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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 30, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: senator kirsten juulingbre0 president hopeful to get out of the race. kirsten juuling brennan becomes. i think we can say prematurely, there are plenty left, ten of them have qualified for the dems next debate and that takes place next month. i suspect you like me, can hardly wait. msnbc host lawrence o'donnell has retracted his false malicious report in which he tried to tie president trump's finances to a ball thing, russian all the guard, i wonder where he got that pot light.
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the totally inaccurate reporting by lawrence o'donnell is no different than the horrible corrupt and fraudulent fake news that i've had to put up with four years. joining us tonight, tammy bruce, fox business contributor and host of the fox nation show. tammy bruce think to have you here. let's start with this beauty. it's an impressive job of straightforward and direct to what point? >> what is it a year end half probably millions of dollars. lou: we waited. >> we waited which is so, kate. i think they have him templates and slot names. i have been ranged with a number of smart people trying to convince us that that is damning
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to comey and destroy his reputation. he did things that the initiation of what was apparently a queue in this country to remove a sitting president but all they can get out is that he broke rules and violated policy. lou: protocols, don't forget the protocols, tammy. >> hillary clinton deals to way, james comey dancing away and this is why president trump was elected because we saw this dual system and its unacceptable. there's so much work that needs to be done to deal with the garbage that has invested the remarkable and beatable government. and we have to be able to distance of what's been unacceptable to the market people. lou: unacceptable and nauseati nauseating, disgusting, appalling. and the left-wing media in the midst of all this is sort of embracing this report.
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if the nation of what was a precious, retentions, absolutely fraudulent -- >> everybody wants us to be enough. they want to say it destroy his reputation. it says everything weirdl we aly knew. they want people to want more. and the contempt with which they still hold the them or can people as we don't know what is going on. we do. lou: and is really a seriously divisive but open question for all americans. that is, who will be punished for what, the left in the intelligence agencies, mainly the fbi, the head of the
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national intelligence, the cia, perhaps the obama white house. all of this should be subject to investigation and right now there is a yawning abyss that has to be crossed before that can even happen. and we are to and half years into a presidency that all of these agencies in the administration clearly tried to prevent. >> the benefit we have a president who sees what we see and hear of course has been dealing with the swap that is working overtime to stop in. but this is like a cancer and a cancer or a virus that changes itself based on being recognized and changes in order to survive itself. we cannot let up. we have to adapt as we see it adopting. lou: i think you are right. we cannot let out but we sure as hell better accelerate.
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>> not only hurling it firm but must make it more aggressive. i like what the president did with lawrence o'donnell his personal attorney ready to sue and enough with not standing up in the trump's are showing us how to do it. lou: tammy bruce, great to see you. thank you so much. americans don't know what to believe these days regarding the death of pedophile jeffrey epstein, according to a new poll by emerson college in the market people are divided. 34% say epstein was murdered, 33% say he hanged himself. can you imagine if we just went with polls and made decisions as a nation on the basis of these numbers. in 32% of us aren't sure either way, i think you could throw almost any issue and get somewhat similar proportions. up next could america's longest
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war finally nearing its end? will take up president trump's latest initiatives in afghanistan, general joins us stay with us. will we be bringing our troops home? what does it take to get out of afghanistan. stay with
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lou: president trump launching us-based command, 87 units under a single commander will focus on initial warnings, space support. the communist regime in china sending a new group of its troops to hong kong today calling the action routine might be if the situation were routine in hong kong, the pla has a presence of six to 10000 in hong kong and has kept that force level for some time. president trump says he is ready
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to reduce the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan from 14000 to 8600. that is the number the army general scott miller has been working on for a year. the president's comments on afghanistan, as an american envoy has into the ninth round of peace talks with the taliban. joining us tonight, vice chief of staff from the u.s. army, retired four-star general fox strategic's analytics. great to be with us. nine rounds and we're still nowhere with the taliban. are we to be anyway encouraged that there will be a tenth round? >> i think frankly we are close to an announcement. maybe within a week or so. 8 - 9 months of negotiations.
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i think the framework for the announcement will be something like this. the united states will agree and this'll be the headline all over the world. they will agree to withdraw all troops by the end of 2020 or pretty close to the . . . lesson 18 months from now with the following conditions. one there must be in agreement with the afghan government and the taliban, those negotiations will begin almost immediately following the negotiated peace announcement. two, the taliban guarantees that the al qaeda will not reestablish a safe haven in afghanistan, they have some presents but is not formidable. none of us by that by the way. lou: the other one, the taliban guarantees that they will destroy isis, the problem with that they don't have the
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capability to do that as isis has grown inside of afghanistan, we will not move from 8600 to 0, despite the fact that that is proclaimed as an end state until such times as those conditions are met. lou: it sounds to me, forgive me if my skepticism sounds like cynicism. it is 20 years of engagement, this president through his great credit said he wanted to bring our troops home and put the burden on the nations who legitimately belongs. he has to first clear a lot of brush of the pentagon and there is an abiding an issue within the pentagon that would argue relentlessly for another two
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decades that we need troops there to control the situation that we have yet to control. is it not time to destroy an enemy or getaway from that particular war zone? >> i am sympathetic to everything that you just said. 18 years is an incredibly long time to be involved in one engagement like this. but here is the issue, why do we go there, because al qaeda was there and launch the attacks on to embassies in africa. they would not give up al qaeda which president bush had asked for so we had to take the regime down. and for 18 years we prevented the al qaeda who ran across the border into pakistan and we prevented them from ever establishing the safe haven and attacking us again which is been there aspiration. this is something we cannot talk too much about but we have a capability there that is not military that has their foot on
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al qaeda inside of pakistan. they conduct operations against them on a regular basis from one of the bases that we killed osama bin laden. our concern, we got it, were worn out by the war in afghanistan but we don't want al qaeda to attack us again, we don't want them to establish a safe haven. what would it take to do that, can we get the forces down to a smaller level to guarantee that will not happen? >> were doing the same thing in syria with less forces and less forces in yemen, libya and semi. these are the only places where the radicals want to attack us, american people. lou: i understand and i appreciate your construct of the situation. i want to add one other dimension that to me is
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fundamental to whatever we would do strategically. we produce, i don't know how many generals over the course of the past two decades. we have people arguing, are we criticizing our men and women in uniform who are enlisted, our soldiers and i'm not, and questioning the generals and questioning the strategy because you talk about asymmetric warfare, think of the trillions of dollars that this country has spent in iraq, and afghanistan and the peanuts of ragtag gis have spent, and general what we are doing is unsustainable clearly and the sooner we recognize that to have a strategy or come home, were in deep trouble. >> i agree. i said that would lindsey graham on the first or second sentence we said, this thing is not sustainable. but particularly -- i do think
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it's worth an effort to stay focused on those radical organizations who have designs on us to kill us. most of them do not. but the five they do, we need to when you think of miami you think of,you know,rich,glamour but 5 miles away from the beach there's people who have never seen a beach. i was confused why somebody was in this situation especially in america. ♪music:oooh,oooh,oooh
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lou: the justice department inspector general report, this
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one right here reveals new details of a private meeting of fbi director comey had with president trump in 2017. according to the report, comey, james klapper former cia and john brennan, former nsa director mike rogers met with president trump just weeks before his inauguration. after that briefing, comey met privately with the president-elect to discuss salacious allegations in this field dossier, the fraudulent document concocted by christopher steele, the top fbi and intel leave the allegations even though he had given them every reason to have absolutely no confidence whatsoever about its contents. after the private meeting
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between comey and the president comey took notes as seems to be his practice before reporting back to top intelligence agency officials working on the crossfire hurricane investigation. joining me now, byron york, chief political correspondent, fox business contributor and the author of much of what we know about that meeting, great to have you with us. this document is to me urgent, dense, obtrusive and it seems a document designed to compensate rather than reveal. >> that's why were here. to make more readable and understandable for everybody. you're absolutely right, it took place on generate 262017. there had been all the controversy about russia in the intelligence community had
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created a report on russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 election. on the sixth of january they go to trump tower as a group and present the report to president-elect trump and by previous agreement after they do that, they all leave the room except for comey and comey and trump meet one-on-one and comey tells the president-elect that there is an allegation in 2013 you were in a mosco masco hotels and russian intelligence tape and recorded at all. and the president is done by this and in the past comey has said that the only reason he did this because they wanted to tell the president-elect that this was out here in a mic it reported in the press and a crazy story about you that is out there. what we see in the new report is a meticulously planned this moment in which they would hit trump with this information, comey had met with his top
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officials in the crossfire hurricane team beforehand and they made a plan where comey would immediately write down everything he could remember and he went down to an fbi vehicle and there was a secure laptop waiting for him and he says he started writing as a vehicle begin moving and went over to the fbi headquarters in new york and there was a secure video teleconference set up for him to talk with crossfire hurricane, supervisors and fbi officials about what trump answered to the dossier allegations. >> it all amounted to nothing. >> nothing. >> absolutely nothing. meanwhile, they had a device through fraud triggered upon comey's firing an investigation of the special counsel. i have voice thought of michael rogers, the admiral running
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because he has been in each instance he has been absent from the conspiratorial initiatives of the three stooges, that is klapper and brennan and comey but here he is in this meeting, that's anomaly over the course of this run. >> i think we should tell viewers, that is the first part of the story. the second part of the story was the leak of the fact that the top intel officials had briefed the president-elect about this information. so the meeting takes place on january 6, on january 10 cnn reports an exclusive, the nation top intel officials have briefed the president-elect about embarrassing personal information that was gathered by
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a former russia intelligence. lou: which was compacted by hillary clinton funded national committee and fbi funded fiction writing on the part of christopher steele. >> this leak was crackle because it gave the news hook to report the dossier. intelligence officials think it's so important after brief the president-elect why should the public not know about it and there it all came out. >> there at all came out one question was not asked or need answered. if our intelligence agencies, so well-funded and so well staffed, so cleverly led our worth one with a what we spend on them, why could they have not picked up the phone call the moscow station of the cia and said was donald trump there on date xx and y. this is preposterous leadership
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in preposterous and treacherous leaders of institutions and agencies upon which this nation security depends. it is frightening to the bone isn't it byron? >> earlier in the show he said the top intel leaders pretended to believe or believed in this dossier. the fact is, we know now that they had meticulously, line by line tried to verify the allegations in the dossier, not just the moscow sex stuff but all the allegations of collusion and they never verified any of these major allegations in the intel chiefs knew that in january 2017 when they presented it to the president. lou: they are liars, their names in my book, they are traders. byron york, i will not ask you to agree but i do thank you for
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lou: joining us tonight pastor robert jeffries from the white house in the first baptist church of dallas, fox business contributor. it is great to have you here. also we need to point out the fox nation show happy to victory in a pretty good read by the same title. >> thank you. and congratulations, 40 months number one. that is a great achievement. >> thank you for being part of that and making the show what it is today. we appreciated. let's turn to beto o'rourke, that is not always a first name that comes to mind when you think of democratic hopefuls but it's one of the most entertaining. let's go to an editorial and listen to some counsel this democratic hopeful was given. >> the only thing that can save america is the lord jesus. [cheering] he is only one that has got the
4:52 am
power to do it and we have got to be willing to do it his way. lou: booing jesus, that's a winning strategy, and it extraordinary strategy. baidoa work, the democratic party, we look at these numbers and they seem to be a party of hate before any other equality. >> under a godless party. in becoming more so and you know in 2012 that argument on national television meant about removing god from the platform attitud2016 that a pastor prayid he gets heckled and now even this week and the democrat party passes a resolution saying we enthusiastically support the values that are religiously unaffiliated in america, it is code for godless. they are truly becoming a
4:53 am
godless party by their outreach and certainly by their beliefs. >> and to see what is happening in the court system, i have to give the court of appeals a salute and my thanks for being rational because the case before them about whether or not in pennsylvania whether atheist could be praying and leading prayers. >> it's non-sensible. an atheist asking permission to pray makes about as much sense as a begin asking for directions to the best steakhouse in town. it does not mix at all. >> let me read when james ambrose read in the opinion. as to the establishment clause we pulled the policy because prayer can satisfy the historical purpose of appealing for divine guidance and
4:54 am
lawmaking. the basis for the supreme court taken as a given, the prayer presumes a higher power. for the free exercise, free speech and equal protection clauses, we hold the legislative prayer is government speech not open to attack via those channels. >> that is exactly right that's where this next election is so important. president trump is appointing over 180 so far appellate judges who are going to interpret the law of what the constitution really says not by what the wishes said. they have perverted the establishment clause to remove religious expression from every area of american life. and thank god, i mean this literally, for judges like this and for a president like donald trump who will appoint judges like this. lou: to see the court of appeals uphold this decision, these values is exhilarating.
4:55 am
and it brings great comfort i'm sure, to tens of millions of americans who have been waiting a long time to see this support. >> when you look at the beto o'rourke clip, the next election is a battle for the soul of america. that is why is time for real people of faith and will americans to stand up and push back about the tide of people who are trying internation. lou: eloquently spoken and were delighted to have you with us. delighted to have you with us. thank you
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cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. bracing for impact, hurricane dorian gaining strength overf overnight, now a category 2 storm. millions on florida's east coast making their evacuation plans as officials warn it is time to go. lauren: sunday is d-day for president trump's now round of tariffs on chinese goods. as beijing starts to play nice, will president trump blink. and police in hong kong make arrests overnight. cheryl: what world leaders joe biden not know, his latest gaffe as he defends himself after getting called out for


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