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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  August 12, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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judd among our guests here tomorrow. we hope you'll join us. we thank you for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. ♪ ♪ trish: president trump vowing to fix our broken immigration system as the department of homeland security announces the biggest change yet for green card applicants. why e this policy will be a huge relief to american taxpayers. and as president trump looks to attract the best and the very brightest immigrants to america, guess what 2020 democrats are doing? open borders, all the way. that's what they're calling for x they're promising taxpayer, u.s. taxpayer-funded health benefits to anybody who wants to come here illegally. >> you have been talking tonight about big government health care plans that you propose in one form or another. raise your hand if your
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government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. [cheers and applause] trish: tonight, i'm setting the record straight on why this is a recipe for total disaster for the democratic party. plus, a dream come true for credit card users. chase bank announcing it's going to erase all credit card debt for some of its customers. there's a catch. details straight ahead. we have a very big show tonight. corey lieu lewandowski, pete heh and a whole lot more. "trish regan primetime" begins now. ♪ ♪ trish: all right. tonight 2020 dems are making some very big promises out there the on the campaign trail. free college, free health care, open borders. i'll tell you -- [laughter] this is a guaranteed recipe for total failure, total disaster at
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the ballot box. i mean, it's almost like they don't even want to win. because do you think everyday americans -- i don't care what side of the aisle you're on, if you're going to work every day and you're working hard to take care of your family, do you think you're okay with saying everybody can come here, everybody can come here, and we'll give them this, that and the other? i mean, it does not take a ph.d. to figure out that the math doesn't add up. and yet when it comes to freebieses, how they're actually going to pay for it, how it might actually work? they have no idea. no idea. and i don't think they even care. here is presidential candidate, vermont senator bearny sanders on this. >> one of the things that we have just got to keep doing is thinking big and not small. don't let other people tell you what little things we can do. think big. this is no reason -- we don't make these public colleges
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tuition-free, we can do it. costs a little bit of money, so what? we're the richest country on earth. trish: costs a little bit of i money, so what? and then there's the whole open border thing. a majority of 2020 dems don't even want to make it a crime to cross into our country illegally. >> raise your hand if you think it should be a civil offense rather than a crime to cross a border without documentation. can we keep the hands up so we can see them. [applause] trish: okay. so here's the thing, i'm a pretty reasonable person, right? i think you all know me by now. you know that i don't just tow the party line, that i try and think outside the box here. so as a pretty reasonable person, i'm going to tell you with, democrats, you will lose. you will lose in 2020 if you keep this up. but like i said, it's like they don't even care about winning, they don't even want to win.
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joining me now, former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. it is good to see you, corey. >> thanks for having me back. trish: it seems, like i said, they don't even care, they're not even trying. they're coming up with crazy ideas that will never, ever fly with the majority of americans. they don't have a chance. this has to be music to your ears. the more they talk about socialism, the more they talk about open borders, the more you're sitting there saying, yeah, my party's going to get another four years, right? >> this election of 2020 is coming down to socialism versus capitalism. the capitalism side is the donald trump side, and the socialism side is cheerily the democrat -- clearly the democrat side. the democrats are very good at doing do as i say and not as i do. the general service administration today was looking for an rfp for a facility in northern virginia just outside of washington, d.c. to house 440 illegal children who came across
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this border without their participants, and the town -- parents, and the counties of arlington, louden, these are the limousine liberals who make their money off of the government, some of the richest counties in the country, said there's no room for those people here. please don't bring them to our community. it's amazing that when you try and put people who come into the country illegally into the communities of the far-left liberals, they don't want them. remember when donald trump proposed sending all these people to sanctuary cities? they threatened to sue the president over this. trish: i know. >> they freaked out! trish: i seem to recall in your great state of new hampshire, where i was born and raised, live free or die, there was a movement against bringing syrian immigrants -- by the democrats that were in charge. so, like, on the one hand they want open borders and they were criticizing the president back when he banned certain
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countries, right, from having the ability to send people here, and that included syria. and yet when there were maybe seven syrian immigrants that were going to come to new hampshire, you saw the democratic politicians say, no way, it's not happening. this gets back to nimby thing they used to talk about with the limousine liberals, like one set of rules for everybody so long as it doesn't apply to them. i mean, you can't have a country like that, corey. >> and that's why they have no message for 2020. all their messages is hate-filled, we hate donald trump more than we love our country. they haven't put one policy forth to demonstrate how american lives are going to be better. they believe it's their job and obligation to take the people who respect from this country where this president says we're going to put americans first. i know that sounds like a novel idea, but let's take care of the people who are in this country legally first before we bring more people in. let's build a wall, let's make sure we know who's coming into
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our country and making sure that there's a path to do that. but those people are going to benefit this country, and the green card changes that the president outlined through the administration today is one which is going to require merit-based immigration, much more in line with countries like australia and canada. it says if you have a special tool or a special skill and we need that particular skill here, we will welcome you with -- trish: every other country does that, by the way. >> that's right. trish: if you're going to be -- [inaudible] >> it's not fair. trish: right. there are a lot of people here that are collecting benefits and already kind of benefiting from some of the welfare infrastructure we already have in place, and he's saying, well, wait a second. if you've got a green card and you're collecting from, you know, uncle sam via other americans, then do we really consider you additive to this country in terms of being able to, you know, carry your own weight? >> well, and that's right. look, every generation has to face it.
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every person who has to come to this country wants to come here, we're the greatest country in the world, the only place where a kid like me can know the president of the united states and have success. we have the greatest melting pot ever established in the history of the world, but that doesn't mean you get to come and break the rules. when you come here, you are an active member of society, you contribute9 to it, you don't take benefits away from other people, and that's how it's always been. if you do that, this president will welcome you with open arms. he's always said there's going to be a wall that has a big, beautiful door, and if you are someone that's going to add to our society, he wants you here. trish: common sense, imagine that. just a little common sense goes a hong way these days. hey, corey, good luck on thursday. you're going to be with the president in manchester? >> i'm excited. you should come back home for one night, trish. [laughter] trish: be fun. >> come on. trish: i'll definitely be watching all of it. hey, corey, it's good to see you. have fun on thursday. maybe i'll try and make it up
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there. all right, still five months away from the iowa caucuses, and joe biden's gaffes are piling pretty high. remember when he was vice president? >> my mother believed and my father believed that if i wanted to be president of the united states, i could be, i could be vice president. [bleep] -- [applause] his mom lived in long island for ten years or so, god rest her soul -- although, wait, your mom's still alive. trish: we play that a lot are, but i laugh every single time. it actually makes me really kind of like him. anyway, he's in hot water because this time joe biden says he has met with the parkland shooting victims as vice president when, in fact, he did not. what is going on in his head? coming up, hear the sound for himself. also tonight, the latest bright idea to save the environment, replace plastic straws with $150 gold-painted ones made of hand blown glass.
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tonight we have that story and much more. and universal pictures is now saying that it is canceling the release of its anti-trump movie after backlash. tonight conservative hollywood star kevin sorbo, he's here with his reaction. but first, what does alleged pedophile billionaire jeffrey epstein's death mean for his victims? an attorney is here, she's going to answer some questions. we have some breaking news on this story coming up, so don't go anywhere. i'll see you here. ♪ ♪ too many people in pain settle for
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trish: breaking tonight, fox confirms e fbi, as we speak, raiding the notorious caribbean island once owned by the now-dead disgraced felon jeffrey epstein. federal agents seeking to get to the bottom of all this repulsive stuff, potentially far-reaching case here now that the sex offender's criminal trial will never take place. it's all new fallout since epstein was found dead in his prison cell. attorney general bill barr is vowing a full probe into how and why epstein was able to kill himself in a downtown manhattan high security unit. fox news correspondent bryan
11:15 pm
llenas has the breaking details. >> reporter: trish, as we await the final results of jeffrey epstein's autopsy completed on sunday, today u.s. attorney general william barr slammed the metropolitan correctional center in new york where epstein was found dead after an apparent suicide friday. >> i was a appalled and, indeed, the whole department was and, frankly, angry to learn of the mcc's failure to adequately secure this prisoner. we are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility. >> reporter: fox news has learned that epstein was not on suicide watch at the time of his death, despite the fact that he was temporarily put on suicide watch after he was reportedly found in his cell with bruising around his neck two weeks ago. epstein was also not physically checked on for several hours leading up to his death, even though he should have been checked on every 30 minutes according to mcc's normal
11:16 pm
operations. a source familiar with the situation tells fox news epstein did not have a cell mate at the time of his death which the source characterized as unusual. the union representing the two guards on duty in the unit housing epstein says one of the guards had worked 80 hours that week. they blame the bureau of prisons and the trump administration for all-time low staffing at mcc over the last three years leading to overworked guards. quote: we in cpl-33 have been sounding the alarm about the hiring freeze z and how understaffed our facilities have been nationwide all because of the policies of this administration. jack donefin says infates are rarely -- inmates are rarely left on suicide watch for more than a week. >> once you get out of that setting, you cannot stop an inmate from committing suicide. no policy is going to prevent that. >> reporter: as the department
11:17 pm
at the fbi conducts their investigation, conspiracy theories have flooded the internet, including one retweeted by president donald trump that blamed the clubtons for epstein's -- clintons for epstein's death. >> i think the president just wants everything to be investigated. >> reporter: as prosecutors vow to go after co-conspirators, lawyers for his accusers say they plan on filing civil lawsuits to go after epstein's estate. trish: bryan with, thank you very much. joining me on what comes next for epstein's victims as well as any of his co-conspirators, attorney missy mars. good to see you back here. they still want some closure here. does the case continue on even though he's dead? >> look, the criminal case is obviously over, epstein's dead. but there could potentially be civil liability. we've already heard from some high profile lawyers saying that they're going to be filing civil actions against epstein's estate. so this will be the opportunity
11:18 pm
to at least get some of their story out there to extent that -- trish: what about the investigation itself? who else was involved, who else -- you know, already there have been a lot of allegations against a lot of people that were somehow associated with him or used to partake in this as well. is more of that going to come out, and will they go after those people this. >> that's absolutely going to continue. so, first, we have bill barr saying not only is he going full bore after this investigation, he has a personal investment. this is not stopping anytime soon. also manhattan federal prosecutors have said we're going to continue to investigate, and we saw that epstein's eye hand was actually raided -- island was actually raided. potential co-conspirators, look, epstein in the indictment was charged with conspiracy. that means prosecutors already have their eye on some people. they just have not yet been charged. so now those people, look, they're going to be in the limelight from the prosecutors'
11:19 pm
perspective. epstein was the big fish. who knows who else is out there and what evidence we're going to see from this continuing investigation to get some justice from some of these potential co-conspirators. trish: you mentioned civil liabilities, i mean, what happens to his estate right now? >> right now estate -- if he has a will, that's what's going to happen. however, the cases of victims can bring actions against the estate and potentially collect monetary damages. also to extempt, you know, he has -- extent, he has a mansion that's worth a lot of money, there's a mechanism where the feds can actually say this property must be forfeited because it was in furtherance of his crime. so they would have to detail how that is true if his victims were brought back to mansion, which are some of the allegations, that could be forfeited and put into a fund to compensate victims. there are a couple different pockets. there's question marks about epstein's wealth, what exactly is in that pot, but it certainly
11:20 pm
seems like there's going to be something for victims to collect in this civil suit. trish: that would be good for them, to get that closure, assuming they're able to prove all this out. misty marries, good to see you. lots of questions. >> thank you, trish. trish: all right. coming up, bernie sanders, he -- [laughter] just loves to bash wall street. you know, the big, bad capitalists. he loves to advocate for debt forgiveness, right? >>ed today we're telling wall street and the payday lenders that enough is enough. we are taking on wall street! the business model of wall street, in my view, is fraud. today we say to corporate america, stop the greed! trish: well, tonight chase bank is erasing all credit card debt for some customers. you know, you'd think there might be a little bit of a thank you to wall street here, bernie.
11:21 pm
[laughter] also universal pictures doing a 180, now saying it's canceling the release of its anti-trump movie "the hunt" after significant, significant outcry. tonight hollywood conservative star kevin sorbo, he's here with his reaction to it. but first, president trump moving forward with another campaign promise to focus on accepting skilled immigrants, skilled being one of the keywords, adding new rules to the green card process. our own pete hegseth is here with his reaction to it after this. ♪ ♪ -driverless cars... -all ground personnel... ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. no matter what you trade, at fidelity when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge.
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get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. can i trouble you for another marshmallow? trish: breaking right now, hong kong at just reopening a short time ago after massive but peaceful protests forced authorities to ground more than 150 flights overnight. protesters speaking out against police brutality following a weekend of violent clashes. unbelievable pictures there. the most brutal today is the
11:26 pm
city is in the midst of its worst political crisis in decades. meanwhile, china accusing the united states of stoking tensions in hong kong. joining me right now is "fox & friends" weekend cohost pete hegseth. pete, welcome back, good to see you. >> thanks for having me, good to see you. trish: china, they've got a lot going on. they've got an economy that's suffering, hong kong protests breaking out, you know, and they've got, you know, donald trump to deal with. i would argue that they're on the bad side of him right now. how do you think the hong kong stuff affects xi jinping and the leaders right now as they think about decisions as they relate to us? >> well, they're on the bad side of history. i mean, the up communist chinese are inning a -- running a system that eventually will fail. hong kong, from our perspective, is one of the front lines of freedom. there's a reason you see american flags waving, because
11:27 pm
protesters see their economic system in hong kong, market-based, leading to prosperity and millions of people with representative democracy able to vote for their leaders and live freely which is entirely in contrast with what mainland china has. xi jinping doesn't want any more exposure or freedom in hong wrong, because it undermines the -- hong kong, because it undermines the legitimacy that he has. it's a system that can't sustain itself, a command economy over time loses the market dynamism every single day. i'm glad to see mitch mcconnell -- well, we'll see. there's a lot of speculation as to whether or not his grip on power is more tenuous than people think. and the more he loses in the long-term staredown with the united states, the weaker he becomes. the more we can do to support these free come -- freedom-lovers in hong kong, the better. they see a looming china on their backs, and they're doing everything they can to prevent it. trish: look, i think the
11:28 pm
president has made some very wise decisions as it relates to trade and china. i know a lot of big corporations and businesses don't like it because they'd rather be over there giving away their secrets, by the way -- >> yeah, exactly. trish: it means a market opportunity in the here and now, but i think that's the opportunity for government, right? that's where government does step in, the right, pete? >> yeah. trish: if we allow you to continue giving away the store, so to speak, giving away the secrets, we run a risk as a country ten years down the road. >> we have to be asking our countries, are you an american country or not? google especially supports their artificial intelligence efforts, yet with won't work with our own defense department for fear of looking like they're the enabling whatever the military industrial complex here. it's the same contrast. we lack per spective. look at the protesters carrying the american flag, and we've got athletes and hollywood types taking a knee believing it's
11:29 pm
a -- trish: it's all perspective. which brings me to other big story crossing top, and people are reacting to the trump administration announcing this big, big change to its immigration policy. starting this fall in october, it's going to be harder for people who depend on welfare programs to get a green card. kind of think that's a little common sense to me, but, you know, when you read the headline reaction, people are all worked up about it. >> i love this because i love productive citizens of our country no matter their nationality, race or creed. if you want to come to our melting pot country and contribute and fight for a legal pathway to citizenship, we welcome that. in fact, the trump administration has welcomed more legal citizens in the last couple years than the obama administration did at the end of their time. it's about will you be a productive member of society, or are you applying for a green card to stay here permanently and dependent on welfare systems? it's so easy, it's such common
11:30 pm
sense. the democrats' fury will come fast and furious, but it's really just a definition of a rule change by the trump administration. making sure we vet these people coming in, you're not a net taker, you're a net -- you're net productive in your economy. you're earning, you're striving. that's what we want. this is the easiest thing to defend ever. trish: we've always been. >> always have been, that's why people have come here. but we've opened up a welfare system. people come illegally and then access benefits and stay indefinitely, and then we wonder why they're a drain on the system. this is easy, it's another filter where you find the best of the best, you keep them here, and if you want to come here and jump on welfare benefits and food stamps, you're not going to get permanent status. trish: this is why i say the left doesn't even want to win. when you float9 the idea of open borders and free education e, free health care, $1,000 a month from andrew yang there, just to
11:31 pm
be in america, somebody's got to pay for it. and the people that are going to work every day are going to say, wait a second, this doesn't make any sense. any if sense at all. >> and eventually they revolt and say i'm going to vote for a guy who says put my interests first. those vets that are still committing suicide from a system that doesn't support them, yet we're pumping money for illegals in sanctuary cities, even if they're dependent on welfare benefits, it makes sense to average voters. and that's why i think democrats are on the losing side all the a way across the board. trish: for sure. pete hegseth, thank you so much. tonight, lick seem liberals' -- limousine liberals' latest bright ideas to save the environment? [laughter] tonight we've got that story and a few more goodies for you. plus, universal pictures caving
11:32 pm
to pressure. the idea that this movie was even being made is bizarre to me, it's canceling its release of its anti-trump movie featuring the hunting and killing of deplorables. conservative hollywood star kevin sorbo is here. hear his point of view next. ♪ ♪ >> they're not human beings. [laughter] >> a every year a bunch ofofofof
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help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the country is long done. >> hunting human beings for sport. >> they're not human beings. [laughter] >> every year a bunch of elites
11:37 pm
kidnap normal folk like us. where'd they get you from? >> wyoming. >> orlando. >> and hunt us for sport. trish: anybody else think that's a little weird, a little inappropriate, a little insensitive? to release a trailer like that or promote a movie like that? given the current divisive landscape we're in? i guess nbc figured it out, because they initially stood firm on their plans, right, to release this movie called "the hunt." it was scheduled to come out, and yet universally, right across the board you saw all this concern about it, right? so what are they doing now? they're canceling the release. joining me right now with reaction, actor kevin sorbo. kevin, good to have you here. i mean, it's just, it's mind-boggling to me this thing was ever even made, but you know hollywood.
11:38 pm
>> you know, look, i love this, the response from conservatives, you know, america, it's been so huge. and the fact that they're getting involved and fighting back at the culture, i think, is fantastic e. i just wish they would do this for the government. but on another level, this is the greatest p.r. campaign that could could have happened for universal studios because when this movie comes out, it will have a huge opening weekend because they created this amazing curiosity to all the controversy. so it's going to be interesting to see it happen. trish: but again, like, sensitivity chip. does no one at universal have one? >> well, you know, look, i haven't seen the movie. on the surface it's interesting to me that they make a movie about liberals that are shooting up conservatives, which i should say deplorables, right? and we all know that liberals say that they hate guns. but then i think of the flipside of it all, and i look at what happened with the reporter, andy
11:39 pm
kno, and he had this angry mob that attack it is him, beats him up, maybe they're saying liberals must love guns because if you look at the last century, 100 million people buying under the socialist lapper through mao and stalin andler. you're going, okay -- and hitler. you're going, okay, this is kind of interesting to me. trish: antifa, right? antifa would say that violence is justifiable here because conservatives are that bad, donald trump is that bad, deplorables are that bad. i mean, it strikes me as we're living in a pretty dangerous time where you're not okay to have a free exchange of ideas anymore. you're going to be tarred and feathered if you dare to say, you know, you differ from anyone on the left. and i'm sure -- you probably see that all the time out there. >> oh, sure. trish: in california.
11:40 pm
i'm guessing you're not getting as many dinner party invites in the trump climate. [laughter] >> well, you know, it's interesting, universal is willing to put this movie out, because aren't they a little concerned that this movie is going to incite violence against trump supporters when you've got 20 democrat hopefuls running for president that are saying one of the last mass shootings was due to president trump's rhetoric? and, you know, they were close -- i think there was 27 or 28 mass shootings under obama's presidency. did he get blamed for one of those? they'll probably try to find a way to blame trump for that as well. it's unfortunate. we're supposed to have a government that's of the people, by the people, for the people, and they don't even teach that anymore because the government doesn't want that out there. it's -- we need to fight back. government wants full control of our lives from cradle to grave responsibility, they want to take -- trish: americans -- [inaudible] in 2016 they fought back
11:41 pm
bigtime, and i think they're going to fight back again in 2020. >> yeah. trish: and it's not even a fight at this point because the democrats are so out in left field that they just want to open up the whole country for everybody to come here and give them everything they want. so most americans would tell you that's not going to fly. anyway, kevin, it's good to see you. thank you so much. all right, uh-oh, unpopular far-left new york city mayor de blasio confronted why he's polling absolutely 0%. >> this poll seems to suggest people are pretty comfortable with joe biden. your name is not on this list. >> this is the preseason, casey. [laughter] trish: next. hear the sound for yourself. but first, joe biden's gaffes are already piling up. here we are, three just last week, right? remember when he was vpsome -- vp? >> chuck graham, state senator's here. oh, god love you. what am i talking about? a man who will be the next
11:42 pm
president of the united states, barack america. [laughter] trish: good stuff. this time bidenen's saying he met with parkland shooting victims as vice president when, in fact, he did not. you can hear yourself. we're tall all about -- talking all about it and why he actually may not be a match for this president in 2020. that's next. ♪ there's a company that's talked to even more real people than me: jd power. 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people."
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♪ muck. trish: 2020 democratic front-runner and former vice president joe biden is at it again with yet another questionable gaffe this weekend, and it's all hot off this mistake heard round the world. remember? >> poor kids who are just and bright and just as talented as bright kids, wealthy kids, black kids, asian kids. trish: can you imagine if donald trump had said that, by the way? they would have said that was an example of racism. well, the self-declared gaffe machine joe biden did not stop this. in terms of the timing of a historic mass shooting that took place when donald trump was president. watch. >> i watched what happened with those kids from parkland, they came up to see me when i was vice president. and some of you covered it. and you watch what happened when they went up on the halls of
11:47 pm
congress. trish: okay. so, you know, maybe he's getting a little fuzzy up there, upstairs. here with me right now, jenna el his reeves and former obama campaign director rob ambiro. jenna, good to see you. he's always been a little out there, right? he's always had these gaffes. i actually think it makes him likable, some of them are cupid of funny. but -- kind of funny. but now given that the he's thrust into potentially running for president, it kind of makes you wonder, is everything still going okay upstairs? >> yeah. well, good to see you too, trish. you know, these aren't just gaffes. the mainstream media is trying to make him out as this likable, lovable, oh, hey, he's just getting a little bit older, but this is a pattern. let's remember 2007 the most infamous example where with joe widen talked about then-presidential candidate barack obama and saying that he is the first african-american to be articulate, bright, clean and
11:48 pm
good looking. i mean, this is just something where he has a history of these types of remarks that anyone can say one thing in a multitude of interviews, but for his consistent remarks that the democrats really want to have an honest conversation about black america, about a racism, is joe biden really the candidate they want to put updo that? "the washington post," trish, even had an article last week questioning that very fact and saying, you know, is this really the candidate that the democrats want to throw their weight behind? i don't think so. trish: here's the problem, you know, it's that or it's mr. open borders and let's, let's give you everything you can possibly ever hope for bernie sanders or, you know, same story over there with elizabeth warren. you've got a rather thin field there, rob. >> yeah, it's interesting. and, look, you know, president trump had a gaffe last week when he said his thoughts and prayers were with the people of toledo when, of course, he meant
11:49 pm
daytop. i think these things humanize these individuals. i didn't think anything less of president trump when he said that, was it was human error. joe biden is definitely prone to these kinds of error records, but i'm more interested to see what happened this past weekend in iowa, because elizabeth warren drew three times the crowd that joe biden did. joe biden's supposed to be the front-runner, and they're clearly not all that excited -- trish: are you excited about her? i mean, no, seriously, because i'm assuming you want to win. >> am i excited about elizabeth warren? trish: it feels like the democrats don't even want to win because the people you're getting excited about are not going to resonate with the rest of america. >> yep, i've got some very legitimate concerns, specifically with elizabeth warren's plan to cancel private health insurance. i think that's a no-go. but, you know, mayor pete actually came in second place in that monmouth poll, or maybe it was third place. he's got more reasonable ideas
11:50 pm
to me. so does amy klobuchar -- trish: let me tell you, you're making it easy for him, that's all i'm saying. [laughter] all right? >> and, robin, also, i mean, to say that president trump, you know, interchanging the name of a city versus biden repeatedly having these so-called freudian slips that actually show his thought process behind, you know, white kids versus black kids, that's a really big distinction. it's not just a ship of the tongue. i think that's just kind of wanting to mainstream -- trish: relate me get back to the candidates running because if it's not elizabeth warren or bernie sanders, you've got the choice of bill de blasio. he thinks he's doing just great despite 0% in the polling. new yorkers are getting tire thed of it, one group is going so far as to pass out these fake dollar bills in iowa, shamming the taxpayer money -- slamming the taxpayer money he's paying
11:51 pm
for security. here is how he explains it. watch. >> there's a lot of really good stuff happening in new york. look, this is the preseason, casey. this is when we better get it right. trish: looks like he's been working on that smile or something. [laughter] he's been a terrible mayor, really terrible mayor for new york. new yorkers don't really like him. he's out there trying his hardest to maybe get 0.1% of the vote. at what point do you call it quits, robin? this. >> oh, he's past that point, trevor. he polled dead last in public opinion polling for both debates. he's only qualified 7,000 of the 130 necessary unique individual donors for the next debate. so i don't know -- some people i honestly just think run for ego, and i'm just chalking him up to that category, trish. trish: our friend kat timpf who you know, she had a great tweet recently. she said something like, you
11:52 pm
know what? anytime i'm feeling i can't do something or i feel insecure about something, i just remember that bill de blasio's running for president. [laughter] jenna, robin p, thank you so much. losing liberals' latest bright idea to save the environment, replacing plastic straws with gold-plaited ones made with hand blown glass and, yeah, they only cost $150. we're here with that story and a few more little goodies for you. few more little goodies for you. wait til you 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic. we work until the work's done. and when it is, a few hours of shuteye to rest up for tomorrow, the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ ) the day we'll finally get something done.
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trish: welcome back time for our lightning round, emma is back. i love this story, christmas is coming early for chase credit ward customers -- card customers, a little bit of a catch, you have to live in canada. walk us through this. >> in canada a lot of people were pleasantly surprised, chase credit card owners, their accounts were shut down, they thought they would have to pay off their remaining balance, chase paid off their debts, and now this is is amazing, you hear comments from people who were overwhelmed, what would bernie sanders think of this story? he talks about debt forgiveness, but i don't think it would come from wealthy wall street bankers he loves to hate. trish: he should say thank you.
11:57 pm
adorable video of drivers letting dozens of ducks cross the road, so cute. >> adorable, i think this is what happens when an entire generation of northeasterners grew up on the book "make way for ducklings," people are not getting bad, this is our answer to why did the chicken cross the road, trying to get to vacation land. >> i continue well. tell me about these reusable straws that christian dior is trying to sell. >> the luxury fashion brand getting in on environmentalism business, a 6 back of hand glass blown straws you can buy with gold paint, 150 dollars for a pack of 6. they are beautiful.
11:58 pm
maybe worth it to some people, i don't think this is really about helping the environment that price point will make it note possible for a -- not possible for a lot. but we know someone who'll buy something no matter what it is with the design irlabel, hard to blame a business for cashing in. >> to this story, one campus reform has been following. university of michigan alumni ask school to cut ties with a mega-donor because he supports president trump. >> yes, this is not just any magadamega--- magadan mega mega. this is something that upset the university of michigan students so much. as we have reported campus reform they are for their school
11:59 pm
to divest from his donation, school said we're don't care what someone's political a filliations are, he has sponsored a entire school of business. i am glad that school is not kowtowing to the mob. >> great to have you. >> well, nice that they are still allowing the guy to donate millions of dollars, but you see what is going , right now in america we're looking at a division, between what we have always known, capitalism and what has never worked, no matter where you go. anywhere in the world, socialism, the danger is that you got people like irk le elizh warren and bernie sanders quite a foye othe few other candidate,
12:00 am
that are running for president, they just want to open up the country, let anyone in. free education, free health care, a free lunch. kennedy is next. kennedy: thank you. >> what in haitis happened to jeffrey epstein? the mystery that everyone is talking about it and obsessed with. was it suicide? was when murder. garden variety incompetence? or was the whole thing faked. saturday morning many of us woke up to news that epstein of found dead in his manhattan jail the cell, while awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking dozens of under age girls and conspiracy charges, he was very well connected, the trumps, the clintons, some british royals, you name it, he knew it, he reportedly had a lot of


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