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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  August 10, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. the market bulls & bears starts right now. president trump: they're treating us very unfairly. we have now, in a little while all of the heads of the biggest companies coming in and we're going to talk to them. they treat conservatives, republicans totally different than they treat others. i can't do that. david: president trump lashing out at social media, well now twitter appears to be caving to pressure, reinstateing senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and the senate prominent gop groups have threatened to suspend all ads until the company unlocks the account hi, everybody this is bulls & bears thanks for joining i'm david
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asman, joining me we have liz peek, gary kaltbaum, jonas max ferris and forbes on fox remember that show? bruce jackson bruce good to see you thanks for joining, victory 14 mitch, here was their response as their account was reinstated on twitter. they clearly have a sense of humor but it was actually no laughing matter earlier this week the account had been frozen after they posted a profanity- laced video, of protesters hurling threats at the republican lawmaker outside his home. mcconnell's team also issuing a statement which reads in part " it shouldn't have taken an avalanche of outrage from across the country to stop silicon valley from launching an effort to silence conservatives like the majority leader of the united states senate in the first place." now the trump campaign, the rnc and several gop groups threaten ed to stop ad buying on
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twitter until it addressed the bias. this pressure seems to have done the trick so will this be a model for dealing with twitter in the future, what do you think >> well look i think the problem is that this is not at all the first instance in which it has become clear that twitter has a serious political bias, portfolio two years we've been talking about this, all kinds of people including rona mcdone yell and also a lot of the republicans in congress who were pursuing the investigation into how the probe, the mueller probe got started, had been targeted by twitter unfairly. this was an outrage and i'm glad that its been resolved, but i think the bigger issue, david, is what is washington, what is the president going to be able to do about political bias here, because this has become a major news dissemination and to have it be really politically bias is really a problem i think. >> well look let's hope money
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talks. twitter is a corporation. they like making money, but i must tell you. the fact that they even say they're non-bias when they are worried about mcconnell and violence all you got to do is go on twitter and we were talking about earlier look up quentin te rantino and his movies, go look at the death threats that are constant on twitter. i mean literal death threats. there are terror organizations on twitter. david: not to mention fair ferry con. >> the problem is they are about who, who they like and dislike and it's obvious and i'm hoping maybe this moves the needle. i absolutely doubt it. david: well twitter did put up a response. we're going to i'm not going to bother to read the whole thing, but jonas, it does seem like the markets working now, right? >> yeah, i mean, i think that it's an issue here. i just don't know if it's a republican or a liberal issue.
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look the head of my gym just did a fundraiser for the president and people are freaking out too but he owns a business and he can get whatever he wants to, i don't have to be a member of the gym but the only issue is twitter is so big that it's not like there's another gym. like maybe republicans need to start twitter but right now there is one twitter and its becoming when does the government step in and control it because they are in general i think they should control it but this is an issue and i will say i'm more concerned it's the non- mitch mcconnells, it's the non-celebrities it's the neon twitter if i posted that i would be blocked forever because no one is going to care that i'm blocked and that's actually the concern. these celebrities already get a better treatment than everybody else on twitter with the thing we talked about in the show recently where they get to, they can say certain things because it's important because that person's important so they get to say something but the ordinary people can't. i think that's actually the issue with twitter not so much the right wing versus left wing
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argument. david: bruce? >> well, i think mitch should be a little more worried about the moscow mitch hashtag for one , but everybody should be concerned, twitter is a private business so they can do what they want and everybody should be leary of the fact that even though it says social media, none of these social media outlets have editors like the newspapers that david and i worked for back in the day whether it's checks or balances and people need to realize that, but there have been liberals, and trump gets his message out on twitter, 62 million people and then the stenographers known as the white house press corpse turn it into stories and write down everything he says but there is balance there but people need to understand buyer beware of tweet beware because this is a private company and they can do what they want. david: well one of the groups leading the spending boycott against twitter, the national republican senate committee, is joining us now. jessie hunt whose the
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communications director for the rnse, so jessie are you happy with a response that is the boycott over? >> well thanks for having me. we're very happy that twitter corrected their error but this isn't just about leader mcconnell. it's about the overall mistreatment of conservatives by large social media companies. it's not the overall problem. it's just a symptom of the problem, and you know, just looking at the facts here, that was a black lives matter activist standing outside of mitch mcconnell's home, shouting about stabbing in the heart at the same time twitter was allowing the massacre mitch hashtag to trend across their platform. they did nothing to correct that problem and it shouldn't take large party committee groups to come out and threaten them with monetary action for them to realize their error. david: but i didn't hear an answer there jessie forgive me but i just want to press you on this. is your boycott over, are you
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officially ending it now? >> twitter needs to sit down and have a conversation about their overall contribution to the divisive rhetoric that exists in our political discourse, and until they can recognize their role in this, and how they treat conservatives on social media, i don't see any reason for us to change our policy. >> let's be clear this is a private company, i keep hearing that but this is an open source company and i just believe they have a policy of what i call " who." who do we like and who do we dislike and i'm just seeing it every single day and it's about time, you know, their feet are put into the fire and they feel a little bit of this, because justine nobody is asking for any advantages, just be even-handed. >> well and i think as far as the private company issue is concerned, we've seen broadcast ers have to agree in the past to give equal time to republicans and democrats.
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that was because people felt there was bias there and because they were incredibly important in delivering a message to the american people. what we're looking at here is a disruptive element, social media but that is really taking over that role, so the same policy or the same premise, i think, should apply. how this gets done legally i have no idea but i think they're going to get into trouble if they don't pay attention to this . >> they take control of the internet the way they do the airwaves so they don't have going into it as much control as they did with the old networks so to say and the rules talking about advertising but i think we all have to face the reality that california runs technology so some california politics are going to reach out across america and if georgia doesn't like it then they have to start their own tech sector because that's really the solution not the government. david: my old buddy bruce is not familiar of the format but go ahead, bruce. >> i have a question for jessie
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you could ask me like so let's just say that you deal with other media outlets that you don't like, what they say or what they do and they're editing and stories. how is this different? how would you, how are you going to deal with this as a communications person in the future? that's why we want twitter to have a conversation and be more transparent, that is their most frustrating part i think for people who have suffered from twitter's suspension policies is not having a clear reason why they're taking this sort of action. it took national party committee s the president's re-election campaign to bring awareness to this and ultimately they corrected it but there are a lot of smaller people with platforms that don't have the same microphone that we do. we have a mega phone. we're able to use our voice and that changed other conservatives don't have that luxury. david: jessie i've got a real quick question for you we've got to wrap but do you believe they claim or at least initially that
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there was an automatic algorithm that came in and heard the violence and that's why it was pulled. do you leave that or do you believe that there are individuals there that are specifically targeting conservatives? >> i think it's awfully fishy that massacre mitch was able to trend across their platform for hours, if not days, yet as soon as a republican candidate, senate majority leader decided to shine a light on the hate that's being spewed at him, by the radical left, that they decided to take action and they essentially punished the victim here, i think it's ridiculous and i'm glad they corrected their error but this is part of a much larger conversation that twitter needs to have about how they treat us. david: jessie hunt thank you very much for being here appreciate it. meanwhile joe biden hit with an avalanche of criticism after making two gasps during his visit to iowa. the impact they could have on the 2020 election. >> are you able to go through a
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which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ ) david: we have some breaking news, seven republicans are now taking action against their fellow congressman, joaquin castro sending a letter to the house health ices committee asking them to investigate castro for potential violation of the first amendment after he released the names of 44 trump donors we'll continue to follow this story, meanwhile, 2020 democratic hopefuls stream ing into the iowa state fair, a critical stop on the road to the white house, five candidates speaking there today and the des moines register reporting more than 20 candidate s are set to appear
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before the end of the entire fair. hillary vaughn is standing by and hillary i bet you have some meat on the agenda there. they are always cooking up something at the fair. reporter: pork on a stick, david every day at least everyone in iowa is and i'm doing my best to do the same. i actually talked to former hud secretary about his brother leaking those names of the trump donors online, and he told me that he has his brother's back saying that his brother did not do it to trigger anyone to haze or harass any of those trump donors on that list. >> it's not okay for people to harass other people and nobody ever said that it was. >> then why post the list online? >> the right wing wants to make this a story because they want to pretend like in some way that's equivalent to the hate or the division that donald trump is fostering in this country. reporter: we all caught up with
11:16 am
entrepreneur andrew yang, who was calling out his fellow 2020 contenders, senator kamala harris, for jumping on the basic universal basic income bandwagon harris is proposing $500 a month for every american and here is what yang had to say about that. >> i would just say to americans $1,000 a month is twice as good as $500 a month and americans can do the math. reporter: david throughout this weekend saturday we're expecting to hear from a lot of senators, kamala harris, kirsten gillibrand, amy klobuchar, corey booker on sunday senator bernie sanders will speak and on monday , mayor pete buttigieg will end the candidates appearances here at the iowa state fair. david? david: by the way i think he's a vegetarian. there are a couple in the mix there. it's kind of awkward at the iowa state fair. good to see you hillary thank you very much.
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well 2020 front runner and former vice president joe biden getting heat for two gasps that he made in iowa yesterday. listen. we choose unity over division. we choose science over fiction. we choose truth over facts. >> we have this notion that somehow if you're poor, you can not do it. >> poor kids with just as bright and just as talented as white kids. david: gosh ouch that hurts so should moderate democrats be worried that biden may not have the stamina for the whole race and we have a moderate democrat here, bruce what do you think? >> [laughter] yes in the 1984 participant in the iowa caucuses how about that as a high school senior but you'd have to get me drunk to tell you who i supported. >> we can do that. >> okay, so anyway i would say that he doesn't really have anything to worry about because there's so many candidates in the race and this is unfortunately biden's thing. he has a record of 40, 50 year record on whether it's foreign
11:18 am
policy or civil rights, there's things to choose from in his record and i think what weighs in his favor are 24 people running, and in iowa in particular, on caucus night in january, you've got to get 15% in a caucus state just to be viable, so i just don't see this is going to really hurt him. >> let me agree with the moderate democrat on this, why? because he's up against somebody who said he wants to tax the hell out of the wealthy. he's up against people that are calling for every tax under the sun, calling for $1,000 a month of people, taking off the industries, breaking up of every industry, capitolists like elizabeth warren really socialistic. he's up against people that are left of left of left and i've got news for you. these people are talking every day. biden's 1,000 words every day of course there will be more gasps and do you know whose louder than anybody else, not the
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republicans it's his opponents going after them. >> yeah, but except i think that some of these things really do reveal and he's done it before, some questionable views about black people. let's face it, bill deblasio called him out on this comment he made today and we all remember how he described barack obama back in the day. this candidate reminds me more than anything of bob dole. it was bob dole's turn. he had tried two times to run for president, finally the third time was the charm. everybody knew, everybody knew it was a terrible idea and a terrible outcome, but it was his turn and he got the nomination and went down pretty soundly to defeat. i don't know a single democrat who is excited about joe biden being the candidate. >> i'd like to criticize them for being past is prime but i consider myself past my prime these days so i'm not going to do that. i don't think he makes it through the test by the party at
11:20 am
this point. he's actually thrown out really liberal, way left of obama stuff with payroll tax increases that are pretty socialistic, but they're not working in my opinion, because he should be doing much better actually against these relatively weak and scattered people he's against, but they keep attacking him on areas that are actually probably going to help in an election and he's not going to get through the primary and then it's going to be dualing basic income and whose got medicare for more people that don't live here and they're going to lose and be an exciting person that loses versus a boring person that could possibly win. david: and gary because he's not on the top of his game he has given into a lot of the left wing points. he just called for the elimination of fossil fuels during his administration, so yes, he's moderate generally compared to the others, but inviting the others he's become pretty far to the left. >> well nobody ever said joe biden's conservative, i don't think he's moderate. i think this whole party has gone way way way left.
11:21 am
i just think he has the best chance right now. i keep hearing other people like kamala harris and stuff lick that but i just see a lot of socialists and i just think at the end of the day, he probably wins the primary and then of course will get to the general and that'll be quite the fun i must say. david: liz? >> well, look. i think yes, i think he's going to get through the primary because there isn't anybody else i think that bernie sanders is kind of falling off here, elizabeth warren is set to sell it and i think she scares people to death including friends of mine who are democrats. i think the greatest thing going for joe biden is he doesn't have a lot of competition right now but when he embraces these policies, it's phony. he doesn't really believe in taxing the hell out of the wealthy. he doesn't believe in medicare for all. he doesn't believe in the green new deal so you put him on a debate stage where someone's pressing him to defend that? i think he falls apart totally because he can barely get his message across now when it's
11:22 am
kind of, it has been sort of his message. just wait. i really, i really think this is a problem for democrats. david: by the way just imagine for a second if donald trump had said what he said about poor and white. i mean -- >> racist racist. david: meanwhile despite growing outrage over a new movie depicting the killing of trump supporters one hollywood studio is moving forward with plans for its release, so is this a huge mistake? that's next. president trump: what they're doing with the kind of movies they're putting out is very dangerous for our country, that hollywood is doing is a tremendous disservice to our country. (vo) the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage. content on their endless quest, to nowhere.
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david: you must have seen that trailer nbc universal announcing it will move forward with plans to release this controversial film called "the hunt" depicting wealthy elites hunting a group labeled as deplorables. do you get it? president trump calling out hollywood for its treatment of conservatives and violence. president trump: they're treating conservatives very unfairly. hollywood, i don't call them the elites. i think the elites are the people they go after in many cases but hollywood is really terrible. you talk about racist. hollywood is racist. what they're doing with the kind of movies they're putting out is actually very dangerous for our country. david: now the film is also being criticized for its glorified gun violence less than a week after two mass shootings, so should universal reconsider plans to release the movie?
11:27 am
>> i think they should absolutely reconsider. this seems like an unbelievably wreckless kind of entertainment and i'd put that in quotes to a country that is already feeling uncertain and uneasy about the political rhetoric and the political climate. i mean, there is going to be some sick person out there who watches this movie and says wow, what a cool idea. let's go hunt us some deplorable s, or the elites are going to come for us let's go kill some elites. what a stupid idea and by the way, hollywood has never taken responsibility for people etrait ing any kind of violence, gun or otherwise. this would be a, we can't really expect that they will do this but they should. >> first of all i don't want to get all tipper gore here but the president is right hollywood is a little racist and always has been so i'm glad he called that out the other stuff there's been no real proof that video games or movies are really destroying the children and making them
11:28 am
behave like they do so first first of all, the deplorables i haven't seen the movie but from the trailer it's pretty obvious who you're supposed to be root ing for and as always the case in hollywood it's the evil ones anyway so i don't know why think they it's like anti- deplorable thing but if you care about things, at the end of the day there's a half million deaths from smoking in america, hollywood puts cigarettes in movies in a way that children still think is very cool that's 10 times the deaths from guns so i really don't think they are causing a widespread gun panic but you can make the case they shouldn't glamourize other unhealthy behaviors. david: bruce? >> i don't see, based on just watching the trailer as jessie is talking here, that anybody has anything to worry about because i don't really see any a -list actors in this movie, so the problem -- >> hillary swank. >> okay, got it okay. >> the boxing movie.
11:29 am
everybody has a right to see it. if they want to go they can go and if they don't like it they don't have to go. you can't bring censorship to this so if it goes on on the other side people can make up their own mind. >> of course everybody has the right to be hypocritical jack asses also and let's be clear and concise about a few things here. we've spent the last week watching people, yelling and screaming about gun violence, and gun control, and what do they do? they put out a movie about shooting people up at point blank range as blood splatters out of them and who are they shooting at? oh, deplorables. who are the deplorables? the other side of the aisle. i don't even know what to say about this and nbc doing this, these people have been on nbc all week, with their veins popping out of their heads over all of this yet all of a sudden not saying a word about this and let me be clear. if somebody on the right did a movie about killing obama-ites,
11:30 am
they'd be having you know what. this is insane. i thought i was reading the onion when i saw this story. >> i totally agree with you, gary and by the way, jonas there have been many many studies including from the american psychological association that do tie video games and violent movies to more aggressive behavior in teens, and disturbed behavior. the fact that everyone now has a talking point that there's no connection, that's because hollywood does not want to take any responsibility and nor do the games and by the way when you talk about special interest, we're talking billions of dollars that these video game companies make. that's why people are afraid to talk about it. it's like an incredible honey pot. it's not healthy. david: it also gets to an issue that's very often overlooked, excuse me, guys. the thing that it gets to which is often overlooked is that there is not necessarily a political answer. this gets to what you were saying, bruce. this is a social issue.
11:31 am
we have a social media crisis in this country. i would call it that. that is leading, 30% of all millennials have no friends, but they think they have all these friends on facebook. their life is totally totally into a virtual reality and then where they play it out in the real-world, dangerous things happen. go ahead. >> look, i saw rambo as a kid, but when i saw scarlet johanssen smoking a cigarette it was very sexy, but the gun lobbyists are saying the research would somehow not prove it but look the bottom line is theres been violent movies for a very long time way before this upswing and this isn't some new thing hollywood just in vented. they've been living on sex. david: and the level of social media's focus on it and now we got to leave it at that. it's all too much. something has to be done, folks and i think the folks in hollywood have a lot of responsibility here. meanwhile protests in hong kong are on the rise again, as
11:32 am
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david: get this, china is now accusing the united states of stirring up protests in hong kong, despite the protesters clearly targeting the communist government for its growing interference in hong kong affairs.
11:36 am
the protests flaring up again today at the cities main airport for a tenth weekend of demonstrations. now china's attempts to link the u.s. to the protest include published pictures of a u.s. diplomat who was photograph ed meeting with several protesters at a hotel lobby in hong kong so how does all of this play out specifically coming in the midst of our trade negotiations with china? for details we turn to mary o' g rady, wall street journal columnist so mary where does this go from here? >> well i'll tell you, david i really think that the protesters are too far along to back down. they began this, because they wanted to resist this extradition law that the governor was trying to put in place. let's remember that she was elected in a three-way vote, so she only had something like 770 votes in winning that election, and she was the beijing favorite
11:37 am
so now they're saying it's not good enough that she's suspending the idea of that extradition law. they not only want that permanently removed but they want her removed. i think that the beijing would be smartest if they just would back off for now, because if they end up sending the pla in there, the people's liberation army and really flatten these guys that's going to be the end of it for hong kong as a financial center and china really needs that. >> let's be clear this was supposed to be a deal called one country, two systems, supposed to last 50 years to 2047 and then the deal was cut and in the 22nd year, these people of hong kong understand what china's trying to do and that is take over and be the authoritarian dictatorship that they are and i think god bless these protesters to try to keep some form of democracy but i am really worried because the words
11:38 am
coming out of the government in china are starting to get real threatening right now. but it's not like there's no cost to that and i think beijing knows that that if they do that they are going to basically break the goose, that lays the golden egg for them. >> i think there's a real difference between hong kong and the chinese government beijing trying to send out a message about how the united states is behind this, and trying to do that in the mainland where they're now blaming america for the trade war and for the economic slow down and so forth. i mean, the reality is and mary i'd be interested in your view on this. in hong kong, people are very connected. they have the internet. they know really what's going on there, so i think that that kind of phony messaging isn't really going to work in hong kong. what do you think? >> well one of my colleagues was in hong kong and she's been reporting on it for us and she found that the protesters were saying that their biggest fear
11:39 am
was that there would be kind of a lull, that apathy would set in and people would give up and i think that these protesters have learned from looking at protests , for example, in venezuela where people ended up leaving the streets and the regime just stayed and so they realized that they have to dig in here. they don't really have any choice. they can't backtrack at this point. david: bruce? >> i'd like to ask mary a question about where does this go? is this a powder keg? is it related to the trade war? is there opportunity for the united states to help or hinder the situation? >> i think it is a powder keg absolutely, and one of the problems is the way china's dealing with it. the chinese could easily remove terry lamb from that position, just say look, we're not doing this extradition, and you know, wait for another time to basically tighten the strings that they wanted to. they don't need to make it this confrontational and part of it i
11:40 am
think is just that saving faith feeling that they have that if they back down it's going to show weakness on their part. i think it's a big mistake. david: they're such good people we wish them the best. former illinois governor rod blagojevich has only served half of his prison sentence but he may be getting some good news, courtesy of president trump. courtesy of president trump. but is it really good news? on a scale of one to five? wait... one to five? when it comes to feelings, it's more like five million. there's everything from happy to extremely happy. there's also angry. i'm really angry, clive! actually, really angry. thank you. and seat 36b angry. you're clive owen. and you're barefoot. yeah... there's also apprehension... ...regret... ...relief. oh and there's empathy... ah, i got this in zurich! actually, what's the opposite of empathy? but what if your business could understand
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david: well president trump is now considering commuting the prison sentence of former illinois democrat governor rod blagojevich, but he's facing some real opposition from the illinois gop. grady trimble has the latest from chicago. reporter: well president trump is getting pushback from members of his own party. illinois house republicans put out a statement criticizing the president for considering to free the former democratic governor of illinois. here is part of that statement. commuting the sentence of rod
11:44 am
blagojevich who has a clear and documented record of egregious corruption sets a dangerous precedent and goes against the trump voter's place and elected officials. you might remember president trump first brought up the idea of commuting blagojevich's sentence about a year ago and the debate reignited on wednesday when the president brought up the possibility again on air force one, then thursday he tweeted this. rod blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison. he served seven. many people have asked that i study the possibility of commuting his sentence, in that it was a very severe one. white house staff is continuing the review of this matter. trump and blagojevich go way back to 2010 when the former governor on as the apprentice. he was in prison since 2012 and impeached and removed from office in 2009. he was the center of that federal investigation in which he was accuse of corruption and later convicted on more than a dozen counts including trying to sell the senate seat vacated by
11:45 am
president barack obama. patty blagojevich, rod's wife is weighing in and she tweeted yesterday this is giving her family new hope. she says what she called their 11-year nightmare, might soon be over. back to you. david: grady thank you very much, so bruce, you're a chicagoan. should blagojevich get out early >> i don't think a lot of people really care. we have so many politicians here getting so much trouble all the time. i thought he was, he had been in for about 10 years. if they would agree to move away and not come here, i think people would let him out now, but listen, a lot of people are focused on the senate seat thing and the give-away and so forth, and that was bad, but you could argue that senate seats are bought and sold in this country every day. now i was involved when i was at the chicago tribune of this whole effort where he was holding up medicaid money to pediatric doctors throughout the state to treat sick kids, and that when you think about that,
11:46 am
you're thinking okay, seven years, that ain't enough for that, so i don't think that, i just think that not a lot of people care, but it's only because they've been beaten down with so many other corrupt people. it's just but i think he should stay a little longer. david: jonas? >> first of all with blagojevich i'm very, it's very interesting that trump first tried to get the rapper out of a prison abroad, and now he's going after a democrat to get him out of prison. i've got to say like he's right. like 14 years? who did this guy murder? like it's a white collar crime and i'm not saying we shouldn't punish white collar crimes but the punishment is embarrassment taking them out of office, some jail time, ruining their career and doing it again but like what is he going to do this crime again like what's the point of prison? he's costing taxpayers a lot of money. white collar criminals should be earning taxpayers money with fines and the way you keep white
11:47 am
collar criminals out of prison is to catch them and make it harder to get away with it not to take the one you catch out of so many crooks, and make him the poster child for going to jail for the rest of the year. i think there's a case for this. >> one of the great stories of 2018 is when president trump commuted alice johnson who was put in for like forever for the first drug offense because of kim kardashian. he's one for one right there. if he lets this dude out he will be one for two. the story is very simple. wire fraud. corruption. pay for play, while he's in office, while he's a trusted person in office. sorry. you got to do more. david: liz go ahead, quick. well i mean in my view is you've had four of the last eight governors in illinois go to prison. i think the state would really like a message ton sent that it is not acceptable and also, people who are trump supporters say hey, this is part of the
11:48 am
swamp you were supposed to clean up. is 14 years too much? maybe but this is not a good thing. david: moving on, lifestyles of the rich and famous well that's what the we're actually talking about. it's the dream for almost everyone, but one progressive millennial is bemoaning his new found wealth while he says being rich is wrong. i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico, frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. can i trouble you for another marshmallow?
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david: a liberal man claiming to be part of the 1% says he is suffering from something he calls wealth anxiety. adam roberts detailing his struggles with being progressive and rich in a lengthy post online after finding out the extent of his family's wealth
11:52 am
and that it came from oil and banking. so he ethically opposed these businesses, and roberts says his problems started after he inherited about $1.2 million making him feel alienated from his friends. he goes on to say he believes no one should be allowed to emask such wealth. gary what do you think of this? >> i think i need to drink some tequilla. i work very closely with the boys and girls club of central florida, 13,000 kids 30 clubs and we work with the parents and these parents try to scrape dime s together to take care of their family. they don't have wealth anxiety. they have trying to gain wealth anxiety. i don't even know where to go with this one, a person is given it, stop complaining about it and do something good with it. >> yeah, that's the obvious explanation here or the obvious answer for this person's idiotic anxiety. give it away. if you're not happy owning that money, build something good for other people. do something.
11:53 am
there is so many ways to give back and to help. this guy is the most spoiled brat i've ever heard of i'm glad he's not mine. david: bruce? >> you could do a clinical trial for him, on elizabeth warren's wealth tax. why don't we start there. >> yeah, exactly. >> just make him, you know, let it go from there. >> he actually would get hit by the wealth tax it's $1.2 million in the top percent of wealth by 1% in fact our else indicate tax kicks in at about $10 million so what i would recommend to the liberals who feel guilty about their money, when you are in office again, change the tax code, because that's the way it is now. there's step-up cost base, capital gains tax, there's a $10 million gift you can just give to your children, if you don't like it, those are the parts to address, not all of this other garbage you guys are talking about that isn't going to address this issue if that is actually what you want to do. david: what kills me is the 1% the top 1% pays 40% of all
11:54 am
income taxes so if you get rid of the top 1% you won't have all of that money for the goodies that democrats are giving away. it ruins their whole game plan. they need the wealthy. >> all i can tell you is it's i'm rich, i'm rich. >> [laughter] there's so many ways to do good. david: by the way, bernie has more money than this guy, so if anybody is going to give away money it should be bernie sanders. we've got to move on. taco bell, a good time pack your swim suit, flip-flops and your appetite. the summer's most unexpected tourist destination is official ly open, wait until you hear what it is. >> the best part is coming to the school where you're going to be getting taco bell food that you can't get anywhere else. >> it looks amazing like we're speculating maybe we need to try everything. (vo) the ant mindlessly marches on. carrying up to 50 times its body weight.
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>> it's everything. it's taco bell in its hold fantasticness. is that a word? david: the doors of the first ever taco bell pop-up hotel officially opened in palm springs. 70 rooms reportedly sold out in two minutes. the hotel selling a partial taco bell menu. it will only be open through monday. if they have more of these, would you stay at the taco bell hotel? >> i'm low maintenance. if the air-conditioner can go to 66 and there is a nice bar and nice pool i am in. other than that, i don't care to
11:59 am
stay there. david: liz, if hell froze over, i don't think would find you at a taco bell hotel. >> i love taco bell. my husband and i drove an hour out of our way trying to find a taco bell. i love it. >> next is kentucky fried chicken hotels. great brand name, putting it out there. >> it's not a taco bell menu. the companies are manipulating us. i'm sick of the marketing department at taco bevel winning our air time. david: liz peek can afford any
12:00 pm
food she be wants. she goes out of her way for a taco bell. >> you have to drive an hour to get to (announcer) the following is a paid presentation for prostagenix, brought to you by (upbeat music) ♪ hi, this is larry king. over 30 million men in america have prostrate problems. i know, i was one of them. and all these natural prostate supplements like the ones i have here in front of me are everywhere. drugstores, health food stores, on the internet, and all over tv, selling millions of bottles every year.


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