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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 24, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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right. see you tomorrow night, kennedy begins right now. kenedy: would you trust a progressive democrat with your hard earned money? you should not. this new crop of president at candidates, are spending their campaign funds on a bunch of crap, it is hilarious and sad, showing they would waste your tax dollars faster than poop through a goose. we begin with joe biden. according to politico, 12,000 dollars on pa yeah -- pallela in california, mayor pete 36,000 to
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rent out fenway park in boston for a fund-raiser in a suite. and andrewiag yang gang. on ka karaoke. joe biden and mayor pete spending over a quarter million on private jet. travel. that is how you do it. they love committee airplanes and destroying the environment. bernie sanders said to have spent 751 thousand on swag, you look, shirts -- t-shirts, buttons and hats. campaigns will argue have to spend money to get votes, true tto a degree.
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in light of these crazy expensive proposal that candidate made, medicare for all, free college, green new deal, can we trust any of them to spend wisely if elected, i say hell no. >> joining us, our panel. dave smith. and liberal radio talk show hose leslie marshall. and host of the jaime weinstein show it is in fact jaime weinstein, welcome. >> hello. kenedy: i love this, so fantastic and hisser call. -- hysterical, they are such irresponsible stewards. >> at least the money was given
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to them voluntarily. they were not threatening to throw people in the cages. kennedy: i hope people who donate the money to campaigns look at how the money was spent, i hope say go, i thought i would get more, but looking at berndty stiff and his swag, people have the crusty bumper stickers on their priuses from 3 years ago. >> i drive down the street, and i see, sanders, warren or bernie warren, and you know, they still have them. in california yes. a lot of the priuses. >> people give to a woma campai, unless they get swag, then they buy that on top of their contribution, i don't think they are looking at where their money goes, i don't think they care, they just' their candidate to be the nominee, and to win. i don't think bad money to rent a room for 10 grand, and walk
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out at end of the day a million bucks. >> 10 to 1. kennedy: i'll talk about joe later in the show, he is having problems, one spend 100,000 dollars on an ad to roll out his campaign, he didn't use. >> the coun the consultants mad, that is all that really matters. kennedy: are they friends, political cronies. >> 23 of these people are not going to make it. you get in race, you fly a private jet, hopefully you get a cable news contract and a book deal, you are not going to be president. my favorite, 100,000 for primary state research, i could have done it for a hundred dollars, you are not going to be president. kennedy: any delegates, beto, we thought was worse driver of the
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bunch, it turns out cory booker spent 500 campaign cash on car repair. >> i think it is really just stupid, either side to do this. right now, you have leaks, have you so many people that are just you know looking for something. kennedy: they are ftc filings. the boring filings they dry to o bury it. >> you need staff, you have to take a private jet from get from l.a. to new york in a quick amount of time, i get, that but some things, not just fiscally irresponsible. it is just not a good way to manage your money for your campaign. it is not helping you in your goal to become the gnome he. nominee. kennedy: one person, i don't begrudge is john delaney, i don't think he gets a lot of contributcontribution but he isy
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rich, he spent 700 on a cake, i love cake. >> seems like he wants to get away from his wife and eat cake. kennedy: so bad. >> spend your own money. kennedy: gorges iing in the clot somewhere, he met me 10,000 dollars he is going to lose. >> the bank of me, kennedy foundation. we invest in hig high-end womens shoes. 2020 candidates and massachusetts democrat senator warren, she does not just want trutuition-free college but she wants to cancel millions of americans existing student debt, she introduced a bill alongside congress than jim cliburn that would cancel 50,000 dollars in
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student loan debt for households making less than a hundred grand a year, provide some debt relive forever 95% of borrow -- relief for 95% of borrowers, that is great, but the question. how will she pay for it full price tag yet to be determined. see this will cover the cost, she said with the new wealth come fconfiscation tax. it will is the fact that colleges now have absolutely no need to -- >> the price keeps going up,
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astronomically, it raises -- you know she is trying to win votes, but the question. kennedy: is that it getting votes from young people? or older millennials who can't buy homes. >> this stuff, get money here, there and everywhere, and one small fix that can't pay for it. rethink higher education, i don't think to everyone needs to go to school, some people do. some are great, they drain train people for great things. if you go to a 6 figure student loan bill, not a go the use of your money. kennedy: who are these schools that encourage the students to get into the major, i did not go to college until i could afford it, then a got a scholarship, my major has no bearing on practical life, but i want to study something, i would not had
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have discipline, and would absorb anything if i went when i was 18. >> this is a big rack it, rack. i have some sympathy for kids who go into insane amounts of debt this is a big rack itet, it is unfair to bail people out, i am 36. i know a lot of people at my age who are responsible, like just finished paying off their student loans, what do you do to that person, we just did the right thing, paid off the loan, now everyone else gets bailed out those who were irresponsible? that is bad policy. but i agree with, you make the most important point, that, if you need to bailout 75% of people, that proves that this is not a good investment. at least in this tuition price, let's take that information move
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forward with that. kennedy: this tuition price is major. don't study it until you it pay for it, there are a lot of ways that you can get knowledge in your head beside colleges. i feel bad for people with bad home loans with higher interest loans they can't refinance, they are responsibly playing things off. they are still busting their ass to get their kids through school, they understand that there was more dignity whether you entered into some of these contracts. >> you know, fact that thre 4 os agree on this issue is telling, that the mind sit set, e-- mind, even youngers, who want a free ride. klobuchar is not a part of that.
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kennedy: more is delaney. >> how do you prevent this, i like, why do we talk about people who went to school, they have this bill they chose to incur, i said this to somebody that worked 5 jobs to go on school. took out loans, took out grants paid back loans, it took a long time, i chose to go to that school. and you know if -- i don't have a problem with making one or two year community college free going forward but the costers just astr astronomical. kennedy: if you subsidize there has to be some accountability there not, with this system, you know, public university are licking their chops they will get more money and hire morad min straightors and -- add mine administrators they will get more bloated they are not on the
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hook for it. >> this is despicable the universities are willing to do this but the whole system, only answer is get the government out of the business of subsidizing, nowadays controlling student loans. it will push the price up. >> that is the name of the game, about control, about group think factories and they churn out in the end is more people who think the same way, because critical thought is gone, if not we'll see a more rational approach to education, we have so much more of the panel because they are that good. white house defending budget deal reached with democrats, many republicans are furious. and president stipes u steppingp his attack again the squad, questioning one member's santeeitty -- sanity, so fun, santeeitty -- sanity, so fun, my insurance rates are probably gonna double.
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kennedy: president trump promised to drain the swamp, but -- accusing him of draining the country of money instead. trump allies, house freedom caucus leaders jim jordan and
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mark meadows, they are vowing to vote against it. despite mitch mcconnell said that president made the best deal ever. >> i make no apologies for this two year cap deal. i think it is the best we could have done in a time of a divided government. alternatives were worse. kennedy: president may be on a spending spree, it may not matter, our economy is hottest in the world. oh. this according to next guest, with me now former trump campaign manager, great america pak senior strategist corey lewandowski, welcome back. >> thank you. >> too much spending, we need to cut spending. that is how you get the economy to grow, you eat popcorn, and everyone is a billionaire good night. >> well, you are not wrong, but the problem, republicans failed us in first two years where they
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had control of house, senate and white house, paul ryan and these guys did not get their job done, now we're stuck with speaker pelosi far left progressives, who don't top give the president any wins, he was forced -- which i do not love, we're kicking the can down the road every generation after us is stuck with more and more debt, we should hole people accountable and reduce our deficit. kennedy: that is what the president campaigned on. >> he did. kennedy: is he a big pat hypocrite. -- is he a big fat hypocrite. >> he did, every president should have a line item veto, closing the government like was done in past does not happen anybody. i think it was right thing to not choice the government, but, this continues under every administration, republican or democrat, it is really the bain of future ye generations who wil
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eat the giant turd burger. kennedy:'s turd bur burger of or president's making, one crappy patty after another. >> he is not a oligarch, he does not get to decide everyone, this came from president. kennedy: he is being fiscally irresponsible limbing, it is -- lemming. >> it starts in the house, i don't care kick them out all. >> i'm with you. kennedy: your thoughts on this because, you i ask to ask you about so-called squad, video surfaced from trump rally in 2016 where potty mouth ta like , was escorted out, calling trump supporters crazy, loco, the
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president spoke about tlaib who is as you know now a congresswoman from michigan. >> that tlaib, tlaib. from michigan, right, a freightt state, there is no way she stands for the values of the people of michigan. but i watched her this morning, she is vicious. she is like a crazed lunatic, she screaming this is before he government into congress, who elected her? this is not a sane person, folks. kennedy: so, how do you think that president is handling the battle with the squad? >> i love the fight with aoc plus three, every time the president talks about that willism and opportunity for american people to make a living and be better than they were before, these 4 believe in socialism, that is what is -- if that is what they think is their path forward, it makes nancy pelosi look like the rational one that should scare people
12:21 am
from san francisco, if there are any people in san francisco who are not homeless who still live there nancy pelosi is a rational one inundated by the progressives, and every time that president talks about aoc plus 3, not because they are women, not because they of women of color, it because they are socialists, you have to right to point out their policies are hurting americans, if that is not fair game, they should not be in politics. >> i think it is, but i think you know. the center -- send her back that does not need. it turns women into victims and that failure, i do think it is a good strategy to point out some of the stuff that they have said and done, you know a well the of people asking -- people are asking where do you go from here, they make money, president is making points and scoring points, by you want putting them front and center, and it is interesting because, he is doing it while he is not attacking joe
12:22 am
biden or bernie sanders or kamala harris, and is that a good strategy for his reelection, if so, how. >> i think that joe biden is not going to be democratic nominee, i think she too moderated for the progressive democratic party, i think it could be bernie sanders or kamala harris or elizabeth or mayor pete, they are all ourin our courting aoc , if that is who is on display in 2020, we have hottest economy in world, donald trump wins in a landslide, it will make hillary clinton campaign look like a nail-biter. he will win show big. kennedy: it was a nail-biter. >> it was not -- kennedy. no, no. kennedy: november. >> donald trump won so big he could have lost the state of florida still been elected president, that is how poor hillary clinton's campaign was
12:23 am
-- >> wha' happened? >> she was a failure, donald trump is hardest working individual, hig he will work ha, he has done more ther for african-americans and hispanic-americans and women than any previous president. >> that may be true, but he has some perception issues, in minoritity community, he what to shore that up. we'll see, i hope beiop highway patrobeyond hopethat hillary cle race, that would make this whole decade for me. i don't care if she gets nominee, i hope she loses but just for entertainment factor alone. >> there is a good, she may get back in, i believe that. she has not given up yet. kennedy: corey lewandowski thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: a men. >> coming up, joe biden make a
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kennedy: why would you believe in joe biden, if joe biden doesn't even believe in joe biden? we know he would have posed a freightegreater threat to presit trump in 2016, but joe biden said, i don't know, everyone says that, but look, i don't know. i thought hillary would have made a great president o. a few things to unpack from this worn out piece of samsonite. look, hillary would have made a
12:29 am
lousy president, and everyone knows it. joe biden is running against hillary's failure, his old boss' legacy and his own ghost. only answer to that question, when asked, if you would have won in 2016, is not found soft, weak and defeatest, to say you are gd right i would have won. president obama wanted a clean continuation of the pc identity politics that got him installed to presidency, only thing worse than obama's political instinct was hillary's unlike bill tie -- unlikebility. it of not because he was looking out for joe's well being, sheparding him through grief, it was because obama did not believe in his friend. hell, joe didn't and does notes believe in himself, why should voters? joe's look back should make his
12:30 am
campaign slowing kno -- behind hindsight in 2020. presidency i is exhausting, you want your president shot out of a cannon. not take a nap. like president obama said, voters want the new car smell biden rookieabide wreaks of reg. too many miles on his odom meter to make it down pennsylvania avenue. >> biden has seen his lead shrink in last month, does he have any chance of getting nomination and beating the president, if not how long before one of other two dozen democrats take his place? joining me now. g.o.p. pollster, chris wilson.
12:31 am
welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy: so, you live and being politics -- being politics, you know how to consult candidates take the best tools they have at their disposal and turn them to victory, what would you tell jobe jeb righjoebiden. >> i would find himself esteem therapy. the entire pitch, is that you are the most electable candidate. that is why you got in, you had a lead, a lead that dissipates every time he opens his mouth, you asked if you would have won, i don't know, maybe, probably be probably not. kennedy: what does that say to you when you hear that, that is a gimme, a lay up, that not one where you waffle.
12:32 am
if maybe you would not have won in 2016. i don't know, why would you think, that just because he does not like president trump that everyone will vote for him. >> his campaign is a an enigma o me, he has done everything wrong, he opens his mouth and says things that hurts him. you ask about my involvement in campaign, first act, as he tbootd in tin topay a talented t for an ad video that he never ran. he is struggling. like ted kennedy was asked why do you want to be president, he could not answer it, that joe biden on crack.
12:33 am
kennedy: you know ted kennedy sat for 60 minute interview, he could not answer, and everyone candidate from that people momet forward should have known to anticipate those questions and have answer ready, knock it out of the park. bernie sanders said that joe biden is hillary 2.0. >> i do agree with that, i would say, i made a reference, feels like 2016 when jeb bush started high in polls, with all money. kennedy: a lot of money. >> those of us at bottom of polling, end up making ourselves by time we get to next debate, he comes out with a crime bill that call for the side marijuana should stay illegal, but sa sayt should is not be a crime, how do you do that?
12:34 am
>> he has flip flopped on his own record he is not satisfactionly explained. >> chris. >> thank you. kennedy: always good to talk poopolitics with you. do you want feds snooping in your phone? no, top law make neverland said, incrimtioencryption turns notora law free zone. big barr calling for tech company to give law enforcement a bac backdoor into our phones,t it is just too tough to crack. >> has been enough dogmatic pronounces that lawful access can not be done. it can be, it must be. we're confident that there are technical solutions that will alowe lawful access to encrypted
12:35 am
data and communications by law enforcement without materially weakening the security provided by encryption. >> yeah, good luck with that. ron wyden, he was note not happy about that proposal. >> today i fear, i expect, that if we give the attorney general and president the unprecedented power too break encryption across the board, and borrow into most inmate details of america's lives they will abuse those powers. >> i love those. he is right about this, tech companies argue, if they were to create a backdoor for law enforcement it would be -- so should ag slow his role a little
12:36 am
bit. here to te discuss is buck sextn welcome back. >> kennedy. kennedy: this -- you know. that is ridiculous, and problematic, and not must good guys trying too get information from the bad guys. it really opens up door to so much more. >> yeah, i do agree with you, i would say that i think there are good faith arguments on both sides here, but i think on balance, having government insist that private companies create deficiency, that what it is, a opening, in technology that they are spending i would note millions or perhaps hundreds of mill dwroop milliono make sure that cannot happen. >> that is what consumers want. >> they want it also, you know, someone just spend time in
12:37 am
china, and within in without any electronics because i'm aware of what the chinese environment is for survey lens and kuhn -- surveillance, and kuehner intelligence. on global scale. kennedy: that is reason for china's being, they want that, too use our technology against us. they are hoping and praying that the attorney general has his way. because, they will infiltrate, and they will do a real tap dance. >> yeah, and think of how valuable, if there was on iphone say, a backdoor, we had this debated before, i believe san bernardino shooting, that phone, they managed to get in even when they said we'll never get in. i think that government, we have expensive computers, and fbi, and nsa. so, if they really top get in
12:38 am
they can. but think about how valuable the backdoor would be as a thing too sell say to the chinese or to sell on open or black market. kennedy: once it exists, you can't make it unexist, this is the middle eas middle east prob- most problematic aspect ag's past, rand paul brought this up, he has a philosophy h that has t change or softened. >> you want these companies that not be in a position himselfs that look -- themselves to look on the your stuff, if you have a backdoor for the company that means that people in company know about, that think about how much nower that would give them, people thinking, you know, this
12:39 am
is isi economy is cure but you know -- the information is secure, but they can get in what they want. -- is tough now you get to a missing they'l child, we have an iphone, i know other side but i get uncomfortable with government saying have you too make deficient products. kennedy: that is what warrants are for, a lot of tech companies honor those, buck sexton. >> we just scratched the surface. >> coming up, al franken says he regrets resigning over allegations of sexual misconduct allegations of sexual misconduct but sense krir kirsten -- fun fact:
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kennedy:al franken thinks that "me too" movement within too -- went too far, forcing him to resign. he said, yeah, absolutely. he is good, smart, and people kind of like him. 36 democrat senator call for franklin. >> kirsten gillibrand told town hall last night, she has no regrets about leading the charge, yeah. 7 of 36 senators, told new yorker, they regretted towing
12:45 am
it. isa, is he right for saying he was wronged? party panel returned. leslie. not just some of his male colleagues, there are you know heidi heitkamp, tammy duckworth, women said, i wish we let the ethics process play out, what to we know now. >> i think we know that if you wait it out, all sins can be forgiven and forgot en, we saw that in virginia. you know. at the time, and time with "me too" movement, democrats, females pointing fingers at people like donald trump, you need to resign, there are so many accusations again yo -- agn
12:46 am
you, there is some merit to say, we should have waited out. the timing, it did go fast, but democrats had to at that time. based on -- -- >> kirsten gillibrand will be president, do you think that al franken -- >> what of? kennedy: right, do you think that franken should move to new york get her seat. >> he should run against in minnesota. kennedy: don't you think. >> i don' i don't know if we wo. a lot of people on left, intellectual left, he kind -- he 1 said that on campus there should be you know we should have to live with fact some men will be falsely maybe expelled from school.
12:47 am
i believe in due process. i think perhaps people of minnesota should had a say. but, you know, whole infrastructure for last two years, have been saying, you know. if there is any accusation, you are disqualified. now people are realizing when perhaps maybe something unfair occurred we should rethink that. kennedy: now he is the victim of this purity test. they thought if we punc purge or party of people like this, that gives us ammunition against the president, but it has backfired. >> kirsten gillibrand had a complaint from her campaign staff about sexual harassment. kennedy: i believe her. that was kirsten gillibrand. -- >> right. >> never in retrospect we never look back we move on, with kavanaugh for example, we don't
12:48 am
know what really happened withd ford but there are two other accusations of rape that were false, they recanted. none of them go wow, that was horrible, that was a horrible thing we did to this person. kennedy: we have to leave it there. a tough place, we'll be back at some point to rehash this, so much more. >> jaime, leslie and dave thank you. >> thank you. >> for your greatness, topical storm is next. don't miss your golden opportunity to experience our most advanced safety technology on a full line of vehicles. now, at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month, for 36 months, and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing.
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kennedy: california police say they busted a man in a clown costume after a high-speed chase, the driver was taken to jail, the police are questioning 46 of his passengers. this topical storm, one. we begin in beautiful maryland, visitors really stuck up. did you see this. 6 flags, red flags after riders were stranded for two hours, 200 feet in the area, only thing higher of the guy operating the ride, they man wearing a federal breast inspector hat said it was like nothing he had seen before like a actually in mai female b.
12:53 am
two million people watched on line. but it not hurt aa -- flags has staying power. >> topic two. we do stupid criminal stories. but california police are used to stopping people with plastic faces. but this is a little much, a man tried to fake his way to car foocarpoollane, no human woman r an angels jersey in public without cover her face. the angels are 12 1/2 back. driver ticketed in plastic passenger confiscated. they happen. our or -- 4 or 5 times a year.
12:54 am
we cover them, because being in new york, it fresh to cover a ding dong who is not aoc . >> according to press release, bad boy is just like a bird, cool unless it is flying over your car. the flying feather uses 50% less fuel, and it can be taken down by an alka-seltzer. >> airbus does not know what the thing the cost, so it more like, a flying bernie sanders policy, that is still a bald eagle. not have a ton of fans. if people want an airline to give them the bird, they go go
12:55 am
ahead and fly spirit airlines. topic 4. there we are, let's go to my favorite place, australia. drug traffickers reached a global consensus how to smuggle a product, border police do do they have a border? they sized a million dollars of meth stashed in a giant snow globe. megamethmeth is a dangeroussubs. no arrests have been made, police are investigating an amusement park operator. wait up. i'm going to get a funnel cake.
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