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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 1, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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kennedy begins next. kennedy: she could challenge spanxs, she just has to call it skanks, thank you. we have a lot more on those stories later, first up, take this president making history yesterday by crossing a different border, the first american president to step foot on north korean soil during a previously unplanned meeting with kim jong-un at the dmz, meeting marks pair's third sit down. came after the president -- extended an envyin invitation on twitter, president saying, a lot
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of progress was made, and thanks lil' kim for not standing him up. >> chairman kim, i put out the social media notification. if he didn't show up, the press would make me look bad. you made us both look good, i appreciate it. kennedy: then he gave him a giant wheel of swiss cheese and the world was safer. president telling reporters that two sides agreed to resume nuclear talks, some say it was nothing more than a photo op. >> i have no problem with him sitting down with kim jong-un in north korea or any place else. but i don't want it to be a photo opportunity. kennedy: oh, bernie, what else would you do? wave your hands. did the president's big weekend lead on a big deal or just a big show, look at this, panel is with me live in los angeles, former george h.w. bush speech
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writer, and atlas society ceo jennejenniferious grossman. and giano caldwell, beloved angeleno, leslie marshall. >> huzzah. kennedy: i like at this some blow back that president is getting, i give him a hard time on tariffs and foreign policies some other impulsive things he says and does. here i have appreciated everything he has done in the north korea sphere, i look at this, i think every time he has a sit down, st hell it is a hell of a lot better than strategic patience? >> i agree. in terms of results, time will tell, i think when you have adversarial parties it is harder
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to demonize someone if you don't have a personal connection. kennedy: it is tough because we all want to take north korea to task same way we want to with saudi arabia. and turkey. and even russia. and call them and china, call them on their human rights abuses. have you too get them to the table first, this is our third trip to the table. >> very true. kennedy: when do we see success? >> i think one can argue, we're seeing a level of success by getting them to table had. and keep in mind that president trump is a unconventional president. we can't expect the same policy of prescriptions that have been employed in the past to work here, he -- before he was sworn in as president, obama administration told him this would be his most serious foreign policy issue. and he was right, they were
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right. kennedy: the democratic debate the other night, north korea was not at the top of podium when candidates were asked greatest geopolitical threat was. of course,. donald trump himself. >> truthfully speaking, it is less severe, we have been able to get them to the table and have these discussions. a lot of times especiall esspecr the obama administration we largely ignored it. but donald trump said while realize fi an fire and fury, tht brought them to the table. >> there were books and fire and feuery and hell on earth. almost like meth. they give you a try, you get hooked. that happened with kim jong-un, he lasts part of being part of international community, he wants to be a a k-pop star, bute
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can't do that when they are hamstrung by the sanctions, is this working. >> no. i'm a democrat, i am not a trump supporter. but this is left and right, we don't want to see north korea have nuke har web l.a. weapons but they do. kennedy: how do you denuclearize them. >> to me, nobody is asking him, what would it take for you to feel secure enough you don't need them. kennedy: he said get rid of sanctions first. he has been asked. >> we're not demilitarizing the entire peninsula, in addition he does not have term limits, his death is his term limit. they have obstacles with north korea, you just conditio you ca.
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>> i will give president credit, you have to take a different approach to this problem. you know, i look at this, i think to myself, whenever there are these sort of watershed moments, what would hillary have done in i don't think that hillary would have gotten us to this point. i don't think she would have effectively used insults or sat down with him, it bowl be a woue a strategy of strategic patience. that got us nothing. >> i would say, even if you agree with the premise it was a photo op, better photo op for trump than kim, look at those 30 seconds, body language, he waited for kim to extend his hand first, gave him a pat on shoulder, did over hand grip, pointed across border, stepped across, pointed on -- gave him another pat. kennedy: i think he is appealing
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to his ego. you know -- >> to a degree. kennedy: failed, i don't think we can say it is brilliant, or it is failed. there is so much out standing that we really don't know the end result. >> i'm not saying it failed, i will say i will go to vegas knowing north korea's history, not just this leader but now a third generation of this family leadership. that this will not change. >> i think kim jong-un thinks something about president trump is a mad man, he does not know what he is going to do, most presidents have used same conventional wisdom this president has not. kennedy: it has been unconventional, and kim jong-un knows he has a golden toilet. he said i want to hang with a guy with a golden toilet. >> i have not seen change in behavior. >> year in los angeles, california, about two years ago
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people thought there would be a long range missile sent here. kennedy: absolutely, i have talked to people in hawaii and guam, i do it all was time. president may have owned headlines with his my stake huddle this weekend, but unclear if this will help him on democrat in 2020 raising particulars with china in north korea. could backfire should president fail to make a deal either on trader denik denuclearization. to hear democrats tell it, he should not be meeting with kim jong-un at all. >> what happened here is that this president has raised the profile of a dictator. kennedy: old julian, hardly alone in giving president the business end of his arm, here is tim ryan, he decided to go dumb or go home. >> talk about historic moments,
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historic him going to north korea like claim bar lan -- chamberlin to talk to hitler. kennedy: because when in doubt, invoke hitler. president is being criticized by every serious candidate and also beto. is he just being naughty by nature? leslie, we start with you, beto orourke saying he would continue diplomacy contingent on progress, i don't know what that means. i don't think that beto o'rourke is a master negotiator who could layout terms and talk tough and bring kim jong-un somehow closer to denuclearization. >> i agree with you on that, that is why she no is he is not. what we're seeing in debate, some people work well with
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competitors on stage, and some work well with themselves and an audience. kennedy: talk about night one a little bit last thursday. but he was attacked by de blasio and castro. both. they went after him, they know he is vulnerable they have to cull the herd, klobuchar, we heard history, nothing comes of it, is she on to something. >> no. kennedy: is she on dope. >> it could be right, a dopey idea how about that. i have seen -- >> let's go for her hair. >> i would not say crack. i am from chicago. anyway. >> crack is whack. >> it is whack. truthfully speaking, you talk about debates, i saw there was a lot of -- in talking points, we're missing people willing to
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have a lot of discussion about issues at hand that truly impact our country, that is why they are having a problematic -- >> are you okay leslie. >> i'm fine, i'm not loving when you say. kennedy: there was a lot of exasperation on democrat side afternoon the debate, other than kamala moment there were not many big defining moments, bill mahr asked them to get out of the race, there seems to be an embarrassing vanity project for a bunch of ordinary establishment politicians. >> so far, i'm seeing two main themes, that seem too be arising from democratic primary debate, one is envy, one is greed, they love to attack the rich, and blame the 1% and go after greed, but true greed is the desire for
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the unearned, that is what they are pandering to. kennedy: a very good point. i think -- i think a lot of it is driven by envy. and you know, jealousy that someone else has someone great, you have to demonize that to level the player feel, the -- playing field, the quest for equality will never bring you freedom. >> but request for freedom will brick yobring, uquality. >> yeah but i'm still going to get a billionaire's money to run my campaign, you can't have to both ways, leslie loves what i'm saying. >> not at all. >> i'm getting good vibes. kennedy: first up, president trump today saying iran is playing with fire by choking the bear. is it working? i'll ask cato institute john glazing next. ♪
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that's xfi advantage. make your xfi even better. upgrade today. call, click or visit a store. kennedy: tough talk from tehran after the iranian government announced they have amassed more low-enriched uranium.
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president trump chimed in today. >> they know what they are doing, they know what they are playing with. i think they are playing with fire, no message to iran. kennedy: i am ignoring you. making waves on world stage. official in france, britain and germany, with a diplomatic response. white house said it will continue to wage a maximum pressure campaign until officials in iran alter their course of behavior, are they working or time to ask bartender for something stronger? joining me, coauthor of upcoming book "fuel to the fire" john imlaizeglazer is here, thank yo. >> thank you. kennedy: what is fueling iran's
9:18 pm
most recent tantrum. >> no should be too surprised that iran has chosen to exceed the limit on the uranium stock pile, trump administration has been using economic warfare and threats of military action as punishment for iran's fuel full compliance with one of the most robust, rigorous agreement negotiated, they made big sacrifices in roll back nuclear program, in return trump backed out of deal, and denied iran benefit they were supposed to get as a result of complying. kennedy: why the negotiation was upside down, they got so much on the front end as opposed to after verifiability and international inspections could take place, particularly the spontaneous variety which are so critical for a nuclear power
9:19 pm
regime like this. and -- >> i'm. kennedy: my question is -- >> i'm not sure what you mean by ththe 41 end. kennedy: a lot of money up front. >> this cash is part of a deal from 1979, they tried to purchase weapons, we did not give them money. kennedy: i understand that was a technicality used for rationalization. when you talk about 150 billion that was accessible to them to fund organizations like hezbollah, okay, i am telling you this, i don't think that nuclear deal of good, and i don't think that sanctions do a lot, i think they end up hurting the people that they aim to help. and so, authority tearian regimes will somehow find ways to the black market and other bad actors to get what they need, which is usually guns to
9:20 pm
suppress the people who are starving. >> yes, the approach we've taken with sanctions made the iranian people suffer, empowered and enriched worst leaders in iran. that is true. trump administration expectation that harsh sanctions will lead to the iranian people revolts again the government goes against every bit of history we have about this. kennedy: that is something to ask you. it goes to hawks who support this administration and other republican administrations, how do you -- expect them to rise up when they are not eating? they are not strong enough, because of starvin starvation. i don't think the tipping point -- i don't understand the tipping point, i have yet to
9:21 pm
agree with someone to say that sanctions are working. >> they are working in sense they are harming the iranian economy big time, making people suffer. but they are not working in changes the government policy. so maximum pressure, own diplomacy got iran to give up 98% of its stock pile of enriched uranium. kennedy: how too we know that? that is mik is -- like michel me says that everyone in cuba has great health care, they are just going to tell you that. >> i'm sorry. they have done more than one inspection per day since the iranian deal was signed in 2015. they are in there all of the time, they publish assessments of extent to which iran is complying with deal, until today, they have complied fully, they comply with deal, they got rid of material, every bit of the program has been watched,
9:22 pm
now they drake break is and violate it. kennedy: they bought every child a puppy and a magical unicorn that members of hizbollah flew away on to cloud kookoracle landooland,they don't exist eiti believe a lot of your statemens are naive. if you want to make that argument with more factual basis i would be all ears john glazer thank you very much. >> to we have a second. >> go ahead. >> one second. >> too late. i heard someone swear in my ear. >> coming up critics slamming kamala harris. now him again, i don't know what to do. joe biden, she and joe biden fought it was great. big attack lines, i kno i -- i o
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not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ succulent. kennedy: first democrat debates are history, it appears joe biden's candidacy might be as well, it boiled down to a few critical moments when an opponent has wherewithal to strike when an opponent is wounded, joe biden hurt himself. he praised to avow segregationist senators, he cut himself, just one razor tucked in a sleeve. >> it was hurtful to hear you talk about the representation of two united states senators who built their representations and
9:28 pm
career on segregation of race in this country. and it was not only that, but you also worked with them to oppose busing. and you know there was a little girl in california, who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools, she was bussed to schools every day. and that girl was me. kennedy: oh, joe, you were no jack kennedy. all right, i'm sorry, joe, have you been bouncing around on a load of bull long enough this rodeo to know, that i is fair game, you opened yourself up like an amateur, right cord, right words at right moment, knocked grandpa out of his slippers on on to his ass. >> we know that 30 seconds to 60 seconds on a campaign debate exchange can't do justice to a
9:29 pm
lifetime commitment to civil rights, i want to be clear about my record and position on racial justice, including busing, i never opposed volunteer busing. kennedy: frankly my deer, no one gives a damn. does this mean kamala is right about rule of an expandsive federal government? nope. just means despite grumbling and protests she waited for the right moment are in biden to let down his guard, and let loose at right cross, given her a boost in polls, and in fund raising, if they both continue to have these moments, their placing on leader board will soon flip, they are traditional tactics, they will become meaningless once one of them meeting president trump, that is when it gets really interesting.
9:30 pm
they don't land the same on a loose canon. kamala has surged in postdebate polls, joe biden has started to electric slide. is sleepy joe's campaign about to take a dirt nap? joining me now, to discuss real clear politics tom bev in, welcome back. >> heeback. >> hi. kennedy: tell me, whether or not has done enough damage control, if kamala harris has successfully championed herself in the wake of that moment. >> she has. the 3 polls that come out in the just post debate have showed her more than doubling her support, she has jumped to 10%, she was around 5% before. and biden has lost about that same amount. he is on the slide.
9:31 pm
question is whether he is able to turn that or not, joe biden was i think for most people who were looking at this race saw joe biden was the guy with big name i.d., democrats with fond memories of him, but he was marily a place -- nearly a place holier, what democrats saw, a guy who was old, rambling and stumbling, his response to kamala was inaproip yeah, the foao proip yeah,a-- inappropriay time is up, i am sorry. kennedy: he has not been able to anticipate the arrows, can he turn this and how?
9:32 pm
>> well, we'll see, i am not sure he will be able to turn it, you are seeing the voters now moving in other directions, looking at different candidates they get to know, and he still has, cnn poll showed him dropping 10 points from a month ago, he still has 40% still think he has best chance of beating donald trump in a general election. but it is waning, other democrats are stepping up. kennedy: that is my question. does that slowly start to erode? if he has more moments lea like this, on the stump or debates? all it takes is just a few of these, it is easy for his his opponents, republicans and democrats to string those together to make the case he
9:33 pm
does not have fortitude and clarity you need to become president. >> this is how joe biden operates, he is on a gaffe mission. no one thinks we would have three days weeks or months without another ep cit episode e this, they add 4u up overtime. kennedy: i think you are right about kamala harris, a lot of people are paying attention, still a great deal of tire kicking. a lot of democrats have not settled on their candidate, they need a franken-candidate, like pete buttigieg heft, and joe biden name recognition, and kamala prosecutorial spark. there is no one person who offers that, who is closest?
9:34 pm
>> i think kamala harris, she was criticized for being aggressive, we saw some blow back for her. but -- kennedy: is that enough? is that argument going to stick? >> i don't think so. she received far more praise than she received criticism for, that. kamala harris, we've that is her style, he will sta she will stae front, she will not wait for you to turn and stab you in the back. that is her style, but the question is, if that continues and her aggressive style whether that wears well over 18 month campaign, but see earned cred wit voters as someone who would stand up and fight, that i want to see that happen with donald trump on main stage in fall. kennedy: yeah, they are getting fireworks. tom bevon thank you. >> you bet. kennedy: president trump today signing a 4.6 billion dollar aid package to help with surge of
9:35 pm
migrants at our southern border, never mind those canadians, most money goes toward improving conditions that the migrant children face after the trek. aafter this moment. watch. >> raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. kennedy: yea, free money, every candidate on stage, committed to providing health care to everyone illegal immigrant in america. president trump reacting by declaring it the end of the race. did that cause them to give away the election. the panel is back. leslie, you are one of more rational democrats that i am fortunate enough to talk on a regular basis. >> that would work for a primary. you saw people raise their hands and like joe biden raise his
9:36 pm
hand slowly and low compared to others, they know, they are fighting against each other. >> you want we see democrat, move to the center in general election, i think we'll see that however, we are paying for undocumented workers healthcare, when they walk into an emergency room. emergency room by federal -- >> so, right now, right all right now bernie sanders med car for all that will cover dental, vision, rehab, maternity all other he'l health care absent, r nose jobs, if you cover those why not canadians you have to. >> that will be challenged. >> we have talked about this medicare for all, is not a good idea, because medicare. kennedy: none is a good idea. >> mi medicare program on its o,
9:37 pm
however -- >> like providing a insurance for ern in this country note not under guys of medicare for all. kennedy: you realize you are also covering everyone in every other country, john. >> i grew up poor south side of chicago, i hear these elected officials continue to talk about taking care of people from other countries, that is disturbing to me. we're here in california have 200 billion budget, state budget, one third is health care, starting january 1st, 2020 they allow illegal immigrant to age of 26 to be on healthcare, having us pay more money who we're tacke tacked en. kennedy: that is why texas is under thissinunder this is turn. >> they know what they are doing they no longer rely on the black vote, they feel 2020 there will
9:38 pm
be first time, immigrants will be big of minority in this country voting. now they try to appease the groups, versus provide real policy solutionse solutions for those individuals here or born here. kennedy: i would love so see someone cut spending, no one does that. >> they are not cutting spending. if we just continue to have debate about policy, history, math. i was sad to see democrat moving party so far to lift -- left, i am happy this is providing to us have conversations we need, talk about fairness, and justice, is it fair to demonize most successful to take from one group and redistribute it. kennedy: no. bureaucracy -- >> in los angeles. kennedy: they are horrible at taking money moving this somewhere else.
9:39 pm
it never gets where it is meant to go, you hurt the very bottom. it destroys lives for those most in need. >> it destroys national character,. kennedy: is that is right. thank you so much. what a night. coming up house democrats are anticipate robert mueller's testimony, this month, they are not only one, republicans are excited too, i'll tell you why, we'll talk with former trump aide, george pop papadopoulos, he joins me next. uh-oh, looks like someone's still nervous about buying a new house. is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years. what are you doing? big steve?
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♪ kennedy: all right. house democrat got their wish to make robert mueller testify publicly -- capitol hill. they plan to use show down to
9:44 pm
their advantage, mul mueller vod in may any testimony would not go beyond his report, and republicans like jim jordan, and andy bigses, are preparing to press him on reliance on infamous russian dossier, and parties and whether he delayed firing strzok and page after their antitrump text-messages were discovered, mueller time is coming. joining me, george papadopoulos. welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy: what do you want? if anyone does an effective job. eliciting proper responses from robert mueller what do you want them to ask. >> that is a great question, he needs to look into main characters who are at origin of
9:45 pm
this investigation. there is so much new information we didn't have in 2017. which i became embroiled in with theme that mueller and fbi and comey were characterizing as russian assets and hackers whatever or. we have information they were either working with state department -- >> rachel matter was obsessed with him. >> we found ought that russian guy, was actually working ar wor the state department. kennedy: there was a relationship between british intelligence and the kremlin. >> that is what christopher steel's role is about. the kremlin is not our friend, british by the way during 2016 were not trump's friends, i dealt with british at highest levels, they viewed him as a threat to brexit to tpp, and eu,
9:46 pm
they did not want him to win, there is a reason they're involved in the scandal. kennedy: interesting line in mueller report talking about your involvement. officer investigator -- papadopoulos acted as an agent of control of government of israel, determined that evidence was not sufficient to obtain and sustain a conviction under farah -- what does this mean? >> that paragraph, first, i was horrifyed and confused when fbi came to my house and questioning me about israel, i figured it out obama administration was politically targeting opponents of their policies, i was work offing at conservative think tank in dc. i am getting closer to power then donald trump's campaign, then you can see kitchen sink
9:47 pm
throne at me. they were running into me, questioning me about israel. kennedy: do you think you were drugged at some point. >> i think they were trying to do, anything possible imagine from throwing women my way, money my way, wiretapping me. kennedy: what a life. >> you know -- kennedy: people toiling in cubicles, jet setting on behalf of israel and russia. >> i don't know what they had in mind, maybe they thought i was a mini paul manafort in the making. kennedy: will 2020 campaign accept information from places like russia. >> i don't think they should. i think you know not becoming of any campaign to do that, anything like that should be reported to fbi. unfortunately clinton campaign in 2016 paid for foreign sources to find information on trump campaign. kennedy: george papadopoulos thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: that right, topical
9:48 pm
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kennedy: paris, france, record high 114 degrees saturday, things are so bad, parissians are forced to bathe twice this
9:52 pm
month, this is the top call tomorrow, topic one, alabama, a cop called for back up, he got it. ♪ yeah ♪ take -- old town road. >> crooning cop found a loose goat on the street, handled the situation be high lip-sync number one sung in country, he got a butt load of hits. the cops are reaching out to britney spears. the way this goat was laying around in the park more like a kevin fedde federline. you kids watching at home, will happy to know the goat is not living a half bad life, after they filmed.
9:53 pm
cop did some shots and they senssince him to play on a buyig farm in the sky, delicious. i like my goats curried. highway abou -- to san antonio,, a young girl is developing press issues with her dad. this poor flower girl was hoping to reenact the left seen from dirty dancing, nobody puts baby in the corner but they almost put her in the hospital. after dad fell on her face, young jennifer gray will be jennifer black and blue for next few days, dad is to be okay, he is looking for a refund from his dance instructor, johnnie walker and life coach jim bean. nice to see a girl falling
9:54 pm
beside kirsten gillibrand. woo. there it is, topic three. beer pong. city of dallas lovely this time of year but their real estate marquemarket is falling fast, ts hotel was imploded to make room for a new one. it is nothing compared to hotel. the people of dallas, are used to huge collapsed thanks to the cowboys, locals did not have to pay 9 bucks a beer to watch their team implode. come on, i want to point ought t that dallas is a lovely place. >> topic 4. a lot of texas tonight. we love it, it is monday this
9:55 pm
week's winner plants a bomb at hotel because aliens told him to do it no. i think that cops should have busted the ale join aliens too m not lawyer, a moot point. president trump deported them. democrats were about to give them free health care, 28-year-old david ox en rider, so handsome, aliens warned them, humans need to behave better, continental breakfast has already gone down hi down hill e hamilton inn, he is so good at making up stories he just landed a job at cnn, manager found bomb is hailed as a hero, but despite the hotel heroics, cops have him -- they still have him, doing old song and dance, whatever, it is amazing.
9:56 pm
sing it goat. that is number one profile on farmers, sexy, i'll be back. >> mouth trumpet monday.
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kennedy: mouth trumpet monday 4th of july edition, get it ♪
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♪ tomorrow night. darrell issa. . lou: good evening president trump back in the white house after his triumphant g20 summit in japan. trump and xi jinping set the next spai phase of u.s., china e talks in motion, mr. trump's historic meeting with kim jong-un in north korea. of leadership, the courage and judgment to do. to meet with kim jong-un on kim's side of the korean dmz . and the national left wing media cohorts refuse to give


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