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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 9, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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we hope we helped you tonight. lou dobbs is next on the fox business network. have a good weekend. lou: good evening everybody. these are treacherous times and now we have a fight that is just beginning for our rights under the 2nd amendment. president trump says both parties are in serious talks now to expand background checks. the president also saying the views of the national rifle association will be fully respected, and now the third most powerful republican in washington, mitch mcconnell, adds his voice, saying a ban on assault weapons will be one of the issues front and center when congress returns after labor day. the radical dems efforts to overthrow the president go on. the dems subversion should have
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been stopped by the special counsel's exoneration and vindication of this president, but house judiciary committee chair nadler is storming ahead with what he calls impeachment proceedings. and the radical dems have aligned their party of hate with a mexican drug cartels, further demanding open borders for drug smuggling, sex trafficking and illegal immigration. 2020 democrat front-runner sleepy joe biden now says the peoples republic of china is no threat to america and he's telling us as well there's no reason the united states can't permit another 2 million refugees and immigrants into this country. president trump today speaking out against the open border policies of the radical dems, hailing the efforts of immigration and customs enforcement agents, following this week's raid in mississippi. >> this serves as a very good deterrent. if people come into our country
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illegally, they're going out. they're not coming in illegally and staying. we have bad laws. they may get in, although we're being very tough, but they may get in, but it doesn't matter because they're going out. and when people see what they saw yesterday and like they will see for a long time, they know that they are not staying here. lou: and on the border last night, border patrol marine unit came under fire while on patrol in the rio grande river. the agents reported seeing four subjects with automatic weapons on the mexican side of the border, more than 50 shots were reportedly fired at those agents, who were not hit, nor injured. and joining us tonight let's see what the man who runs the agency responsible for administering immigration laws of this country has to say about that. the acting director of u.s. immigration and citizenship at immigration services -- let me see if i can get that in the
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right order. great to see you again. >> good to be with you, lou. lou: let's start with as the president refers to him sleepy joe biden, no problem, 2 million more immigrants, have at it. >> well, as a simple policy matter, we're already overwhelmed. as you noted, i run the agency that deals with processing all of these immigrants, and we have a massive asylum backlog, over 330,000 cases. over in the department of justice, they have approximately a 900,000 case backlog in immigration. so between us, we are clearly numerically overwhelmed. you have seen and reported extensively on the crisis at the border. these are all related of course. and until congress actually starts to work to close some of the loopholes that are attracting people to swarm our border, we're not going to see long-term relief. now, we have seen some short-term relief as a result of
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some of the president's policies taking hold and finally getting some cooperation from mexico, largely because this president has taken a different tact than any of its predecessors. lou: a different tact. i mean, with both political parties opposing him. >> yes. lou: in securing the border, in stopping illegal immigration, he has had to -- and frankly in most cases -- on his own come up with the idea of tariffs against mexico, if they continued their incentivizing central american immigrants to come to the united states, coming up with the third safe country policy and also by the way, coming up with an imaginative way to bring billions of dollars out of the federal budget from another department to build the wall. >> the wall funding, right. lou: i mean, this is the kind of thinking original thinking that the president needs from all
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quarters -- >> that's right. lou: he does pretty well on his own, but he could use some help. >> absolutely. and look, the american government is built on not just checks and balances, but to move -- to solve problems working together, and congress is refusing to do that. i will say senator graham in the senate made a good run in july at trying to get some asylum fixes, including some by the way that were supported by president obama's administration. so this is not all one-sided. these are just basic problems with our system that we're trying to fix. congress isn't helping us. so the president is using every other tool that he has legally available to him, and look, lou, they are having a positive effect. that's why our numbers went down again in july. and it's why you see i.c.e. operations being successful. all of those things go forward at the same time, and we're going to keep pressing. lou: keep pressing, keep innovating and keep solving the problem, and that is what's happening, and as you correctly
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point out, the administration is making a huge difference. the problem is those numbers are still twice what they were a year ago. >> as good as they were last month, lou, they're still at crisis levels. lou: right. >> i have talked about congress, but i'd be remiss if i didn't mention that there are plenty of judges, not a majority, but plenty of judges out there who are vastly overstepping the boundaries of their article iii jurisdiction and stepping in and that's why this administration has suffered from more national injunctions than i don't know how many presidents before us combined. it may be all of them at this point. you even have it happen as we did recently from a california judge where a washington district judge had already ruled in favor of the trump policy. lou: right. >> so even in conflict, they ignore other rulings, and they essentially seek successfully in many instances to overrule other judges that they don't have any jurisdiction over. we're battling on two fronts.
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some of the courts and the congress. but pressing ahead with the president's leadership and having some success, but long-term, it is going to take more partners. lou: it is going to take more innovation, a lot more -- a lot more original thinking because your partners are going to -- are not going to be in the democratic party. i don't care what senator schumer says. i don't care what nancy pelosi says. they are not going to be your partners, and i know that the president wouldn't even consider relying on that prospect because they are adamantly insistent upon this president failing, whether it is failing to get the wall up, failing to stop illegal immigration. that's a victory they sure don't want to hand him. >> we are out to earn it anyway. this president has as you noted lou used dod funds, which we just won on in court, recently, and i mention the courts. when these cases go all the way
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up, which takes a while, the president is winning. his policies are being vindicated in the courts. but that takes a long time. but when they are vindicated, we've now freed up a lot of dollars from dod. we expect to get a dozen scores, hundreds more miles of wall built because of dod funding over the next couple of years. so we're in a good position to finish out next year with several hundred new miles of wall on a 2,000 mile border, and they are all in the most strategic spots on the border. all where they have the most effect and protect cbp agents and so forth. lou: as you know, this administration doesn't have -- if i may say -- a stronger supporter than i am for its policies and for its leadership, if i can put it that way, but i'm also hearing simultaneously from the senate and from the house, where they passed house bill 1044, in the senate it's
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386. mitch mcconnell is going to take it up. we heard the president start talking about we need more legal immigrants in addition to stopping illegal immigrants, in that i think he's half right. what in the world is going on talking about increasing legal immigration from its current levels of what is it, a million a year? >> well, i think what i've seen and certainly in my agency we have seen, for instance, with some of the visas reshifting we've done, we've gotten higher value visas issued, so in the, say, the tech space, we have gotten more master's degree candidates than we used to have, just higher value to add to the economy to the u.s. lou: you are not supporting 386, are you, ken? >> honestly i don't know these bills by the numbers. i know them by the subject matter. lou: it is the immigrant rights bill in the senate. i would like to hear middle class workers rights. i would like to hear forgotten
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man and woman rights, in this administration, in this government, at this time. >> that's right. what i have been with the president repeatedly as he talks about protecting american workers, and that's one of the things we've been doing, one visa category at a time, in my agency, and we're still doing it, lou. we're still doing it. it is all boring bureaucratic stuff, but it has a real impact on opportunity for americans and increasing that opportunity. lou: well, as long as i don't hear about an h 1 b visa being doubled, i will believe every word of what you are saying, ken, but when mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi start pushing the idea that we've got to have more foreign workers on visas for outsourcing american jobs to india and chinese workers, i get awful excited and dog-gone annoyed. >> you are not going to see that come through my agency.
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if congress gets together and does something, we will have follow the law. lou: of course you do. that's why those are the ones that hack me off. >> i understand. lou: good to see you. >> have a good weekend. lou: you too. up next, damaging evidence from one bruce ohr justice department official, the fbi and the obama administration's efforts to take down president trump. oh yeah, it is the loyal opposition, we need more bipartisanship, new allegations against prominent democrats in the jeffrey epstein sex trafficking case. you are going to love this one, two prominent democratic former officials. we will have that for you and much more right after the break. stay with us.
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lou: the desperate radical dems refuse to abandon their efforts to impeach the president, to overthrow the trump presidency. house judiciary committee chair nadler has taken on the role of self-appointed leader of the effort. he says it is already underway. >> this is formal impeachment
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proceedings. we are investigating all the evidence. we are gathering the evidence, and we will at the conclusion of this, hopefully by the end of the year, vote to -- vote articles of impeachment to the house floor or we won't. that's a decision that we will have to make. but that's exactly the process we're in right now. lou: he's a beauty, isn't he? judicial watch releasing fbi notes from its russia probe, its collusion probe interviews with top justice department official bruce ohr, revealing ohr's extensive contacts with ex british spy or at least as far as we know ex british spy and the discredited dossier author christopher steele, hated trump. in september 2016 ohr describes a person very likely christopher steele as quote desperate that donald trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being the u.s. president. this of course a month before
7:17 pm
the initial fisa warrant to surveil, to spy on the trump campaign. my next guest responsible for the release of those ohr 302s says they show the fbi, the justice department, the state department, all working with a clinton spy ring, and oh, yes, the clinton campaign and good old fusion gps in an effort to overthrow the president. joining us tonight is the president of judicial watch. tom, great to have you here. and great work as usual on the part of judicial watch and to look at this -- these 302s in a very clear statement. i mean, that these entities, the state department, the justice department, the fbi, the clinton campaign were acting in concert with coordinated information and access, and it leaves open the question, where was the obama
7:18 pm
administration in all of this? >> they were running an operation against the new president. remember, ohr had met with steele in july and learned of his antitrump bias then. steele himself was cut off from the fbi because he was leaking. the fbi was paying steele at the same time the clinton campaign and the dnc were. the fbi cuts them off and then they use ohr whose wife is working with steele to convey -- to get information from steele, fusion gps and glen simpson and all that, targeting president trump. so you've got the fbi, dishonestly using the justice department to work with a confidential informant they didn't trust, so they are laundering the information through a compromised bruce ohr because he's conflicted. ohr is giving them fusion gps information including information his wife generated. of course she strips out fusion
7:19 pm
gps from the the early she shares for her husband to hide it. what a mess in terms of fbi ethics and justice department abuse. disgusting. lou: it is a cesspool, political corruption at its worse and so far not a single person in that cesspool has been held accountable, has been brought to justice, and my god, there's every feeling that they will not be. your thoughts? >> bruce ohr still works for the justice department, lou. he still works there. the justice department i think is never going to do anything unless we have more disclosures like this. these disclosures are not sufficient, but they're necessary in order to get the justice department to do the right thing and follow the leads where they're certainly leading, anyone with a common sense point of view, to significant prosecutions. when they are abusing the powers of trust given to them by the
7:20 pm
american people to target improperly the president of the united states, using concocted allegations of treachery and russia collusion, it's obviously a scheme to overthrow the president in a coup-like fashion. i don't know how else to describe it. when you've got the fbi working with a compromised foreign spy, bruce ohr in these documents, he's communicating top justice department official communicating with christopher steele via this what's app secret app, unbelievable. lou: how about these other considerations of european agencies and entities trying to bring information to bear about this conspiracy, this plot, this concerted effort against the president of the united states for crying out loud, and the fbi has brushed them aside, has simply not been open to their
7:21 pm
information and rebut them, rejected them outright. what about the clinton connection? why in the world would this not be prosecuteable? >> institutionally the fbi should be frozen out of any investigation of this issue. i'm assuming they are using fbi agents now to review the the early. i don't think they should be involved in it. i really don't. they should be using u.s. marshalls or other law enforcement federal personnel. the fbi has been thoroughly compromised. their leadership can't be trusted in this regard. and you're right about the international scope of this. this is an international scandal targeting the president of the united states, our president. they used u.k. intelligence sources. obviously australian government resources. the allegations are the italians were involved, and of course they are all colluding with the clinton operation. i mean, we have documents from peter strzok, lisa page, showing that the clinton lawyers were working directly with the fbi
7:22 pm
lead lawyer on the russia-gate hoax, trying to get trump targeted. lou: you know, and what just upsets me is when i start hearing these rinos start belching this nonsense about bipartisan efforts on any number of subjects which the democrats have made it -- the radical dems have made it very clear they are not going to work with this administration because they've been committed for three years to work against it, to overthrow it, actively, through the dnc, the clinton campaign and god knows where the obama administration itself was during all of this. >> we know where they were, lou. they were -- obama was running it out of the white house. there's no doubt, given the strzok page messages and comey's admissions that he met with obama about the dossier and biden was at that meeting too by the way. no one wants to ask either of them or any of them any questions about it. lou: well, it isn't over. at least we have that to cling
7:23 pm
to, tom. judicial watch, thank you very much. >> you're welcome, thank you. lou: we learned this week that one of the country's wealthiest billionair billionaires, founder of l brands and the chief executive officer of victoria's secret at one time helped build jeffrey epstein's fortune, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. he says he misappropriated the money. and newly unsealed documents today show one of epstein's accusers claims he forced her into having sex with two prominent democrats. fox's david lee miller with the latest. >> the documentation contains numerous allegations by epstein accuser she says she was forced to have sex with not only epstein but high-profile men, including former maine senator george mitchell, former mention new mexico governor richardson and attorney alan dershowitz. all have denied the allegations. richardson's office released a
7:24 pm
statement saying in part these allegations are completely false. mitchell responded quote i have never spoken or had any contact with her. dershowitz had stated he believed the paperwork would exonerate him and repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. other court documents released reveal that when asked about sexual abuse in a lawsuit deposition, taken 2016, epstein repeatedly took the fifth, a reference to the constitutional right against self-incrimination. included with the documents are photographs, including one previous released showing epstein acquaintance prince andrew with his arm around the waist of epstein accuser, at the london home of epstein confidant maxwell. she claims maxwell made her have sex with prince andrew. other photos were also released which were allegedly taken at epstein's new mexico ranch. there was also a photo of a young girl, partially naked. this is just the beginning of what will be many documents coming forward. what's notable here is these
7:25 pm
documents were part of a 2015 lawsuit. epstein's close friend maxwell called epstein accuser a liar for claiming she had been sexually abused by the now convicted sex offender. she sued for defamation. that case was settled, but the documents used in the litigation were sealed by the court. that is, until now. in federal appeals court has released the documents citing the public's right of access, but did caution that just because the legal briefs and the supporting paperwork are part of a lawsuit, everything contained in them isn't necessarily true. >> david lee miller reporting. still ahead here, we will take up the mounting blunders by sleepy joe biden. >> go to joe 30330 and help me in this fight. >> you have people like margaret -- excuse me, you have people like the former chairman and leader of the party in
7:26 pm
germany -- >> the bills that the president -- excuse me, the future president here. >> we choose truth over fact. lou: what was it the president said? well, a fastball seems to be wanting. the president had other things to say about tighter gun control today as well. we'll take that up, right after the break, stay with us. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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and you can get your money right. with sofi. check your rate in 2 minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. lou: president trump today calling for, quote, intelligent background checks for gun ownership. the president also saying bipartisan talks are already underway. here it is. >> frankly we need intelligent background checks. okay? this isn't a question of nra, republican or democrat. the republicans are looking at it very seriously. however, we need meaningful background checks so that sick
7:31 pm
people don't get guns. lou: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell going even farther which is usually what happens in such moments, possibly caving in to pressure from the radical dems, already, considering new gun controls when the senate reconvenes next month, including a ban on assault weapons. mcconnell told the louisville radio station about a number of proposals that will be front and center for the senate to consider, expanded background checks for gun sales, red-flag warning law and a ban on assault weapons. there you are. well, let's take all of that up. heritage foundation senior legal fellow, former department of justice attorney, best-selling author is joining us. great to have you with us. author of obama's enforcer eric holder's justice department, great to see you. >> thanks for having me, lou. lou: let's start with the idea of an intelligent background check. we already have background
7:32 pm
checks that affect all licensed arms dealers sales, firearms dealers sales in this country. what do you think? what's your reaction to that idea? >> i'm really not sure what they are talking about. as you say, the vast majority of gun sales in this country already people have to go through a back ground check to do that. so the very small percentage of sales usually for one private owner to another, that don't have to go through that, almost none of those kinds of sales have been implicated in the recent mass shootings across the country. so the idea that's somehow going to prevent this from happening. there's no evidence or data to support that. that's an emotional argument, one that's not based on the fac facts. lou: this is the same narrative already being shaped you know first little background discussion, then the red flag discussion and already mcconnell
7:33 pm
has taken us to where they are headed, assault weapons or semiautomatic weapons and point of fact is what they are talking about. >> right. lou: you know, it's such an assault on the 2nd amendment that you can just see brewing here and suddenly the rinos are in the -- if you will, in the spiral. >> well, no, i agree with that. for example, the so called ban on assault rifles, look, there's no appreciable difference between an assault rifle which is basically a semiautomatic rifle and the kind of semiautomatic rifles people use for hunting. remember, we used to have one of those. it expired. it made no appreciable difference, across the country, when we had it before. i mean, look, it's not any different than having a semiautomatic pistol, which also can shoot very quickly. so the idea that's going to make some kind of difference, again, that's an emotional argument
7:34 pm
that's not based on facts. lou: you can hear the drumbeat in the leftist media. this is fundamentally a 2nd amendment issue and an issue of american citizens' rights to bear arms. >> right. lou: i just hate to hear frankly the president start talking about this intelligent background checks because it becomes just an artifice for what the left wants and that is to infringe on our 2nd amendment rights. do you disagree? >> no, i don't disagree at all. i mean, it is a constitutional right, and some of the things they are talking about, you know, i really wonder if people would realize, for example, you know, your right to vote is a constitutional right, and yet, there are so many of these liberals who say well, you shouldn't have to show an id when you go vote. you have to show an id when you go buy a gun. you know, why is there such a big difference between the two?
7:35 pm
lou: one is that, you know, that the left has made -- has carried the narrative and the rinos have overtaken the republican party, and instead of preserving conservative values and principles within that party, constitutional principles and values. thank you very much for being with us. we appreciate it. >> sure, thanks for having me. lou: always good to see you. up next, a new message -- well, it is more than one. a new missile launch from north korea. it is a bunch of missiles. we will take it up, and we will let you know what we just learned. general jack keane joins us here next. stay with us. (groans) hmph...
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antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. lou: u.s. officials tonight are saying north korea fired two more short range missiles into the sea of japan. the fifth such launch in the past two weeks. they also come hours after the president told reporters he had received a letter from kim jong-un. >> he's not happy with the testing. it's a very small testing that we did, but he wasn't happy with the testing. he put that in the letter. but he also sees a great future for north korea. and so we'll see how it all works out. in the meantime, i say it again, there have been no nuclear tests. the missile tests have all been short range. no ballistic missile tests. no long range missiles.
7:40 pm
lou: joining us tonight general jack keane, former vice chief of staff of the army, retired four star general fox business senior strategic analyst. general, let's start with the -- another two missiles fired into the sea of japan. what in the world is that supposed to be about? >> yeah, well, it's part of his play book, his grand father did it. his father did it. we're getting closer to negotiations, and this is about gaining leverage. walking out of the hanoi summit, it was really a humiliating thing for kim jong-un to go home with no sanction relief whatsoever. and he's been trying to regain leverage ever since that time. lou: do you think he knows how boring sending out these missiles really has become and how ineffective if it's meant to be some sort of gamut of sophisticated nature, it is completely missing the mark? >> yeah, he's pushing back on the joint military exercises
7:41 pm
that were conducted, but he knows full well, lou, that the major exercises that we used to conduct, that north korea would invade the south. we would fight them back to the border and then go all the way to pyongyang and topple the regime. we're not conducting those exercises. this is a computer-based exercise. he knows it is much smaller scale, but that's the ploy. and i also think he wants to put pressure on south korea, and these short range missiles can reach south korea. south korea to be frank about it, lou, is in china's orbit, more than they are in the orbit of the united states. let's be frank about this. lou: yeah. -- [inaudible] -- taken them there. >> absolutely, a complete departure from the previous government. lou: right. >> he puts pressure on them because he wants moon to put pressure on the united states. moon has always i believe exaggerated kim jong-un's desire to denuclearize and minimized the challenge it would take to get him there.
7:42 pm
lou: and let's turn to another challenge, iran. contending now with the united states and the u.k., protecting shipping and in the straits of hormuz -- strait of hormuz. and warning israel that it had better not help the united states or there will be terrible -- you know, terrible things in consequence? what is going on with iran? >> well, it is really something because iran's entire strategy of creating all this crisis in that main artery of oil flow in the middle east, the persian gulf has been to isolate the united states and actually iran has become more politically militarily diplomatically and economically isolated. lou: right. >> what they're doing here is trying to push back on the israelis, but the israelis recognize what is happening here. they know as we know that the
7:43 pm
world's economy and its ability is tied in part to a stable middle east oil flow. lou: right. >> that's in israeli's national interest. they want to get in this. obviously iran is an archenemy of israel, threatening every single year to extinguish the state of israel. lou: shouldn't we invite israel as publicly and as firmly as possible to join with the united states navy and work for the free navigation of the strait? >> well, we have done that, but i don't know if we did it publicly. israel is going to do a number of things. like they always do. they are not going to tell the world what that is. people speculate it's intelligence, possibly some surveillance, unlikely ship protection, but ships of their own, that would be too much of a third rail i think for the iranians and it may light up the persian gulf more than it needs to be. lou: yeah -- if the iranians want to light it up, they are going to light it up, i think,
7:44 pm
but general,ly defer to you on that -- i will defer to you on that. have you got any sense of what this failed missile test was on the part of russia? we saw radiation spike sensors everywhere lit up. it was brief, but nonetheless present. >> no, i don't know the details of all of that, but i -- i can tell you while russia has obviously advanced military and specialized capability, and they do missile defense as good as anybody in the world -- lou: right. >> their safety records and maintenance records are atrocious. they're at the bottom of industrialized nations, and they have had huge mishaps as we have seen recently in ammunition factories. these are all safety issues. lou: right. >> the same thing with missile test firings and the like. so it has to do with i think their competence more than anything else. lou: general jack keane, always good to have you with us. have a great weekend. >> you too, lou.
7:45 pm
lou: appreciate it. cleveland browns rookie wide receiver making a big impression in his preseason debut scoring a touchdown on this 86 yard return against the redskins just four months ago, this 24-year-old was sleeping outside a gym before persuading the browns to give him a shot in training camp. his ultimate goal is to make the final 53-man rosterer, and as you see, his teammates want him to make it. a software salesman has realized his dream to play professional baseball. nathan patterson throwing 96 miles-an-hour fastball at a speed pitch challenge in colorado. the oakland a's saw patterson's video that went viral. that got him a shot at the big-time. up next, president trump rails against hollywood's anti-conservative views, like those shown in the movie "the
7:46 pm
hunt". what are they hunting? deplorables of course. how many more slip-ups like this can joe biden handle? how much can we handle? >> mom lived in long island for ten years or so, god rest her soul, and although wait, your mom's still alive. your dad passed. one point trillion dollars in tax cuts. lou: we will take it all up, right after this quick break. stay with us. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: another biden verbal meltdown on the campaign trail. here's what he said in iowa about the intelligence of children. >> poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids -- wealthy kids, black kids, asian kids. think how we think about it. we think no, we're going to dumb it down. they can do anything anybody else can do, given a shot. lou: think about it, they are going to dumb it down? he's leading the way. president trump today responded to biden's latest whatever you want to call it.
7:51 pm
>> joe biden is not playing with a full deck. this is not somebody you can have as your president. but if he got the nomination, i'd be thrilled. [laughter] lou: i bet he would. the president today also using his time with reporters to go after hollywood, slamming at new up coming movie called "the hunt" in which elites hunt and track down deplorables. sound familiar? >> they're treating conservatives very unfairly. hollywood -- i don't call them the elites. i think the elites are the people they go after in many cases. but hollywood is really table. you talk about racist, hollywood is racist. what they are doing with the kind of movies they are putting out is actually very dangerous for our country. lou: and deeply, deeply mentally disturbed obviously the culture of hollywood. joining us tonight social media
7:52 pm
superstars diamond. great to have you with us, ladies. let's start with the movie. i think this is an amazing plot line. the global elites go after the deplorables in the hunt. how sick are these folks in hollywood? >> well, they are very sick. you know, they glorify violence, yet, they advocate for gun control. >> uh-huh. >> and then they create and make this movie where you have americans gunning down other americans based on the color of their politics. so they are racist. and it's time to do something about hollywood. hollywood is -- [inaudible] -- violence, mass murders happening in our country, it is because of hollywood because they glorify violence. they are nothing but hypocrites. >> that's right. i think it is time for us to boycott hollywood. that's what it is time for. lou: well, that may be what happens based on this early
7:53 pm
controversy over this repulsive movie plot. and the racist accusations against the president keep going on. let's just listen to a few of them. let's start with beto o'rourke. there's a bright fellow. >> been very clear that you believe the president is a racist. is he a white supremacist? >> he is. this president has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. >> -- [inaudible] -- his entire presidency and his campaign, emboldened white supremacists. >> we have the president of the united states that gives me no pleasure to say it but is somebody who is a racist. >> what i can't stand about this guy is the racist, the attacks, the divisiveness. lou: the divisiveness. by the way, have you noticed, she's starting to look like hilary clinton? did you notice that? >> a little bit. lou: that's scary enough in
7:54 pm
itself. >> joe biden have little hot sauce in this pocket. we hear these people calling our president white supremacy, but guess what? they represent the party that created white supremacy right here in the united states. >> that's right. >> that is so sad. >> uh-huh. >> and to demean and demonize the president of the united states, i don't have respect for any of them. >> that's right. >> who they need to look at is joe biden. >> that's right. >> he once said he reached across the aisle to work with segregationists. he didn't have to reach far. it is not going to be long before he tell us how he used to sit down and work with kkk members as well >> that's right. i see a lot more white people playing the race card more than black people. as a black woman, i know what racism do look like, but it is really funny to me to see another white man call another white man a racist when they have never experienced racism. lou: you know, to look at what is happening in that party, i mean, joe biden were a republican, he'd already been
7:55 pm
run off the campaign trail for his remarks about children, don't you agree? with him it is just crazy joe. anybody else it would have been outright racism. >> that's right. especially equating black to poor. all black children are not poor. >> uh-huh. >> and there are some white children walking around here that's poor. so it is offensive. they are letting joe get away with it for so long. >> so long. >> he's tone deaf. >> uh-huh. >> he thinks it is okay. it is not. he sounds silly. 1993 on the senate floor he echoed calling black people -- he was referring to black people as predators and talking about those people, go back and listen to the things that he said -- >> yeah. >> i'm telling you, he echoed -- lou: we don't have to go back far, ladies. >> that's right. >> diamond and silk, thank you.
7:56 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lou: president trump says he's not ready to make a deal with china, and he's casting doubts on when there will be another round of talks. president trump: it's time somebody does what we are doing. american taxpayer is not paying for it. we had a big day on the stock market yesterday. but the american taxpayer is not paying for it. lou: that's it for us tonight.
8:00 pm
we invite you to follow me on twitter and facebook. have a great weekend and good night from new york. trish: we obtained bombshell new evidence exposing the bias at the fbi. why did the fbi use the dossier to obtain fisa warrants when the fbi clearly knew christopher steele was biased himself and anti-trump. president trump saying there is strong congressional support for background checks on guns. why one radio talk show host says the president needs to tact now in order to keep republican seats in congress. might this be his ticket to


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