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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 31, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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madison good to see you thank you for joining us. >> thank you, trish. trish: have a terrific night, kennedy begins now. >> that cat thing is really freaky. kennedy: they are freaky, that is why i hate cats, thank you, trish. baltimore has mayor problems, there is crime, addiction, urban decay, hopelessness. and same goes for other cities like detroit, memphis, chicago. phillie, parts of los angeles, there is feces all over the place in san francisco. and this is from sea to shining sea, but why can't we just sit down like adults and try to fix the problems. latest controversy began over weekend after trump claimed that baltimore was a rat infested mess that no human would top live in elijah cummings
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represents part of baltimore and he did not like the comments one bit, he and others, called trump racist, and president's defenders say, he was just telling the truth, today president went back on offense. >> people living in baltimore are happy. that i'm bringing out the fact it is like leaving in hell -- living in hell, i am not angry at anyone, i am saying that cummings has been there 26 years, he is by far highest ranking politician, corruption in baltimore is probably greatest, or one of them, wait, he is in charge of an oversight committee, all i'm saying is, take your oversight committee, and go to baltimore. you will learn a lot. kennedy: president trump offered no evidence of corruption, but we'll get more to politics with panel a little bit, but first, let's get to baltimore, last year highest murder rate in nation, and listed among most
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dangerous cities in world it had twice as membership murders per capita then chicago, second to tito ortiz -- second only to detroit for violent crimes. schools are not that great. abandoned buildings are everywhere. population is shrinking. 4 years ago there were massive riots and looting after freddie gray mis -- died while in police custody. how do you fix it? with me now. rochelle ritchie is here. >> thank you. kennedy: this is one of those times, it is frustrating, i feel bad for people in baltimore, their story is being hijacked
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for political gain. but just for a little while, because the new cycle moves so quickly. we'll going to move on to next thing, next week. and then what happens to baltimore. >> that is what is frustrating as former residence of bal more, i love baltimore and the people it was a great city. but it is not unsurprising that this story or these videos will be used for some a political ammunition, because this is when we see, with the issues in the black community. our issues only matter what it is time for an election or people can use it as a mittal talkin--political talking point. kennedy: both sides. >> we are seeing it both sides, with democrat now with republican, issues in baltimore are so much bigger than just crime, i wrote an op-ed about this i talked about the lead poisoning issue and crisis between 1993 and 2013, 65,000
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children test positive for lead, those children are now in their 20s, that is the age group we're seeing out here committing the crimes, there is scientific data shows that lead poisoning leads to violent crime. kennedy: that does not surprise me. i know that sort of heavy met will toxicity all sorts of manifestintation, you see it in flint, there are until structural issues, you see it over and over often times with education. you take places that have schools that don't have a high graduation rate they throw more and more money per pupil it does not improve the school system, you see the same thing in baltimore. >> whether we talk about
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congressman cummings, you know, i really look at this more so on a local level, with the leadership. kennedy: half of his district for people who don't realize is very av flew int affluent, doin, have you small businesses, and success stories and families living well above poverty line, that is his half his district. >> right this local leaders, you talk about kids going to school without air or height, tha heat. you talk about the police force, since freddie gray they had three police commissioners in 4 years, they do not last more than two or three years, have you a continuous cycle of police commissioners moving out, new policies that is going to also exacerbate the problem of crime in baltimore. kennedy: it is, that is unwere iwere inunwere in were
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unwerunfortunate. you have politicians who appeal to your plight but don't really want to do anything about it. >> this is why you get to voter turn out. voter turn out is a problem in these marginalized communities, have you a lot of people in those impoverished areas of baltimore who don't get out and vote, they are not motivated to do so, for last several decades they rely on those you know committed voters who make the decisions that are based on their middle class or affluent life style while the other people are being neglected. if we're going to change the trajectory of baltimore, we have to get into those communities and encourage people to vote. kennedy: i agree. >> get out and vote. kennedy: i do think that he has a responsibility, he talks about
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how much he cares with his neighbors, and fights for them, go in, do what they did tea party, like aoc, find people groom good candidates, who are moral. that is where you affect most change at local level. you are right. >> it really true but one thing i want people to understand when you look at thiede video these e track with abandoned holes there is a notorious gang, that track there in alleys is -- trash is put there so when criminals are running from the officers, a officer's car cannot get down that alley, some of that stuff, some mattresses that trash, there are drugs hidden in when you see people on twitter -- >> what did ending drug prohibition. >> well. kennedy: another conversation. >> more deeper. kennedy: i understand, but there is something to it i hope you
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come back. >> absolutely. kennedy: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> all right, back in dc, president still battling claims he is racist. that he strongly denies. >> i am the least racist person there is, let me explain. when i have done for african-americans, is two and a half years, no president has been able to do anything like this. kennedy: that is a real fact. we're discussing all sorts of things here. new qui "quinnipiac poll" showst -- believe that president is racist. and 51% of voters say they believe the president is racist. 45% say they are not, poll conducted before, during the president's battle over ba baltimore, it will help or hurt him. we will meet tonight's
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participant element. welcome. >> thank you. >> my fear here is as we're just slinging that word around, we have to make a flow chart of everyone called a latest and called -- a racist and everyone who called someone else a racist there will be arrows all over the place, such a powerful charge, that unfortunately you take a loaded word and render it meaningless, what do you say. >> you are right. it has been used over and over, just like confetti it barely means anything more. people say, you are a racist, or that is hyperbole, which a shame. this whole baltimore matter, you have trump is a racist, you have comes from obama, where kids
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don't have fathers. former mayor, you with smell the rats and dead animals, no one called hear a racist. when she said you can smell rats in her stay, then, when trump said it. kennedy: he called cummings racist, i thought that was unnecessary. he said race -- people got mad at me today, that not necessary. i don't think that someone like cummings needs to be free from criticism, he has been doing what he has been doing long enough he knows he will take from incoming, president does not have to use that language, but. taking issue with a congressman iz his district, and city went that district, i think is fair game. >> it is, what is the president's solution, president of all americans, he stood on his inaugus inauguration. said he was there for forgotten
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men, women. question is, what language is he using, fair criticism, there is a lot of hurt in place like baltimore and urban poverty. but the way he talks about the various cities circumstance different. and -- is different. that is where people i think are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, so if everything is racist, then nothing is racist. kennedy: true, if you get hung up on the language could. that is a great destruction. -- distract distraction. they will just move on, that is unacceptable. >> it is unacceptable in baltimore and other cities. >> that is it, i think it will rile up the president's base on this that just simply the charge that it is racist to attack an
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african-american congressman. kennedy: why call him racist, then complain when people call him racist. >> it is watered-down. kennedy: i don't want to hear president calling him racist when that first term he used in describing companieses. >> president has pointed thought prob limproblem, drawn attentiot now i would like to see him talk about how free market principles grow the pie. >> are right, it should be number one, but it is like 16th thing on the list. when people talk about really, allowing these places to heal. it is getting unions out of the way, getting big government out of the way. and allowing individuals to thrive. more with party panel late ebut first aocsaid her expensive green new deal is a small fry pe
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news, we got cost of part of the green new deal, not the whole thing, i am warning you. you might top sit down -- might want to sit down and sip sherri for that. a new study. green new deal will cost more than 70,000 dollars per household, that is just first year, not 10 years. >> that is year one, researcher look at cost of transportation. construction and transforming the way we produce power. they did not even include all other great ideas that have nothing to to with climate. several 2020 candidates have eners toed green new deal -- have endorsed the green new deal, should shea reall should e
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warming up on the green new deal? no. this is staggering. the cbo, would not even score the green new deal as it written, that is impossible. how are families who don't make 70 thousand a year going to pay that? >> right. that is the problem with to proposal, they take it seriously, everyone running for president on democrat ticket, at debate, many in congress say this is a serious proposal, then they throw outlandish things like we'll retrofit every building in america. and force everyone to drive a green car. and so we look at those numbers said, okay, if you really got the reins of power, what would it cost to upgrade? , every building, the numbers are staggers. >> staggering. anyone who has done minor
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construction on their home, you know it always takes twice as long and costs 3 time as much. and with another federal bureaucracy nothing will be simplified, it will be so much worse. now, we're not going to be able to afford clean energy, in the way it exists, we cannot do that afford ibly -- affordability, we'll need to invent a new technology, is that done by force? >> right. the government has always created so many things by force, the free market cannot to that. i am not opposed to the energy, i love the future, but these technologies, do not exist right now. kennedy: no. >> hide lo hydrogen cars. >> right. those who suffers poor. kennedy: you don't have to worry
12:20 am
about that because kamala harris and aoc have a new legislation that deals with climate equity, so under served communities would have factories power the -- uncorn farts, they have great wonderful jobs with endless resources to flit about in damnable wealth. >> very hard for us to score how you would price that out, like university healthcare, that is the price of a guaranteed income for those unwilling to work? we might as all well ask for ponies. kennedy: i love you that unable or unwilliams. unwilliam willing. >> we -- or unwilliams. >> we should buy stock in a fake green company like solyndra. kennedy: i could ask you a rhetorical question, but, why can't they just leave me alone. >> right, that is used to be a
12:21 am
radical proposal, now -- that used to be normal now it is a radical one, leave me alone. kennedy: just leave me alone, i ice uused it like people, but pe like kamala harris and aoc are just stinking up the joint. >> right. kennedy: wait until you hear how deeply chinese have infiltrated our culture and politics. i will explain in my memo next. can my side be firm?
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kennedy: president trump may not be superman but he is leader of the free world, like it or not. there has been a fetish like focus on russia, russia, russia, allowing distracted lawmakers to take their eye off a bigger
12:26 am
threat, electoral and otherwise china. here fbi director christopher wray. >> there are a slew of nonpractical collectors -- nou nontraditional collectors. people who are not intelligence officer by profession but who are for a variety of reasons working on behalf of the chinese government. >> they are working for the commies, tinkering with our hearts and election. with an economic trojan horse, whose purpose to reverse economic political advantage we're now enjoying over china, they are stealing intellectual property for starters, 20% of u.s. companies doing business with china have suffered ip theft in last year, that costs 250 to 600 billion each year. too much. 350,000 chinese students study in our great universities, most
12:27 am
of them are striving to make world's better and clean are and cancer-free place that is fantastic, but a few are spies, embedded between the dea geebied motorheads. they become collateral damage. president is right, mostly when he says -- >> well i think that biggest problem is china. would love to wait, and hope, it is not going happen, i hope could they would love if i got defeated. they could deal with someone like, warren or sleepy joe biden. or any of these people, because then they would be allowed and able to continue to rip off our country. like they have been doing for the last 30 years. kennedy: yeah, that i want to
12:28 am
take all of our great ideas, and wait it out until some stiff rolled over and lets them intellectually bugger us for far tanother 3 decades that is far from super. the individual whos always greater than collective. and freedom will always win. that is the memo. >> all right, most politics in washington have been focusing on russia in the wake of 2016 election interference, but should we not have been paying more attention to china all along? yeah. joining me now. mike baker. welcome back baker. >> a tough word. >> i can't say it. >> hey. >> hey, you are right. i'm vlad we're having to discussion. i am glad that president has
12:29 am
focused on this issue, most people talk about china, and trade deal. but a big part is what to we want out of that trade deal, we want them to you know clampdown on this issue of intellectual property theft. that is not going to happen. but it is a good di discussion o have, long overdue. kennedy: fe it is, but unfortunately i think that people like joe biden are naive. we're worry period sabotage at hands of bad actors, hyper focus on russia is not helping us maintain santee o -- of our democracy, but joe bidenis naive request his version of china, this was wrong during obama years. he had questionable business dealings with his son, vis-a-vis in china, he had to walk back
12:30 am
some of what he said, about china is not going to eat our lunch. >> they would love to. >> come on, man, come on, man. they are good people, they are good folks, they are, look, a a lot of them are. but, the deal, we should be able to multitask, china and russia do not have our best interest at heart, they are hostile players in this game. we should focus on what they are both doing but there is a wide eyed fantasy about russia collusion. russian were involved in china skew in screw with our election in 2016, this is no doubt, they will do it again. but you know what china is not just waiting, not as if they are sitting on sidelines waiting for president trump to lose, they are also actively engaged in doing what they can to influence that outcome, imagine. right, you know, idea that china would prefer to deal with someone else, that is not a big
12:31 am
leap to say, they will actively try to influence the election as well. kennedy: here is the difference. russia is hostile but they are hamstrung. they have to be creative. but china, they are flushed with money, a state-run economy. you have you know all of these different aspects of their culture, where individuals are beholden not state. and -- to the state, they are forced to do their bidding, but they figure out ways to do it culturally, academically, economically, we should not stop our way of life, we should not disallow international students from studying here, we need, that they need, that the world needs that but we cannot be naive. >> well way they steal information, they have done it, china made decision to
12:32 am
jump-start their economy get to top of food chain, by by passing research and development and that time and taking information, hoovers it up, they do it, a variety of way, hey have been doing that for ever, that will not stop, we have to be able to mul multi task say chinese will be out there they will continue, they will influence election to some degree, they have watched what russians did, they are very good at this. but you are right, in you were to say, mike, mike, which is our biggest threat right now in is china. kennedy: china, china, china. >> did say it wrong, china. kennedy: 12k34 and robert mueller knows it, thank you for your time, mike baker. >> thank you. kennedy: 2020 democrat hopeful kamala harris pushing back hard again her critics, she has a new
12:33 am
health care proposal revealing or long awaited plan. i can't wait, it calls for a government run health care system, allows participation of private insurers as lodge as loy follow strict coverage rules opponent call it mishmash, and details, is when it got weird, she is a senate cosponsor it was bernie sanders medicare for all, that calls for abolishing private shucke insurance compane has talked about it as well, she is confused or as a typical politician, trying too play both sides. joining us, our panel. let us begin. kamala want its both ways. she talked about cutting out all private insurance, now bernie sanders is attacking her for trying t steal what he sees is best part
12:34 am
of his plan. >> i will do us all a favor, including senator harris, point ought what alexandria ocasio-cortez just said on twitter, she clarified for inch, thaeveryone, that medicare for l is single payer. kennedy: that is it. >> she cleared that one. kennedy: it is bad casserole but it is baked in. >> she is being honest about it where senator harris falls off wagon here, it does include this weird private insurance. but with like sort of nondiscriptive rules they have to follow. kennedy: that just cobbled together, like joe biden plan. >> cut and paste. >> sounds like obamacare, you know government running things, with some private ownership and a lot of rules, you can't do
12:35 am
this, you can't do that, you must do the other, i don't like bernie sanders plan, it pretty straight forward, if you like your plan, you are going to lose your plan. it will is v.a. for all, i don't like that plan but it is more straight forward than kamala harris a mishmash. kennedy: not everyone needs same insurance claim, one size fits all is problematic, insurance is not a fur lette a 4 letter word. >> you allow people to buy insurance across state lines, plans they want for at cheaper cost, health care savings. that are tax free, list services and what they cost before you get them. block granted medicaid money to state. >> i like that. >>ed the middle man is a probl
12:36 am
problem. people love their insurance. kaiser family foundation, polled healthcare like it is going out of business, they like private insurance. people who or medicare like medicare. so, i think from a political perspective. very careful they don't take away the thing that people really like, they own healthcare at-this-point. >> yes. >> no argument there. republicans screwed it up, they had some good ideas, they were not able to convince some senators from the poorest states that need most medicaid that you know there were viable premarket options, and it fell apart, but we needless government more freedom. >> health care. >> thank you for agreeing with me. >> i do. not like a typical -- we probably would disagree on that, in my view, it if you need
12:37 am
healthcare, you need hiel health care. kennedy: no one is disputing that. >> we agree, twice in one night. kennedy: if you take anecdotal evidence from a tragic case, apply it to 360 million people you will run into problems. >> i agree. >> basic principle if government gets involved, it should be in business of giving people money, here is cash get something you like rather than we'll sit here and decide how much aspirins you take. kennedy: how much you get and -- >> we have to go i am sorry. omuch love. coming up, you are out for a swim, you come face-to-face with a shark? what do you do? we have a survivor,. he will explain next on you wrestle a shark, there he is.
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>> we've been taught that sharks can smell a drop of blood. if you have a small cut they will be attracted. but so much else about the sharks is a preconceived notion, maybe this is too. ♪ a shadow appears. >> it's a tiger. >> oh, my gosh, could you see he leaning in. a clip. laws of jaws, this is shark week on discovery. live every week like a it is shark week, 5 recent shark
12:43 am
attacks to separate fact from fig, find out if it could have done differently, on heels of two shark as thats off coast of florida their week, yesterday's shark bit a teen and a professional surfer near jacksonville, that guy hit the bar instead of going to the hospital, because it's florida. so what do you do if you find yourself face-to-face with a shark, paul is here. >> thank you. kennedy: i love surfing, i love swimming in the ocean, i am scared of sharks. and i have seen leopard sharks,y saw them, a ran. you were training with australian navy. in a wet suit, and fins, you look like a wounded seal, and you were bit by a shark. but you said you didn't feel the pain at first, that is unbelieveable to me.
12:44 am
>> well shark's teeth are so sharp, they have a coating on them that allows them to penetrate flesh like a razor played, i -- blade. i fell the clamp, pressure of jaws, most until it started shaking its head to tear out the flesh from my body this pain kicked in, a rough day at work. kennedy: unreal, almost like your brain can't make sense of that, you say there is a critical moment you choose life or date death, you assume for a second you were going to die, you were at peace with that, you emerged, with your wet suit, saw your safety boat and swam to that, what do you do, what i did? like a screaming coward? underwater and swimming away? >> not screaming coward technique, that usually does not
12:45 am
work. i recommend trying -- against all natural instirchl instinctst stay calm. keep your a o eye on the shark,y are ambush predator, they know what you are watching them, it is amazing, even biggest great white, i steared down a 14 -- staired down a 14 foot great white, i may have had pe peein y wet suit. >> you shove the shark? >> you don't, if you meet a while animal with aggression it will meet you with aggression. kennedy: you don't shove it. >> no, you go to a dog barking at you, and you bop it in the face, it will bite you, same
12:46 am
with sharks, we show them we're not food, we're the dominant predator, remain calm treat them as 458 mos postal most they are nothing -- treat them like they are almost nothing, you put your hand on top of their head or their mouth, you lead them away. kennedy: shove them, that is a shove. >> not a shove, you gentle redirect them. kennedy: a shove. >> thank you. i cannot wait to watch more of you on shark week. >> thank you. >> well done, when a survivor, you have to tune in shark week this week, watch laws of jaws, dangerous waters, on discovery this thursday, 7 p.m. topical storm is next stay here. don't miss your golden opportunity
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kennedy: on this day in 1863, american carmaker henry ford was born in dearborn, michigan, to this day, no man has had more women in his backseat. that is a joke, perverts. topic one. we start in california. a cocaine party went overboard.
12:51 am
these drug smugglers were being followed by the coast guard, they moved a little product. authorities believe they dumped 500 pounds of bolivian burger -- beinge-- to the ocean, the oceas now contaminated with cocaine. the good news, several endangered fish species tripled their pregnancy rates. all in new pixar film, grinding nemo. my fish, making it face. ship cap app o-- did you see? topic two.
12:52 am
two for tuesday, let's head to florida. boat sales on fire. oh, no, this is why you pay docking fees on time in sunshine state. they do not play around. we don't know what caused this blaze, but knowing florida is was probably a squar squirrel pg with matches. or as a seal cooking meth on the dock. there were no injuries, but owner fled the scene with a mystery woman, she was an old flame. ♪ mouth trumpet tuesday? i like that. nice to see something going up in smoke beside beto campaign? he looked like he was going to a funeral tonight. >> only he could push out his
12:53 am
poll numbers. poor guy. he is done, topic 3. panda express sellin sell szecht chicken wide. according to a press release. it szechuan sensations was infired by inspired by a nashvie sensation,. according to yelp reviews, people give thi it two bongs up. only people eating panda express are stoners and people on fear factor. i am kidding. for that ring sting?
12:54 am
a promotion in california, people who tried it, have a predict able reaction. oh, no. the stuff is awful, throw it overboard. topic 4. florida woman was arrested for smashing a piece of cake in her mother's face. before you judge. remember that none of us knows this mom, 21-year-old britney, allegedly got into a heated argument with her mom in their tampa home, yeah florida, let's say mom got her just desserts. she smashed an entire lemon cake in her face, when life gives you lemons, you make mom shut her pie hole, unless it is don lemon, in which case you change channel as fast as you can. mom has forgiven her, and
12:55 am
stopped by dock to visit her daughter's boat to weekend, i love a family that knows how to warm up to each other. >> topic 5. let's go to mccarron international in las vegas. plane traffic is light this week. yeah. these kids are fantasizing about flying after their parents gamble away their plane ticket money. hopefully they can take off once dad gets back from blood bank and mom gets back from bunny ranch. i am kidding, international paper plane contest. a chance for kids to see what people do in congress all day, but congress is on a well deserved recess now. because that paper folding is hard work, your hands get so tired had.
12:56 am
aerosmith left town. if you see a pirate hooker outside of treasur treasure isll ask for her autograph and tell her that dream on is your favorite song, because that is not stephen tyler. be right back. and here we have another burst pipe in denmark. if you look close... jamie, are there any interesting photos from your trip? ouch, okay. huh, boring, boring, you don't need to see that. oh, here we go. can you believe my client steig had never heard of a home and auto bundle or that renters could bundle? wait, you're a lawyer? only licensed in stockholm. what is happening? jamie: anyway, game show, kumite, cinderella story. you know karate? no, alan, i practice muay thai, completely different skillset.
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kennedy: heaven knows. last night mouth trumpet monday, anything goes, winner. i'll see you tomorrow night, the following is a sponsored program paid for by my pillow do you find yourself sleeping too hot or too cold, not getting the support you need to help relieve painful pressure points or struggling just to get comfortable? then get ready for a revolutionary, new sleep experience. introducing the my pillow mattress topper, the next generation in sleep innovation from the company that brought you the world's most comfortable pillow. [applause] hello, everyone. i'm tonja waring. thank you so much for being here. it's been an amazing journey


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