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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 8, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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is next here on fox business network, have a good evening. lou: good evening, i am david asman in for lou dobbs, booming trump economy putting 2020 dems on notice, new polling showing president's approval rating climbing to all-time high, driven by his economic policies. >> immigration remain at forefront for trump administration, immigration and customs enforcement said they are ready and waiting to deport a million illegal him grant -- immigrants living in u.s.. >> jeh johnson admitting that 2020 dem's radical immigration policies amount to open borders, and attorney general william
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barr saying there will be new action to add a citizenship question to 2020 census, his department of justice announces a replacement team of lawyers to handle census related questions, kevin corke is in work work with the late -- washington with the latest. >> 15 to 20 billion on a census, they are asking everything, except are you a citizen of the u.s., how ridiculous is that. >> reporter: president trump vowed over the week that fight was far from over. >> we are moving forward, we have a couple of avenues, attorney general is doing a fantastic job, in many ways, i think he has it under control. >> and in full agreement, barr said he sees a pathway to legally add the citizenship question, adding that i agree with him that the supreme court decision was wrong.
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his comments came hours after his department announced it was pulling its legal team from citizenship question off the case and replaces them with other government lawyers, census debate sun -- is unfolding. approximately 1 million people who have already had final removal orders. >> i don't know who they will go after. or where, that will not be announced beforehand. but it is unfortunate it eachs a point it is news worth that's i.c.e. is doing its job, that is not a criticism of i.c.e., it is a criticism of the circumstances we find ourselves in. >> previously planned raids were to talk in tent -- to target tent cities. the national guard troops from texas, to assist in growing humanitarian crisis. one more note, the attorney
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general bill barr accused democrats of attempting to create a spe speckic alibi issug -- spectical, by issuing a subpoena for robert mueller very interesting. >> it is, thank you very much. >> kevin corke in washington, joining me jason chaffetz, former house oversight chairman, author, fox business contributor, let me talk if i may about immigration, you had nothing short of a steck -- spectacle over the week all democrat people coming forward, after a year of denying there is a crisis at border, allowing things to get out of control at the follows they have, where border patrol agents have to act like nannies because they don't have time to get out to get people.
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then they say, there is a cries at border after -- crisis at the border after they created it. >> they didn't fund it, republicans have been saying for a long time, there is a crisis, how many times did we hear the democrats say, it is fabricated it is made up, now, all of a sudden they agree there is a crisis. hats off to jeh johnson for calling balls and strikes the way he sees it, he you know he said policies put forward by the democrats are exacerbates. exacerbating. >> we have a full screen of what jay johnson said in -- jeh johnson said, this is tantamount to declaring publicly we have open borders. that is unworkable, unwise and does not have support of majority of american people or congress. if we had such a policy, instead of 100,000 a,000 apprehensions h
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it would be multiples of, that is extr extraordinary. >> he is acknowledging there is a magnet, drawing people putting their lives on line to traverse to come north. instead of going through the embassy, and making applications if they want to apply for some sort of visa or claim asylum, we want them to do this through their actual embassies that we have in those country, instead of put their lives at risk. >> now we have 1 million illegal immigrants who have gone through procedure of amnesty, found not to have a case to qualify. you know that we'll have a human outcry from radical dems, no? >> well, it is exacerbated by
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fact during obama administration there were more 80,000 times that someone was here illegally, caught and convict z of a crime, but instead of deporting them, obama-biden administration released them out to public, and just said, you know, you should leave the country. that is problematic. we hearings about this in congress, we have removal orders, we either have the rule or not or we don't, when you are ordered to leave the country, you leave. >> at same time, during obama administration they deported three .1 million illegal immigrants in u.s., a lot of people would say that was a good record, keeping things from getting out of control at border, but the same people that democrats, that supported the obama administration sending people back now that are opposed
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to a fraction of that amount september back. -- sent back. >> that is right because it is now donald trump, you know what barack obama was doing it, he could do no arms. donald trump is doing the same thing, now they are up in arms as if it were a moral terp -- like it was wrong. i di did not like the way that department of did those stats, the border has to be locked down, people need to know if they come across, they will be caught and deported. >> the president certainly has the people on his side. all of the polls show that is number one issue that concerns voters, another thing where people on his side, census issue, putting question of citizenship on census, 53% of americans feel that census should include a question asking
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whether or not they are u.s. citizens even chief justice roberts, i am quoting, it sided against the president but it began by saying that decision, was reasonable and reasonably explained particularly in light of the long history of the citizenship question on the census. then he went on to talk about a technicality, that a lower judge got involved with, let's just do what the people want, no? >> there are a lot of questions that are on there, who knows how many people that are here illegally, we should know that number, every person should and needs to fill it out, remember, it was on their for decades -- it was on there for decades then it came off, to put it back on is reasonable, we ask questions like how many rooms are in your house, do you have a running toilet in your hus, we ask all
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kinds of question, the idea to ask if someone is here legally or not is a legal question. >> >> believe in even in farthest stretches they will win a general election on basis of going again voter intent? >> you introduced this show, i see a parallel, have you donald trump with record high numbers, i do believe he is politically stronger than he has been before, i think that comes in conjunction with idea that democrats debated for two nights and they saw how loonie and far to the left that lunch to left that democrats have made, a lot of people saying this is not a democratic party that i can support or recognize, it makes donald trump that much stronger, they take some crazy positions, that are just i think common sense to the majority of americans. >> even the members of previous
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administration, like jeh johnson, thank you so much jason chaffetz. >> great. >> coming up, a potential break through in michael horowitz abuse of fisa courts. >> and cozying up to the obamas, claims they were scandal free? really, we have that and more after a few quick messages. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better.
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david: update about michael ohr horowitz investigation to alleged fisa abuse by department of justice, several key witnesses have come forward and cooperates with doj inspector general, the 11th hour breakthrough occurred after attorney general william barr appointed u.s. attorney john durham to conduct a sep separae investigation. >> a new interview, attorney general barr accused democrats are trying to create a public spectacle by sou subpoenaing rot mueller to testify before
7:15 pm
congress. saying he will support mueller if he does not want to appear, joining me now, tom fi fitton president of judicial watch, i wonder if mueller wants to testify. >> typically someone like mueller would be note be subject to testimony, he is a an adviser to attorney general. but mr. mueller needs to be asked some questions about his misconduct as special counsel. his hiding for instance the fact he had to let go strzok and page because of anti-trump animus that he hid from us the american people for 4 months. his decision to hire a bunch of anti-trump donors to hillary
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clinton and partisans. and his decision making about what he knew and when about his failure on find any russia collusion. why did he sit on that for as long as he did? did the election come into play? so, mr. mule are ma mueller mayo testify, not for reasons we're hearing about, but because he would be subject to scrutiny long overdue. david: then there is primary among them, as issues come up. i am newer it is not first time, is the question of this state department official who interviewed mr. steel. the man behind trump dases do why are, a couple weeks -- dossier, a ki couple weeks befoe
7:17 pm
fisa warrant came out. upset about fact that mr. steel was saying things that were not true, and tried to warn the people from fbi. they went ahead with the fisa warrant. >> that did not make it into his report. david: it did not. >> dossier rather than being used by mueller to target trump, should have been investigated by mr. mueller, that was the vehicle. russia misinformation, working happily with the fbi and doj president obama, and some of the trump administration, deep staters there. justify spying on the president. why didn't he investigate that? only mention of the dossier in the mueller report, as best i could see, he said it is unverified. that is the cornerstone of the russia interference that real
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russia interference in the campaign, and still having it echo, because we'll have again the democrats raising it and mueller having to talk about it in a week or so. david: switching gears to immigration. the topic dejour. you folks have done some digging found out dirty little secret about obama administration record on immigration. share it if you can. >> we long had record from obama administration showing reports of abuse by officials in -- you know people what were handling uac, unaccompanied minors, it was a list of horribles, they were abused on the way up. criminals were making their way in under the obama administration. and then once we had to provide them humanitarian assistant, several were complaining about abuse they suffered at the
7:19 pm
understands of people paid by the obama administration to take care of them. if this had been a list of trump administration offenses it would be front page news everywhere. what you hear about the trump administration, which in many ways is unverified. we have verified in government document about obama administration in terms of abuse. and the crisis humanitarian crisis caused by the open borders under obama. david: i have to ask you about this cuomo bill that certainly gives the right to reveal new york state tax information from donald trump with rest of the world. what do you make of this. >> third word style attack on rule of law, targeting president trump, more harassment of trump, it never ends, in my view census judicial make by supreme court and lower courts is judicial
7:20 pm
harassment of president trump, and now harassment in new york of the president with this bill and other harassing investigations up there. this president has been subjected to abuse like no other, in terms of attack on the rule of law. that protect typically presidents from so they are able to do their jobs, this is unbelievable. david: the cheerleading from the mainstream media going with this. side by side, hard to tell who is promoting what, whether one side is doing the initiating, some people think it comes from media to democrats they follow suit, it is third world, as you say, tom, thank you so much, appreciate it. >> you're welcome. david: president trump speaking with world leaders today after iran broke another nuclear deal limit on uranium enrichment, iran's foreign ministry. they are above the cap. but not say how far. president trump making sure his warning to iran is clear.
7:21 pm
>> iran better be careful, you enrich for one the reason, i won't tell you that reason, but it no good, they better be careful. david: president trump spoke to french president macron about iran. as the eu calls on iran to stop faking -- taking further steps. >> up next, nancy pelosi struggling to fight off 4 radical fres freshmen congresswn within her own party. >> and new numbers show president trump trending in the right direction, that is more right after our break. intellig? in crossing harsh terrain or breaking new ground? this is the time to get an exceptional offer on the mercedes of your midsummer dreams at the mercedes-benz summer event, going on now.
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to experience our most advanced safety technology on a full line of vehicles. now, at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month, for 36 months, and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing. david: radical dimms in disarray, house speaker nancy pelosi dismissing freshman radicals went her own party, after alexandria ocasio-cortez, talib and omar and presley voted against a recent border funding bill.
7:26 pm
pelosi called the quartet, 4 people, they have driven a handful of the 2020 dems to embrace radical open border positions, including support for prehealth care for illegal immigrants. >> a new "washington post" abc news poll, finding president trump's approval rating at an all-time high, climbing five points since april, driven by his handling of the economy, finding 51% of americans say they approve of president's economic policies. >> joining me now former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst, the dean ed rollins. >> good to see you. david: you too. trump's positives are always under polled that could be above that. >> this is a strong poll for him. what "washington post" did. it talked about all voters not
7:27 pm
likely voters or registered. you go do register voters, you should do, about 2 or 3 points higher, you go to likely voters, 52 or 53. enough to win, he is in better shape than obama of at-this-point, much better than reagan. he in a very strong position, people getting used to his personality, they may not like it, some do, but they like his policies. david: the economy is speaking for itself, you look at jobs figures, the democrats will try their best to talk down the economy. tom steyer getting in, trying to say that economy is bad, who you bll obelieve them with job numb. >> they are not, the minorities. david: historical highs for groups that are supposed to be base of democratic party. >> they can get jobs, they know they can get jobs that is positive. david: speaks of the base of democratic party who is the base right now?
7:28 pm
nancy pelosi is bragging that at "new york times" she was opposed by 4 members of her caucus on immigration bill, but you look at democrats running for president, they all raised their hand talking about free health care for illegal immigrants, i think that democratic candidates are more on side of talib and others than pelosi. >> nancy is not going on write the platform for next democratic party, it will be wrilt kno wrie younger, democrats' a future it will be this find of rhetoric. republicans want a future better talk about economic policies. david: at same time they have the media on their side, but, you see that figures, sunday talk shows, their numbers are way down. you see what happening. trump networks. antitrump networks forgive me, they are way down as well. does it matter that democrats
7:29 pm
have the media on their side. >> does not, it is obvious, they were all there 4 years ago, they were against reagan and against nixon. myecin is that a lot of different media today, more so than before -- trump has dominated that social media, every day it is about trump. first thing that everyone talks about. david: first thing that voters care about is immigration. >> absolutely. david: democrats are going in the opposite direct. >> they want open borders. >> even jay johnson said that. >> idea you want open borders and give them a ticket to come across like a parking ticket then offer free healthcare and diver license and citizen si cip will not sell well. david: leader of democrat party so far among 20 something candidates, getting himself in
7:30 pm
more hot water, issuing kind of an apology. >> a few weeks ago. somehow gave the impression to people -- time and again. i was. i regret it. i am sorry for the pain and misconception. david: is biden imploding. >> i always thought he had a glass jaw, i never thought he was a good candidate, his claim to fame is that obama picked him for his running mate. obama is not supporting him now, so my sense, he will get clobbered i in every day -- debate. he may get all fixed up botox and what have you but he can't fix the record. david: who grab his top spot. >> i think harris and warren, it is wide open beyond that.
7:31 pm
he will be in 4 or 5 but he will limp to the finish. david: do you think it is a wipe out in november for donald trump? >> i think donald trump will win, it will be a tough race, but i think he could win 53 first of the vote that will give him 30 states he got last time, marmaybe another one or 2. david: ed rollins thank you. >> a new reporti -- exposing kep ties again huawei and intelligence agencies, they looked at resumes of huawei employees that were leaked on line, they found some key mid level employees at huawei have strong backgrounds with the state as well as with groups who hacked into western countries. your thoughts on this share your comments follow lou on twitter -- >> coming up next. startling new numbers out of
7:32 pm
mexico, placing a new focus on deadly situation along our southern border, much worse than you thought when we come right back. i had a heart problem.
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[ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ david: welcome back, i am davidd asman in for lou dobbs. more than 17 thousand homicides
7:36 pm
have been committed in mexico through june, average 94 murders per day. the killings attributed to power struggles among cartels are so frequent. that president obrador is sending national guard to cities with high murder rates, new number show that people of mexico i support their presidens crack down on the border. according to an l universal survey. now about 61% support stopping them, only 33% oppose it. also back in o october, 48% favored giving illegals asylum in mix mexico. now 57% oppose it. >> joining me now, jason jones, retired captain. from texas. captain jones how will all these
7:37 pm
ballooning murder rates in mexico affect the situation at the border? >> well, it has a direct effect, and a direct effect on every american in this country, these numbers are astowppedding astoug since 2007, throughout mexico they have lost identif 200,000 s from the mexico cartels, they are terrorist organizations that are no longer just drug trafficking, they have evolve method somethinevolvingto somet. david: where every the money is. >> they move people, people are a commodity, you know wheny sit across from these people, you talk to them, they talk about moving young children to the united states, talking about
7:38 pm
them as a commodity. it is hard to listen to, but that is what we're dealing with on southwest border. we have to evolve to go after them, they are operating in mexico fighting the country's most elite special forces, throughout that country, 2006, the mexican special forces were brought in to challenge the cartels. now here we are 13 years later, things are worse today than they have been. so we have to take a look at how the car tell at the time -- cars have evolved and what are we going to do to did after them, they have not been -- as terrorists. special forces in gaw guatemalae
7:39 pm
doing a lot of training for the mexican cartels. david: the poll, these people' them out. is the government of mexico truly getting serious about cracking down? >> i have to till yo to -- tellr this new administration, i see is going backward, relationship and intelligence sharing with federal law enforcement agents is not what it used to be. there was a lot more intelligence share o oon, this s a new administration it is normal to see them hold back a little bit, but violence in mexico su -- is unbelievable, te to look at cartels for what they are, take acts to go after them, we have to get all of the u.s. homeland security enterprise, that is private, local, state, federal, department of defense
7:40 pm
and inteligent community, united behind this, we designate them as terrorist organizations, once we do, that stha that will limir ability global to move, and will really focus them government agency such as department of treasury and doj to go after their assets so we're limiting mobility, going after assets focusing our government agents, we're giving department of defense authority to work with host nations that is important in this environment. david: one part is the texas national guard. dhs wanting to call up more texas national gaurs me guards o help them, what do you think. >> that is a great idea. david: you worked with them? >> for many years. all leadership know each other, this is not anything new, and i'm glad to see it is happening time to get them back down
7:41 pm
working together. david: how would they court yaid effort -- coordinate efforts while there, could they work under authority of dhs or on their? >> it is always under authority of law enforcement. they are -- they provide support to law enforcement. it has always been that way, domestically it will be that way, they are incredible people doing incredible work, but caveat, is that in this deployment that is coming up, whole purpose of this while going to support humanitarian effort that is fantastic. we need to make sure that will l -- will allow border patrol to go back out between ports of entry and capture criminal activity that is crossing our border. hats off to governor abbott and everyone trying to make this happen, but important part is we have to ensure that we're protecting between the ports of entry to stop the criminal this was of drugs, special interest
7:42 pm
aliens and those who don't want to be captured, right now we have some opening that happened as a result of pulling so many resources from between the ports of entry, and putting them in facilities. >> there are a lot people here that should be going back home, we have a million people who have gone through the process they have been found to not qualify for admission to united states we are in process of trying to move them, the i.c.e. is about to go through a very coordinated effort to get rid of as many of these people as possible, what do you think about that? how should that operate go down? >> we have right leadership in place, question now is what is the best process to go through. it needs to happen. you know we had in just last few months, population of orlando, florida, come into this country, we cannot think for a second that there are not people here who need to be removed from this country. never mind they are here
7:43 pm
illegally, but we have to prioritize by criminal organizations, those who are here, who will be committing criminal actions, they will do that that is going to happen. but i think it good we get started on that sooner than later for too long we've not been having the removals, there are hundreds of thousand of people that can be removed today, we need to get started. >> captain jason jones thank you very much. >> thank you. david: all right check this out, frightening video, showing moment a lightning bolt struck a boat in boston harbor. look at this. >> [bleep] david: the boat burst into flames, no one was onboard. no injuries reported, powerful storms rolled through northeast over the weekend.
7:44 pm
amazing shot, up next, michelle obama sits down with a friendly left wing national media to bash president trump, we take it up with our panel after the break. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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snow presiden>> president trumpo
7:48 pm
set an historic fundraising record for his reelect campaign, enthusiasm is so high, 2020 campaign, rncjoint fundraising committee could raise 2 to 2.5 billion. dub whale hillary clinton and barack obama raised in their campaign. 4 times trump in 2016, former first lady michelle obama still over wrought during an interview, recounting how difficult it was attending trump's 2017 e inaugural celebration. >> that day was very emotional. to sit at that inauguration and look at a crowd that was not reflective of the country. i had to sit in the audience, one of a handful of people of color and listen to that speech. all that i had sort of held on to for 8 years, watching my husband get raked over the coals
7:49 pm
feeling like we had to did everything perfectly it was a lot emotionally. >> it should be noted by way that interview of conducted by cbs's gail king who took a yacht vacation with the obamas in 2017, she agreed with former first lady that obama years were quote scandal free. joining me now, kayleigh mcenany and alex vogel. ceo of the vogel group. it really looks like michelle has taken a cue from hillary's deplorable comment in 2016, no. >> you are right, democrats have a bad habit of doing this, dismissing half was country and thinking that is how you win, it does not work, as it did not work for hillary clinton. notion that obama administration was scandal free is laughable with tea party, and "fast and furious," and benghazi.
7:50 pm
these are incredible scandals that overwhelm i would argue much of the administration, but it is really, not, we should not be surprised her last name is obama. david: overlooking fact he was given a nobel peace prize before he had even done anything, media would just gush over the guy, talk about a contrast with the way that president is perceived. obamas and the trumps, i would think that trumps have gone through more than obamas did. >> i think so, depends on your definition of raked over the coals, i found her remarks disappointing on a number of levels this is divisive, it like the deplorable comment, this is bad politics, we don't
7:51 pm
undemocratic li litmus tests for the gathering of americans, imagine turn around if republicans, had -- a form are republican president, george w. busher in laura bush talked this way about obama inag rally tha . it is ironic they are smart to stay out of the democratic primary, but to do this and again, really, offend and seemingly go out of your way to alienate a huge chunk was country is wrong way to do this. david: you have an economy which is benefiting the base of the democratic party, historical base of the democratic party. av onafrican-american community, latino community, women, they are all doing better under the trump economy than obama economy. >> you are right, black
7:52 pm
americans, hispanic-americans have historic low unemployment, historic low poverty rates because of president trump, last month, jobs created and wages growing. and twice as nast for lo nast fa cnn poll found 70% say that economy is in good shape, people are feeling it these communities she talks about and wants to help, are benefiting from the trump economy, there is no doubt, which is why i think and predict that trump will win in a portion of this hispanic vote and of the black vote come november 3, 2020. david: i have not seen slippage of the trump base. >> there has not been, a remarekable thing, manti is -- president is hitting for him what historic highs, he had at a
7:53 pm
record approval number. and truth is as long as the economy remains as vibe brant as it is is hard to argue against continuing that momentum. david: let's switch to the democratic side look at what is happening, pelosi fight with the real radical dems in her own party, what doe you could is winning that fight. >> no doubt that radical democrats are winning it is laughable and fun to watch nancy pelosi to try to marginalize the voices in party, saying oh, we're just talking about 4 people, 4 freshman, it is not that, you look at humanitarian aid for illegal immigrants, on our southern border, 92 democrats vote against it aoc is winning, talib is winning, omar, they are winning, they are the spike are of the house, not nancy pelosi. david: i agree with kaley, and
7:54 pm
you have look at who raised their hands when they talked about free funding for illegal immigrants, every single person on that platform, sense at the time but i am sure all 20 something would have. that shows you with policy it clear that pelosi is more moderate policies north wi are t winning. >> what is fascinating is speaker pelosi's comment about 4 votes on other side, she is trying to teach aoc an important lesson about power politics in the house, speaker pelosi is concerned about a different number, that 218, if aockeeps doing it will be in danger, that means house democrat majority, this is fascinating watching them go back and forth, i think what alexandria ocasio-cortez does not quite understand, shy will 11, maybe i learn, that twr
7:55 pm
followers do not equal votes or power in the house. david: another number we didn't talk about 2 1/2 billion dollars might be how much trump rerelek you should brelekun-- thank you. >> coming up next. president trump talks up america's environmental leadership, we'll have more on what he said today when we come back. [ dogs barking ] what about him? let's do it. [ sniffing ] come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. hurry into the mercedes-benz summer event today for exceptional offers. lease the glc 300 suv for just $419 a month ..
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david: stocks closed lower today. volume on the big board 2.9 billion shares. crude oil closing flat at $57 a barrel. listen to lou's reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. president trump at the white house defending his environmental record while taking aim at the green new deal. president trump: we are focused on practical exclusions, and more than 100 democrats in congress support the so-called green new deal. we'll defend the environment but we'll also defend american sovereignty, american prosperity, and we'll defend american jobs. david: that's it for us tonight, corey lewandowski and walid
8:00 pm
phares are among our guests. you can catch "bulls and bears" at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. thanks for joining us. [♪] trish: i.c.e. is standing ready to deport one million illegal immigrants. before the left gets up in arms over it. they should look at the president who has the record for the most of deportations in a year. it's not president trump. former acting i.c.e. director tom homan joins us. the president touting the strong economy today at the white house. >> since the election we developed more than 6 million new jobs. if i would have


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