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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 29, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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there are important issues at play, but politically speaking i think it was great for the president, terrible for democrats. >> have a great evening, see you tomorrow, goodnight from new york. lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. u.s.-china trade talks back on as the two countries meet this week. what kind of showdown will there be in shanghai. plus, beijing makes a rare announcement on the hong kong protests. ashley: bernie sanders hitting the road to prove a point about drug prices. the new numbers show some of the medicare for all push could all be for nothing. lauren: beyond meat is out with second quarter earnings today. will there be any meat on the bone for investors? plus, we have the winners and losers in the meatless trend. ashley: and do your coworkers talk too much?
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why your next conversation may drive you -- i say you over the edge. lauren.lauren: uh oh. ashley: it is monday, july 29th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, listen to the music. ♪ owsnow owesno.♪ oh, oh, oh, le music. ♪ oh, oh, oh, listen to the music all the time. lauren: ashley is singing to the dooby brothers. welcome to "fbn: a.m.." i'm lauren simonetti. ashley: thank you for calling it singing. good morning, i'm as ashley webster. lauren: it's very much wait in see ahead of the july jobs report, the fed rate decision. the dow jones completely unchanged in the premarket.
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s&p and nasdaq are coming off record closes, off fractionally. ashley: the yield on the 10 year treasury, it's been where it has been for a while, 2.06%, down 7 basis points. lauren: tensions in iran continue. the price of oil moving nine cents to the upside, $56.29 a barrel. ashley: protests in hong kong are going on and they're sending the hang seng down, down another 1%. lots of red on the asian markets today. lauren: are we doing any better in europe? a little bit, if you look at the ftse in london, gaining 1.2%, 89 points. the cac and dax are each lower. ashley.ashley: the u.s. and cht to he resume face-to-face trade talks for the first um. hillarytime sincemay. steve mnuchin and robert lighthizer are due to arrive in shanghai tomorrow for a meeting.
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lauren: expectations for any major progress have been dialed back as the two countries remain at odds over issues that include intellectual property theft and a u.s. ban on sales to huawei. ahead of the talks, some positive news on agricultural purchases. several million tons of u.s. soybeans have been shipped to china. breaking overnight, beijing making a rare announcement on hong kong after another violent weekend of protests. the hong kong and macau affairs office says it believes one country, two systems is the best way to govern hong kong. it says the central government supports hong kong's police and chief executive, carrie lamb. hong kong police arrested about 50 people yesterday, tear gas blanketed the downtown area as police also fired rubber bullets to clear thousands of protesters, look at that. ashley: it's been a familiar scene recently. meantime, investors watching washington this week where the federal reserve is widely expected to cut interest rates for the first time in more than
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a decade. jay powell and members of the central bank's policy making committee are expected to lower rates due to slowing economic growth around the world and rising trade pensions. powell said the fed will continue to act appropriately to sustain the economic expansion. lauren: here is what larry kudlow told jerry baker on wall street journal at large. >> i will say the market is expecting three 25 basis point rate cuts between now and year-end. that's the market. my own personal view, and the fed is independent, i'm not going to preach, they're going to do what they're going to do and so forth, i would just say the sooner the better. lauren: former fed chair, janet yellen, said she would support a quarter point rate cut. she was speaking at a conference in colorado over the weekend. ashley: investors bracing for a busy week of earnings, seven dow components, nearly one-third of
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the s&p 500 will report second quarter results. beyond meat and dish network report today. we'll also hear from four members of the dow tomorrow, merck, pfizer, procter & gamble and apple. nearly half of the s&p 500 companies have reported earnings so far with three quarters beating profit forecasts and nearly two thirds topping revenue. lauren: new missile tests have been carried out over alaska. this comes days after iran tested a medium range missile. ashley: allison barber in jerusalem with the details. >> reporter: the israeli ministry of defense said they successfully demonstrated the missiles outside of the atmosphere. the tests took place in alaska. israel's prime minister says they intercepted targets at heights and speeds not known
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until now. >> all of our enemies should know we will overcome them defensively and offensively. >> reporter: iran test fired a medium range ballistic missile on wednesday. it flew over 600 miles from southern iran to an area in northern iran outside of the capital, tehran. arrow three is the top tier of israel's multi layered shield which includes the iron dome and arrow two system, all of it meant to defend rockets. since president trump announced the u.s.'s with drawing drawl we iranian nuclear deal, iran has taken steps to reduce commitments it agreed to in the 2015 deal. they say the u.s. is engaging in economic terrorism. iran and the remaining signatories met in seeen viennn sunday.
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britain, france, russia, germany and china are trying to sal advantage thsalvagethe nuclear . iran wants to sell oil as it did before the u.s. rea reimposed sanctions. the official say iran will keep reducing its commitments to the deal until an agreement is reached that secures iran's interests. allison barber, fox news. lauren: the gilroy garlic festival in california ended i n a massacre. a gunman was killed by police. ashley:.ashley: claudia cowen e in gilmore. >> reporter: we're almost nine hours after the attack happened. good morning, lauren and ashley. this tight-knit community of gilroy is reeling after the
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shooting spree turned a day of fun and food into a night of panic and bloodshed. thousands of people were enjoying the last day of the annual gilroy garlic festival when witnesses say a man with a rifle opened fire stopped to reload and fired again. some say they heard as many as 50 shots fired. witnesses say the shooter appeared calm as he fired at random, causing confusion and chaos among the crowd of festival-goers. >> it just started popping off like fireworks, sounded like fire crackers. that's what i thought it was, until he grabbed me and pulled me and said it was a gun, we need to go. >> it was like an automatic going off really close too. >> and then there was a point of silence and then there was another reroad, seemed like a reload and we heard 30 more rounds. >> everyone was screaming, running. it was just crazy. >> reporter: there is always a large police presence at this
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popular event and gilroy officers engaged the suspect in less than a minute, fatally shooting him. according to one witness, when someone asked why he was shooting at people, the gunman said something about being angry. the manhunt continues now for a second suspect. the police chief describes how they avoided going through the metal detectors at the festival's entrance. >> it appears as though they had come into the festival via the creek which borders a parking area and they used some sort of tool to cut through the fence to be able to gain access through the secure fence line and that's how they got into the festival area itself. >> reporter: police have not released any information about the victims of this attack, nor have they identified the gunman or discussed any possible motive. back to you.
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ashley: claudia cowen in gilroy, thank you so. laurenmuch.lauren: president trump tapped a new national intelligence director. ashley: tracee carrasco has the details. tracee: president trump nominating texas gop congressman john ratcliffe as the new director of national intelligence. ratcliffe tweeted he's grateful for the opportunity to lead the intelligence community and work on behalf of the public servants who are tireless devoted to defending the security and safety of the united states. he will replace dan coats who resigned as intelligence director. pfizer and mylan are reportedly nearing a deal that could create a global powerhouse in the low price drug market. pfizer would spin off its upjohn business and combine the firm with mylan. they will sell epipen and
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viagra. pfizer shareholders will own most of the new company. they could bring in annual sales of more than $20 billion. director quentin tarantino smashes his own box office record with onc upon a -- once n a time in hollywood. >> explain what it is exactly that a stunt double does. >> actors are required to do a lot of dangerous stuff. >> he is meant to help carry the load. tracee: the film brought in $40 million in its debut, not enough to dethrone the lion king. it made $75.5 million. spiderman, far from home, took the number three spot with just over $14 million. the film topped $1 billion worldwide this weekend. and discovery's shark week has officially kicked off and just in time. kelloggs announced its releasing
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a baby shark cereal. it will feature berry flavoredded loops and marshmallows. it ill wil will be available int in late september. lauren: that's a brilliant idea. if only the box could sing. still ahead, showdown in shanghai as u.s. and china trade representatives get ready to talk trade this week, is a deal in sight or will they kick the can further down the road? and is siri sharing your secrets, we have details on a new report on who could be listening to your most intimate moments. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time...
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sh siri is listening and maybe a little too much. a new report says apple's digital assistant is hearing everything from confidential information to drug deals and even more intimate moments and apple's contractors are getting an airful. the guardian -- earful. the guardian says they send the recordings to outside companies to help grade siri's responses and interactions. lauren: basically like alexa from amazon. speaking of amazon, more than 20 amazon workers at a delivery facility in chicago are accusing
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the company of not paying them nor overtime during prime week. they filed a complaint with the illinois department of labor, claiming that management dismissed them six hours early on july 19th and promised to pay them for their full shift. the workers said amazon counted the six hours in the following week's papered, so they didn't -- pay period, so they didn't get the overtime for those hours. ashley: investors have a full plate this week with u.s.-china trade talks set to resume and the federal reserve meeting on interest rates. our next guest says don't expect any major progress this week on a trade deal. david nelson is chief strategist with bell point asset management. david, good morning to you. i was reading your note. you asked the question, so what are the chances of some breakthrough being made in china with these trade talks and you said in a word, no. >> can i go. ashley: yes. thank you for being here. over to you, lauren.
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no, you said president xi, the president of china has dou dug . where does that leave him with regard to getting something done with us? >> probably difficult at best. i think president xi, i think the calculus for him all along was to push this closer to the election and he's making a political gamble here. he's hoping to negotiate with somebody on the other side of the aisle. if president trump is re-elected, i would expect a deal within weeks, certainly cey months. ashley.ashley: the way the chie government operates and allows markets open to foreign countries, we had a deal in place and they suddenly walked away. >> i think they had to from their mindset. the math doesn't work for them. they'll try to push this closer to the election. make no mistake, this is an adversary. it's not just trade.
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it's the military and foreign policy. ashley: seems like it's been going on to decades. want to move on to the fed decision, quickly. chances this week, we believe ba 25 basis point cut or maybe 50. >> it's the worst kept secret that we're going to get a rate cut. we've had pretty strong economic data in the last couple weeks including a monster retail sales number a couple weeks ago. i would say that 25 is a lock. we can debate the merits of a rate cut. what we can't debate is the harsh reaction that would happen if we didn't get one. ashley: as far as the market reaction to this, it's got to be baked in, right? >> it's certainly baked in. what isn't baked in is if we didn't get anything at all. what powell understands now, it's probably taken a while for the mindset to set in, is the fed doesn't operate in a vacuum. i look at the yield serve, it almost demands it. developed economies around the
5:19 am
world are at negative rates. germany is negative all the way to 17 years. i think they have to make this move. ashley: we'll have to leave it here. lauren: still ahead, half a dozen countries try to salvage the iran nuclear deal without the u.s. what it could means for hopes of a u.s./iran troops. and this mom turned a going out of business sale into a remarkable act of kindness. keep it here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ i just want to use your love tonight. ♪ tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight. ♪ i don't want to lose your love tonight. ♪ ♪ i want it that way... i can't believe it. that karl brought his karaoke machine?
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lauren: after eight weeks of massive protests in hong kong,
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beijing holding a very rare news conference to address the crisis. the hong kong and macau affairs office says it believes one country, two systems is the best way to support hong kong. they say they will not send in the chinese military to diffuse the situation. retired colonel daniel davis joins us now. is what beijing said enough to diffuse the violence? >> no, i mean, the this whole situation started eight weeks ago with this law they didn't want to see on the books. the protesters got that off the books. what it did, it opened up a whole new strain that they more freedom and they won't be satisfied until they get it. lauren: what can beijing say to make the protests stop? they're only getting worse. they hold the news conference and no one is happy.
5:24 am
>> it's putting beijing's control at risk. one of the main thing the protesters are asking for, they want the ability to elect their own governor and their legislative council which is right now appointed by beijing. beijing doesn't want to give up control. they want this to go away. i don't think the protesters will let it go away because they're really upset. lauren: it doesn't look like it's going away. it is disrupting business in hong kong and affecting the market, down more than 1% today. we have to switch to another hot topic and that is iran. several story lines here. the first is the u.s. and israel have tested missile defense system and great britain sent another war ship to the persian gulf. what are the chances that these are seen as acts of provocation by iran, that we get some sort of conflict because we misinterpret what one anothers is doing? >> that is a very real risk. we have already seen that with the ship that the -- the iranian ship that the british seized
5:25 am
gibraltor which was followed by the tit-for-tat, the seizure of a british ship by iran later on. these things will continue on, tit-for-tat, we need to diffuse the situation because the last thing we want is for it to even accidentally spark into war which would be catastrophic. lauren: iran met with the eu and several nations that backed the 2015 nuclear deal over the weekend to restore parts of it. will that go anywhere? >> and that's what they're trying to do desperately. so are our allies. that's what they want. that provides president trump an opportunity to open up a diplomatic channel by saying, look, we can give targeted sanctions relief to allow iran to sell oil to our allies to open up the possibilities of talks. that could lessen tensions and could give trump a chance to negotiate like he says he wants to. lauren: chances of it happening? >> president trump will have to agree to do that. as long as he doesn't listen to
5:26 am
bolton, i think there's a good chance. lauren: thank you. ashley: let's take a look at how your money is doing this morning. look at the futures board, all essentially flat but just slightly lower. the dow off just 3 points at 27, 146. coming up next, president trump firing back at critics and doubling down on criticism of congressman elijah cummings and the city of bal baltimore. we go live to washington. you won't want to miss one man's cover of a lion king classic song that is taking the internet by storm. you're watching "fbn: a.m.." ♪ the circle of life. ♪ and it moves us. ♪ at synchrony, we're changing what's possible every single day. and if you run a business, that means a lot.
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lauren: president trump revving up his feud with congressman
5:30 am
elijah cummings accusing democrats of continuously playing the race card. ashley: griff jenkins joins us live in washington with reaction from the white house as consides slam the president. >> reporter: no breaks from twitter for the president who continued his tirade against the chairman of the house oversight and reform committee yesterday. the president labeled the baltimore lawyer as the bigot, tweeting this, if racist elijah cummings would focus more energy on helping the people of his district, perhaps progress could be made. his radical oversight his a joke. mick mulvaney took to the sunday shows to defend his boss. >> i was in congress for six years. if i had poverty in my district like they have in baltimore, if
5:31 am
i had crime in my disrich distre chicago and i spent all my time in washington, d.c., chasing down his mueller investigation, i'd get fired. i think the president is right to raise that. it has zero to do with race. >> reporter: here's the thing to watch. democrats are increasingly coming to cummings' defense including former mayorland congressman john delaney. >> this was just a terrible attack on him and his district. i mean, if the president actually wanted to do something to help people, he would work with elijah cummings. elijah cummings is one of the members of congress who has been most active on this notion of doing things to lower drug prices. and that's something the president claims he cares about. you know, wouldn't that be a better way to engage with elijah cummings than to do this terrible thing he did. >> reporter: when the feud started, cummings reached out to the president over twitter on drug prices. we haven't seen anything in the
5:32 am
last 24, 48 hours. congress is in recess and cummings has no public events on his schedule. we'll see where this all heads today. ashley: indeed, we will. griff jenkins, thank you so much. lauren: thanks, griff. senator bernie sanders hitting the road to prove a point about drug prices. the 2020 hopeful taking a group of diabetic americans to canada so they can buy cheaper insulin there. sanders slammed the pharmaceutical industry for inflating the price of the drug right here in the u.s. >> this is a vial of insulin. in the united states, depending on where you live, it will cost 350, 400 bucks. here in canada, it will cost 35 or 40 bucks. one-tenth the price, made by exactly the same manufacturer. it is collusion, it is corruption and it is greed. lauren: he spent the weekend touting his medicare for all plan that would slash healthcare
5:33 am
costs, paid for with a tax hike. but as some democrats push for medicare for all, turns out 90% of people are already covered under the currencies testimony, according to a new survey from the department of health and human services. ashley: everyone will be looking for another perhaps harris, biden moment in the debates this week. they famously clashed in the last round of debates, giving kamala harris a boost. fresh off the mueller testimony, will the democrats spend more time attacking each other or the president. joining me now, washington examiner reporter emily larson. emily, good morning to you. i guess what could we expect, do you think, from this second round of debates? will we see a more aggressive joe biden, for instance? >> well, the stakes are certainly very high for joe biden after coming off of the last debate and seeing a dip in the polls after being attacked by kamala harris and so joe biden has said he is going to be more aggressive in this debate. i think a lot of people are
5:34 am
looking to see whether he can really hold his own in these debates and show that he can be the person that could take on president trump which is on the forefront of many democrats' minds. of we've seen a preview last week. people have been attacking joe biden, not only on healthcare, but also cory booker was going after him for being a proponent of the 1994 crime bill and we saw joe biden come back aggressively against cory booker after that and highlight some of the issues in newark when cory booker was mayor of newark, knew new jersey. we should expect to see the same thing on the debate stage. ashley: with such a crowded field, i would imagine this will be a big clear-ought afteout afe debate. it is very difficult to make a loud voice and not come across
5:35 am
as object knoc obnoxious. there's a fine line. >> that's what they're trying to balance. we saw in the last debate representative eric slawell went after joe biden about age, and he said it so many times, it may have rub people the wrong way and he's no longer in the race. for the lesser name recognition candidates, that's something they need to balance. ashley: do you think we'll have more impeachment talk? what will be the big issue? healthcare? impeachment? what. >> healthcare will probably be the biggest issue on the stage. candidates have been throwing punches at each other for either being more medicare for all or not for medicare for all. i think that will be a major theme. coming off the shooting in california, i think a lot of candidates will be touting their
5:36 am
gun reform proposal as well. ashley: thank you for joining us this morning. lauren: the cleveland indians pitcher gives up a hit with the bases loaded, ashley -- ashley: hello. lauren: he decides to show off his arm power. watch. >> what he did before he came out, watch this, he turns and fires it. thankfully he threw it against the boards, there was nobody in the seats to get hit with it. you don't do that when your manager is coming out. it's disrespectful. ashley: wow. that's quite an arm. i can see why he's a pitcher. my goodness. that was trevor broward, throwing the ball over the centerfield wall, before being yanked from the game. he said he was frustrated after giving up four runs. he also said it was childish and unprofessional. the indians lost, 9-6. one of those days. lauren: you have to hear this. with disney's the lion king
5:37 am
celebrating two weeks topping the box office, one man is going viral for his duet of one of the film's most famous songs with an unlikely singing partner. ♪ [singing] ashley: that's bar pure gold rt there. lauren: that's how i sing. if you want to perform with me, i we could top him. ashley: let no not do that. he said he started singing when the donkey decided to join in. the video's received almost 2 million views in three days. lauren: 2 million views. ashley: incredible. lauren: i think the market could use that enthusiasm. futures are hugging the flat line this monday. the dow is down 11 points, s&p down 1, nasdaq down 7. coming up, beyond meat shares surging beyond expectations but
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lauren: our next guest says there's a food revolution
5:41 am
underway as consumers look at a growing range of plant-based products and investors weigh where they can get the biggest bang for their buck. marina l atini is a member of the fair initiative. thank you for joining us. we're trying to unpack this food revolution, alternative proteins are hot right now. beyond meat reports tonight. this is a company that is expected to post another loss but it has a $14 billion valuation. that's the same as campbell's soup which has been in my pantry for years. how do you justify that? >> maria? maria, can you hear me in new york? we have some audio difficulties with maria latini of fair. are we going to try again or move on? all right. we will go to break and as we do so, a quick look at the futures
5:42 am
-- ashley: technology. lauren: technology not working for us this morning. ashley: let's take a look at the futures. they're flat. the dow is off 7 points, the s&p and nasdaq are slightly lower. still ahead, we have four tornadoes tearing through the midwest this weekend leaving a lot of damage in their weak. janice dean will be here with what to expect and how the bread of butter with the internet could get you into serious legal trouble. keep it right here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ i want to live a life from a new perspective. ♪
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lauren: welcome back. let's bring back in our next guest, marina latini with the fair initiative. we're talking about alternative proteins and beyond meat as they report this afternoon, $14 billion valuation. how do you justify that, maria? >> well, i think it's just -- i mean, it's really good indication of investor interest in this market and corporate interest in this market. absolutely. there's definite excitement about understanding the risks associated with animal protein and real move away from overdependence of animal protein and beyond meat is one option that investors and corporates and consumers can choose. lauren: how quickly are other companies, even traditional meat producers or snack companies, chocolate companies, how quickly are they adopting? >> yeah, well, i hope you saw the report that the fair
5:47 am
initiative published last week, that looks at 25 of the largest manufacturers and retailers in the market and investors have asked them how they are assessing their own exposure to animal protein in their supply chain and what they're doing in terms of risk assessment and assessment of the opportunities in the market and we've seen a real rapid shift across the entire market, looking at plant protein as an alternative to animal proteins and product portfolios. so we've seen manufacturers through their own r&d, innovation, venture capital investments, invest in many of these new companies and we've also seen a lot of the consumer-facing companies like fast food chains. lauren: we just have a couple seconds left. what do you say to the shy bothe ceo who says the alternative proteins are too processed, we
5:48 am
don't want to use them? >> well, i think that that will begin to el evolve. there is processing of alternative proteins but they're using much less resources, much less land, much less water, and much less antibiotics than normal, traditional plant-based products. and so any product is going to be using these sorts of thins to some extent but we're seeing a movement in the right direction when you look at plant-based production and consumption. lauren: size of the industry in 10 years? quickly. how many billions. >> the industry in 10 years, you see the sell-side analysts coming out in the past few weeks saying this is a $20 billion industry now, we're looking to see it grow to $100 billion in the next decade. lauren: wow, $100 billion. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. delighted to be here. ashley: that's a lot of fake meat. nothing fake about this. at least four tornadoes touching
5:49 am
down overnight in the midwest. take a look at this, a funnel cloud forming in the mccloud county, minnesota. lauren: the powerful storms knocking down trees and power lines, twisters also reported in wisconsin. let's bring in senior meteorologist janice dean, live in the fox weather center, with what we can expect today. janice, good morning. janice: good morning. part of the reason is we have a cold front moving across the upper midwest and central plains. there are tornado reports south dakota and nebraska, minnesota and wisconsin. the front will be on the move, getting towards the r northeast later this week and in its wake we could see the potential for showers, thunderstorms, some of those thunderstorms could produce heavy rain as we go through the next couple days. ahead of that front, that's where we've got the very warm, humid air, 92 here in new york city, 88 in atlanta. so watching that. then very warm temperatures across the southwest we'll be watching and monitoring over the next couple days. in the pacific, we have two named storms, eric and flossy,
5:50 am
both of which will become hurricanes and we'll have to watch hawaii over the next couple days. all right. ashley, lauren, back to you. ashley: janice, thank you very much. flossy. lauren: i said the same thing. flossy. president trump is hosting heroes at the white house today. ashley: tracee carrasco has the details. tracee. tracee: the president will be signing legislation to extend the september 11th victim compensation fund, joined by more than 200 visitors including first responders, survivors and family members. the bill will extend the fund through 2090. more trouble for the leadership in puerto rico as the woman next in line to be governor says she doesn't want the job. after the territory's governor,ly car he dough rossello and the secretary of state resigned, the secretary of justice, wanda vasquez, was left as successor. in a statement, vasquez says i have no interest in occupying
5:51 am
the seat of governor. she is hoping that rossello will appoint a new secretary of state before he leaves on august 2n august 2nd. a pennsylvania teen won $3 million at the fortnite world cup tournament this weekend. the 16-year-old who goes by the name booga took the victory at the tournament in new york this weekend. he wasn't the only one to walk away with millions. two teams split a second $3 million prize for winning the duo championship. and an arkansas mother bought out all the shoes from a nearby payless shoe store and donated them to children in need. she snatched up nearly 1500 pair of shoes for the kids ahead of the new school year. and that's what's happening now. lauren: that's the best story of the morning, if not the week. ashley: tracee, thank you very much.
5:52 am
european markets are mixed this morning ahead of this week's federal reserve meeting. michael hewsome joins us this morning. the fed is expecting a 25 basis point cut. how do the markets react to that? is it already baked? >> absolutely. i think it's baked in. i think there's also a perception that maybe the fed may not be as doveish as perhaps markets think. we're in a goldilocks scenario at the moment. china-u.s. trade is on the back burner. economic data out of the u.s. is fairly good. anything more than a 25 basis point cut is likely to be a surprise. i wouldn't be surprised to see descent to the cut. ashley: of course we have to mention brexit. it's really pressuring the pound, over a two-year low. now we have boris johnson. what are the chances of getting something achieved? >> well, i think in terms of the
5:53 am
noise, the noise levels have gone up and that is pressuring the pound. but the outcome remains fundamentally the same. i think boris johnson is ramping up the pressure on mps to potentially revoke article 50, force a general election and see what happens then. i can't see where else this is going. ashley: he he's in the same position that theresa may was. we know how that worked out. michael, thank you. lauren: coming up, if you ever want to just dive under your desk when you see a particular coworker headed your way, i actually just put on my earphones, pretend i'm listening to something, we'll tell you what you should do and why they're coming your way. and new legal trouble you can get into online just for speaking your mind. yeah, i know. keep it here, "fbn: a.m." ♪ everybody talks, everybody talks, everybody talks too much. ♪ it started with a whisper. ♪ and that was when i kissed her. ♪ and then she made my lips
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♪ now you get on a telephone with your girlfriend. ♪ ain't got no end. ♪ yackity, yackity,. ♪ you talk too much. lauren: will your next conversation with a coworker break your spirit once and for all. ashley: mike joins us with more on that.
5:57 am
>> how was your weekend, was it good? ashley: good. >> how about those yankees? ashley: oh, stop it. >> those are examples of small talk, the dreaded and awkward small talk conversation. a new study shows how often we do that. it averages about four times a day at work, so over 20 times a week that you have to pretend to care about what somebody's talking about. lauren: it's true. ashley: it's true, usually in the elevator. most people look at their phones. >> or the coffee machine. someone asked me, did you watch the bachelor? i watc don't watch it. don't ask me. lauren: someone said to me they're sick of people asking the same questions over and over. i said i'll never ask again. >> you want to be nice and have a conversation. then it's also like oh, no, here comes that person down the hallway. ashley: and the dreaded, it's
5:58 am
hot out there. now to the internet. people can get in legal trouble for something. >> be careful the next time you leave an online review. now you could be sued for it. people are being sued under the slap lawsuit, stands for strategic lawsuit against public participation and it's pretty much to go out against people that are leaving negative reviews. now, one person, for example, got sued $125,000 because he said that somebody that was remodeling his floor in his house did a bad job. so they sued him under the lawsuit. for the most part, they just want you to when you get sued or whatnot to take down the negative review. but still, some of them are going to court. ashley: there are websites that rely on reviews. lauren: and if the person did a bad job, they should have a bad review. >> i completely agree. is this about protecting against libel or free speech? ashley: if anyone writes negative comments about this
5:59 am
show, guess what, we will go after you. [ laughter ] lauren: get sued. thank you so much. >> thank you. ashley: you can check out mike on fox news headlines, 24/7 throughout the day. lauren: i never said anything bad about charles payne. "mornings with maria" starts now. good morning, it's monday, july 29th. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. trade is in focus, face-to-face trade talks between the united states and china resuming tomorrow in shanghai. the world is waiting on the fed, the federal reserve's two-day meeting kicking off tomorrow with a rate cut expected on wednesday. jay powell is getting support from janet yellen. what she said is coming up. it's a huge week for earnings. seven dow components, 159 companies in the s&p 500 all reporting this week. big names include apple, exxon, chevron, and general motors. what you need to know before the numbers come out ahead.
6:00 am
plus, deadly shooting in california, at least three people killed, 15 others injured. we'll take you there for the latest. "mornings with maria" begins right now. ♪ only the beginning. ♪ only the beginning. ♪ only the beginning. we have a huge show this morning. joining the conversation, lee carter, jack howe and mitch rochell. also on deck this morning, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor and collusion author, newt gingrich, former whitewater independent counsel, robert wray. and asian fellow curtis chen is with us and forr


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