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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  September 9, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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trish: democrats secretly traveling south of our border allegedly to coach migrants on how to take advantage of loopholes in our immigration system to gain entry into our country. secret peace talks with the taliban are off. the president has this message for the tariffs. >> they are dead, they are dead. as far as i am concerned, they are dead. they thought they had to kill people to put themselves in a better negotiating position. trish: all of this as bernie sanders is out there cozying up
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to lynn a sarsour. she aligned herself with anti-semite, louse farrakhan. bernie sanders is embracing srsour. you will meet the newest rising star in the republican starty. she is dubbed the aoc for conservatives. she is here tonight. "trish regan primetime" begins next. new tonight. fox learning exclusively that. you cans on the house oversight committee are demanding answers from their democratic colleagues. this after reports at least one democrat was involved in coaching migrants to help them
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get around u.s. immigration laws. in a letter to chairman elijah cummings congressman jim jordan wrote you have not explained why you authorized this travel into mexico, or what you sought to gain from these trips. veronica escobar's staff alleged lid told would-be border crossers to pretend they kornt speak spanish to exploit a loophole that would let them into the united states. joining me, congressman stube. what do they think might have been happening? >> i aproud congressman over -- i applaud congressman jordan for
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sending a letter to elijah cummings. we need to get to the bottom of what's going on. they love to talk at the border and they come to washington, d.c. and do nothing to address the crisis we have on the border. >> why would they be trying to work with them to coach them in any way to come here? >> it's very troubling to hear that a u.s. congresswoman would be doing those type of things. hopefully we'll get to the bottom whether that's actually happening. hopefully we can pass real reform. that's what americans and floridians are looking for. their leaders to solve problems. i hope we'll solve the immigration crisis rather than exploit it. trish: this is an opportunity for both sides to get some type of immigration reform through.
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we have seen the democrats turn their back to it. in part, they wouldn't want to give donald trump any credit for getting immigration reform through. we hear over and over, democrats want to borders and want people to come here. i am curious. they can't vote for you if they are not here legally. so what exactly is that really about? >> if you hear all the democrats running for president, all of them support open borders. they want to go down to the border and have press conferences about all the travesties going on. but open borders is what they want. trish: so now they can come here because they can vote for you for congress or senate? i'm trying to understand their personal gain. i hate to say it but politicians -- i don't mean to tarnish a whole group because you are one, too.
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but they are not always that altruistic. >> they want open borders and want to give them free healthcare. we had a debate where they get free healthcare. we'll treat i am legal immigrants crossing our border than we are the veterans that served our country. trish: i was the first one to say, i believe we do need people coming to this country. this ways our country was found on. but i believe in people coming through the right way. and if you are encouraging bad behavior like this, you know, perhaps going down and coaching people so they can get through the legal loopholes. then that suggests that we have
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got some serious problems. let me ask but this impeachment thing. you have got congress back in session after a 6-week break and first up the democrats are picking up where they left off and they want to impeach the president of the united states. the thousands judiciary committee preparing a vote on procedures for impeachment hearings. what do you make of chairman nadler and his move here. >> for six weeks we have been in our district. and not one of them is talking to knee about impeaching the president. you know what the democrats' agenda is it's to impeach the president. it's not to solve the problems americans are facing. it's that we are going to bring up impeachment proceedings. now they are looking to actually start formal proceedings. we are being told thursday we'll be marking up a resolution that would lay out a procedure for
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the impeachment proceedings to begin. trish: there was a piece in the "new york times" today. you have got people that are still struggling for their place in our country, for their opportunity, for their success, for their chance to provide their family with security. yet you have democrats worried about impeachment with a president who has created a thriving economy and the lowest unemployment rate we have had in decades. the lowest unemployment rate ever historically. they are going after him for impeachment. they are focused on climate change. they are focused on a lot of issues i don't think your constituents or anyone else in america has the need to get up and go to work every daycare about. >> they are not focused on the issue ofs the democratic
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candidates seem to be focused on. what are they going to impeach the president on? we had the two years of the mueller investigation. no obstruction. no collusion. i don't know what they intend on bringing impeachment proceedings on. it will be interesting to see what nadler has up his sleeve for thursday. trish: i suspect there is a lot more coming forward from the a.g.'s report -- forgive me -- i.g. we'll see what nadler comes up with this week. it's good to see you. thanks. the brady bunch. the whole brady bunch cast is reuniting to renovate the brady home. ♪ the brady house snout trish: find out which one of the
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brady kids was fired for voting for president trump. even an op-ed in the "new york times" is predict a trump win. we have details on that straight ahead controversial far left activist linda sarsour is a surrogate for bernie sanders. is this who bernie sanders wants to associate himself with, a self-proclaimed anti-semite, louse farrakhan? >> the satanic jews. they control everything and they control everything and mostly managing type 2 diabetes?
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>> i would be so proud to win, but also to make history. the first jewish-american president this country has ever seen, and for his name to be bernard sanders. trish: democratic socialist bernie sanders getting quite an endorsement from the woman who aligned herself with the known january tie semite louse
11:14 pm
farrakhan. d -- semite louis farrakhan. >> benjamin netanyahu is not welcome. he's a bigot. trish: we tweeted this, and i quote. the zionist trolls are out to play. bring it. you will never silence me. joining me, amy tarkanian and former obama campaign director robin biro. good to see you both. bernard sanders is jewish. why is he seeking her endorsement, someone who has said horrible things about netanyahu, about jews. and louis farrakhan is about as
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low as you can get. >> i don't get. i reached out to a friend of mine who is a strategist for the sanders campaign and i got back crickets. i am not getting any help from them to wrap my brain around it. the only thing i can see is he's so far down in the polls he's doing whatever is controversial to get us talking. it's terrible strategy. let's just call it for what it is. trish: if i were a democrat considering voting for bernie sanders, i would be thinking twice about it. >> he's obviously catering to both side. he's banking on getting the jewish vote because he's jewish. which i think is arrogant. then he is placating to the portion of the squad and their
11:16 pm
far left base. the ones pushing a pro palestinian agenda. the ones who refuse to condemn people such as louis farrakhan. and linda supports sharia law. i don't see how that a winning strategy. you have got to stand for something in life and you have to stand for something in politics. you can't have your cake and eat it too. you can't be someone for the jewish cause and our relationship with israel which is historically always a strong one, while saying i'm going to have this woman who says horrible things about jews and quotes friend like louis far kansad louis farrakhan. >> this is bad strategy for us
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headed into 2020. this has a trickle down effect i'm frankly worried about. trish: it feels as though the democratic party is increasingly the party of anti-semites. all the rhetoric you have heard from the so-called squad, and bernie embracing this woman who is embraced by farrakhan. it feels like a slippery slope. i agree with robin. he's down in the polls to some degree. anywhere from texas where he places fourth. in new hampshire he's actually in first. trish: he ought to be able to do well there. >> but if he were the nominee, he would still lose to president trump with his far-right anti-semitic agenda.
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trish: you are talking about a guy who has been a socialist his entire life. capitalism is under attack. capitalism while it' it's not perfect, it's the best we have got. but you don't throw the baby out with the bath water and say we are going to become like venezuela. robin biro, you had the teachers union go down to venezuela because they wanted to model themselves after that. where kid are starving and no one has a shot at anything? >> i have been pushing back against this takeover of my party for a while now. and i'm being told impart of the old school because i'm an obama democrat. obama -- they want to throw me
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out with the bath water. it's old world thinking. trish: this is the problem. frankly what you saw in 2016, and i think there is a good shot it happens again in 2020. people who are the old school democrats so to speak, if you are someone who actually believes in americans having their own shot at success, their own shot at prosperity, their own opportunities, then you are not the socialist that elizabeth warren or bernie sanders wants you to be. that's frankly i think they are just handing it. it's like they are rolling over and playing dead. you had the "new york times" in an op-ed talk about this today. the title is democrats stop helping trump because they have been helping trump. this is what we keep coming back to time and time again.
11:20 pm
the idea, is it the state, big government running the world, running you, taking everything you earn and determining where it should go? >> i just hope they continue to push further and further left. they are trying their very best to diseven pran chies and basically undermine the president's economy and the fact it's doing so exceptionally well. we'll re-elect president trump and we are going to go in the right direction. you will have people reasonable and rational like robin. those democrats who will come over to our sight so i look forward to it. >> you don't need to answer that. amy, good to see you. coming up. former espn host jemele hill urging black athletes to leave white colleges in favor of historically black colleges.
11:21 pm
they need to go to black colleges. but first, remember when google executives were totally upset about trump's 2016 win? >> that was the first moment i felt like we were going to lose. it was a massive kick in the gut that we were going to lose. and it was very painful. >> is there anything positive you see from the election? >> that's a tough one right now. trish: it's clear google has an anti-conservative bias. 34 states are looking into google to see if they are head engage in anti-competitive behavior. i get it all the time.
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trish: 48 states sign on to investigate the search giants google. the anti-trust probe from both sides of the aisle. everybody wants to know why google has a total monopoly. hillary vaughn filed this from washington, d.c. >> this bipartisan force of state attorneys joins unprecedented. congress and the department of justice and other countries launching investigation into google's business practices. they will focus first on their ad practices resulting in what some state watch dogs call a monopoly over digital
11:27 pm
advertising. >> that's what our investigation intends to recover and reveal, whether google played by the rules and acted fairly. sometimes there is a fine line between aggressive practices. reporter: today it was about flexing the power of the a.g.'s office. missouri's attorney general tells me there is strength in number. his state was the first to launch an anti-trust probe into google. and he says everything is on the table with this investigation. >> with all the attorneys general banding together to get the answers. >> i am next to friends of mine who i vehemently disagree with. but we are acting as one in regards to launching what i know will be a fair and pull investigation that will follow.
11:28 pm
reporter: the state ags would not explain what kind of action they are expecting, whether it's a breakup of google or a fine, they say it's too early to tell. switching gears. president trump calling off the stops with the taliban after a car bombing claimed the life of an american soldier. >> we had a meeting scheduled. it was my idea, and it was my idea to terminate it. i didn't discuss it with anybody else. when i heard they killed one of our soldiers and 12 other innocent people, i said, there is no way i'm meeting on that basis. there is no way i'm meeting. me made a mistake. trish: the taliban firing back at president trump. saying even more lives will be lost due to the cancellation.
11:29 pm
isn't this true we can't trust these people? joining me is former cia covert operations officer mr. mike baker. back here, sir. what do you make of this? >> this is a good example of how more than one thing that appears to be conflicting can be true at the same time. it's important and it's right and it's good that administration has been working on negotiations with the taliban. that's what we should be doing. it's also true that you can't trust the taliban. we should be pragmatic and understand any peace deal that may have been negotiated and signed, there is a -- there is very little chance the taliban would hon year the for any significant period of time. a couple points that make this one of the most of complex
11:30 pm
layered conundrums the u.s. faces. there is no scenario, no possibility if we completely withdraw from afghanistan that the afghan government, can withstand the subsequent onslaught from the taliban. the taliban will come back and take charge if we are not there. that's something i don't think anybody can realistically argue against. other point i suppose that plays into this is that i have great respect for general petraeus and jack keane and other former military leaders. talk about a sustainable presence. the fact that we need to stay in some capacity probably where we currently are with 14,000 troops because the mission is not over yet. trish: americans say for goodness sake.
11:31 pm
we have been there forever. we are even involved back in the 1980s. in terms of trying to confront the soviet threat. and afghanistan's role in that. at what point do we say enough is enough. these people, this is their own problem. we are out of it. >> if there is relatively bipartisan support for keeping the presence in afghanistan. i guess my point is, he's listening to this. the fact that there are a number of very experienced senior former military, current military and bipartisan support up on the hill. but going back to your point and my point. it's been 18 years. if our mission toys create a stable after began government that will not allow the taliban
11:32 pm
to take control and allow afghanistan to be a training ground for al qaeda. we haven't been able to accomplish that mission in 18 years, why do we think we'll be able to see it completed in another 18 years? we have to ask ourselves. trish: it's dribs and drabs. to have a sort of half you know what approach, that doesn't work. and it costs lives. >> 3,500 plus coalition and u.s. lives. the violence has been increasing the past several months as the taliban sniffed out the peace negotiations and is looking to increase its leverage. the afghan president doesn't want the u.s. to leave because he knows they can't survive. they will be dead if that's the
11:33 pm
case. they can't survive. the question becomes if 18 years hasn't happened as far as our mission goes, if we haven't been able to make that successful. are we willing to go another 18 or 20 years? >> it's a complicated thing. to me it's like you are in it, and you succeed. or you know, you cut your losses. but anyway, it's a big decision you have to make. >> i think that again gag back to the first points, negotiations, discussions, as long as you are pragmatic and realize you can't trust the taliban. if you want to have some discussions again the current afghan government and the taliban, you know, we have to do it in a realistic manner. we have to explain to the american public, if we leave, if we withdraw completely, the
11:34 pm
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trish: katlina is a small business own and legal immigrant. she is being called the anti-aoc. she is motivated by love for her country, and she says she believes in everything that america stands for. but not hate joining me now illinois congressional candidate, katlina. what do you mean you are the anti-aoc? >> you know, i'm not anti-anyone. i am pro america. it's time we elect people who are going to be standing up for every day americans and standing up for the values our country was found upon. trish: your mother came here from gawtdfrom guatemala?
11:40 pm
>> yes. worked three jobs, learned english at night just to make it by. and was able to limb grat d waso immigrate here legally. trish: she watched you grow you have and watch you run for congress one day yourself. is that getting lost in today's political world? >> it is. it's so sad we have such divisive rhetoric coming from the left. and the sense of entitlement on people who have immigrated here. women like my mother who immigrated here worked three jobs and learned english, they have a profound gratitude. they came here because it was the land of opportunity. people forget that. we need to go back to that and recognize why people want to come here. we live in the greatest country
11:41 pm
in the world. trish: i think the way in which we have always sort of presented that american dream or turn the is very much at risk. if you gravitate towards frankly venezuela-style socialism because that's what all the socialists economies deteriorate into. if you say we are going to open up our borders. we'll have free college, you name it. that system just doesn't work. i'm actually very pro immigrant we need to bring more people like your mom to came here legally and believed in the sturnt this country could provide her and her children. but somehow the left has taken this and really transformed it into somehow americar today owes you -- that america owes you something.
11:42 pm
does america owe anybody anything? >> no. we were able to make it here because of personal responsibility. you define your destiny. a government doesn't do that for you. when you look at the economy and the countries that are socialist, that's not what our country was founded upon and we need to recognize that. it's so sad that to millennials tbien this idea that socialism works. it doesn't. read a history book. look at the countries like to venezuela that you mentioned. we have to insure that in order to preserve the american dream we are standing firm in our values and standing firm with america. trish: i wish you so much luck and i look forward to talking to you again. katlina dauf. gentleman nil hill urging black athletes to leave quite colleges in favor of historically black
11:43 pm
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trish: jemele hill posting in
11:47 pm
"the atlantic," it's time for black athletes to leave white colleges. it's a pretty divisive piece and claims black athletes are being exploited by so-called white colleges for a profit. i don't totally disagree with that. it's not fair some of these colleges say come here and play and we'll give utu is, and they don't expect them to graduate. they take phoney classes that don't allow them to do anything other than play a sport. they don't pay them at all. they are basically work like professional athletes. but they are supposed to go to a black college was they are black? what if that college can't offer them the same advantages? my next guest says hill is an elite leftist who wants young men to sacrifice their careers
11:48 pm
in the name of identity politic. joining me, former nfl player burgess owens. good to have you back. i read what you sent me. and the team. and i know how you feel about this. i think you and i are on the same page. but i think it's pretty thoughtful coming from you. an african-american athlete. what do you think that jamil is encouraging young black athletes to do. she talks about family. my dad got to ohio state and spent his career teaching at smu. i feel proud about what the family was doing in those days.
11:49 pm
in 7th grade was selling hot dogs at the stadium. if i decided to stay aught the college because it was a black college, we would not be talking right now. these young people have the opportunity, if they decide to go to amu they won't in the nfl. there is a place for black colleges today, and it's not competing for athletes. it's teaching our kids what's not being taught in a liberal public school system. it's very, very simple, head, heart, hands and home. education, service, compassion, god, capitalism, and the family unit. any coach of any race any people, any college that teaches
11:50 pm
that teaches success in our country. a marxist and socialist hates those for tenets. booker t. washington turned out a great generation based on those teaching. trish: it sounds like she doesn't have a lot of empathy for what young black americans are growing up with. if your family doesn't have money to send you to school and you have a gifted athlete with a chance to go to any squall want, don't you go to the place that gives you the most of opportunity, including the biggest chance of having a college career? >> you are using critical thinking, and that's not what the left does. it's not about the kid, it's about their liberal ideology. recognize miss hill is an employee.
11:51 pm
she pushes black bigotry. understand who is paying her. white bigots pay her to get the message to our community that they don't have the courage to give. she is not looking out for those who want to move forward. look at whites being bad people, and giving it their careers to just be around black people. that's not what our country is all about. >> i would say these are customers colleges. there are plenty of people of different nag ats at these schools. burgess, i like talking to you. coming up, a trip down memory lane. find out why the brady bunch of and mr. rogers neighborhood are back in the news. [♪]
11:52 pm
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11:56 pm
students themselves are supporting those plans, but they have different responses when you ask them about forgiving credit card debt. walk us through it. oh, actually -- >> support the idea of buying out credit card debt in america. >> no. i think that's something people do to themselves. >> so if i went out and bought a bunch of clothing and shoes, couldn't pay it back, should it be forgiven? >> maybe not. >> forgiving credit card debt seems far more ridiculous. >> of course it's unfortunate that so many people have so much debt, but i think that just forgiving it and really just making taxpayers pay for it is not a good idea. trish: okay, hate to point out the obvious, but isn't that kind of the same thing? >> it's exactly whats it is, and we've seen overwhelming support among young people for this idea of government forgiveness of debt. students saying it's a burden on the economy, these young people didn't know what they were getting into, but by the same token, a lot of people have credit card debt, shouldn't the
11:57 pm
government just snap their fingers and do away with that debt? as people saw that logic, they started to say, wait a second, if you're on the hook for credit card debt, you took this out, i think they see that same logic being applied and they realize it's not logical. as much as you would like to remove that burden, there is such a thing as personal responsibility -- trish: these schools, ooh i'm telling you, they take advantage of these kids, these families, you get families taking out second mortgages to pay for their kids' college education because somehow everybody's sold this idea that you have to have a college degree where they teach you things, well, you guys is have reported on this, all these crazy subjects. many of which are completely irrelevant and your ability to get a job thereafter college, yet you're saddled with hundreds of thousands in loans. it's really messed up, and i think the colleges bear some responsibility, by the way. i gotta get to this story, because we have been teasing it
11:58 pm
the whole show. love this show, brady bunch. apparently, the star, susan olson, says that she's admitting to voting for donald trump. and that somehow got her in really big trouble on a radio show, and it's harder for her to act. now, susan olson is the one that played little cindy, for those of you who are brady bunch fans. it seems like you, if you are admitting that you voted for donald trump or support him, you really get ostracized by those in the entertainment industry, shall we say. >> yeah, absolutely. and she's saying that once people found out that she wasn't in line with all the liberal ideology, that people started kind of coming after her and looking for any excuse. she said there were stories made up about her, and if that's the case, i do think it's indicative of this trend that's really only experienced by conservatives. this is a one-sided problem, you simply don't see examples of
11:59 pm
celebrities coming out as liberal and letting the world know, you know what? i voted for hillary clinton. you don't see backlash. there aren't conservatives saying we need to get them fired. conservatives say, oh, a celebrity's liberal, it's another monday night. they're not trying to get them fired. that is something that's completely exclusive. olson said i'm not even necessarily conservative, i just voted for trump, and we no longer live in a day and age where people can politely disagree. trish trish yeah. you can't wear a red hat, right? not a make america great hat, you can't wear a red hat. so forget it if you're a cardinals fan or anything. do we have time for this last -- can we just take a quick peek? this is tom hanks unveiling his role as mr. rogers at the toronto film festival. i loved mr. rogers. like, where is that today? we need some good, old-fashioned the like mr. rogers -- tv like mr. rogers. >> absolutely.
12:00 am
it's already getting great reviews, people coming out and saying that this is the performance of a lifetime from an actor that's already one of the greatest of his generation. a good reminored of what we need more of -- reminderf what we need more of. trish: have a great night, see you tomorrow. kennedy: all right, look out, joe biden. with just three days until the next debate, liz warren is surging in the polls. you go, girl. but she may have made a very costly mistake, and that could mean the election according to a new cbs news tracking poll. voters in 18 early voting states, warren now leads the crowded field with 26%. that's one point higher than sleepy joe. yes, in this poll he has fallen to second place. bernie's in third, camilla, she's done, fourth place, 8%. not good. liz warren has seen herself rise in recent weeks. she continues to roll out the policy ideas. real


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