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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 19, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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thank you so much for vagus in your home, thank you for watching, lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network, have a good evening. lou: good evening, president trumplining up with pro-freedom demonstrators in hong kong, washing china that taking -- warning china that taking any action against millions of protesters there would jeopardize any potential trade deal with the u.s. >> no, i think it would be very hard to deal if they do violen violence. if it is another tiananmen square, it is a very hard thing to do. if i wanted to make a bad deal and settle on china, the market would go up, but that would not be the right thing to do. china would like to make a deal.
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i'm not read he. lou: fake left wing media and radical dimms, pitching 3a, first russia collusion story, all of that blowing up their faces after the mueller report was released, then radical dimms returned to their always preferred tactic, calling president trump a racist. that blew up as well. in desperation, radical dimms and the leftist media, and business press for the past couple of weeks have been driving the drum beat of imminent recession. , third r doing no better than first two for radical dimms, the stock market again rallying today. bad news for the radical dimms, good news for ern el, no inverted yield curve there. and attorney general taking
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action to hold top officials as well as staff accountable when they make mistakes. and there were many almost unimaginable mistakes in the still mistea mysterious death of jeffrey epstein while in custody, many questions remain, attorney general barr firing head of bureau of prisons. barr replaces the head with former director. cakathleen sawer sawyer. joining us har -- harmeet dhillon. great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: i have to start with the attorney general. firing two guards, firing the head of the mcc. correction facility in new york. where epstein died.
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and now the acting director is removed. your thoughts on this new standard of accountability. >> it is refreshing. we've seen a lack of accountability, and still seeing it with the fbi and us russia investigation. you can count me among those who still have questions before the coroner's report, i just down believe it. lou: stunning that a the medical examiner in face of all of the eexternal evidence, that this ws a highly suspicious death and did not conform to a typical suicide by hanging, but rather was more conformed more to stranstrangulation. stunning to see him press ahead with this nonsense.
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>> it is stunning on one level. but in the wake of seeing all of these high ranking people in the fbi get away with what they have gotten away with and the doj, and many people in power in particular financial service world have gotten away with this type of crime it does not surprise me. this does undermine the confidence of the public. this a start, lou, but the attorney general needs to get to the bottom of what happened here. lou: we're not hearing much about white collared crime unless one believed that white collars crime has been absolutely ended in this country, in one -- you have to believe in a lot of things before you believe that. and the business round table, announcing today they no longer hold their shareholders as primary stake holder, it was 6 on the list in press release they put out. what in the world is going on with this group of you know --
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what it is about 180 u.s. multi nationals? their stakes should be first, these are amongst leading outsources of american "jobs," the first to attempt to reduce their taxes, by going to ireland to wherever, offshore cayman island banking. on the face it absurd. >> it is, at the same time, these are the same companying who are crying about the president imposing tariffs on countries like china that cheat our american consumers, that steal intellectual property and threet their citizens like dirt. on the one hand they seem to have you no, no concern about geeing there and making profits there, but on the other hand they want a virtue signals in imposing these noncorporate profit relate relation on the their board, i am trying to
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unpack this myself. i see some fear on the part of these companies again the politicians and left ward lunch of place -- lurch like playses in california and new york, in california we have a new law name poses a number of if i feme onboard. this type of divorce of reality top down,. lou: the regulator is the trump administration. it looks like it could be just a sorry form of superficial thinks and reflects. -- reflectionre. >> should should be a most of these are somewhere interests, they are there for the lobby, and they have divided interests
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as well. >> absolutely, like i said, these are the companies that are outsources their jobs to china, even in silicon valley, a lot of job are taken by foreign workers at the extend of american workers. -- at the expense of th the american workers, hard to see their motivation, mainly profit but trying to maintain it is not. lou: head of fcc saying he thinks it would be hard to break up facebook. what makes facebook so hard? >> it is not hard, lou, what is hard is doing things that lobbyists are lobbying against. figuring out your next job will be after you live this gig. that is a lot of what corrupt washington is, that specific fact. therthere is untold wealth. they control patrol tig -- patrol tig--politicians, it wouy
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easy. lou: as one who watched the divesdivestituredivest assets t take long. it occurred. omar and tlaib, they had a press conference today. would you knowic like lapping puppies left wing media showed up to less up to their anti-semitic, ain' anti-israel. >> i call this propaganda, a complete break from reality but par for the course with these two, their plans trip to israel was nothing more than a designed as a sham, and a vehicle for them to push their propaganda. you know, what is interesting beam lik like bill marr and oths
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on the left, are calling them out for this they say nothing about hamas, and hezbollah. and nothing about prime as of america. the entitlement and victim mentality that was displayed at that press conference, oh, we should be entitle eled teled too anywhere in the work, god bless israel for standing for its own sovereignty, not letting themselves be pushed around by these enemies of the state. lou: we could run some of the sound, i have chosen not to, is sickening to me to listen to their prad el. y prattle. we appreciate your thoughts mar harmeet dhillon. >> thank you, lou. lou: planned parenthood leaving
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the title program, they cannot >> a federal app la. -- planned parenthood withdrawing from title 10. >> up next, update on iranian oil tanker that is center of the a flash point between the united states and iran. also the hills job salomon joining us, taking up his latest investigation in deep state's effort to over throw president trump, we'll be right back after this quick break. ♪ limu emu & doug
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lou: rino, often confused senator lindsey graham, making some bizarre statements over the weekend, about the imminent release of the department of justice inspector general report on fisa abuse. >> you got horowitz inspector general report, that i think will come out in weeks, not days or months. i believe that horowitz report
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will be ugly and damning regarding department of justice handling of the rus russia prob. lou: now where have we heard that before? and repeatedly. attorney general barr said mayor june, it has turns out to be months not weeks and days. congressman john ratcliffe said after labor day, and new lindsey graham adding his voice on the chorus. we'll see. stephan held -- helper, argue that government agencies have qualified immunity. to bring down the trump administration. so is he in is he not?
7:16 pm
a government agent? >> joining us tonight, hills john solomon, leading investigative report or these stories and efforts to over throw the president, great to have you here. >> good to be here. lou: start with the inspector general report, can you give us some guidance that would clear up what this cacophony of misinformation? >> yeah, feels like the thunderstorm that never arrived. there is a real the reason for the delay that is we found through foye -- foyea process in may, the new document at state department, ig was not aware of these contact between steale and catalina at state department, and conveying of information to senior fbi officials, include be one who oversees counter intelligence division.
7:17 pm
that lead to a new round of questioning, to interview of christopher steele, i think now, barring any new disclosures, t theig is on course to as earliest week of october. but, i think they are done with their investigating, they did reopen the investigation specifically because of that and 94 information tha -- other inft came to light in may and june. lou: inconvenient evidence. it may be something different, closer to the truth. it is almost to me, extraordinary that the inspector general would not be aware of that introducttion, i can't
7:18 pm
understand why it takes so long in justice department. if -- think about all of the the instances in which fbi has has n so late investigating, a seemingly lacking the energy to do so aggressively. in this case of the you know the attempt to over throw the president, over a 3 year president, you could have created whatever evidence you wanted, destroyed whatever evidence you wanted. they moved a snail's pace, your thoughts. >> yeah, i think i wrote a column a couple of weeks ago saying that chris wray was the forefront of the delay. lou: i can confirm did you right that. >> i did. and i wrote it specifically because there was a different time in history after 9/11, where the fbi also made terrible misstations, they realized to reform the institution, they had to come clean about all of their
7:19 pm
mistakes, and all dots they failed to connection, they put a lot of embarrassing stuff out, they knew stfers righ knew it wr american people, fbi right now are do the doing that chris wray would serve fbi and america better if he just put it all on the table. i fear that -- i have some confidence now for first time that attorney general barr, and other people around him are getting the answers that we've been denied for a long time. lou: well, that is encouraging. let's turn to your most resent talking with masood's attorney, joseph masoud. and who based on your reporting, has a good understanding of the types of the character of the people from the fbi, justice
7:20 pm
department intelligence agentses he would be dealing work he seems to take considerable steps to inoculate himself. >> at the end of the day, massoud has been called by mueller a guy with a lot of russia contacts. you have to ask why didn't he get indicted? his lawyer offers a very plausible explanation, and we need to see this proof to back that up, she i he is now offerig that, he said he can show his client, massoud was a long team western intelligence collaborate or who was tasked with reaching out to papadopoulos and making connections for him in russia, if that is true. the beginning of origin of the russia case it a set up from the beginning, we need to get to the
7:21 pm
bottom of this there new evidence emerging. lou: you twice used that expression. dirty trick. i have to say, this was an effort to stop donald trump from being elected president. it was an effort to over throw his presidency, i think that the evidence is clear in that conclusion. not one they will try to qualify or equivkate. it rises to me, i want to understand your use of the expression dirty trick. it rises to me to a higher, and far more grievous crime than dirty trick. >> i agree, i think it will get there, i like to stay on the side of before all of the facts, a benefit of where things are. lou: you are a good man. >> so i want to wait until all of the facts are out, i will say, it is irrefutable.
7:22 pm
i think where we're headed next is emergences of strong evidence that the fbi knowingly and willfully misled the fisa court, and that u.s. intelligence agencies in alarminger capacity, be-- larger capacity, beyoung fbi may have been involved in what bill barr called political surveillance. that could be famous this small. lou: political surveillance. and i hope he does with that what he did with surve surveille itself. and returns us to anglo-saxon words that are so much clearer like spying. >> true. lou: john solomon. >> thank you. lou: appreciate it, senator elizabeth warren apologizing against to native americans. we're not sure what the context of the apology was. but it had something to do with elaborate stories about her
7:23 pm
charity heritage. >> -- cherokee heritage. >> i know that i have made mistakes. i am sorry for harm i have caused. i have listened and i have learned. >> we'll have more in the show on warren and 2020 dems, we'll talk about the trump campaign's tim murde here. up next where trump administration is allowing u.s. companies to continue to do business with huawei. that is right. the feared sinister agent of espionage for the people's republic of china, huawei, we take that up right after the break. stay with us. this is the couple who wanted to get away
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lou: an iranian oil tanker on its way to greece tonight after being released from gi gibralta.
7:28 pm
it is bound by european law and turned it over to the iranians, commerce secretary wilbur ross announcing that u.s. companies can do business with huawei for another 90 days, 46 subsidiaries of the technology giant are added to u.s. ban list but rural u.s. companies needed extra time to switch their equipment away from the cheaper huawei products. new deadline is november 19. joining us fred fleitz. fred good to see you, let's start with huawei. again getting an opportunity despite being told by everyone in national security, in this
7:29 pm
government, that huawei was an agent of espionage for people's liberation army. >> president trump understands that, and he understands what huawei wants to set up a global spy network. the president and his team are trying to figure how to calibrate huawei but the sanction are coming. lou: they are coming, they are going too, a second round of a ban given that was nothing but two consecutive 90 day extensions. >> i think that president does not -- not want to hurt u.s. companies some need extra time to find alternatives to huawei technology. lou: nom speaks of u.s. companies, tim cook, talking with the president. and making a compelling argument about having tariffs imposed on
7:30 pm
apple products. but i can't figure out, apple builds its products overseas, it should pay a tariff. >> i agree, i don't understand how apple gets away with constructing its equipment in china. i think there are real security issues here. i think that trump administration has to double down on apple. >> by the way. the national left wing media, including business press, giving apple a pass, highering you know it employees hundreds of thousands of people overseas, it does so because of labor arbitrage. not because of skills and higher levels of training. it does so out of pure labor arbitrage, as does every other country, offshores its production and outsources american jobs. this president has been focused on this like a laser.
7:31 pm
>> true, but also greed, apple wants access to chinese market. lou: in this case, arbitrage and greed are synonymous. turn to if we may hong kong. i am delighted that this president has recouple human rights and our foreign policy and our trade policy. this is a big, big moment. >> well, hong kong is a real challenge for an american president in this situation, i think, president is trying to find a way to give president xi a face-saving way out, to urge him to honor the treats that set up one nation, two systems, it is hard, we know that beijing does not want to give the democrattors what they want, we have to make it clear to beijing, if they don't honor this agreement, there will be grave consequences, honor the
7:32 pm
agreement. lou: you say this, as president has a difficult situation, i think he responded directly and straight forwardly, saying you jeopardize evidenc everything tu want, it will take you out of world's most powerful and richest consumer market, period. that seems to me to have an a solution, reversing decades of idiotic u.s. policy on human rights that permitted china in first place to get into preferred nation status and trading with us. and in to world trade organization. >> many of my colleagues do not want a trade deal with china, they don't believe china can be trusted. lou: hell, if -- if your business, who thinks that china should be trusted is a moron. >> if china does not abide by the 97 agreement and uses
7:33 pm
violence to put down the people of hong kong, there will be global implications, we have to make that clear to president xi . lou: that is what i say, i think that president has done so in a straight forward stroke, that i think is correct. and i think that the chinese if they are half as bright as they want to be regarded, they certainly understand this will be a reaction that will be replicated throughout europe, and throughout the west. >> the president has given this message to president xi, without criticizing him. he is giving him a face-saving way out, but i think privately the message has been tougher. lou: all right, the message is clear, that much is 7, fred, great to see you, thank you. >> thank you, good to be here. lou: we like to hear your thoughts, share your comments, follow me -- twitter @loudobbs, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram. >> up next, could controversial
7:34 pm
movie, the hunt, still makes it way to the theaters? you know. the movie about globalist elitists. hunting down deplorables. and radical dim mayor bill de blasio's city defying immigration and customs enforcement. what a what a way to run a city. we'll take up the outrageous behavior of this de blasio city. and much more right after the break. s, i want you to meet someone. this is jamie. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together. right, champ? -i'm getting more nuggets. -how about some carrots? you don't want to ruin your dinner. -you're not my dad! -that's fair.
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ask your doctor about eliquis. lou: new york city socialist mayor bill de blasio and nypd leadership are blocking immigration and customs enforcement from from doing thr job. new york police department rejecting all of i.c.e.'s almost 3,000 detainer requests. a new york police department spokesperson said, the nypd does not conduct civil immigration enforcement. well, that was a rather haughty response. mexico sending 30,000 central americans back south, while they wait for their next asylum court date in u.s., membership, bussed
7:39 pm
750 miles from texas border to an area north of guatemala, by end of june more than 11 hub00 remain in mexico asylum cases were decided by a judge with no one granted asylum. joining us, president of national border patrol council, brandon judd, great to have you with us. this is a very encourages sign of mexico's cooperation and commitment. your thoughts? >> i was -- first start in on bill deck d de blasio say how unintelligent this individual is and how bad he is for america. but you already know that, so let's get to the good stuff. lou: you know it bears undermining, his police deputy is ndepartment -- police depart. >> it is policies like that, that invite people to come here and violate or immigration laws
7:40 pm
to cross our borders illegally. but getting to good news in 3 months we're on pace to drop apprehensions by nearly 100,000 illegal border crossers, we had this conversation regularly, when will we secure the border. i tell you it is coming, it is here. we're dropping illegal immigration, and this is strictly due to president trump's securing a deal with a country that none of his predecessors were able to get, obama would have loved to have had this deal, bush would have loved it deal, clinton would have loved this deal, they all would have. it was president trump that was able to get this deal, because of this deal, remain in next mexico together we're seeing numbers drop exponentially and getting control back at the
7:41 pm
border as we needed. lou: this a terrific message. and terrific it is occurring, and terrific that the president was only one amongst those presidents you mentioned who had first of all the inspiration to threaten tariffs against mexico unless they began behaving like a mature, responsible partner in the rey prejohn, and lope -- in the region, and lopez obrador has made that choice. >> he was vilified for taking the necessary with mexico, he does things in an unconventional way but he gets the results that american people have demanded. >> what is unconvenconventionals they they are effective, they work and they are successful,
7:42 pm
that is unconventional, there are a trail of tears and failures over decades of u.s. presidents, congress and senate that is disgusting. back to 1986, immigration reform amnesty of ronald reagan. what has tran spired since then has been a blunder and disaster and failure until this president. >> getting results in washington d.c. is unconventional. we like to say common sense, but in reality in washington d.c., it is uncommon sense, unless you think outside of the box and do things that nobody else was willing to do, you don't get those results, our border patrol agents are appreciative of president pushing hard to give us reason of things we need too secure th the border. lou: where do we stand with
7:43 pm
shutting down illegal immigration. will we have to take on the cartels ourselves to get it done. >> right now, we do have to take on the cartels ourselves. i don't see why the democrats don't understand why the wall works. if we can control that flow, we can be a lot more successful, we can save a lot more american's lives, the democrats have to get in line, and say, border security is an issue of the safety of our citizens of this country, we have to protect those citizens. >> and listen to lindsey graham. if i may, our audience, listen to the senator who is also a white house spokesperson for the president. he is moon lighting.
7:44 pm
>> they are playing the system to my democratic colleagues, i will work with you on daca, do things that you top do invest in central mark to make life better, but you have to work with us to change your laws, president trump is right about this. lou: you get last word on the senator. >> first, that was a very scary opening. to say this is what i'm going to comment on. this is scary when lindsey graham is going out there and moon lighting and not following what the white house would have him do. i would hope that he is in better communications and falling in line with what american people want, american people want a secure border, they want a legal immigration system, they do not want to reward people that knowingly violated our laws. lou: brandon judd always great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: the controversial movie, the hunt, we thought that universal had decided to withdraw it but it still become
7:45 pm
to a theater near you and me. universal picture canceled the release, remember? amid outrage over its depicttion of -- elites hunting deplorables for sport. one of the producers tells entertainment web site. muller which, there is a chance that movie will see the light of day. no word on when. we'll watch carefully. >> up next. anthony scaramucci, did i say that? >> did i say, that trying too bring together a brand of rino resisters from trump administration, to put together a group of like-minded former, former officials of the trump administration. we'll follow this closely, and have the story for you, and much more coming up next. chair is just a chair.
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life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. lou: "the mooch," is gathering former cabinet members he said to speak out against president trump, he won't reveal the names of those we he working with, but told where else but cnn that
7:50 pm
team will feel the same way he does. president trump today calling him a highly unstable nut job. and jerry nadler bringing house committee early to work on gun reform bills. >> people don't realize, we have very strong background checks right now. you go to buy a gun, you have to sign up, there are a lot of background checks which have been approved over the years, i'll have to see what it is, congress is meeting, bipartisan a lot of people want to see anything happen, but big mental problem we have a lot of back brown checks. >> joining us tonight, director of comm week for presiden commut trump's reelection campaign, tim -- joining us, what do you make
7:51 pm
of th "the mooch." >> i guess, which mind is he talking about? this is a guy who less than a year ago, wrote a book about trump that was full of praise for president trump, i don't know what happened since then it was last october that book came out, we see all across the country, we go to the rallies, we talk with a lot of republicans, president trump has the highest approval rating within the republican party over 90%. within his own party, higher than any president in history within his own party either republican or democrat with exception of george w. bush following september 11. no one really knows what is in anthony scaramucci's mind, and president described him success rattily, but -- him succes him . lou: i was concerned that president never had to deal with a detract or before. >> right, yeah. lou: i'm sure it will be very
7:52 pm
upsetting, talking gun control, i like everyone else shocked when he started talking about doing a deal, talking about expanding back ground checks and so forth, he sounds likely is qualifying that, your thoughts? >> let's not forget, this president is a staunch defend are of second amendment, he will defend the right of law abiding citizens to own firearms legally and he will also be concerned that people's rights to due process are protected, president has said as well we would look at proposal that would try to prevent such mass shootings as we saw in dayton and el paso, he talked about back ground check, he said if they were meaningful and important that is something he would consider. and noted that mitch mcconnell said that conversation would be front and center in -- >> that is just scarey to think, mitch mcconnell talking gun
7:53 pm
control, front and center. i understand it is politics, but still annoying to me as a person who believes strongly in our first amendment rights, 6 amendmensecondamendment rights . it is just not there for negotiation, or compromise, never -- it -- the president said it, this is about mental illness, in nearly every case it is about mental illness, what it is not over course o of last 35r 36 indents of mass shootings, it has been about stolen guns. >> you are right, in parkland for example, law enforcement notified over a dozen times about that guy, fbi twierks he . he even said to line, i want to become a school shooter, more
7:54 pm
than 80% of the time they declare their intention to be mass shooters and use social media, that is why president wants to work with social media companies as well,. lou: by the way -- >> you and all others watching should rest assured that president is a strong defend are of the second amendment. lou: and let's turn quickly to this nonsense about recession, they could not beat the president with russia collusion, they looked like fools. that was shown to be a travesty in the attempt to over throw the president, then they tried to call him a racist, that did not work, now the recession, that goes on and on for the president, they will not credit
7:55 pm
him for -- >> amazing to watch media now talk about the economy, they could join with their pals run for president on democrat side, and try to scare everyone about this recession, fundamentals of our economy are strong. president has created more than 6 million jobs, half a million in ever i ever in manufacturing, unemployment at generational or historic lows across the board had. it is just fantastic. what democrats want to do is -- >> we'll leave them to another time. >> okay. lou: i am sorry. >> we hit my quota on democrats. >> strong economy. lou: tim thank you. >> thank you. lou: stay with us, we'll be right back. but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees
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lou: on wall street the stocks rallied. volume on the big board almost 4 billion shares. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. john solomon says the inspector general's report will be released he thinks by october. >> it's irrefutable that hillary clinton managed to get her opposition researcher inside the fbi and start this investigation. i think where we are headed next
8:00 pm
is emergence of strong evidence that the fbi willingly and knowingly misled the fisa court and agencies beyond the fbi may have been involved in what bill barr calls political surveillance. trish: new information that congress women tlaib and ilhan omar are being bankrolled by a group that says suicide bombing is need to support the cause. known while new fallout from jeffrey epstein's alleged suicide. why epstein's attorneys are not buying the medical examiner's findings. where is the outrage from the left. it's sho


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