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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  August 23, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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every night at 5:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox business network. good night from new york. reporter: tonight the president retaliating against china after he announced a new round of tariffs on u.s. goods. shock new data released from the justice department reveals an estimated 64% of federal government arrests were of non-u.s. citizens. republicans say democrats need to take a closer look at these numbers and rethink open borders. the epstein investigation heading overseas. we have new details.
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taylor swift following through on her promise to be more political. her new album just dropped. and so might your jaw when you hear what she is saying now. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. ashley: i'm ashley webster in for trish. trade war turmoil. president trump firing back at china, increasing tariffs on hundreds of billions in chinese goods add beijing hiked its tariffs on $75 million worth of u.s. goods. the president ordering he american businesses to immediately start looking for an alternative to china. as you can imagine, all the trade tensions sending the market spiraling with the dow
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closing down 623 points. steve you yates, and brad blakeman, former senior advisor to bush 43. melissa, let me begin with you. the markets saw a big drop today. the trade war is continuing to ratchet up. can we expect basically a real rollercoaster on wall street from this point on? >> i think we'll have a lot of volatility the next few weeks. you will see times when we have trump tweeting and then china reacting and city could happen in two weeks from now or two months from now. it could happen at any point in time as long as it continues to escalate, and escalate it will. i don't think this is going to get resolved before the election. i think china is going to try to see if trump doesn't get re-elected. and i don't think this will stop him from getting re-elected.
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but this probably could continue for the next five years. china is not going to make a deal that will make trump happy. ashley: five years. that's pessimistic. let's bring in steve yates. melissa sees this trade war going on five years. is there a part of this that neighbor china is trying to drag it out. hurt the world economy, and at the same time perhaps hurting the u.s. economy and hurting the chances for donald trump's reelection? is there any of that at play? what do you think? >> there is no question the chinese is using somewhat conventional analysis about american politics. i think theyness calculated a fundamental shift in the american views among the electorate and our policy makers with china at large. president trump came in with a mandate to rebalance a new
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approach to china. a lot of us on the outside have snis calculated that china itself is going through pro you found changes. i don't see this getting resolved in the near term at all definitely through the 2020 election cycle. >> brad, we had a guest on fox business who said he believes chinese and china can handle more pain than the united states. it seems like the united states has the upper hand when it comes to the economy because china is struggling right now. >> there is no doubt they had aggressive growth. that's a billion 300 million people they have to feed, clothe, and house and put to work. they think they can wait us out and hope the next person will be different and somehow beneficial to them. and i think they take a huge gamble. i think they have more to lose
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than we do. to quote margaret thatcher, we better not go wobbly. we need to stick with a policy that's working. china is a country of makers, takers and fakers. they make our product, take our products and fake our products. enough is enough. ash rrp from an investors point of view, this is difficult to play. it's headline driven when it comes to the financial markets. how do you play this? i feel like the united states is the only game in town. interest rates are negative on treasuries around the world. the u.s. is the only place to be. if the fed comes through with a rate cut, that's still positive for the markets, is it not? >> we are only 6% off the highs even after the sell-off. the market rallied. if you are looking at the s & p
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and the dow, overall even though we fell hard today, we'll see other days like this as well. the market is in an up trend. what you saw today was selling. you saw panic selling today that happened because of these. but you will see buying come in at some point when the deal gets done. when is a deal going to get done? nobody knows. the market has been so strong under trump. if the market can shrug this off and hang tough and hold the up trend through next year, the election cycle. this could be the last thing trump does in office and makes a deal in 2024. 40 course ago, there d40 years ago, there was a lot of poverty in china. there was no electricity. the country has boomed. it's skyrocketed.
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all the money coming in from the tariffs, the government is getting that money. ashley: president trump is heading to france. he's going to the meeting at the g-7. trade and global economy certain to dominate the agenda. the president is slated to hold face-to-face meetings with boris johnson since he became britain's prime minister. a lot of attention will focus with bilateral leaders. will anything come of these? president trump is no big fan of these international get-togethers. >> i agree with the where when it comes to the numbers. it's an opportunity to have these bilateral meetings. we have work to do with europe. europe is still in a post-modern dream when it comes to the reality of china.
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there are things related to huawei and the supply chain that we need to have a meaningful conversation about. but we need our european ally to get more on board with where the united states and the world is going in resolving these issues. ashley: brad, let me follow up on what steve just said. the president is expected to tout his policy by showing the u.s. is one of the few economics around the world. he'll come under fire from our mean allies. europe's commission stagnant, it's neutral. despite the fact they are printing money to stimulate it. >> i don't think this president will take too well to be lectured to who seem to be hypocrites in the way they conduct their policy. with boris johnson in england, i think he's got to get his house in order with brexit.
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have a plan that's deliverable, and as far as germany is concerned. they need to get their economy in shape. i think the president maybe can teach them a few lessons. i think it's about time europe showed more unity not only amongst themselves but also with the united states. ashley: good luck with that. steve, getting back to the g-7 issue. i think donald trump is have much his own man. he doesn't like the international get-togethers, and i don't think he cares what anyone has to say. he's going to go inth and say what he thinks and move on. one will be allowing rush back into the fold. but i don't think europe and the rest of the world will may along with him. >> if you are going to try to change conventional thinking and conventional method, you have to make people uncomfortable.
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donald trump is a master at walking into an uncomfortable room and try to reframe the issues. if we are going to have europeans get together and talk about russia, he's not going to miss the hunt to tell the europeans about this get wise about your have your cake and eat it too. >> one more thing. people criticize trump a lot for the trade war and other things, too. but he's a strong person. he's a strong leader. if you want someone to be president of your country, you want someone that's strong. >> i agree. melissa, steve, brad, thank you for joining us. much appreciated. remember when meghan mccain confronted disgraced fbi agent andrew mccabe on "the view"? >> you were fired at the
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recommendation of the fbi. i would like to you say on national tv you were not a source for the "new york times" or any other publication considering that's our accused of lying about. ashley: apparently cnn thinks gets fired for lying is a good thing. they have hired him as a contributor. democrats love to call for president trump's impeachment. >> yes, i believe he should be impeached. >> it's not if he'll be impeached, but when. >> if we don't impeach this president he'll get re-elected. >> we are going to go in there and [bleep]. ashley: new evidence most of americans don't even want impeachment. a new report, the more illegals are arrested in this country than u.s. citizens. you can see the numbers for yourself after this.
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every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. ashley: in the two decade since 1998 the makeup federal arrests has completely reversed. 2/3 of federal arrests used to
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be american citizens. new data says the key factor is illegal immigration across the southern border into the united states. here with me now on all of this. niger innis and david moray. thank you both, gentlemen. david, you call this study worrying, why? >> it does show we have a crisis on our hand. i think it overstates the case in so far of the vast majority of those 64% include i am yaition violations and not violent crime. the cato institute find that illegal immigrants are 50% less likely to be incarcerated thawfnlt s. citizens. what it means is the trump administration in my view has politicized this issue so much as to prevent solution.
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it has thrown political gasoline on to the immigration bonfire. we neat tougher, smarter border patrols. i was a special advisor under secretary napolitano. and she called for that. and we need a comprehensive strategy. going after root causes like extreme weather and gangs. there is a whole bunch of factors here. ashley: niger, i would like to hear your reply to what david just said. >> david sounds reasonable. the problem is you have one political party in our country, the democrat party, i should say the socialist party that used to be known as the democrat party. they are a de facto party that does believe in open borders or decriminalizing crossing the border which of course is a
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green signal, big green signal and hands wide open come across the border because you will not any longer be criminalized for that behavior. once you get here. we are not only going to give you access to our public schools and facilities. but we'll give you free healthcare which will damage most of if not every single democratic candidate for in the united states. it's difficult for donald trump to negotiate. ash report other point to foul on what niger was saying. you have sanctuary cities. that's an enticement for people to make a dangerous journey over thousands of miles. when they get here it's an absolute nightmare. the democrats are quick to blame the republicans for creating it.
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it's the open border enticements that's creating the problem. >> i would say neither party created the problem. and both parties have to find a solution. joe biden does not believe in open borders or a civil illegal as opposed to criminal illegal handling of the issues. remember the obama administration was criticized by the amount of deportation. vice president biden was sitting there taking shots from other parts of the party. i take the side of vice president biden. president trump sat in front of dianne feinstein, and remember president trump was a democrat until a few years ago. and they were about to decriminalize immigration and take care of the dreamers and build the wall. president trump would have been better off today politically and the country better off if they had got and deal at the time the
8:20 pm
president was talking about it. ashley: i thought he tried to get a deal with the democrats by offering a deal to the dreamers. they walked away from it. niger, listen. is this an issue that the president can gain ground on in his reelection effort? >> i think he already has gained ground. all he need to do is contrast himself with most of of the leadership of the democratic party. david might be right about joe biden. he seemed to be acquiescing to the dominant strain in the presidential debates which was to create a de facto open border and get healthcare. joe biden is in favor of giving illegal aliens free healthcare. that's what he said on the record. when you had that kind of leadership, i think deep down in his heart, i think joe biden knows better. i think's probably a centrist. but the fear he has of the most
8:21 pm
of radical elements in the democratic party starting with the four horse women of the apocalypse, they are the heart and soul of today's democratic party, not joe biden. >> i quickly say this. illegal immigrants already have free healthcare in the united states, it's called emergency rooms. i would agree with niger. we need tougher and smarter borders. i don't agree with senator warren's position on this. i think senator bind is right. ashley: thank you so much for joining us tonight. i appreciate it. coming up. do democrats want to impeach the president? >> yes, i believe he should be impeached. >> it's not if he'll be impeached but when. >> if we don't impeach this
8:22 pm
president he will get re-elected. >> you got message. there is new evidence democrats are promoting an agenda most of americans don't want. top hollywood celebrities love to complain about fake news. but a bunch of them are called on passing around fake pictures on social media. leonardo dicaprio trying to raise awareness on fires in the amazon. but the picture was from last year. more details on disgraced financier, jeffrey epstein. the details are next. this was me six years ago... and this is me now! i got liberty mutual. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. then i won the lottery, got hair plugs,
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ashley: tonight as millions of venezuelans flee their country. border nations like colombia are feeling the squeeze on their own operations. that's where the military ship comfort comes in to ease the misery coming out of venezuela. alison basher joins us from the -- alison barber joins us from the coast of venezuela. >> there are many kids eating from the garbage. reporter: he left venezuela with his family last year. they traveled by bus, crossed into colombia and took buses for more than 10 hours to santa marta. that's one way they free
8:28 pm
venezuela and cross into colombia without documentation. the trails a difficult and dangerous because they are controlled by gang organizations. 1,557 people died in venezuelan hospitals over the course of four months. they died because the on thes lacked basic medical supplies. this woman's son is blind and she said it could have been prevented. >> when i was 13 i lost my eye. i lost miter eye because of negligence. i was earning less than $3 per month. reporter: she came to a medical site hoping they can make sure jose did not inherit the same disease that stole her sight. >> were you able to see well? >> no, i was seeing a bit
8:29 pm
cloudy. >> are you happy with your glasses? >> yes. reporter: a group of 20 people waited near the road. he asked them where they were from and they said venezuela. they need medicine and they heard the comfort was coming to colombia. so they walked for days then took a bus so they could come here and get medical services from the u.s. navy. ashley: meanwhile, switching gears. the probe into jeffrey epstein going international. authorities want to know if the disgraced financier created any crimes in france. we are learning tonight from the justice department days before epstein's death a doctoral level psychologist took him off suicide watch.
8:30 pm
reporter: french prosecutors announced they are launching their own investigation into epstein and possible co-conspirators after receiving information from u.s. authorities. he sign had a residence in paris and was flying back from there when he was arrested. they are looking into sexual abuse of children and conspiracy crimes. writing they will seek to find possible offenses committed only in the on the national territory, but also abroad. they confirm they are still look at possible co-conspirators in epstein's alleged sex trafficking ring. his suicide implicated a prominent french modeling agent. he was accused of procuring young models for epstein.
8:31 pm
federal prosecutors in new york may be considering charges against prison staff at the jail where epstein died. according to staff he served subpoenas on up to 12 staffers. the federal court would not confirm nor deny the subpoenas were served. but they were notified several employees would be receiving subpoenas. 8 prison officials knew epstein was a suicide risk and should not be left alone. last week the ap reported some staff had been interviewed by the fbi. ashley: produce found at three stores in washington state. meghan mccain bringing up some
8:32 pm
good points when she interviewed andrew mccabe. >> you were fired at recommendation of the fbi. would i like to you stay you were not a source for the "new york times." you were never a source for the "new york times" or any other publication considering that's what you are accused of lying about. ashley: cnn under fire for hiring the disgraced former fbi agent.l cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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8:37 pm
appears. let's bring in special-ops * brett velicovich. the north koreans have been pretty active firing off -- i'm not sure they were missiles. they were projectiles. is this more a case of them saying remember us? the sanctions have been very upset. >> i don't believe the u.s. intelligence community or u.s. government is reading too much into the recent threats. it's complete ye -- it's pretty much all talk. focusing primarily on what they do and not what they say. look, kim jong-un has been very vocal. he has been upset about the south korean it in drills taking place.
8:38 pm
i personally took place and took apart in those exercises before and they are preparation for an invasion on north korea. but right now he's not firing these long range missiles. he's been firing short-range missiles. because he hasn't been outwardly vocal toward the president, he wants to continue these negotiations and talk about a denuclearization deal in the future. ashley: the president had the landmark meeting with him at the border and the dmz. and basically everything stalled out since then. >>it is stalled. but there is a relationship happening behind the scenes. people don't realize that the north koreans have been under decade of sanctions. they endured hardships for a while. most of of their military and
8:39 pm
civilians. this is something they dealt with for a while. they can continue that because they built a robust covert network. i think, though, that it's really going too come down to great diplomacy and even more specific, the president's relationship with kim jong-un. but we have to be tonight for the long-haul. ashley: essentially north korea. china hold the fate of north korea in its hands. they provide north korea with the key essentials. could that play into a bigger deal? we could get talks going with north korea through china. how likely is that? >> i think this is just as much a negotiation with china as north korea. personally i think china has been underhanded. i believe they are supplying and supporting north korea covertly
8:40 pm
behind the scenes and use it as part of the trade talks to show they have the ability to control north korea. i don't see china helping out anytime soon with what's going on in there. ashley: is iran playing any role in this in helping the north koreans? >> we have seen before through unclassified intelligence reporting indicating iranian engineers have been seen in north korea and vice versa. it's not out of the ordinary or coincidence we are seeing iran fire weapons they didn't have before. i think there is an under handled relationship happening there and they are working together in some capacity. ashley: great information. thanks for joining us. coming up, let's change gears big time. 100 celebrities. they love to call out fake news. what about fake pictures.
8:41 pm
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>> it's time for us to impeach this president. >> that's why i say the house representatives should move toward impeachment proceedings. >> it clearly constitutes adequate information to begin impeachment proceedings in the house representatives. >> unfit to be president and warrants impeachment, trial and removal from office. >> we are considering what to do about it including voting on articles much impeachment. ashley: despite calls to remove the president from office, it turns out the majority of americans do not think the president should be impeached. the democrat-controlled house has already held one vote on
8:46 pm
impeachment. but the polls show otherwise which suggests it could be a losing strategy. joining me is presidential historian doug wead and david harris. thank you for being here. doug, let me begin with you. i feel like this is the mueller report all over again. russia, russia, russia. we finally get the report, no collusion. this going down the rabbit hole of impeachment, i think it's a losing strategy and just shows the hatred they have for the president. >> in that poll, even the independent don't want impeachment. i think the democrats lost their way. they need to be positive. meant midst of the civil rights era you will remember hubert humphrey. he was called the happy warrior.
8:47 pm
politicians emphasized being positive, being happy. i think the democrats need to find somebody for something, not against someone. ashley: that's difficult at his age. this is a party being pulled further and further to the left. they hate the president, they don't want him there. this is a strategy that will win for the gop? >> it is. they don't have anything of substance to run on. every single democrat candidate that wants to push a narrative, i think the american people are getting tired of hearing, donald trump is a racist and not fit to president. we have had record-breaking numbers in the stock market. record low unemployment for black americans, hispanic americans. i just got off my show earlier i had a black individual who was released from the prisoner
8:48 pm
reform act who was denied clemency under obama. the black community is waking up and they will find more reasons to support this president. ashley: does that result in votes? and is the president doing enough to get that message out? >> i think he's doing what he can. i do what i can on my website, i have a show on you guys do an amazing job of trying to highlight things the mainstream media doesn't want to talk about. the gentleman i interviewed today said none of his family had anything to say negative about the president where some of them did before. close to 5,000 inmates, 90% of them are black, have been released by a prison reform bill
8:49 pm
the president did not have to sign but he did. he said he has 8 kids and 16 grandkid. they hop on his lap, they call him papa. they love having him home. i think you interviewed six presidents. how different is donald trump to the other presidents you met? >> he's different than all of them. but i think's a great president. what david was talking about. presidents are ranked based on the economy and based on how they deal with war. this president is the first one in 40 years, not to start a hot war. they are junked and ranked based on communications. it will be transformational with it comes to communication. the big one is the economy.
8:50 pm
the thing that troubles me is what you mentioned earlier with david. the polls show that only 0% of americans believe they got an incross of income from the tax deduction. but the irs numbers show that 90% did. so the media is having an impact in speaking to the american people. ashley: interesting, isn't it. what's interesting to me is we see democrats and the mainstream media constantly trying to talk down the economy. they would love it if we go into a reseg prior to the election next november. it's purely because of the hatred of donald trump that they want the economy to go south. to me that's just insane. >> it is i sane. any american that hears anybody say a reseg would be worth it if we got rid of this ht should step back and ask themselves whose side are they on?
8:51 pm
if you are on the side of america and americans working, you are not going to be party to and affiliated with individuals who would hope for a recession that would be devastating for millions of families across this country. americans have to ask themselves, are they going to side with the party they sided with for decade or a party want to go put america first, put americans back to work. keith just got out of prison and he just got a job yesterday. if the economy wasn't booming and there weren't jobs available, that wouldn't be happening. and it is happening because of this president. ashley: there are more jobs available than people looking. we are out of time. doug and david, thank you so much for sticking around on a friday night to talk with us. coming up, far-left celebrity
8:52 pm
activist leonardo dicaprio loves to complain about fake news. but fake photos. the daily caller has those stories coming up after this. in my line of work,
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welcome back. lightning round, joining me now is miranda. i hear taylor swift getting into politics. what has she said this time? >> just recently, she came out in a guardian interview and she is talking about how america is supposed to be a democracy. she's saying a democracy would include debate, disagreement and she even goes as far to say she believes trump believes in america as all caps a peak. she has the freedom to get through the guarding interview and share her opinions and is disagrees with others. second, she has to understand that we are far from autocracy because we have the beautiful benefit of this in america. she just posted about this in a previous election to go, waiting to go cast her vote.
8:57 pm
>> she's very talented in the real world. we'll keep it there. everyone knows a dog is a man's best friend but a study that links dogs to this. >> dog owners are leaving their best lives quite literally. after research came out just recently, 1700 people, that includes some pet owners and some non- pet owners and specifically dog owners. those with pets are doing better on pmi diet and overall
8:58 pm
cardiovascular health. those with specifically dogs, they are living their best lives. i think that is attributed to taking your dark out, taking them for walks and carrying that 10-pound dog food adds a lot to your health. >> i have two dogs, they are watching right now. blood pressure went down since we've had them in our home. hollywood is at it again. this time attempting to promote the wildfires in the amazon, they are sharing misinformation. >> what's going on there, there have been wildfires raging like none other. it's not the same amazon that they scared out of new york. this is the amazon rain forest, jaden smith on social media, a picture of the active wildfires going on in the amazon. the pictures are of the amazon but they are not now, they are from 1989. leonardo dicaprio also made a pledge, he posted one from 2018. they act like they care and hurts their heart but they can't
8:59 pm
be bothered enough to look past the first item when they google search amazon wildfires. i find it interesting they are not diving into research but they care. >> pay attention to details. police found a big surprise in a box of bananas. >> they found over $1 million worth of cocaine in washington state in one box, there was over $1 million in another box, over $550,000 worth of cocaine. these are drug dealers, they are getting sneaky. >> they are. if it wasn't found by a customer, probably a grocery store. >> it was. there was several boxes. a lot of people are saying when you pair certain jobs with food,
9:00 pm
it goes unnoticed and i'm not sure if cocaine has i sent but i don't think it was sniffed out in advance. >> thank you. i'll see you early monday morning. wall street week begins right now. she was there happy weekend, welcome to the program that analyzes and reviews the week ahead. coming up in a few moments, baseball, rodriguez is here. our special guest ahead of the new launch this upcoming week. we talked about the success of his new partnership, maybe you know jay leno as well. another interesting week in a volatile week for investors. the fe


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