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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 4, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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becoming style. more opportunity, good to see you. so happy to be back i will seem you tomorrow. >> thank you trish, great to have you back in action, breaking news on hurricane dorian, rescues in the bahama frantically searching for survivors after one of the most powerful storms ever recorded were now getting the first look at the aftermath in the bahamas and the destruction, absolutely catastrophic and beyond words, this brand-new video from marsh harbour on abaco island, the storm was a category 5 monster when it made landfall, wind gusts more than 200 miles per hour, they need a new category, dorian sat on the island for nearly a day and half in a jacuzzi the damage is
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breathtaking. homes and buildings shredded water everywhere and we have stone no idea how any people have been killed. the hurricane is now a category 2 storm and expected to move north parallel to the east coast of florida, that is bad news for georgia, carolinas and maybe virginia. south carolina governor said the time to evacuate is now. >> this is a very serious storm in a western shift that is towards land of just a few miles could bring in norma's damage to our state. so we want everyone to heed the warning, listen to the official instructions that are given and we want to prepare and prepare for the best. again we repeat this message, if you are in the evacuation zones in the eight counties mentioned earlier on the coast, the time to leave is now.
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>> they are filling sandbags because it's anybody's guess where dorian will hit the u.s. first. joining us with the very latest from savannah, georgia mike tobin. mike how are you doing? >> we are doing all right, the georgia coast is not expected to take a direct hit from the hurricane, still the governor of georgia is urging people to take it very fiercely, we saw people boarding up but the boards are not extensive, probably more exposed class then you see boards. we saw people sandbagging but the sandbagging is not extensive. we spoke with a lot of people who said the wait to make an decision to heed the warning. a lot of people said they will write about. >> we will wait and see what it does, that the smartest thing to do instead of panic,. >> i'm gonna stick it out. reporter: the governor under
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state meteorologist is the hurricane will pass about 15 - 20 miles off the coast, the wind will be ashore as a tropical storm force winds, it will also move very slowly meaning dumping rain in the area for 24 - 30 hours and bring 4 - 7 storm surge to the area for 24 - 30 hours, that will pass through to high tides, the low-lying roads that connect the area to the coastal area will likely flood. the people have to ride out the flood will be stuck in first responders will not be able to reach them through the duration of the storm, one more point, the port of savannah has reached condition zulu and close until the end of the storm. >> fascinating, it is interesting because obviously people who have lived there for a long time have been through a lot of these and people like you
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have an obligation, we have to see those pictures, what part of it, what do you get out of it, is it delivering the story, the thrill of overcoming and withstanding nature or the uncertainty of not knowing exactly how and where the storm will hit? >> on a personal level, i feel no obligation to get out there and get the story to the people. we tell people to stay home, they still want to know what is going on out there. so i do feel responsibly to get out there. in terms of the people who elect to write up a storm, mostly people want to stay close to their homes or people who have been through before, they heard a lot of warnings before and it never worked out that poorly before so they think it should work out okay this time. >> our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in that part of the country, there is so much uncertainty when this really is a devastating hurricane. thank you so much. reporter: has hurricane dorian searched out this weekend, there was an equal amount of chaos on
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twitter from hurricane donald, the president launching 120 120 tweets over the holiday weekend from the fake news media to lying james comey, and willing grace after she treated the hollywood should be a black list of everyone attending the president's upcoming beverly hills fundraiser so they can keep track of who they don't want to work with in the future. full mccarthy that was not locked on whoopi goldberg at the view. >> last time people did this, people ended up killing themselves. this is not a good idea. your idea of who you do not want to work with is your personal business. do not encourage people to print the list, the next list that comes out your name will be on and people will come after you. >> she's employing the golden rule and it's not every day that the view rides to the
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president's rescue, should the president keep fighting or should he go play the lottery? let's meet the panel, the host of vaccination national review online reporter, and the writer of the very program award winning mek law and national review come to bidding editor and fox news contributor, welcome everyone. i thought that was very interesting. and it just goes to show how emotional the reaction is and how little foresight is because it is really easy especially this day and age for the tide to turn in the script to flip and all the sudden deborah is on the wrong side of the list. >> but she probably lives in an echo chamber she does not hear views that are different than
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hers or she does not know, she probably knows people who support trump but they would never say it to her. >> i think she waited those people out of her life. >> she probably ran them out of her life. >> she has been safe for so long she no longer has any tolerance for people. >> it was absolutely sick and a weird thing to come to mine, leave these people alone. >> it is okay for people to vote for someone that you don't necessarily like or you don't agree with and to support them. >> that is actually a lovely blossoming in the american tree. >> but it really does go to show you, if you hate something for long enough you become it, and she has been railing about that for 20 years and becomes very intolerant in her old age. and it is hard to watch this play out because there is a faction of society that does not see the problem of what she is doing and that is scary. >> there are people that agree with her, it is trying to force people to adopt that point of
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view. in the keyword, is force. >> we are at a place now where going after the donor, it's so shortsighted not because she can wind up on the list. >> did you quit you can ask them. cycle? >> i been gone for a while. [laughter] i was really flattered by that. i am never going to that juice bar again. the whole thing is stupid, people need to grow up and move on, whenever you start to do this, you having a conversation with the state contents whether or not donors on the other side, people yell about the money in politics it's as if it's only on one side of the aisle, but it is there. everybody needs to move on. >> what is funny, people in corporate america are often really pushed into donating to both parties.
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and a number of campaigns, and a people who work for big companies and because they make a salary there expected to donate to the bosses favorite even if it's somebody they hate. >> i know some but in particular, harvey weinstein's office, before he got into trouble about a meeting of doing a movie and before the movie began the question was have you matched out to heather clinton and the meeting will not go on until they wrote checks out to hillary clinton for president. that is beyond the black list. >> what also is interesting, we had a few weeks ago castro out on the docks who are donating to trump. >> those people are like corporate leaders in his community said i donated money to his campaign. >> there his own donors. this is action happening in hollywood, the hollywood the never stops talking about joe mccarthy and the black list in the hollywood ten and on and on. they do plays, movies, tv shows
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and here you have people in hollywood trying to set up a modern day 21st century hollywood blacklist. >> most actors are a dumb dumb and they don't have a grasp of history. >> that is the first casualty of fame. the more people become aware of you, there's a direct portion of them. the president renewed his twitter with london mayor who noticed his absence from a world war ii ceremony in poland but telling reporters, he is clearly dealing with the hurricane out on the golf course, the president hit back with a nine iron on twitter writing the incompetent mayor of london was bothered that i played a very fast round of golf yesterday, many post exercise for hours, me a very inexpensive, president obama would fly to hawaii should
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focus on and people are afraid to walk the street, he is a terrible mayor who should stay out of our business, these two have been going at it since protesters let baby fly a balloon in 2018 and like the popeyes versus chick-fil-a battle, everyone needs to take aside, are we team trump or team con. >> team popeye first and foremost. >> chick-fil-a is the og and it's better. >> you are letting a fast-food sandwich of that much power over your life, you are failing this country. how did we get here. >> i thought jimmy salem was on the panel. [laughter] >> it's so silly, he might be the only mayor less popular than bill de blasio, london would
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trade him for bill de blasio, no tropics or nothing. he would just take the deal. and i know the strategy, the strategy is people like to pick fights with trump because it elevates their profile, very similar to deborah, when they hear things, they say a feel so bad for these people getting attacked, they want to get attacked, it's like them doing your song like you know you arrived because he doing here hit. >> like a virgin. >> it is like de blasio became mayor in new york this time around he ran against trump before. >> anthony weiner -- anthony weiner was in term three right now. what a bunch of dingbats. >> you get what you pay for. it is funny because i think jimmy is onto something, people pick fights with the president so he will fight back and i
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don't understand how anyone, they want to be outraged and go to their friends and say i hate the president so much, look what he said, he called me incompetent. i don't understand how people have so much time all we can to get so mad on twitter and so mad at people. it was labor day weekend, you are not supposed to be mad you're supposed to be drinking and eating processed meats. i spent all day in my apartment and christmas pajamas eating corndogs. and i had no horse in this race except the corndog livers bipartisan. >> you have corndog delivery? >> no matter what donald j trump does, people will complain. he's overweight, not taking good care of himself, so he goes out and walks and plays golf. >> how dare he. >> if you lost weight, yc losing
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weight, he's too thin, and if you went to polling, ways either when people are being batted around by hurricanes, he states here, no matter what he does -- >> white is a human tuning alabama. >> i don't care who the president is, just get the job done. elizabeth warren wants to play miniature golf and a pretty winsome place shuffleboard all day. fine, and if you're mad, eat a corndog. i've never been upset when i have a corndog in hand. >> they also have cheese on a stick. >> i love cedar point, i am pro-funnel cake to get all the way off the message, the stuff they do the shocks. >> the walking taco, it is a bag, rectangular bag with a fork and they have not joe g's doritos and meat in the lovely ground meat, salsa, nacho
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cheese. >> wash it down with characters. no coke 0. [laughter] [laughter] the panel is coming back but don't you worry about a thing protesters in hong kong fight for their freedom, big bad beijing claims and has the power to put it into the demonstration for good, can freedom prevail or will we have another 18 months will we have another 18 months where that is
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>> the chinese military preparing to squash the protesters and hong kong after another weekend of chaotic clashes, it sure seems like it, beijing say they have the legal power to declare a state of emergency in the city for once a fall crackdown on the anti-government. china has building up military forces just across the border raising concerns and they could've made the city. about a people worried about a buddy sequel tiananmen square, same time in washington post, florida republican senator mark rubio warrants china against the tactics writing, china's leaders
12:20 am
must respect hong kong economy rule of law or another escalating in leading them toothpaste suit swift consequens from the united states. will china invade hong kong? host of the show, the broadcast, legendary it is buck saxton. welcome back. this is not going well. i have so much respect for the people in hong kong who have the purest fight for freedom in the wheeleworld right now. >> of virtually the chinese government understands very well how to suppress, what you're seeing on the cameras with police but also have to understand the surveillance that work here, the intelligence services working to undermine the protest to find ways to turn people against them.
12:21 am
>> so they would mark them and know who to rest when they dispersed. >> mass oppression is something the economist party -- >> i have not seen that before, this is something the chinese party excels at doing. marco rubio, he always sounds a little bit like a guy who is giving a speech at a high scho school. >> when he says things like we have a role to play, we do and we don't, we should help and speak in favor of the protesters but when he talks about the madness the act, there has been 0 russian behavior in china has a much bigger economy and a much greater will to see this throu through. >> and somebody ways they can screw with us. >> not without elections but infiltrating our technology and universities in taken advantage of immigration loopholes in all sorts of stuff in order to bring
12:22 am
us down so they can have economic dominance. >> the reality immersing this book of the trade war in all the different foreign-policy tools with marco rubio and others have discussed, we are dealing with the hegemon, usually when the u.s. things of the foreign-policy toolkit is a question of do we go alone or international consensus. we have all the leverage and we could do it we need to do is the question of what. >> more lovers than we. >> we can tell them, this matters an incredible amount and we insist you back off of hong kong. that will handle the way we handle it,. >> they view it as some level as an issue for the chinese communist party. >> that is something we do not play in this country. progressives and the libertarians to some degree, we don't play long while in the
12:23 am
united states like they do in china, does that mean we need to be about to calm you status, no we need to encourage and embrace freedom in every single term. >> is the same situation in the same calculation played out with ukraine and russia and we say, you need to stop that, and russia says they care a lot more what's going on in ukraine and the international community stops them. all the ways on the outsiders or try to push them to the powers of beijing getting their way. >> they have been infiltrating the executive committee in hong kong. >> they are pushing for the propaganda in schools. >> ultimately the calculation will be in part, do they think it sends a necessary message to taiwan, other parts of china that might be a little warmer restive to neighbors abroad and around china's periphery.
12:24 am
if you mess with us we will bring down the humor in this way. at some level they might want to send the message of the protest continues on. sometimes, tiananmen square happened and they said china will never live this down then china got rich and powerful and everyone does business with them. i don't have anything happy to say about this. >> you are the bob ross of politics. [laughter] we are all screwed. coming up, he has tried twice before and failed say think someone who is competing for the white house in doing it for the third time really wants to be president, joe biden, not so much. much. stay with me for the memo ♪ 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars.
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12:29 am
why the forme former vp wants at all. we no just forgiven among golden voters who still have faith that sleeping joe could be president trump. so you get names and places wrong constantly ensure he played raises other candidate positions in doubles of details the stories point out of thin air. none of that is done out of malice. but why does he want to be president, it's a profound and very important question, unsurprisingly he does not have a solid answer. >> how badly do you want to be president? >> i think it is really, really, really important donald trump not be reelected. >> could i be happy, yet i could, that's not what and running, the irony younger arm around less that appeals to me, i have watched up close and personal eight years in the
12:30 am
white house. >> wow what an endorsement for himself, running for president beating your opponent should be a conclusion. you have to be the only one believing in yourself but for joe, that is only goal, winning is a fudge stand on the way to the waterpark, a stop on a more meaningful path, he wants to gorge on fudge and die, the clumsy answer reminds me of one of the most and handed moments in clinical history the great undoing of another presidential run in a political career, when roger mudd asked him on 60 minutes in 1980, why do you want to be president, and stuttering ted caused way too long and answered, being present part in getting my own driver. biden beware, all the other candidates not only have a sole
12:31 am
reason for wanting the job, they clawed it with inspiring passion. bernie wants to write the ship as inequality in andrew yang wants universal income, elizabeth warren wants to stick it to the banks and the white man for the smallpox blanket. joe biden greatest surrogate, his wife jill ultimately admit joe is a wishy-washy uninspiring establishment lump but please, hold your note for the poor vaster, what happens when he wins, does he hang the mission accomplished over the poop deck and throw in the towel hoping the good games and the predecessor hold long enough for him to take credit. probably, his personal uncertainty is another reason biden is becoming an impossible candidate. that is the memo ♪ ♪ joe biden may be destined to
12:32 am
lose his third presidential bid but the constant drea stream hat heard him yet, but if he does not want to run why is he running, the panel has returned, jimmy salo, this is really interesting, this is one of the lamps, that reporter was not asking joe biden a bunch of questions, he thought he was doing joe biden a big favor where he could sit and stroke his experienced and say i tell you why. >> he had a super dumb answer. >> that this awful coming across the plate at 2 miles per hour. a mixed metaphor suddenly. i candidate running for president of the united states should have fire in the belly, with biden about the intensity
12:33 am
of a birthday candle and people expect more from that, the polls will probably be very soft and if they start going down because he doesn't do and a lot of people run from, the only rationale is that he will be term, i think his support -- >> if you look at all the polls that he is relying on everyone beats trump's. >> he really does not want to do that. >> why is in your time doing that? >> there is enough going on with his gas that the near time does not have the pylon this is what hurts him in a totally different way and is already wounded. >> i think it's some candidate eating them another narrative that they can pass out into the earlier point, every question is an adopted question, every question is a question when you don't know what state you are in in the regular. >> to your point, mr. vice
12:34 am
president, how are you joe, i'm in hawaii and supposed to be in colorado on. >> i believe joe biden, i think she wants to be first lady really bad and she is making him do this. because he does campaign with the energy of a guy who is spending a football saturday at agenda review. he does not want to be at the agenda review. >> i don't understand how it expects people to be enthusiastic when he is not. that would be like somebody proposing and if you said no, could i live my life, sure. you're actually doing the cryi crying. >> he went to jared's but he stopped. >> you're right, he is not the guy that will be term because he's getting cover from 18, 20
12:35 am
other candidates on a given day, when it's just you and him on the stage they do get magnified, i don't know if he has the stamina to do a day in day out general election campaign, this is true with hillary clinton, she did about 63 rallies interrupted 126, more than double and like the guy or not, he's like energizer bunny. >> she was only doing 31. >> prince harry, the environmental activists is defending his family repeated used to fly to italy in the south of france to hang out with his buddy elton john. he gave a speech promoting equal friendly and he said they came here by commercial, i spent 99% of my life traveling by
12:36 am
commercial. it either needs to be opportunity-based to ensure my families are safe and generall generally -- the daily reporting that he flew private jets six out of ten times a summer, that's not exactly 99% but right up there. so shouldn't somebody who chastises us for using fossil fuels and then flies on a private jet maybe take a little bit longer look in the mirror. >> yesterday i was at a bar, it is so unlike me. [laughter] i asked for straw and they said we don't have any straws, why are you taking away my straws and supporting that when you're flying around on a private jet. i care about the environment but what i do care about as well is people being honest, straightforward and not being completely totally hypocritical. >> don't lie about it. >> yes i take private jets.
12:37 am
>> show me the instagram pictures of the dirty masses solving it up with for terry. >> i think maybe elton john is a guy because he brought these, putting that aside if these folks want to fight for the plane earth the outer figure natural grass, if you don't like seo to the best way to cut it is moved from oil and fossil fuels other than natural gas. >> what he want a cleaner environment or whine about something constantly? >> it's a lot more fun and easier. >> i think -- i hate this, i think it looks so bad on him, you are a royal, i think you should fly private and shove it to the side. what the whole point of being royal that you're not one of us, it reminds me -- has he not ever seen the crown.
12:38 am
>> you're watching fantasies and escapism. he is in line but he may never get there. >> the sandwich at the end of the line, it's a joke and i think he should own it. he did the same thing when he ran for president and it looked so disingenuous. >> the contest between that romney and his money, donald trump can go to a diner and people freak out, but mitt romney is like hi, i'm so sorry i'm a billionaire. you might as well owner. if i were superrich i'm not sure i would talk about anything else. you want to see my gold painti painting. >> he used to crush beer cans against his head at the polls and mandalay bay,.
12:39 am
>> is that when he's wearing the nazi uniform? >> the point is -- >> we have to go. i want to thank you all. thank you. you know what is great about america, you can walk into most bars and pick a variety of beers on tap. you know who has no choices, venezuela, he went around the world to prove the it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust your comfort on both sides your sleep number setting. can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. so you can really promise better sleep. not promise. prove. it's the final days where all beds are on sale! the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed now only $899. plus 0% interest for 24-months on all beds. ends sunday.
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♪ ♪ there we go, so she was not stuck, we all know that but the co-author argues that socialist countries like venezuela have ruined everything from healthcare to their economies and even beer, here tonight to discuss professor of economics and co-author of socialism to
12:44 am
drink their way to the unfree world, benjamin powell is here. welcome. good to be with you. i only wish it was in person because ensure he would've done me a solid and had a cold beer. >> we would've gone across the street illegally and gathered quite a few. we would procure to liking. who has the worst beer? the most free country or the least free country? >> of course the worst that you taste is north korean but it does get worse than that because venezuela, the country ran out of your, i don't know about you but if i were a socialist dictator like beer into the paper, those of the first things i would not run out of. >> i came here to learn, that is great. venezuela's case, what they did
12:45 am
they had a monopoly beer producer in the government planners did not give them enough for an exchange to go on no barley, no beer, the whole country runs out of beer, this is reflecting what is going on generally in the country, the average person lost 18 - 22 pounds is not because they discovered jenny craig it's because of food production cannot live. >> they are starving and they have infant mortality rates and as you pointed out on the show, higher than syria it's awful what is topic that is democratic socialist in this country who say it's an unbroken person to say the united states could be anything like venezuela. >> that is not an unfair comparison, if you go back to 1998 when chavez gets elected, it's by a fair election, this was democratically elected socialism, the democratic socialist in the united states do not understand the link
12:46 am
between economic freedoms and political freedom, when you have no economic freedom, you will stagnate and go backwards, voters don't like that, they vote you out of office. when you centralize then you can repress the opposition and that's what we seen in venezuela and anywhere else that socialism has been tried they'll end up being totalitarian because of political freedom. >> absolutely right, with more socialism and less freedom, it is in inverse proportion in universal and unacceptable. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you kennedy tropical storm is next. i will drink to
12:47 am
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>> a french strip club is making headlines for robotic dancers on stage. just when you thought you could not get anymore virus in this campaign room, cover up your hard drive, this is topical storm number one. we began in great britain where the used cars are flying off the lot. this is why you should never carpool, it is the annual car jumping championship. in a yearly reminder that you
12:51 am
cannot give an entire country free healthcare. people are reckless. now your taxes are going up because some drunken stocker watched too many dukes of hazard rerun. data have to worry about anyone's teeth getting knocked out, come on. i'm having fun. this year's winner took on the graham prize of 61 american dollars proving one several that just because someone has a british accent doesn't mean they're smart. if you do not believe me go ahead and google prince harry. his mug shot monday, this week's winner, a florida man who tried to hide fentanyl and said the order of mcdonald's chicken nuggets, as combinations go it doesn't get any stranger, a terrible substance that will destroy your life, the other is drugs. eric little is in very big
12:52 am
trouble after police found a bag of white powder stash inside the mcnuggets and floridians were shocked to hear it was professional because it is almost here and if anything he should've been doing pumpkin spice with that. needless to say he was busted at the scene and no word on who is filling in at the cover band while he's in the pokey. a dollar menu drug smuggler facing multiple counts of possession because the cops found a syringe filled with methamphetamine wrapped inside a filet of fish. as you can imagine i have my cruise broadened and once he removed it cops handle the drugs in the syringe. get that outta here. topic number three, nobody had a crazier weekend than the hard-working men and women at american airlines. where a lengthy shift left a flight crew feeling a little
12:53 am
horse, this is really overdoing it. flirty is a service animal that flew with his owner from chicago to omaha. where a lot of people were concerned about the smell but it turns out he did not mind the passengers in coach, it felt like he was back in the barn. 2 million people had watched the video let's face it, any horse can join the triple crown club will only apprise pony can join the mile high club. he is really hung -- topic number four, krispy kreme is now selling pumpkin spice cheesecake
12:54 am
filled donuts. a lot of people think we dumped it with the trend but it is not true, turns out the shark overdosed on pumpkin spice and there you have it, feast your eyes on this cry for help, it's made with a fried donut and a cheesecake filling, why get a snack when you can get gout. this we treat our selling for 399 which is fitting because that is what you way when you meet them. to be clear, i am not fat shaming, i am just try to help this country before they change the national anthem. running out of room people, they were right, horses flying in the end -- if you are in the market for more pumpkin spice shenanigans you be happy to know their offering free delivery.
12:55 am
there you go you got your box of snack crops, explain weights all over the top of the box. topic number five. >> a tennessee man is doing popeyes because they ran out of tickets and which is, it's only noteworthy because this is one of the few losses where the winner could still be a loser. a gentleman by craig barr is accusing the chicken chain of foul play and they claim all of his friends laugh to him after he drove to 12 different locations and they were all out of sandwiches. i cannot believe this guy has friends. they demand $5000 in damage, popeyes should just give him the bird, not the one served on a bun, popeye has yet to respond and we can tell you the same which is still selling intellect locations and people are driven all over the country to get one.
12:56 am
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