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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 2, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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bye. kennedy: a great week, we're live from los angeles, thank you, trish. president may be planning a big 4th of july in washington but fireworks from last week democratic debate served as launching pad for kamala harris, new poll show she firmly in second place, gaining on joe biden. harris on biden's tail in national race. she has 20%, two points back of former veep, who is losing steam. liz warren in third with 14%. bernie sanders dropped to fourth, not even in 1%, at 13%.
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new "usa today," suffolk university poll in iowa shows harris closing in biden in the highly coveted hawkeye state. warren in third, bernie in fourth with 9. kamala mayhem, a hot hand, president is not afraid to get in the ring with any of these democrats tweeting. according to polls i won every debate, including three with crooked hillary clinton. this crew looks easier than crooked, but you never know. so is there a democrat who is stand toe-to-toe with president, or is it time for hillary to start steaming out her pantsuit? joining me, iraq combat veteran with one purple heart we know of
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brian suits. and former adviser to hillary clinton campaign, founder ceo of blue print strategies, a brand-new republican. we have comedian head writer of this very find program, jimmy jy fella. >> can you not tell people i work on the show, i tell cops last night, i play pianoo at a brothel. kennedy: you know kamala harris best of anyone, you briefly dated? >> we had a side gig. she is doing well, she was smart enough to capitalize on a moment, i pointed out last night, fair game in politics, i don't think she should be given heat for that. but is her record come back to
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bite her. >> for people not in california, they will discover, when they scratch a little bit of surface, like eating a vehicley -- veggie burger, great for two bites, but then you discover that veggie burger enabled illegal alien felons to remain undeported in san francisco until they murdered a family, then you throw that veggie burger away, and never do it again, she is california democrat gold, but this is a unique eco system, it closed eco system. kennedy: very much a bubble. >> you take this to iowa, i'm not talking republicans but independents and middle of road themcrat -- democrats, she is a radical and she comes from poop city. kennedy: a heavy handed prosecutor who put people in prison for long time for long time. >> unless they kill a cop, but then death penalty is a running
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joke in california. i'm over it. but -- >> what do you think of kamala sn?>> well, first she had a gret night. kennedy: she did. >> we saw prosecutor harris come out, she took -- >> we saw performer harris that is important. >> every argument as if it were a closing argument, i do think that i do think that she had a moment, but she will not have multiple moments. kennedy: not sustainable? >> you can only play that card so many times. number two, she will be on a different stage with different people, if she and ir elizabeth warren. kennedy: let me ask you, she was with heaviest hitters, who gives her toughest time, who figures out how to solve her riddle, that sound dirty. >> we don't know, we don't know structure of questions.
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but we know -- >> i am sure the questions will be given to hillary clinton first. >> she will have to answer for her own record and her own past. kennedy: they have not pressed her on that. >> not yet. kennedy: i think that is right, i think that i if she does well and survived tire kicking, she could make it through as nominee, but when she gets into a general election she will be shielded from those points. >> one more thing. >> we can't deny she is the key to heart and soul of this party, african-american women that will make a difference. kennedy: they don't just vote in -- >> they will rally behind her if things are tight. kennedy: some will, you are right. not about these candidates right now. >> no, he is trying too bait hillary back into the race.
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i don't believe he is confident about debating democrats, i don't think his spanish is good enough to do it, first of all, he can't connection with audience. kennedy: he is hoping beto taps out. >> sierra dell few -- del fuego . >> you lost me. >> that problematic. >> i think that kamala will get the nomination, i think for progressive wing she is just progressed enough, i think that democrats have a problem with biden and bernie, you can't really against old white guys for 4 years then push out two guys in late hundreds, you know, they send people to washington who knew washington. >> you assume that this -- >> i love this so much. that is funny. >> but you assume that these young people who show up as they did for bernie will show up to poll, and you down play.
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kennedy: not unless they are really motivated. >> that is my point. kennedy: agitated or excited. no one does that even bernie, he does not have the same 56 i dust. >> that is -- pixie dust. >> that my point. they are the most reliable voters. >> we don't have to talk black, white, latino or asian, we don't have to differentiate people, all we say old people vote, they do. >> some vote? larger numbers. >> you will steal their stuff. >> old people -- >> progressives want to take everybody from anyone who has anyone, they want to give to everyone else, older people who worked really hard are resentful of that. >> they don't need free tuition, just a solid stool. kennedy: to sit on when they of
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contemplates. contemplates. >> i see ha he did. kennedy: i like it. >> today rnc announcing they raised 105 million in party cah in second quarter this year. trouncing totals that barack obama made. campaign manager told fnc's martha, they are just getting warmed up. >> we're not in main portion of the campaign yet, we're already raising large numbers this president, voice he has and message he controls and control what is happening to media, no one can touch this. >> you can't touch it. mc hammer is now riding his tag lines. can democrat match trump fundraising machine or is there more hammer time at president's next campaign rally?
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brian, at some point they will get so many donations, they will start giving money back. >> it depends on the candidate, i think that like jimmy said, if you know the guy that young base did not expect, old white guy wins, i don't think that small donations under 20 bucks will come in, if it is kamala, i think a lot of small donations will come in, driven by the you know energy that the candidate biden does not i don't think makes a lot people reach for their checkbooks, but, he has no problem going to wall street. kennedy: he is nominee, he will be fine. all of that will be concentrated in one place. looking at 23 campaign and amount of money they are making that is a lot. president has -- any president who is running for reelection has advantage of a network, and you know, a staff and a
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political operation that is fully primed. >> listen. kennedy: are you worried? >> i will not underestimate what trump has done to this point, i said you to before is that republicans fall in line, democrats fall in love, one thing they consolidate around their candidate, we have not done that successfully yet, we did not do in 16, i worry about our candidate in primary are runs again each other not for the party nomination, we see them tearing each other apart, we limp across the finish line with lumps, and bumps and bruises. kennedy: it happens. they were trained on trump in a way that no one had focused that much energy against one candidate. >> but, we didn't win. we didn't have consolidation with our base. kennedy: even with bumps and bruises are not always fatal, sometimes that is be --
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>> against donald trump? i don't think we can afford bumps and bruises, you saw quarter two in 2019, most of donation are $200, there is a lot of room for him to grow, we have to remember we have too worry about top of topic, but congress, and. kennedy: jury -- >> all right, so, that is where a lot of these organizations are focusing. >> butt loads. >> to brian's point, i don't think that biden needs voters to reach because joe likes to reach for them. he is on it. you get that clavical massage. >> and a restraining order. >> that too. that is funny, but mayor pete, took 24 million out raised bernie, but that -- a dead end. kennedy: he is adorable. >> this is the problem, he looks
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like he will play peter parker in next spider-man. kennedy: i would see it, i would pull the popcorn trick on myself. >> i don't top vote for him but tickle him in his spied i -- spidey pajamas. kennedy: i would not be surprised if it was kamala and pete buttigieg, i would have a tough time voting for kamala, i tell you, but i might write in mary pete's name on my trapper keeper. >> hick e hickenlooper is runnit of money next month, his staff is quitting. >> he committed california sin, pointing out that socialism does not sell outside of poop city, usa, that san francisco, that pro business messages might resonate with many americans.
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kennedy: they were like oh, my god, you are hitler. >> he was literally booed. kennedy: he and delaney, delainey is what, people are still listening to me. >> the outsider in san francisco pointed out this is not normal, the poop in the street is not normal, socialism does not work in america, they booed hickenlooper, at this point shee said of pulled out senate card, and aid i'm running for senate. kennedy: president trump once again calling for witch hunt to end, urging bob sipowich -- robert mueller to stick to his report had when he testifies on the hill, i ask darrel ice ahi is next. i switched to liberty mutual,
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expedia. kennedy: democrats are going all in on robert mueller's upcoming public testimony. president trump said it is a sucker's bet, tweeting robert mueller is being asked to testify yet again, he said he could only stick to the report, that is h what he would do and must do, the witch-hunt must end, no more do overs, no
9:18 pm
collusion, no obstruction. on same day, they sued for tax returns, with me now, former california republican congressman, darrell issa is here. he has been nominated by president -- it has been 10 months. welcome to the show. >> you know it only halftime when you look at normal time to get people through u.s. senate. kennedy: what is the hold up? >> last panel were talking about how republicans unite, republicans don't, democrats do, they decided that obstructing is in their best interest. kennedy: in the same way. >> now kamala harris in fairness only votes yes, if there are 98 votes. unfortunately, it denies president the ability to govern.
9:19 pm
kennedy: you are surprised that robert mueller will testify between those two committees? judiciary and intelligence? the testimony will be closed, and we might be able to see a transcript of judiciary. >> i'm not surprised, he likes testifying, he has a lot to say. kennedy: he made a statement in his may press conference, saying, hey, i don't have anything else to say, i just want to quit, it is carefully worded this the document. >> he said this is the definitive document, once you read it, it was ambiguous, a document he goes into things he should not go into but does not make decisions, he finds no collusion because he could not find collusion, it gives both sides an opportunity in case of democrats. as you said, they are dumpster diving for new information by trying to get president's tax
9:20 pm
returns because they are desperate, and also looking to try to create something where it is not in the hundreds of pages. and quite frankly, my republicans hopefully my colleagues will be careful in the questions they ask to limit it to the simple question we all know, which is why didn't you look into the actual conspiracy collusion by the democratic national committee and hillary clinton, that -- >> yes interference by russia an agencies is wrong then why was that not looked into, motha mo-t is the main question i have, jim jordan wants to know if they knew there was no conspiracy, if they knew before midterms why did he not close his case then. >> this is a great question, a great question, republicans have a very few, but they are important questions, that is one of them. years ago, weed is a question of
9:21 pm
obama administration, which was why is it you spend u.s. dollars trying to defeat bibi netanyahu he did. the answer is, we don't think that counts, reality circumstance democrat don't think it counts when they try to affect an elect, hillary clinton took a page from barack obama, he did not succeed in stopping bibi netanyahu from being re-elected or holding his prime ministership, but she and not see a problem with giving money through law firms. >> that was money laundering, mccabe has raggeddal -- rationalized, saying not primary actors it can't through law firm and dnc. that is plenty of money laundering. >> you seeing here is u.s. taxpayer dollars being used to
9:22 pm
do opposition research on the president. those subpoenas and lawsuit to fry tfry try it get at -- try tt the president's tax returns is worse, that is your tax money trying to get off research against president, desperately. kennedy: to what strzok and page were trying to do. >> a lovely couple. kennedy: you know, was there obstruction committed by wiping their devices of information that seemed pertinent to an investigation. >> one of those cases mueller has something he should be answering for, if you are firing someone, for the wrong doing, why did you keep is a secret, and not secure evidence that was destroyed, that is a fair question, i hope jim jordan asks. kennedy: who else on either committee do you think is capable enough of asking these, i realize they are not public. >> well, you know on republican
9:23 pm
side, we have number of former u.s. attorneys, we have quite frankly a team that -- a big overlap between oversight and judiciary that causes to them too be not must members but also staff, i am proud those are people that i worked with, they know the questions, they know you keep it simple, democrats will have unlimited time comparatively, they have to ask the basic questions was not what is in the report but why isn't the other stuff in there. kennedy: seems they never do a grigreat job of coordinating, ty should talk this their colleagues, saying what are you asking so i can ask the follow-up, instead of jockeying for camera time -- which is very annoying. >> i am shocked. kennedy: right. but, i do wish there was more coordination when you have
9:24 pm
really important issues that you still got an inspector general's report and u.s. attorney still investigating this. they are active and on going. >> we have an attorney general a career professional second time attorney general, i think he will make sure there competent work. inspector general is good, one time i saw great coordination, years ago people from barack obama department of justice, actually calling my democratic colleagues, and saying we just dropped information here is the bait stamp you need to look for, they dialed wrong number, and my press time listened to it. >> great, all right, all fair, i suppose. darrell issa nice to see you. >> thanks for having me ocall or write your friends and see if you can find out why bob
9:25 pm
menendez has been holding me up this time. kennedy: i could. >> coming up nike pulling sneakers meant to commemorate 4th of july after colin kaepernick and his weak arm said they are offensive. i ask panel why the corporations keep kneeling before the outrage mob, next. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise.
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for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint. kennedy: independents day with jeff goldblum is two days away, nike is pulling the flag-themed red, white and blue sneaker, report came after former, former mediocre, nfl qbturned activist colin kaepernick complained by the heel of the shoe that displays the betsy ross flag, nike saying it is proud of its american heritage but made the
9:30 pm
call based on concern it could unintentionally offend. is it the right move by nike? the man panel is here. so much to grasp. brian suits, i start with you. >> i think there is too much outrage in the world. >> i guess they unveiled their new don't tread on me tread, i guess. here is the deal, i found out that 200 have usurped betsy ross flag as a white power flag, i did not know this or unveil know validated its -- invalidated its heritage, in my book this is how
9:31 pm
this country progressed, we were not for pec perfect, i do not ke white power guys decided that is a white nationalist flag. if ufo landed said take to us your white man, they would come to me, i did not know this. kennedy: you tell me you are a white supremacist or visited by aliens? >> i am the white man, i did not know white supremacists were using that flag, if i don't know, that i don't know where nike is afraid of it. >> in is his history with this flag, we don't know -- we can't confirm it was because of cap that they do it but we know history with the flag, and for people who criticize people they were still burning nikes, saying they were going to hell because of ad with kaepernick. nike stock went out of roof, they made butt loads of money. kennedy: i am wearing some now.
9:32 pm
>> woe. >> the same people. wear nikes, i don't question nike's decision, what i know is that nike has a good since of how to play long ball, they have been successful. i think that michael come out on top -- will come out on top. kennedy: that is fine, i am sick of every corporation capitulating and bending over to the mob, that is enough, make sure everyone is agrieved and outraged it does not address real issues. >> we can't ignore experiences that some symbols bring to the certain people. >> i don't have a problem, i agree with confederate flag, and i know you grew up in north carolina where civil war started, but you can't take every symbol, and say something has been appropriated by a small
9:33 pm
number of people, then it is deeply offensive. death takes time, and real wounding away from some real symbols we have that mean something. >> the older i get, the more i value experiences, we have to conversation with joe biden and kamala harris, people turned volume down on her experiences. we saw it comous tonight, i think nike trying to avoid is that scenario that played out other night. kennedy: you can't avoid everything, at some point stand up. >> they made the right decision. >> i am frustrate they gave in to mob, and more frustrated to with people who vow to boycott nike. >> come on, i'm never wearing nikes again. >> oh, no. >> if you are eating a hoagie in our profile picture, it is assumed have you been boycotts athletic wear, that was baked in the cake, no pun intended.
9:34 pm
but nike has to concern themselve with a moral message to customers and children making their shoes in the factory. they are impressionable children. >> and inspired by an american flag, crush their spirit, get this production out. >> i am sorry vietnam. >> that is 4 cents a day does not may for itself. >> the whole day is betsy ross trended on google people searched her to find out who she was that is such a sad note. kennedy: oh. >> she married to the painter? bob ross? ross from friends. kennedy: gabert, who is crew ale deville. >> -- cruella deville. >> all right releasing desperate conditions of migrant borders on the southern border, addressing dangerous overcrowds and prolonged detention of migrants, after a group of democratic lawmakers visited detention
9:35 pm
centers yesterday, and, of course, alexandria ocasio-cortez caused this inhumane and violent and made it about herself. >> there is abuse in these facilities, this is them on their best behavior, and they put them in room with no running water? and these women were being told by the officers to drink out of the toilet. they were drinking water out of a ipo will it toilet, knowing ty congressional visit was coming. kennedy: yeah. a real congress person, customs and border pr bored radio -- prn deny most of these. illegal border crossings remain at highest level in a decade, i don't doubt that the conditions are unsustainable. i don't doubt that -- i think that is abhorrent that children
9:36 pm
are not allowed to bathe for up to weeks at a time, and not served hot meals, and this is from an a agnostic report, not aoc and her historyonic. >> and her booster seat, it is not guatemala transition toilet training facility, they are being overwhelmed people have learned magic handshake of asylum, if i remember trump administration, i would go to run, say i am -- u.n., and say i am declaring a immigration merge on the border. kennedy: they should have done it a year ago. i believe in immigration, i believe this people are capable of making their own decisions. and you know, hopefully they are good decisionses, they will add to u.s. economy, but if you have this many people, and democrats are not allowing for more beds they don't really have a good
9:37 pm
solution for the vets process, then you have to get u.n. involved, that fine. >> get angelina jolie there. >> i don't know if there is a good solution, but these kids deserve better. kennedy: agree. >> we know, taking aoc out of t whatever feelings, her a coi, cf what happened has been verified, and a administration people within administration that work for agency who are joking about these on social media page that was you know somehow -- the conditions are serious. i applaud speaker pelosi. kennedy: working with republicans. >> to send aid to border, we will do this 2s 41 en -- two-wa, front end or the back-end. kennedy: democrats need to make
9:38 pm
a list of things that are acceptable, find the duplicates with republicans do those, and pass laws change the system break policy so there is no so much confusion. so you don't have people making a dangerous trek with children who sometimes show up sick. >> that is why trump will be reelected by the way. kennedy: i think they appreciate congress dragging their heels on this more you have images like this, more have you people who are moderate republicans and independent democrat saying, well, you know, this is a problem. >> you know you think i drove all over l.a. last night, bailed him out of jail twice, you would think he would let me get a point in. >> a couple. >> you can't make eye contact with me. that is progress. i think that everyone would rather run on this issue than fix it, there have been multiple chances to address it, aoc is
9:39 pm
almost a fraud there, she draws attention of fligh plight of the computepeople, but she has walky on voting on this. we should let her run for president, then people would run to live in mexico. kennedy: i love mexico. >> i'm living with jimmy. >> i think -- >> i saw you accidentally kiss last night. >> they go no, no. >> can i just? >> they got awkward on the set of jacksonville this morning. >> who does not want to kiss crockett? >> coming up, fascinating new book, with a conman who allegedly stole millions from obamacare loopholes and ran a multimillion dollar insurance fraud scheme, author evan wright joins me next. ♪
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♪ kennedy: oh, jon bon jovi, sing it. southern california based rehab guru claimed to be a miracle worker but he drugged and assaulted his patients. he kept is going because of loopholes, the story told in my next guest's book, called "bad therapist," evan wright, this is a crazy story, chris who was just a fraudster, like paul manafort of rehabtation. and where every you go to find money he would, and drugging patients, he was getting patients who were drug addicts
9:45 pm
drugs in rehab for. >> yes for sex. and let's just clarify he started as a pool cleaner, he was cleaning pools in malibu, 18 months later, he understood loopholes in law, he created this empire in 18 months from by with a squeegee to a addiction expert, he wrote books, he spoke, he starred rehab. kennedy: that reminds me of eles elizabeth holmes with a seeming seemingly great idea, she told it to people, they were so taken with the ideas they don't vet anything, the deeper you got did it get craz crazier. >> we start with people suffering there are 150,000 plus americans who died from drugs and alcohol abuse every year, people are desperately searching for a solution, anyone with
9:46 pm
answer, people listen. kennedy: it is almost like more serious version of weight loss. people who try to lose weight, try is all, they are frustrated they electri looking for next b, if you have been to rehab and struggled with substances and lost your family and job, you are in a desperate place, obamacare comes in, and now everyone can have free rehab. but a lot of people he targeted in lower income areas, they didn't have insurance, he signed them up for insurance to get insurance money. >> he would buy policies for them. kennedy: unreal. >> if you were an addict you had a great value rehab owner like him and his competitors, they are competing for bodies, it is called body brokering, a form of human trafficking,. formed by aberrations in the law, the thing that is going on, alleged he was you know doing
9:47 pm
murder-for-hire plots to keep the secret going. larger part of story, is when i starred this story about a heroic woman went to him had she thought he was the a therapist, he got therapy, he hired her in rehab, she thought i it was a madge comagical place, she fount was wrong, then they tried to kill her. kennedy: she was involved in a odd car crash, circumstances of which not solved she was forced into traffic and hit. >> like an -- erin brokovich type story, i started it, i thought activity just this one rehab, this owner chris, was e. lar of the industry, 40 billion dollar a year industry, we talk
9:48 pm
about obamacare har obama -- why protects rehab is unintended consequence of americans with disabilities act. kennedy: you wrote about that and sober living facilities there is no accountability because of these laws, i argue there is too much government and unintended consequences are that follow, th the book is "bad therapist" everyone should get it a fantastic story, for dark but told masterfuly. >> hope to lead to some reform. kennedy: i hope so too, thank you so much. >> even wright, look at this. >> topical storm is next. uh-oh, looks like someone's still nervous about buying a new house.
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kennedy: nasa confirming plans to open international space station for tourism in 2020. but if you can't wait that long, to risk your life on vacation, there is always the dominican republic, but are stay clear of the mini bar, topical storm, topic one, we begin in queensland, australia.
9:53 pm
they tried to steal an atm to pay off their bar tab at outback stake house. the bad news, the cash stash was not a drag because the rope broke, they within home empty handed, they don didn't get food from food court, because they or a crash diet. you never know when another one could be in store. >> thank you. topic two. florida man was arrested after he broke into a wendy's and cooked himself dinner. people have gotten a cheap meal on the way home from a bar, but 34-year-old martin benson and his beard stole one. he allegedly smashed his way to
9:54 pm
wendy's is cooked himself dinner, cops have it on video, the burger break ins are more common than you think, last year, a guy -- yeah. topic three. let's go to philadelphia. the calendar said summer by it feel like fall. oh, no. this house collapsed after it was hit by a truck in middle of night, a shocking story away that philadelphiaians drink you think it would have gotten hit by more than one truck, police call this philadelphia's most expensive disaster since harper. in this story a guy drove something home, no one of hurt, homeowner has relisted property on airbnb, for 200 a night, but you can really talk him down. topic 4.
9:55 pm
many people laugh when taco bell anointed they were opening a hotel they sold out the place in a record breaking two hours, making history, as first hotel to have more restrooms than guest rooms, because taco bell and -- yeah. guest at the casa crunch wrap will live high life, there will be free parking for everyone's volkswagen bug they will have taco bell themed children's games like pin the tail on the - donkey meat, opening night in august 9, if you can't wait that long to be surrounded by a bunch of farting out of work stoners you can always go to bernie sanders rally. >> if you don't want to stay at taco tell, you can visit their
9:56 pm
drive-thru. back that truck up. it looks dangerous, did you safer than eating taco bell, right back, live from los angeles in a moment, stay with us. get it! get that butterfly!
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♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ kennedy: sing it with me, god bless the usa by legendary lee
10:00 pm
greenwood, that is last night's mouth trumpet song, winner this week, freedom lover ann marie fisher, if you for watching the best hour of your day, good night from l.a. you need. we are working on another show coming up next monday. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a great weekend. lou: good evening everybody! and aoc implosion. the freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez making serious allegations during hispanic caucus vaguevisit to a border detention facility. here's what she now claims. >> these women were being told by officers to drink out of the toilet. they were drinking water out of the toilet. and that was them knowing a


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