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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  August 27, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it's pouring. connell: all right, anyway, thank you for joining us. we appreciate will see what happens with the markets and tomorrow in whatever the tweets may hold. that's it for us. "bulls and bears" start right now. david: tonight on "bulls and bears" 2020 presidential candidate bernie sanders unveiling a plan to preserve and protect journalism as he sees it but plans to use your taxes and freeze murders in order to do all of this. good evening, i'm david as an intervening on penn state jonathan, christina, carol and john. the 2020 democrat may not love how the media covers him but he says he wants to save quotes, real journalism, by driving out its corporate owners. he slams the likes of jeff besos sanders new proposal aiming to stop corporate consolidation take antitrust action against tech giants like facebook and google and bolster independent
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news by endorsing a quote, targeted advertising tax for funding newsrooms. sanders stating part quote, today's assault on journalism i wall street billionaire businessman silicon valley and donald trump present a crisis and why we must take concrete action and we should not want even more of the free press to be put under the control of a handful of corporations and benevolent billionaires who can use their media empires to punish their critics and shield themselves from scrutiny. jonathan, what do you think of bernie's solution? >> free press that means free from government. but out bernie. this is infuriating the government has no role zero, zilch no role in journalism and in speech and in ideas but both bernie in the last and on the right as well have consistently been attacking the free press not just one institution or one
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pure radical or reporter for the institution at large and that's what paving the way for these calls are more government regulation or institution into what could be more sacred than a first amendment our free press. but out, bernie. >> can we get an amen out in here? i agree with you jonathan. the funny thing is i feel like we have not had a freer press than we do now in the fact that everyone has a voice whether publishing your own blog on the internet or going onto a big, bad corporate sites like facebook or twitter and to have your own voice and put it out there. we've not had that before. unless you are a journalist or knew somebody who would publish you cannot get your voice into the mix so i would argue that the problem is not that we don't have a free press but consumers happen to click on click beat all the time you don't have the best taste.
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david: panel, stay in. i want to bring in the media research center, dan gaynor. you might not look his solutions but bernie has had on real problems with journalism, no? >> journalists have a ton of problems and bernie's solutions are not good. let's have the socialist mess with the constitution in free press. not always a good thing. these are not even new solutions and i - i wrote an op-ed fbox nt how a free press is trying to graft from government from journalists $230 billion that back then because they know if government is funding journalism it will end up funding left-wing journalism just like it does in europe and just like it does here in america when it comes it. pbs, journalists basically are part of the government operation already and can you imagine if they got more money? they would not be more
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conservatives but more liberal. >> part of the government operation journalists are part of the government operation did i hear that correctly? >> yeah, that's what - [inaudible conversations] >> that's completely incorrect. i want to go back to another point before dan joined just, he said governments are not in being and everyone has a voice but haven't you in the past, on the show, argue that maybe the likes of facebook and google are shunning the right wing voices and favoring liberals by us or having the liberal bias so isn't that going contradictory to what you're stealing right now that everyone has a voice and out they don't? there is a concern that the social media giants is that they do have a lot of control over what we see and contribute or get a lot of the algorithm and more people are turning to them so i do think it's an issue and no, journalists are not part of the government institution or whatever you just said, dan. [inaudible conversations]
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>> if i could respond back to christina to address that he point. if you listen to i said on the program before i said i feel like these forms should protect the speech and that's what they should do but the government should not intervene and they should be the free market that puts pressure on companies and shareholders should put pressure on them and follow free speech out of principle not because they're required to by law. i am not arguing for government intervention before or today. >> no, but in the past - go ahead, john. >> christina, i will agree with you because you say that reporters are not for the government institution but look to the washington post with - by the way, bernie sanders called out as well. they have 47 pulitzers and they are the one that broke the
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any politician we have, right or left, will go after any press that's against him and us hurting our press and you had billionaires with the graham family washing the wanting to post and we've always had billionaires - not always great like william randall hearst and joseph pulitzer. we had bad things happen but were starting to see more freedom of press now and i don't think these policies will take. david: don, you wouldn't be for a system where the government has a tax and pay for some kind of government controlled or government regulated journalism system that is paid for by taxpayers, would you? >> oh my god, no, david. absolutely not. i'm with jonathan. i don't want the government in any of it but i think it's unfair to be journalism completely as a liberal propaganda. >> i agree with you but honestly
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i asked this question today if it doesn't the president, on some level, bear some of this response ability because he takes every opportunity not to go after one particular newspaper reporter but a tax the press at large and the media is in that sewing this element of distrust that essentially paves the way for burning? >> i completely agree with that. >> one thing about donald trump. he did not start this fight. the media supported - they love to trump for a long time and then they did everything they could so he fought back. he said something that i widely disagree with. he said the press is the enemy of the people. they're not the enemy of the left. they love the left. but i enemies to conservatives? absolutely. >> he did not start it? what kind of argument is that i hear that for my eight -year-old kid. [inaudible conversations] david: john, are you suggesting that the media gives donald trump a fair shake? >> i think the media has an
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inherent liberal bias, yes, i agree with that but we don't have newspapers that are based in des moines or cedar rapids, iowa so yes, the media has a liberal bias and i don't think that leads into stories. david: you don't? have you ever seen - do you remember they try to put out a headline that seems like it might be pro- trump and they had to change it at the last minute before it hit the presses. >> david, isn't that the beauty? carol alluded to this. there are more sources now and more journalism for more voices that's ever been had before and citizen journalism were podcasting. >> people that are spewing lies on the blog is not journalism. you have more people but to john's point there's been 1400 communities that have lost the newspapers and where the local news out there? [inaudible conversations]
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>> last time i checked the first amendment included freedom of press belongs to all of us but yes, if someone blogs whether they are a high pay new york times reporter or ordinary person on the street they are blogging that journalism but the problem is - >> christina would decide what journalism is. david: hold on. hold on. as an old print guide let me go back to dan on this because i think christina makes a good point. in the old days i worked at the journal for many years and we had four levels of editors before anything would hit the newsprint. that is gone now and a lot of journalism it's just right from your fingers into the internet and becomes cold, journalism. that, jonathan, if you have these levels of editors that are supposed to check the accuracy of your story that does provide
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- never have a guarantee but more evidence than what you have printed is true. right? >> and it hold them accountable. >> well, this high level of accuracy are the same ones, david, that late jason blair . david: big mistakes were made. >> yeah, but what i thank you might quibble with the new york times editorial but to criticize their actual reporting they send reporters out and do report the news and at the end of the day if you don't like it, turn it off. david: you don't have to buy the newspapers and can turn the channel if you want. dan gaynor, great to see you my friend. johnson and johnson boeing to appeal a landmark opioid verdict in oklahoma. what impact will this decision have been other lawsuits in the
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david: johnson and johnson boeing to fight the oklahoma ruling that found him guilty of viewing the opioid crisis. a judge ordered the company to pay 572 million dollars in damages in this ruling may have an even wider impact in joining us now former federal prosecutor doug burns though how is this decision going to set a precedent for other product liability cases? >> a court ruled on appear that the rule of law for becomes the president and a trial context each case is weighed on its own merits. however, the theory of this case is interesting and it wasn't strict the ie and inherently dangerous product but wasn't negligent and you were negligent in the way . david: what was it? >> he engaged in false marketing and advertising on the pills
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which led to a public nuisance under oklahoma law. the point is the advertising was look, they put out literature saying it's not that addictive and you should stress the patients that acute pain can become chronic pain and the judge laid it all out. i looked through the opinion said that was false marketing and false advertising and that created the public nuisance but to answer your original question is public nuisance under oklahoma law which is very specific as the case it was brought by the state and not by individuals. >> carol, it seems like a slippery slope as i mentioned on this program that alcohol we had more than 8 million alcoholics in this country and certainly we have alcohol manufacturers and marketers that now consume and say it's a new new system and you can got to have good time and not addictive so where does the stop because it seems to me like this is an attempt to remove personal responsibility for their down the chain and to
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find someone to blame for everything using the legal system. >> very viable point and the point is as a canvas this case with people hitting the commonsense reactions a lot of saying aren't the doctors responsible and if there over prescribing and not necessarily the manufacturer but again, a little broken record points on this specific facts of this specific case the point is it was advertising which led to suspicions to state there is liability but back to the point just made it is a slippery slope and i have to be cognizant of that. the segway, david, is on appeal let's not count them out and they may do well on appeal but hard to say. >> doug, people say there's response ability of the level of the user but going after the big pharma companies because they borrow a line from willie sutton that is where the money is and could be see the situation with the tobacco companies over a decade ago when they got the big lawsuit and it made the stocks
5:17 pm
on investable for years and could the same type of cloud way over these pharmaceutical stocks of state after state goes after them for big money? >> it's kind of the same answer. jonathan, depends on how this case will bear on appeal to a great extent. those will probably be filed by those cases are on appeal but at the same time we could see - first of all, i assume you talking about this yesterday but they were looking for $17 billion and they came up with 500 and ironically in terms of financial stuff and not my area of excess pts is optimistic but the point is we will see how this case varies on appeal but i like the slippery slope to repeat that specter, great to have you on the show with jon here. good to see you. the question is that somewhere in between there is a doctor who is a little better than a game quarter drug dealer running
5:18 pm
script after script and i'm not putting a blanket and all doctors out there but some are writing way too many scripts of pain pills, opioids so why are doctors getting out of this? >> it's interesting because we have this intervening cause which breaks the change of causation with simple english. how can you say the manufacturer of the bill cause what happened. there is intervening conduct so john is exactly right but where they got hooked and snacked is on this concept of you put out false information saying it's not going to make it addictive and so on and that's why they got killed. changing the fact pattern if they had done nothing in terms of marketing campaigns with advertising campaigns put aside financial part et cetera et cetera but the reality is and never would've been found liable in this case. >> what about the terminology? public nuisance. carol talked about why not go
5:19 pm
after alcohol companies or though companies that contribute to obesity but if you look at the rulings for the tobacco industry didn't they also use the term public nuisance and he did have retaliation against harmful substance. >> when you heard me say about strict liability and it's interesting because legal theories are different than casual conversation so strict liability of the court tobacco situation is putting out a product that inherently dangerous and we don't care and this thing is automatically dangerous and that was pretty much the core but as far as alcohol i make in this analogy which would be makers of alcohol are careful to do warnings, don't drink and drive, it won't affect you if you driving would be - that's the analogy. >> but painkillers have redeeming value. those who need them, cancer patients, very bad back problems et cetera and what concerns me is that doctors and drug companies may now be reluctant
5:20 pm
to prescribe them and come up with new versions. >> great point. like everything else you need the legitimate administration of it for people who really need it and you will have abuse so here the abuse may chill the legitimate use. david: doug burns, great to see her. as joe biden's electability argument is that losing steam? a poll with bad news for the 2020 mobile but not bad news for the are left. ♪ all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better.
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plus get $250 back when you buy a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. >> tumbling from the top 2020 opal joe biden down double digits in a new poll of democrats cashing a little doubt on the candidate's electability argument and a new poll showing biden in a dead heat with far
5:24 pm
left senators elizabeth ward and bernie sanders down. are left in the party gaining more support or is it just biden's losing steam? >> i think biden is losing it. i'm not a believer in the pulseless movement and i 80% of americans believe in socialism a lot more to say they vote against trump in a matter of poles. i know the slippery slope and i don't think america is moving that far left but biden is not a good campaigner and has a great feeling he had a great feeling of president obama who felt he was a popular president during his term among democrats and had such a big lead court call harris, cory booker was before and, bernie sanders everybody is attacking him including from the right, president trump we see him as a friend so that's what's taking bernie sanders down and the left by the party up. my opinion. >> that's why joe biden put out a second commercial, much more personal commission talking
5:25 pm
about child relations but showing his support for the affordable care act and i think there could be weakness or just weakness in the democratic party base and are they going to vote because they want them to be the president or going to vote because they want them to reform the current system and that question has not been answered thus far. however, bernie and warren are somewhat similar so could they possibly discuss among the two of them and decide one front runner? >> i don't know, guys. if you believe in holes we have clearly clinton in the white house. take this with a grain of salt. here's the reality. if you are somebody who will be a fan of sanders or a fan of war and you are likely to vote for biden against trump but however if you're a fan of biden you might not vote for sanders or warren against trump and mike it
5:26 pm
out or go for a third-party candidate and so at the end of the day it doesn't remember what the polls say but the majority of the democratic party is a moderate in their best chance right now is joe biden. >> but the moderates are losing steam. that's the whole point. i project on the show that the safe approach of go with biden but that does not sell or inspire people. great chicago architect for the best, make no small plans for they have no magic to inspire men's souls. that's what bernie sanders and elizabeth were in half. they have the magic. respectfully, john and carol, i disagree with you. the left is more left than you think and these ideas we call socialists could very much be mainstream when it comes to today's demographic. david: we know in fact that liz warren, to your point, there's not that much difference between her and bernie and has come out with plants that are almost as expensive as some of his plans are but look at how close they are and carol is right you can't believe in all polls and this
5:27 pm
might be an outlier and we will see from polls that follow but it's also true joe biden has been making a lot of mistakes in public. it's always been prone to gas but is made more gas in the past couple weeks that he did in the previous couple of years. >> explain. david: like what? many examples the one where he was stuck black for poor and another one where - he's made about five big gaffs. >> but the president does everything today. david: but these are big gaffs of big policy issues. >> he's calling - he's paid $200,000 for college tuition but the reality is he doesn't have a good moderate candidate so they are hanging their hat on joe biden. it would be better for the democrats if they had a better candidate but this is again the skinniest kid at that camp. david: there are some other moderates we had john delaney on the program a couple of weeks ago and maybe this will give or this moment of higher.
5:28 pm
>> of the population wanted a moderate and howard schultz would still be in the race. this is the whole point. what intimate people is not moderation but what animates them is a radical idea and positive forward looking . david: you think that's what the democrat party is? is essentially a socialist party. >> these ideas like wealth redistribution and health medicare for all in a decade on fox news channel we talked about these as being extreme socialist ideas but this is part and parcel mainstream for the democrats. would be used to consider socialist that is their bread and butter today and that's what will and. david: we have to move on but still awfully early. more than one year to go. actress lori loughlin in a fashion designer husband back in court today. aying half a million dollars to help get their daughters into college. we got a live update from boston coming up. ♪ with sofi, get your credit cards right- by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment.
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david: new developments in the college admissions scandal that has hollywood stars facing possible prison time. actress lori loughlin and her husband fashion designer husband facing a judge this very afternoon. were outside the courthouse in boston five with the latest. hello, molly. reporter: good evening. you said at the former bolthouse start was here in boston today with her husband and presented a united front. entering the courthouse holding hands and sitting side-by-side
5:33 pm
before the judge. the prosecutors raised conflict of interest as they do share some of the same attorneys but they each retain their own separate counsel. seemingly the biggest concern today is her husband hired lawyers from a smaller firm that also has attorneys that represent another defendant in the case. she is a parent that has pled guilty and is cooperating. prosecutors were she could ultimately testify against genuity and others. even though they don't know each other but she is alleged to paid for the mastermind to get her daughters into the university of southern california as athletic groups. it is just what basket or say laughlin and her husband did. they stand accused of being the ringleader of the scheme and paint some $500,000 to bribe coaches and a ministry there's a great pony abutted profiles to get their two daughters into usc has recruited members of the crew team although neither team
5:34 pm
was ever a rower. ultimately, the couple find waivers and for the desire to share a legal team and the judge still mulling out that matter related to the separate counsel but loughlin and her husband pays up to 40 years in prison if they are convicted on the two counts that they are facing. david: molly, thank you. in light of this admissions scandal the college board has been searching for a weight to give more equal opportunity to higher education but scrapped their first attempt to create sat student adversity scores after an intense backlash. today they announced a new plan to consider socioeconomic factors in admissions. it gives colleges information about an applicants neighborhood including median family income, local college attendance and prime numbers but critics say the program could be gained as the last one so what's the answer to making sure college admissions is fair? >> very simple. get government out of it. look, the college bubble is
5:35 pm
bursting. this is $200 billion plus in government subsidies year after year after year and that's what allows corruption like this aloud and becky to go on. it keeps and crop schools and businesses and teachers. if you want to reform education, it's not more aid to students but get government out of education in the real market reform education take place in this country to be a revolution for the better. >> i appreciate your time to stick to the theme but it was a business and that is the college board that administers the sat that decided to do this adversity score and instituted schools across the u.s. and did beta testing last year. they scrapped it because it brought up this whole debate about how can we determine race and class in college admissions just by one number so that is what david said changed. it's affecting a lot of people and reported on this just this afternoon that 2.1 million people took the sat test in 2018. that's a 25% increase year over year and that adversity score was created by a business.
5:36 pm
>> look, i'm building to schools in low income areas so note this topic very well and i'm completely against grading on the car for those who come from low income areas regardless of race, regardless of socioeconomic members, it does not matter. these kids can compete and the kids should compete but by dealing with them at the college level first that's like giving someone who has a brain tumor aspen for their headache. it's too late and have to deal at the fourth or six level and get education up to level or will never have diversity in higher education. 50% of kids in low income areas don't even graduate high school but 50% that do graduate with eighth-grade reading levels so it doesn't matter what you do as far as college admission but if you're starting with the school programs in the first of fourth grade you're losing your way. david: amen. >> i hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but if you have a subjective process it is never going to be fair. it's either subjective
5:37 pm
applications here and so the college will have to decide what is best. the bigger issue is if you focus on the con that is college and the average price of college is $35,000 a year and looking at most majors no one will be able to get a return on that investment. if you want to focus on what is fair to students focus on the price of education not subjective process. good discussion. david: former president barack obama once said there's only so big house that you can have. a 50 million-dollar beachfront mansion is not too big. is at the height of hypocrisy? we debate that. ♪ (ding) hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance,
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5:41 pm
like this. listen. >> i'm surprised by how much money i got and let me tell you something. i don't have half as much as most of these folks - there's only so much you can eat. there's only so big a house you can have. david: so, are critics right to blast him? other comments really against or are the obama living out the film and of the american dream? carol, you wrote an op-ed for fox news holiness at the height of hypocrisy but i think i know where you stand. go ahead. >> yeah, i'm all for people living in fancy houses but i don't think it's fair when they live in glass houses. i want everyone to be successful and i think we should embrace that success but the challenge is whether it's president obama and the fancy summerhouse or
5:42 pm
bernie sanders and his three houses and million dollar bank account or elizabeth warren in her six-figure salaries she made from teaching in ivy league schools they are demonizing success while using the politics of envy to enrich themselves so i say live the life. i want everyone to be successful but don't throw stones at other people when they do it. >> but they are out of politics and i almost think we talked about someone else i can't remember the name but they're out of politics and no longer in the public eye why should we be holding them accountable to anything? they are done. to your point you're saying it's fine if you made that comment in the past and not sticking with it but you can make the same case about any politician or any topic in the waiver to change their opinion and elizabeth warren wrote a massive features pieces - she was a capitalist, procapitalist and went into bankruptcy's and was pro-business and so he shifted. or president trump. the fact he was pro- abortion clearly changing that stands
5:43 pm
now. obama's purchases so who cares? >> there's a difference between changing your position which we all would respect but being a hypocrite which is what carol is alluding to. we see it all the time with the leftist and status, leonardo dicaprio flies on a private jet and matt damon says his kids go to private school in the obama's and bernie sanders have all these houses. certainly i'm not begrudging anyone's success but the fact that obama became successful and becomes wealthy not because he invented something or started a business but because of government. that's that washing machine of hypocrisy and enrichment that infuriates so many americans on both sides of the aisle. >> johnson, to that point that every time we bring up leonardo dicaprio or the leftists or rightists that bring up that girl, greta, don't know her last name and i apologize that but - >> thornburg. >> she took a vote across the ocean to go against an event and not remember the correct details
5:44 pm
but nonetheless, were not talking about those people trying to make a difference because were focusing on the celebrities. david: politician is little more than a celebrity. >> were calling out the hypocrisy because this is a big issue on the left. this is what they are peddling. the peddling that wealth is bad instead of the american dream is good. this is damaging for our country and it's important for us to call out the hypocrisy and especially for this, john. >> carol, i agree with the hypocrisy of the left i think you're half right. it matches the hypocrisy on the right and this is not the first politician they wanting to get elected after elected he changes it does whatever he wants to do in his personal life. he's one of about a million politicians in history of the world that is done at. [inaudible conversations] david: what you heard was that in 2018 after he got out of office. i'd like to say i thought jonathan would bring up the point that here's a couple that has talked about climate change and rising sea levels and buy a
5:45 pm
50 million-dollar house on the water. what does that tell you? >> baby the world will not ended 12 years, david, as the leftist and proponent of the green new deal would have us believe. the levels are not rising back quickly. >> david, don't discount the message but there is messages out there that are true and do resonate. [inaudible conversations] david: if i believe the waters are rising - >> but that does not mean anything - [inaudible conversations] david: moving on. rolling out assistance for keeping tabs on it citizens behavior. new concerns in silicon valley may be developing here at home. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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♪ david: the communist government of china has added an orwellian twist to customer profiles who now use with called a quote, social credit system, to measure behavior in order and this is a quote from the chinese government themselves - to allow the trust for the two rome everywhere under heaven while making it harder for the discredited to take a single step. silicon valley, believe it or not, they follow in these footsteps. developing a social credit system here in america with private businesses like life insurance companies searching our social media activity for evidence of good and bad behavior but does anyone find this alarming? >> is concerning. imagine you go on a date or putting yourself on a dating app and you put your score, social credit score on there and that's what they're encouraging because the ali baba were talking during the commercial break had that in
5:50 pm
working with matchmaking agencies to encourage people to put out there score to show there are a good candidate. here in the united states are reported on this the life insurance companies will double check your social media post to see what you're doing before and after if you're in an accident to see if your line. david: we told social media companies we want you to enforce the police out there the ethical police so this is a step too far. >> as far as the dating app, go to a bar and - skip these apps. it's easier. >> is obviously a difference between the government and private companies. a government you can't opt out and they have weapons but private companies you decide whether you get to participate or not. it make sense if your insurance, you want to make sure people are doing the right things and if you're putting that information out there publicly that it's not on you so as long as they are engaging with things that make
5:51 pm
sense and you have a choice this is what will happen. be smart about it. >> this is missing to complete the station between political power and economic power bit but, as carol said in china you don't have a choice to not get a credit score. in fact, the chinese government allocates out rights aced on how high that score is. with domestic and silicone version of that this companies investigating you, looking at your social media post making decisions based on that is a complete - it's totally . david: but jonathan, i'm surprised as you, as a man who claims to be a libertarian through and through the danger, john, is that government and you know government has tendency to overreach and the government somehow like in china will make deals with companies and you and i know the nsa is done in the past to share information and once they share that - ali baba is 500 million customers. the chinese government has no access to all information that ali baba gives them.
5:52 pm
>> the answer quickly is a crackdown on silicon valley but a crackdown on government and make sure that six to its own purpose, protecting individual rights. david: john, go ahead. >> i completely agree. i joked about the dating app but you don't want to be on social media to be tracked and it's easier said than done but i went to the grocery store when i was a kid we were when the barcodes first came out the tracked consumer behavior in a rudimentary way. this has just been against that level. it simply tracking consumer behavior and better able to sell and that's part of what we get, good and bad, with these tech companies. i do draw the line where that information is shared with the government. >> john, to that point, have a few people who said when they apply for jobs that are not social media it almost comes across as odd that you cannot find anything about you online. therefore, maybe you should be creating a profile so you have some type of online persona. >> put out puffy puppy pictures
5:53 pm
and smiley pictures and then you will not have to worry about it. david: point is you already have companies that are delving very deeply and even if you don't put anything out on social media just on the basis of your buying habits what you look at in advertising every time you go into particular websites they already have belief and even when you put out puppy pictures on social media they still know what you are really interested in, carol. [inaudible conversations] david: go ahead, carol the luxury of the future will be privacy. somebody will take this on and for people who are willing and able to pay for it you will be able to protect your privacy and for everyone else, be careful what you put on line. david: very quick final point, jonathan, go ahead. >> all a company can do is offer you a deal. when the government offers you a deal maintaining your social
5:54 pm
media credits that's when you get the hell out. david: ignore your calendar, paul has finally arrived. play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. all right brad, once again i have revolutionized the songwriting process. oh, here we go. i know i can't play an instrument, ..
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david: apparently fall is upon us, it's that smell of pumpkin spice in the air. not from real pumpkins. but from starbucks. the pumpkin spice latte rurps today. they are unveiling a new pumpkin beverage. should they just sell the flavors year-round and get over this gimmick? >> no. just like the easter eggs with the hard shell that only come around at easter time. it's not just the smell of starbucks. spam is going to come out with
5:58 pm
the flavor as well. pumpkin flavored spam. i ate a kit kat that was pumpkin spice and it was gross. i threw it out. >> the scarcity makes it appealing. not unlike the mcrib. and they have innovated. they innovated this entire pumpkin spice category. look how many copycats are piggy backing on starbucks innovating this pumpkin spice category. it's the reason stocks are up 30% this year. >> limited time offers, things that are exclusive for a certain period of time work well and it
5:59 pm
creates a lot of marketing and "media buzz." the challenge is as you start bringing it in earlier and earlier. it no longer becomes a limited edition. at that point you need the rethink the strategy. it would be smart for them to mick it up. one pumpkin spice beverage for the fall and one for the summer. but pumpkin spice is everywhere. >> i wonder who came up with the pumpkin spice. >> you just insulted a lot of viewers who might eat pumpkin spice flavored goods. >> if you are, don't watch, we don't want you.
6:00 pm
david: speak up for pumpkins. >> i am one spice doesn't have any pumpkin in it. it's a total misnomer. it's like cinnamon and cloves. david: that does it for bulls and bears." liz: president trump back from the g-7 tweeting that it was a great success. the media and chuck schumer attack the president for saying yes, invite russia back in. the fight between trump and the federal reserve went to a whole new unprecedented level. the former new york federal reserve president says it's time for the federal


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