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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  September 16, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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a heck of a workday. i'm just curious. can you think of a single dimm who could get up with this president? me either. join us tomorrow night. our guest will be vic and joe. stay with us. trish: punishing american student for being patriotic. that's happening on one north carolina campus where a cheerleading squad is in trouble, suspended for cheering for -- showing their support -- forgive me, they are being put on probation. they are not the only ones being unfairly punished. president trump slamming the "new york times" for its newest smear campaign against justice kavanaugh. president trump: they used call and say what about this and what
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about that? how can they do thinks like that and destroy someone's life. they are destroying lives. trish: buck sexton calls the smear campaign mere malice. remember this? >> some people did something said freshman congresswoman from minnesota. we know who and what was done. there is no uncertainty about that. >> now congresswoman ilhan omar is out trying to defend her controversial remarks. but you won't believe how she is trying to spin it. trish: every day drugs from china that contain cancer-causing agents are flooding into our country. dr. marc siegel is here with a warning you need to hear.
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punished for supporting the president of the united states. a high school cheerleading squad is on probation after some cheerleaders posed with a banner supporting the 2020 reelection bid. another high school cheerleading squad in arkansas facing backlash after they unfolded a banner using the president's slogan, make america great again at a pep rally. todd, you reported on this story today. where are we as a society and country where you can't even hold up a poster for the president. last i checked, it is a free country and you can support whoever you want. >> i have a chapter in my book titled, it's not a season to wear a make america great again
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hat. in this case at north stanley high school, the kid were having an american night at the football game. a bunch of the kid dressed up in red, white and blue. some of the kid had a banner make america great again on the track. they took a picture with the cheerleaders. a teacher took a photograph, posted it online, then all you know what broke loose as people in the community accused the kids of being racist. trish: now they are on probation. what does mat mean. you are on probation for what? you are not allowed to talk politics in school anymore? >> it's absurd. i say this as someone who may not have endorsed president obama. but if you saw a hope change banner in the crowd, the kids
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are expressing their spirit. being a former soccer player, i feel for those girls. as long as all those cheerleaders were okay with it, that's what matters. you shouldn't have parents relegating the school spirit of the youth in high schools. i think they should show up, different groups, whether it's the spanish club or whatever and hold banners. trish: put a bumper sticker on your car. in 2016, all the college campuses are saying you can't put up a trump sign because that's hate speech. >> those kids were told, come to the friday night football game, we want you to bring something patriotic. they brought a trump make america great again banner because they know this president loves america. the bad person is the north
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carolina high school athletic association. they did not interview one student, they didn't interview one parent. trish: what does the probation mean? the kids can't show up with signage or wear red hats? >> we reached out to the high school association to get a clarification. they refused to return our telephone calls. there is a meeting going on tonight with the school and the parents and the kids. trish: it's gotten so bad, it's got to the point, you can't even cheer and your favorite team, the cardinals. you know, you would wear it, but there are people out there saying you can't wear a red hat, you can't have a trump bumper sticker. don't people need to chill out and say there are two sides. you have the left and the right. you have republicans and democrats. and people have a difference of
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opinion politically. we all need to get along. >> especially some of those cheerleaders are not of age to vote yet. we should be encouraging when they are, they are going to have spirit and enthusiasm. i don't know what we'll do when the nationals are in the playoffs. i think all of d.c. will get in trouble because people will be wearing red hats. you may not agree with people, but you can't silence them from freedom of speech and showing what they are fashion that about. trish: make them feel like they are not worthy. there seems to be a sense i can spit on you if you are a trump supporter and i have the right to do so. you shouldn't be validated in some way, todd. that's dehumanizing. >> it's dangerous. which is why i wrote the book, culture jihad. there is an attempt to silence
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people. the same thing happened to the covington high school boys. i promised on my radio show, we are not going to let that happen again. >> good to call it out. todd, bret, good to see you guys. remember how i will than so far character rise the events of 9/11? >> it was foundinged after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something. trish: get this. she is defending those comments. we have more on that in just a moment. an alarming warning from the fda. a popular heartburn medicine may be tainted with a cancer causing agent. guess where they are imported from? china. the "new york times" publishing a hit piece against justice bret
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trish: new fallout as the "new york times" releases a correction to its headlines, that read brett kavanaugh fit in with the privileged kids, she did not. on a rumor floated out there that kavanaugh allegedly exposed himself to a female at a party. a "new york times" report claims that a classmate of calf false who incidentally worked for bill clinton. he told the fbi the story at the time of the kavanaugh hearings. the fbi didn't investigate. the "new york times" never spoke with the college buddy. apparently they just got this
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from some source via the fbi. and the woman in question says she doesn't recall this incident. and she refused to be interviewed. why the heck is the "new york times" out there trafficking in gossip like this. this is what you call journalistic malpractice it's' character assassination. even msnbc is disgusted by the. >> why is there this glaring omission in the "new york times" story. i could not believe the "new york times" would write this piece without that information. trish: yeah. joining me, joining characteristics a and list, buck sexton. you would think the democrats out there would be saying wow, this really bad. and they would be balking at this.
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and they screwed up. but chuck schumer is totally silent. you have people calling for the impeachment of kavanaugh. nobody seems to have any sympathy for the fact that there are no actual facts to back up this story. >> the left lost this battle before and they are delusional thinking they can win with this. the ramirez incidents they tried to make it sounds like they had more corroboration in this "new york times" piece, and this upcoming book written by "new york times" writers. but this is the error of omission that was driving people of insane today. to leave out that they didn't ask or get the woman on the record that allegedly was the new case here. they went to somebody who defended bill clinton. this shows they are so intent on running with these slan ders,
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this character assassination tactics, that basic journalism is thrown out the window. all these mistakes they make go in the same direction. i am starting to think it readership at the "times," "the washington post" and elsewhere isn't upset when they make mistakes like this. they are just upset it didn't work. maybe we'll get kavanaugh with something else. nice try, guys. trish: the reporter apparently is trying to peddle some books. maybe that's the idea behind this reckless reporting. so i discredit the reporting, but the "new york times" is supposed to have some procedures in place. this editor is asleep at the switch? buck: the only way this could sleep threw the cracks is there were a lot of people who wanted this to be a story that got out there and knew of it would undercut the narrative.
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it was all narrative creation oh we think we can win this, we can relitigate kavanaugh. they turned it into a democrat torture session when they were trying to make him into a laughingstock and mockery. the term they use is credibly accused. if kavanaugh is credibly accused, that is not a standard. if you go down the list. sweasweatniknot credible. '. then you haven't ford whose own father' was happy kavanaugh got confirmed. this never should have been a
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fact the democrats were engaged in. it was the pursuit of power and roe versus wade. trish: everybody should grow up wanting to be a supreme court justice or president of the united states. in the political environment we live in, i admire every person running for office. they are willing to put themselves out there, and justice kavanaugh given what he and his family had to go through. >> i think there is some victory for the left. by doing what they have done to calf knew. by putting this guy, about there was anything on him at this point. they can make kavanaugh into a villain. they can do it with anyone. you see people sitting on the court like justice roberts who people feel is repliable to public pressure and doesn't want to be treated in this way. there are messages not just for kavanaugh but for whoever the
8:18 pm
next supreme court fight might be over. people are looking at the possibility of a slot opening up. that will be the on thing that might link up with the trump derangement syndrome. they will lose their minds. trish: they have want to litigate for at nations from years ago. from a guy who has maintained his innocence. >> they can make any father, son, husband in america the bad guy for the purposes of politics and there is nothing you can do about it. trish: not just men, every woman who has a father or a brother or a son, nobody would want to see this happen to their loved one. buck, thank you so much. welcome to new york. you are new york. you have got out of that swamp. >> i did. trish: coming up.
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caught on camera, a young patriot showing respect for the american flag. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. to the republic for which it stands. >> more of this adorable video coming up. the fda warning tainted cancer-causing drugs are pouring into our country from china. chances are this popular drug is in your medicine cabinet. ilhan omar says she is not controversial. and it's her critics horse creating all the controversy. congressman omar, you are wrong and i have proof coming up. >> israel has hypnotized the world? >> i don't know how my comments would be offensive to jewishmo americans. a money market fund
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>> did you mean when you were talking there to compare u.s. border agents to slave traders? >> it's only controversial because people seem to want the controversy. trish: far-left congresswoman omar says she is not controversial. we are creating the controversy. somehow we want the controversy. but we all make up this controversy about ilhan omar describing the most of horrific terrorist attack owfnlt s. soil? >> it was found after 9/11 because they recognized some people did something and all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. trish: one man who lost his mother on 9/11 had a point message for the minnesota lawmaker on the 18 anniversary
8:25 pm
of the tragedy. >> some people did something said the congresswoman from minnesota. we know who and what was done. there is no uncertainty about that. why your confusion? on that day 19 islamic terrorist members of al qaeda killed 3,000 people and caused billions of dollars in economic damage. is that clear? trish: but ilhan omar is not backing down. she is defending her comments. >> when i was speaking to the fact that as a muslim, not only was i suffering as an american who was attacked that day. but the next day i woke as my fellow americans were treating me as [inaudible] trish: i want to back up and give her the benefit of the doubt it's not right to paint an entire group a particular way. but she is now a u.s.
8:26 pm
congresswoman so she must take responsibility for what she says. and she must be thoughtful about what she says, and she must have some sensitivity. think about how people are going to interpret her words. when you say some people did something. that won't go over so well with people who lost their loved ones in this great country. joining me for reaction. amy tarkanian. i agree you can't paint an entire group any way. that's what she is fighting back against. but she has lost the sensitivity to how everybody else is thinking by the, too. >> i have no apology or patience. i don't have patience for people who attack the country from my home country america.
8:27 pm
she said she was misinterpreted and i give her the benefit of the doubt. i hope going forward that she is far more sensitive to talking about the certainty of that day. there is no question we were attacked by radical terrorists on that day and she should be able to say that. but we struggle as a country about how we differentiate between good people and bad people. what happened on 9/11. there is no question. we know what they were intending to do. we know which version of islamic radicalism did it. she should be clear when she makes the larger point how we as americans should treat decent people. trish: well said. if she is not able to do that, i increasingly as i see her sense that anger she has. certainly anger toward
8:28 pm
conservatives, anger toward the president. if that continues, does that hurt the democratic party? does that put republicans at a disadvantage as we go into 2020? people are saying this is a woman who is the face of the party. democrats -- i think about sort of long-time blue cal ordemocrats say i don't have a lot in common with these women. >> unfortunately she has a pattern of this type of behavior where she deflects. then she sort of scheens up her mess if she is forced to. then she pretend she is the victim. i don't believe that she is remorseful when she is doing these apologize if that what you want to call them. you even have a democrat party who took a stance at one of her
8:29 pm
anti-semitic tweets. so this is nothing new with her. i believe that since she knows she is in a very blue district, she is probably going to continue down this unfortunate path. and the democrats will have a thorn in their side. trish: is she a liability? >> with those comments she would have to be. i don't believe she is the face of my party. but when you make comments like this you find yourself getting a lot more attention than people trying to lower the cost of healthcare and drug prices. i wonder who she is representing with these views. i don't know her. the way we treat muslim americans, they should not all be painted with the same brush, she is right. trish: i think she is exploiting
8:30 pm
people in her district saying i am out here for you. but she is not doing the hard work for actual substantive economic policy i shall sues that could be addressed. all these democrats increasingly coming out of the woodwork to warn house speaker nancy pelosi against impeachment because they are worried it makes more and more democrats vulnerable. do you agree with that? >> i do. speaker pelosi has been urging senator nadler not to push so aggressively. whatever your feeling are about it, i hope they listen to the max roses and others saying this is not the path we should be traveling down. trish: nancy pelosi trying to say wait a second, back off. unfortunately too many people,
8:31 pm
this is politics in general. but there is too much darn self-interest. they are look out for themselves. how do they get re-elected. if it's ilhan omar playing upon stereotypes and fears. if it's nadler saying let me push this impeachment idea, that's what they are going to do. consequently america suffers. >> this impeachment conversation is a lose-lose for the democrat party. speaker pelosi, her job is they have legislation moving forward. and she gets everyone he elected and keeps the house. with this impeachment conversation she is going to lose the house. there are roughly 31 members who were just reef elected in republican districts. they are afraid if this continues they will lose their
8:32 pm
seats. noise appetite in those districts for this type of conversation. trish: i don't think you win on this anti-trump message. telling people you can't hold up a banner for trump 2020 or wear your cardinal red hat to support your team because people will confuse it with make america great. i think you win on issues. that's what trump did. he talked about a lot of economic idea that res resonated with people. that's perhaps why bernie sanders dare i say a socialist, i think that's why he resonated with people. how do you win? >> politics has become top of about the individual running. it should be about the people they want to represent. the more democrats get to that point and the more they understand donald trump spoke that way in 2016, the less they focus on hyper personalization
8:33 pm
and hyper partisan ways of look at things, the more voters will listen in the big 10 states and the big 12 states to decide the election. i am a big fan of amy tarkanian family. >> i appreciate that. thank you. trish: good to see you guys. a dog howls he time he hears his favorite sound. wait until you hear what triggered that howl. first an alarming warning from the fda. a popular heartburn medicine may be tainted with a cancer causing agent. and guess where many of these drugs are being imported from? china. all money managers might seem the same,
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trish: not only are over-the-counter drugs pouring in from china. but the fda is telling us the popular heartburn drug zantac and its generic competitors macon season cancer causing ingredients. china produced heart and blood pressure medicines that contain cancer causing chemicals. why are we importing drugs from china and india that we cannot verify the contents of. joining me is fox news
8:39 pm
contributor, dr. marc siegel. i will ask you that question. we are up poargt from these countries. what about the company itself. do they have liability? what about the fda. why are we bringing drugs in from china if we don't know what's in them. >> i think the fda is playing catch-up. they hear from an online pharmacy there is a cancer causing con tam nanlt in this heartburn medicine and it's also over the counter. fda says we don't know how much of this con tam nanlt is in there. it's called ndma. it comes from rocket fuel. it used to be in rocket fuel years ago. trish: rocket fuel could be in
8:40 pm
your medicine. >> it got out into cured meats, an vegetables. they found in the blood pressure medicine they had to recall, this affected my patients. we loved this blood pressure medicine. they found 1,000 times more of this potentially cancer causing compound than you get in drink water. the fda said if you took it every day for the past four years it might gradually increase your risk. that scared people. trish: it doesn't have to be there. wherever it's being manufactured, overseas, we are not policing that enough. we are bringing it back in this country. those companies are selling it on store selves for americans to buy thinking it's healthy. it's okay because the fda
8:41 pm
approved it. >> i think manufacturing has to come back home the way president trump is trying to bring it back home. once you start manufacturing drugs in china and india, you can't control the quality. you end up with contaminants. you don't know how much is in there. we know that this additive causes cancer in animals and we think it causes several different kind of cancer in humans. if you took a zantac yesterday or for the last month the chances are zero. i'm talking about long-term use here. trish: this is yet again another reason. we want to be careful what you are ingesting into your body. there is one thing for t-shirts. but the t-shirt thing is one thing. this is something you are ingesting. telling. they can spy on you. do you want that telling in the
8:42 pm
u.s.? do you want them manufacturing our drugs? i would say no. >> as a physician prescribing a medication, i'm guaranteeing the safety of my patient. i don't want to find out after the fact that i have been prescribing something for years that can cause cancer. i don't want it. >> coming up. calling all caffeine addicts. there is a company that will pay you $1,000 to drink coffee. but there is a catch. president trump putting iran on notice. he he it appears tehran is responsible for the saudi oil attack. congressman jim banks is from the house armed services committee. he says the president must hold iran accountable. he's here next. [upbeat action music]
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the day we'll finally get something done. president trump: that was a very large attack. and it could be met with an attack many, many times larger. very easily by our country. but we'll find out who definitively did it. we think we know who it was. certainly it would look the most
8:47 pm
of like it was iran. trish: the president tweeting that we are quote locked and loaded following attacks on saudi oil fields. mike pompeo pinning the blame on iran. they had an opportunity here. the iranians had allege opportunity. and they blew it. they blew it was there was a talk of a trump-rouhani meeting. president trump sitting down with rouhani. good luck on that one, guys. now you have got a whole other set of problems. joining me is indiana congressman jim banks. this is a president who doesn't want to go to war unnecessarily and he doesn't want to engage in this kind of conflict. but iran is sticking it to us over and over again. it's almost as though they want to egg this president on.
8:48 pm
they want him to be in some kind of conflict perhaps they don't want him elected again. what's your take on it? >> trish, i would like to mix a couple of presidential metaphors. go back to teddy roosevelt talking about carrying a big stick and ronald reagan talking about peace through strength. president trump adopted both of those metaphors going on three years in this presidential term. when it goes to iran that's how president trump approached the situation with iran. especially with a peace through strength mantra. the maximum pressure campaign of sanctions in iran is work. that's why they are acting out in the waree way they are. and we -- in the way they are and we need to keep the pressure on. trish: you fire back with more and more sanctions. what if you said okay, the saudis are our ally.
8:49 pm
we'll not necessarily send troops over there. but maybe we won't stop israel from doing it. israel has kind of had to bite its tongue so to speak while dealing with the iranians. what if we said look we could unleash the israelis. that's certainly a threat. >> one way or another iran has hell to pay for their reactions. the best thing we can do is continue the maximum pressure campaign and ratchet it up. the facts speak for themselves. the iran economy has a negative 12% economic growth. if there was ever an economy in the take, it was iran's economy. their oil revenue is only 10% wait was before the sanctions went into effect. we need to keep doing what we are doing. that's going to force iran to come back to the table to negotiate a new deal with president trump sometime in the
8:50 pm
future. trish: i can tell you what they are hoping for. that this president does not get four more years it's exactly what they want. they don't want to negotiate with him. they feel it wasn't fair because they already signed a deal with president obama. you may have some hardliners who might be on a different panel than rouhani that want to see this kind of conflict. they like this conflict. as much as it hurts their economy. because they subscribe to an entirely different way of thinking. i don't know how you can negotiate that. >> i don't know either. that's what former secretary of state john kerry has advised americans to do, to wait out this president. president trump has to continue to do what he's doing. his peace through strength pressure is work. it will force them over the brink where they will have to change their ways.
8:51 pm
>> the president saying, do you want to comment on reports about north korea inviting him to head over there. giving kim jong-un starting launching missiles again. how should we be thinking about this. is that him trying to get attention? >> the kim jong-un approach is always do whatever he can to get more attention and legitimize himself on the world stage. this is the same case as iran. the president's approach with north korea walk away from a bad deal as he has with china and the taliban. as he has with north korea in the past. kim jong-un is begging for another opportunity to come back to the table with president trump to negotiate a better deal, to relieve sanctions on north korea and legitimize himself on the world stage. president trump has proven time and time again negotiating from a position of strength.
8:52 pm
trish: you have got to be willing to walk away. if you are not willing to walk away, you can't achieve a real deal. we have much more coming up. a dog howls every time he hears his favorite sound. we believey should always be working harder. that's why your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity. open an account today. experience the style, craftsmanship, and technology that have made the rx the leading luxury suv of all time. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. audrey's on it. eating right? on it! staying active? on it. audrey thinks she's doing all she can
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8:56 pm
got a promotion today? editor in chief. >> yes. >> i have a big ego. trish: well, yeah. >> thank you. >> first off 5-year-old boy on camera caught reciting the pledge of allegiance. >> of the united states of america. to the republic for which is stands yo you under god. trish: i get goose bumps watching that, not every kid says it in school now. >> it says something about a 5-year-old that knows how to appreciate the flag. i wish i could bring this kid with me on college campus, people are removing the pledge
8:57 pm
from meetings for clubs, i think this kid could teach us something. trish: he has such respect for it. my husband was teaching my son a little bit of flag ed quit. you want that tradition passed down, what a sweet guy. >> it has to be taught too, it must be passed on, teach that respect. trish: a good point. we're losing that as a society that frightens me. on a happy note, former new york fire chief dog, howls with town's old school fire sirens, the sirens go off and the dog howls, we're suckers for good dog videos. i love dogs.
8:58 pm
>> this dog is barking hat happiest -- at the happiest sound, this is me with the "monday night football" song that comes on, a lot of excitement. i did not see comments from neighbors from this dog. it is hard to be up set with that dog. trish: next up, a company aims to support small business ventures looking to hire a coffee addict so drink java all day long, they will pay a thousand bucks, but not perfect if you like starbucks or dunkin' doe notes. >> they -- doughnuts. >> they are tracking small business coffee shops, not allowed at corporate coffee shops, this could be a lifeline, coffee is so expensive you need a second job.
8:59 pm
trish: don't go to starbucks, i'm telling you nothing against it but strong coffee and expensive. hey, so congratulations, on your big promotion. >> thank you. trish: you were saying something somewhere about your tie clip you wore here in part on this business network, because your grandfather gave it to you. >> he had his 90 bir birthday ts year, he gave too tie clip to me that my great brand mo-- grandmother gave to him it is engraved with his favorites tickers he would check in the morning. >> which ones? >> he gave it to me this year, i wear it with pride, i hope my
9:00 pm
grandpa feels he gave it to the right person. trish: good to see you, have a teterrific night, kennedy begins now. kennedy: thank you, happy monday, u.s. military quote locked and loaded, president said that u.s. is ready to fight whoever attacked a major oil facility in saudi arabia, should we really be getting involved in another potential middle east blood bath? reportedly handles about 50% of saudi arabia oil output, iranian backed rebels in yemen first claims responsibility. but expert say, they may not have the sophisticated weaponry needed for such an attack.


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