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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 2, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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policies agreement in handling documenting in part conversations with president about thank you russia investigation. quote, we previously faulted comey for entering unilaterally inconsistent policy not permitted authorized disclosure of sensitive information obtained during the course of fbi employment to achieve personally did he side or outcome after being fired by president may 2017 comey told congress he believed memos were his property to share. >> i understood this to be my
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recollection very important to get it out? >> the inspector general found memos were government comey's characterization of memos as personal records buys no support in the law to get kents to the "new york times" to kick-start the investigation comey used colombia law school prefer before fired testified on hill. >> have you ever -- an anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the trump investigation. >> never. >> have you ever authorized is one else at the fbi to be an announce source in news reports about the trump investigation? >> no p. >> the report found comey kept fbi records at his home in a personal safe, the report says that memo two days ultimately determined to can i classified information at lowest level
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comey used personal, private e-mail accountability to revive personal copes of a maemz 2, 4, 6, 7 to one person attorney three days later that attorney provided by personal e-mail account copies of four memos to other attorneys report makes that comey cod line with action on twitter comey claims vindication they found no classified information shared with media this is second time who are wots found comey went beyond authority of fbi director the first clinton automate investigation one found the prior behavior should always be considered in decision to process acute justice department declined, comey remains a congressional player in pending investigations into the alleged abuse during 2015 election. >> kathericatherine gerridgkath-
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>> in weather chamber of horrors putting millions of american lives in general. favoring open borders illegal immigration, immigration policy of corporate america is straightforward. they are promoting cheap labor foreign labor are going the most relevant data about the issues that will confront the labor force in the years and decades ahead this issue will soon move well beyond illegal immigrants competing for americans' jobs, and wages, to ro bottlicks to automation that will surely display of our mil class, according to brookings institute study, 36 million americans are at high risk for losing their jobs, to automation to robotics ai. and according to the mckenzie globally substitute 73 million u.s. jobs could be replaced by
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artificial intelligence by 2030. >> that is more than 40% of the current u.s. labor force, 163 million people. those numbers are in addition first to the millions of americans who lost their jobs already, because of robotics, absented automation. >> joining us congressman andy biggest of arizona member o us house judiciary committee house freedom caucus cochime of borrowed security caucus good to see you secondly before we get into border, other matters let me get your reaction to the -- the report of the brookings institute showing that kilometer americans jobs at risk do you hear anybody talking about it in quantified trmz on capitol hill? i don't, i hear lobbyists who
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he surround you we've got to have more cheap labor what do you hear. >> allow i >>. >> i am hearing the same thing nothing about automation nothing about more oi i higher lots about cheap labor in the country i tell you i don't hear enough about how we can protect and help our american workers, and that is what i find to be greatly dismaying to me as i consider what we don't consider in capitol hill. >> it is a strange thing that chamber of commerce puts out report about how much more illegal labor cheap labor i say illegal because, of course, filing fore open borders makes it not oi quite ease for illegal labor not coincidental easier, to cross that border from mexico the president of the united states, has is doing everything he can building
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parts of the wall, he has got most -- got some of the money not most of the money, to build that wall. he is using tariffs to demand cooperation with neighborhoods countries in the regional whether mexico, or guatemala. and you can't even get his own caucus to stand up and cheer him for what he is doing for the american worker. >> because he is the only one i mean the only american forget policies makers lawmakers he is the only american forget american official american leader, the president of the united states -- the only american standing up for the american worker. >> yeah, i have to agree with you i see standing in the breach, because, you just take border issue, itself, he is fighting we fight this incessant battle on people who don't want us to build a fence.
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they don't want us to enforce our laws. i lou think of that i could never imagine time in life people sitting in of the united states advising constituents not fou.s laws we've got sanctuary cities counties all these things send a message we are lawless country you've got donald trump, as president of the united states, saying "look we are the best country in the world we can be great we can be truly great for -- for as long as we choose to be great" we're not choosing to be great we are choosing to -- >> it is no the the choice of all americans, whether nation to be great, to be restored to greatness, it is the choice of the president, he is -- almost single handedly with force the of bill, moving us toward a brighteder future. in american workers working
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families, report after report today it is a millions of dollars in stock as hughes company is beset by great general in china where he has built -- hundreds of thousands of jobs, for chinese, and certainly some jobs in the united states but hardly, anything, nothing like on pituitary with jobs that have been created in china, by his company. >> that is exactly right, and that is part or of the problem of the policies of the previous generation, has been to see outsourcing of millions of jobs american jobs, overseas now when you see china, china having economic problems, they are a communist company authoritarian dictatorship the reality is sooner rather than later there is a comeuppance when you are doing business with a country like that, and so there is
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difficulties. and now we're trying to we should try to repatriate these what donald trump has been trying to do going to take a while to normalize again, the american manufacturing jobs that should be coming back, the construction jobs, all these jobs should be kovenlg ba -- coming back to the united states are coming back. >> there is a company coming back 1,000 jobs to this valley because the president of the united states. . >> that story has been replicating across the country. let's turn to james comey. >> do we have to -- >> we don't have to but i think we should a story of disgrace dishonor for a storied agency justice department that once was principaled led by -- by officials who have interest of
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the nation at heart. it is to me dismayed to look at this report, this -- office of the inspector general. it is turgid, it is obfuscatory it is a shame the document to me doesn't deal with what it describes that is the legal impact and consequence of a man james comey, who not only disgraced hips but tempted through actions, fraud to unseat a president of the united states. >> exactly right. i mean, i look at james comey i say i have never seen anybody more self-serving with a god complex like this gentleman, this guy, he basically as you said going through this, you find out that even the people that were in agreement with him politically were probably in on this deal,, to try to
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unseat president trump and try to force him out of office ultimately, they didn't even know that everything this guy was doing, that he was taking memos that he said were personal prominent he was taking them home, that he was actually distributing them to "new york times" reporter have to manipulate the forcing of a special counsel appointment this is what james comey did this is what he did in a way that as you read this, and you read his own words that are quoted in here i come across saying, here is a guy who just really has this -- no sense of shame no sense of shame. >> this guy had enablers cospir ators accomplishes behaved in most dishonorable fashion imagine to be able this point have not been held to account, congressman -- as
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you said, difficult to discuss it because it is so -- it is as gut wrenching to think that the fbi leadership has become what the agency itself has descended to congressman andy biggs thank you so much. >> president trump canceled weekend trip to poland as potentially devastating hurricane is barreling toward florida president trump says he will send vice president mike pence to poland in his place, when forecasts saying hurricane dorian could slam into florida as a category four hurricane labored labor day would bring life-threatening storm sushlgz along the atlantic coast high winds, of course, potential for devastating damage, up next president trump says he hopes exposing fake news media
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will be part of his lasting legacy as president of the united states. also tonight the high levels of skepticism in this country, about the death of jeffrey epstein. it wasn't suicide? it was suicide? we will have much more on that. much more, right after these much more, right after these quick messageseseseses
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epstein. . lou: senator kirsten gillibrand latest 2020 democratic presidential hopeful to get out of the race gillibrand becomes the fist of the radical demonstrate hopefuls to end campaign i think we can say prematurely don't despair there are 20 left 20 candidates 10 of them qualified for the demonstrates' next debate that takes place next month i suspect that you like me, can hardly wait. >> msnbc host you lawrence o'donnell retracted falls malicious report in which he tried to tie president trump's finances to of all things russian oligarchs, wonder where he got that line president trump responding on twitter, the president said in part quote the totally
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inaccurate reporting by lawrence donnell no different than horrible corrupt take news had to put up with for news joining us tammy bruce host of the fox nation show tammy bruce great to have you here start with with this load of beauty impressive job obfuscati obfuscate make object abuse should be straightforward. what a year and a half millions of dollars. >> we waited. >> weigh waited so complicated there it is. i think they have templates, i think they just call it up and slot in names, i have been en raged particularly at number of people ied a mire very smart people, trying to convince all of us that that is damage ning destroyed
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reputation the any further questions of what was apparently a coup in this country to remove a silting president all they can get out he broke some rules he violated policy. >> protocols don't for forget protocols. >> lawrence learner staid away hillary clinton skated aconvey jim comey skated away we saw duel system unacceptable i know unacceptable to the president, there is so much work needs to be done to deal with just the garbage has infested this remarkable beautiful government, and we've got to deal with it just another sign here of what has been unacceptable to the american people. >>? unacceptable and disgusting apaul the left wing media in the midst of all of this is sort embracing this report as
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you suggest, as a damnation of pretentious absolutely fraudulent -- >> everybody wants this to be enough it destroyed his reputation it says everything we already knew. and so it is but it is though left oh, yes this really harmed him they say that don't want people to want more it also reveals con tempt with when they who will american people as if we don't know what's going on we do night is seriously divisive, open question for all americans. and that is who will be punished for what the left and the intelligence agencies namely fbi, the -- head of
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national intelligence, the cia, perhaps the obama white house the nation all of this should be subject to investigation and right now there is a abyss that has to be crossed before that can even happen we are two and a half years into a presidency that all these agencies and that administration, clearly tried to prevent. >> the benefit is that we do have a president who see whats we see, he, of course, has been dealing with the swamp working overtime to stop him there is-like a cancer, a cancer let's say a virus, that changes itself based on being recognized and, you know, changes in order to survive itself, we can't let up, we've got to adapt as we see it adapting. >> you are right we can't let up. but we sure as hell better
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accelerate. >> you are right must move forward being more aggressive i like what president has done to lawyer ns o'donnell personal attorney threatening to sue eric trump, the trumps i think are showing us how to do it. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> americans don't know what to believe these days, regarding the death of pedophile financier jeffrey epstein, according to a new poll by emerson college american people are divided, as is our want -- 34% say epstein was murdered 33% say he hanging you had himself can you imagine if we just went with polls made decisions as nation on the basis of these numbers? >> and 32% of us unsure either way. i think you can throw almost any issue any event up there get somewhat similar proportions up next could america's longest war be finally nearing its end we will take up president trump's
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latest initiatives ins afghanistan general jack keane joins us stay with us will we be bringing our troops home? what does it take to get out of -- to get out of afghanistan? stay with us.
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lou: president trump day launching u.s. space command 87 units under a single combatant commander will focus on missile is one satellite operations space support communist regime in china sending troops to hong kong calling action routine might be a situation where routine in hong kong pla has a momentary presence 6,000 to 10,000 in hong kong has kept that force level for sometime. president trump says, he is ready to reduce the number of
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u.s. troops in afghanistan from 14,000 down to 8600 not number army general austin scot miller has been working on for a year the president's comments on afghanistan come as an american envoy has entered the ninth round of peace talks with the taliban, joining us tonight general jack keane former vice chief of staff u.s. army retired general, jack great to have you with us nine rounds we are still, still nowhere it seems, with the taliban are we to be in any way encouraged that there will be a tenth round? >> well i think frankly, we are precinct close to some kind of announcement maybe win a week or so after eight or nine months negotiations i think the framework of that
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announcement will be something like this lou united states will agree this will be the headlined all over the world, united states will agree to withdraw all troops by the end of 2020, or pretty close to that period less than 18 months from now with the following conditions. one, there must be an agreement between the afghan government and taliban those negotiations will begin in oslo almost immediately following the negotiated peace announcement. two, the taliban guarantees that the al-qaida will not reestablish a safe han in afghanistan they've got some presence there but it is not form mid nlble none of us apply that can't trust taliban the other one is taliban guarantees that they will destroy isis they don't have about capability to do that as
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isis has grown inside of all of us we will not move from 8 -- 600 to zero despite the fact that is proclaimed as end state until such time as those conditions are met. >> general it sounds to me, and affirmative me m my decision sounds like cynicism. >> here before allow. >> yes, we have. >> a lot of years. >> 20 years engagement this president to great credit said he wants to bring our took place home put the burden on the nations upon whom legitimately belongings he has to a clear a lot of brush at pentagon, and there is a -- an abiding inertia would argue relentlessly for another two decade we need troops there to control the situation that we have yet to control.
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is it not time to either dry an -- destroy an enemy or get away from that particular war zone? >> yeah i mean i -- am i am sympathetic to everything you said 8 years incredibly long time to be involved in one engagement like this here is the issue, why do we go there? causal wallace there launched attacks on two embassies in africa uuss kohl and 9/11 for 18 years we -- protested al-qaida ran into pakistan we prevented them from establishing a safe hatchen attacking us again an aspiration we can't talk fwuch but we have a the ability there that is not not military
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has foot inside of al-qaida inside pakistan conduct operations against them on regular basis for one of those that we killed osama bin laden so our concern we talked about it, like me got it, we worn out by war in afghanistan but we don't want al-qaida to attack us again, we don't want them to establish a safe haven what would it take to do that can we get forces down to smaller level guarantee that will not happen we are doing the same in syria, with a modest amount of forces less in yemen libya also somalia only places islamists want to attack us american people. >> and i understand, and i appreciate your -- your construct of the situation. i would aeld to it one other dimension to me is fundamental to whatever we would do suffragely we proud i don't
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know how many generals overall the course of the past two decade we have people arguing about are we -- we criticizing our men and women in form the unform our soldiers i am not i am pushing generals questioning strategy you talk asymmetric warfare think of trillions of dollars this country spent in iraq in afghanistan, the peanuts, of a bunch of ragtag jihadists p spent, general what we're doing is unsustainable clearly and sooner we recognize that het a strategy to destroy the enemy, or come home, we are in deep, deep trouble. >> yeah i mean i agree, i said that with lindsey graham in op-ed -- the first or second sentence we said this thing isn't sustainable particularly at. >> but i do think and worth
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enough state focus on those radical islamist organizations who had design on to us kill us. most dochl not but the five that do i think we have to keep our took on their neck. >> thank you so much pressure it as also a good talking to you. wewewewewe .
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lou: breaking news, justice department inspector general report this one right here -- reveals new details about a
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private meeting disgraced former fbi director comey had with president-elect trump in 2017, according to this report comey former director national intelligence james clapper former cia director john brennan former nsa director mike rodgers met with president-elect trump weeks before his inauguration after that meeting comey met privately with president-elect to discuss salacious allegations in the so-called steel dossier the fraudulent document that concocted by christopher steele top fbi and intel brass believed allegations or pretended to even though christopher sfooel had given every reason to have absolutely no confidence whatsoever about its contents, after that private meeting between comey and the president comey took notes.
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it seems to be his practice before reporting back to top agency officials working on "crossfire hurricane" investigation joining me byron york chief political correspondent for the washington examiner fox business issue contributor author of much what have we know about that meeting great to have you with us. >> hi, lou thanks for having me. >> this document is to me as i said at the outset of this broadcast turgid, dense obtuse, and it seems a document designed to obfuscate rather than veal. your thoughts. >> that is why we are here to make it -- more read nl understandable for everybody you are right to focus on this meeting took place on january 6, 2017, you tell me had been all controversy about russia, and the intelligence community created a report on russia efforts to interfere with 2016 election. so on the 6th of january they
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go to trump tower, to as a group, to present the report to president-elect trump by reprieve agreement after they do that all leave the room except comey comey and trump meet one-on-one, and comey tells the president-elect there is this allegation that in 2013 you were in a moscow hotel room with prostitutes, russian intelligence taped it all recorded it all. and you know the president is -- is stunned by this. and in the past comey has said that the only reason he did this was they wanted to tell the president like that this was out there that it might get reported in the press there is this crazy story about you that is out there. what we see in this new report is they meticulously planned this moment in which they would hit trump with this information. comey had met with his top officials and what they call
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"crossfire hurricane" team beforehand made a plan comey would immediately right down everything he could remember from this he went down to fbi vehicle, and there was a secure laptop waiting for him. he says that he started writing as vehicle began moving, went over to fbi headquarters in new york, and there was a secure video tell conference set up for him to talk with "crossfire hurricane" supervisors, plus top fbi officials about what trump had answered to these dossier allegations. >> all amounts to -- >> nothing. >> absolutely nothing. >> yeah. >> and mean while they had through fraud triggered upon comey's firing an investigation by the special counsel. you know i have always thought of michael rodgers, the admiral running in say as hero of the piece because he has
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been so -- in each instance he has been absent from the conspiratorial initiatives of this three stooges that is clapper, and brennan, and comey. but here he is in this meeting. that is an anomaly over the course of this run. >> i think we should tell viewers that is the first part of this story. the second part of the story was the leak of the fact that the top intel officials had briefed the president-elect about salacious information so meeting takes place on january 6th. on january 10th cnn reports exclusive nation's top intel officials have briefed the president-elect about embarrassing personal information that was gathered by a former british intelligence -- >> this was concocted by hillary clinton funded the
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democratic national committee funded -- >> o yes. >> and fbi funded fiction writing on the part of christopher steele. >> this leak was absolutely critical because it gave the news hook to report dossier, really. >> can i -- >> i'm sorry. >> the intelligence officials think so important they have to brief president-elect then why should not public know about it there it all came out. >> there it all came out one question never asked nor answered, if our intelligence agencies so well funded so well staffed, so cleverly led worth one wit what have we spend on them why couldn't they have picked up the phone called moscow station, of the cia and said was donald trump there on date xx, andy? >> this is preposterous
4:46 am
leadership preposterous treacherous leaders of institution and agencies upon sch this nation's security the depends. it is frightening to the bone isn't it byron. >> earlier in the show i think you said top intel leaders believed or pretend to do believe, in this dossier, the fact is we know now that they had meticulously line by line tried to verifier the allegations in the dossier not just moscow sex stuff but all the allegations of collusion the like, and they nevverified any major allegations intel chiefs knew that january 2017 when they presented to it the president. >> at the are liars they are, in my book traitors by a ron york i don't request you to concur to agree but do i thank you for all as usual your
4:47 am
great work. >> thank you allow. >> byron york, in pennsylvania fighting to pray. what in fighting to pray? is we will explain when we come back pastor robert jeffress joinsnsnsnsns termites, feasting on homes 24/7. we're on the move. roger.
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baptize bap. joining us pastor robert jeffries member white house faith initiative pastor first dallas church of dallas fox business contributor it is great to have you here, most fox nation pathway to victory pretty good read of the same title. >> great to see you -- >>, by the way, congratulations 40 months number one. >> thank you. >> have the a great accomplishment. >> thank you for being part of that making the show what it is today we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> let's turn to beto o'rourke, that is not always first name that comes to find when you think of democratic but one of the most entertaining a bite byeto o'rou editorial. >> the only thing that can save america is the lord jesus. the only one the only one that has got the power to do it.
4:52 am
and we've got to be willing to do it his way. lou: -- that is -- a winning strategy isn't it extraordinary strategy -- beto o'rourke democratic party look at numbers in polling, they are not -- they seem to be a party of feat before any other quality. >> they are a godless party allow becoming more so you remember in 2012, when they have an argument on national television at convention about removing god from their platform, at convention they have a pastor praying gets heckled, now even this weekend, democrat party passes a resolution saying we about enthusiastically support the values of the religiously unaffiliated in america religiously unaffiliated is code for godless, they are truly becoming a godless by
4:53 am
outreach certainly by their beliefs. >> conceive what is happening in the court system i just got to think of third court of appeals -- a salute, in my thanks for being rational because a case before them whether or not in pennsylvania whether atheists would be praying -- leading prayers. >> nonsensical atheist asking permission to pray in courthouse makes as much sense as we goen asking for best steakhouse in town doesn't mix. >> let me read what james ambro read if we put that up as to establishment uphold policy only theyistic prayer can satisfy historic purpose of feeling for define guidance in law making sureing the basis for supreme court taken as given prayer presumes higher power for free exercise
4:54 am
free speech equal protection clauses we hold laffer prayer is government speech not open to attack via those -- >> that is exactly right and allow th lou why next election is so important president trump is appointing i think over 180 so far apelat judges going to interpret law by what constitutional really says not by those that wish it said they have per vertdz establishment clause to try to remotive religious expression thank god for judges like this for a president like donald trump who will appoint judges like this. >> to see circuit court court of appeals up hold this decision these values, is --s
4:55 am
and i will rating great comfort to tens of millions americans waiting a long time to see this support. >> it is when you look at that beto clip you showed when you talked about this, this next election lou is a battle for the soul of america. and that is why it is time for real people of faith and certainly real americans to stand up push back against this tide of evil that is trying to envelope our nation. >> as always eloquently spoken we are delighted to have you with us .
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lou: wall street stocks closed higher much higher, the dow up 326 points, the s&p rallying 37 points the nasdaq realed 117 points worth on big board 3.2 billion reminder listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network, a new fbi inspector general report today revealed fired fbi director james comey leaked memos, congressman andy biggs sounding off on disgraced former director. >> i look at james come kwai say i have never seen anybody more self-serving with god complex like this gentleman. as you read this you read his own words that are quoted in here, i come across saying,
5:00 am
here is a guy who just really has this no sense of shame no sense of shame. lou: that is it for us thanks for being with us see you tomorr >>president kennedy president kennedy has been assassinated. it's official now, the president is dead. >> even the most hated man in america gets his name on a headstone. >> this clearly shows oswald's date of birth and death. >> how did it become their strange inheritance? >> i m thought what on earth was the tomb stone doing in my mother's house. >> even after it was stolen, recovered, found, fought over and more. >> we're going to take it back to texas, back home to the gold old boys where we can have lone star beer and make a lot of noise. >> you really wanted


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