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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 6, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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one hand and companies selling on the other. david: i have think of pictures of me with my mouth open and sleeping and god knows what else if it's a bumpy flight. [♪] liz: stocks bouncing back after china blinks and not devaluing as deeply as feared after the trump administration labeled china a currency manipulator. the debate on when this deal with china will end. china, now a known quart. why democrats are see you lengths. why they cannot play politics with this fight. i will tell you which top democrats begged president trump to declare china a currency
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manipulator. a u.s. report said the rogue country stole through cyber attacks from bank and crypto currency worldwide. to the president tightening the grip on communist venezuela with the new embargo. 5.3 million people estimated to flee the communist regime by the end of the year. venezuela's economy shrunk by 2/3 the last two years. president trump considering an executive action on guns after texas and dayton, ohio. will president trump accomplish what democrats cannot, gun reform. there is a bipartisan push. this debate, local chicago newspapers saying what about chicago, the same weekend as the massacres in el paso and dayton,
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52 people shot in chicago and 7 killed. why aren't those called mass shootings, too. the grow be backlash against the "new york times." the top editor admitting it did change its first headline that said trump urges unity versus racism. did the paper make the change after democrats on social media complained. plans critics warn will hurt the economy. we have the latest push by joe biden and elizabeth warren to get rid of all fossil fuels. the challenger to alexandria ocasio-cortez will talk to us about how bad cortez' policies are for america and how new yorkers feel about aoc. we have a jam-packed hour just ahead. news about aoc's chief of staff resigning. the federal government resigning
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due to campaign violations there. liz: president trump will visit el paso tomorrow. democrats saying he's not welcome. >> i don't think the president should come here. >> why? >> i was just talking to somebody, listening to a woman to said to me why is he coming here when he hates us? he's reflecting the fact he described mexican immigrants as racist and criminals. >> it's shocking to me that he is so utterly self-aware. from my perspective he's not welcome here. he should not come here while we are in mourning. >> that would not be a welcome visit given the environment he's created the past 3, 4 years.
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liz: edward lawrence is here with more. >> the president is going to honor the victims of the shooting there, he'll meet with victims' families and the survivors of the mass shootings. the mayor of dayton, ohio not thrilled with the president's visit. >> he's made his bed and he has got to lie in it. his rhetoric has been painful for many in our community. and i think the people should stand up and say they are not happy if they are not happy. >> the white house pushing back all day with the fact democrats are saying the president's rhetoric is responsible for these shootings. administration officials pointing out the dayton, ohio shooter posted on twitter some far left views. the president today saying that he'll protect the farmers
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because china made the announcement they will not buy any u.s. agriculture from farmers. there could be a bailout. so far the government has earmarked $28 billion to help farmers the past two years. the white house economic advisor said targeting the president's voter base will not work. >> the chinese delegation preparing for a trip in september. china says they will be on the currency manipulation list. as they do come for that meeting in september. the president says if the talks don't go well on that, then he could impose tariffs on 10% tariffs on $300 billion on goods coming into this country september 1. under the threat of tariffs and
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the currency manipulation designation. the chinese yet to confirm they are going to come. the u.s. saying they should come and talk about this. liz: stocks bouncing back. the trump administration labeled it a currency manipulator. larry kudlow he he sees no recession despite morgan stanley warning there could be a recession after the election. >> this is a transformative president who is going many places where former presidents in both parties have feared to tread. he's determined. he's rebuilding the american economy which is very strong. and i think part of that has to be trade. and i am certain he's going to stay on track.
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he said himself we would like to negotiate. we are planning for the chinese to come here next month. if there is a good -- he may reconsider some things. but he's also said there is no good deal, no progress. so he'll reconsider some things on the other side. >> joining me now. heritage foundation chief economist. steven moore, great to see you, steve. china is not budging to despite tariffs. what is the deal the president would accept? this has to come to an end somehow. >> the problem the last week is the hardliners have taken a hard time in beijing and they are retracting some of the deal put on the table from a month or two ago. that is extremely frustrated this president as has the trade
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negotiators. it's hard to deal with a country that one day says one thing and the next day they do the opposite. the trade war is hurting us, but it's hurting china even more. china is getting crushed by the trade war. the politicians don't always do what's best for their own people. it's not going to be a glide path to a deal. it's going to be this confusion and rain corious rhetoric until damage, you wage and say we got a deal. i think that deal won't be a great deal. they will have to make some concessions clearly on the intellectual property issue which i talked to the president about. he talked about the theft of our technology. but also they are going to have to bay more of our base. >> no reasonable person would think it's okay that any company
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would have to show its good to a government in order to operate there. it's wrong. but as you point out. consumers and businesses say end this now. gdp growth is down to 2%. the president does not want to undercut his economic boost from tax and deregulation with this ongoing fight with china. what would the deal look like. >> not only is it wrong with china is doing, it's illegal. >> what deal would the president accept? >> i can't speak for the president on this. but looking forward, i think what you will see is a deal where china does agree to buy more of our manufactured goods and agricultural products which are the best in the world and cheapest in the world. then you get some agreement on intellectual property. i talked to our negotiators. the chinese don't admit they are
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stealing intellectual property. liz: that's the thing, the psychological mind set they have. everything they do they think is okay because it served a greater good. the dow did lose two months worth of gain. currency wars can lead to unexpected market carnage. chuck schumer begged trump in 2017, please list china as a currency manipulator. >> no country in the history of the world has ever gotten rich by depreciating their currency. that's what china has been doing and now they want to do it again. look, i think the deal will be, they will have to buy more product and lower their trade deficit we have with them. that's only going to be the first step in a mult pelt. this conflict with china is
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going to go on for years and years .not decade. what i would advise trump, get the best deal you can from beijing. once you get a deal -- liz: the president could possibly help the u.s. manufacturers set up their global spry chains elsewhere -- supply chains elsewhere in asia. >> they already are. i will say this, i think there will be a deal done before the end of the year. it won't be a great deal, but it will move the ball in the right direction. you get that deal done and the stock market is going right back up. the market has overreacted to what happened the last week. liz: this is just the beginning with the fight with china. turning to more on the new
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developments on the shooting in el paso, texas. >> three days since the shooting. 15 victims remain hospitalized with very long roads to recovery ahead. but they are very grateful to be alive. we heard from one of those survivors. 23-year-old octavio lazardi. he was shopping with his nephew when the gunman opened fire. he was shot in the foot and said the shooter could have killed him. but he didn't. instead it was his nephew who lost his life. >> he shot me in the foot. i feel grateful i'm alive. he had the chance to kill me but he didn't. it was a horrible mess.
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>> family, friend and complete strangers held a vigil to honor and remember 15-year-old javier, the youngest of the 22 victims. he was about to start his sophomore year of high school. as the city prepares for 22 funerals, it's preparing for a visit by president trump and the first lady. a lot of folks we poke to are divided about the trip. >> it would be better if he doesn't come to el paso. it affected the city and it's better if he stays away. >> there are probably a lot of people who don't want him around. but i think as a community we have to show we reef expect anyone deserves. reporter: the least one protest has been scheduled and city leaders say they plan to use
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this trip to secure more federal resources to help this city recover. liz: democrats playing the blame game. again, pinning in on president trump and his rhetoric. voters are now asking when will politicians stop playing politics and get back to work in washington. we have more show for you coming up. president trump: in one voice our nation must condemn race i., bigotry and white supremacy. the sinister idea on egyptians must be defeated. hate has no place in america. 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars.
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liz: governor mike dewine is calling for expanded background checks. >> the evidence shows he was obsessed. he had a history of the obsession with violent ideations with mass shootings and expressed a desire to commit a mass shooting. reporter: there were warning signs for years talk with
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classmates about people he wanted to harm, girls he wanted to assault. >> there were instances and threats. he was someone who enjoyed making people feel afraid. and he was somebody who made me feel afraid. >> he said he had hallucinations. >>io governor mike dewine proposed a number of reforms giving family and friends the opportunity to flag dangerous behavior, especially if a person has access to guns, increase thed scrutiny for back grounds checks and giving schools the purr to intervene. >> the assailant clearly exhibited anti-social behaviors, anti-social behaviors that should have alerted anyone who knew about them that there was a
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problem. reporter: the connection to violent ideologies elevates his case to the federal level. the fbi agents are poring over a lot of evidence. the governor says he sees no evidence racism motivated the bloodshed in dayton, ohio. liz: the president is considering new regulations on guns. >> these are tragic circumstances, sorry this is happening, but it's good to be with you with a solution. liz: what would this executive action look like? could it increase fines for gun makers who circumvent regulations or let domestic abusers buy guns? >> i don't know what the executive action would look
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like? i am talking about a solution, i have a bill hr38 called the taps act. there is 114 bipartisan co-sponsors over 50 outside organizations and associations that have endorsed this bill. and it's ready to go in the judiciary committee. the same bill is in the u.s. senate, it's sponsored by krysten sinema * and marco rubio. it's called the behavioral threat assessment method. it was developed by the secret service after the 1983 assassination attempt on president reagan it has been successfully used by secret service, now it's been taken up by fbi and the capitol hill police. and the lapd to guard and --
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guard the lives our celebrities. so why not if it's good enough for the president, for diplomats, for the congress and celebrities, it's a good enough plan for the american people. that's why we have to pass this thing. we have got to do something. we have been working bipartisanly. you wouldn't know it by the red rick that's going on. but we have equally bipartisan bill. >> what you are talking about is really interesting. you wonder if the president is going to support it. there is bipartisan support for the red flag laws. the nra supports it. that would let law enforcement get a court order. there are 1,700 of those actions. it looks like the president
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could get gun reform. who would have thought it? >> this president is doing a great job. he's doing the best that he possibly can against a juggernaut of opposition from the other side of the aisle. from the mainstream media. but i'll tell you the red flag laws, the lax act is not a red flag bill. this an already existing method. this is a protocol used by the secret service that just needs to be gotten from federal to state and local hands so we can start connecting the dots. liz: i hear you, sir. you see the killers in orlando. we have to be able to connect the dots. these people raised their own red flags on themselves. liz: the democrat national committee is fundraising off the mass shootings. nancy pelosi said the democrats
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will make august too hot to act for the senate. nancy pelosi is out on recess. the house is on august recess. i don't know how they will make it too hot to handle for the senate not to do something. >> if they want to bring us back to do a meaningful vote, bipartisan legislation. then i think what could be better than coming back and voting for something that's going to keep americans safe. but if we are going back for the partisanship, the dog and pony show which is not going to happen. we have knee-jerk reactions every time there is something like this. gun control on one side. arming everybody on the other side. we have to compromise and we have to make something happen and keep americans safe. good luck with your bill. we'll follow the developments here. thank you so much for bringing
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us the story. chicago facing its worst weekend for gun violence. 52 people are shot and 7 killed. why aren't the shootings in chicago called mass shootings as well. matt finn is live in chicago with more. reporter: it was a shockingly violent weekend in the city of chicago beginning friday when a 5-year-old boy was shot. the death toll for the year 2019 now hits 2 the 0. 1,249 shooting incidents in this city and 1,600 people have been shot. there was one 2-hour period where 17 people were shot. eddie johnson suggests bail has to be increased. some criminals only have to post
6:26 pm
a few hundred dollars to walk free. but they are arguing the bail system is improving. >> if i have to pay every time i have an illegal handgun, i can couple with $100. reporter: the gun crimes gives people a snapshot of the shootings and when they walk free. liz: the u.s. slapping an embargo and communist venezuela. the shock therapy venezuela needs now to pull itself back from the brink. that story coming up.
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>> $15 across the united states of america. >> raise the minimum wage to a living wage of $15 an hour. liz: that's the 2020 presidential candidates campaigning on a $15 minimum wage on the federal level. the house is on fire and the democrats are still smoking in bed. we have a gigantic debt load. we need economic growth, there are job losses affixed to the wage hike. i get it. what is the problem, spell it out why the democrats are wrong
6:32 pm
here. >> they are running on something that sounds good that will have a terrible effect. with it was applied just in new york city the last 9 months, it had disastrous consequences. you had lost jobs, basically degreed hours and shift for employees. if you want to make sure the jobs are outsourced, please run on a $15 minimum wage. liz: there are different standards of living in different parts of the country. there is a one size fits all minimum wage. and the litmus test for the 2020 democrats. didn't the congressional budget office say there are job losses connected to the minimum wage. which by the way is a stepping stone minimum wage.
6:33 pm
aren't millions' job losses affixed to this? >> the cbo said you will have somewhere around 3.4 million jobs lost. but the democrats don't care. they are into selling what they see as a just society. fit took effect like we saw in new york city, it will end up with more people on the government dole. they don't care about how it hurts. they are trying to win a campaign on something that's fairy dust. liz: we saw restaurants in san francisco laying off workers after their minimum wage went up. and other parts of california as well. the 2020 democrats are pushing plans for the federal government to redistribute wealth big time. watch this. >> my flagship proposal freedom dividend would put $10,000 into
6:34 pm
the hand of every adult. >> you get a $1,000 savings account. if kids know they have an interest bearing account as low as $500 their chance of going to college goes up. >> so many americans realized there is an injustice that continues to form a toxicity underneath the surface and emotional turbulence. liz: joe biden and elizabeth warren say they want to get rid of all fossil fuels. >> the democrats are running on free in 2020 and we know that's not going to work. as for fossil fuels. that's ridiculous. when we talk about the global economy it's the one comparative advantage the u.s. has over the rest of the world. getting rid of it is lunacy.
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liz: hong kong airlines cathay pacific admitting they are watching their passengers inflight. the airlines say the information collected is supposed to improve the flying experience. a plane coming in from london landed at its destination in valencia spain. but passengers had to leave and disembark using the emergency exit. is this the new shark bite capital of the u.s.? three people bitten by sharks in three days. there have been hundreds of shark attacks in volusia county. taxpayers pay federal. we are talking federal taxpayers. federal taxpayers paid a exopig
6:36 pm
$d a whopping $2 billion. a new u.n. report says north korea has stolen a lot of money. it earned $2 billion since february through cyber attacks. stealing money from banks worldwide and crypto currency around the world. what does this mean for the trump administration and kim jong-un. that story coming up. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship at the lincoln summer invitation.
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venezuela's leaders rammed up significantly as president trump announced a full embargo on the socialist regime. it's all about disputed leader nicolas maduro. it send a message, do business with nicolas maduro and you risk sanctions on you. throughout the past six months opponents of maduro have taken to the streets of caracas often engaging violently with security forces. the embargo comes after sanctions on 100 venezuelans and entities. it includes freezing all government interests and money inside the united states. john bolton detailed the sanctions in peru today.
6:42 pm
>> we have to see maduro moved out of power. the regime's isolation is increasing. the people of venezuela need the regime to be removed and the legitimate national assembly government to take power and hold elections. >> they recognize juan guaido as the president. the military has not side with him and is still keeping maduro in power. a senior russian lawmakers denounced the move calling it melding and internationally damaging. liz: here to react, colonel daniel davis. >> i think this shows we rely too much on sanctions. when you see the sanctions
6:43 pm
coming on there, what you don't hear is what they are supposed to accomplish. if we think this will drive maduro out, i think we are in for a big disappoint. he owns the military and he has the backing of russia. liz: all the state government owned stuff that it took, stop the price controls. i want to move on to this story. the united nations out with a report. north korea earned $2 billion stealing instances where north korea stole from financial institutions and crypto currency exchanges around the world. what's your take on this story. >> now that we are aware of that, we need to do everything we can to should this stuff off. when all you do is sanction and
6:44 pm
put pressure on people, they will do what they can. liz: that's stealing. >> yes, it is, without any question. but this ways happens when they don't have any other means to get things, they start doing things illegally. liz: iran is in a box it's unveiling three new precision-guided missiles. it's warning the quote mother of all wars. jack keane was with us on our show last night. here is what he says. >> everything the iranians have tried has backfired. what they are trying to do is put pressure on the united states to remove the sanctions because of the crisis they are trying to create. they are more isolated politically and diplomatically. the united states has more people working with it than when this crisis began. liz: colonel, your reaction? >> i don't think that's entirely
6:45 pm
correct. we were not able -- our allies wanted those things to come off and we wouldn't let it. it's not that iran is failing. we want this thing to be resolved. but we have to have a diplomatic offramp. then we run the risk of a war and it would be catastrophic. liz: thank you so much for your service to our country. >> thanks very much. liz: the "new york times" changed its headline that's initially reported that president trump urges unity versus racism. did the "times" change that headline in reaction to a huge backlash from the left? you don't want to miss this story coming up. any that's talkd to even more real people than me: jd power. 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories
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liz: president trump, the republican party suing california or california's new law that would force candidates to turn over tax returns or be kept off the state's primary ballot. this lawsuit. peter strzok suing the department of justice and the fbi. here with more is mark meredith.
6:50 pm
reporter: the fbi fired the peter strong in 2018. now strzok is suing the government. he says his firing was improper and the result of political pressure president trump and the media. the president criticized strzok that stem from text messages he went to lisa page whom he was having an affair with. one of them said trump is never going to become president, right? no, no, he's not, we'll stop it. he says the release of the texts violated his right to privacy. he says he never let his personal feeling impact the investigation including cases involving hillary clinton's email servers and russian interests force in the 2016 elections. >> let me be clear.
6:51 pm
not once in my 26 years of defending our nation did my personal opinion impact any official action i took. reporter: strzok argues there seems to be a double standard when it comes to political opinions. he mentioned kellyanne conway. he says she has not been punished for voicing her personal opinions. he says the trump administration has toll rated and encouraged political partisan speech by employees as long as it attacks his political adversaries. strzok is asking for back pay and damages. liz: the "new york times" admitted it did change its front page headline that initially said "president trump urges unity versus racism."
6:52 pm
it was written on deadline and with it was passed along for approval we thought it was a bad headline and changed it pretty quickly. madison, do you think it was a reaction to democrats complaining? >> i certainly think it had something to do with it. what's so disappointing is we continue to see over and over again that one political party in this country in ways suppose to be a free and fair press. you look at so many of the tweets from high-profile democrats slamming the original headline. then all of a sudden it's changed. it's disappointing to see that. it goes with what we have seen with 90% media coverage. liz: it's astonishing for the editor there saying we didn't like the head lines so we just
6:53 pm
changed it. >> i can't believe it. when you look back to before 2016, there is negative coverage of republicans and democrats but we have never seen anything like this. over 92% of coverage has been negative. when you look at russia collusion which turned out to be not even true. 97% of the coverage was negative against the president. we need to hold these outlets accountable and make sure we have a free and fair press. i talked to democrats in canton, ohio. they want to hear the truth. they want to hear what their elected the officials are doing to benefit them. they want to know what he's saying, what he's doing, and they want to hear accurately. liz: reports that alexandria
6:54 pm
ocasio-cortez's chief of staff resigning after allegations of campaign violations. we have the contender for cortez' seat. >> the president does not operate in good faith. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right.
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elizabeth: aoc has a republican challenger, joining me now, new york candidat can shery murree a republican. >> we have a crisis in queens that crisis is aoc, from time she introduced job killing green new deal with a 93 trillion dollar price tag, from the time she killed amazon teal deal whih bowl have brought 25,000 good paying jobs to queens and bronx. and combined with kitchen table issues that are not being creased. elizabeth: what are voters saying about her. >> they don't like her for the most part, she was elected, she promised the spit constituents o
6:59 pm
deliver on quality of life, we've not seen, that just seen her attempt to garner the limelight, over tweeting of policies that move america to a far left socialist movement. those are very important reasons, as to why she is disliked in the district. nancy pelosi even said, speaker pelosi said, if you put a bottle of water in the district, and a d next to it, that bottle of water could win. win. >> we've been covering story for months now, it appears, aoc chief of staff potential federal investigation to campaign finance violation, setting up private companies, what do you think of that story. >> we understand it is were investigation, i'll wait for the federal investigator to conclude their investin investigation, ww funnels of funds through the
7:00 pm
pak, another reason why we so be concerned, if i could direct your viewers to my web site. scherie elizabeth: lou dobbs is next. lou: a big rebound on wall street from yesterday's sell-off, after trump and his treasury secretary designated people's republican of china as a currency manipulate or, after that, they moved it to higher, previous competitive levels. the radical dimm presidential hopefuls on parade today, reminding all that democrats want to be


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