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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 3, 2019 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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lou: good evening everybody. the radical dems are reeling tonight and their friends on the left wing national media are desperate. the "washington post" pointing out the socialist policies of two of the democratic front runners, are not grounded in reality worries over north korea. president trump today brushed away any threats from kim jong-un after his regime tested a number of short range missiles this week. and president trump keeping his promise to expand prosperity, our economy is booming, the lives of american working people getting better every
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day. and in july the economy added 164,000 new jobs, unemployment holding at 3.7 percent, just off of a half-century low. more americans employed than ever before. 63 percent labor force participation rate and wages gaining more than three percent over the past year. it is no wonder that more voters view the economy positively today. then they have an almost 2 decades. nor is it any wonder that president trump's approval rating on the economy has risen since may. now at 52 percent. and to begin with a d.c. federal judge they ruled against the trump administration policy to deny asylum to any illegal immigrant who enters the country outside of a designated port of entry. this judge, and obama point defines a policy quote - inconsistent as he put it with the immigration act, the policy
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has been already blocked by another obama appointed federal judge in san francisco. it is being appealed for the ninth circuit court of appeals and on and on it goes. joining us tonight, to take up the presidents efforts to secure the southern border, acting customs and border protection commissioner, mark morgan. great to have you with us. let's start with the -- i still think, we are sitting here in august and it was february 15, the president declared a national emergency. the democrats have yet to step up. the nation is still being absolutely overrun with illegal immigrants at the border. the situation is improving month to month as you well know. but against last years number, this is extraordinary. >> absolutely. and i think that you hit the nail on the head that right now
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we are looking at because of the incredible work that this president has done, negotiations with the government of mexico as well as some of the northern triangle countries, these countries are finally understanding this is a regional crisis and they are stepping up. mexico because of the direct actions of this president administration, there stepping up in unprecedented ways. we talked about the numbers going down. you need to understand it is a direct result of those negotiations and mexico stepping up. make no mistake, we are still in a full-blown crisis. lou: no doubt. make no mistake as you put it, they wouldn't be cooperation with mexico, guatemala or anyone else in the region if the president had not turned tariffs. so long as the consequences of illegal immigration will be shared, i think we have every reason to believe that lopez
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obrador and leaders of the iron triangle countries will be far more cooperative with this administration otherwise. but that as it may be, we are still unable to secure that border. the president has won with the supreme court on military funds that he can transfer to the building of the wall. he has one and he has one and he is one and yet, dhs is not able to respond to the emergency. to the urgent national crisis at the border and the influx of illegal immigrants.>> what i will say is, right now we are doing everything, dhs as well as cbp and the white house, doing everything they can within the current legal framework. and you just said it yourself, every time they go and institute a new initiative or new policy it gets -- from a lower court.make no mistake, with what we're doing with the
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governor -- government of mexico, this is a game changer. right now we are sent back 27,000 individuals to mexico otherwise they would have been and are holding facilities or released into our country. we are making progress but to mitigate the crisis. >> and its role on working with unisys and border protection and also, on the third country state agreement. >> i want to thank by the way, the country of mexico. they have got 21,000 soldiers on the border right now. i am starting to like mexico a lot. they do a lot more for us than the democrats do, right? lou: what he said is absolutely the truth. we have a, now -- by the way
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did you think that you would ever hear a cheer from mexico from a rally crowd? because that is what you heard. the national left-wing media will not acknowledge that because it does not suit the leftist national media narrative nor does it s narrative that they have constructed about this president. but he is talking positively about mexico. that crowd, the rally crowd is boosting, not booing common boosting mexico. appreciative of its efforts in securing the border after all, of both nations that is mexico and the united states against common enemies. and those enemies are the cartels. the 20 drug cartels in mexico. >> that is absolutely correct. everything you just to the spot on. again, over 20,000 troops. mexico has enforced the sorghum board. they are continuing to strengthen their interior enforcement operations and help the us-mexico border.
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it is unprecedented what they are doing right now so they do deserve kudos at this time. and in addition to what they are doing, working with us sharing intelligence and we are targeting the cartels. stronger every single day because you are right it is a true enemy. they are a multibillion dollar industry. every day they are exploiting migrants, abusing them, taking their money and it has to stop and we need to work together. and again, the governor of mexico, the northern tranquil countries are starting to step up meanwhile our own congress has failed again and again to do their job to pass meaningful legislation which would fix the crisis. lou: two issues here prerenal congress will not help so to me it's a waste of breath even talk about congress stepping up. because frankly, they don't have the guts or the sense of integrity about assuring this nations safety and that of americans. as the president has said, they
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put illegal immigrants far ahead of american citizens. but the issue is with the resources you have, the resources of the federal government, a direct work on the cartels now is a way in which to stop illegal immigration. combine that with interior enforcement. which is what we have been promised now for weeks and weeks and weeks. but we have not seen it materialize. this is, does not require congress, it does not require any adjustment, does not require even any more funding. it is a question of when dhs will strike, where it will stand and how it will deal with this emergency. >> i can tell you, we are doing just that. we are trying to continue to work from a whole government approach and work with the mexican government to target the cartels.that is getting stronger every single day. and with respect to i.c.e.,
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unfortunately, it does require congress to do some things. i.c.e. does need additional funding.they need additional funding for headspace, additional funding for personal, to continue to increase their interior enforcement operations. make no mistake, i used to do enforcement operations every single day. they were removing criminals every single day from the country. lou: you and i talked about this issue. tom homan who was former director of i.c.e., with all talked about the issue. and the reality is, we need people being moved out of fear by the tens of thousands. these are people who have had due process of law, they are under court removal orders as you well know. this is a straight forward confrontation against law, due process and whether or not this country will have the will to secure its borders and to enforce its laws.
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and we are not there yet because we are still not seeing substantive, significant interior enforcement. our weekly. >> so, again, there are some definite limitations here. we have been asking for a very long time, the settlement agreement which mandates that families get released into the interior united states, we know if we detain individuals, the system is faster and were able to more readily send them back to the countries. according to law. we know that once they released into the united states with what the law says is what we have to is exponential that more difficult to go in and try to find them and will know that they also get an additional layer of protection. lou: how many people would you estimate? how many people does the department of homeland security estimate who were under removal orders from the united states after having gone through due process and having judges
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ordered to be removed from the united states. how many people would you say that is in this country right now? >> number between 800,000 and a million. just what you said, they enter our country illegally, the law says we have to release them. they receive more due process than any country would have given them. they a final order of removal from ajudge and they still remain here .they thwart the law and also protected by sanctuary cities. >> they protected by sanctuary cities. they are breaking the law. they are under a judges order. but we are not enforcing the laws we can and you're also acknowledging we do not know where they are for crying out loud. >> that is part of the problem. when we release them, we will tell them, we given very specific instructions. sometimes you put ankle bracelets on them, they cut them off, they do not respond to letters, they do not tell us where they're going. lou: you know, anyone who will
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walk across your nations boundaries without, with impunity is probably not going to care about your silly little bracelet either. >> that's right. what is it going to take to get dhs to move? because we've acknowledged there is as many as a million, may be more in this country. who have been ordered by our court system out and what you're saying is there is not the stomach to get it done? >> no, it's not what i'm saying. there is the stomach -- lou: that is the effect of what he said. >> with the effect is, because of the broken asylum laws, mandates we have to release these people in the united states is just a little bit of common sense that it's a big country and once we release them in the united states, they are running from us, they are hiding from us and again, they are provided sanctuary in the cities that makes it exponentially more difficult to go and find them also have a final order of removal. we need his the law fixed so we
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can detain them during the process and when they are found to have false or inappropriate claims that we can remove them expeditiously.we've done that before, that is what we need to do. i know, i agree with you it does not look like congress will act but we cannot give up on that because ultimately, that is what we need to be done. but quickly, dhs is doing a lot. lou: be careful how you say this, mark. be careful how you say this. dhs is doing what? >> they are doing a lot, lew. lou: they are not doing near enough, mark. not near enough. and i don't care what you blame congress, or blame the easter bunny. it is the responsibility of dhs to ensure the safety of americans, to protect that border and to carry out the lawful orders of an immigration judge and a judge who has marched these illegal immigrants through due process to a removal order. >> that's right. what should be done but again,
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you're kind of blaming the men and women of dhs. lou: no, sir. let me be very clear. i am blaming the leadership at dhs. absolutely blaming the leadership at dhs. and i think that the leadership in dhs owes every american an apology and the president an apology. and that is where we have to leave it tonight. i'm just in disagreement on the whole idea of an action on the part of the dhs and expressive crisis and emergency with so much power at your disposal to carry out lawful orders of a court and to protect this country. >> lou, real quick. i can tell you. lou: tell me real quick.>> this president and administration is doing
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everything we can. lou: i will not even listen to the sentence. you are not doing everything you can and that is the truth. thank you, mark. i appreciate it. up next, a billionaire technology investor takes another shot at google's work with china's military.military. the people's liberation army. president trump's choice for intelligence chief.he is out of the running now, just days after he was nominated. >> we felt that congressman radcliffe was being treated very unfairly. he is an outstanding man and i asked him i said do you want to go through this for two or three months or would you want me to maybe do something else? and he thought about it. i said is going to be rough. i can see exactly where this is going. lou: will take up the possible alternatives, perhaps you'll get to the short list that the
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... ♪ lou: president trump today
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brushing us of north korea third missile launch over the past eight days. the president tweeted this. quote these missile tests are not a violation of her singapore agreement. nor is there discussion of short range missiles when we shook hands. chairman kim has agreed to a beautiful vision for his country and only the united states with me as president, can make that vision come true. he will do the right thing because he is far too smart not to. and he does not want to disappoint his friend, president trump. tech plein air going after google game for what is an extremely cozy relationship as it is described as peter with communist china. he wrote in the new york times that google set up an artificial intelligence laboratory in beijing in 2017 as they ended a similar artificial intelligence contract with the pentagon. in other words, they are doing business with the people's liberation army of communist china but disengaging from the united states military.
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he wrote in part quote - perhaps the most charitable word for these twin decisions would be to call them nacve. how can google use the rhetoric of borderless and if it's to justify working with the country whose great firewall has posed a ... address that we have fred fleitz. national security expert, president of the center for security policy and it is great to see you, fred. straight up, is google betraying the united states and embracing communist china? >> i'm afraid there is no question. on one hand google is refusing to do business with the pentagon. because of the left wing politics, yet it is engaged in research in china that it says
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will never be shared with the chinese military then chinese nationals are involved, when attorneys intelligence and the chinese military get everything that is being developed in china by chinese nationals in google labs. >> and what should the trump administration be doing about this? he is not using the bully pulpit here. and thank god, his friend peter thiel is. >> we need new regulations defining this type of technology transfer as a threat to national security. lou: wait a minute. we have to new regulations. lou: we need a regulation to secure the nation against a threat from communist china? >> i think there should be regulations or laws that bar google for sharing this technology with china. yes, i do. lou: and barring that well let's just say in the absence of that regulation, there is not a host of things that we
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can do to make certain? shouldn't every resource be applied right now? why should we have to go through a, a legislative process when you know full well those in silicon valley or extraordinary close. >> regulations do not have to be approved by congress. the president can implement them just by signing a piece of paper. lou: again, and worried about a mindset that suggests we need a regulation in place rather than a presidential order or action because that starts to smell of the swamp. and i have to tell you, when it comes to national security, this president has been supported in every supreme court test at this point to having the authority for national security and he should be taking every urgent action necessary to prevent the betrayal of the united states by any company, any person and certainly, a powerful technology company of the likes of which there may not be --
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which is google. >> maybe the president consented presidential order next week. lou: how about give in order? the note in the government take orders without seeing it in print?i mean for crying out loud. what happened to action?>> i hear you. lou: let's turn to north korea. north korea firing off these missiles. the president is dismissive and you know, so for the short range missiles, they look like fireworks going into the sea of japan. >> is a provocation. the president is being careful not to overreact to the provocations. because the waistcoat north korea to the negotiating table. i think it is the right approach. we don't want them to test the missiles but we want them to move towards talks.lou: and moore talk. more talk. i ran. you know they are not talking. they are taking freighters, they're shooting down the drones and you are talking about provocation.
1:25 am
that seems to me, you straighten me out. that is provocation. shooting away your budget into the sea of japan is just sort of silly. but when you start shooting at, what is it? somewhere around hundred and $30 million drone and you taking other peoples ships and interfering with navigation in the strait of hormuz, now you have got, you are provoking me at that point. how about you? >> i think that's right i think iran is playing with fire. they will not intimidate us or the europeans to get back into this fraudulent iran deal to drop the economic sanctions.i think the president is biding his time if he is to use military he'll use it when he's ready. lou: okay and u.s. russian relations. where do we stand? the president says he like to see a rationalized relationship and improved a relationship. he also is making it clear he
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wants to get the troops out of afghanistan, out of syria, it looks like more than just a few places. and i say, good for him. what do you say? >> the president is always right. we have to have a working relationship with russia. and afghanistan, our troops have to come out sometime appeared were making some progress with talks with the taliban. the president says the trip to not come here without an agreement but we have to talk about a time when we will pull out and i'm glad it's being discussed. lou: fred, as always, great discussing things with you. thanks. >> appreciate it. spoon into the lawless judge allowing people to escape deportation and the dangers close call on a highway for the pilot of a small plane and more than a few motorists abou
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>> the third circuit court of
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appeals protecting two illegal immigrants from deportation. the men were found to be in the united states illegally. after questioning by the pennsylvania state trooper during a traffic stop. the guatemalan met nationals were then turned over to i.c.e. for deportation proceedings. but the judge marjorie rendell, wife of the former governor said it was unreasonable and violated the constitutional fourth amendment rights. and there we go. joining us tonight, national border patrol council, vice president hector garza, great to have you with us. by that i mean, the border patrol council of course, the union for border patrol agents across the country. great to see you, great to have you with us. >> thank you, sir. >> your reaction to the ruling by the judge. >> is very fortunate because these people are in the country illegally, they are in the country illegally and i know that the judge's were probably looking at the fourth amendment
1:32 am
with reasonable suspicion and rectum of evidence would be admitted to court but let's make it clear that people are in the country illegally. and when you're in the country illegally, your subject arrest and deportation. lou: and so, being subject to arrest and deportation, you've got a pretty good basis in which it seems to me to be very suspicious and to inquire further into both peoples reasons for being here. i mean is just so preposterous. i cannot get by the absurdity of it. >> it goes against the rule of law. to have these troopers out there that are risking their lives conducting traffic stops trying to keep our people safe and then here he comes with people in the country illegally he does his job and contacts i.c.e. for assistance with immigration violation.
1:33 am
and unfortunately begin a judge that does this really goes against the rule of law. we hope that this goes a little bit higher and that the decision is reversed. lou: talking with mark morgan, the acting director of customs and border protection earlier, talking about the lack of interior enforcement. i think it is reasonable to say that many of us, are expecting the interior enforcement to be initiated weeks and weeks ago but we've seen nothing. is that frustrating the border patrol? >> is very frustrating the only two border patrol agents but also to the i.c.e. officers. because unfortunately we have some people at the top of these agencies that are acting like politicians instead of law enforcement agents. and enforcing the rule of law. and it needs to stop. we cannot have our agency leaders act like politicians.
1:34 am
we need to make sure we enforce the law and like you said, if these people have been ordered removed, let's your job and remove them out of the country. president trump has been putting a lot of pressure on dhs to make sure it gets done and even though we do see target operations throughout the country we hope that we remove people that are in the country illegally. lou: is a leadership at dhs basically telling the president of the united states to go to hell? i mean is this -- >> i mean that is what it looks like.if i was the dhs secretary things would be very different under my command. i would not be acting like a politician. lou: i think you have spoken volumes in that response, hector. we are looking at 20 cartels, seven major cartels in mexico. they are operating, corrupting both sides of the border, sex trafficking, the vast majority of deadly illegal drugs are coming across the border and we are not engaging. and we do not need congress to do that, we have laws, we have all of the agencies,
1:35 am
intelligence agencies to put op drug smuggling, to stop sex trafficking and to secure that border. why in the world would we not? >> lou, drug cartels are running the show and they are the ones responsible for all the suffering we are seeing in the united states and some of the suffering that we see on the border. we get these children that are being trafficked, they are turning to sex slavery, there is salted and it's a problem. i think the solution is we have to go after cartels. we have to go to the corrupt politicians in mexico that are alone cartels to operate on the border so we can fix the problem but if we do collect the cartels it will just continue and the crisis by congress not doing anything about it, the cartel is just getting stronger. they're getting stronger, people are being affected in their communities. as an example this morning in
1:36 am
laredo texas we have a pursuit where illegal aliens died, they were in the back of a truck, the truck flipped over and essentially, a person died that was in the country being smuggled. -- this organized crime that is created by not having a secure border. lou: thank you so much, i hate to cut it short but we are up to cut it short but we are up against a ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! ...barb! you left me hangin' on the high harmony there. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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♪there's a me no one knows ♪waiting to be set free so, what's the empty suitcase for? the grand prize trophy ♪i was born to be somebody copd is a disease that affects millions of americans, and it is believed that there are millions more who don't know that they have it. talking to the doctor is the first step to getting diagnosed. don't wait to say something if you're experiencing shortness of breath. lou: the pentagon putting a hold on a $10 billion contract
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for amazon. after president trump raised concerns about how that contract had been structured. and mark esper is reviewing the process that led to the amazon selection in the bidding and is looking to see whether in fact it had some conflict, whether it was rigged. the contract is for a new cloud computing system at the pentagon for vital data like personal statistics, intelligence and other critical data. that investigation now underway. republican lawmakers want the fbi to treat antifa for what they are, domestic terrorist. incidents like what happened in oregon last month as congressman jim banks of indiana now calling for fbi director christopher wray to take action. he writes in part quote - as a veteran in the war in afghanistan i am familiar with
1:41 am
the tactics of terrorist groups and how they employ fear and violence to silence their political enemies. to my great surprise, we are witnessing similar style tactics right here in our country. joining us tonight, the man who wrote that letter, congressman jim banks of indiana. member of the house armed services committee and congressman, it is good to have you with us. what is your instinct, will we see antifa designated a terrorist organization? >> i hope so, lou. if they look like terrorists, just like paris and use the same tactics, that terrorists use them we should treat them like terrorists. i'm calling on the fbi to do something that is very simple that is actually unbelievable they have not done already. that is to add antifa to the domestic extremist ideology list and to create a new subsection for anti-first amendment extremism which would
1:42 am
include antifa as well, this is simple, it is unbelievable they have not done it already. it would draw scrutiny and attention to who antifa is and allow the fbi to further investigate and route them out of society altogether. lou: recent first amendment, you're not talking about their rights to expression? >> not at all. in fact it is the opposite. what antifa does, they stifle freedom of speech, they stifle the freedom of the press. -- that's right, on capitol hill last week i visited and he is a case in point of what antifa is capable of. we need to treat antifa look with the car which is a domestic terrorist ideology group. and so far the fbi has failed to do that but i we are calling on them to create a subsection of a list on their website that
1:43 am
would include antifa and address them as such. lou: the president of the united states, let's see with the present tweeted on this. considerations been given to declaring antifa the gutless radical left wax jobs to go around hitting only non-fighters. people over the head with baseballbats . a major organization of terror along with ms-13 and others. would make it easier for police to do their job. can the president order the justice department to simply do this? >> he certainly can. i'm sure that he is waiting for his fbi leadership to simply do this on their own. that's what i'm calling on them to do with my letter. hopefully we will get their attention. we sent the letter yesterday. lou: if you get their attention i promise you, you will be the first to have ever done so. i've seen more letters written in the past three years with this president in office, that were ignored by a group of absolutely as we now know, politically correct leaders in
1:44 am
the justice department and the fbi. and frankly i see not much daylight between christopher wray, james comey, robert mueller and the entire bunch of -- bureaucrats to be kind. who have led the fbi. >> that is when trying to do. call attention to this. i believe that we will get there attention because the president is drawing a great deal of attention to antifa, there tactics. and what andy winter is unbelievable so for the fbi, the authorities in the country have not done enough to address the threat of antifa. we are calling on them to do the right thing and do just that. lou: and the president in dealing with this issue, he correctly i believe, included ms-13. it is staggering to me that ms-13 has not been designated as such as well.
1:45 am
would you agree with that in addition to antifa?>> there's no question about it. the hypocrisy of all of this is stunning. antifa or ms-13, if they were pro-trump organizations, is all we would hear about on the left of media. and something would be done about it. but because these are left-wing ideological groups, who employ violent tactics, you have yet to hear a single democrat official, a single left-wing official in this country call out antifa for what it is. that is why i am the first was sitting here to do just that. and will continue to do so to call the fbi to do the right thing, add them to the domestic extremist ideology list. lou: congressman jim banks, great to have you at the stake you for all your doing. appreciate it. >> great to be with you. lou: an amazing site for commuters in tacoma washington. the airplane is part of the picture. a small singer play in making an emergency landing on this
1:46 am
busy highway. a state trooper caught the entire landing on his dash cam. the pilot says he had a fuel problem. amazingly, he stuck the landing without hitting anyone. he came to a complete stop and of course, a red light. and no one injured, thank god! up next, the president blasted cities run by the radical left. >> we spent billions and billions and billions. for years and years. and it is stolen money and it is wasted money and it is a shame? for decades, these communities have been run exclusively by democrat politicians. lou: we will have much more in the battle over baltimore and more than two dozen cities all across the country. that and much more right after a quick break. stay with us.
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>> wall street today stocks closing lower the dow jones down 98 points. s&p 500 lost 22. the nasdaq down 107.
1:51 am
volume on the big board, 3.9 billion of the day. the dow jones industrial this week lost nearly 3 percent for the s&p 500 two percent. nasdaq down four percent, markets, crude oil up over two percent to $55 a barrel. gold gaining more than a percent, silver closing flat. listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. the "washington post" editorial board doing something that personally, i do not think i would ever witness. today the board criticized senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. the editorial board of the "washington post" basically prevented them from promoting radical ideas that simply cannot work. when have you ever heard of such a thing? the post writing that the 2020 radical dems candidates, those
1:52 am
proposals says the post, should meet a baseline degree of factual possibility. a bar that for example, the medicare for all plan that mr. sanders and miss warren favor, does not clear. a factual plausibility. that is an interesting turn of phrase. i cannot wait to see the fallout in the democratic party. it seems that the post is favoring a guess at this point, almost anyone but sanders or elizabeth warren. president trump's they reacted to a recent -- elijah cummings west baltimore homecomings of course the chairman of the house oversight committee, with whom the president has been battling. the president tweeted this. really, bad news. the baltimore house of elijah cummings was robbed. that tweet triggered the likes of none other than rino, nikki
1:53 am
haley pitches said quote - this is so unnecessary. and a eye roll emoji. the president said he is simply stating the facts. >> the tweet was a repeat of what i heard over the news. the house was robbed and i thought it was too bad. it was really just, it was really not meant as a wiseguy tweet.his house was robbed and it came over there's a certain moment last night and i just mentioned it. lou: so unnecessary so the ever precious nikki haley. she was the oracle policy at the united nations. you would think according to some of the establishment rino portion of that she was actually formulating policy
1:54 am
instead of simply representing the policy of the administration at the united nations. up next, we take up what is being done about the millions of illegal immigrants who live in this country. stay with us. we are coming right back. hi surfer dude, what's up?
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lou: the united states formally withdrew from the cold war era nuclear arms treaty with russia. president trump: i will say this. with russia if we can get a pact where they reduced and we reduced nuclear, that would be a great thing for the world. i do believe that will happen. we discussed it. and i discussed it with china and president putin. i also discussed it with china. china was excited about talking by the, and so is russia. lou: russia lead in the total
1:59 am
number of nuclear weapons. the lack of interior enforcement infuriating those in border enforcement border patrol council vice president hector garza blasted those in government playing politics. >> it's frustrating to our border patrol agent and our i.c.e. officers out there. we have people at the top of these agencies acting like politicians instead of law enforcement agents in enforcing the rule of law. we can't have our agency leaders acting like politicians. let's make sure we enforce the law. if these people have been ordered removed. let's do our job and remove them out of the country. president trump has been putting a lot of pressure on them. we hope they are ramped up and
2:00 am
we remove people who are in the country illegally. that's it for us tonight. peter schweizer. tom fit on and the trump campaign's kayleigh m >> a sailor who was with jfk aboard pt-109. >> the ship came out of the dark, and harold was killed. >> the young man's mother begins a correspondence with the future president. >> i was actually shocked when i saw what the letters detailed. >> the letters are tucked away for years. >> these documents could be of significant historical value, and they could also be worth a lot of money. >> this is one of those treasures that surfaces that nobody knew existed. >> a treasure, all right, if they can prove they're real. >> the signatures looked authentic. >> looked authentic. and this is a real signature? >> that's a real jfk signature. >> you're 100% sure? >> will bidders open their wallets? >> looking for $100,000.


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