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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  August 17, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our website -- >> bulls and bears starts right now. >> the results of jeffrey epstein's autopsy has just been released. what we now know about his death in jail, we've got details, thank you for joining me now. joining me as jonathan, jackie, gary and jonas. epstein's death is now officially ruled a suicide by hanging. the medical examiner's office concluding he did hang himself in his jail cell. joining us now on the phone is doctor jeanette, good to talk to you. there's still so many questions, do you by the autopsy report?
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>> hello? >> my question to you to repeat, you by the autopsy report? >> i'm a little suspicious because most of the time that bone, when it's broken, it's usually homicidal, from somebody choking your. strangulation. we usually don't see this in suicide. that's a lot of force to break that bone in your neck according to the autopsy, what little information we have, multiple fractures in the neck which requires a lot of force. he's maybe around 6-foot tall, there needs to be a significant amount of force for him to hit the ground at a certain angle to
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break those bonds. even though it is rare, it is still a possibility. the medical examiner says it broken bones doesn't mean anything but it does, in my opinion because it is so rare to have this type of fracture and multiple fractures. according to the reports, we do have him kneeling down. kneeling forward. he knelt forward. >> great to talk to you. my question is, it's not talk about that phone for a second. with the facilities he had and the tools he had at his disposal, there is not enough force for one to kill themselves, it would have to be a perfect storm to make this happen but it still seems even difficult to believe. >> i agree with you. one of the things i am concerned about, he complained he was
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beaten. it is a possibility that he sustained these injuries prior to being placed in a cell by himself. that could have happened. he examined, we don't know if u.s. examined after he was choked. so it's possible he could have had those injuries prior to him committing suicide. it's the manner in which the medical examiner is think this happened, we only have a small amount of information. we need the whole report. we need to see a lot more information. not just died by suicide. it's rare but possible. so need to assess the judgment at the professional opinion of the examiner. >> it's not rare it's beyond just glare and possible the
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government involved in something is going to be doing something conflict and allow this to happen. it seems like the default, a conspiracy theory. i would imagine there are other ways to prove this in a prison with cameras in the hallway. maybe those will be blocked out during this period. when you take into consideration, his age, it's not that unlikely that this is the real story, right? >> it's rare but still possible. he was a very wealthy man, it took a lot of secrets to the grave with him. to know the details and extent of his injuries, exactly which bones were broken. what else is going on? if there's bruising around his neck, was there bleeding behind his eyes? did he have a fracture of the
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skull? it is possible, there could be foul play but according to the medical examiner, suicide so maybe she has the information that we don't have, maybe she saw surveillance footage we don't have. we still only have pieces of information. i still think it's too early to know the exact cause of how he died without reading the entire autopsy report. >> stayed with us if you can, i went to get into the legal aspect. doug burns, this report doesn't have a lot of answers about how he was handled in jail. that wasn't the purpose of this report but we still have a lot of questions about it. the attorney general still has a lot of questions. primarily, why was this and taken off of suicide watch? if he was on suicide watch, he wouldn't have access to anything
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in which he could have strangled himself. >> those are the exact questions. what needs to be done is to focus heavily on what happened two weeks ago. then focus on the interaction of how he got off suicide watch. reports from his lawyer, but has to be drilled in clearly. then we have to look at things such as why, after an incident from two weeks ago, wouldn't he have been at least on some more rigorous monitoring such as not giving him the tools to go ahead with suicide? as far as the autopsy report, for the last 34 years in my practice, people say, there's a conclusion that says this, doug. i need to see the document and study the full document. that is always the key. not raising any conspiracy theories but our insane, crystal
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clearly, we must see that. >> i have to ask follow-up. does that mean the conclusion you have found autopsy reports where the medical examiner's conclusion is not borne out but the details of that report? >> not necessarily but the point is, i want to be careful in terms of fueling theories but we don't know what the toxicology is. that is crucial. i want to be careful but the point is, there might have been things in the system, we don't know how things got in there. next regulation situation, he would seek bruises on the body, resistance and fighting and that type of thing. if there are drugs administered to drop knock them out, it gets complicated. if we look at the whole report, we start working backward. highly forensic physicians that
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you've had on the network, they are not hoping, fair think wait a minute, this is not something to be taken at face value. they are raising some serious questions. i'm saying it makes an impact on me to make those opinions. >> let me jump in quick, first of all, i find the offense for this particular suicide to be extraordinary but maybe that's the conspiracy their side. a quick question, if you're taken off suicide watch, you then have the means, i hate to say it, with strong enough bedsheets, something to hang yourself, a hook or something in your cell? is it that lenient then? >> that's the exact question that i've been pitching and posing to everybody.
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the questions worth repeating for the business is if you are on suicide watch, because of an incident that took place and then you're taken off, are you been going to be consistently with the papier-mâché type of garments that would hold the body? i'm not sure anybody can really answer that clearly. that's because you start getting into the weeds of case-by-case, what happens in a prison. >> thank you for being here. we appreciate your expertise. trump getting the campaign trail in new hampshire last night, warning voters when it comes to the economy, there's only one choice they have to make to keep it moving. what he said, right after the break. ♪ all right brad, once again i have revolutionized
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breaking news, be glad if you are not traveling internationally. there is chaos at airports all over the countries. border protections, computers have all shut down. the outage is now causing major delays of airports around the country. their computers are down but the agency is working on getting them back online. customs and border protection tweeting this moment ago, they are experiencing a temporary outage with this processing systems at various airports enter. they are taking action to address the technology disruptions. officers continue to process international travelers using alternative procedures until the systems are back online. what a mess it must be. stocks bouncing back today, capping off wild week of mayhem
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to end on a high note. dow closing up 306 points, all three of more than 1%. while stocks rally back big time, trump warning voters that he may be their only choice if they want to keep the economy going school both being ahead. >> if i wouldn't have won the election, these markets would have crashed. [cheering] that will happen even more in 2020. bottom line, i know you like me in this room is on it, you have no choice but to vote for me because your 401ks down the tubes, everybody will be down for two. whether you love me or hate me, vote for me. >> does he have a point? >> we forget that the market went up for eight years under president obama.
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it's kind of playing it both ways here, trump takes credit in the rallies but when it falls, it's the federal reserve fund, media's fault, either consumers or banks ceos, the both said the trademark is a major concern. even today with market up, you saw more than 52 highs versus lows. i'm concerned about the trend of the market being done. >> are you growing that beard to hide? [laughter] >> is an unorthodox strategy. it's a scary thing, as scary as what you can call a crash. let's not forget the president held the bottom of the crash last year when he said to buy stocks at christmas last year. people believe he's a seer for
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the market. there's also people think he's causing trouble in the markets right now. i would say there's a lot of people, swing voters he's worried about who go either way that might not want to see what happens to the investments and retirement. to get rid of student debt, or we are turning corporate tax rates to where it was. >> i happen to agree with those points. he has a point, even though he makes it in a very strange way. my faraway 4o1k quest on this week but i've been looking at the market long enough to note that these times come and go. this is short-term. let's separate trade and what we are seeing right now, even inverted yield curve, for a second it's not inverted anymore. look at the democratic policies,
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that's the bigger problem. if you look at the platforms here, we increase spending and give it away for free and give everybody healthcare and forgive debt, we will have a serious problem and you won't be able to tax the rich enough to pay for it. >> a couple of points going back to jonathan, if there's any correlation between the party of the present and how the stock market does, it tips slightly in favor of the democratic party. you kind of got a little bit of that, i'm more concerned with who controls congress. if he's talking about reelecting the president, the bottom line is is probably reelecting whoever the president of the federal reserve is. there's a correlation. most of the rallies have been
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tied to policies that the feds having. that is really the key. i like some of the things that trump is doing. cutting regulations but as long as we elect someone like a biden, perhaps -- >> i don't know, he's holding onto all kinds of spending. he would double the budget. he's trying to double our federal budget. they are reversing their ban on one of the two congresswomen to visit the region. now she won't go after all. so who is winning the battle in this showdown? a live report from israel coming next.
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congresswoman is rejecting the israel initially banning her to leave and began her from visiting but then extended an offer to allow her to visit her grandfather. she is in jerusalem with more on this. >> representative says she will not visit israel after being granted a humanitarian using visit by the government. they applied for it yesterday to visit her grandmother after being denied a standard visa along with congresswoman omar. she wouldn't promote a boycott of israel during the visit. they made her backlash on those who said she was giving into the demands of the israeli permit.
11:23 am
her uncles and grandfathers said they were disappointed she wouldn't visit but supported her decision. >> they present her because they know she's coming here to see it in her own eyes. >> events that unfolded this week have democrats pointing their fingers at present trump and influenced benjamin for certain decisions this week. his own set of criticisms here in israel and will answer many questions about what happened this week. >> terrific reporting. thank you for draining us. was congresswoman rejection of the offer to visit her grandmother in all of this, just a publicity stunt? >> it's beyond that.
11:24 am
this is all about politics. it's not tourism. she has a politics agenda. it's not a secret agenda. they were way before her years. they had the same position and islam responded. what the public needs to understand, we need to just english between two things. if you're a u.s. citizen, it's one thing, if you are a member of our country and return, it's something else. members of their own who have the same position as her, yet with me come back, they have to take him. she herself said whatever she wanted. when she comes home, she's coming home. it's about foreign citizens and the discretion of the government. >> thank you for being with us. israel is a beacon had in the middle. it's the most open liberal
11:25 am
country in the area. wasn't this a gift to her? this was nothing trip without attention but now she gets to play the martyr. >> many are making the case but government make the calculation. for prime minister benjamin, ip electrical in in class israel, he would have a large segment for his party and other parties against him. the same port apply here but the difference between israel and other countries is that israel still allows her to go on a private model. imagine syria, lebanon, they wouldn't allow me to go because of that.
11:26 am
this is a political calculation by the whole government. >> thank you for being on the show. i agree one 100% with israel's stance. they are always, they are being picked on. only the u.s. takes or strikes. here's my question, do you think this will happen again? has this happened in the past with israel and to think there is any backroom negotiations between the president trump and benjamin on this issue? >> there's always negotiation. everything we see as double for the negotiations. i remind our audience that years ago, a prominent professor from columbia university traveled to lebanon. he is a u.s. citizen.
11:27 am
he installed against israel. they had that problem with him but at times, government talks to each other with other governments on the matter. >> is there anyway you could shed some light on her boycott was really all about? i heard it was really quite severe in terms of the message coming across. i think if viewers understand that, they might understand like they reacted the way they did. >> the reason for why we are discussing this is not the actual movement or idea. it's many years old. everything we are discussing n now, the pro- iran for many years have been promoting, you have no members for the first time since last fall pushing for this. it solidifies it to a level that
11:28 am
was never seen or heard of before. >> the grouping support wants to get rid of israel. it's that simple. i want to get your take on something else. president trump and mike pompeo meeting with advisors this afternoon to discuss working with the taliban on a deal that could pull most u.s. troops out of afghanistan. we've been there too long, most think they have too many trips but can we trust the taliban and ideal? >> no, we cannot trust that. on the other hand, there are and should be plans because that plan is not working. they keep coming back. my concern is, if we could do it very fast, we don't and not look back at what the government can do. the taliban can pay back 80%.
11:29 am
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company times have we heard democratic candidates rail against inequality in the rich? new report reviewing at least 18 of the 2020 hopefuls are rich. frontrunners including biden kamala harris, warren and even sanders are multimillionaires. how will they swear their dislike of capitalism with the own path? >> little known fact, $5 million in today's also prolific writer as well writing about the underclass. it sounds like hypocrisy, i will state their policies wouldn't hit them. you could also say there's another side, they are willing to pay more, is a lot of much richer people who believe the same thing.
11:34 am
we don't ascribe to all of that but i wouldn't go as far as calling it hypocritical. they are giving maybe but if there's up for bigger billionaires money. i would put it that way. >> he wouldn't call it hypocritical but i would. if you think of capitalism in the broader sense of survival of the fittest, all of these candidates fought and clawed their way to the top. what bernie sanders, by the way to expensive university, warren went to one of the costliest universities in the country, george washington, well enough to go to law school, they had to be up the other guy. they exploited capitalism and then when they become president after, they exploited more. look at obama and his wife doing the deal with hbo, the clintons,
11:35 am
speaking, they left capitalism but they say to everyone else, you are not smart enough to manage your own money. give it to me in the government, we'll decide what's best for you. >> they say they left capitalism but they are guilty about it. that's like time and time again, some of the biggest supporters of socialism are the wealthiest people. who supported barack obama? wealthy people. who supports elizabeth warren, it's middle class and wealthy college kids. they are the inspirational source. if they really cared about the poor and people in need, they would support capitalism. sweden, their ideal, sweden joined the u.s., it would be more poor than all 12 states. what they aspire to is poverty for everyone.
11:36 am
>> how much of the candidates is giving away, they are going to be insulated on this tax the rich policy, they are in the 1% but they are not the uber rich. when you have these policies and you want people to live a certain way and everybody should enjoy the same equality, i would like to know what they are doing about it. >> good question. many times we find out, final last quote from maggie i heard today, you don't make the poor richer by making the rich poor. their whole strategy is making the rich poor. it doesn't work too well. protests continuing in hong kong, a live report and breakdown of the impact that the demonstrations are having very moving interviews. you don't want to miss this.
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protests, protesters filling the streets of hong kong, a big power to the people rally today with more protests scheduled saturday and a big one sunday. susan, you been interviewing brave protesters over there. >> eleventh straight week of protests. this is as they are still getting a clear picture as to the china troop buildup is taking place. i don't know if we are running the video but i want to show you the artillery and tanks stationed there. these are just military exercises in preparation for the
11:41 am
anniversary of the people's party family but they are concerned there might be chinese military intervention if the protests continue to go on. the possibility is still on. we heard from the hong kong police today in their briefing and they still seem to think they can keep it under control. >> we all face tremendous pressure. we are confident in the ability for all of that in hong kong. >> we did have more rallies, there were thousands in the financial part of hong kong. famous skyscrapers and iconic skyline in the city of hong kong. they are extending the rally to the 11th we can epic rally this weekend. saturday will be in kalu, a few hundred thousand will be there. the big one, the one that everyone is talking about, it
11:42 am
meets august 18 in this financial artery right here where we are standing right now. "all the way up to central. on sunday, with this promotion of rally, the last time in hong kong, one in 2 million, seven million residents took part. i think it symbolizes how much your protesters happen. that might also turn down the opportunity protesters going forward. >> stay safe, susan. extraordinary courage of the protesters, beijing is having a campaign to align businesses against them. hong kong based airline with business in the chinese management resigned today due to pressure from beijing after they
11:43 am
took part in the protests and actors with business interest seemed to side with beijing against protesters. but businesses become co-opted by pressure from the chinese communists? >> the first beer have to be potential for humanitarian crisis. they are rolling in from beijing into hong kong, not to be concerned about the loss of life. china was a relatively poor country, hong kong is a very wealthy country because they have been there most of its lifetime. not only more china with hong kong businesses but hong kong businesses just getting up and leaving china continues this. >> there's something fishy about the whole thing in the sense that very often these spiral into these little protests.
11:44 am
they got, this is what i don't understand, they didn't want to have some of the restrictions that people in mainland have to do all the time and they protest and then they don't get extradited for the legal system. they are still protesting, they can't even use google over there and people are still protesting, the people in china will be like, maybe we need to protest. are they trying to trigger an over reaction to get the whole world against china? 's ethical? >> i think they are kind of jumping on the bandwagon with the sentiment that's out there now. you got a good trade war, the u.s. and chinese going back and forth. the pictures of them protesting and holding the american flag were so poignant. he speaks to not just extradition but it says, we want a fuller, more, we want a
11:45 am
democracy. that might be difficult to achieve but that seems to be the goal. >> i want to go back to what jonathan said, hong kong was actually probably the easiest place, the most libertarian place to do business. it was a beacon of democracy jonathan points out, a center of wealth for the whole world. china start clamping down on that, i think they will erode a lot of their capitalistic base. i think you'll end up with another soviet unit. we'll see how about they can management a government run economy. >> one thing nobody can deny is the courage of the protesters. to say communism is evil with the camera rolling is a great thing to do. more on breaking news from earlier, thousands of travelers facing massive delays tonight
11:46 am
because an outage order protection processing systems. the rh was temperature temporary and they continue to process travelers using the old-fashioned methods, person-tn until the systems are back online. several airports are warning of extensive delays. we'll continue to monitor this and bring you development. resident trump last night in hampshire, new hampshire saying the economy is doing so great, some of its biggest bricks are not supporting him. does not resonate with him? does not resonate with him? that is ♪ ♪ award winning interface. ♪ ♪ award winning design. ♪ ♪ award winning engine. ♪ ♪ the volvo xc90. our most awarded luxury suv.
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he never liked me, i never liked him. i see him in the white house and said, what are you doing here? he said i'm working to make sure you get elected. i said, you've got to be kidding. you're like me, i don't like you. what's this about? he said that's right, we've had our differences. to be honest, i have no choice. [laughter] i said you are right. first thing i've ever heard him say that i agree with. >> have you ever heard anything like that from a president? he is saying he can't argue with a good economy. some of his biggest critics are actually supporting him in his campaign because of the economy. david, i bet you could identify with that story, no? >> i can indeed. i don't know who said that but i hear that a lot.
11:51 am
people who were not supporting him last time, they are now because of the tax policy. he watched the democrats on the other side, practically driving off the socialist cliff. there's no choice if you want a stronger economy for america. >> isn't this basically a repeat? people said to me they voted for trump because of the options i couldn't vote for clinton. i still had to make a choice. if you take bernie sanders for warren, will make opposite so extreme again. >> each side has a hard core that won't move. trump is consolidating middle vote much earlier than last time. it's because they see how radical they have become part of. >> what is your least favorite thing that's going on in the
11:52 am
trump of ministration? where is your weakest peeve even though you are on the same side? >> i think the tariffs are attacks on the u.s., they are a drag on the economy. we've recognized the president said, i need these to force them to the table for a better deal and he found out zero tariffs, that's the one area i think i would like to see and quickly wrap up that deal. he's a good negotiator. i'm confident he can. >> let me go to armageddon, if you will. maybe apocalypse. the tariffs escalate the wrong way. our economy starts to tank. china brings down the world, the market dropped 40%, the stock market gdp growth flatlined. if not, we go into recession.
11:53 am
do you think the support will still be there? >> the history in america for the last 50 years is, if the economy is good, the incumbent gets reelected. if it's bad, the party is thrown out of office. i think that would happen again. i don't see armageddon happening but if you're scenario came to be, it's hard to beat that, whatever party you are in. >> would somebody working on his campaign, would they be in the white house? is appropriate? the president says you have no choice but couldn't not voting we are twice that some make when 2020 comes? >> it's likely the gentleman was there on a policy question but
11:54 am
when you meet the president, the first thing people say is hey, i'm going to help you get reelected. so i don't think they were during a campaign in the white house but i think he indicated he was for the president and that's what he was trying to convey. >> what a long, crazy trip it's been. great to see you. thank you for coming in. president trump mainly working on a green deal of his own but it make (vo) the ant mindlessly marches on. carrying up to 50 times its body weight. it never questions the tasks at hand. but this year, there's a more thrilling path to follow. (father) kids... ...change of plans! (vo) defy the laws of human nature... the summer of audi sales event get exceptional offers now!
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11:58 am
several times as replacing denmark as greenland's pay master. greenland's ministry is putting the skthe kibash to this. we are open for business, but not for sale. what do you guys make of this? >> based on the last segment, my first takeaway is the trump should have been the opening act for henny youngman. he sounds like he should be up there -- you know i'm thinking about greenland now. it's a comedy act. it's silly. but i guess it makes me smile for the week. >> there is a real issue here,
11:59 am
rare earth minerals. another major deposit this greenland. it's more difficult to get because it's under all those glaciers. the u.s. already owns 28% of the united states itself. we should be selling land and encouraging private miners to mine the hell out of greenland. >> the president only did history classes way back when liked the part about the louisiana purchase. when you had the trump shuttle, i'm sure you didn't send them to greenland in the 80s. >> i would like to see him take his art of the deal and work with china and a little bit less
12:00 pm
for greenland. david: even if he gets it, it may turn out to be an albatross. that does it - [narrator] the following is a paid advertisement for the hoover onepwr floormate jet. how do you typically clean your floors? do you make it a team event? (frantic music) do you do the sloppy shuffle? do you call in backup? cleaning your hard floors has always been hard work. first there's sweeping or vacuuming. then you haul out the mop and bucket. but does pushing dirty water around really get your floors as clean as you'd like? and then there's the joy of cleaning pet messes, or getting down on your hands and knees to scrub old, dried on, or sticky spills? sure, other products claim they make hard floor cleaning easy, but they still require lots of elbow grease, and they do nothing for large messes. sometimes you just wish there was an easier way.


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