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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 18, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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squad. that's it for tonight. a reminder louis back on monday. our guest include harmeet dhillon and some >> it is 5 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour president trump ramping up his rivalry with the squad and make america great again rally last night how it could help his 2020 fight to keep the qhows. white house. >> streaming struggle for netflix tanking 12% after losing u.s. subscribers with new competition on the way in, and two hit shows on the way out. what's next for the company? >> all right if you are one of the 150 million peel that download the popular face app to see yourself age l russia may now have your face and your data. >> it is considered one of the greatest or most annoying songs ever and one song vowing to play
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it on repeat it is thursday the 18th of july and fbn:am starts right now. ♪ that song annoy you yet welcome to fbn:am don't be annoyed tuesday lauren simonetti thank you for joinings. rng good morning everybody. i'm cheryl casone. >> let's take a look at how your money is moving this morning pus futures are looking at more declines dow down 80 points and nasdaq down 12.5 two dow stocks do report today united statessed health and microsoft. >> despite concerns from investors they're gearing up, of course, for next fed meeting we're looking for that rate cut as you can see right now on the
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tenure, unchange. >> taking a look at oil prices comments foreign minister that u.s., quote, shot itself in the foot by leaving the nuclear deal oil is at 56, 64 a barrel. >> worries about global outlet for earnings, of course, trade concern are already there. >> this is how stockses are trading this morning in europe red arrows across thed board. >> escalating there. to the top story this morning the president waste nothing time going after what he called left wing extremist of the democratic party. >> told is here now with the rivalry with the squad how it seems to be ramping up. good morning to you, todd. prvelg you thought the president was going to tone it down follow the tweet storm, think again. fake a listen. >> the leading voices of the democrat party are left wing extremists. who reject everything our nation stands for. republicans know that america is
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the greatest force for peace and justice in the history of our world. but these left wing see our nation as a force of evil. their comments are helping to fuel rise of a dangerous hard left. they're always telling us how to run it, how to do this, you know what? if they don't love it, tell them to e leave it. omar minimize the september 11th attacks on our homeland. saying -- some people did something. new poll piengdz that 49% of likely volters say president opponents accusing him of racism for political gain following that weekend tweet storm and doubling down that followed. still reaction from the left in those hoping to run against the president in 2020 was forceful. kamala harris tweeting, quote, it is vile, it is cowardly zine phobic racist defiles office of
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the president and i won't share it here and time to get truch out of office and unite the country. elizabeth warren tweeting in part, quote, this president is desperate calling out his racism, zine phobia and misogyny is imperative. the president for his rt fat adding this about warren, quote, indians got together and they said we don't want her. lauren cheryl, back to you. >> todd pirro, thank you and in response to last night congresswoman omar tweeted words by my angilau you may shoot me with your words cut me with eyes an kill me with your hatefulness but still like air i will rise. a very famous poem, of course, from a poet angela -- >> did you write back? israel media reporting that benjamin will decide whether omar and can enter israel and the webcast bank for their plan tour to leave it the first
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palestinian american woman to enter elected to congress. omar is first somali american in congress introduced a bill it allow americans to participate in the boycott by investment and sanctions movement against israel . cheryl. >> well shares of netflix are tumbling and premarket right now the stock is down more than 11%. they reported their first drop in u.s. subscribers in eight years after the bell is netflix could lose the crown as leading streaming company. joining us now from fox news headlines 24/7 is brett larson good morning to you, brett how big of a problem is this losing u.s. subscribers for netflix. . not having the growth people anticipated not really a surprise and i think -- you know "the wall street journal" reuters everybody is reporting coming streaming war talked about this last week there's so many options that are coming on market in next year. we're going to have disney plus, apple streaming services coming this fall. already have hugh lieu and
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things are coming out so netflix has competition seems as though may or may not be prepared to handle all of that right now they've sort of become this de facto streaming service. you can go there, get episodes of friends you can get star trek all of these programs from a variety of sources. but now all of those sources are saying hey hold on a second we want that stuff become and launch our streaming platform. >> showing viewers numbers up here but the big eyes on the show yesterday. i'm l watching international subscribe or growth missed estimates but they trieded to raise prices in the caribbean and parts of south america lath opinion america and that seems to really bitten them in the tail if you will and i was concern ored about when -- haste physician said well content comes and goes that was the response, and what's concern that you're losing office in friends you're losing a big percentage of your content with competitors coming after you. >> con at the present time does
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come and go but so does subscribers and investors that's not necessarily right approach to take. thing that we're going to start seeing with more and more of these streaming service provides is what hbo is struggling with no longer "game of thrones" era. people aren't going to go there if you don't have a hit show to watch i think what we see among consumers great to be consumer of content with with so many options but what if i feel like people start doing is sign up for netflix binge stranger things it is and house of cards is over. and then cancel it and go to wherever else they need the shows that they watch. >> how they blamed this quarter's content well we're spending 15 billion on content so might want to figure that out. you know whats i mean? . as later this year competitor streaming services come online ting the message is consumers are only willing to spend so much on a certain nusm them. >> exactly what it is. brett larson thank you for being here. >> thanks breath.
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democratic controlled house impeach president trump but lawmaker voted to hold bill barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross in con tempght for failing to comply with ises. >> lauren blanchard is life. >> voting to hold members of the administration in criminal contempt of congress, the other to hold off on moving forward with impeachment. >> the resolution how stupid is that -- about on impeachment. president trump at a rally in north carolina claiming victory not only for the vote setting aside texas representative al greene's third attempt at article it is of impeachment. but also in his fight with four progressive democratic congress women after house condemn tweets against them. >> they don't love but in some cases they hate our country and they're so angry. >> the president is doing enormous damage, however, to the
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whole country. we're being torn apart. another big vote on capitol hill. the resolution is adopted. house voting to hold attorney general barr pane commerce secretary ross in criminal contempt of congress. for their alleged refuse toll hand over documents related to 2020 census. house majority leader releasing a statement applauding the vote saying the resolution is critical to ensuring that the american people learn the full facts about what the trump administration is doing in their name. the dpght of justice which attorney general barr oversees releasing a statement calling the contempt vote a new low. saying, quote, this vote is nothing more than a political stunt. at his rally the president saying he thinkses that contempt volt and his feud with progressive democrats are going to help his campaign in 2020. in washington, lauren blanchard fox news. house speaker nancy pelosi set a
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deadline tomorrow for the trump administration to reach a deal with congress on raising debt ceiling and new spend levels pelosi wants to votes on any potential agreement next thursday, that's a day before the house goes on recess. treasury secretary steven mnuchin warning that government could exhaust its ability to keep paying its bills in early september that's a little bit sooner than many people thought and early september is before congress eventually returns from their recess. their august recess. well president trump is going to be talking trade with the dutch prime minister today. >> tracee carrasco has the details for us. good morning, tracee . >> good morning prime minister will visit the white house in the main topic on the agenda is trade, though, president trump is also expected to bring out the u.s. request for a military contribution in syria, and increase pressure on iran. last visited the qhows in july 2018 when he pushed back against trump asering that relations
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would be positive regardless of whether the u.s. and european union worked out a trade dispute. comedian jon stuart blasting republican senator rand paul and mike lee for blocking extension of the september 11th victim compensation fund. yes they, lawmakers slowed down the process of passing the bipartisan bill that would provide relief for first responders their families and others at ground zero. >> you know there's some things that they have no trouble putting on the credit card. but somehow when it comes to the 9-1-1 first responders community, the cops, the firefighters, the construction workers, the volunteers, the survivors all of a sudden man we have to go through this. spokes fen for paul says senator just is trying to figure out how to face for the extension. a spokesperson for lee says senator wants a last-second look at legislation over concerns as fiscal misuse. foreign buyers are pulling back from the u.s. home market for
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purchases of u.s. homes have dropped by half over the last two years. the national association of realtor says foreign centers bought less than 78 billion of real estate in year that ended in march. 36% decline from the previous year. and spacex suffers a setback in sending humans to space the company test fired these star hopper roberts but it erupted into a fireball. the rocket was protype of a much larger one spacex hope to use to sending people to mars. the company is investigating the cause of the explosion, and that's what's happening now. >> all right tracee thank you very much. >> i know. the latest challenge going viral you probably did this. you can see yourself age. well a qarng from security experts actually i didn't either they're waving red flag on face app. and imagine home with no gas stove -- no hot water heaters, and even no fancy fake fireplaces.
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chuck shiewmer is seeing red over face app shiewmer is calling on fbi to investigate whether de tay shared on popular
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app makes photos look older or younger could fall into the handle of the russian government that developed paste app has had denied that any user data is actually transferred to russia. >> do you believe that. trade talks stalled as trump administration waves response to beijing demands that it ease restrictions on huawei. white house trade investigator told charles payne to ignore market noise about a trade deal. >> everything you hear that doesn't come from the lips of robert lighthizer or donald j. trump is pure speculation designed to move the markets in bad ways and to shape narrative it is that is garbage. >> jason the cofounder president of "halo" investing, jason good morning here's my question for you. what do investors have to go on if companies like industrials are continuing to site p fight trade uncertainty for weaker results? you have to go by what the companies are saying they're saying trade is the issue.
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>> well, i think trade is an issue, obviously, one the biggest macro out there is that trade war and not just with china but the tariff a wars that we're seeing all over the world. keep in mind that executives right now are going to try to pad future with, you know, markets at all time highs expectations yes somewhat low by analysts if i was an executive of a publicly traded company. i would try to manage move tores expectations and that's exactly what yowfs seen so far. right? >> so you're saying that companies are using trade as scapegoat and using the fed -- yeah exactly that's what i was thinking railroad with sympathy. but he seems to think that issue is really the fed that they killed the markets hope or companies hope with that 100 point rate cut 100 basis cut rate hike i'm sorry with the rate hike. >> i don't think so. at the end of the day you know, the interest rates are coming off of all time low so at some point and time you have to normalize interest rates they
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can't be zero forever. i do agree with muhammad where you see lower for longer. right and interest rates are still low. the fed is going to cut 25 basis points but interesting everybody is talking about how this is 1995 and 1996 all over again. well you'll see a rate cut this month see a rate cut in december. and then again one in early next year. i don't see that whatting but see it 25 basis point cut i think this month. and then we're going to get through earning season and wait and and election season. >> absolutely let's stick with earnings for a second morgan stanley reports today how is business at the bank in your view? >> well i think morgan stanley is a little bit interesting when you look at bank earnings like bank of america as we saw yesterday. and jpmorgan, where they're really heavily bolstered by consumer unit you "don't ask, don't don't have that with morgan stanley but much of the topline is imangted by trading revenue and corporate
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actions, and that's we've seen that's been a challenge for these banks that could be -- >> a bright spot for morgan stanley we'll see and finally microsoft who knew they're tiebl hold a one trillion e evaluation what do you expect to hear tonight from microsoft? i think microsoft is pretty good and market -- is not expecting a lot if you look at volatility they're expecting what a 3.5% move but microsoft will be pretty good they haven't disappointed yet. banking on helicoptered growth in the cloud. jason thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> well coming up more troops are headed to the border and dhs chief shedding back to hot seat on capitol hill and afc and members on that squad same committee politicize crisis for their own agenda. and breaking overnight in puerto rico, police had fired tier gas on protesters over governor to resign how you could be affected. keep it right here on fbn:am.
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today lawmakers are expected to grow acting homeland security chief kevin on immigration policies including the separation of migrant children all of this as the pentagon orders 2100 additional troops to fight the border crisis. >> griff joins us live this morning from washington with allful details. griff, good morning. >> good morning cheryl lauren yeah troops and more firework going to fly on capitol hill today and another contentious hearing over krietion sissed a border but topic that was very much on the president's mind last night in north carolina. >> democrats have put the needs of foreign citizens far ahead of
5:24 am
our own citizens. democrats open border policies deplete our public services overcrowd our schools and hospitals. and bring crime, drugs and deadly gangs into our community. >> acting dhs secretary fashion off with some members of a so-called squad today. xangd ya cortez presley and all sit on house oversight committee you may recall they testified themselves last week at a hearing before the committee over detention facilities. >> there's no need for us to overcrowd and to detain and underresource, there's no need for us to arrest innocent people and treat them no differently than criminals when they are pursuing their basic human rights. >> now who served as the cvp chief before heading dhs will be grilled as he calls for a national conversation over the facts of the conditions at the
5:25 am
border is expected to address congress failure to provide support and funding for boater security detention hearings and pentagon announces 2100 additional troops will be sent to the border now a thousand will be texas national guard troops 250 will be at the ports of entry 750 to the detention facilities, and 1100 active tax cut military troops will support ongoing operations currently there's 4500 troops serving at border alling together this will bring the new number to 6600, as for that hearing today guys the only witness appearing if and it will be something to watch. lauren and cheryl. >> more fireworkings griff, thank you very much. cheryl: world most notorious drug lord could pay for the u.s. border wall. federal judge ordered joaquin el chapo guzman behind bar plus 30 years possibly in nation most secure prison in colorado. he ordered to hand over nearly 13 billion dollars of his drug
5:26 am
money to the united states and republicans senate ted cruz and ben cases proposing that cash be used to punsd the u.s., mexico border wall. their bill they've introduced is the el chapo act. lauren: massive pentagon contract bloomberg report that the president has requested more information about that contract. set to be awarded to either amazon or microsoft. it could be worth as much as $10 billion over ten years and learned about letters from republican member of congress that claim contract excluded some companies. cheryl: we've got a lot more coming up this morning is the squad outshining the 2020 democratic presidential homefuls? how rising rivalry with president trump could actually be helping the president. and just when you think it is finally gone or for good. baby shark is back. the reason officials of one florida city are blasting the
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let's get you caught up own global market action declines in u.s. earnings jitters trade fears overwhelming investors at this hour. dow is down 4-9d points nasdaq down 14, s&p down 3. in asia, more red on the screen take a look at the nikkei in japan down 2% today. the shanghai composite and china closing down 1%. we bring in michael houston chief market analyst to cmc markets with a look at the european markets. what are you watching today in europe, michael? >> yeah. good morning ladies. a little bit lower today i think in the context of where we were two or three weeks ago not
5:31 am
altogether surprising two or three weeks ago a expectation of trade tensions to get ramped up. the fact that china and u.s. are now talking again have sen a decent rally as well as expectations of bank easing and by trump crystallize concerns that we have two or three week ago seeing a little bit of profit taking and a little bit of disappointment on the back of those netflix earnings numbers last night. and a disappointing update from germany biggest soflt ware company. >> also michael it seems like rhetoric is rising that we get a no deal brexit at least that's how morgan stanley sees it. >> yeah. i'm l still doubtful about that. the focus is the fact that we leave on 13euzst of october that hasn't changed not likely to change what's happening at the moment is political term that is raised as a result of the conservative party leadership contest will know the result of that next week. >> appreciate the insight michael hughess ton, thank you
5:32 am
very much. back here at home president trump blasted four at a poor rei campaign rally last night in greenville, north carolina. >> so these congress their comment are helping to fuel rise of a if dangerous him militant hard left but we're going to win this election like nobody has ever seen before. they're telling us how to run this, do this, you know what if they don't love it, tell them to leave it. [applause] reporter joins us now and president is not letting this go. is this a mistake on his part? >> i think there's really two ways of looking at this. you know if you rewind to last week, you have aoc and nancy pelosi essentially at each other throats aoc insinuated that nancy pelosi was racist democrats have leaked some internal polling showing that aoc and omar rest of the squad
5:33 am
weren't very popular in america. and then, obviously, of course, this weekend trump intervened with his tweets that were racially charged he got a lot of criticism for that so he intervene that some saw as oncoming civil war and one of the best news psych pals he's ever had so that was a mistake and it hurt him but other way is essentially president trump wants to force floe see to own this segment of the party that she doesn't really want to own she was distancing herself from a squad a lot of democratses really don't like there if you listen to with a they're saying internally. >> but here's had thing he's focusing more on squad than he is on bernie sanders or joe biden or elizabeth warren i think that -- excuse me warn focus on the election not poor women that may or may not be popular with many americans. >> yeah well i think. i think that's exactly right he wants to paint the squad as the face of the democratic party.
5:34 am
ting he would rather be running against aoc and ellen omar than someone like joe bide son ting this is -- i think he's -- whether this is right or not you can say either way but i think he sees attacking aoc attacking these people as helping him in the election. >> aoc more voices on twitter and social media she tweeted about the president and i'm not going to read whole thing but she said decently cannot be taken for granted something that we have to create advance actively work build and popular i want to get to something pells an issue for the president that is the rust belt he's got to win ohio. he's got to win wisconsin. michigan, pennsylvania, i mean these are crucial states for him that got him elected two and a half years ago. but he may have a problem with the lack of manufacturing build growth build wage build in this state. >> yes he may. , obviously, purpgd president trump the economy has done really well, and i think his
5:35 am
performance in the rust belt will depend on his ability to credit himself directly for essentially all of the economic success but again he might have a difficult time doing that because a lot of his tariff policies have really hurt blue collar workers and maybe that's just a short-term thing in the trade war against china. but again a lot of these people in here and now are really feeling hurt and that could hurt him come 2020. >> so much to go through we love having you on the show by the way. thank you for being here come back soon. >> e yep, thanks. all right well we want to let you know at home mech mcconnell will be a mornings with maria 8 a.m. eastern time for exclusive interview don't miss that. well -- talk about bipartisanship very rare that happened yesterday house republicans and democrats have voted to repeal cadillac tax that's the tax on high cost insurance plans supposed to help pay for obamacare, the tax is due to take effect in 2020 too
5:36 am
but it is not popular with both republicans and democrats who say it will hurt the middle class. well speak of obamacare, democratic presidential candidate, bense, defending his signature medicare for all plan just days after former vice president joe billedden unveiled his obamacare 2.0 plan. only hillary vaughn in washington with the details. good morning, hillary. >> good morning lauren, and cheryl part of senator bernie sanders 2020 pitch is this. no premiums, no copays and no deductibles that's key to his strategy to convince voters in america to support medicare for all. >> what had the debate that we are currently having in this campaign and all over this country has nothing to do with health care but it has everything to do with the greed and profits of the health care industry. senator sangd percent former vice president joe biden have been dualing over health care plans biden wants to build on obamacare while bernie wants to titch it for medicare for all
5:37 am
biden in iowa yesterday took his shot at sangd percent plan. that means building our obamacare with a public option. look, now there's a lot of people running in the party who want to get rid of obamacare and start over with sympathetic something new but folks i'm not for that but they're all good people. later this month sanders will take bus from detroit to ontario request people request diabetes to buy insulin across the border for a fraction of the price all of the prove a point that skyrocketing drug cost are out of control here in the u.s.. sanders made a pledge not to accept any campaign cash from companies in the health care industry. he's also challenging his fellow 2020 contenders to do the same we'll see if they take him up on that. lauren and cheryl. >> we sure will hillary vaughn thank you very much. i want to add this ceo of the united health group says medicare would destabilize health system and limit the agility of doctors to practice
5:38 am
medicine at their best. we do get the leat earnings from united health care at the bottom of the hour. we're going pay attention to comments from executives on this. smg we'll get that just before 6 a.m. eastern time. civil unrest in puerto rico. forcing cruise ships to cancel stops to island. tracee carrasco has details for us. how's it looking tracee in >> calm is being restored in puerto rico after a night of heat demonstration police firing tear gases and rubber bullets to are move protesters calling for resignation of governor ricardo after release of hundreds of pages of private mnlszs in which he allegedly used homophobic misogynistic language causing royal caribbean to cancel stops in two of the cruises effecting hundreds of passengers. san francisco is pulling its proposed ipo tax from the november ballot the measure would have increased taxes on companies that enter the public market like iewb or and lyft,
5:39 am
but opponents argue the plan was too broad and would have unintention fallly hit all stock base compensation of companies based in the city. city will instead put a similar tax measure on the 2020 ballot. berkeley is first city in the nation to ban natural gaslines in new homes the city council unanimously voting to ban gas from new low rise residential buildings starting january first. the new law requires all new had single family homes in apartments to use electrical appliances instead. and west palm beach florida has a new tactic to keep away the homeless from a public facility. the city is playing continuous loops of children's songs like baby shark outside the water front lake pavilion hoping to discourage homeless from sleeping on the property. the pavilion ranks in 30,000 annual from event and city wants to keep area clean. that's what's happening now. that's absolutely hysterical.
5:40 am
>> we've seen drug stores get criticized and looing trying to drive people crazy i think -- >> it is a popular song in my house. >> well i have kids i love it. because you haven't heard it on repeat tracee thank you so much. pup next republicans slam the political theater on capitol hill after democrats vote to hold commerce secretary wilbur ross and attorney general bill barr in con tempght we ask what happens next? plus former nfl quarterback and national anthem protesters colin kaepernick might be getting an emmy did you hear that in details coming up on fbn:am. ♪ we're changing what's possible every single day., and if you run a business, that means a lot.
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>> house democrats escalating oversight battle with trump administration house voting to ask the justice department to prosecute foreign general bill barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross defying congressional subpoena not producing documents pertaining to system of chip question on census but the doj say this is vote is a political stunt we bring in attorney david bruno. how pun usual is this david to hold cabinet members in contempt? >> a very well specifically for the attorney generals it is only
5:44 am
second time. first was eric holder in 2012 deal requesting it's and furious, and the republican congress held him in criminal contempt but what happens it goes through the -- department of justice whose headed by attorney general barr and they make the decision. so in the end it is going to be the same result as it was with holder, and they're going to find no criminal content in my opinion. >> that is why this is called political theater basically waste of time. >> sure. so much to discuss request you today also i want to talk about jeffrey epstein case. there's a major decision today on if he will be released they found a safe in his manhattan apartment with a fake pass fort indictments a wad of cash. is he a flight risk? >> sure earlier this week there was an actual hearing we heard from victims in the hearing which is rare. but the government made an argument to the judge that he should be detained because he's a flight risk and a danger to the community. and which you bring up is relevant to whether or not he's a flight risk.
5:45 am
in his state there's a fake passport with a fake name and a fake saudi arabian address with with the money, and all of his wealth, i think that judge is beginning to find him to be -- >> his lawyers are saying because he's jewish he's consideredded a risk in the middle east that's why he has that. >> he said just incase he had to leave -- or incase he had to say he was someone else. >> is that going to hold up in court? >> i don't think so. and we have even more going on today the test taker in the nation wide college admission bribery scandal mark sentenced today what is the expectation and will the judge hold him basically as the -- example? >> he's pled guilty, and the government in the flee deal, the government is asking or for 33 months. right this is a second defendant to come before this court for sentencing the first was the sanford crew coach where the government did ask for jail and judge gave him home confinement but i see this differently because this riddle was one that
5:46 am
took the test. he got fade $10,000 a test, and it is different from the crew coach because the crew coach it not financially benefit at all he took his money and put it back into the program. so i see this as a jail sentence. government is asking for 33 monthses -- in all livelihood the judge will give that. >> all right so we're looking at about three years daifd bruno thank you very much. covered a lot there. >> more or less stay with legal team because bog has kenneth to handle payments to victims families. following two deadly crashes of the 737 max, fineburg will district a total of 50 million dollars remember he helped it determine payments for families affected by the 9/11 attacks it was emotional hearing yesterday a man who lost three children his wife and his mother-in-law addressed that house panel. i think about my wife and mom knew they were going to die.
5:47 am
they had to somehow comfort during the final moments knowing they were all their last. i wish i was there with them. >> we should add that boeing during that testimony did issue a statement that, of course, they are broken hearted over what happened and, of course, all of the death between the two jets. the boeing did, of course, add to that. yesterday -- lauren: show you how your market is looking this morning. a lot of trade uncertainty and earnings coming in dow stocks down 62 ahead of that s&p, down about 4 points. the british open is in full swing and northern ire land right now. will phil mickelson extreme fasting pay off those highlights coming up in just a bit, and millions across the nation bracing for a heat wave. experts warning of major power outages in new york city, washington, and chicago. what you need to know how to stay cool and safe when fbn:am returns.
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>> experts are warning of more power outage like one they experience the past weekend the cities are getting much hotter. senior meteorologist janice dean is here with more on what we can expect how hot it is going to get janice, good morning. with d cease above 90 degrees and real
5:52 am
steering heat the dangerous heat is beginning to be across the central u.s., where we could see parking lot potential of heat indices well over 105 to 110 degreeses so heat advisories warnings, are up for millions of folks as we head into the weekend no what to do if you lose power, make sure that you take care of your pets and elderly and stay indoors in air-conditioning if you can because it is going to be quite dangerous unfortunately into the weekend. ladies. >> as we've seen before this can be dangerous. janice thank you so much. golf major tournament is open. >> good morning. it is already underway it is link golf from exquizit in northern ire land but wind and rain in 68 years might not be picturesque for golfers tiger woods hasn't won open in 13 years. two time champ tees off later
5:53 am
this morning 10:10 eastern is last major last month at the u.s. open not so great or the pga championship missed the cut and advantage of being hot fest golfer last couple of years he's won four of the ten marmings. he also has another weapon in his bag. fun intended carrying his bag. more like it. his caddie rickey elliot port rush native knows course like back of his hand and over two hours and locals root for northern ire land favored first shot out of bounds and a bogey shoots eight on 8th hole. phil mickelson dropped 15 pounds on six day fast to heal to prepare for the event. phil threw over two holes. british open continues throughout the woangd and you remember colin kaepernick's night called dream crazy we understand a activist saying believe in something even if it means sack facing everything and
5:54 am
features serena williams, and griffin nominated for an emmy for oustanding commercial. the award attempt to get arrested well goes to this person last night philly game not kol on kaepernick but this fern here went running on to the tarp, just go a little slip side in way of flip side right into a pair of handcuffs. was it worth it? [laughter] i guess you get the video over and over to show your grandkids one day. jared thank you so much. catch the sports rots on fox news headline it is 24/7 on channel 115. will have all right coming up in honor of apollo anniversary kids, we're asked whether they wanted to go to space. or become youtube famous can you guess which one they chose? keep it here fbn:am l. -driverless cars... -all ground personnel...
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...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. . .
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cheryl: breaking news, united health group, the actual number was 360 earnings per share, that's a beat, revenue estimate 60.59 billion, 60.6 billion, the slightly on the renew. also just want to add here, they raised compliance for the year, that's important and also their optics, excuse me optum
5:58 am
division, 30% of revenue, that's a stock to watch, more on mornings with maria. >> consider bellwether for the health sector. we have this, 3,000 kids being youtube stars is more sought after profession than astronaut, children in the u.s. and, k -- uk, 3 times as likely to be youtubeer and vlogger than astronaut. kids in china want to be astronauts. cheryl: great idea to relish, if you love hot dogs, you can spend the night in one. oscar meyer staying in a winier mobile, on air b and b, hotel
5:59 am
open august 1st to 4th in chicago. it was national hot dog day. lauren: was that yesterday. cheryl: if you think hot dog is a place that you love. lauren: we are looking for comments and ceo of all the democrats' plans on taking away your healthcare coverage. nasdaq giving up about 20 this morning. cheryl: certainly watching global markets because what we are seeing with the earnings coming out after the bell yesterday with netflix in particular is that's kind of a global story, global investors now concerned about what they are seeing. markets to the downside. lauren: i also want to say happy birthday, cheryl casone. cheryl: thank you. lauren: that's it for us on fbn:am, mornings with maria start right now, hey, maria. maria: hey, ladies, good
6:00 am
morning, cheryl, happy birthday to you, cheryl, good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, thursday july 18th, top stories just before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, president trump takes on on the left in a big way, slams the squad and we have all the highlights from the rally last night. netflix losing subscribers, first decline in nearly a decade, stock taking a big hit, down 11%, futures also lower, take a look at futures indicating lower opening for the broader opening better than 50 points, as we await another big group of earnings, morgan stanley ahead of opening bell, we have all the numbers, getting you ready for opening period. u.s.-china trouble, disagreements over huawei


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