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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  September 6, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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my friend. melissa: our team captain great job. that does it for us. david: naping and shaming business owners around the nation are being targeted for boycotts and smear campaigns just because of their support for the president. president trump calling threats "modern day mccarthyism and it is raising concern on both sides of the aisle." welcome everybody this is bulls & bears thanks for joining me i'm david asman. joining me we have adam lashinsky, jackie deangeles, and gary b. smith. well liberals input are now threatening to release a massive list of nearly 100 local businesses owned by trump supporters, similar social media driven boycott is directed at one of connecticut's most iconic
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and popular pizza parlors called pepy pizza, after eric mccormick and deborah messing were demanding the guest list of an upcoming trump fundraiser in beverly hills that that guest list be made public so how dangerous is all of this coming? >> it's very dangerous and the problem here is that people are not respectfully disagreeing and not able to look at the office of the president and respect that office, and respect him as well as his supporters. if you were reverse this and did this on the other side, if you disrespected clinton supporters or sanders supporters or warren supporters they would be completely outraged and to attack these people for their political views and destroy their economic livelihood it's atrocious. david: adam? >> well, i'm really torn here because on the one hand i would agree on principle that mccarthy ism is one of the most despicable things that ever happened in our country because these people were being prevented from doing their jobs
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period. that said, i think we live in really challenging times, and so if somebody has political views that i find abhorent i might find it useful to know about that and decide if i want to give them my business versus giving somebody else my business , which is different from saying that they can't have a job, period, which is what happened in the mccarthy era. david: heather, even whoopie goldberg says that the last time people did this, people ended up killing themselves. she's demanding that people like messing and other people in the business world stop doing this and creating these political black lists. >> yeah, i totally a grow and i think that any type of president trump black listing is equivalent to economic warfare when i think of sanctions or foreign policy trade wars and with that respect to foreign policy this not a good idea and the bigger danger is conservatives how they respond which i don't think they would
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but i've never seen this type of behavior from the other side when president obama was in office, when president clinton was in office. i don't recall any republicans boycotting democratic small businesses. david: joining us now is pittsburgh's allegheny county republican chair and councilman at large, sam demarco now, councilman, you say this black listing is dangerous. tell us in what way it's actually dangerous? >> well thank you, david. i think the issue here is it went beyond just black listing of companies. part of their plan in the social media post that they put out there was once they identify the companies of the black list they wanted to create a database of individual trump supporters and then they were going to take and map that so that their folks could search down to the street address. david: wow. >> who had donated to the president and "in the social media post" so they could keep their children away from them and my concern is that could lead to targeting, potential vandalism, or worse.
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david: gary? >> yeah, councilman, gary smith here. look, i agree with everything you said. on the flip side i'm going to go back to kind of a point that adam was alluding to. unlike mccarthy the entire country did not want come you communism, there was no one saying i'm proud to be a communist, well maybe a small percentage but it's roughly half the country, that's proud to be trump supporters. why? i understand the target and all of that but why are people fearful of being named the trump supporter? i think many businesses will come out and say all right, look , i'm proud to be a trump supporter. i'm proud to raise the red flag out there. >> well you brought up a great point and i can tell you that the response to date from the original interview i did on tuesday is very positive. companies have reached out to me to let me know that they appreciate somebody stepping up and supporting them, and many of the folks on the right are asking to take and publish this
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list so they know what businesses to pat ron eisendrath patronize. i just think that we are here to debate on the battlefield of ideas and make selections from there and not to go after people 's livelihoods just because you disagree with them politically. >> councilman, let me ask you this even if there does become a back and fourth, so the left is doing and the right starts doing it to the leftist like do two wrongs make a right here. how far does this go and what can we do to try to bring some of those civilness back to the conversation? >> well i think that's something that's very important for us to do, because if we're ever going to come together as a country, if we're ever going to take and solve problems we need to be able to sit down at the table and talk to each other and if we're trying to destroy people personally, and put businesses out of business, i mean, this isn't the way to unite anyone, or to bring people to the table. >> but david, if i could just jump back in quickly, i've been
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thinking really hard about this and i think this issue of civility is the issue. i, for one, wish that we could be more civil to each other, and without an ideological bone in the following statement, i think that we can agree that president trump has done more to contribute to the incivility in our country than any leader in our lifetime and that's why people react so strongly to him and that's why we're having this conversation right now, because of the terrible example that he has set. i feel very strongly about that. david: what do you think, councilman? >> adam i have to pushback a little bit. i don't think president trump has in cited any type of this rhetoric or violence. >> no, no, not violence but rhetoric. i disagree with you. >> that's fine but then is it okay to ramp up rhetoric against him. do two wrongs make a right? >> no, i agree with you. >> boycotting on small businesses that means you're
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full of hatred yourself and that is portraying the example. >> what i'm saying is that right now, i know i'm saying that we friends here right now can have a conversation about why the incivility exists, and what we might do about it, and we absolutely should look at its causes, and president trump is important cause. david: councilman what we're seeing here is what happens at a lot of thanksgiving dinner tables. it's is a conversation that americas having. how will it be resolved? >> i think at some point, rational people need to be able to come together and say listen we'll have to sit down and talk about this. i mean the unprecedented level of opposition and hate has been directed at this president even before he was sworn in. again, it's unprecedented. you look at the attacks he underwent. look on the day of the inauguration, the protests and things that took place in washington. >> but why, sir, is he culpable , do you think, in the
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least for that. >> i think he's certainly a non -conventional president but i think that some people -- >> come on that's a cop out and you know that's a cop out, sir. unconventional. david: let him finish. >> he's unconventional and the reason for this one of the reasons he was elected is because he stands up and pushes back and fights back. he will not seed an inch. we understand that. it doesn't mean we agree. >> that's a lie. >> or everything he does. david: hold on a second. let me throw adam one thing because it's not just a line, adam. it's what he ran on. >> it is a line. david: no it's not. he ran on a posture of shaking things up. shaking things at their root, as they never had before, and he's following through with that. >> david he's incivil in a way that you never are, never ever are you incivil that way, ever. >> and the mainstream media, adam, is not incivil? read the washington post opinion
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section one morning and you'll see how uncivil they are towards the president. i want to compare him to david asman who i respect every single day. david: i'm not in office, go ahead, heather. >> from the beginning, democrat s have tried to de legitimize this office, the presidency and president trump winning the presidential election. i mean -- >> no it's not about that. >> so then adam vote him out if you don't agree with him. >> i agree. >> but boycotting and inciting violence or hatred i don't think is the way to do it. david: that's the bottom line. heather that's exactly the bottom line. >> you're not even just attacking him but innocent people who, you know, voted for him, because of the platform, because of the change that he said, that he would bring to this country. they didn't necessarily know the councilman pointed out how he might be, but having said that, he doesn't necessarily attack people like that. he attacks people on twitter, he will use some words that i don't always agree with but at the
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same time he's not trying to attack anybody's livelihood and if anything he would stand there and say he's trying to do everything that he can and work around the clock to help this country move forward. david: as jackie said bottom line there's an election coming up and people will be able to keep him in office or vote him out of office the voters will have the right to choose. sam, thank you very much for being here, appreciate it, councilman. >> thanks for having me. david: the 2020 candidate in new york mayor bill deblasio on tucker carlson last night, what he says is the single-most disruptive force in our society, and how he says he can fix it, with a brand new tax. former ceo of cke restaurants sounding off on that, coming next. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't.
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david: 130,000 new jobs added in august, coming in below the
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expectations of 15 8,000, but unemployment remains at a very low 3.7%. new york city mayor in 2020 democrat presidential candidate bill deblasio is now warning that we could see that unemployment number go a lot higher if we don't address what he says is the single-most disruptive force in our society. the threat of automation. listen. >> let's institute something that bill gates actually was the first one i think to call for, which is a "tax" that says simply, you know, a worker pays income tax. you take away millions and millions of workers, that's a lot less revenue to take care of all of the things we need in our society and it means of course millions and millions of people don't have a livelihood. so the company is going to put thousands of people out of work. they should bear responsibility for making sure those folks get a new job either in the same company or elsewhere. right now there's no american strategy, no federal government strategy to address automation
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and it could be the single-most disruptive force in our society that we've ever experienced. if you talk about tens of millions of working class americans who no longer have the prospect of work that's unacceptable so the federal government has to step up. david: joining us now is former ceo of cke restaurants, so andy what do you make of mayor deblasio's tax? >> first of all his solution to everything is a tax. that's a terrible solution number one and number two he doesn't understand the problem. the problem isn't that auto is taking jobs away. the problem is that we don't have enough workers. the national federation of independent businesses has a survey every month for 18 months , businesses have been complaining they can't find enough workers. we have 7.3 million job openings and only 6 million people unemployed that's 1.3 million more job openings than people unemployed. what people are in ignoring in this most recent jobs report this morning was 590,000 more people have jobs, are employed
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this month than were employed last month and about 600,000 more people entered the labor force so the fact that unemployment stayed at 3.7% is just reflective of the fact that the economy is absorbing what workers are out there, try and get something done in your house , so the guy whose working asked me if i knew anybody he could hire. david: [laughter] we can't find, we need more automation we can't find enough people to do the jobs. >> no that's very true. the report we got this morning, 130,000 jobs added was a little bit lighter than the numbers we saw say last year, but the point is that if you want a job, there's a job out there for you with 7.3 million job openings, wages are going up, that participation rate is going up, people are coming off the sidelines saying hey, i feel confident about the economy, and they're looking for work, but andy are you saying you're in favor of the automation or not? you're a little bit hesitant because it might takeaway from jobs as bill deblasio was
5:17 pm
pointing out on the tucker show? >> during the obama administration when i was ceo of the company and owned carl's jr. and hardee's and we could have gone to automation and we didn't do it because i don't support the move to automation and we didn't need to do it. i thought it was more important that people had jobs but we're now at a point when president trump took office there were 2.1 million more unemployed people than job openings. today we're at 1.3 million more job openings but this is a different world. automation is not necessarily a bad thing. automation can create jobs, automation can lift people up. it can fill positions that businesses are unable to fill, which has helped generate economic growth, which creates even more jobs, so no, i'm not in favor of automating jobs away but i think automation is coming , we need to understand it , we need to address it and i think now is a good time because there's a lot of jobs out there that nobody is filling. >> just going back to the labor report this morning, there's a school of thought out there and
5:18 pm
the argument is they made a lot today, that the headline number missed expectations, because you have people tightening back on hiring, because they're worried about the trade war and the possible effects there. how would you counter that? >> well i want to say we're going to get i think they come out around the tenth the numbers on job openings and if job openings stayed telestraighted i think that argument completely disappears i really don't think it's a problem with businesses not wanting to hire. i don't think it's a problem with them not wanting to grow. i think they can't find the workers and they've been telling us that in this nfib survey for about 18 months so it's time we started listening to them and figuring out a way to address their problem. >> this is adam lashinsky, i'm sorry gary. just real quickly. andy, i was i think number one, it's interesting as a former ceo , you're not looking forward into the future when automation is going to be a bigger deal than it is now.
5:19 pm
that's what bill deblasio was talking about and you're not but i want to comment you for making the case for increased immigration that we so obviously need in this country because we can't find people to fill the jobs. i'm sure you agree with me. >> look i'm very supportive of legal immigration. the president is very supportive of legal immigration. so i don't have a problem. you should listen closer because he does talk about it. legal immigration is wonderful. it's illegal immigration that's a problem number one. number two, look, i'm looking towards the future, if there comes a point in time where we have a serious problem with automation replacing people and creating unemployment we'll have to address it, a tax won't be the way but we'll have to address it but right now and for the foreseeable future that's just not the case. we have too many jobs and not enough people. >> andy, gary smith here. i'm a little surprised, i'm in favor of of 99% of what you said i'm a little surprised you're not in favor of total automation
5:20 pm
because the conventional wisdom is wrong on this and take the banks for example,, when atm's were rolled out in the mid-90s banks thought oh, my gosh we're going to have so few tellers and they did each branch but what it enabled them to do was have more productivity and open up more branches. we actually have more tellers now despite 400,000 atm's. the same thing when henry ford automated the assembly line. people thought my god we're going to lose those jobs and it allowed more auto manufactures in because it became more efficient. you probably would have been able to open a lot more restaurants if you had gone to that, to more automation, don't you think? >> if i wasn't clear about that i apologize, i'm not for 100% automation but i do think automation makes it possible to grow, it doesn't take jobs away and it can create jobs and what you said is absolutely right. david: what about a federal agency to oversee automation? >> we need another federal
5:21 pm
agency. we really don't need another federal agency. david: i don't think so. andy great to see you. thank you very much appreciate it. come back. a bipartisan effort targeting big caltech facebook, and google , is in the crosshairs right now, but are these monster companies just too big to tame? we'll go to debate on that, coming right up. here, it all starts with a simple...
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david: a rare bipartisan moment of cooperation as a group of state attorneys general are now working together to take on big tech namely google and facebook. hillary vaughn is at the white house with the latest. hillary? >> david breaking just now there are reports that alphabet is responding to the doj after they received a civil investigative demand from them, requesting information relating to prior anti-trust investigations and probes into
5:25 pm
alphabet and google. that's just breaking right now, before monday, where we are expecting a news conference from texas attorney general ken pax ton, on the steps of the supreme court, collaborating with 30 different states into a probe that would not only include google but all big tech firms looking into anti anti- competitive practices and this follows what broke today and the new york state attorney general leticia james announcing she's also launching her own anti-trust investigation into facebook specifically. google and facebook responding to the separate investigations, google in a statement saying this we continue to work constructively with regulators including attorneys general and answering questions about our business and the dynamic technology sector, facebook getting in the frontline of this in their statement, kind of defending that they do have competitions, facebook saying this. people have multiple choices for every one of the services we provide. we understand that if we stop innovating, people can easily
5:26 pm
leave our platforms and this underscores the competition we face not only in the u.s. but around the globe. some anti-trust experts we talk to are bashing these investigations and an expert says these investigations go beyond modern anti-trust concerns calling probes "sloppy thinking." some analysts we talked to also are not too concerned about the impact these probes may have on the companies. we talked with wedbush securities who tells us, "it would be a significant uphill battle within the beltway to really structurally change these business models which is why right now in the eyes of how we view it many on the street that is more scary headline risk than structural black clouds that could really hurt the likes of facebook, google and amazon" so a lot going around the country for these companies david. david: very interesting, hillary thank you so have these companies become too powerful to be held in check boy regulators. adam what do you think? >> well that was a really great report from hillary because you get the tension here which is that by the standards of
5:27 pm
anti-trust for the last many decades, these companies are not violating the anti-trust laws in other words they lower prices for consumers, they're great for consumers. the question then becomes will the great power of it they have force washington and the state to change the anti-trust laws, and that's totally possible, because they are more powerful than any companies have ever been before. >> i disagree, adam, we always think the last big company is the most powerful company. you know, i worked at ibm when they "had monopoly" were gone after by the trust department. guess what happened? the market nibbled away. it was microsoft. it was wang, and at one-time, people thought break up microsoft, no they were nibbled away by apple and google. same thing happens. u.s. steel controlled the market they were nibbled away by the
5:28 pm
japanese. let the market take advantage of this. these monopolies never left because they lose it. you don't need the government involved with this at all. >> i actually think government does need to step in here and i'm not necessarily sure that it should be the state doing it versus the federal government but i will say this to dan's point in hillary's report once the fines start racking up and these companies have to start paying them investors are going to look at it differently even though the stock prices didn't moved to in the case of alphabet or google as we all commonly know it, domination, controlling search, placing ads in certain ways these are very very important issues and there's not that much competition in search, i think people will have a hard time moving away from google because they use it every day to do their jobs, right? on the same token, on the facebook side, it's a service that people don't really need. they're starting to grow tired of it after more than a decade. privacy is at risk here, so i think they are going to sort of these two scenarios they play
5:29 pm
out differently. amazon will play out differently we're witnessing history here. >> well jackie i know that david uses bing and not google so you have one user of another search engine; however, this is all about on facebook side, protecting the consumer, as cambridge an a lit it kanye west scandal, they were using your user data so that's what at the heart of this. it's not any more about increasing cost or decreasing competition. it's about misusing consumer data, who knows if the laws will be updated and changed but that's where the focus is. >> but then don't use facebook. people are concerned with these privacy issues. if you're concerned with your privacy don't use facebook and as far as google, that's what, hold on, adam that's what they used to say about aol e-mail. everyone used aol e-mail you couldn't get away from it until gmail came along and everyone else. >> you make a powerful point about the fact that technology
5:30 pm
companies have a hard time preserving their wall, but all the examples you gave, those companies, it wasn't just that they were nibbled away by the market, but also by anti-trust regulators. >> no they weren't. >> that hurt ibm. >> give me an example one company that was lifted away by anti-trust. i'll even go back to standard oil. >> ibm and microsoft. i'll give you two. >> that was way before the government got involved. >> i'll give you a third, at&t was not nibbled away it was broken up. the issue here is that -- >> right but wireless when it came along. >> maybe they would have dominated wireless, we don't know. david: well microsoft by the way made a good comeback. they spent 21 years nibbling at microsoft and they are back as strong as they ever were before. well don't have a cow folks but one 2020 democrat is suggesting two very popular items are contributing to climate change. are you going to change your
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david: 2020 democrats turning their focus to capitol hill at change but south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg is calling out two very common things as part of the problem. listen. >> right now we're in a mode where i think we're thinking about mostly through the perspective of guilt, from using a straw to eating a burger, am i part of the problem and in a
5:35 pm
certain way yes but the most exciting thing is we can all be part of the solution. david: so heather, does eating a burger really make you part of the climate problem? >> my god, i hope not. i remember i didn't watch all of the seven hours of the climate debate. i believe fox had higher ratings during that time but amy klobuchar wn i tuned in said you can still eat your hamburger with cheese. last i checked that's called a cheeseburger. >> i don't actually have a problem with what he said in that clip. it wasn't too off the shelf. what's interesting to me is we all know that there's a pollution problem out there. not necessarily i'm going to call it a climate change problem , but at the same time, we're contributing with the plastic straws, with the plastic bottles, with all of the waste that we have. at the same time, he's saying that he wants to be this inspiration force that comes along and does away with all of that. that's the problem that i have. i don't see mayor pete as that inspirational force and what about giving some credit not on
5:36 pm
climate issues but everything else that the president has done , in situations where people said, you know, this is just not possible, and he's done it and been inspirational. nobody wants to acknowledge that >> my problem is that a lot of these candidates hinge their whole talking points on silly little anecdotes. that hold the straw thing that we have too many straws, 500 million straws, that was based on a survey done by a 9-year-old for school, so now it's a science. the other thing is people say okay let's replace them with the paper straws. if you want to make the paper straws strong enough it takes as long to decompose as a plastic straw. >> you need to dip them in plastic. >> plus they create more air pollution to make so this is silly. people think plastic straws we're against it. these candidates never get down, and do the research and come up with actual science. they just spout off what feels
5:37 pm
good and hope it sells. david: come on in, adam. >> i'll do my very best to elevate this briefly. first of all, it has to do with methane emissions and the inefficiency with what the cow eats and we haven't discussed any of that because i know we're not interested in the science but secondly, i was i listening to mayor pete he was trying to be constructive and hopeful and civil, and we could use that, i think. david: but adam listen to what he says this is the equivalent. the whole climate science thing is equivalent to. can we play that sound bite and i want to hear adam on this. >> we have to unify the country around this project and that means bringing people to the table who haven't felt that they've been part of the process i mean this is the hardest thing that we will have done, certainly in my lifetime as a country. this is on par with winning world war ii even perhaps more challenging than that. david: adam 400,000 americans were killed in world war ii, you really think this is more
5:38 pm
challenging than that? >> well i don't know. if you really want me to assess that i'd say that he's reflect ing on a time when americans came together, around a cause, and he's saying we're clearly a divided nation, and we need to figure out a way to bring people together around common causes. again, i'm trying to be hopeful, i think he is too. david: more challenging than the world at war. i don't think it is, but that's my opinion and adam you're welcome to yours as well. we got to move on officials in the bahamas are warning people to prepare for the unimaginable as the death toll is rising in the bahamas we'll take you back to nassau place dorian reaching the outer banks causing massive flooding and power outages a live report from surf city, north carolina is next. >> this latest development shows that we cannot yet let our guard down. for the outer banks and
5:39 pm
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david: search and rescue efforts continue in the bahamas after hurricane dorian left the island absolutely devastated, or at least the north islands. dorian has now made landfall in the carolinas causing massive power outages throughout north carolina. we have fox weather coverage to bring you the latest from nassau , plus we're going to hear from one survivor but first let's go to fox news correspondent, who is in surf city, north carolina. doug? reporter: yeah, david this is one of the barrier island communities that was spared the wrath of dorian last night. people are thanking their lucky stars today. we were doing live shots all night long in wilmington, north carolina last night and we got to see the progression of the storm very very intimately and it became clear as the evening went on that it appears all the barrier islands were going to be
5:43 pm
spared at least that the eye wall would remain off the sea by at least just a few miles but then late, late in the evening it made contact with the outer banks, and it caused terrible destruction out there. there are still communities on the outer banks where the mandatory evacuation has not been lifted, because of downed power lines, because of threat of looting, people losing their property, things of that sort so they are having a very restricted entrance to that worst hit of all was the barrier islands, it's isolated and it it is accessible only by airplane or helicopter or by boat. there are no roadways out there and a lot of people stayed out there overnight and then it became clear, that they were in real danger a lot of people had to retreat to their attics to avoid the surging storm waters, and here is what one state official talksing about what they did not know about the situation as early as this morning. >> we have heard unofficially that there could be hundreds of people that are trapped out there. we don't have a really good
5:44 pm
number on it. we're in contact with the folks out in those counties, so but they are mainland, so it's tough to really get a good read on what's actually happening out there. reporter: at 2:00 this afternoon the county sent out a press release they were mounting an air transport situation to carry those who wanted to get off the island back to the mainland, and the old certainly had priority. back in topsail beach, surf city it's an absolutely lovely day, the perfect weather as often as it is after hurricanes and people are thanking their lucky stars and biting their fingernails as the night progressed here is one resident. >> yeah, it did and it just skirted us so that's a good thing. >> how does everybody feel about that? >> wonderful, believe me. it's a good thing. reporter: one of the reasons people are so thankful is this.
5:45 pm
take a look at this railing. this staircase, up over the dune s. it's brand new. as are virtually every one of those railings as far as the eye can see. why? because of hurricane florence. it wiped all those staircases away last september, wiped almost all of the dunes away. look at the angle of these things the beach was basically washed away, and a lot of people were lucky that their homes weren't washed away. a lot of the dunes were washed away and it flooded the streets it's just a reminder of the absolute fragileness of these beachfront homes in the barrier communities. david: absolutely well they won't have to rebuild them thank god for tax doug thank you very much well on to the bahamas where a situation is really dire at least 30 people are confirmed dead and hundreds are still missing and officials are warning the numbers are likely to be much higher. people should prepare, in fact, for the unimaginable. fox news ellison barber is in nassau, and now ellison what are
5:46 pm
we hearing from the northern islands? what we've heard so far sounds horrendous. reporter: yeah, and every time we speak to another person who comes here to nassau after they have finally made it out of those northern islands, many of them coming out they are telling us that it is horrific that there are very few homes still standing. they say that everything is gone except for bodies. every person we have spoken to when they have gotten off a plane at the airport in nassau they either saw a body or they say they know someone who saw one or they knew someone who they believe is dead. i spoke to one woman who was looking for her family. she was waiting to see if they were going to get off one of the planes and i asked her how many members of her family were missing and she told me 32. that was one person, one person looking for 32 people, who they haven't had contact with for days. i met another woman who told me that she had survived the hurricane with her 5-year-old
5:47 pm
son and five week old baby using her own body to protect the infant. here is a little more of what she had to say. >> it's crazy. it's like all of the houses are destroyed everywhere, the shops and everything, we had to survive. it was a lot of water and some people had to swim. our roofs came off where we were staying and we had to run in the storm and try to find the nearest shelter. >> where will you go next? >> we don't know as of yet so that's the next plan. as soon as we register we'll figure out what we're going to do and where we're going to stay and everything. so right now, we're all homeless reporter: as we spoken to more people we get a clearer picture of what it is like over there. our colleague is on the ground right now but we're seeing video cell phone video that people shared with us that the they took in the storm and in the hours and days after, it's paint ing a picture of just absolute terror.
5:48 pm
one man said he crawled into a bathtub and held on to his wife for hours hoping the storm would pass. he had a cut on his head but he made it to nassau today. if you can hear over me there's a helicopter landing not far from where i'm standing and it seems to be one of the helicopters coming back from a medical rescue mission. we've seen a lot of people land here today needing to get medical attention. one man i met his feet were red and he told me that he had been walking around without socks for days and it rubbed his feet raw. he made it out with his three children and has no idea what happens next. david? david: ellison barber thank you very much. best of luck. well disturbing new details to a story you heard here first last week, we now know how twitter ceo jack dorsey's twitter account was hacked and used to post racist tweets under his name that involves bribing employees at mobile phone providers and the same thing could happen to you, or anyone.
5:49 pm
brett larson will break it all down for us, next. devices are like doorways
5:50 pm
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david: well twitter temporarily turning off the ability to tweet via text message after the feature was manipulated by hack ers last week to take over twitter ceo jack dorsey's account. scammers increasingly using what's called semitism swapping where they can actually move a victim's phone number to a mobile device that they then control but how exactly is it donald could they do it to you? let's bring in brett larson radio host of fox news headlines 24/7. brett, explain. this is really troubling because it could actually happen to you. the way they do these sim swaps they get the phone number if they find out who your phone ill provider is and they pretend to be you, which is increasingly easier because of all of the
5:53 pm
stuff we post on social media. david: or they could bribe these customers? >> yeah, they bribe them with cash and then off you go and you have access to someone's phone number. it's a very easy thing to do because you say well i want to move my phone to the other service provider so great, within actually less than 24 hours it'll take effect. a lot of sites are using our phone number as a means of recovery, so when you can't, you know, i forgot my password to facebook well we'll send you a code to your phone. well if you don't have access to your phone, this is where it becomes a problem. that's what happened to jack dor sey. david: adam? >> this is a really helpful report because i had forgotten that when twitter started way back when it was a text messaging service initially, and so why doesn't twitter just shut that service, that aspect of it off completely, because i'm guessing most people don't use that any more. >> yeah, now more of us have data connections on our phones
5:54 pm
or there's a wi-fi hotspot that you can connect to. this is definitely something they are going to consider, and let's also consider another high profile twitter user and imagine if his twitter account came under control of someone with nefarious intentions it could quite literally start a war based on what is going on although hopefully we have an active 24 hour media operational over the planet that would probably take pause to that. these twitter hacks are happening so often that you would think yeah, why aren't they putting building in more security features and i think honestly, most of the time it's kind of like credit card fraud. it's well do you know what it's going to cost us more money to handle these fraudulent transactions, than it is to just -- david: and how many of us keep financial records on our cell phones and if they can get into that they can get into everything else. you have to leave it at that. what's the real reason why fewer people are getting married these days? researchers at cornell say they
5:55 pm
have the answer but not everyone agrees. our panel debates it coming up next. >> ♪ ♪ play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. .. x 200 for $329 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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david: a new study says the reason people aren't getting hitched is this a shortage of economically atrawctive men on the market. they have bachelor's degrees or incomes of over $40,000 a year. are men not work as hard these days? >> there are pros and cons to everything. the negative consequence of sheryl sandberg dress for success. if you are a woman and you make six figures and you are looking
5:59 pm
for a man who makes six figures your talent pool shrinks. you say i have my own car, i don't need any help. i can pay my own bills. then what are you supposed to do? >> if we were look for economic parity, i wouldn't have gotten married 30-plus years ago because of my wife was faster, smarter and earned more than i did. throughout the course our marriage i would have been dumped five or six times. >> women know they will take some jobs away from men who used to have them. >> i am another happily married man whose wife outearns him and couldn't be happier about that. david: i'm the chief earner in
6:00 pm
my household and we wouldn't be happier. good to see you all. that does it forward "bulls and bears." we'll see you back here next time. liz: tracking hurricane dorian and its hit to north carolina, georgia and south carolina. the storm surges, power outages in the region. we'll take you there tonight. we'll take you to the place hardest hit in the bahamas. warning, it's disturbing. at least 30 people dead and hundreds still missing. we have wall street pros telling us what everyone is mission. why markets are taking this in surprise. it's not just federal reserve helping. why wall street pros say the next market crisis no one is


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