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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  August 1, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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they might consider what happens as we hook at chuck schumer lining up on the issue of china. we thank you for being with us on this hour. good night from new york. david: president trump holding a rally in cincinnati, ohio. and hitting the democrats right off the bat. president trump: i was watching the so-called debate last night and i also watched the night before, that was long, long television. and the democrats spent more time attacking barack obama than they did attacking me practically. david: "the next revolution" host steve hilton and britt mchenry are here tonight on that. the battle over baltimore heating up. the president calling out
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baltimore officials for misusing government funds to help the troubled city. video resurfacing showing elijah cummings referring to his community as quote drug infested. wait until you see what happens after this wave malfunctions and unleashed a tsunami-type swell on unsuspecting swimmers. abby hornacek is with us night. "trish regan primetime" starts right now. i'm david asman in for trish. president trump is addressing a crowd of thousands in ohio. >> i came in, we did a rally where we had people like this, it was packed, the day before the election.
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and mike dwaine won that election and he won it easily. and we have a man running for governor of kentucky again. [cheers and applause] and he's done an incredible job. and together -- sometimes you can do such a good job that not ebb appreciates it. but they had a lot of problems with pensions and a lot of problems a thunderstormal governor would never have been able to correct. but when you correct it you make yourself less popular. they had no choice. it's a great, great state. david: as usual the president hopping from one subject to
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another. so quickly you can hardly keep your head straight. steve, let's talk about the economic news of the day which was china and the president's announcement, unless things change september 1 he's going to put new tariffs on china. what do you think of his strategy? >> i think it's exactly right. he's the first western leader who has stood up to china in around 50 years. and he's showing with this move that he's not going to do any deal just for the sake of it. he'll wait for a good deal because he feels we are in a strong position thanks to his economic partners. the chinese economy is suffering as a result of these tariffs where you see supply chains, the source of china's growth. the manufacturing, from all around the world, that's moving
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out of china. places like vietnam. he feels he has got the leverage. and i think he's right to keep up the pressure. david: there are a lot of questions about why china is doing what it's doing. agreeing to all the terms. then at the last minute pulling out. they are not buying they said they were going to buy. are they playing politics? do they think they would be better off trying to hurt the president's chances before the election, maybe getting a president biden? >> shutly. i think we have -- absolutely. i think we have seen time and time again joe biden says they are going to take our lunch. they are a real economic threat. if you are china actively been circumand circumnavigating a lof
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political issues like what's happening in venezuela and trying to get involved in the negotiations. i don't think joe biden is going to do anything that would continue what trump has been enacting. david: the president was just talking about it. democrats training their sights on president trump's policies while attacking his former vp, joe biden. >> we taxed china on $300 billion worth of goods and product being sold into our country. and china eats it. we have another meeting in early september. i said that's fine. until up time as there is a deal, ilk taxing. >> i didn't hear your response. when the subject of deportations. i didn't hear whether you tried to stop the deportations. >> you invoke president obama
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more than anybody in this campaign. >> what i here from union members and hard working people they wish they had better insurance. >> my response is obamacare is working. david: if president obama who is argue bly the most of progressive president we had in the united states is viewed almost like a conservative by many of the democrats on stage last night and the night before, what does that say about democrats in general? >> they are talking about if he's some kind of a squishy centrist. seems to me what's going on, the democrats in america are following the british labor paredr party off into the looney left. they basically have totally distanced themselves from tony blair who won three elections for them. he's now some kind of
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unacceptable figure. they are on the looney left with jeremy corbyn. a lot of people are saying quite rightly, not just fervent trump supporters. that the big winner coming out of much of the debates is donald trump. these are concerning, the incredible shift to the left. david: there are some democrats that are very concerned about this. the former chief of staff of barack obama is one. >> the guys at 90-some percent among democrats. he's the most of successful incredible progressive president who had a great chief of staff, let me say that. what are the they doing? >> i thought this was only the trump issue. kid in cages. we have seen from pictures and
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videos before. i think it's a winning strategy for joe biden. all of those candidates whether they are on the stage with bind or not, they are gunning for him. after the first debate he was pulling around 33%. they will try to find the cracks. i guarantee you whoever does get that nomination. they will be invoking president trump and michelle obama. i don't think it will be a winning strategy. david: if it's not joe biden. if it was one of those up on stage criticizing their policies. what will president obama do? will he actively campaign for a person like that? >> he'll have to. they want to get rid of president trump. if you end up with one of the progressives, that's a total gift to president trump.
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even joe biden who is supposedly the moderate in this race shifted way to the left to try and pander. look how he shifted on the border and the hyde amendment. a position he held for decades just ditched overboard to get the nomination. there isn't anyone really with a credible chance of winning. david: like my grandfather used to say, he folded like a cheap suit. you can catch steve hosting "the next revolution" every sunday at 9:00 p.m. you can catch brit on foxnation. racist accusations against president trump are calling baltimore quote rat infested. resurfaced video showing elijah cummings calling his own city drug infested. >> my community is a
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drug-infested area. david: hear the full sound, dr. martin athleter king, jr.'s niece is here to call out the hypocrisy. a wave malfunction caught on tape. look. knox nation's abby hornacek is here with details on that story later. democrats were all over the place last night on border policy. >> the policies of this administration have been facilitated by laws on the books and aloud them to be incars rated as though they committed crimes. i don't think we should have a law on the books that can be so misused. it should be a civil violation. >> if you cross the bordered you should be able to be sent back.
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president trump: we are getting
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very good numbers from the border. the 21,000 soldiers supplied by mexico. i want to thank mexico. the numbers are way down at the border. >> the president giving mexico the credit for pitching in and help stem the flow of migrants over our southern border. mexican government says the number of migrants on their way to the southern border has degreased since may. arizona republican congressman andy big gs just returned from the border. has the situation improved down south? >> it has. you have seen reduction in numbers, about 94,000, 95,000 people after prehernlded in the last month. that's a significant decrease. david: the people protecting our border have received so much
8:16 pm
criticism, i think most of of it unjustified. is it affecting their moralee? >> they are professionals. they get frustrated with the unjustified criticism. but they are professionals. they are there to do the job and they are going to keep doing the job the best they can. but i will tell you what. we have a shortage of border patrol agents. do you think people will want to come in and work for an agency -- david: it will be tough. you have to believe there are fewer people willing to devote their lives to that to saving other people when they don't get credit for it. they get blamed for things that go wrong. frankly a lot of calls for what many people would call i think justifiably open borders last night by the democrats. let me play a sound bite of that
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and get your reaction. >> would you have decriminalize illegal border crossings? >> it's not about criminalization. >> if a mother and child walked thousands of miles on a dangerous path, then in my view they are not criminals. >> we need to repeal this law. there will be consequences if somebody crosses the border it's a civil action. >> they should not be treated like criminals. david: joe biden did not call for decriminalization. but most of of the others there last night did. what do you think about that? >> i'm afraid not. david: we'll try to get the congressman back. in the meantime we'll take a short break.
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oscar mayer unveiling a hot dog with candy pieces tonight. racist accusations against president trump for calling baltimore rat-infested. but video shows elijah kusming calling his - -- elijah kusmings calling his own city drug-infested. >> we'll call his racism out for what it is. >> what trump is doing through his racism. >> the president is advancing environmental racism. economic racism. criminal justice racism. healthcare racism. dave *al have i a king is here to call out the hypocrisy from
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david: president trump in cincinnati, let's rinse in. president trump: charter steel announced plans to build a $1. >> 50 million steel mill in cuyahoga heights. in a very good place. toledo, ohio. and this was unthinkable. four years ago steel plants were closing. they weren't expanding and building. we are building new plants in florida, north carolina, south carolina. all over. not just ohio.
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democrats are forgotten who it is they are supposed to represent. they forgot. i wonder why they forgot. the job of elected officials is to represent american citizens. the radical democrats even support deadly sanctuary cities which release dangerous criminals on to our streets. sanctuary cities. and many of the places that have sanctuary cities, and many of the people who live there, they don't want them. they are dangerous, they are not good. here are just a few examples. san francisco an illegal alien was arrested no fewer than 10 times in the span of less than one year for numerous counts of burglary and theft. yet each time san francisco -- david: we'll keep monitoring the
8:25 pm
president's rally. meanwhile democrats giving race a massive amount of air time centered around the claim that president trump is a racist. the president strongly rejecting that label saying he's the least racist person he ever sue. take a look. >> naked racism in the white house. >> what trump is doing through his racism and xenophobia is demonizing a group of people. >> the president is advancing environmental racism, economic racism, justice racism and climates racism. >> first all the president is a racist. >> institutional racism, systemic racism in our country.
8:26 pm
dave will be joining me, the niece of martin luther king, alvita king. i heard so many different kinds of racism. ism not sure what environmental racism is. what do you make of the asuch shun that was current last night that the president is a racist? >> well, david. i know the president, he's not a racist. i have known racists throughout my lifetime and some of us became good friend when i remiernltded them that my uncle dr. martin luther king, jr. said we must learn to love together as sisters and brothers or perish as fools. somebody has to be the victim and somebody has to be superior. but if we can see each other as science seize us and god sees us, created of one blood, one
8:27 pm
human race, then that takes the concept that's been socially engineered causing us to fight into saying we are all human beings. president trump says we all bleed the same. he's not a racist. and he has done so much for the african-american community. david: the point is, and he was just making that point about the unemployment figures for african-americans. lowest they have ever been. they reformed the judicial system. you judge a person on the basis of what they do. unless they are saying something that's directly racist. so far i haven't heard that. >> let me say this. when he talks about representative elijah cummings. it's not because this skin is brown. it has nothing to do with his skin coloring.
8:28 pm
he said we sent billions into your district and your city and the people are still having problems. i think representative he lie jar -- david: we have the tape. it was 1999 when elijah cummings was talking. let's play the tape and get your reaction. >> this morning i left my community of baltimore, a drug-infested area, where a lot of the drugs we are talking about today have already taken the lives of so many children. the same children that i watched 14 or 15 years ago as they grew up now walking around like zombies. david: so you had countless people on television and in print saying the past few days just using that word infested by
8:29 pm
the president proved that he is racist. but here is elijah cummings using the same word. >> his own district. i believe it's fair to say, if you are going to be investigating all these things, can you investigate what happened to the money that came into your areas to maker it better? we see the people themselves are crying out for help. there is nothing about that statement that's racist. david: there is a presumption unless you toe the liberal line you will be considered a racist. that has become the formula. >> racist implies emotions. going against science and religion saying we are one human race created as human beings. that's why we can learn to live
8:30 pm
together as brothers and sisters and not perish together as fools. president trump listens, he responds, the job market is up, unemployment is down, especially in the african-american community. criminal justice reform. president trump condemned in one of his most of recent visits. he condemned slavery himself. so i just don't get it. david: you are not the only person of color who defended president trump in the past. what does it say about the liberal contempt for people of color who support president trump? they have no mind of their own. they are not allowed to. >> when we say people of color be everybody has color. something else is going on. we are people of color. we are not color blind.
8:31 pm
we can see each other. but we learn to live together as brothers and sisters and learn to work together. david: thank you for being here. appreciate it. a wave pool malfunction that was caught on tape. look. coming up, fax nation's abby hornacek is here with details later in our lightning round. another google engineer alleging he was fired because of his conservative views. >> most of people here are pretty upset and pretty sad for -- because of the election. >> in the first moment i really felt like we were going to lose. there was a massive kick in the
8:32 pm
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david: the president talking about lowering thecross of prescription drugs. president trump: we are going to bring it down. canada pays less for prescription krug than we do. we have a great governor of florida ron desantis. he was a and he went to 70. if you buy the drugs and we buy the drugs. we have a middleman. it's not a good situation. he said if i could go buy the drugs from canada i could save 50%.
8:37 pm
i said do it. if you can buy it from europe because the system remember i used to scream when i was winning states and not getting the delegates i was entitled to? i said the system was rigged. so if we can buy the same drug made by the same pharmaceutical company from europe or canada or other places, and a big deep discount, we are doing it and giving them the right to do it. david: we'll keep monitoring the president in cincinnati. for analysis, ben stein. one of the things a lot of people like about this president is the fact that he gets things done. whether it's deregulating the industries in america so they can operate for freely and cheaply or whether it's bringing down the price of prescription drugs.
8:38 pm
when he sees a way to do something. most of people in the public sector don't have, right? >> i knows to get things done and to get things done other than calling somebody else a name. the other side knows to call people bad names and there is nothing about accomplishing anything. this an astonishing congress we have had. they have accomplished zero except to generate comments about racism. if the democrats can come up with calling a person who is not a racist a racist and can't do anything else, then that party is bankrupt. the democratic party is bankrupt. we have got to get a party in there in the congress that gets things done. dave require' iting you use that word, bankruptcy. the nation is practically bankrupt when you look at the debt and their solutions for the
8:39 pm
problems which is to expand trillions of dollars. i don't think they have a plan that costs less than trillions of dollars. >> what's going to happen with the democrats, if they get the grown new deal, the country will be bankrupt from day one. we'll be literally in the state of bankruptcy and won't be able to provide for the common defense. the democrat priority is pushing us over the edge of bankruptcy it's a scary scenario. we have to have people in there that know how to get things done. then we have got to do that. but the idea that we can give people medicare for all, take care of everybody's student debt and not have it cost anything. is nonsense.
8:40 pm
you can't do it. magic doesn't work. it doesn't work in washington, d.c. david: there used to be at least a nod on the part of democrats that the private sector was good or private sector jobs were good. we didn't hear anything the past two nights about growing the private sector. it was just about growing the size of government. >> democrats know the government is a tool for buying votes. the government is going to be a way for the democrats to funnel money and buy huge blocks of -- huge blocs of votes. it's possible for a country to go bankrupt and the democrats are pushing america in that direction. fit happens, it's a catastrophe. david: i wanted to talk to you about google firing people for being conservatives. but i'm afraid we have run out
8:41 pm
of time on that. >> next time. david: would you eat an oscar mayer hot dog flavored ice cream? foxnation's abby hornacek is here. a north korean soldier making a mad dash to defect in south korea. as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance. i recommend topical pain relievers first... like salonpas patch large. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu.
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david: president trump talking about the military, iran and now israel. president trump: let's see what happens. tonight we renew our resolve that america will never be a socialist country, never ever, ever will it be a socialist country. [cheers and applause] david: joining me is retired brigadier general, anthony tata. let's talk first about iran. they are ticks off because we slapped sanctions on their foreign minister and continue to ratchet up the maximum pressure. it's still i guess not on
8:46 pm
maximum. but do you think this will have any effect bringing them back to the negotiating table? >> i do think it will. the maximum pressure campaign is four major elements of national pressure. you know, he you turn that economic screw the tightest, that's when they yell the loudest. that's what we are doing right now. the iran nuclear deal is primarily an economic deal for europe. it did very little in the way of preventing iran from developing a nuclear weapon. the reason you see iran going after the united states and the united kingdom and not mainland europe is that the u.k. and u.s. are putting the heat on iran. europe and france and other countries, they want the economic benefits from that deal, and they don't want to have to pay for their own
8:47 pm
defense. and they know they have got an up from the united states, and the united kingdom to protect them. david: it's a real tightrope the president is walking on. a lot of people question whether it was the right move to pull back, to stand down after they attacked and destroyed our drone in the air. no american was killed in that action, but it was a direct attack on a u.s. asset. do you think that encouraged them to do more mischief or was it the right move? >> i think it was the right move. the president has a duty to protect u.s. assets and people in the shipping lanes around the world. that's part of the national security strategy. that's a vital interest. 30% of the world's oil comes from the gulf region. our comifs dependent on the world economy and vice versa.
8:48 pm
if that gets disrupted. oil prices go up. oil prices suffer. and we turn the country that's booming into something less. it's important that we protect the shipping lanes for all of our allies. david: the president has gotten a lot of criticism for signing on this budget deal that does increase money by 100's of billions of dollars the next couple years. i don't think the governmenth government is the best -- i don't think the government is the best spender of my money. when it comes to rebuilding the military which has fallen on tough times. do you think it president is doing the right thing and was this a necessary evil to continue rebuilding the military? >> i do, david. democrats are crying to have it both ways. they are trying to say the president is a russian asset. but at the same time the
8:49 pm
president has got a defense budget of $718 billion going to $750 billion possibly. and that strean then our hardware, strengthens our personnel and gives as you better posture to fight major threats like russia and china. they either have to support this or shut up. i wish they would do both. but at the end of the day, this budget is important rebuild our military after 18 years of war and help us hit refresh and get set for what the national security strategy rays out, major conflict between russia or china. david: fox news confirmed north korea launched what they call a projectile. this is the third time in just about a week. but president trump doesn't seem very concerned about it. president trump: these are short-ranked missiles.
8:50 pm
we never discuss that. we discuss nuclear. those are short-ranked missiles. a lot of other countries test those kind of missiles also. >> our north korean military, i have it on a good source, these missiles were actually rockets. multiple rocket launchers. if deployed in the foreign elements it would put all of south korea under these rockets. they are offensive in nature. they are a direct response in my opinion to the exercises we are getting ready to hold in south korea, a command post exercise with a bunch of leaders, generals and staff from south korea and the united states and other nations coming together to exercise what it would looks like to defend against a north
8:51 pm
korean incursion across the demilitarized zone. so kim jong-un sees this as provocation. everybody is posturing for the next round of talks. this is part of that same rubric i talked about where we still have got the tight screws. there are 9 u.n. resolutions. don't make nukes. we'll pull over ships on the high seas that are headed towards you and prevent smuggling and everything in between. right now tensions from bumming you have a little bit, and what we have to do is continue just like we are doing with iran. continue to balance too much or not enough. david: it's a tough balance. yearn, great to see you.
8:52 pm
coming next. a hot dog flavored ice cream with candied hot dog pieces. a horrible china wave pool malfunction caught on tape. abby hornacek is next with those stories right after this. i've always been amazed by what's next. and still going for my best, even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin... i want that too. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. what's next? reeling in a nice one. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve
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david: welcome back time for our lightning round, fox nation host abby is joining us. great to see you. >> thank you. david: we have violent video. a crazy malfunction of a wave pool. take a look. that is wild. we should mention about 40 people were injured some, seriously. >> it is wild. when you think about a waive pool -- wave pool, you just lay there. then it is terrifying these people did not expect that to happen had. they did say it was a mechanical malfunctioned, a lot of people speculated it was a disgruntled worker, it was not. they are all okay no fatal injuries, a couple fractured
8:57 pm
rips. david: don't mess with a big tsunami in a pool. burger king selling impossible whopper, that means no meat. >> i thought that all fat food burger -- fast-food burger, i didn't know it was real meat in the first place. it is on friend, they tested this out, in alabama, maryland. just places that i wouldn't think they want fake meat, and sames blew up. i think it is the trend right now. david: i think about blows over. you can't ignore it, billions of dollars are being made, next one oscar mayer. making hot dog flavors ice cream in a sandwich, they have tiny candied hot dogs.
8:58 pm
>> i don't' to know how you candy a hot dog. talk about also fake meat. but, it is really terrifying. sounds like somebody you would eat if you lost a fantasy football bet. it also has mustard infused gel -- i think instragrammers will be eating them. david: an old video game found in an attic worth a lot of money. >> i hope this happens to me with the 900 beanie babies that i own. he found an old video game from nintendo from 1985, it was sealed worth $10,000. >> not bad. >> $10,000, why can that not happen to you or i.
8:59 pm
david: i did find something in may parent's attic, an old picture that was worth $8 thousand. david: serious. david: absolutely. it happened, we didn't know it would be worth that much money. >> not like this video game. >> a funny moment, a girl bashing her siblings to a foam pit. >> get them mavericks. get them. get them maverick. david: abby, you can identify with this? >> i grew up with two older brothers, i applaud this young woman, set the tone early on. you can say remember that one time, i can do that again, ruthless. david: look at it. >> you know, i rail ge -- really give her. david: we'd boy. >> how do you know he is a sweet
9:00 pm
boy. >> thank you, b. you can catch me tomorrow 5 preliminary hosting bulls and bears, i'll be in for tritch trh tomorrow night, kept dee kenneds right now. kennedy: thank you david asman. our elected have failed us again, there is one more, vote them out had. land any of thus prison. increases federal spending by 320 billion dollars, with -- over next two years. allows unfettered government borrowing entire time. spending money we don't have, it will prevent another government shut down, it does nothing to stop government spiraling death, ballooning


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