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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 8, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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for kennedy, judge napolitano takes it away right now. see you tomorrow. >> thank you, president trump has a few reasons to smile, major new poll getting him highest approval rating of his presidency, but same poll shows he could lose the 2020 election to not one but five different democrats. is it reason to worry or a big pile of. as only he could say, fake news, judge andrew napolitano for kennedy tonight, according to abc news "washington post" poll, 44% of americans act prove the president trump's overall job performance, that up five points since april, two better than previous best right after his electiontion. on fli flip side 53% disapprove.
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and according to same pollsters trump had record for longest amount of time, president had majority of americans disapprove of job they are doing, he could be vulnerable in 2020, which democrat has best chance of beating him? according to same abc news "washington post" poll, joe biden leads president by 14 points. kamala harris up by 8, liz warren by 7, bernie sanders up by 6, pete buttigieg up by 4, but president has one thing on his side. the economy. 51% of people in same poll say he is handling it well, if it stays strong it may will all he needs to win, president's campaign team told abc news yesterday that the and the in a stronger position to win reelection than president obama
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or president reagan were, we'll debate that. is team trump right to be confident? joining me. should trump be happy over the poll numbers? or is there a dark cloud on the horizon. >> he should be happy with this news, he has a record high in approval on the economy. at 51%, that he has improved his standing since april, that if you look at all of other polling in all other data is good news for him, should he be confident he could win? no. any politician worth their salt tell you like you run the race like you are 10 behind all of the time, try to win over voters out of your coalition, and urge your voters you need all help that they can give you.
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using resources and energy. president continues to ignore what we've seen in polling that joe biden does always poll better than he, and all issues but the economy. he is underwater. and that he is upside down in he states he needs to win the electoral college again, if i were advising him, i would not advise confidence, i would be buoyed by this news, possible if this economy stays in this position, he could win elect but he needs work to shore up his vulnerability. kennedy: >> a question asked if high of s presidential, 53% said no, should is bother him. >> i am so surprised it was only 53%. he is not presidential, he has proudly never been presidential,
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he does not care, he said his supporters don't either, he has said to his supporters, i could shoot someone on fifth avenue and lot lose a vote, his words, name-calling, cruelty this is something that he really wears like a badge of honor, nothing will change, as i said, because he as majority disapproval, i'm surprised that number was only 53%. >> switching gears, can joe biden survive the gaffes that we have seen in the past month? we'll talk later about his apology, how senator harris and booker responded. or didn't, he seems to be apologizing every week, is that bad or good? >> i think it is smart to kick this on side of the curb, now senator harris tries to keep it up, it will boomerang against her. shshe he has stood by his recor, and said he didn't want to
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offend anyone if they took it wrong way, i think so by next debate they can move on to other challenges. he campaigned earlier you get the stuff done, the better, it does not mean he will be the nominee, this is not going to be a coronation, he will face a very tough road. but i think that we have to remind ourselves there will not be a president trump -- presumptive nominee for almost a year. >> did you notice last weekend, the two said the same thing, we can't go too far left, did you pick that up. >> i can tell how nervous they are about the fact that every single person in the race bouabidrace --bouabide -- >> offers healthcare coverage, not merge services, but health care coverage to illegal
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immigrants, she is watching this increincredible fight from ininsurgents wing of her freshman class. she knows this is a divided party, and she knows these positions are out of step with mainstream of the electorate, she and biden have reasons to be never vows, they need to be much louder. >> thank you ab. see you later this week. >> thank you. >> democratic front-runner joe biden apologized for comments he made about working with segregationists in old days, when he was in congress take a look:
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>> that is a far cry from three weeks ago when senator cory booker demand biden apologize and he refused. >> apologize for what? >> cory booker called for it about corey should apologize, he knows better, not a racist bone in my body, i have been involved in civil rights my whee "wheel f fortune" career, period -- my whole career, period. >> senator booker reacted. >> i am frustrated it took so long but i am grateful he did it. i am sorry we had to go through this, i almost fell attacked when he said i should be apologizes. >> senator harris stopped short of accepting the apology. >> he has a right to recognize the impact of his words, i
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applaud him for that. if there is -- disagreement between he and i am i will take him at his word but that does not address the issue of busing in america, we have to -- we cannot rewrite history. >> harris referring to us abouting of african-american children to pro dominantly white schools, he bludgeoned former vice president over the issue during last month a presidential debate, saying she is one of the children us about thed to -- bun panel. "reason" magazine editor at large, matt welsh. michael star hopkins and trump 2020 board member. jason meister, michael to you,
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what is with it apology stuff. >> i think you know what joe biden has to recognize, he may not have intended to be hurtful, but the way in when she sai shed it was hurtful. now we can get back to kitchen table issues, what democrats were worried about with joe biden talking about getting in the race, he will never be as popular as the day before he got in. now, we all know what he is talking about, lbj was president at the time. he cajoled some old white southern segregation ist, twisting their arms did that make lbj racist. >> no, joe biden was talking about federal versus local, but bigger picture, joe biden is leading democrat contender he
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botched this, he should have been prepared, to react to this. >> he was not repaired. >> but bigger theme this is a state of democrat party, a party where they rip each other apart. they learn nothing. nothing from the 2016 election, american voters, they are voting on the economy, on the results of this administration. >> jason does not want me to ask him this but i will ask you. who is the democrat that trump camp of which he is a member fears of most. >> hell, i don't know. >> john delaney. >> is it -- it -- can unite par. >> i would say -- >> gaffe prone. >> i would say kamala harris, with energy, and same possess as joe biden on busing. after all she should have walked things back and does not want federal government to dictate busing but more like donald trump he took the fight straight to the old man, and battered him
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about the chin, put him on his heels, she gets the black vote excited, so far joe biden has done well among black voters largely they see him as someone who can win. kamala looked like someone regardless of when you agree with her, i don't like he is ready to fight and win, and alive. >> hopkins you are press with the for john delaney, a democratic candidate, make the case for joe biden. >> equipmen come on. >> america is looking for someone that can urquide uunitet side, and i think that john delaney, joe biden, and people of that ilk are prepared to take on trump in general election that people on lift are not. >> democratic presidential field is smaller tonight, california congressman eric swalwell gave up his presidential aspirations,
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he will seek reelect to house of representatives. >> today ends your presidential campaign. but it is the beginning of an opportunity in congress with a new perspective shaped by the lives that have touched mine and our campaign throughout the last 3 months. to bring that promise of america to all americans. >> all right move was not a shock. congressman failed to reach 1% in recent polls and lagging behind in doe nation, she not only long shot, candidates like beto o'rourke and john hickenlooper have been struggling to break into crowded field, they could until swalwell's lead, some people are still considering jumping into the race.
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tom steyer, is reportedly preparing his white house bid despite saying earlier he would not be running. will another one soon bite the dust or will field continue to get more -- what do trump people feel like steyer jumping in, do they care. >> i want more democratic -- >> the more disarray, the more socialists arguing the better for us, schal stall wel. >> swalwell is one out of 23. >> michael. we're all know you work for delaney, a great guy, who do you expect to fall next. >> i think that there will be a couple people that will fall toward the summer. as field narrows, but with trump people should be scared of is people on the left start to drop, you see centrists like john delaney and joe biden who have that funding mechanism who
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can take on president head. >> >> i am trying to fine out, where that goes within the field, if de blasio gets it maybe he -- >> de blasio is not -- i don't think that anyone cares. >> new yorkers glad. >> democrats new york don't take him seriously. >> do libertarians care what happens on democratic national convention party. >> sure, it interest rates on what the democratic party goes on issues. how much joe biden in particular was back peddling on anything that might distance himself from democratic socialists two condition tates that went over -- candidates that went after that notion. saying we have so slowdown, delaney did it. he has enough self funding. >> that rich from practicing law in new jersey. >> god less america. >> the other john hickenlooper. that is not what got -- kamala
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harris up 10, talking about busing. what is the lesson, stay super left on economics not come out forcibly for it go straight to social issues. >> does president, an articulate forcforceful, -- >> kamala harris is one of the weakest candidates. >> why is she three. >> she had a good debate performance, she beat up joe biden, that is all the she is get a bonus from, i don't think she has any competition with president. >> warren and samed sanders get 28% of vote, there is a limit to democratic socialism, kamala harris has access more. >> program spoiler, michigan congressman amash, who just lift
9:16 pm
republican party. will congressman amash jump to 2020 race as a libertarian, i will ask him tomorrow night, when he joins me mere for his interview on fox. at 9:00 eastern. the panel returns later but first, trump pushing for the citizenship question on the census. will it work? reasons nick galespi knows more about that han most lawyers did will join me next. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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judge napolitano: trump administration is not letting up in push for a i citizenship question next year census, attorney general barr telling associated press, he agrees with president trump. supreme court got it wrong when they blocked the census question. thes i citizenship question, bar sees a legal path to adding that question, without sharing specifics, said he plans on taking action in coming days. attorney general comments come after department of justice announced it was replacing entire legal team handling the
9:21 pm
effort to add the controversial question, that was after the department of justice admitted defeat, and supreme court and gave up the ghost, now commerce department ar ag -- >> but last month, supreme court ruled that reasoning quote appeared to have been contrived. critics say could cause population of democratic strong hold to be under counted if people are afraid to fill out survey, nick gillespie said there is a listen doing learn. >> there is two lessons first is that wilbur ross one of the most incompetent liars to disgrace dc, but his contra - -- >> expwg lik.
9:22 pm
>> this is an attempt to kind of scare off message awesome. judge napolitano: what is other reason why this is a less know to be learned. >> other is interesting irony, steve bannon, said that one thing trump was going to do was deconstruct the administrative state, we're seeing because of the incompetence of department of justice and commerce, administrator state is hemmed in by the judiciary branch. >> one reasons, to support your argument of the incompetence of secretary of commerce, he said we did this to help enforce the voting rights act. the voting rights act is not enforced by department of commerce but department of justice when department of
9:23 pm
justice was asked, did you ask for the census question? they said we don't know what you are talking about, voting right act applies in one quarter of the state not in other 3/4, the supreme court chief justice, and majority said, we don't believe you. >> internal document and communication with ross, it was clear high cam he came into offe wanting to ask this question. ross went to department of justice said hey what do i need to do to ask. judge napolitano: what is the reap? reason? racial or reaaportion the citi cities. >> right, also fascinating, in a lot of different ways because the number of illegal immigrants in country is down from 2007.
9:24 pm
in major cities most illegals live in about 20 different metro areas, almost all have fewer immigrants illegals, i think part is trump doesn't to kind of -'s to kind of throw a plight t of fear, only to figure out how many people live there. that is how you figure out how many congress people are. >> judge napolitano: they say how many toilets do you have and your education, and how many people live in the basement, you tell them take a hike. >> i did that two censuses ago when i was a homeowner in ohio, i only realized, they don't arrest and find people but i did break the law. judge napolitano: than thank yoy much nick. >> coming up u.s. women's soccer
9:25 pm
team, crowned world champions. after beating everyone on field. as they prepare to celebrate world cup win down new york's canyon of heroes they gear up for a fight, equal pay. guess what i'm going to ask about equal pay for women, joe piscopo. we'll ask him, if he thinks they will succeed next. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios.
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like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ dto experiencer gthe luxury you desire on a full line of utility vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $389 a month, for 36 months, and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing. judge napolitano: world champion u.s. women's soccer team just arrived back home from beating the netherlands 2-zip, look at that, team dominating the pitch, they also dominating headlines with some player out spoken political views, team is suing their own federation for alleged gender discrimination with chants of everybod equal pay rat from the crowd, and trump chimed
9:30 pm
in. >> you look at world cup soccer that is one thing, and professional soccer, see who is takes in what. >> who is taking in what, trump said after the victory, he has not quote really thought about whether he will invite the team to the white house, he know he thought about it. star captain megan rapinoe won golden ball and golden boot. weighed in on a potential visit tonight. >> we said you know public -- not everyone is with me, we don't want to go to the white house. i figure that why the invitation has not cam. judgcome. judge napolitano: she has accepted offer from chuck schumer to visit the capitol hill. could standoff with white house
9:31 pm
hurt their push for equal pay, here with me, joe piscopo. >> judge my pleasure. judge napolitano: i don't want to say how long we've known each other, i don't know if there was television in those days. >> just artur godfrey. i am in green room with the wonderful make-up, you know the judge, elementary school. judge napolitano: did you tell them, i was a goody, and you were -- you worked in comedy for your professional life, a heavily heal environment, "saturday night live," were your 5female colleagues paid equally. >> i have to tell you, the snl, julia louie dreyfus came in,.
9:32 pm
judge napolitano: they paid her peanuts. >> i still feel guilty. >> shouldy i -- should the femae soccer players be paid equaly. >> equal now for sure, ino "saturday night live." however, yes those girls should be paid, i'm the father of three daughters. -- pay those girls this is monumental, they should be equal pay for the girls that is as exciting as anything. judge napolitano: should the girls. women be paid equally because more almori right or government-
9:33 pm
morally right or government forces them to, and who the edge heck is government to tell them what to play. >> it morally right. right thing to do. i am so sick of the government, this -- government is getting too much in everyone's life, including mine from the irs, from everything that go the trying to dictate to us, new jersey. we're turning to a socialist state, new york too. i talk about it before with neil, and then california as well. judge napolitano: new jersey we have a governor trying to turn state. >> nice guy. judge napolitano: like they have done in california. one reason he is not governor because of 57 sitting in front of -- person sitting in front of me now, because you didn't run against him. >> what do you snoong wha think. judge napolitano: what is canolli doing. >> i said, i'm doing the judge's show they said leave the gun take the canollis. judge napolitano: you brought it. >> i know you din you don't eat.
9:34 pm
judge napolitano: i don't eat sugar. >> i want everyone to know, you would take a bite. >> my mother is going to kill me, i made this promise i love you. >> not bad, is that from new jersey. >> no. >> no, not that good. new york. >> new york. >> did you bring a napkin. >> i lovie. >> i love you too, pay the girls. >> you got it. >> obama -- [ laughter ] obamacare upheld in supreme court twice. federal ar -- atish, issue. get that canolli out of here, they are arguing that congress' decision to scrap mandate
9:35 pm
rendered the law unconstitutional, it could end up a double edge sword for the white house. it could be a headache mr. president, joining me now. peter suter man. -- suderman. >> thank you for. >> thank you for your great notes, obamacare fell. because of a flimsy reason, it was upheld, excuse me because of a flimsy reason, concocted by chief justice. it can't force you to enter channels of commerce but congress can tax you for anything, but it is a tax we'll up hold that statute. 2017, donald trump is president, republicans control congress, day get rid of that tax penalty for individual mandate, and a
9:36 pm
federal judge in texas said, it was upheld because of the tax tax is not there it now unconstitutional that goes to fifth circuit court of appeal in new orleans, doj refuses to defend statute because the president of united states thinks i it it is unconstitutio. >> it is complicated there are big questions about standing involved. i think this is a bad legal argument and worse political argument. if you look at conservative scholars who said that obamacare was unconstitutional, they backed argmened -- arguments inn in 2015, they will all say, pretty much that is a very bad legal argument. i also think it is bad politics if you look at exit polls for
9:37 pm
last midterm, what was number one thing voters cared about it was health care in particular preexisting conditions, nancy pelosi saying that is why we won midterm this will put it back on table even if supreme court next summer. very hard for republicans to defend it. judge napolitano: does anyone make argument, that is in high y heart, this is none of federal government, health care is not in the constitution. >> no one -- >> not even conservative republicans say, we have to replace obamacare, we have to give the votes something for free. >> nobody makes that argument any more, and one reason why is medicare, and donald trump ran on we're not touching medicare, that is the biggest federal healthcare program in the united states very popular with republican voters because of medicare, republicans are stuck defending health care status quo with federal government paid for
9:38 pm
about half health care. judge napolitano: what will happen politically if fifth circuit court of appeals up holds this federal judge, what to republicans have to propose in 2020 campaign to replace it, i say nothing. >> i say not much, we saw what they had in 2017, this goes to you know one of the big problem with this case, the congress that repiled individual mandate pinalty also declined too repile the rest of obamacare. we know their plans at the time, they could not figure out a replacement plan then, i don't think they have spent time to coalesce around a plan in the months and years since. judge napolitano: peter suderman. >> thank you. judge napolitano: coming up, billionaire convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein pleading not guilty to sex trafficking charges today, but
9:39 pm
will old friend of bill clinton, and neighbor of donald trump get a sweetheart deal this time, panel returns with their reaction next. ♪ i want it that way...
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judge napolitano: former hedge fund manager, conflicted sex offender jeffrey epstein today pleading not guilty of charges of trafficking underage girls. he was arrested in new jersey while returning from a trip to paris. >> epstein alleged to have abused dozens of victims by causing them to engage in sex actions with -- at his mansion in new york and hissie estate im beach florida, and paid certain
9:44 pm
victims to recruit girls, this conduct as alleged went on for years, it involves dozens of young girls, some as young as 14 at the time they were allegedly abused. >> that was jeff berman chief federal prosecutor here in new york city. making government's even of the case, epstein is innocent until proven guilty we know and understand that, we does face a maximum of 45 years and he has friends in high places, including president trump former president bill clinton, a spokesperson for the former president released a statement earlier today, reading in part: and statement goes on to say:
9:45 pm
let's get to epstein, can he escape justice this second time? panel is back. matt welsh, michael star hopkins, jason meister. political implication because of his former friend hip with former president clinton and former friendship with plump. president trump. >> alleged pedophiles have no party, and guilt by association is nothing we cannot do. judge napolitano: i know that but are clinton and trump going to face that prospect. >> i think that justice department needs to get to bottom of the case, and learn about the facts, and do what other networks are not doing, to start to basically run to our corners point that bill clinton on plane 26 times, and trump his friend, it is state of our politics it is toxic, i think we
9:46 pm
need to get to bottom of, pedophiles have no party. >> michael same question, are political implication or just a rich guy now likely to get his due. >> there are political implications, but whether you are a democrat or republican, epstein is a disgusting human being, secretary acosta should be investigated and held accounted -- if -- anyone else that falls in between. >> the reverend to secretary acosta is a interesting one. secretary of labor was the u.s. attorney in miami when epstein was facing the very same charges that were filed against him today. secretary acosta negotiated a deal. sweetheart deal, that allow epstein to plead go the guilty e
9:47 pm
charges, and get an agreement to not be prosecuted for federal charges, today, berman, the chief federal prosecutor in new york said there are two teams investigating this case. one sex trafficking time. who is the other team. >> public corruption team, what is that doing? no comment, what do you think they are doing? looking at whether or not the first agreement one not po prosecute signed by secretary acosta, when he was u.s. attorney was act of corruption. >> everyone else around not just secretary acost aand shout out to miami herald, reporting on that, named by the new york prosecutor today, as renewing interest. the way they detailed relationships there, the -- a corruption of life, happening here, milieu of people like eyes wide shut movie, that i know you
9:48 pm
did not watch, other will know, but power elites scratching each other's back, and more in a way that just unseemly, i hope that ain't havain't corruption -- anticorruption unit gets to bottom of it. judge napolitano: >> nay have lost a lot of credible tie. judge napolitano: suppose, the secretary of lan labor is chargn some way, does that hurt the president. >> it hurts everyone, we're in a situation people don't just government, yes, trump has degraded offices and lost respect for authority of government, but at end of day the u.s. people lose faith. judge napolitano: matt, michael, jason, thank you so much. >> up next, scary story. new technology helping big brother keep closer tabs you on from high above, no matter where you are, no matter who you are. the details on government drones, invading your most
9:49 pm
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judge napolitano: what if i told you that government and private corporations could watch your every move from daily commute to walking your dog. from 25,000 feet in the sky, it
9:53 pm
sounds like science fiction but it is happening this drone technology holds huge potential, but my next guest, who is courageous enough to write about this, warns it could be one of the biggest threats to privacy in american history, artur holland michelle, from eyes in the sky. what a pleasure to have you, how bad is this, what is the gore gone stare, this system is a giant camera that can watch a whole city at the same time, thousands of vehicles and people simultaneously. judge napolitano: can you zero in. >> you can track everything, now
9:54 pm
only give yo resolution to say vehicle as a dot, but once you know where it has gone you know who it associated with. >> who owns these drones. >> primarily at the moment, used by military and intelligence agencies, they have been used since 2006. judge napolitano: we're not talking about -- talking about drones spying on people in new york, baltimore or dallas is that right? glez technology can too easily jump over to civilians here that started to happen, with this technology. a number of law enforcement agencies have taken an interest, cities have run pilot programs, baltimore ran it for a hundred days, without anyone knowing,. judge napolitano: you have to my next series of questions, has
9:55 pm
any legislative body, a city or state congress authorized this. >> no, that is legal, that is the thing, the agencies are operating within what the law oh, mitts -- oh omitts rather tn allow. >> "washington post," reporting that they have 650 million photographs of americans there areon -- only 330 million. >> these things happen in a tactical level, they have a need, the technology presents itself, they adopt it. >> they don't wait for permission. >> is the technology to resist it, i can't see this 25 thousands feet above me, can i resist it, nu nullify it. >> a good question. >> your next book. >> a question that comes up a lot, we don't want adversaries
9:56 pm
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amash. christian tate, and dave smith, from new york, defending freedom, every day of the week. so long america. lou: good evening, i am david asman in for lou dobbs, booming trump economy putting 2020 dems on notice, new polling showing president's approval rating climbing to all-time high, driven by his economic policies. >> immigration remain at forefront for trump administration, immigration and customs enforcement said they are ready and waiting to deport a million illegal him grant -- immigrants living in u.s.. >> jeh johnson admitting that 2020 dem's radical immigration policies amount to open borders,


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