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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 6, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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families, all their loved ones that are dealing with this terrible, terrible tragedy, thank you for joining us no diet, i'll see you back here tomorrow, kenenenenenenenenenne. kennedy: thank you, trish, 31 people confirmed dead. what are the causes of the horrific crimes? ed murders at walmart and el paso, texas, outside a bar in dayton, ohio. victims range in age from 2 to 82. story from survivors, terrifying and heartbreaking, watch. >> i was not paying attention. but i heard -- then. like closer together.
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>> i don't want to think about what happened. it was a tragedy, worse thing i have been through in my life, i don't want to keep having flash backs to what happened. >> it was chaos. i heard bullets riddling. i believe it might have been the shooter. who knew his life was coming to an end. he shot all he could. >> what can we do about it? today president listed off a few ideas. >> first we must do a better job of identifying and acting on early warning signs. second we must stop the glorification of violence in our society. this includes gruesome and grisly video games that are now common place. third, we must reform our mental health laws to better identify mentally disturbed individuals. who may commit actions of
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violence, and make sure those judged to pose a grave risk to public safety, do not have access to firearms. >> but president has critics, they claim he is a big part of the problem, and claim that president anti-immigration rhetoric is emboldening people like the el paso shooter who reportedly wanted to kill as many hispanics as possible, and say he is just too cozy with the nra. but stepping back. take a look at the horrendous crimes. what are investigators focusing on? what can each of us do to stay safe? joining me tonight. david katz welcome. >> thank you. kennedy: let's talk about a lot of people talk about copycats.
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you know fear is you have seen two mass casualty shooting events, one on top of another, the fear is there will be more. what do you think about that idea of copycats. >> not so much a copycat. but a commonalities among the miscreantses they have a fascination for others who may have done the same thing, they had the compan cam company approximatelytion, they have this plan in their mind, then. early act just triggers it. kennedy: it is a case where it is months and months of plotting and stock piling ammunition, coming up with a perfect
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scenario. one report said you should not invest too much in the manifesto, that could be a way of trolling. you have to look at the joy that these people get from something like this. >> there is a lot wrapped up in that issue, you are look at these people there are a number of warning sign, common personality traits how they communicate and interact with society, without exception they have alerted us they are dangerous people, but we can't do anything about it even when we know, so-called manifesto this insane racists ran that creature had. even if police or fbi read that, what to they do? kennedy: that is my question, how many people post stuff like that, and how many think they are just entering a fantasy world, and blow off steam. writing a work of fiction. and how many like what is the percentage of people who are just a time bomb that is slowly ticking, gaining steam.
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>> too many, you have two issues, have you people who are it may be a fantasy to them but more of a compulsion. in addition to posting, there is more how do day whic do they int school. at work. the beto o'rourke posted this insane, this fiction he claims was fantasy. that taken by itself -- >> there are a lot of young men and women who write outlandish thing, does that make every one of them a criminal. so that is the problem. now shift to what people can do. often times, you say that people create a scenario where their brain makes sense of what they are hearing. a lot of people heard -- i heard what sounded like fire crackers,
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what should you doe. how do know difference. >> one of the young ladies who you played a clip of, heard badge, banbang, bang, then rapi. that change is tempo is common, the shooter still feeling adrent lynn. a-- adrenaline it will do that. there is a change in tempo, do you listen to a sound in a place where there should not be fireworks, you are in work or in the mall, there are no firewor fireworks. better safe than sorry, start with premise until proven otherwise it may begun fire. there -- gunfire, i couple other, they were listening, heard bang, bang, more bangs, at that point they are waiving waig
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precious seconds, you immediately want to assess your options, there are three, once -- once you are in that situation, you feel stress and fear. you may have tunnel vision, auditoryic cleuk, but, you arei, you don't persevere things. avoid barricade, confront. also number as run known as run, your goal make sure you are not going toward the threat, if you have a safeway out, get that way out, if you can't, a place where and you take refuge, stock pile stuff, deny entry to perpetrator, if that is not available, fight for your life. kennedy: that is the worse case. but, sometime that is only way to stop a shooter is to confront them. and to use violence as quickly as possible to stop them. dave katz thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: appreciate your insight. >> hype find.
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kennedymy pleasure.kennedy: thes for more gun control. in a joint statement house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer said, in february -- it took less than 3 hours for president to back off his call for stronger back group check legislation. it shows that president remains prisoner to gun lobby and nra, public must weigh in, and demand passage of the legislation for the safety of our important. this afternoon, senator mcconnell responded saying:
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>> that said, what is a realistic approach to stopping this kind of violence? here with me now, policy director of firearms policy coalition, and young voice senior contributor, matthew la rosier. i hope i said that right. >> you did a great job. kennedy: it worries me when people want to make knee-jerk reaction, in particular with gun violence, i understand dislier o stop it so it nef never happens again, but problem is so many drdradraconian -- they hurt thow
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abiding. >> also do you want to live in a society this is how we affect mayor change in our policy from, a country that does not negotiate with terrorists that one that does act on wim of it, i do not accept this as a good impetus for a major change, that will land previously law abiding people locked in cages. look universal back ground check thing, it might sound reasonable, i ask a question, if i leave with my brother or sister, they don't feel secure in their neighborhood, i say, borrow this gun for two weeks, should i go to prison? kennedy: no, also, the other thing that worries me, one thing
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to take a pause, figure out what we're doing wrong as a society, we have to disconnect, what we dos -- a society and react with government, they are two vastly different things it appropriate to have conversation about how we're parenting and interth acting, knee-jerk react to things like involuntary commitment that kind of stuff terrifies me. >> what more can you do at-this-point. we're doing our best at firearms policy to put outment in informn and research on this. we would like to see society get better, when we move through law the end result is to lock people in cages, you need to go all the way through, would that law have stopped the mass shooting? each case, they passed a background check.
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kennedy: also someone who will commit a crime like this, something so horrific, human life means nothing to them. why all of a sudden do you think they will purchase guns legally. if you make it harder, you know, one of the purchase was a straw purchase go right. i'm not -- >> i'm not 100% sure. kennedy: i know it is easy to entrench yourself. what is one thing, if not a law, what something tangible we could do. >> we need to actually experience conflict management earlier in our lives, i say one thing, if it were -- guns were problem, the fact that guns and violent video games have increased for last 30 years, and crime has gone down, if it tells you one thing that it is not the guns, something else. kennedy: you are right, we really have to address what
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those problems are, on a deeper level. that may exist outside of government. matthew thank you. kennedy: why are some so quick to blame the president? i will ask chris stirewalt after the break, there he is.
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kennedy: 2020 democrat president at candidate are slamming the president's response to the mass shootings over the week, several blaming president trump's rhetoric, mayor pete, said that president has quote made his career politically on demonizing mexicans, bernie sanders said that trump is a racist, a screen -- and. o'rourke, hometown of el paso, took things further. >> president has not been shy, not saying behind closes doors, this is out in the open, all people one religion it be banned.
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only modern western democracy that i can think of is third reich. kennedy: oh, god -- yo -- beto . so sad, does the mud slinging and blame game really help, here to discuss. it is chris stirewalt, welcome back i have missed you terribly. >> how are you my friend. kennedy: i am good. i am watching this, i know the i havihaveihave theory -- they may from the tragedy. they almost seem gleeful they are able to pin some of this behavior on the president. >> we live in a highly, highly exploitive political era. there is no shame in anyone's game. but president, exploits racial
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division in the united states seeking political benefit. these people, are e exploiteds tragedies against donald trump to get the presidency, we live in the age of the self-licking ice cream cone, we go around and around, there is name-calling and blame, none is problem solving it is about exploiting moments for political personal advantage. kennedy: these horrific tragedies are emotional enough. and throwing more emotional political rhetoric on this wildfire does nothing. i would be all ears for a rational approach to some of these issues. if -- one they were really one and two offer something, but, what they are offering, i don't know what they prevent. you know when they go around talking about banning assault weapons, i want chuck schumer to
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define what an assault weapon, is that is a political rhetorical distinction. >> we have a fundamental problem in both parties about understanding what nature of a republic is and presidency, what a president can do, what a president can't did. we're in dem knoc -- gem demagoa with a belief that president somehow has the fewe power to fx something like this no president has went their power to fix this problem. but democrats who run for president want who say that trump is source of problem, that only they were elected and given the authority necessary, then they could should how solve it. kennedy: president obama was so frustrated every time, that there was a mass shooting.
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but his frustration did not make it better. he ran as a transfer mega transl person to says the dialogue, by time he left office that die lo- dialogue was so broken and so aggressive, you are left with two people that were universally the least like political candidates in the history of the this great country, even if you are someone who feels more ale spotless, as president obama, who was so frustrated for so long, and president trump, feels same frustration, the next president unnaturally will have to deal with the same thing. i don't know what they will do with fixing this and background checks and a ban on assault weapons whatever that is. we go back to banning rifles and musmuskets, what do say they wih the next mas mass casualty even.
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>> whatever you think the cause is or everyone thinks cause is. the danger we're facing, a host of issues is that as our existing system fails and flails over and over to produce results on issues, we'd get to a point to cast aside system of american checks and balances in favor of greater authority and power to fix these problem they believe. kennedy: you think this is third reich now, beto. just wait until you wad it up and throw it away, oh, roacialg saioracle rourke-- he saidconst. >> one famous hollywood liberal said that recession would be
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kennedy: bill marr is a cruel and out of touch sociopath who wants people to lose their jobs, businesses and homes just to spite trump. >> is the fed cutting rates going to make next economic downtown worse, what is your prediction. i have been hoping for a resolutioarecession people hater this. >> yeah, that bad people lose their jobs. >> it's worth it. kennedy: is it really? salaries and wages flattened for those who were still working, nearly 9 million people in total
12:28 am
lost their livelihood, we are in a economic upturn right now, despite today's market losses, look at number of people living on street in tents leak los liks angeles, oakland, portland, can you imagine how many more would zone them and be exposed to ravage of disease and sexual assault what marr gets his way, bill marr is a caricature and a shadow of his former self. now he is an angry old man, a cog in machine of antihumanity, turning out liftist -- leftist talking points he sells his socialist snake oil. i hope to god bill marr never gets his wish. not because i want president trump to get reelected but i know when people prosper they lift themselves and others out of poverty, marr does not care if people suffer, he is rich and
12:29 am
bubble wrapped in an i'v ivory tower. if he hopes for a recession, he could also be blamed for it economic success makes bill marr crazy, if that the case, i hope that u.s. continues to succeed, so he can drawn in his narcissistic madness, that is the memo. >> just in, trump administration labeled china's currency manipulate or after china allowed currency to weaken amid trait war, also announcing chinese companies the stop buying u.s. agricultural goods, they are retaliating again president trump's tariffs. and trade war sent markets plunging, do you with worse day of the year, falling over ships, could president's trade war with china give cynical lefties the
12:30 am
recession they have been hoping for. joining me, get the book today, tim carney. tim, what do you make so far of the developments in our trade war with china? >> one really disturbing things of recep tariffs, they are affecting u.s. consumers. earlier tariffs, steel and aluminum they are bad they are taxes on folks on buy steel and aluminum that could be a carmaker in detroit. we don't want to tax them. but more recent tariffs are on consumer goods, he is just slapping taxes on us. on you and me. you buy patio furniture made over seas that will be taxed, i think it affects market if we have less money in our pockets when we buy regular stuff, every
12:31 am
other business said, you know tim and kennedy have less money to spend on us, that drives down the stock. that is an escalation going after tacking -- taxiing morning more and more. kennedy: it shows we're no closer to solution. also benefits china they don't feel the impact of the tariff so much because it is much cheaper for other people to buy chinese goods. >> i think you are underestimating pain to china, if you rail look closely at who in market was suffering, a lot, if you -- say you invest in like emerging markets, fund, those took a bigger hit because in some ways, i think markets are right in saying that china is real only delay and soften the pane so much. kennedy: i think they will try to delay it for about 15 months.
12:32 am
i think they will employee as much as they can in their arsenal to hurt us. maybe that is why joe biden has been so soft in his rhetoric on china. saying they are not going to eat our lunch. >> he has been creepily cozy with china forever. saying we would not criticize the one child policy. these guys are not good, but it does not mean we should hit them with tariffs. they hit me and you. kennedy: i agree with you. and we have to be very careful. how we tinker with trade, tim carney thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: well congress may be in recess, but jerry nadler is not taking a break from pedaling
12:33 am
impeachment. saying despite resistance from senior leadership in his own party, he has not given up on serving the president's slice of impeachment pie. >> i think we'll probably get court decisions by the end of october, and we'll have hearings in september and october. if we decide to report articles of impeachment, we could get to that in late fall perhaps. kennedy: worth noting 118 house democrats on record backing impeachment. at least inquire to president's actions, still far short two of 1-- of 218 need. will jerry nadler be able to rally the troops when congress returns or fat jerry be sent to bed hungry? joining us.
12:34 am
right now, jimmy faella. and fox news contributor host of richard fowler show, it is richard fowler. there are democrats, who are saying as soon as the democratic primary start, that is the end of the impeachment process. >> i think that is an interesting conundrum that democrats are in, there are folks to leadership, that this is a game of public opinion, court of public opinion and game of math. if you can't get mitch mcconnell to come back today and vote for any type of gun reform, how do you expect him to view impeachment. you need an agreement from mitch mcconnell to go any further. they don't have either. kennedy: they don't. and nancy pelosi knows how that will look.
12:35 am
it is penicillin and president is now antibioticresistant. he grows in power when he is hit in this way, but not squashed, term impeachment impeachable offenses has become object glif iobjective.>> i think it has. y this are agnostic how they remove president trump from power, they would like to do it with 2020 election, nancy pelosi real worry, if you do through impeachment, you will not be able to do it through election. you have to have -- listen to jerry nadler, he will carry out hihis constitutional duty of oversight. this all about the election, about eroding president trump's ability to win the next elect. kennedy: shows that if they push for impeachment, they don't have a lot of civil confidence -- self confidence with their
12:36 am
political game. because if they really thought they had a strong candidate they would focus on beating the president, they don't feel they have that candidate they still focus on resistance and impeachment it is laughably dumb for them. >> is know that nancy pelosi will not allow this to get past the floor, nadler saying they might bridge down articles of impeachment. kennedy: go for it jerry. this is what make me laugh. i am a -- girl at heart, a look the mike pence, i see there must be senate republicans that go, you know, we can 3 president out of office, his base would be furious, they wouldual -- rally behind pence. we would have the same agendaon only more conservative. >> you would have a cybe super .
12:37 am
i feel bad for nadler in a way, this is personal for him, he knows that math is not on his side. but donald trump is like his high school bully, calling him fat jerry for 30 years, imagine he grew up to be president of united states, it burns him every day, he is like in those police movies they strip cops badge away, but he keeps working on case. like jerry nadler lost his badge, he is off the force, frank has been sent home. but he will stay on the case. kennedy: what is he going to do? we have much more with man panel, tonight. is still heating up, facebook reportedly developing technology to read your mind. but doesn't your brain blob deserve privacy? we discuss that next. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with.
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♪ kennedy: i'll take 90s one hit wonders for a thousand. >> facebook wanted to delete your -- read your private messages, now they want to read your mind, they are funding research on brain scanning devices that can pick up thoughts from your newe neuron d straitranslate them too words. to control digital devices with their brains, so happen to give them access to your private thoughts, scientist involved have admitted they cannot foresee or fix all ethical issues that could act rise. o -- arise, so should facebook stay the humanitarian ou hell o,
12:43 am
or is it time to get back to playing candy crush. i think it comes to robot control, start thinking and training your brain now about how much you love aliens and robots. >> witnes once i head they are g our thoughts, they actively handcuffed myself. i laughed out loud. executive said we go to break ledges to protect people's privacies. you could hear every board member laughing out loud as they sell your information on the side. we could applaud them giving more latitude to handicap people, my o wife teaches as a school where this would be
12:44 am
welcome technology. there is no way, they are moving these beyond. kennedy: once this is in. >> they are strip club buffett of tech companies. >> they are talking about not just reading your mind to control your computer, but also doing writing. with a interface it is a two way system, cars starred being connected to internet, hackers got into a car, they fiddled -- >> anything with a chip can be hacked. >> right, i can't imagine people wanting too put a scanner on your brain, if you have technology bad actors use it for bad stuff. >> here in is the problem, great for folks who need it. who conditio -- but for average,
12:45 am
the brain and no thought is last bastion of privacy. kennedy: what -- we're talking now about trying to head off at paths people who commit mass murder. what if you just think bad things or have bad treatment dr. >> like an episode of black neuro, looking to your blame it is -- brain. >> it conditiothe truth is you can't creel your no control you. had. kennedy: if you could control your feelings, people would not be depressed, if you could control your thoughts, you would be a cable news anchor. >> kennedy?
12:46 am
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kennedy: sending well wishes to mitch mcconnell who is recuperating at home after breaking his shoulder over the weekend, never pour fireball on the slip and slide. get well soon cocaine mitch. this is the topical storm. topic one. we begin in france. traffic was flying this weekend. anyone can swim across english channel by frankie zapata, is an inventor. flying french man tried same flight last week, he made it across in 22 minutes. 22 minutes is about how long french army lasts in most wars. french flyboy is causing some controversy in u.s. after news
12:51 am
broke alexandria ocasio-cortez called her cabe patro cable prod demanded to know -- why they don't carry the english channel. so sexist, i am switching. topic 2, mug shot monday, a brazilian drug dealer dressed up as a teenage girl to escape from prison, first "scarface," now acne face. allegedly dressed up as his 19-year-old daughter in an attempt to bolt a rio jail. but police knew something was up when a teenage girl went an entire minute without checking her cell phone. he didn't have to bring a gift to the gender ceremony. costume caper could land him 10 years in the pokey.
12:52 am
and police are questioning his daughter as a possible accomplice. accomplice. >> witnesses say, she has her father's eyes. we're just warming up. old mouth trumpet ♪ yeah. it mouth president trumpet trum >> a video of a bat gone viral after being trapped on a spirit airline flight, this flight was insane, people were screaming, bags were spilling out of over overhead comp part am -- om comt then the bat flew in. passengers were stunned. flying for 30 minutes.
12:53 am
their calmest flight of or spirit. no one was hurt. it did not go where pilot tip cup 2 million people watched video. everyone onboard made it to newark. bad news is that everyone onboard make it to newark. thank you, cory booker. even the bat was like, woe, this is a dump. gives me the creeps. >> topic 4. we don't get political during the po to of topical storm but tonight is an exception, president trump has finally started building a border fence, there is it white house fen project, doubling height to stop people from jumping on to lawn. the secret service has gotten real tired of chasing hillary after hea happy hour, and don'tt that trumpy pantsuit fool you,
12:54 am
she can run. and also pretty good at hiding in the bushes, but not as good as her husband. president trump made it up by paying for a special flight ho home. topic 5. terrible news are i news for tal fans, no there is no marijuana shortage, but there is a dessert shortage, they cut the carmel apple. apple.
12:55 am
from the menu. they demand. they spare the sweet treats. scientists have a word for those people, they are called losers. if you looking to replace them in your diet. crocrack cocaine or crystal meth could replace it. they are still being sole in son europe, flying french man does not eat taco bell. he has enough danger in his life. we'll be right back.
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