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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 9, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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kennedy: thank you for watching my nice show. robbie suave say and his hair. now triple monday is a hat trick! good evening everybody, president trump at the crown expo set center in north carolina where he is rallying thousands of supporters ahead of tomorrow a special election, that's a ninth congressional district, president trump offering his support for republican candidate dan bishop, he's running against a sanctuary city radical dam dan mccready. we will be watching the president rally throughout this broadcast here tonight. attorney general from both sides of the potable i'll join together to launch a bipartisan antitrust investigation of google. this investigation is separate
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from the justice department investigation of google's online dominance and employment of alleged practices. here is a story from washington. >> google is facing their biggest investigation ever today after 50 attorneys from 48 states and two u.s. territories announced they are teaming up to investigate google business practices. texas attorney general is leading the investigation, he says they're starting with the review of google's ad practices and how consumer data they collect needs into the dominant but could be go beyond that. >> many consumers believe the internet is free, certainly we know from google's products that the internet is not free. >> the bipartisan team is a show
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of force for google, the attorney general eric smit tells me there is strength in numbers. his date was the first to launch an antitrust probe into google and he says everything is on the table with this investigation. the district of columbia says this bipartisan is unprecedented. this is just one more on a pile of problems for google as they face ramped up scrutiny from congress in a separate investigation by the department of justice. lou: thank you very much. acting commissioner of customs and border protection mark morgan claimed the department of homeland security was never in violation of a 2005 law that requires federal law enforcement agencies among them, the largest of them all, the cbp and ice to collect dna samples from detained or arrested individuals. fox senior intelligence catherine heritage with the story from washington. repeat after independent government on the border agency
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in violation of federal law for collecting dna for those in the custody. today when pressed by foxconn the agencies acting commissioner wants the fights. in august a special counsel fail in favor three cbp whistleblowers by fox news. the agency failed to collect dna and ran it against the database for violent crime. the goal to identify individuals whose dna link them to open cases including rape even murder. federal investigators rejected the argument that the obama administration waiver was still valid on resource issues a decade after the fact. in a report last month, the office of special counsel said the border agency put lives at risks and failed to fulfill the law enforcement responsibility. cbp noncompliant with the law has allowed crimina detainees tk free. in law enforcement implication issues, urge cbp to reconsider its position and initiate dna
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collection from criminal detainees. the whistleblower nurse say some officials have broad discretion by congress adding these officials fear legal exposure from their families who were killed or hurt by illegal migrants whose dna was not collected. lou: thank you. obama appointed activist federal judge in california, today issued a nationwide injunction john tiger walking trunk administration restrictions on asylum claims by central americans. tiger had previously blocked president trump's policy to force a figh asylum-seekers to k interest certain points, border points on the border with mexico. the house is back from the six week long recess today, already a presidential subversion being orchestrated by the radical dems on the house judiciary committee. jerry nadler scheduled about
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this thursday that would formalize the impeachment investigation by setting up rules for future hearings. he says it's the next step in determining whether to recommend articles of impeachment. joining us tonight, tom, the president of judicial watch, we have a lot to talk about tonight. let's start with the beginnings, an open question for the judiciary committee whether or not to proceed with impeachment, your thoughts? >> i look at the announcement and i did not see any good faith basics for impeachment, this is an impeachment inquiry and search to impeach president trump over. it's an abuse of power by the house democrats to follow on the abuse of power of their allied politicians and the obama administration, the deep stators who have been harassing president trump and it's the next phase.
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there is one ways to cut this short, i would recommend mitch mcconnell, the majority leader in the senate republicans say, there will be no impeachment trial here. we will not be obligated to take up a garbage impeachment effort of pure harassment against president trump, we will not waste the senate time and will shut it down. there will be no impeachment trial and we will have one body of congress say no to this abusive this to president trump. lou: that's an interesting idea and sounds workable. let's turn to judicial watch and documents that you have gotten showing hillary clinton supporters efforts who actually move the classified information into the hands of various senators. what in the world, is this evidence that the obama administration was orchestrating a wide open assault on the soon
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to be president of the united states? >> it was a desperate last-minute effort by obama appointees, many were clinton donors. to push out to friendly's in the senate and anti-trumpeters both democrat and republican with information, classified on russia. in the deadline was the presidents inauguration. so if it was an ordinary course, why or rush to put it out? they knew they were up to no good. the documents show they were getting frustrated of having to follow the rules about the declassification or the approval of sending classified information to the legislative branch. it looks like they were bypassing the rules to do so. if i'm the justice department and doing a model investigation, there is one thing they need to do, move over to the state department just as they may be
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looking at the justice department and fbi and who targeting president trump. this is just the latest in a series of disclosures out of the obama state department showing that the whole gang was using the state department to water the information to target president trump as well and again, colluding with democrats in the house in the senate, if there is an impeachment against president trump, i look forward to president trump's lawyers bringing in house democrats in house senator and senate democrats who are colluding with his gang to try to take them out before he was elected president. lou: it is outrageous, it becomes more outrageous with every document and e-mail, text that we see amongst this group. >> and we got it without the ig. lou.despite the salute to get te
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information. why are we waiting to take action. the ig cannot be the end-all and be-all. we need the justice department to speed up the pursuit of justice. lou: i cannot agree more. let's turn to speaking of justice, bipartisan justice, something to me, i cannot recall a time when all 50 state attorney general's went after an antitrust target, but here we are, google in the crosshairs. >> i'm suspicious when both republicans and democrats agree and usually go after one company. i would focus if i were them, i would focus on google's impact on our elections, the suppression of conservatives, there violation of the law that protects them from being sued, they pretend to be a neutral party, a bulletin board more or less but information shows that they suppress conservatives, keep their thumbs on the scale and i don't know if that's an antitrust issue but that is to be the focus as opposed to politicians figuring out what the market share in advertising
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colordollars need to be. lou: we should remind everyone, robert epstein the leading expert on the psychological search engines and approach clinton democratic, said that google's bias was sufficient to have shifted between 2.6 and 10.4 million votes in the 2016 presidential election. that a stunning stuff. tom as always, great to see you. coming up next, republicans want answers about what some radical dems and their staff were doing in mexico last month. what? will tell you about the radical dems mysterious trip and michael goodwin joining us with the story. in the former world bank president says president trump tough trade policy is not working for americans. guess what, white house tree chief says that cannot be more
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who else could he be? there is the moment. beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. ♪ ♪ every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. lou: 2020 dem candidate joe biden is enough of the media
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reporting on the inlet stream of gaps, mistakes, biden telling the daily new hampshire that reporting allows the media to avoid doing their job. biden says the numerous blunders are irrelevant. in terms of what is actually going on in the country. former u.s. trade representative under president george w. bush, robert writing us stating condemning president trump trade policy in the ongoing tree dispute with china. writing amongst other things in the wall street journal, the trade war winners don't include us. later he wrote, the united states has lost markets for exports because it dropped out of deals like the transpacific partnership. joining us tonight, the director of the white house national trade council, peter navarro good to have you with us. >> great to be here.
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this is a handful of swap creatures in washington. forgetting us in china into the trade world organization in 2001, therefore it has to be responsible for the 70000 factories that we have lost in the 5 million manufacturing jobs before this president took office. why would you take advice from robert zoellick about trade policy. lou: his repulsive, those of george w. bush and obama and clinton, it's in the wall street journal to take on the guy who wants to balance international trade relationships, that is your boss president trump, and to see -- he praised china's entry into the world trade organization claim in the mood we strengthen the organization.
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let's put up his next claim if we could. in my going to wait? i think i am. there we go. he said the united states has lost markets for exports because they dropped out of deals like the transpacific partnership. what do you say? >> the transportation partnership was devastated on the auto sector in the recent deal with japan takes away any doubt that we are doing great in terms of exports, farmers with pork and cattle producers cannot be happier. so no thanks. wrong. and as we look at what is happening with the new world order that sina self challenged by president trump in the administration, this president,
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were looking at people who are out of there ever loving mind with rage and disappointment and frustration because they now see that the game is in fact off. people know exactly what is happening and why and is cost us trillions of dollars to run the trade deficits over the course of 40 some odd years consecutively. also, it has cost us mightily to watch a half a trillion dollars a year stolen by the chinese. with a straight face, robert zoellick or anyone else, complain about a president who has resuscitated the economy and put us back into a new era of prosperity. >> he says that supply change should stay in china, and they're leaving china faster than trump tariffs. that is good for the world
10:19 pm
economy because the more diverse supply chain is more resilient and by the way, that stuff is coming home as well. he also says, we are paying for the tariffs, not china. china is paying for the tariffs, the pain dearly from the slashing of prices and manipulating currency and losing the supply chain. every claim you go through with zoellick, it is wrong and all he's doing is a stalking horse for a newspaper and basically they did not want to offshore. lou: outsourcing has said the editorial page of the journal they thought would be a natural efficiency of markets but it turned out to be far more than that. we appreciate you being with us. thank you so much. peter navarro. over a 6 million their content dropped off food stamps with president trump completed his first month in office. 6 million. the department of agriculture reporting on this amazing turnaround.
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the decline in food stamp enrollment saving americans nearly $9 billion a year and currently 630 million americans still enrolled in food stamps and that is far fewer than the 48 million under president obama back in 2013. in 2012, the obama administration actually spent $3 million on spanish radio ads encouraging people to sign up for food stamps. up next, china vastly out producing the united states on 5g technology, that is the report, that's the claim we taken up recording chain. here tonight. next you will not believe what the number three house democrat had to say about support for the bill of rights. we will tell you that a much more straight ahead after the quick messages. ♪ limu emu & doug and now for their service to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ]
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lou: radical dems under sheldon whitehouse politicizing the
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judicial process as bestie can and claiming the supreme court has become another arm of the gop, this follows white house legal brief to pack the supreme court, writing this, the supreme court is not well and the people know it. perhaps the court can heal itself before the public demand to be restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics. doesn't that sound like a pretty good attempt of intimidation of the court. house majority, democrat jim says he does not think the bill of rights would be supported if it was introduced today. >> i stood for the bill of rights and told you iran into people everyday who would like to see so much of those guarantees uprooted. lou: we have to wonder who are the anti-americans that he supposedly runs into everyday. anti-bill of rights. republicans on the house
10:26 pm
oversight committee wants to know why the democratic colleagues have made a number of trips to mexico in the past month, ranking member jim jordan says the dems have not explain to the interact with and what coaching on immigration laws was given to illegal immigrants among other questions. joining tonight, former reagan white house, fox business political analyst, the dean and rollins and new york post columnist opposing prizewinner fox business contributor michael goodman. good to have you both here. james clyburn, can you imagine what he meant by that? >> i believe all of these things in the white house, it's a way of digitalizing trump. lou: the u.s. government questioning. >> this moves to the new level, this is the government they're talking about. this goes beyond overthrowing the president or carrying out sedition.
10:27 pm
>> i believe what the democratic party is about now is taking out the anger against president trump on america. when you look at all the policies, all the things they say packing the court, do away with the electoral college, the radicalism coming out of the mainstream members of the democratic party is somewhat terrifying. >> i would be very curious to which bill of rights would not pass freedom to practice religion, freedom of speech, freedom to vote if you're in african american. they may all focus on gun rights but i promise even that would pass in my senses bill of rights is a document in the end of the day i think is totally wrong and i think michael's point is valid. they're mad because the supreme court basically believes that the constitution is ultimate document and members of the court should not be writing legislation. that's the job of the court. then they have to interpret it to make sure it's with the
10:28 pm
constitution. lou: the president calling on house republicans to take away the term limits for chairman, six years to let the committee chair stay on the job longer. that sounds like a fascinating good idea to restore some power to the chairmanship. what do you think? >> we have to have a majority which we don't have. so they would be chairman to begin with. it was put in as a reform and they became the speaker and locked out of congress for 50 years. in the premise was, we were going to have permanent share, in equal debate for six years, get elected by members. lou: how does that work out? spin record doesn't work out because the congress doesn't work at all. lou: it doesn't mean he's right, and it looks like this is a very good idea and put it out there right now, as ed points out, they don't have the majority to put it together but it sure does
10:29 pm
get people thinking about what might happen if they did. >> i am actually not in favor of it. [laughter] all to you why, i think that's accumulation of power, the longevity of power the key ingredient of the swamp. i think you're going to drain the swamp, you have to have turnover, new blood. lou: you won't have to buy one fella at a time. >> thathere is the advantage. m clyburn is one of those examples, the kind of person you do not want leading your party. >> when i first came to congress in 1972, yet the old southern democrats in the terminal and senate communities, nothing got done except when they wanted to get done, the president unfortunately is blaming the loss in the midterm because the fact that a lot of guys left the house and a lot are leaving now. lou: do you want to keep the six-year term? >> i don't care i'd rather to
10:30 pm
see them all elected each cycle. democrats basically elect them and basically we should do the same. >> michael has me rethinking already. because the idea that they would be able to get more done in the long density, that's right. biden hitting the media because of firmer vice president assigned that he is too big of a thinker. and hates to be bothered with miniature, white state of man, how does the sentence and and what's the difference between fact and truth. this is a struggle for the former vice president, this campaigning for the big job. >> i don't think he's going to go the distance, i've never been a fan myself but i just think these kinds of things are alarming all kinds of democrats and they see this and i also
10:31 pm
think if you look at the polls, it seems that his appeal has peaked already, i don't see much upside from hear from him and i think it's a slow bleeding going on that will in the end he him not be the nominee. >> my sense is failure at this point time. he's there because use obama's vice president and have yet to hear him offend obama's policy. yet stand up and defend the policies. lou: google, this is fascinating, the justice department has begun an investigation, now 50 state attorney general's have come together to investigate google for antitrust and anticompetitive conduct. i have never seen the like of it. it is a powerful statement, it may not result in much but right now this is one hell of a statement against google and the
10:32 pm
weight is conducting itself. >> the way it sucks up so much online advertising has changed so many businesses in the question is it too big, unfair, competition. it's a legitimate question and i'm happy to see that it is bipartisan on this part, the issue of censoring conservatives which is not yet bipartisan but at least on the bigness of it. lou: and to look at facebook, twitter as well as google, amazon, these are monstrous large companies without any oversight. >> the reality is, if you have in norma's amount of information on citizens participating, i would guarantee there's more information be protected. lou: in many instances over the course of the last number of years, lying to the teeth that they were doing so. worthy of investigation and the government should be exactly that in my judgment.
10:33 pm
>> good to have you here. i appreciate it. we would like to hear your thoughts on all of this, share comments, follow me on twitter at lou dobbs and follow me on facebook, and instagram at "lou dobbs tonight". up next treasury secretary steven mnuchin says will be central to next month trade discussion with the chinese. we take it up with jordan chang after these quick geico makes it easy to get help when i need it. with licensed agents available 24-7, it's not just easy. it's having-jerome-bettis- on-your-flag-football-team easy. go get 'em, bus! ohhhh! [laughing] c'mon bus, c'mon! hey, wait, wait, wait! hey man, i got your flag! i got your flag, man! i got your flag! it's geico easy. with licensed agents available 24/7. 49 - nothing! woo! my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower
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>> we don't want dangerous criminals roaming free in north carolina, we want to take care of it. this state should be a sinks rate for law-abiding americans, not for criminal aliens. [cheering] our great republican candidate dan bishop will fight with everything he has two stop sanctuary cities and defend the people of this great state. lou: president trump talking about sanctuary cities with the thousands of supporters, of the crown expo center in fayetteville, north carolina. the president standing with the republican candidate for the ninth district congressional seat. dan bishop craig treasury sec. j steven mnuchin says china currency practices will be a major focus of next month talk. it'll be somewhat different than what they might've been in the
10:38 pm
treasury secretary designated china to be a currency manipulator. the treasury secretary says it will be mid-level talks between the two sides later this month. china showing its dominance in 5g, the wall street journal reporting china is outspending korea about 10%, 12000000000 - 11000000000. china's outbuilding the united states 15 times over in 5g cellular science and other nations including south korea, the united kingdom as well as the united states. joining us tonight, gordon changed as a gate stone institute. great to see you. let's start with the latest development in hong kong, this is not over and it seems these protest demonstrations are going to continue for some time. >> my wife and i were there last wednesday at the protest, you
10:39 pm
can see in the eyes of the kids, the determination in the grip. the most important thing, the humanity. these are two armies facing off with each other, the hong kong police and the kids. these kids believe they are fighting for the home and this is their last stand. they are not giving up. >> who is supporting them, the president stands with them. he is made very clear tissues and paying that there will be consequences should anyone be tempted to use violence against these demonstrators your thoughts? >> i think it's behind the scene talk between united states and china that was preventing the chinese from rolling out the people's armed police and the people operation on the street. i think china is restrained because it does not want to destroy hong kong more important, they realize that kids will fight back. this is not going to be a one-way slaughter. this is going to be open warfare and unlike beijing in 1989, hong kong right now is defenders
10:40 pm
territory. i think the chinese are worried about the casualties on their side. lou: let's hope certainly there is no violence and there is a resolution for hong kong, the two systems, one nation had worked until it no longer did, the idea with the extradition bill was my numbingly stupid. and suddenly withdrawn and thank goodness for those folks that they had the courage to stand up to that raw power. >> the one thing that was inspiring, yesterday the flags at the u.s. consulate. as the protesters were looking for help from the united states. this is a group they were singing the star-spangled banner and flying our flag, these are people who want dignity.
10:41 pm
they want freedom but they want dignity. that's what they see as the united states as a become of hope. lou: china now is cop between its economy and they call for reform and as you call them, the kids, the people of hong kong and what appears to be a rural stage that is once commanded by she jipresident xi and the colln king, and a road strategy blowing up in their faces. i cannot imagine where he goes from here. >> we have to be worried that the chinese will lash out. she jim payinpresident xi. >> their problems in hong kong they cannot deal with and they have an economy. if you look at those numbers from august, it makes clear that
10:42 pm
the chinese export and import is down, this was a weak economy. >> it also shows the truck trade policy are working. >> the tears in particular. underneath the numbers, yet china's export in the u.s. down by double-digit and american exports down to china as well. as peter navarro just mentioned, were developing an alternative supply chain. it gives us more resiliency. in less probable to china. we have seen china tried to ruin the great airline because they wanted to use it in a fight with hong kong. do not do that to our companies, they will weaponize are companies against us. they been doing this already. >> some if not much of wall street has been absolutely with open arms and ears off to beijing to listen to she jim paying in the vice premier
10:43 pm
entrée policies in opposition to the united states interest into opposition to this president. it is extraordinary what we witnessed on a part of the business community of this country and the chamber of commerce basically embracing beijing over the united states government. >> what is extraordinary, you talked about robert and the wall street journal. it does not mention china's theft of intellectual property. >> it does not mention his role in the world trade organization and it does not mention china violating the trade organizations openly. they did nothing about what china was doing or they did things that was deliberately ineffective. thank god we have a president was actually doing something which looks like it is going to work. lou: the nation says currency manipulation will be a focal point of the next round of talks in october. your thoughts? >> that should've been done a long, long time ago.
10:44 pm
>> by previous administration. >> we saw china take the currency and force it below the critical 721 level. they did that to offset the tariffs. that is the definition of currency manipulation and is good the treasury secretary after about two decades finally decided to do something. great to see you. earlier today, the president honored first responders and civilians the heroism during the el paso and dayton shootings. the honorees were awarded the medal and accommodation in president trump praised the honorees saying when evi evil sd the city of face all walks of life showed up. up next, the radical dems wasting no time to ramp up their efforts to try to block this president agenda and harass
10:45 pm
anyone involved in his presidency, including our next guest, former trump campaign manager, he joins us right after this quick break. stay with us.s.s.s.s. -guys, i want you to meet someone. this is jamie. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together. right, champ? -i'm getting more nuggets. -how about some carrots? you don't want to ruin your dinner. -you're not my dad! -that's fair. overstepped. -that's fair. pain happens. saturdays happen. aleve it. aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol. when pain happens, aleve it. all day strong.
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lou: the house judiciary committee set to question president trump former campaign manager cory lewandowski in the house committee obstruction investigation as the chairman gerald nadler calls and. he subpoenaed lewandowski and announced that he will be testifying next week on september 17. joining us tonight, mr. lewandowski, former trump campaign manager, best-selling author cory lewandowski. great to have you here. when i hear myself say that, you are going to show up with nadler to what ends? >> a lot of questions they still have, i been very clear, i testified in front of the house intelligence committee, once in
10:50 pm
front of the house intelligence committee, it's all been public and put out there. i spoke to the mall investigators, that information has been put out there, there is no new information, all this is is chairman nadler's attempt to fend off a left-wing primary challenge that he has in his district in the upper west side of new york. lou: that's incredible. what do you expect to happen? >> nothing. by the way, i'm going to do this in front of the camera. i will remind you make and people of what the witchhunt this has been. there's no new news here. there's nothing to peach him unless you want to accuse him of fighting for america and putting a market first. if that is the charge, and he's guilty as charged. but this russia hoax investigation is long overdue, there's no obstruction, no collusion and happy to remind the market people of that. >> it is a wrap as we say in the
10:51 pm
trade and everybody but apparently the radical dems on the house and some in the senate just want to continue the respective reality. it cannot indwell for the democrats. >> i think what they're going to do is overstep their boundaries as they already have done, this is going to be reflected in november of 2020 elections in nancy pelosi will be the first speaker of the house that lost the majority in the republicans back into control because the americans are tired of this. we waited for the mueller report to come out because everybody said what to comes out it will show the conclusion, obstruction. there was none, now it's over, if congress wants to do something beneficial let's go after james: comey. let's go to james baker who leaked information, let's go after the real criminals in this investigation which is comey,
10:52 pm
klapper and brennan and hold them accountable for the crimes they committed against the american people. lou: too that point, the department of justice under the leadership of william barr investigating all of the folks you does mention, are we going to see, in your judgment, will we see justice done? >> we have to because emerge and people deserve it. just because you the director of the fbi, does not give you the right to break the laws, abuse the fisa court system and use your badge and gun to go after people because of politics. look what they did to carter page, so many other people, they use their position of influence to try to destroy the american lives because they did not like politics. those people need to be held accountable because i been to third world countries, not this country. lou: we don't know what happened to the weiner laptop. we don't know where the e-mails are, we don't know why the fbi never took charge of d&c servers
10:53 pm
that were allegedly hacked by russians. and were just supposed to accept the. >> with to remember, 2016 resident obama was the president of the united states and comey and klapper and brennan were the head of the intelligence operatic. not donald on trump had no ability to impact the outcome and giving a speech in front of tens of thousands of people everyday five times a day. if there's any accountability, russian interference, it falls under the obama administration in the leadership he had in place. we did not hear about these problems in the 2018 midterm elections and we won't hear about them in 2020, after donald trump the tough and the institutions and major we have integrity and security. let's go hold the people accountable who are responsible for crimes committed in 2016 and that comey, klapper and brennan. lou: it be great to see them under oath and to see them brought to account.
10:54 pm
cory, always good to talk with you recording lewandowski. thank you very much. up next the trip economy is booming, the american people are enjoying prosperity. that and much more right after that and much more right after this quiuiuiuiui hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ 2,000 fence posts. 900 acres. 48 bales. all before lunch, which we caught last saturday. we earn our scars. we wear our work ethic.
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lou: on wall street, the dow up
10:58 pm
38 points. s & p closing flat. volume on the big board picking up to 4 billion shares. crude oil rising 2%. nearly 58 a barrel. gold and silver closing flat. listen to my reminders coast to coast on the salem network. president trump holding a rally in fayetteville, north carolina, touting the economy and all these jobs. >> wages are going up, the economy is doing great, and jobs have never been better. so importantly more than 7 million americans have been lifted off of food stamps. nearly 600,000 americans entered the labor force. lou: the president in fayetteville, north carolina.
10:59 pm
he's there to boost the republican candidate in a special election. mark morgan said the government of mexico will never fail to work with the united states. and that brings us to the close of this hour. mark morgan just said the cbp, that the government of mexico will never enter into a safer country agreement with the united states. we'll see about that. we thank you for being with us. we thank you for being with us. a remind tore follow me on twitter @loudobbs, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @loudobbstonight. good night from new york.
11:00 pm
trish: democrats secretly traveling south of our border allegedly to coach migrants on how to take advantage of loopholes in our immigration system to gain entry into our country. secret peace talks with the taliban are off. the president has this message for the tariffs. >> they are dead, they are dead. as far as i am concerned, they are dead. they thought they had to kill people to put themselves in a better negotiating position. trish: all of this as bernie


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