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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 25, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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lou: good evening, everybody. many other medical exams and the left-wing national media are in harmony on almost all national issues and there is no dissidents at all with the views of corporate america and wall street. they passionately oppose with exceptions, the present is tough stance on china's expansionary foreign policy and the trade policies and outright theft of american technology. and intellectual property. no matter it seems, the cost to the united states and american workers. >> i have been saying for about two years that i hope we have a
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recession. a recession would be very worth getting rid of donald trump. there are plenty of signs of a possible recession. >> if we did face a recession, it would be normal and it will be okay. >> is there a wing of administration that wants to be tough in china? even those realizing the importance of getting a deal done with china if they want to have a job four years from now. >> the president today reminded all americans of the beijing decades of poetry trade practices, china theft of technology and massive trade surpluses with the united states over decades. it all amounts to trains of dollars. >> china has been ripping this country off for 25 years. longer than that. and it is about time where there is good for our country or bad for our country short-term.long-term it is imperative that somebody does this. the intellectual property
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theft. have express essays at least $300 billion a year where they steal it. someone had to do something with china. obama should have done it, bush should have done it. clinton should have done it. they all should have done it. nobody did it, i am doing it. what do you say, my trade deals are causing a -- my trade deals are not causing a problem. this is something that had to be done. the only difference is i am doing it. lou: his trade deals, as he put it, actually the solution. tonight we asked why everyone of the president's public policy initiatives and policies, whether it be challenging china's aggression or trade deficits or the president's efforts to secure our border with mexico and to assure the safety of americans. why is that -- the rino, national left-wing media, corporate america and wall street. why is it the elite hate our
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president and his america first agenda? it all begs to question, who would these globalist elites put first if not america? will try to get the answer that question here tonight. and is the president's support amongst african-americans and hispanics the reason that the radical left has no updated vicious attacks using race as a weapon? and has a once reliable coalition of the left finally had his fill of the democratic party insults? the countries two largest minority groups appear to be tiring of the left treating them like fools as if they will continue to put up with senseless slurs against this president with no evidence, just hate while the president produces for all americans. keeping his promise to all americans. the presidents policies delivering record employment levels for african-americans
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last month. near record levels of unemployment at six percent. hispanics also enjoying near record levels of unemployment at 4 and a half percent.we will show the latest polling on the president among the groups in the life of the democrats are in a new higher stage of desperation. we begin tonight with breaking news. the nra chief executive says president trump today, assured him that universal background checks are off the table. the nra tweeted the development, the president sent clear signals on the issue earlier in the day. the president saying that he and the republican party are very strong on the second amendment. >> the democrats, i believe, i think it would give up the second amendment and the people that, a lot of people that put me where i am, are strong believers in the second amendment. and i am also. and we have to be very careful
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about know they call it the slippery slope. and all of a sudden everything gets taken away. we won't let that happen. lou: journalist and former congressman, former chairman of the house oversight committee, jason chaffetz. also best-selling author and fox business contributor. it is heard the presidents a strong on the second amendment. your thoughts about his position and that of the republican party. >> i think the president is spot on. he understands the issue. his son is an avid shooter. most of the complaints you get from people, not all but most of the complaints are those not familiar with weapons. i happen to have five eye concealed permit holder. i do not think as you look at the mass shootings that any of the changes that the democrats are saying, one more law was going to suddenly change things.
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there are things we can do about this so-called universal background check, i do not think is one of them. lou: i agree with you 100 percent. reality is that lawful purchases at gun shops require a background check. what we are experiencing in every instance as you eluded, is, someone, a family member, a counselor at a high school, not reporting people who are troubled, who are in dire need of help and you know there's an awful and tragic list of those circumstances. but none of this you know taking way second amendment rights of americans would address the issue at all. >> yeah, they usually go after the suspicious people, the honest, hard-working americans who may be like unto what they want to carry a weapon and feel
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more safe. they put more impediments upon them. what they should do, what hope the president does embrace and would advocate as i do not love people that are teenagers, less than 18 years old, that we know are entangled with law, do not expunge the record when they suddenly become 18. allow law enforcement to look at those people as when they suddenly turned 18.i think that would do more than anything. lou: you lindsey graham, going on about red flag laws which you know, is to me, just bizarre and acting as if he has some secondary presidential spokesman. particularly on the second amendment for which he is imminently not qualified. we are getting such nonsense and the judiciary committee, the senate has not done any investigating. it is not focused on any of these issues when it could be taking on the issue of mental health in this country and instead playing at the margin and you know we never know with lindsey graham, how that idea or position will be. last turned to this on china.
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he is the man who has to turn things around he says. there is no doubt about that. even amongst the elite on wall street. the left-wing media, and of course, in politics. they all understand the truth of the president's position. if he does not stand here, all could be lost. >> i think everyone in their gut understands that china had been ripping us off for a very long time. i think america figured out they wanted a disruptive and unconventional president. donald trump was the only person i think would have the true god as president to take this on and when it. not just the short term but the long-term. and it takes a president like donald trump, he is not a resume oncoming is not trying to get a cool business card, he does need to go make more money after this job, he's already got enough. but he can actually stand firm
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and that is what the people that are the heartland of america understand.they know that, that's what he is doing so well and will continue to thrive. lou: and it is truly amazing, even tom friedman the new york times columnist hardly a trump supporter, acknowledging that the president is exactly right to take the stand, to take this position, jamie dimon to doing so as well. and yet, still the flirtation with a globalist elite and that suffocating crowd that you know leadwell street, the list goes on, i will not get into the names. this president standing up to the power, the political power, economic power of those elite has been, people do not, i think appreciate how strong he has had to be to deal with that. >> yeah! they are used to having a president who could tiptoe through the tulips and do not want to offend anyone.
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yet here comes donald trump, willing to blow down the tulip field and say, alright fellas, here's what we're going to do. we are going to start selling stuff to taiwan we are aware of the protests in hong kong and he will not take advantage of america. we'll put tariffs on you to get your act straight, we just want to have fair, balanced trade i think is a good winning message. lou: i think it is too. you called him unconventional. conventional is clinton, bush, obama. that is conventional and each one of them failing. the fact is, he is an historic president, jason. and i don't see why any republican should hesitate to use the word. because everyone in the republican party knows, he has done more in two and half years in any president in modern history and he should be credited with that. don't you think? >> yeah! i say with fondness. i say that he has broken the mold. if you want different results you have to do a different way
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in america figure that out. they had a plethora of washington insiders only but they said no, we want sore from the business community that can stand up and get done and put america first. a lot of people still do understand the whole slogan, they don't even get it! they still do not get it. lou: the president, make america great again, something you think every american could embrace. but just what half the country is running from it because they do not understand the man, the country or the times in which we live or the challenges that face the nation. and they don't care to open their eyes to the reality. jason chaffetz, great to have you with us and i cannot wait for your new book, a reminder about jason's new book, power grab, the liberal scheme to undermine trump, the gop and our republic, we recommend it to you harley. jason, just an afterthought, is
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resistance. they say in one pull the present will be reelected per the latest rasmussen poll shows 53 percent of voters say it is at least somewhat likely the president will 2020. that number has been rising almost every month since february. look at that. it was at 46 percent, the same poll also find 69 percent of voters now say president trump is responsible for any recession should it occur. that probably would not be a problem if that same 69 percent remember that the strong economic growth and record high stock markets and record low unemployment is also his
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responsibility and to his credit. the new york times under fire again after elite transcript from a town hall meeting -- a leaked transcript revealing the evolution of efforts to target president trump. they just cannot stand our leader, can they? -- saying quote - we built the newsroom to cover one story, we did it truly well. now we have to regroup and shift resources and emphasis to take on a different story. it is a story that requires deep investigation into people who peddle hatred but it is also a story that requires imaginative use of all of our muscles to write about race and class in a way that we have in years. john is now white house political director, fox business political analyst, ed
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rollins, the savant. great to have you. your reaction to this. >> in the 50 is there followed and i read the newspaper, they've never supported a republican president. they've criticized every republican president. they been nonstop on this president since he was elected. the year before that they were nonstop on hillary clinton so what's new? lou: what is new is that straightforward lifting of any veil that allowed them to pretend that they were somehow an independent objective news source. the paper record, it is a record of a lot of losses for them and i think to a certain extent i do not expect this to last longer. the paper is not doing a very good job. i think at the end of the day -- lou: the failing new york times as the president calls them.
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it is unfortunate that the national media in this country is committed to propaganda approach to the news, not independent and objective does make me occasionally nostalgic for the days of independent, fair and balanced objective news coverage. you cannot find it in the broadcast networks you sure cannot find it on msnbc, it is stunning. and that is all supported by tortured truth, if you can call it that or just outright distortion of the facts. >> the biggest changes the editor post that he did not let his reporters go on television, they wrote for the paper. all liberal and the rest of it as we will see but now they
11:20 pm
write the stories and go on msnbc and explain their stories. so it's kind of a double hit, day in and day out. experts represent a here's a story i told. lou: this is an absolute unprecedented leader. by any objective standard, what he has accomplished on the economy and foreign policy, destroying isis, the list goes on and on. >> told in the military, taking a position. lou: and for them not to be able, even grudgingly, even resentfully, to acknowledge what he has done and what he has achieved is stunning. >> they think their duty is to trash him every day and basically get someone else elected, i do not think they will succeed. lou: well, the idea that joe biden cannot get his decades straight, you know, to me he's becoming a sympathetic figure
11:21 pm
because he is obviously dealing with some real difficulties here. >> he is on a very limited schedule is not going full scale, he is no longer in the rose garden and even the staff will talk about the campaign and say we have to keep him very guarded there is a long way to go and when they get to the main event if they do, it will be a very tough stayed for him. i don't think you'll make it people say he's at 30 percent, that means that 70 percent of democrats, he is a widely known candidate and inevitable nominee.lou: you and i were talking about polls and you dismissive of them at this early stage. but there is an empirical reason for your skepticism and if you will, strong
11:22 pm
qualification. >> i looked at the polls and is the measurement of a day or a weekend reality is there's always a figure people forget, b1 three or four, b1. that means there can be an 18 gap plus on the top, minus on the bottom. they are not accurate and a perfect example, -- lou: while their political fortunes are dependent upon those polls. >> people forget that hillary clinton was 10 points ahead of donald trump, she was the inevitable president, did not happen that way. and joe biden is the inevitable nominee because he is the one that can be donald trump but that is not true. i don't think you'll be the nominee but if he is -- lou: well, it will be -- >> it is a measurement of one day we do not run this week go state by state. lou: two things to watch out, the margin of error and also the composite of the -- and numbers being surveyed.
11:23 pm
what are the numbers that you see most of the polls? >> i'm in the numbers of people being polled. >> 300 or 400 when they get the democrats. lou: there you have it from the savant himself. ed rollins. i'm trying to wrap this thing up. a new study shows china could cripple the u.s. military in the pacific within hours. can you believe that? wow!just who is behind such a thing and how credible is it? hours, days? we take it up after break and see what you think of it all. stay with us. -their béarnaise sauce here is the best in town. [ soft piano music playing ] mm, uh, what do you do for fun? -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool.
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but you will look at their suffering and your heart will be changed. - [voiceover] with your gift of just $25, we can rush an emergency survival package to help one desperate elderly person for a month. call right now. - [eckstein] call the number on your screen. lou: officials in greece say they have no request for the iranian oil taker to dock at
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its port as the ice state department warns him against helping the vessel. this comes as sources tell fox news a second iranian tanker is now heading to syria. that would be in violation of u.s. sanctions, they reportedly plan to transfer its cargo of crude oil to two syrian owned tankers later in the year. an australian think tank warning china could win an indo pacific war against the united states in a matter of hours. researchers from the university of sydney claim china could launch a military attack against our allies in the region and win before the united states could even respond. you know, when you see something this dramatic and this alarming, you ask yourself, who did the study? well, three people basically, three entities or should say, the australian government and two military defense companies. northrop grumman and a french
11:29 pm
company, makes you wonder, doesn't it? the president says he's not losing any sleep over this. >> we are the strongest military in the world right now. and we're getting very close to finishing that rebuilding. we have rebuilt the military. right now there's no one even close to us militarily. not even close. >> it doesn't concern you at all? >> no because they pay a price they would not want to pay. lou: join us now doctor o lead ferris and sebastian gorka, good of both of you to be here. this business with the tankers, why is a significant and why is the united states at this point hapless and if it wishes to stop the tanker, and confiscated, why hasn't it done so? >> this demonstrates very clearly that the iran regime is
11:30 pm
starving. they want their tankers to go anywhere they can fill. syria is backed by russia at this point in time it is evidence that we are successful with regards. on the other hand, seizing a tanker, the united states before making the decision needs to have the bigger plan. so what happens next? where will we move?it's not just across the goal for the mediterranean may be a rack maybe syria. i would give that administers the credit of really willing to study what should be done but definitely will not have them rank sanctions. >> it looks to me though, we had not gotten an answer or at least a good one, what do you think? >> i tend to agree with walid, this is a regime, sanctions we have imposed, the presidents
11:31 pm
decision to cancel the jcpoa iran deal, it's really put the squeeze as a nation that is so very rich in oil but barely has the capacity to refine into the oil under its own soil.this is as far as i'm concerned, this is rusty and it's a very good sign. lou: okay we will take it as that. the issue of isis. i want to ask you, walid, first, there will be some sort of resurgence no matter how -- it is alarming when you think about the taliban in afghanistan and isis and the relationship between those. i see almost no mention of the relationship between isis and the taliban. it is critical to the presidents plans to rationalize
11:32 pm
all military presence around the world. >> is true, this is the problem. meeting how to do with the jihadist movement around the world long term and be realistic. isis, syria and iraq strategically, a formidable job in making sure that the caliphate is gone. they will have them syria and iran and afghanistan and countries around the world, but the concern i have is not really isis and syria, it is what we are doing in terms of cutting a deal with the taliban. there is a question that needs to be debated. they are not reforming so far. lou: and the relationship between the taliban and isis. >> i think the taliban are cutting deals with al qaeda, isis and telling them look guys let me deal with the americans
11:33 pm
first getting them out of afghanistan and then we could have all we want after they are gone. we should not be nacve to allow the taliban to pursue that and not direction. >> and as we wrap up, china is confronting us across, around the globe. russia is doing so region by region but particularly in the middle east. your thoughts about the challenge they both represent now working together against the united states. >> look, under the former kgb colonel vladimir putin this is still a national threat. it is a destabilizing force but also a nation in massive decline.600,000 people die in russia every year. more than the demographic tailspin. with regard to study from sydney, you ask the right question, lou. this is something no one has heard. this study at the university of sydney, this report, three
11:34 pm
people that have never been heard of in the international community. this is propaganda. the idea that china, china 04 strategic -- but they did that they could defeat us in a matter of hours, china has one aircraft carrier diesel powered that they got secondhand from ukraine. america, we have 12 nuclear aircraft carriers. this is a farce of a study. lou: they would be trying to -- >> a little bit of business. right! >> i agree with the professor. donna has not had any experience in global warfare since when? the korean war. we've been there, we've been having all of these experiences but above all, we are already deployed all over the world. lou: i think you can both agre
11:35 pm
, we can forgo the experience and have a smaller presence around the globe rather than the vast presence we have now. walid phares, sebastian gorka, thank you. and ignored by prison officials, jeffrey epstein. we will have that and the latest on spy gate. we are talking with victoria toensing and joe digenova next. what happened to those texts and where are the emails? fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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at least prison officials. new the strict instructions had been given, orders given. the sex offender jeffrey epstein not to be left alone in his cell. the surrounding circumstances of the supposed suicide are being investigated by the fbi and the justice department inspector general. the attorney general william barr says he has seen quote - nothing to undercut the findings of the autopsy of epstein declaring his death to be a suicide. joining us tonight, victoria toensing, former deputy assistant and attorney general for the criminal division of the justice department , joe digenova former u.s. attorney
11:40 pm
for the district of columbia, founding partners of the digenova and toensing, llp law firm let's start with the attorney general accepts the finding. for example, doctor marc siegel here at fox, does not. he has many questions and other medical examiner's also believe that there is the statistical problem with the likelihood of the suicide is cause of death. your thoughts? >> it appears he tried to hang himself a few weeks prior to that. so it would make sense to me, and i will never promise to do medical analysis on tv. i know the law and if bill barr is looking at it, it's got to the right procedures. i will trust his call on it. lou: and you, joe? as if there might be some dissidents in the family. i don't mean to suggest that. >> actually i love doctor
11:41 pm
siegel, but he's wrong on this one. i think there is a little too much analysis going on here. with no facts. the bottom line is, mr. epstein was a troubled individual. he knew, he wanted to kill himself he tried before. i think in order to conclude that anything else happened we will need a substantial amount of evidence which at this point does not appear to exist, i am completely and with suicide but you know if someone finds evidence, fine, let's have it. >> the real issue is the incompetence of prisons for goodness sake. lou: or ... >> the warden was appointed there do you know why? she sued eric holder if you can believe it. she was a black woman suing the black attorney general for racial discrimination. and so, she was promoted to warden, of course. lou: well, eric holder, there is a man that seems bewildered
11:42 pm
by so many detractors or issues. i want to turn to spy gate. and in that very rare environment, the weiner laptop. where is the weiner laptop? and why don't we know what is on it? after all of this time. >> that is a good question.i certainly do not know where it is i have not seen any published reports or investigative reports. perhaps the inspector general as part of his review will tell us something about that. but that actually relates to the hillary clinton email scandal. because it was the weiner laptop that caused james comey, the great dirty cop of american history, to reopen the hillary investigation and then once again, conclude that there was no -- they took a dive on the laptop and -- lou: the u.s. attorney, last we
11:43 pm
heard, they had possession of it. last we heard, there was great friction between the fbi and the southern district of new york. and the reason by the way, i put in the environment of spy gate. precisely because that is what we are talking about. this is an environment and we cannot have that line demarcation. we still know so little after investigation. >>and guess what? if it had a bid -- we would have all the answers but when you have a world premier law enforcement agency, the fbi, so politically bankrupt incorrectly cannot run investigation the way it should have, that is why it's important that they clean house and that is why it is so sad that christopher wray has never addressed any of these
11:44 pm
problems. >> and as bill barr said when he was attorney general for a couple of months, he said, i have more questions now than before i became attorney general. that tells you something. lou: why is it that we have not heard anything about the nsa? as it relates to the 30,000 missing emails of hillary clinton for example. why is it we have not heard anything from the nsa but texts that are missing as a result of what was the word, victoria? incompetence? of the mueller special counsel or ... it is an amazing collusion of incompetence and possibly corruption. that leaves us with these questions and then, the surrounding question is, why doesn't the nsa have copies of all of this? >> they do! they do, in fact, lou, they do! we know for a fact that as a result of the generic scoop up
11:45 pm
program which is perfectly legal, that they have every email, text message, it is all there. when we were told that hillary clinton had deleted these emails, my response was, fine, go to the nsa they got them! and in fact, they do have them. lou: why in the world is not the executive of this government, going in to nsa in bringing the material forward and why is that not available to the investigators investigating the investigators to you know, to simply get rid of the fiction that they have successfully eluded accountability because they destroyed evidence?>> absolutely in effect perhaps john had them. who knows! lou: who knows! you have done it again. at the end of our discussion. the same question as always. and it is where i started. who knows! you know, i just love the justice department, the fbi.
11:46 pm
i hope, i hope william barr brings us to a successful and well, revealing conclusion. very simply. >> he shall do so. >> amen, brother! >> you got a deal. victoria toensing, joe digenova, thank you very much. and a controversial moving still making his way to the theaters. and bill de blasio's city defining immigration and customs enforcement. what a way to run a city. we will take up the outrageous behavior of this city and much more right after the break.
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the new york police department rejected all of i.c.e. almost 3000 detainer requests.
11:51 pm
a new york police department spokesperson said quote - the nypd does not conduct civil immigration enforcement. the controversial movie, the hunt, we found that universal had withdrawn but it still could be coming to a theater near you and me. universal pictures canceled the release. you remember? imagine the outrage of the depiction of elites hunting deplorable for sport. it is very familiar line isn't it? one of the producers now is telling entertainment website -- it is a chance to move you will eventually see the light of day. up next, more of facebook's bias against conservative voices and also its predilection of what seems to be a very authoritarian perspective. perhaps even -- we will have
11:52 pm
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but you will look at their suffering and your heart will be changed. - [voiceover] with your gift of just $25, we can rush an emergency survival package to help one desperate elderly person for a month. call right now. - [eckstein] call the number on your screen. lou: joined me tonight, former trump campaign manager, cory lewandowski, good to have you with us. the president taking on all commerce and today saying straightforward on china. if he had not done it no one would have and where in the world where the three
11:56 pm
presidents at least who preceded him? >> as we look back on this administration, 30 years from now, we will be looking at what donald trump has done to level the playing field against china. we will be thanking him knowing that the american worker can compete with anyone if we have a level playing field. for too long china has taken advantage of the united states of america. the theft of intellectual property, currency can manipulation they continue to do and can't do this during our intellectual property without telling us about it. they subsidize their companies, they dump on our your soul and put american companies out of business by the present state of the american worker time and time again it will be one of his legacies when we look back 30 years down the road. and i would grandchildren will be thankful this president stood up to the oppressive regime in china trying to rip us off every single day. lou: he was the loan among candidates talking about as a
11:57 pm
presidential candidate, taking on silicon valley. he has said straightforwardly that he wants to know what in the world is going on out there. and by the anti-conservative bias of social media, this looks like we are going to see at least, a joint effort, at least an informal one as the state attorneys general are taking on technology and silicon valley. as is the department of justice. >> i do not agree with many of the state attorneys general out there and particularly that one in new york. but in this particular case i happen to say i agree with her because she understands that these companies in silicon valley have done a terrible job of protecting peoples personal privacy information. they've done a terrible job of just being a platform for sharing information they are completely biased, now forcing
11:58 pm
the american public to go to their newsfeeds and they are becoming quote - unquote journalists through their newsfeeds. if the government does not regulate the information they are sharing and how they are protecting information will have a big problem because these companies are actually determining what the american people are seeing on a daily basis. lou: and doing what they wish with the user data that they possess. and without consequence. not so in europe, they are coming down hard on all of this. the anticompetitive predatory practices as well as just the absolute disregard and violation of privacy. >> we see this every day.we see another story that some companies listening in on your home because you have got alexa at home. we see that, cookies there taken off of your computer, they know when you are on your telephone, they know when you're driving in a car, they know your route.
11:59 pm
fox did a giant exposc last year. even we turn off your phone there tracking every supposedly agree to it when you turn on the telephone. i don't think that is what is supposed to be. the american people deserve better. lou: what are the hearing went very hearing you and watching you and as you travel and making plans to run for senate? >> a lot of people -- they did not vote for neil gorsuch or kavanaugh. that is what's on my -- people want a change. lou: the president says you would be very tough to defeat. when will we hear definitively that you're going to take care
12:00 am
of this? >> you have the president last thursday night, an amazing rally. he beat out john for the number of people who could fit into the arena.tens of thousands of people outside. he was very encouraging. he was very encouraging. we will spend a little more for time life's video collection. he was very encouraging. we will spend a little more welcome to our first show that we're doing. i'm real excited. careful, you'll smear my lipstick. (laughter) (lively music) good evening, sir. ♪ (laughter) my goodness. ♪ millions of people are demanding my return to the screen. -what's so funny? -we are. (tarzan yell) (applause) why the hell don't the two of you go on home and let me watch my tv? (goofy laugh) (tim) mrs. wiggins? hello? goodnight, thank you. (applause) well, hello. i'm carol burnett,


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