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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  August 26, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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the only way to stop it is to pile on the costs until the costs we impose are greater than the benefit china gets. lou:omorrow christopher bedford and heather macdonald among our guests. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. david: president trump predicting a trade deal with china could be in the works soon as chinese officials reportedly called washington to resume negotiations. a psychiatrist rants on cnn comparing president trump to hitler and stalin and cnn did not even challenge him. new tonight. sources confirming to fox news that disgraced former deputy direct wroor andrew mccabe
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could soon be facing prosecution. we'll tell you why officials say he quote has a target on his back. bill maher pathetically celebrating the death of david koch. ian his brother have done more than anybody to fund climate science deniers for decades. the amazon is burning up. i'm glad he's dead. conservative actor antonio sabato knows all too well howal and out of their -- how brutal and out of their mind elites can be and he's firing back. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. hi, i'm david asman in for trish. our top story, getting back to the negotiating table.
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china signaling it's seeking to calm an end to it's today lating trade war with the united states. even president trump is voicing optimism. we are going to start shortly to negotiate and we'll see what happens. but i think we'll make a deal. they want to get something done. this is the first time i have seen them when they want to make a deal. i think that's a positive step. david: joining me now form george w. bush speech writer and a man who lived in hong kong for 10 years, bill mcgurn. the markets love this. they were up close to 300 points. are you optimistic that there is a trade deal? and i have to ask you is it a good thing there may be a trade deal. >> it's a question mark over the economy. you see that in the gyrations of the market. it looks like it's no deal.
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the reason -- the president is right, china does not behave by accepted international norms. it gets away with it because it's so big. on the other hand it's clear tariffs are really the answer to fixing this problem. it imposes a lot of costs on innocent parties as well. so i think that any deal would be good for the president because it removes uncertainty. if you are a businessman and you have some plants in china sourcing, you can't erase that overnight and find it somewhere else. david: i understand that. the more we learn about china and the way it operates. secretary of state mike pompeo was in town and he was outlining all the ways in which china is increasingly behaving like a brute. it's almost like the 193. dare i -- 1930s.
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dare i compare it. germany was building up, and people like henry ford thought we could trade with it and it would be a good thing. could it be the same with china. >> one of the things we are trying to do is confront china now where we still have options. it will be richer and harder to affect its behavior. just because something need to be done doesn't mean the tariffs are the way to do it. i would prefer if the president used trade, handle it the way we handle japan. the world efficiencies put pressure on the japanese system to open up years ago. there are a lot of partners in the region that have the same complaints we do about it. david: we opened up to china and they opened up to us. we have a president who wants to be a mao zedong. >> he's a purist.
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he believes in marxism. and he's trying to do that. we also know from history there is always infighting in these communist regimes. but we don't know what it is in xi's regime. unlike president trump he doesn't have an election next year. you don't get that job in china through elections. on the other hand china's economy isn't growing as fast as it used to. david: they are astute as studying american politics. i think they are look at people like liz warren, look at her trade policies. in many ways they are more draconian. maybe they would be better off with donald trump. >> i don't trust the president to have a hard line policy on anything.
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david: he was much more centrist than liz warn. >> he campaigned on sticking it to china and he blinked. david: your beloved hong kong. what's the latest? >> it's continuing in limbo. it's sad. there are five demand from the protesters dealing with democracy. what they really want is just a sign of some respect and not to be treated as criminals. sadly it's not coming. david: we had the first shot fired in protests over the weekend. >> it would have been preventable. david: very easily. it shows what hard-line communists they are. iran's foreign minister zarif making a surprise visit to the g-7 summit. but president trump isn't bothered by it.
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he says president macron ran it by him first. even signaling that he would sit down with him. president trump: if the circumstances were correct i would agree to that. but in the meantime, they have to be good players. you understand what that means. david: joining me is john hannah. currently senior director of the foundation for defense of democracy. john, we have to mention your foundation has been targeted by the iranians. >> quite incredible. over the weekend as zarif was about to make his play on the world stage in france, the iranian foreign ministry sanctioned by name publicly my institution, the foundation for defense of democracies, and our ceo. this is, i think the first time that iran has actually now
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targeted private american citizens and a private research institution and told their security agencies, the irgc, that any action to punish fdd, my home base, is going to be legitimate. it's an unprecedented step and crossing of the line by the iranians. david: you have to take threats from the iranian regime seriously. they backed terror cells. they have killed americans. at the very least what they are doing is involved in hacking, viral hacks that they have. so are you doing knowing protect yourself from this threat? >> we have been in touch with the relevant law enforcement agencies as well as the national security agencies and the u.s. government. i have got to say the state department on saturday, very quickly put out a strong tweet
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condemning this action by the iranian government and reminding them that they are going to be held accountable should any harm come to individual american citizens. so we appreciate that a great deal. david: to what the president said in france, they are not acting as good players. we just saw it with regard to your organization. they lit off missiles over the weekend. they are doing a number of things that show they have no intention of behaving like good players. >> that's right. if you look at the middle east, israel in the course of 24 hours had to be militarily active against iranians and iranian proxies in iraq, in syria, in lebanon. there is no let-up in the iranian activity. within the next couple of weeks they are again pledged and committed to further exceed and violate the limit of this iran
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nuclear deal. david: therefore, i suspect you believe there should be no letup in our maximum pressure on the iranian regime. >> i think it's absolutely critical there be no let-up until iranians change their behavior. i think it's fine for the president to meet the iranians. he said he's prepared to do that. but we cannot be paying an entry price to get the iranians back to the table. that would be a huge mistake. david: take care of yourself. appreciate it. trouble may be brewing for newly minted cnn contributor and discontract isedden fbi agent andrew mccabe. >> you were fired by the fbi, i would like to you say on tv that you were not the source for the "new york times" considering that's what you are accused of lying about. david: sources confirming the
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decision whether to prosecute may be coming. just when you think hollywood can't get any more out of touch with the real world. >> i'm glad he's dead. all right. what a great show. david: conservative hollywood star and former republican congressional candidate, antonio sabato, jr. is here to call marer out. marer out. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed.
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david: new fall out after cnn decide to debate trump's meant at health. a psychiatrist says strum could kill as many people as hitler. >> trims as destructive a person as hitler, stall yib and mao is in this century. is he dangerous because it's a
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bad, evil conman or dangerous because it's mentally ill. i think on that i shall. >> it's clear's dangerous because he's evil. david: if that wasn't bad enough. the host never pushed back on those comments claiming it was due to technical difficulties. robin birks ro i know is a good man. and i now would not endorse this kind of talk at all. but it's coming from a psychiatrist. that's the extraordinary thing. this is a psychiatrist with a screw loose. >> the cold water rule addresses this specifically. but we have seen in the last couple years a lot of psychiatrists violate that rule and say they have an over arcing duty to call a spade a spade. i get it. but what he said was hyperbolic
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and not helpful to my cause as a democrat. '. hitler killed 11 million people, mao killed 45 million. to say trump will be responsible for more than that is outrageous. david: politifact went to the trouble to kind of figure out whether it was true or not. of course, they end up with a pants on fire designation of the remark which means it's not true. but the fact you would think to do something like that shows how insane some people are. >> it's no secret cnn is incredibly desperate for better ratings. this was clearly an unethical segment in the first place. cnn should know better. it's not surprising, they are
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desperate. just as with most of left-leaning progressives they tend to use emotions over fact. cnn would rather politicize this rather than focus on the true story. david: this does show why so many republicans have been reluctant to push back whenever they are called racist or whenever they are called compared to hitler because they know what's coming. they know the deluge of nastiness that could come in their direction. >> sure. and it does happen. it happens to most of of us republicans. as soon as i'm done doing any type of segment on any other network other than fox. my social media feed is pretty much filled with negativity and it's quite vile. but we have to be strong and dig or heels in and walk with our
11:19 pm
head held high. that's something cnn cannot do with this segment. david: they said there were technical difficulties that prevented pushing back on his comments. i know you probably get hate mail for even being on fox. but there were some precedents for what we see. there was the goldwater campaign in 1964 that was attacked by lbj. they ran the daisy ad. they only ran it once. bill moyers was the one who came up with that. the little girl pulling out the petals at daisy. at the end of the ad she says love you, love you not. there is a nuclear explosion. being that if you elect goldwater, the hold world will go up in flames. >> it's the perfect time for cnn to run a segment like that
11:20 pm
because last week we had the comment from the president about being the chosen one and it could be perceived as clinical behavior by someone. and talk about buying greenland. david: i thought it was a fine idea. it was thought by presidents before. i didn't think it was indicative of a mental problem. briabrian stelter. he's no howie kurtz. he's fully on board with this fake news you stuff going on at cnn. right? >> he is. if he wants to claim it was a technical difficulty. that segment was somewhat long. it was lengthy. so with whatever technical difficulty there may have been, they did not clarify it or clean
11:21 pm
it up. he went on twitter. then that psychiatrist actually doubled down on twitter as well and proceeded to said he said all those horrendous things about our president because of climate change. that's ridiculous. david: if you two were representative of the democratic party, i don't want to be kumbaya, we all get along. but you can disagree without being disagreeable. you i have respect for amy and you, david. hollywood hitting a new low. take a look. >> i am glad. all right. what a great show. david: tonight former congressional candidate and hollywood star antonio sabato is clear to call maher out.
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david: the fcc out with a new warning. scammers increasingly preying on the elderly. the phone numbers they use are one or two digits off from the real doctor's office number. david spunt has the alarming details. reporter: fcc officials are warning the elderly. they ask for your card or information it is likely a scam
11:27 pm
and could cost you your benefits. they are using spoofing techniques. that's when a foreign number is spoofed to look like a local number. spoofers are calling and asking for those new numbers on card hoping to take advantage of consumers immediate care benefits. i sat down with the fcc today. >> don't answer the phone if it comes from a spoofed number. if you do answer the phone, don't give out any personal information. hang up immediately. and if there is a scam being perpetrated on you, file the complaint. reporter: medicare authority will never call you unannounced asking for information over the phone. this is a small piece of the puzzle. those overseas don't comply with
11:28 pm
do not call lists. david: thank you very much. what we -- we all use bluetooth technology. but how safe is it. los angeles revealing it isn't as secure as you might think. and your bluetooth fitness track or phone calls could be up for grabs to the nearest cyber criminal. morgan, good to see you. we all know about the smart phones and the smart watches and all this. anything that has the word smart in front much it, any technology can be used to make trouble for you. to make your life miserable by hackers, right? >> anything smart really isn't that smart if it can be hacked that easily. key negotiation of bluetooth, it's encryption. way you protect things is by
11:29 pm
encryption. they have been able to reduce that key length to where you can force it really quick. hospitals, industrial plants, manufacturing, cars, a lot of the things outside of our conveniences that we rely upon may take advantage of a lot of this technology. and here we are like with the wi-fi protected access where millions of devices had to be fixed. we are back in the same boat and at the end of the day the consumer pays. david: i think of social media sites. if you want to look at an area rich for hackers. i think all the social media sites. you know, you and i talked about ransom aware. this becomes yet another way as you talked about in the previous segment with the reporter on the scams. the scams are evolving.
11:30 pm
it's evolving to where they are looking for other ways into your network. bluetooth will be another way to get into your network. we'll see variant of ransomware and malware getting in through bluetooth. if we sold cars the same way we sold some of these security device. why we allow this to go on is still a mystery to me that we sell device and cars with no security devices on them. david: unless we are a hermit living in a teepee in montana, we can't live off the grid. i can live without checking social media every minute of my life. is that about as far as you can go to avoid this stuff? >> well, a lot of this will depend. california used to be called
11:31 pm
senate bill 327. they passed a law into place which says you have to take reasonable measures to protect i.o.t. devices. that includes bluetooth. if you need your refrigerator connected to the internet, you need to rethink your life. it's the typical patterns. we look for litigation. people will sue. then regulation like the fcc, then there will be legislation. california has taken the legislative step. it's starting to get the attention of members of congress. i think you will see relevant agencies start to come together on this and put out regulations. david: i have got a question for you. do you have alexa? >> absolutely not. david: so you have gone that step at least. >> i have enough people spying
11:32 pm
on me. david: coming up. more problems for deblasio besides sounding like a chipmunk. >> i apologize that you ever got to know donald trump. but this new yorker volunteers to get rid of him for you. david: poor guy. missing posters popping up mocking the new york city mayor's absence while he's running for president. we have the details. but first far left television host bill maher siccingly celebrating the death of billionaire businessman and philanthropist david koch. even saying he hopes the end was painful. joining us, i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico, frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service,
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>> david koch of the billionaire
11:37 pm
brothers died of prostate cancer. i guess i will have to reevaluate my view of prostate cancer. the am zone is burning up, i'm glad he's dead. david: that's supposed to be a comedian talk. he's celebrating the death of billionaire philanthropist david koch because they don't agree with him politically. but my next guest knows well how vicious hollywood can be. joining me, former congressional candidate antonio sabato, jr. it takes a lot to shock me. but i must admit i was shocked by what bill maher said. were you? >> i was. not too long ago i told the
11:38 pm
president win want to work for you because i can go to hollywood and talk to these cry babies. the liberals in hollywood and all over the country are trying to destroy the country. the way we do things as conservatives with love and kindness, that's why we'll win next year. they can say practically anything they want on tv, wish people to die and that's allowed? this is not the country i love. the power hollywood has and what they have done to people like me and people who believe in a different belief. just because i support a different president you are going to shout me down and wish me dead? i hate bullies. you don't want to fight the patriots. we are getting very, very strong for the minute. david: when you push back at a
11:39 pm
bully, they usually back down. >> no, because they confront people on tv. when they have hbo and an audience supports them. put them down the street. just down a normal street and say the same thing you are saying. it would be a different story. we love this country. we are not rude like that. people asked me why are you so angry. i am not angry. i'm passionate about my country. i love my flag and i love this president. i would wear that maga hat all the time if i could. but i know it will cause a lot of problems so i keep it to myself. but these people intentionally call people names and call them names. david koch has children and a wife and he just passed away. that's wrong. david: he was more than a
11:40 pm
conservative businessman. he was a philanthropist. this is a guy how gave away hundreds of millions of dollars to all kinds of charities. half of lincoln center was paid for by him. hospitals he gave millions and millions of dollars. what has bill maher given away. what has he done that's half as good? >> nothing. the guy has probably donated to the playboy mansion when he used to go there. i used to see him half drunk or fully drunk. but he's on hbo, he can say anything wants, it's his show. but down the street he wouldn't. it's wrong. david: it's nastiness to all of america when you think of what he's wishing for now is for economic bad times so trump loses reelection. let me play the sound bite for those who have forgotten. >> do you see now why i say we
11:41 pm
need a recession? i know it will be painful but when need to get rid of this guy. a recession is a survivable event. what trump is doing to this country is not. recessions are survivable events. i have been hoping for a recession to get rid of trump, you shouldn't hate me for it. >> recessions are really bad. >> i know. david: i think a lot of democrats want the same thing but aren't willing to say it. >> they are scared for their future. this president is doing great things for their country. i ran away from hollywood. i live in florida in the red state and i'm proud of it. they kicked me out and i'm not heading back. nobody gives him credit. if this president was paying hbo and paying everything for hbo he still would be wrong. you can't make them happy. we'll continue to do make this
11:42 pm
country better each and every day and pray for them. we are going to live in positive love and kindness. david: it's easy to pray for friend but difficult to pray for your enemies. >> we can do it. we have bigger hearts than they do. love will always conquer. god is in control at the end of the day. david: while you are in florida at least you are paying no taxes at all. those folks in california have to pay a lot. >> that's right. thank you very much. god bless. david: more problems for deblasio beside sounding like a chipmunk. >> i apologize that you ever got to know donald trump. but this new yorker volunteers to get rid of them for you. david: posters are popping up mock his absence while running
11:43 pm
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david: sources are confirming to fox federal prosecutors are close to deciding whether to prosecute disgraced fbi official and newly minted cnn contributor, andrew mccabe. he was fired for lying to investigators about the clinton email investigation and the russian investigation. joining me, bud cummins. how much trouble is mr. mccabe in? >> he's definitely in a lot of trouble. if nothing else his reputation has probably been besmirched forever based on what we know about his conduct in 2016-2017. and he likely faces criminal charges and that takes it to another level.
11:48 pm
david: this is about the clinton investigation and to would argue he would take a different ideological position in this case than did in dealing with the trump dossier. >> it's hard to reconcile the decisions made in all these cases. he represents that he was behind in the investigation of the clinton foundation, but he ran the clinton email investigation. we not was a powder puff. it's hard to reconcile their representations and find any consistency in their judgment tack these cases. david: it's pretty clear peter strzok and mccabe had this cabal of trump maters and they were working to use the full power of those institutions they work for for political purposes. and that needs to be uncovered and i believe that's where a.g.
11:49 pm
barr is going. >> you can't prosecute somebody for being overly political or a bad manager or even dishonorable in the way they manage the department -- the fbi. the crime is going to be that he made false statements to investigators, and he did that multiple times over a period of many months. i could sit here if i was his lawyer and argue why they should decline prosecution in that matter. but it's hard to read the facts of his case, then look at general glynn's case and george pogeorgepapadopoulos's case andt throw mccabe into that bunch. you would have to say his sins were probably worse, most of definitely worse than any of the people i just mentioned.
11:50 pm
dave require's water over the bridge. but why can't mueller look more deeply into the affairs of the d.o.j., the fbi, other agencies being used by people that were lying on a con sirs tent basis? >> a lot of us have those questions why did the mueller investigation top where it did. i think the answer must be through agreement with the department. they said there is no reason for a special counsel to look at these other issues. time will tell if we see that those things are thoroughly investigated and we see the findings. but you have to wonder, i always wondered how mueller failed in 450-some-odd pages to write about the christopher steel work and the origin of that work and the dossier and who paid for it. david: how it was leaked to
11:51 pm
"buzzfeed" and become fertile ground for the anti-trump media. the key was when we saw mr. mueller give a terrible display of his knowledge of all this in front of congress and realize his dem andrew weissmann who was a big clinton supporter was the one running the investigation. >> that's apparent. it's unbelievable the democrat party was able to plant this false information and unnecessarily appoint the appoint of a special counsel that tran for two years and plant a partisan inside the investigation for the writing of the report. i'm not confident this will ever be properly investigated. but i hope we can find a way to quit weaponizing the department of justice. for that reason, i take no position -- i don't wish
11:52 pm
prosecution on anybody. but we do need to know the truth. we have to know the truth. david: deblasio missing posters mocking bill deblast yoams absence while's running for president. >> i apologize you ever got to know donald trump. but this new yorker volunteers to get rid hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> welcome back it is time for the lightning round. join me campus reform, good to see her. thanks for being here. here is a story that campus reform has been following. new jersey handed out $3.8 million of free tuition to illegal immigrants. >> brand-new reporting out of campus reform, over $3 million have gone to illegal immigrant students in the state of new jersey. this is thanks to a bill signed by democrat governor in 2018. this is just not unfair to only the taxpayers in new jersey who are strapped with taxes but unfair to students who are struggling with the cost of college. this is an issue on the forefront of the 2020 campaign with different candidates coming up with this issue. it's insensitivity to call students were trying to pay tuition from the state of new
11:57 pm
jersey. >> then we have the clinton's, the clinton asked the dj to turn down the sound which was upsetting their meal, tell us what happened. >> the clinton's were proving once again that they are the worst couple on earth to get a drink with. they went to a bar in the hamptons and bill clinton as the dj to turn the music down in the dj refused to do so. this reminded me of when i was in high school. i dj my senior homecoming and in the middle of the song i unplugged the speakers in the room went silent. if you looking for an events person, you just might want to hire me. i love stopping music in the middle of songs and he might like me for that. >> i like the fact that the dj got back by playing fleetwood. >> , don't stop. that was hillary clinton's theme song. bill de blasio, he is a tall guy, i interviewed him a couple of times.
11:58 pm
>> here is the thing. i have dated a bit and i say there are plenty of guys that feel entitled to things because they are tall and they won the genetic lottery. it could be a second date or the presidency and i think bill de blasio falls right into the entitlement. >> dairy queen had to clarify that it's food does not contain human flesh? >> yes. they were forced to release a statement saying they do not put human meet and their burgers which is a relief to a lot of us to hear that. >> there was a rumor in south carolina after a bunch of federal agents were seen in that location of dairy queen and all
11:59 pm
this did was get me thinking about the fact that they had those jurassic park blizzards like him a couple years ago and it got me thinking what may have been in those in the feds were just after money laundering ring. >> kfc hopping on the meat tra train. >> kfc in a new partnership with up-and-coming food industry, mover and shaker is rolling out meatless nuggets and wings at the alanna georgia location and planning on rolling these out to the rest of the country and i know that meat lovers are going to be pretty skeptical this and not want to go to kfc for a vegan meal. this is a smart business decision there are over 375 million vegetarians in the world. just look at india an estimated 40%. >> when the news of this came out, kfc stock went sky high.
12:00 am
great to see you. thank you for being here. you can catch me every week night 5:00 p.m. eastern time, it's called "bulls & bears" right here on fox business. i will be back tomorrow, kennedy begins right now. i love "bulls & bears". check this out joe biden has had a very tough week as you know a new gasp comes out, now he is dropping fast in the polls. he said so himself. >> i just poke a healthcare at the medical school and the people from the medical school, i want to be clear, i'm not going nuts and i'm not sure there was a medical school or where the


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