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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 15, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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will jump on more tables and more of his frantic antic self. >> thank you deneen, and thank you everyone for watching. lou dobbs, the great lou dobbs, next here on fox business. lou: good evening, insults, jeers, hostility toward police in philadelphia, 6 philadelphia police officers shot and wounded by a convicted felony during a shootout yesterday. during that firefight a crowd amassed, screaming at police officers, shoving them as they walked past in a disgusting display of out right hatred toward law enforcement. and google refusing to work with u.s. defense department but not all too happy with working with
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chinese. google workers passing a petition demanding technology giant not bid on contracts with customs and border protection, immigration and customs enforcement. and office of refugees resettlement. we turn to jackie deangeles. >> this is an interesting story, google employees signing this petition, asking search giant to not bid on the contracts, specifically cloud service contract with u.s. customs, border patrol and i.c.e. ethere are more than 500 employee at that company to signed this particular petition, saying it perpetrating system of abuse and malign, neglect the border. we've seen this before at google, protesters protested last year about goin google wort the pentagon, that is using ai in conjunction with drones, some
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resigned over it. google did move forward with those contracts, it valuable, cloud service business is 8 billion a year, they are competing with amazon. ceo did put new guidelines about how they would deal with it, these petitions raise a huge debate, how much say do people -- workers at a company have about the contracts and what the company does with the work they are doing? and also, it was last month that peter teal brought up point that chinese for example, military, might be working with google, president himself has questioned that, i reached out to google today, they did not get back. lou: they did not, that is so unlike google. because, their commitment to transparency extends about nowhere. a remarkable company in it is working with plarla, communist
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government of china in ai. and refusing to work with the united states on like programs. you raise an interesting question, the power of the. the employees to influence corporate decision. and google right now is hardly the exempt lar of a corporate set of united states. >> i imagine this will raise the question for a lot of tech companies this sets stage for 61 very seeings -- conversations for eachys t employees to raisee griegrievances. >> on the horizon now, is the question whether or not this will be left to google, to other big tech firms to sel silicon f, talking about -- valley, talking about breaking up divesting in
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the companies, separating the companies to manageable forms perhaps more easily persuaded to honor their role as corporate it is citizens of the united states, jackie great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: protestorn rhode island harassing a federal detention work are last night, blocking entrance to a facility holding illegal immigrants when the driver tried to pull in, to the parking lot, the protesters surrounding him, yelling, blackinyelling --blocking his e. in jurisdiction, they committed assault trying to stop and block a vehicle is considered assault. and some instances, banging on an occupied vehicle is considered assault. which the demonstrators may have
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committed in rye rye las rhode t night. >> joining us tom homan. fox business contributor, great to see you, i know it must gladd en your heart to see a bunch of demonstrators, at the enforcement facility blocking path of a guard then complaining about fact he sought to do what is within his rights, which is to precede to park his vehicle and do to work. >> right, first, a lot of protesters nationwide show up for i.c.e. facilities, i.c.e. employees, our contractors, that run our facilities for us, they are on edge. and i don't -- our employees are on edge, you had someone shoot at a i.c.e. officers yesterday in san antonio barely missing an employee, i showed a video today
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on a fox op-ed today, a video from a one of our facilities in tacoma, washington, the man shot out the building then tried to blow it up with propane tanks. and catch the building on fire, that would kill 1300 people in that building, many were locked up, hundreds of immigrants would have perished if he were successful. thank god tacoma police were able to take him out quickly. and our contractors are under attack. lou: i share and understand your concern. but we should not be as concerned as we are because leader of dhs had this to say. mcaleenan. >> we're demonizing law
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enforcement for doing their jobs, is concerning. it can be dangerous. it can result in people taking actions that are not supported by facts that are not in response to any appropriate that men and women of i.c.e., are doing, we have to tone it down. lou: first person plural, not radical left elements that are leading the attacks and assaults on i.c.e. who is this man? what does he think he doing? >> first, he needs to tone it up, call out people who are responsibility, democratic leadership, aoc and the squad, every democrat running for president who wants to abolish i.c.e., they call them nazis and racists, they wonder why people are emboldened to attack i.c.e. officers, call them out, they are quick to call out president saying his rhetoric causing this el paso and dayton thing, there
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a lot more hate on the left than ever on the right. and zero tolerance, they don't like that. you put a hands on i.c.e. officer you go to jail, you threaten an i.c.e. officer you go to jail, you interfere with an i.c.e. officer making an arrest, you are going to jail, we have zero tolerance, we got their back, do your job. don't be afrid frayed, that message -- don't b be afraid we got you, that is the message that needs to go out. lou: it is, another message this homeland security is following orders of president of united states in securing that border, building that wall, stopping illegal immigration, right now dhs is 0 for 3. >> president has a great plan, president has -- look, a lot of things happen with this president he has done more than any president i have ever worked for in trying to secure the border, despite the lawsuit, and despite congress not lifting a
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fing. lou: despite paul ryan, and chuck schumer, and mitch mcconnell. >> yes, yes, yes. lou: whole bunch. >> his own party,. lou: the resistance went his own administration. >> his terror -- tariff threat got mexico to do more than -- >> what do we do with 2020 approaching, this historic president, has done so much, whether on the economy. anyone -- does anyone give this president credit for destroying isis? reducing its ground control in syria and iraq to zero? not a person. not a person talks about what he has done for the economy, and doing in balancing international trade, and doing leading the free world against by the way the wishes and heartfelt wishes of republican establishment and
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left wing globalist elites, he has to get this under control, and have people who believe in him, what he is doing, right now these numbers are not, not very satisfactory. >> look, i can't disagree with you, i have worked for sick president-- 6presidents he has n any other president i have worked for, if they stop resisting, we would have secured this border. there would be no family separation, if congress would have done -- >> if paul ryan had not not beer of the house this would have already been resolved. >> this congress, this democratic congress is not going to work with this president. this congress is committed to stopping him at every turn on every policy issued. including by the way, the talk
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that has strung up suddenly about the second amendment being advisory rather than protective of american citizens rights to own weapons. >> i have said many times this congress, this democratic leader shapeleadership, they hate this president more than they love their country. they say they care, they have not taken one action, they have turned on american people, number one responsibility as member of congress protect country, protect sovereignty, secure the border, they have done none of that. he needs help, we have to get behind him. thanks for shows like yours and this network. lou: there are no shows like this one. -- imkidding. >> we have to keep talking to american people. lou: declare war on the damn cartels and be done. this is not kid's play any
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longer, too many presidents have done so, and for too long we permitted corruption on both sides of that border both political parties because all of that being done protect will the mexican drug cartel and corruption that spreads wider north and out of that border. tom homan -- >> we have a great president, doing everything he can despite the attacks, and the resistance. lou: well said. thank you very much tom. >> thank you, sir. lou: after an 8 hour stand out shootout between philadelphia police officers and a convicted felon, is ended with a man walking out of a home, in which he had been firing on police officers for hours. but not before 6 officers had been wounded. fox news senior correspondent rick leventhal with latest from philadelphia. reporter: police are on scene here in north philadelphia, with fbi helping to process the crime scene. and a source tells us that
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suspect may have had a 380 handgun in his pocket when he surrendered to authorities. [ sound of gunfire ] this doorbell camera video shows moment a drug raid went south at philadelphia police narcotic strike force attempted to serve a warrant on a convinced felony, they say grabbed a rifle and started shooting. [ sound of gunfire ] 6 officers were wounded. two more trapped up stairs with three suspects they took into custody. forced to take cover as gunman kept firing, more than 100 total rounds out the windows, and through the ceiling. give me s.w.a.t. >> long guns. >> we're pinned down in the location. he is inside kitchen shooting upwards and forwards. >> unit use caution. reporter: hour hours after stanf began, s.w.a.t. rescued the trapped officers and suspects
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with gunman barricading himself, after midnight, 8 hours after the ordeal began, police fired tear gas into the home, and the suspect maurice hill walked out with his hands up, a career criminal facing several charges. officers were dodging more than bullets, cell phone video with angry residents taunting, laughing at cops, throwing trash as standoff dragged on. all 6 officer wounded were treats and released last night. and commissioner calls it a miracle that none were killed, no civilians were hear hurt eit. lou: thank you, lou leventhal from philadelphia, up next, radical dimms omar tlaib, blocked from entering israel. more good news tote trump -- nen
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xfinity mobile is a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. click, call or visit a store today. lou: israeli prime minister netanyahu today denied radical dimm congresswomen ilhan omar, and rashida tlaib entry to
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israel because of their desire to impose boycotts against israel and their absolutely anti-semitic statements and positions on a host of issues, outrage from the radical dimms, pouring in. senator chuck schumer called that decision weak. presley calling it bigoted, and cruel. you would think she would recognize those qualities. but let's look at their history of hate. tlaib said that jewish members of congress quote forgot what congressry the -- country they represent, and 28ed that tweetet palestinians are dehumanized. the list goes on as they call for a boycott of israel. americans and businesses continue to prosper you were the trump booming economy. despite the left wing business
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media's efforts on occasion to down play the president's historic accomplishments, president trump today tweeting this. fake news media is doing everything they can to crash the economy. because they think that will be bad for me and my reelection, problem they have is that economy is way too strong we will be winning big on trade and everyone knows, that including china. po reinforce president's statement. consumer spending, rising in july, beating particulars, retail sales rose a percent, and unemployment rate 3.7%, since his election, president created a whopping 6 million new jobs. joining us tonight, patrice, senior policy analyst at independent women's forum, great to see you. >> thank you.
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lou: let's start with israel blocking tlaib and omar's entry to israel, because of their calls for boycotts and support for boycotts of israel. why should any country, welcome those who hate that country. >> well, it is understandable israel says, you know, these are prominent women in united states, government, who are supporting the very destruction our country, and our existences, it is very much their right to do that. some people say that, israel is bowing to president's demands. via twitter, but i think they recognize that it sends a signal when they welcome will women who their itinerary revealed they were on a fact finding mission to undermine -- >> they are not on a fact
7:22 pm
mindinmindfinding mission, theyl morignorant anti-semites that straight forward, it is that simple. >> it is up toe raise israel. lou: what do you think? >> if i were israel, i would say thanks but no thanks. lou: let's turn to the congressman mark pokan said this. radical left is all about boycotts, and i ca diverse, he , no more members of congress, no delegation should go to israel unless this decision is reversed, i think we'll have serious conversation even about financial support said the
7:23 pm
radical dimm. your reaction to that kind of nonsense, he's a boycott against israel, a boycott against you know, common sense and the values and relationship that has been special relationship between israel and the united states since 1948. >> that is all too convenient for him to say boycott israel, perhaps he -- that was his intention it was an opportunity that he jumped on. to be able to say that there are a lot of people on the left and in particular lou, among millennials, younger generations, who harbor a really is is ridiculous the antisystem- semitism they are raised on. the women's march, founders of women's march one of them who was jewish resigned, saying i can't be on a leftist woman's
7:24 pm
movement when i see the anti-semitism that has taken deep root in the leadership. lou: radical left in this country, to me, well is snow no question. the democratic party has become the party of hate, everything they do, is animated by hate. in many cases, their hate for this very nation and everything it stands for. they hate the education system, they hate the law enforcement, they hate borders, they hate american values. >> well, i don't want to paint all on left as hate filled. lou: i was specific radical left. >> far left, i get it. it is incumbent on those more reasonable who are on the left to say, wait a minute, this is too far, israel is an ally, we talk about conservatives,
7:25 pm
conservative women we need to defend them against ridiculous claims of talking about the way they look andtion the shun them- >> you lost me, what are we talking about conservative women? what -- >> oh. well, from michelle obama it hillary clinton, a lot of women on the left who think that conservative women we should be shunned because we vote or think against our voice or thought as though women have the same thought pattern, my larger point is, those who are centrist and open to bipartisanship should stand up when they hear radical far left come up with these. lou: i admire your idealism, democratic party i think is so far from center, where most republicans reside by the way. i don't think bipartisanship is likely anyway soon, i hate to be
7:26 pm
skeptical like that. my pragmatism is overwhelming me, patrice. >> thank you. lou: now to day's developments on financier pedophile jeffrey epstein and his unmarc unnaturah in a federal prison cell, it gets stranger. autopsy found a number of breaks in his neck. the break in his bone near adams apple, three breaks more common in strangulation than suicide, 6% of suicidal hanging result if that bone being broken according tingto a study over 200 suicide, today's flags, flying half-staff for epstein on private estates
7:27 pm
in virgin islands, why has there not be a single press conference about the man who had ties to some most important people in the democratic party? why is that? why don't we have a cause of death 4 days after the autopsy of performed? why? and why weren't surveillance cameras on in and here his cell? and why did epstein's attorney say epstein was in terrific spirits? and epstein's last words to him, see you sunday, just hours before his unexplained delta? the list goes on. >> coming up next. a quiet day in hong kong, more protests are lands are the week. senator warren drawing ha some in media call packed crowds. there you so some of the packed crowds, you notice, you don't
7:28 pm
see the perimeter of that massive crowd, not so massive. wait until we show you how many showed up, despite the proclamation of the fake news about packed crowds, we'll be right back. great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: joining us tonight to take up the issue of communist china, hong kong, and what is happening in this vastly strained relationship between china and u.s., senior research fellow, ding chang. let's start with hong kong, it is quiet there. our susan lee reporting that all is calm. that is good news, the airports have been open for 3 days after all conflict between the authorities and demonstrators. but now. >> talk build be other protests
7:33 pm
over the weekend. your sense of whether or not we're seeing hong kong slowly resolve. >> well, it good to see that the protests have died down a bit. real question will be what happens in the protesters return to hong kong airport, it was striking that we had social media for example showing an attack upon a hong kong police officer to the point he drew his service weapon. that could have led to a real tragedy. and the more indepartment incidt greater chance of something could happen. lou: it is reasonable i think for many who have drawn conclusion there are chinese pla paramilitary in the crowd, to be provocateurs. so far not always constrained
7:34 pm
but not been the bloody mess that it could have been. the restrain is encouraging, i hope it holds, but we're also looking at pla amass on border with strength. what would happen if they cross the border. >> if they were to cross the border, this year 30 anniversary of tiananmen you would have multiple repercussions. hong kong's center would be in shambles, you would see reaction from not just u.s. but also a number of countries. if you are xi jinping you have to recognize we still have sanctions on china from tiananmen 30 years ago. lou: sanctions have not been strong enough to dissuade them
7:35 pm
from becoming a geopolitical competitor to u.s. and to the racing against russia for second place militar militarily. however, you bring up the point of president xi, he has not been seen for a while. how much trouble is he in politically, if one can think of a absolute authoritarian ruler who is in charge of a communist nation. >> xi and rest of bureau standing commito gone on their annual retreat, this is their version of say sam camp david, s is when major policy decisions will belayed out, they have been laying out their plans for coming year, when we expect them tcome back probably this weekend is when we may see a major shift in chinese policy toward hong
7:36 pm
kong. lou: a shift, so much shifting required of the current policy. because china itself, its economy is not in collapse but it is a clear spiral and contraction t to seeps to mostic -- it seems to most experts. >> i think that again, from chinese perspective for hong kong, major financial center to go to tailspin for the trade talks between u.s. and china to come to a halt, that almost what would happen in chinese roll intoed hong kong, that means that tariffs, are permanent picture. -- fixture. lou: their economy right now is in significant trouble, independent of tariffs and sanctions, they have to mind a a solution.
7:37 pm
dean cheng we have to leave it there, we're out of time, come back soon. >> absolutely. lou: dean cheng. >> joe biden may have a new approach to avoid his trademark gaffes, we'll be right back with that. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together. right, champ? -i'm getting more nuggets. -how about some carrots? you don't want to ruin your dinner. -you're not my dad! -that's fair. overstepped. ♪ corey is living with metastatic breast cancer,
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7:41 pm
big crowded, packed crowds, the headline, warren packs crowds in new hampshire. , one crowd of 700 in frank ownia, new hampshire, that seems to be a generous estimate, surpassing crowd of 15 that showed up for bill de blasio in iowa over the weekend. joining us, republican congressman sean duffy of wisconsin. great to see you. >> good to be with you, when president trump came to green bay, wisconsin, 69,000 people signed up to come to his rally, those are crowds. lou: warren has some work. >> 700, she has some climbing. lou: i get a kick out of fake news as president refers to it they think that bs, you know nonsense, that whether size of
7:42 pm
crowds or impact of the candidates. somehow they can talk her up or any of the other 24. >> i think great example, beto ran for senate in texas. lou: wait, wait. >> they talked him up. lou: you say beto, i should salute, such an outstanding presidential candidate. i've seen crazy presidential candidates they don't get loonier than beto. texas is trying to recall him. >> he knows, he said no i'll keep running for president. i can't by the cornyn in texas, i am running for the nomination. they are trying to make 700 people in a crow crowd feel lika big number. lou: how about house bill 1044. fairness for immigrants.
7:43 pm
that is what we want. we want right for immigrants. but the hell with the american workers says the republican conference, democratic leadership and the house, and mike lee, one of the i mean the true geniuses of republican party politics, wanting to push through senate 387. there would double number of h-1b visas give most of them to india and china, and com pete -e with american worker, who are idiots running republican party in capitol hill. >> i don't know, i voted against that. lou: i salute you. >> you will see a bloo flood ofh skill labor come in from china and india to compete with your american workers, drive down -- you saw what happened with disney, they brought in foreign workers, and the american worker trained them. lou: it has happened in many
7:44 pm
countries. >> if we have a gap, and we don't have americans who can fill those jobs i'm all about bring in. but if we have americans that can fill the sham same job. don't you think we want to move workers out, why give them green cards, preserve the job for american workers. lou: there is within this chamber of horrors, campaign by the so-called chamber of commerce, they are really we need more illegal immigrants and more legal immigrants, same time they understand big business in it country is trying automate and bring on-line more robots and artificwil artificial intel.
7:45 pm
>> i think that chamber and companies that are part of it, they are globalists, they don't wear the american flag, they don't protect our workers, our economy and our future, they look to make sure they can make profits. lou: should we register for those big corporations that make up business round table, let's register them as foreign agents. i am to compliment you for taking up these company that run private detention centers for department of homeland security, suntrust, bank of america, companies that say they won't back those this is outrageous, playing politics. politics. >> you have banks in america who say we refuse to bank detention centers. what happened, banks have sold out to progressive protesters. lou: radical dimms. >> they don't' to have a problem, so they capitulate,
7:46 pm
they will not bank energy companies or pro life organizations or against detention centers, this is a problem, if we don't have banks stand up saying be move -- instead of if you legal, you can get banked in america shame on them for playing politics. >> that is what it is. politics works two ways last i checked. >> it does. lou: just ask president xi in china, he has major problem with an economy contracting and foreign policy that is well. >> thank you donald trump for making sure we're putting pressure on china good for him. lou: good for you, thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: congressman sean duffy, a great american ! up next, who could forget these joe biden sleepy joe biden blunders? >> they will put y'all back in chains. >> [bleep]. >> his mom lived in long island for 10 years, or so, got rest
7:47 pm
her soul and she is -- wait your mom is still alive, is your dad passed in. >> 1. trillion dollar in tax cuts. >> hard to talk after that. president just addressed some of the former vice president's gaffes, we'll have the latest for you, from the president of the united states here next. in my line of work,
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lou: joining us, lynn patten. overseeing new york and new jersey, and great to have you here. >> great to be here. lou: it is quite a time for this administration, just about every initiative seems to be working. housing one of most trackable issues affordable housing. >> you had carson last night, he was great. lou: he is a great american, a great guy. >> amazing. lou: minorities in this country under this president, president trump, famously said, what have you got to lose, outcomes this poll, turn to this.
7:52 pm
in their is zogby poll on president's approval with minorities, headline numbers, hispanic, 49% approval rating, african-americans 28%. lynn, those are numbers that make you move i would think if you are in trump campaign from what have you got to lose to how much more do you want to win. >> you know, people would not believe those numbers unless they saw them with their own eyes, we're doing better under this administration. period. you know unemployment for both demographics is at an all-time low last year this administration gave 120 million more to black-owned businesses, black-owned businesses are at an all-time high, and waived over 300 million in federal loans to hist belie blachistorically blad
7:53 pm
universities last year could we're visiting over a hundred -- investing over a hundred billion dollars, into over 9,000 low income communities across this country, thanks to this president, and secretary carson and scott turner. lou: and this president is doing what he said he would do. >> yes. lou: historic low unemployment. for african-americans, for hispanics, women. >> yeah. lou: the president -- one thing they believe is one of his most profound achievements, he said he would restore prosperity of this country and for all americans, my question is: where ara are al sharpton and je jackson and saluting this president, saying let's work together instead of indulging in
7:54 pm
the race-baiting nonsense. >> thank you for that question. i know, i saw them a lot when i worked at trump organization, they are at trump tower praising him, giving him awards, it is sad. actually. this administration is doing more for the black community for hispanic community, and americans as a whole, media will have to find new talking point, bleblew col -- blue collar works are benefiting most. lou: in wages. >> tax cuts people are bringing home more money in their paycheck every week. and consumer spending is going up. lou: wages are up. >> wai wages are up. >> and you know, the great thing is it is prosperity for all americans as i said. >> mm-hmm. lou: that is historic achievement for any president, his achievement, let's hope that some people get their heads
7:55 pm
right who have been instead of loyal opposition, they have become the resistance. >> thank you. >> a shame. >> it is. lou: lynn patton great to see you come back soon. >> i will, lou. lou: thank you so much, lynn patton, we're coming right back. stay with us. with sofi, get your credit cards right- by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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7:59 pm
points. volume on the big board, still heavy trading, 4.1 billion shares. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. president trump holding a rally in manchester, new hampshire, talking about china. >> they want to make a deal, they have to make a deal. and you know what? it would be wonderful to make a deal. i don't think we're ready to make a deal. we're taking in billions of dollars in tariffs and again, china's devaluing their currency, they're pouring out money. the prices haven't gone up, so that means we're taking in billions of dollars, and we're not paying for it. and, ultimately, their devaluations are going to hurt them very badly. they want to make a deal. lou: he's not sure he wants to make a deal the though, that's china's problem. that's it for us tonight. tomorrow night, michael pillsbury among our guests. we hope you'll join us. follow me on twitter at lou dobbs, follow me on instagram
8:00 pm
@loudobbs tonight. we thank you for being with us, we'll see you to. good night from new york. ♪ ♪ trish: tonight, shocking new developments in the jeffrey epstein case, the autopsy results revealing broken bones in epstein's neck, why this is raising each more suspicion surrounding his alleged suicide. and heroics in philadelphia last night as cops under a barrage by a crazed gunman with a lengthy criminal record were out there risking their lives to make sure others stayed safe. yet, during the chaos a despicable act took place. a philadelphia police officer being taunted by bystanders. cleveland homicide detective is here tonight, he says these kinds of a


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