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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  August 13, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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instagram. thank you for being with us tonight, see you tomorrow. good night from new york. ♪ ♪ trish: tonight, conspiracy theories over the death of jeffrey epstein, this as brand new developments are breaking this evening on this story. earlier today president trump weighed in, again, on what needs to happen. >> i want a full investigation. and that's what i absolutely am demanding, that's what our attorney general, our great attorney general is doing. he's doing a full investigation. trish: we have breaking news on this story in just moments for you. meanwhile, violent tear gas and rubber bullets rain down again in hong kong as protesters clash with police. china responding by taking aim at us. and did james comey run a secret and corrupt counterintelligence
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operation against the trump campaign in 2016? we are taking a big, deep dive into all those allegations. plus, this happened -- >> [bleep] take a selfie like that. [bleep] you like that? your nickname? >> i didn't call you that -- >> you called me fredo. trish: chris cuomo flipping out. only problem, the anchor has used that term in the past to describe himself. he lost it. not good. "trish regan primetime" begins now. ♪ ♪ trish: tonight, brand new stunningly close footage taken from drones flying above the caribbean. take a look at this. this is none other than that compound, that infamous compound owned by jeffrey epstein, and right now the fbi has a very far-reaching investigation. raids are going on of felony sex
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offender jeffrey enden steven's former island estate. all of this coming there as alarming new details come to us about guards cast with securing epstein come to light. the disturbing prison atmosphere just before epstein's death in a downtown manhattan high security unit with attorney general bill barr now demanding updates every single hour on this case. fox news correspondent bryan llenas has some late-breaking details tonight. hi, bryan. >> reporter: attorney general william barr temporarily reassigned the warden of the correctional center where jeffrey epstein died of an apparent suicide. he also placed the two guards on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigations by the department of justice and the fbi. the moves come a today after barr cited serious irregularities at mcc. the associated press reporteds
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one of the two guards was a substitute and not a correctional officer. epstein's death is the fault of the bureau of prisons for systemic understaffing and overworked guards. this as "the new york post" reports epstein hanged himself start with a bed sheet tied to the top of a bunk bed in his jail cell, apparently kneeling toward or the floor and strangling himself. the criminal investigation into epstein's alleged sex trafficking network is now zeroing in on epstein's alleged cospear sor -- co-conspirators like his former girlfriend. in unsealed documents, one of epstein's accusers calls maxwell a primary coco-conspirator and a madam who used to procure underage girls for sexual activities. this a day after fbi agents raided his home on a private u.s. virgin island. president donald trump today defended his retweet over the weekend of a conspiracy theory
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implying the clintons had something to do with epstein's death. >> did bill clinton go to island? epstein had an island. that was not a good place, as i understand it, and i was never there. but with you have to ask, did bill clinton go to the island? the that's the question. i want a full investigation. finish and that's what i absolutely have demanded. >> reporter: lawyers are now asking a federal judge to dismiss end steep's nonprosecution agreement, especially parts that offered immunity to his co-conspirators. trish? trish: bryan, thank you very much. getting the facts in the epstein case right now more important than ever, because there's a lot of conspiracy theories on both sides that are intensifying right now. the founder of real clear politics says epstein's death and the conspiracies could reach all the way into the 2020 election results. watch. >> it's very easy and, in fact, it seems like our society is now
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set up to be taken advantage of by folks who are spinning up conspiracy theories around the clock. and i would make the broader point not only about this case, but in a broader context, is next year's election. you can believe that election is close, half the country -- whether it's donald trump supporters or people supporting the democrats -- will be spinning up conspiracy theories, and people will be believing them. and it's bad for the country. trish: yeah. that said, there are questions that need answering, right? the guy was on suicide watch because heed had tried to commit suicide, and then a few weeks ago gets taken off suicide watch. why would that be? joining me now to react, marc lotter and turn thing point usa founder charlie kirk. so, charlie, you could say if you take this at face value, it is just a massive failure of our system, right? like, the prison system, you know, lots of, lots of is that should have been dotted, ts 245rbd have been crossed.
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they failed, and as a result, this guy winds up dead. but then there's a lot of other questions out there like -- >> how and why. i do have to say this, for me personally, it is huge loss in my trust of the justice system. trish: yeah. >> because a coward like that, and someone who is under the allegations that he's under, was under should have to face his accusers and not be able to escape the way a coward would. and we, you know, the free citizens of this country, deserve answers for why he was able to escape so cheaply and hastily. that's the simple explanation -- trish: and the victims, by the way, the alleged victims, right, they deserve the answers too. >> here's the -- the people who were alleged to be around him, there were documents that were unsealed the day before this happens for people that are in very high levels of power. and, you know, interviewers can go through the list and find them themselves. we have to distill conjecture
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from fact here, but there's so many questions surrounding this, and i'm afraid that we're never going to get the answers that we're searching here, because there were so many powerful people that were involved and continue to be involved in one of the sickest sin es a human being can engage in, which is sex trafficking a child. trish: so it seems to me that, you know, to really seek justice for these victims given the unsealed documents, mark lotter, all of those people named in those unsealed documents, don't they need to ask questions to them? doesn't this investigation need to be follow through to whatever levels it needs to go to? that's why the attorney general is so outspoken on it. >> you're shul right, and the attorney general has been very strong. the president, obviously, as well, to say we will get to bottom of this. not only do you have an fbi investigation going on into the circumstances around epstein's death, you also have the ongoing
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investigation. then you have an interim investigation with the -- internal investigation with the inspector general. they'll get to bottom of this, and i think it was very good that the attorney general today suspended or relocated the warden, the guards. that way the evidence can't be tampered with, they can have their statements cleared, no one's getting together to get their stories straight. the fbi and the professionals are going to get the answers, and then the victims are going to continue to seek justice, and i think the justice department will be right there next to them. trish: okay. the president, you heard him, he mentioned bill clinton's name. what was that connection? what's that about, charlie? >> let's just talk facts, not con conjecture -- trish: no, no, again, we want to state clear -- >> here are some folks. bill clinton and jeffrey epstein were very close friends. facts, bill clinton vacationed at beth with jeffrey epstein. he visited the eye land, we know that. how many times is up certain. the pilots that used to fly jeff
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true epstein around have been subpoenaed and put under oath. be very interesting to find out what they have to say. epstein gave generously to clinton foundation. they considered each other best friends. these are the facts that we know. and, look, bill clinton denied all the allegations, and he deserves the presumption of innocence, obviously -- trish: of course. >> but i am is so troubled -- i am so troubled because i, like many other people, would have wanted to hear the truth of what jeffrey epstein had to say a when he was in a position that he essentially had nothing to lose but to tell the truth. trish: there is an odd report today -- i say odd just because it feeds into these theories that are floating out there that something, perhaps, is amaze doing marc lotter, cbs news reporting that there were screams heard from that cell.
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you know, i suppose maybe it could have been the guards who found him? right in after the fact? maybe they were screaming, but it just adds this pile-on effect like people are going, wait a second, it doesn't all add up. let me get to this question which is what effect, if any, does it have on 2020? >> well, i don't think it'll actually have a major effect on the overall election culture of 2020, but to tom bench's point -- bevan's point from earlier in that sound bite, a lot of people is have lost faith in their government. it's not just because of this. it starts with the fact -- and he talks about 2020, whether people will accept the outcome. let's go back to 2016 where democrats couldn't accept the outcome and for two years spun hoaxes about this president, this administration, which did not bolster our constitutional
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system, it undermined it. and while they talk about that, now they're also going out warning the supreme court, talking about changing the constitution to get the outcome they want. those are the dangerous things, not just some conspiracy theories and conjecture while people seek the truth. trish: all right. well, a lot of questions that still need to be answered here. marc, charlie, good to see you guys. uh-oh, don't call cnn anchor chris cuomo fredo. >> [bleep] don't call me -- >> i didn't want call you that -- >> you called me fredo. trish: coming up, hear the full exchange. new evidence against former fbi director james comey. >> this is the amazing part, comey and his confederates of the fbi set up an information laundering scheme. trish: hear exactly what gregg's talking about. president trump telling
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♪ ♪ trish: chaos erupting in hong kong, riot police clashing with pro-democracy protesters. this is happening at the city 's airport for a second straight date. demonstrators take to the streets for ten weeks now. you know what? they show no signs of letting up on their demands which include calling for hong kong leaders to step down. lam has the backing of beijing and is so far rejecting any calls for dialogue. meanwhile, just across the worder in the chinese city, paramilitary police are now assembling in a show of force. it's heating up. joining me right now, former deputy national security adviser for vice president cheney, steven yates. good to have you back on the show, mr. yates. this could get kind of ugly. i mean, i hate to, you know, we're just looking at a rather significant anniversary that happened just a couple months
11:17 pm
ago, tiananmen square. president xi jinping is not fond of seeing this kind of stuff because, well, it's the another point of view which they don't tolerate in china. where does this go if you've now got chinese military showing up at the border? >> well, certainly, this is an important wake-up call to the rest of the world. we've had warnings preceding in that something is not well in china, that xi jinping is a different kind of leader. they're putting politics ahead of previous interests that experts have told us would inhibit china's aggression like economic interests or strategic interests and relations with other countries. this is politics over all else in xi's china right now. so with the hong kong situation, there would be massive downside risks for the chinese to have a tie january men-style massacre,
11:18 pm
and yet these demonstrations go on in part because this generation know they were promised universal suffrage, a degree of autonomy and freedom they have not been given, and they know that the law that was put forward before was a very clear slippery e slope to one system, all under chinese rule without separate rule of law and things like that that are fundamental to their future. so this is an existential challenge. i don't see it going very cleanly in the months ahead, but i think it's important -- trish: what do you mean by that? >> -- see who the ins instigator is, and it's the chinese. trsh e trish they say for some reason we're behind these protests, they wouldn't be happening if the u.s. wasn't agitating. what do you say to those allegations? >> well, first and foremost, things were going very, very well for china in recent decades. there was a very soothing international disposition towards china. experts in almost every country if we just go along, get along with china, they're going to become more modern, more
11:19 pm
moderate, we can cooperate with them. this is really a group of people we can do business with with -- trish: yeah, that wasn't -- >> what's increasingly clear is we now have the wealthier, more militant, tech-equipped, aggressive force that's trying to impose its will including on the united states. and so what we're seeing in hong kong is a symptom of those larger changes. but the hong kong people deserve respect -- trish: okay. so then why not before the tariffs, why did the president back off on the tariffs? >> i think the president holds out hope that keeping the chinese at the negotiating table might keep some of these questions open, might give some channels of communication to help influence the way ahead with the chinese. i think the chinese are gaming the 2020 election, and a deal is not in the short-term future, but i respect that our leaders have to pick is and choose when they're going to deal with the consequences of disruption. trish: you know, i think the economy could handle it more
11:20 pm
than some have said. i realize the market, you know, doesn't like the idea of any of it. but, you know, keep in mind, steven, the market -- big corporations, they don't like the idea of not having that chinese market. in fact, i would argue that that's, in fact, part of the problem. you've got ceos that are so interested in their bottom line for the day, for the quarter, for the year, they're not thinking about what it matters ten years out if their technology is taken by e the chinese. in fact, in many cases they're willingly transferring it. forced transfers, right, but they're signing on the to thed line in exchange for the opportunity to do business this china. at some point our government has to say, look, we don't care, because this is a national security risk. >> president trump campaigned correctly that it would be our past due the time for a correction in how the u.s. has been dealing economically with
11:21 pm
china and how the world has been dealing economically with china. there's no question they've got a lot of focus on the short-term disruption that comes from that, and people pay costs. we respect that. but there's been long-term distortion in markets by allowing these unhealthy behaviors to continue. we'll is have a much healthier, much more stable relationship economic and otherwise with china if it pulls back from this aggressive behavior and allows for this rebalancing of a more normal economic relationship. i think that's an important direction for us to support our president -- trish: i say we lead the way with, we get the rest of the world onboard with us. we shut out china, the western world says you with either do business legitimately, honestly with the rest of the world and respect property rights, or you're cut off. anyway, that's my theory on it, steven, i'm out of time. it's always good to see you, thank you. >> amen, thank you. trish: cnn anchor chris cuomo freaking out over being called fredo.
11:22 pm
>> you called me fredo. you know my name's not [bleep] fredo. don't be a liar. [bleep] >> i'll thousand you down these stairs. trish: okay. he didn't deserve to be called fredo. but did he really need to act like that? we've got the full exchange. wait until you hear the whole thing. >> also tonight, a far left university is banning hamburgers in order to combat climate change. will others follow? probably. we're on that story. but first, new evidence against former fbi director james comey. we have all the details next. >> this is the amazing part, comey and his confederates at the fbi set up an information laundering scheme. ♪ ♪
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11:27 pm
he says newly-attained documents confirm the fbi, under the direction of james comey, was running a secret and corrupt counterintelligence operate against the trump campaign in 2016 and repeatedly deceived the fisa court in order to wiretap trump's campaign associate carter page. joining me right now to reflect on all of it, bud cummins. you know, bud, what i would say about this is i think we know that there was some massive fisa abuse. i think's actually at this point kind of fact, right? because they didn't even tell the judge in bold print what was going on, and they never bothered to verify any of this stuff that they were getting from fusion gps, you know, which was an opposition research firm, effectively, and hillary clinton's team had paid for this stuff. so that, i would say, is all loud and clear. and gregg here is just putting a big headline on it.
11:28 pm
he's saying, in fact, all of this amounts to a counterintelligence operation within the fbi being run front and center by james comey. do you agree with that allegation? >> i agree that it's really disappointing x the new documents that he's referring to show how after they determined that christopher steele was leaking information to the media -- they already knew he was being paid by hillary. i mean, let's keep in mind, christopher steele was an agent of hillary e : clinton. if they'd -- trish: a foreign agent, by the way. a foreign agent. >> who was also working -- a foreign agent who was also working with, buying and collecting information from foreign agents -- trish: including russians! >> you'd have to think -- including russians. you would have to think that the judge would have looked at those
11:29 pm
applications differently. it's a murky area of the law. an agent, the fbi officials, the doj, they're not required to tell the judge every single thing they know about a case, but they have to tell them things that are material and realm haven't to the application. relevant to the application. and it seems pretty dang clear they didn't do that. the question is, you know, i don't really know what all the remedies here are, but the fisa court needs to police this, and we don't really know if they've done anything about it or if they intend to do anything about it, and i'm not sure we'll ever know, because it's a secret court. trish: i hear ya. so james comey, in your view, was he acting quite deliberately because he had a bias? >> it's hard to believe that they were able to line up this many people. so after steele is fired by the fbi, he continues to pass information on to bruce other. bruce ohr's passing it on to peter strzok, strzok to lisa
11:30 pm
page, page to andy mccabe. nowhere in that chain do they find an objective or conservative person. they find these left-leaning, biased and, obviously, arrogant and self-rye house people all in a line. i always said for the last two years certainly there was somebody in those rooms that knew what they were doing was wrong and is going to come forward now and explain what they saw -- trish: the ends doesn't justify the means, right, to them? >> apparently, they were able to clean house. apparently, they were able to clean house, everybody in the room was a hillary supporter and a left-leaner or an i incompetent bureaucrat. there was nobody with any common sense and fairness in the room the entire time they were doing this. trish: insane to me that you would ever rely on some, you know, agent overseas who's collecting information, paying for it, right? i'm assuming that's how they operate over there from
11:31 pm
russians, from russian agents who, by the way, were probably, you know, clueing vladimir putin in on the whole darn thing. my thinking is putin's got exactly what he wants because everybody's sitting there going, wait a minute, i can't understand the u.s. system, right? understandably. who trusts it given all this? >> that's the disheartening thing. when i worked for the department of justice 10 or 15 years ago, they put me on the road to defend the patriot act, and i went out and told people we needed fisa, the patriot act and that they were going to be in good hands and that you could trust the people that had them. and, frankly, i don't believe that anymore after what i've seen. i couldn't tell a group of people, citizens that and believe it. and i think a lot of our trust in fbi, doj, some of these bureaucracies has to be repaired because this is awful. trish: yeah. bud, good to see you. thank you so much for your perspective. it is awful. all right. cnn anchor chris cuomo caught on
11:32 pm
tape threatening a heckler. trish: all right. coming up, you're going to hear the full exchange. but first, an exchange that google didn't want you to hear. they actually tried to take it down earlier today. we've got details on that. democrats love extolling the moral virtue, rights, of receiving their small cash from small donors? >> because our campaign depends on small donations -- >> small donations -- >> small donations. trish: well, next it looks like president trump may be the one getting the most in the way of shawl doe mission -- small donations. we have some numbers, very interesting to see, next. ♪ ♪ all money managers might seem the same,
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♪ ♪ trish: new figures from the federal election commission shows 60% of money raised from the trump campaign came from none if other than small donors. the left would like you to believe that it's just the 1%, the big corporations that are funding the president. but that's actually not true. time and time again, it has shown that the silent majority is a whole lot more prevalent than you might think, right? that's why he won. joining me right now fox news contributor deneen borelli and democrat capri cafaro. i'm going to go you first, ms. borelli. they say, oh, it's all small donors backing the dems, but the facts show something quite otherwise. why don't the polls then indicate that, you know, this is the president that stands a good shot at re-election when he's
11:38 pm
recognized by mom and pop types? >> yeah. well, the polls aren't right or correct in 2016, so why would they be right now? i mean -- i'm sorry? trish: is it pressure? in other words, i think a lot of these people, they may e be donating, but they're not telling their friends, just hike they're not telling the pollsters that they're voting for trump. >> sure. yeah, i think a lot of voters are just really concerned about trump supporters, rather, they're concerned about being harassed and intimidate by their friends, their family, their coworkers x so they're keeping it under their hat who they really support for the upcoming 2020 presidential election. but with these numbers that are coming out with the small donor fundraising, this is a rejection of the social policies, the socialism policies that democrats want to ram down our throats. and so voters are, the trump supporters are really voting
11:39 pm
with their wallet right now, backing the president. this is coming from the ground up. this is a grassroots view of the enthusiasm and the entitle that is coming from -- excitement that is coming from trump supporters. trish: so should this be making democrats nervous, capri? >> i don't think at this point, and here's why: we have so many individuals at this point running on the democratic ticket, 24, in fact. and so, you know, what's happening here is i think we have a circumstance by which the donor base on the democratic side is getting diluted and is going across, you know, all 24 of these candidates. 1 in 5 donors on the democratic side, as a matter of fact, are, they are giving the more than one candidate, and so i think that what's happening is really once we have a nominee, i think we will see a consolidation of this. but i think right now the democratic pool is spread thin. trish: what i wonder though is, you know, you may get that
11:40 pm
nominee, and everybody may start to rally behind that one single person but, deneen, how much damage has been done? you've got a party that's talking about opening up the country. everybody from mexico, guatemala, ecuador, come here. come to the united states of america. and not only will we let you in because we don't respect borders anymore, we'll give you health care, education, we might even give you $1,000 a month if andrew yang gets his way. [laughter] >> freebies for everyone. trish: i say damage, right, because i think main street america's not there. like, even if you consider yourself a liberal, you gotta be one really, really far-lefty, right, to actually think that something like that could ever even work. >> depends on who the nominee is though, trish. i think you're right that there's a policy schism between these two groups, between main street democrats and maybe primary electorate, you know, more progressive democrats --
11:41 pm
trish: okay, then you've got to get biden! even biden's being pushed left. i mean, if you wind up with elizabeth warren, if you wind up with bernie sanders, and i just saw some stat that shows he's doing really well in new hampshire -- >> yeah. trish: -- it's -- >> biden's not left enough. trish: right. >> he's not to the left far enough -- trish: at that point if he's not the guy and you've got sanders, you've got warren, you've got mayor pete, you've got total socialism. and then it's just easy. it's hike the democrats respect even trying, to me. >> right. yeah. and, listen, americans, the voters, they are seeing through this socialism stuff. finish look, it's all big government, all the time, big spending, big taxes and all free 1:. it doesn't work. look at how the people in venezuela are suffering. trish: you don't have to tell me. >> the people of ohio just want a chance to work. trish: well, then that's not
11:42 pm
going to gel with bernie sanders -- >> we have a very hard road ahead of us depending on who our nominee is. you've heard me say it before, i'll say it again. trish: point well taken. thank you so much. coming up, a far-left university is banning hamburgers in order to try to combat climate change. we have some details. but first, cnn anchor chris cuomo caught on tape losing it on a heckler after being called fredo. you're going to want to hear it. ♪ ♪ this was me before liberty mutucustomized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. and this is me now! any physical changes to this man's appearance are purely coincidental. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ trish: oh, dear! i mean, it just, you know, kind
11:47 pm
of exploded. cnn anchor chris cuomo erupting in public at the man who referred to him as fredo. fredo is the outcast brother in the godfather movies, cuomo taking offense saying the name is a racial obscenity against italian-americans. i gotta tell you, the president's son -- [laughter] don't forget, cuomo actually comes from a rather big family with some pretty successful people in it -- the president's son had a really funny tweet, and he said in response: hey, chris cuomo, take it from me, fredo isn't the n-word for italians, it just means you're the dumb brother. [laughter] anyway, chris cuomo maintains this was kind of an ethnic sure, and we're not going to dethe bait that. but we do need to debate where the state of the country country is in terms of our civility and whether, you know, it's necessary to act like that on either side.
11:48 pm
joining me right now, doug wiess. doug, what's your reaction? [laughter] >> well, i thought this was a great opportunity for cnn to say, hey, you didn't treat our guy right when he was out to dinner with his family, and we are sorry that people treated sarah huckabee sanders the way they -- trish: i do believe that sarah huckabee sanders just calmly heft the restaurant, right? [laughter] even a worse way, right, because it was a mob that was shouting at her, just calmly sat at the table, continuing to eat her food. i mean, to erupt like this, look, i get it, and i would say in defense of chris no one deserves that. no one deserves that. and if somebody thinks that they can go up to a public person and berate them in any way, you know, they ought to think twice about it. i guess people will think twice about going after him. [laughter] >> well, william james said the
11:49 pm
art of wisdom is knowing when to ig e mother something -- ignore something. the thing that troubled me is his children were there. his wife was there. what kind of father is this at home, to threaten somebody, to throw the 'em down the stairs, to beat them, to -- and using the f-word -- trish: really fast, right? i mean, look, you know, i think people have had to deal with a lot these days because, and especially if you're on tv, right? because there is this division. and for whatever reason, people on the left have felt like it's okay to shame people that are conservative. they openly shame them and that's somehow acceptable. now you have sort of a reverse scenario going on. maybe he didn't have any idea who the guy was. maybe he was just like, you know, saying something in a bar that's not a great thing to say, but these things happen, and
11:50 pm
chris kind of lost it. perhaps he lost it in part because his fam was there, and that's going to, you know, cause you, doug, to feel a little bit more agitated because you go into protection mode. >> maybe. but i don't know in front of your kids you should threaten physical violence. what happens when his kids get him mad? and not only has the left tolerated, they've advocated. we had congressman waters on her pedestal saying do this, that a rahs them wherever they go, and cnn refuses to call any restraint whatsoever. so it's sad state of affairs. [laughter] trish: you know, what i always thought was a little bit bizarre about all of this is that google, actually, immediately took the video off. line, so nobody could see it. you have to be watching this sign, right, to see it. and then they said this: we call them, we asked them about it, and gave us this statement. this video was reinstated
11:51 pm
earlier today with the massive volume of videos on our site, sometimes we make the wrong call. when it's brought the our attention, we about quickly to reinstate it. we also offer uploaders the ability to appeal removals, and we will review the content. i just think it's somewhat suspect that they immediately took it down. we did ask them so why'd you take it down? what caused you to reabout the way in the first -- react the way in the first place, and they didn't get back to us with an answer on that one. somehow, they thought this was appropriate to take down, but then you had people, i think on the right, saying why? and now they put it back up. >> yeah. well, we're seeing our freedoms slip away from us in a hurry, and seeing this uprising in hong kong it's kind of heartbreaking -- trish: yeah. >> -- to know that in one form or another we can lose our freedom here in the united states because so much power's in the hands of so few. trish: well, let me just, you
11:52 pm
know, remind everyone tonight that, take a deep breath, you know? relax a little. chill out. don't go after public people and public people shouldn't go after you. we just need a restoration of some civility, it would be nice. doug, thank you. >> that would be nice. [laughter] thank you. trish: chris issued kind of a nice apology saying he appreciates the support. truth is, i shoulding be better than the guy. i get that. next, a far-left university is banning hamburgers in order to combat climate change. plus, how many trips britney spears actually made to target last year. can you guess? guess! i bet you anything it was more than yours. all the detail on these stories and a whole lot more right here after this. ♪ ♪ i switched to miralax for my constipation.
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the day we'll finally get something done. ( ♪ ) the day we'll finally get something done. when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint. trish: welcome back. full store stories for the day, we have cabet, emma has been on this week. with great stories, organization did this, has been campus reform has been reporting on this, university that banned hamburgers. >> yeah. goldsmith over in uk, across the
11:57 pm
pond, they say because we know that cows are one of largest contributors to greenhouse effect with that methane gas, emphasis on word gas, we need to stop eating cows to decrease demand for cows so they ban any kind -- any kind of red meat on campus. to combat climate change. we're not far but now we'll just eliminate red meat, some people would say, we're letting cows stay alive longer to create more mmethane gas. trish: i think we're stretching on outlawing hamburgers. they are college foods. >> i'll have two burgers tonight in their honor. trish: tell me about the mom charged 85 dollars for her son's birthday. >> a mother posted on forum,
11:58 pm
said, am i crazy thinking this is excessive, a mother in her daughter's class required that every kid that show up paid 85 dollars because they were go-karting, and parent specified said, if you are bringing a gift for tommy, he wants gift cards, they are awkward gifts. do they have a bouncer at the door making sure people were pid paid. trish: it is a kid's party. you put on the party, you are supposed to pay for it that is the premise. what is society coming to? check out cute video a guy playing rock, paper scissors with an ai airline employee. >> ooh. trish: just when you think you hate the airlines.
11:59 pm
>> this is a spirit airline flight, i had luggage damage on the flight, i am wondering if they were playing rock, paper scissor, they have linked upside we'll do a rematch, i'll cover it, we need more content like this, this is what internet is for. trish: brittany spears is addicted to target. >> 78, number of target trips last year, financial statements, i think in a day and age so many go bankrupt, we should encourage shopper who are frugal, i had a crush on her in 2001, it is now larger, i see how relate able we are, you are the people's queen. trish: a lot of times at target. >> like amazon -- trish: i have been on amazon 75 times this year. >> don't judge. trish: thank you, good to see
12:00 am
you, we'll see you tomorrow night 8 p.m. eastern, have a terrific night, kennedy is next. kennedy: jeffrey epstein saga sinks worse than a 3 day old fish, and circumstances of his death so murky that even mayor of new york city does not buy the story. are we closer to finding out what happened. you know guards, they say they found him unconscious on saturday morning. he was later pronounced dead at a hospital, we're told the guards had not checked on him in hours, despite being the most high profile prisoner in correctional facility, and he had already tried to kill himself, last month. today feds reassigned the ward


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