlement in history will become official this week. we are talking about jeff bezos divorce from his wife maccane i. it will make her the 12th most of wealthy woman alive. she has pledged to give away half of her settlement to charity. two workers killed and a third injured during what is being described as a routine test. this is the stuff of nightmares for dog owners. pet dogs lost or killed when walked by dog walkers. that's being labeled -- leveled
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against the app wag. it's been accused of losing 20 dogs. alleging the company does little to no vetting of its dog walkers. wag got a $400 million investment from softbank. olivia mun' is defending the company. another dog was allegedly killed while being walked by a wag worker. ♪
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all right brad, once again i have revolutionized the songwriting process. oh, here we go. i know i can't play an instrument, but this... this is my forte. obviously, for auto insurance, we've got the wheel route. obviously. retirement, we're going with a long-term play. makes sense. pet insurance, wait, let me guess... flea flicker. yes! how'd you know? studying my playbook? yeah, actually. li president trump just tweeting
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on north korea it was great being with the chairman kim jong-un in north korea. he looked well, very healthy, and i look forward to seeing him again soon. no rush, but i am sure we'll ultimately get there. the next case, depending on where you live you may secure was new laws taking effect including even more taxes. californians watch out. >> this is not the news people want to hear right now. but i have got to start with the gas tax increases across the country. california is seeing its largest gas tax increase ever. 5.6 cents higher. ohio hasn't seen a gas tax increase in 15 years. illinois is double their gas tax. for a lot of these states it's to pay for structure projects
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within the area. what does this mean for you? should you be traveling? according to triple aaa the national gas and today, $2.72 per gallon sound lower than those who live in new york or california. but when we are heading into the weekend you can expect a lot of people to be traveling. triple aaa thinks there will be 49 mill americans traveling and even more driving on the road. it could hit 41 million people, a record for this season. but these are all expectations. since we are talking about taxes. there is a tax here in new york that has been put into effect as of today. a mansion tax. you have got a 1% tax on homes that are $1.2 million.
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then it goes up and caps at 4.15% vam you'd at $25 million or more. liz: the president signing a bill to deliver $4.6 billion in humanitarian aid to the border. the deadline now looming for ice raids to remove illegal aliens who have defied standing deportation orders. >> unless we do something pretty miraculous. but the democrats it seems to me want to have open borders. for the life of me i can't figure it out. i want people to come into our country. but the only problem is they have to come in through a process and legally.
6:33 pm
it's also unfair. you have people in line for 7, 8, 9 years and somebody walks in and welcome to the united states. honestly it's very unfair. but we'll be removing large numbers of people. people have to understand, yes, the laws -- starting in a week sometime after july 4. liz: the president accusing the democrats of wanting open borders. your reaction to all of that? >> i agree with what the president is saying. congress gets awashedded billions of dollars for the humanitarian effort. but there was no fund together scuffive side to secure the border and help our federal partners and help our local law enforcement. the end result is what scares me. this will keep happening until
6:34 pm
we find a way to secure this border. liz: liberal columnist andrew sullivan said this. the democrat candidates are in a bubble on immigration. he said asylum cases have more than tripled in five years time as the crime rate was cut in half during that period. >> here is an issue. people think the credible fear asylum claims are people looking for a better life. there is a lot of criminal behavior coming through with that. in my county, the violence from cartels just south of the border where my county is at. we had 40 cartel members and their immediate families claiming credible fear that are now on u.s. soil. there are people claiming credible fear that are not good for the way of life in america. liz: andrew sullivan also pointed out that the courts,
6:35 pm
u.s. courts have weakened the system. they decided you qualify for asylum if there is widespread crime or violence, even domestic violence. now we have this. this is why the democrat party is being heavily krim criticized the leader of that, the dnc chair is saying yes free healthcare for illegals. it's not a handout. >> democrats believe you should be able to buy into a health insurance system. reporter: obama didn't say that. >> we are in a different era. >> why is it a different era from 2009. >> i live in a community where if you are a pregnant woman and undocumented, we provide you with access to healthcare because we've believe having good prove natal care is an essential healthcare issue and essential issue much economics
6:36 pm
fan essential issue of morality. liz: here is the problem. even a majority of cnn voters who were polled say wrong, we don't want this. doctors we have spoke to. surgeons and nurses said $19 billion a year is provided to illegal aliens free healthcare. the system is overwhelmed. i spoke top a brain surgeon in florida. she is dealing with machete attacks to the head, doing those surgeries for free. this is where the democratic party has flown off the cliff. >> look at the structure. our medical structure in this country. it's totally going to collapse. we have thousands of veterans in this country that can't with get medical help, medical care. we take care of our veterans and children. that's when we can start sharing
6:37 pm
it. right now we don't take care of our veterans. liz: and we have a lot of poor people in this country. coming up, extreme radical left violence from terrorists on the streets of portland. we are talking antifa. they assaulted a gay conservative journalist. he suffered a brain as -- a bra. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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liz: today marks the longest economic boom in u.s. history. it's an expansion that helped put 22 million people back to work. plus the jobs number for june due out friday. it's look at 160,000 jobs added. how do democrats sell their big government fixes for an economy
6:42 pm
that is doing well? here is what the democrats are doing. they are either going to avoid the subject, convince you the economy is bad, make up their own facts or convince you that every great idea only comes from government. watch this. >> this president walks around talking about and flowght his great economy. how are you measuring this greatness of this economy of yours? and he talks about the stock market. that's fine if you own stock. >> i see every single day this economy is not work for average americans. >> i think of it this way. who is this economy really working for? it's doing great for thinner and thinner slice at the top. it's feeling great for giant drug companies. it's not doing great for people trying to get a prescription filled. liz: the 2020 democrats failed
6:43 pm
to make the case that bigger government raises people's incomes. it doesn't. it raises taxes for their policies. >> we have seen this before. in 1984 walter mondale ran a campaign during the economic growth of reagan and their campaign was this is a bicoastal recovery. only a few people are recovering and all of middle america is suffering. in point of fact you saw wage increases, 4 million jobs created in one year. and with job creation, higher wages and the economy doing well, and you see this from business and individual. optimism about the future. the democrats are saying who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes, your own paycheck. your own job. this is a tough sell.
6:44 pm
and mondale carried one state. li the near unanimous verdict from the media the democrats moved so far left they could lose to trump next year. "the washington post," i am left with the feeling that the campaign may leave us especially ill-informed. the number they used about income income inequality leaves out social security and medicaid and medicare. >> this has been a weak series
6:45 pm
of proposals. they act as though money came from tree. and they are jeff going to spend it without talking about where they ray it. they say in a throwaway line we are going to repeal the republican trump tax cuts. that means every american can look at their tax returns from '18 and '18 and calculate, how much it would cost them. average $2,000 saved because of republican tax cuts. li the american voter once aspirational optimistic policy. that's what the voter is looking for. the big point the next campaign when they are raising their hand to the radical far-left idea, that will stick out when the campaign is full throttle. mass antifa rioters are wearing
6:46 pm
masks. they attacked a gay conservative journalist who covers antifa violence. a big senator in d.c. is demanding a federal investigation of the portland mayor for his inept handling of all this.
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li a shocking violent attack in portland, oregon. it started when antifa showed up and ended with a conservative gay journalist who was left with a brain injury. let's bring in kelsey from the heritage foundation. antifa's stated purpose is physical confrontation. portland authorities need to shut this down. it could have ended worse. >> and it ended pretty bad for this gay conservative journalist. this is organized premeditated political violence. how fast we tushed from sarah
6:51 pm
huckabee sanders being denied from a restaurant to the left being refused service. now when it's a conservative journalist's life on the line, they don't seem to care. >> there were a lot of different activists saying why are you in riot gear, we don't see a riot. there is a belief that the police actively support this kind of violence. >> i have watched antifa in the streets protesting. there are aspects of them that are true to a cause. that is a good cause. social justice or whatever they want in that contest. liz: the anti-defamation league says they quote seek physical confrontation. 13 states outlaw wearing masks to protest.
6:52 pm
that should be the law nationwide. >> there are laws nationwide that bar you from covering your face to commit crimes and take away the civil rights of others. that's why the justice department can and should look into this. if this were a liberal journalist this would be a bigger story. but how do we begin to have a conversation with civility in this country when we have journalists facing violence from an organization that we know inherently seeks violence and has been found to do that. li portland, you stand. liz: portland, you stand up. you left this journalist with a brain injury. i know three suspects are under arrest. not good enough, kelsey. people have been physically attacked by antifa, shut it down. >> the liberal mayor has to be.
6:53 pm
>> the police said they were told to stand down in some manner. li the republican strategy to take on robert mueller. your car insurance,mizes so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed, now $1299. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends sunday.
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brush like a pro. let's roll. (father) wait, what's that? a hawk feather? that's right baby. (daughter) his job is important. (father) but this is what matters most. elizabeth: former special count robert mueller to testify bev
6:57 pm
house judiciary and intelligence committees on july 17, republicans ready to zero in on deep state and robert mueller's handling of anti-trump bias exhibited by strzok and page. we bring in former whitewater deputy, sal weisenberg. will that work? >> i don't think it will, if they engage in that kind of demagoguery, i don't think it will work for mueller, it could backfire. it is not necessary, if they bone up on what the report says some, already have, they can score good points in a very muted way. for example, the mueller report really does exonerate trump administration from any conspiracia -- allegations, they should focus on that volume two
6:58 pm
has a lot of weaknesses in mueller's legal analysis, there are a lot of weak points about why did you look at this, why didn't you look at that. they should do that, if they come on gang busters it will not work with mueller, he is not going to get defensive. he will just tell it like it is. elizabeth: what are weaknesses you saw in volume 2? >> what about this? your charter is to investigate or you -- your charter became to investigate obstruction of the investigation, the investigation started before mueller took it over. why did mueller's people never look at the obstruction by people who brought the original allegations? why did they not look at how valid the original allegations were? i'm talking about steel
6:59 pm
memorandum for example. i wrote a column early on, saying there no need for a special counsel to look at steel dossier, because that is within mule are's bailiwick. he could look at that, he will, but they didn't, he never looked that is a vulnerable area. elizabeth: and fisa court abuses right? >> it has to be related on the investigations yes, it you is we late it. why did you even look at that? why are you talking about, another example millenium falconmonth -- michaelcohen, hee credibility, we know that now. would have to look at his credibility that is shot. that is just two of many that i can think of. elizabeth: understood, i am so sorry we ran out of time, we would like to have you back on to go deeper, thank you come back soon. >> sure.
7:00 pm
elizabeth: thank you for having us in your home, thank you for watching, lou dobbs is next here on fox business network, have a good evening. lou: good evening president trump back in the white house after his triumphant g20 summit in japan. trump and xi jinping set the next spai phase of u.s., china e talks in motion, mr. trump's historic meeting with kim jong-un in north korea. of leadership, the courage and judgment to do. to meet with kim jong-un on kim's side of the korean dmz . and the national left wing media cohorts refuse to give


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