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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  September 17, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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thanks for being with us. we look forward to seeing you tomorrow night. good night from new york. trish: liberals on steroids. trump donors forced into hiding at secret fundraisers because the left is promising to humiliate anyone who supports trump election bid. despite the left's tactics, the campaign money is pouring in. the reporters who wrote the kavanaugh hit piece are trying to defend the quote oversight omitting the fact that the alleged victim didn't recall it. we are exposing the liberal
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agenda. she equates u.s. military with the terrorist isis group. a threat to our national security. one government official is describing our reliance on china to fill our medicine cabinets. the cancer-laced chemicals inside these drugs sold in the united states. "trish regan primetime" begins now. president trump is fundraising in california and the cash is pouring in. at four sold out high-dollar fundraiser. but don't expect to hear about the donors. because all of these events are being kept under wraps after
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debra messing threatened to out and harass anybody supporting president trump. the attendees don't know where the event is being held. they are just told to meet at a shuttle location. someone took on debra messing after calling for the outing of trump donors. pastor darrell scott. good to have you back on the show. >> thank you for having me. got bless you. trish: if you are a liberal in california, you have every right as far as they are concerned to go after the trump donors, because the trump donors are the scum of the earth as far as debra motion and her colleagues are concerned.
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>> the left attitude of violence and intimidation and flat out anarchy. they tried to accuse the president of dividing this country when in reality they are the ones doing the dividing. who would have thought in america in a democratic republic you would have to feel threatens or intimidated because of your choice of a mainstream political party. those are things that happen in third world countries. the left, the so-called party of tolerance is being very intolerant of trump supporters. you can be an illegal or anyone else, except for your choice to support the candidate of your choice if that candidate is donald trump. it's ridiculous. trish: it seems to me to be different many sad to say, it's disgusting. it's pathetic.
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but isn't it sort of concocted by them if you would in a deliberate way? you call someone a racist. where do you go from there? how do you defend yourself against those kinds of accusations. it seems the left wants to put him in that corn as well as his supporters. but i think it might back fire. what's your take? >> i think it night backfire, too. they constantly accuse the president of being a racist. but he does not go out of his way to convince them otherwise. i asked myself the question. if someone accused me of hating white people, would i try to act white or do things to appear -- would i go out of my way to prove i wasn't? i would continue to be the non-racist i am. every two to four years the
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democratic party pulls the same sold play out. pin the racist on the republicans. but the american public sees through this. we are smarter than that. the american public is not falling for it. he's proven by his actions as president that he's not a racist. trish: you took on hollywood with this one, debra messing. she fired back at you after you said i wish debra messing and any of those other hollywood hypocrites would try to bully me. i'll be at the fundraiser. put my name on the list or come see me. >> she said is that a threat, sir? i didn't realize requesting public information be printed by an outlet is bullying. what you wrote is worse than bullying? you are daring to say, that's not fair for you to target
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everybody who would want to support our president. >> you know what, trish, it wants a threat it was an invitation. you know today to know whose going to be there in i'm going to be there. you want to see see me up close and personal. i came from a rough place with a rough upbringing. if you are going to bully and intimidate we i am not the one. we try our best to get along. in the word of that great philosopher dr. rodney king. can we all get along. trish: that means respecting the other side and respecting diversity of thought. that's not what you are seeing from the left. right now, if you dare to support the president you are in trouble. if you ever worked for him you
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are in trouble, too. former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski in the hot seat testifying for hours in front of a democratic controlled house judiciary committee. they are doing their best to pry some kind of admission from their witness. i want everybody to sight sane want your reaction. >> are you the hitman, bagman, the lookout or all of the above? >> i think i'm a good-looking man. where on page 90 is it? >> chairman you have to start the clock. volume 2, page 2. >> one second, congressman. you don't have to reference it. >> you said page 90. >> reclaiming my time. >> the truth will set you free and the american people,. >> the time from the gentle lady has expired, the witness will
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answer the question. >> i don't think there was a question. >> when you think all the problems, pastor scott that we have in this country, some of which we'll tackle later, including drugs manufactured in china that our fda can't figure out there are carcinogens and cancer causing. now he's up there with his dog and pony show. now aoc just moments ago telling chad pergram in d.c. off camera that the lewandowski hearing increases the case for impeachment. have these people completely lost it? >> you know what's sad, trish. congress, the united states congress is upset and disappointed that the sitting president of the united states is not guilty of a crime.
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this is unfathomable. they are upset because corey lewandowski did not give them am anything to charge the president with obstruction. they are mad. so this comes, you chinged out. how juvenile did that sound? they are upset because the president didn't commit a crime. they are saying we know he did something, but we don't know what he did. we'll keep looking until we find something. they have not done one thing since 2018. not one campaign promise fulfilled or law passed other than trying to find something to pin on donald trump. trish: this is why people hate lawmakers. hate congress. right? and americans want something to vote for, not against. they are clueless.
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and angry. >> aoc, please stop. the more she opens her mouth the more she confirmed what everybody thinks about her. trish: pastor scott, it's good to see you. should we be relying on china to provide our life-saving drugs? our next guest says chinese produced pills are a threat to our national security. coming up, you will hear and see what we found, the u.s. military being compared to isis. >> i think this is ground zero
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trish: new fallout on the "new york times" hit piece that alleged bret calf now exposed himself to a female classmate at a big party. problem with the story is the female classmate never recalled such an incident and refused to be interviewed. but the "new york times" runs it as fact anyway before issuing a correction. the reporters on the story are blaming their editor. >> i think the way it happened was the editors being concerned about naming her. the "times" has a tradition of not naming victims and had to deliberate whether to do that. in that sentence that had her name also said she doesn't remember it. they took out the whole sentence top protect her to make sure we weren't sending people to her door. we also took out the fact she
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didn't remember it. >> did you read it before it went to print? >> we thought we had. trish: the story was nowhere near ready to print in the first place. you can't go with hear say. the "new york times" should know better. no one has been fired over this, by the way. since when did they become the "national enquirer"? one member of the far left squad is moving forward, despite the fact there is no story to impeach kavanaugh. she wants an impeachment inquiry announcing the move here. you see ayanna pressley saying sexual predators don't deserve a seat on the highest court. we must hold kavanaugh accountable for his actions.
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innocent until proven guilty is out the window. she made the decision. joining me, deneen borelli and robin biro. .known. i -- deneen, you are guilty for existing right now as far as the left is concerned if you happen to be a white conservative man. really triple whammy against you. >> it's absolutely despicable, trish, what the anti-trump media and democrat politicians running for president in 2020 has done and said when it comes to justice calf knew. the confirmation alone was an absolute circus, and here we go again with these lies dwrejed up by the january tide trump media and the democrat politicians.
8:18 pm
who will be held accountable for this. trish: is this all politics again? political theater. >> and the fact that kavanaugh was nominated by president trump. if you have anything to do with president trump you are an enemy. trish: you want to impeach and impeach kavanaugh. you don't like the fact that america voted for trump and you don't like the fact that kavanaugh is on the supreme court. robin, is this going to backfire against them? >> it could. during his confirmation hearing in georgia the republican party was running big billboard on i-85, look what the democrats are doing to kavanaugh. that could very well -- the perception is real. i just want to urge my party that everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence.
8:19 pm
we need to take the allegations seriously when they couple but we have to rub about the presumption of innocence. trish: pressley has completely forgotten about it. this is heinous you stuff. to think that the "new york times" deneen is willing to print this stuff. they are going to blame it on i'd tores after the fact. the fact that they are willing to go with the story that's just a bunch of rumors that nobody confirmed. i find that troubling. in this day and sage, in the age of the internet where information is so readily and easy shared. people see it in print and see the "new york times" and think it must be true. >> where is the accountability? i don't believe anything that comes out of the "new york times," the editors or these reporters. they have made the case known
8:20 pm
plain and simple where they stand, especially when it comes to this president and anyone has to do with him. their job is to report news, report the facts, and not to be biased the way that they are. unfortunately that's what we are seeing over and over again with anyone who has to do with president trump. >> a leftist after he general today for the women involved. a selling of the book agenda. deneen, robin, it's good to see you. we have more trouble brewing in new york city as the missing far left mayor is busy running for president. >> i apologize you ever got to know done, but this new yorker d know donald trump. but this new yorker volunteers to get rid of him for you. the movement to reef place the
8:21 pm
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trish: dangerous, contaminated, and potentially deadly drugs are pouring into our country. i want you to see some of the statistics. 80% of the ingredients used in american drugs come from overseas, mostly china and india. of 6,000 generic drugs sold in
8:26 pm
america are made in china. x have no oversight at all over these drugs. the big pharma companies, the other medical companies, they don't seem to care either. i want to know where the fda is on all this. >> that's a very good question. trish: my next guest has been look into this and looking into this. betsy mccaughey, a former lieutenant governor of new york. a real national security threat. >> and a health threat. when you go to pick up your medication, it doesn't say made in china, but odds are it is made in china. this is a national security threat because our military is relying on these drugs. not one generic antibiotic is
8:27 pm
made in the united states anymore. imagine going on the battlefield without antibiotics. it's very serious national security problem. >> if your health is involved we ought to have some control. that should be in sourdough main. >> if you saw the squalid factories where many of these active ingredients are made you would be even more concerned. we have had 18 months of recalls over a heart medication, it's a. medication that is contaminated with traces of jet fuel it's a carcinogen. this is not the first time we had this problem. way back? 2008, heparin, a blood thinner, was heavily contaminated. it killed 81 americans before the fda stepped in. we know there isn't enough oversight of these factories.
8:28 pm
the active ingredient originates in the mucus membrane of pig intestines. factories are having big farmers boil the intestines in their own family kitchen in small setups. and then they were going around and collecting it. there was no oversight. trish: zantac is a very common drug take many by people in the u.s. some of those ingredients are coming from china and india. you can't control the stuff and you have got it involved in someone's health. aren't the companies responsible? >> the fda has only 29 inspectors to oversee 3,000 factories around the world. mostly in china and india.
8:29 pm
only 29 inspectors. we could put some of the responsibility on them. but china is the biggest problem. they have been vrn uncooperative. they denied they were responsible for the deaths on heparin. they refused to cooperate. this is the same country waging chemical warfare against the united states, flooding our neighborhoods and streets with fentanyl which killed 79,000 people in the last three years. more than everyone killed on the american side in iraq, afghanistan and the vietnam war. trish: you think about it from this standpoint, what's actually going into our bodies, and i combine the with the technology, the software. where they can be effectively spying on us it's a reason to say hey, made in the u.s. might
8:30 pm
be the way to go. >> congress is look on incentives and methods of reducing drug costs. the biggest incentives should go to companies manufacturing right here in the united states under proper oversight. trish: that would be a good resolution. >> why are we outsourcing the manufacture of our anti-boy yot is and db -- -- antibiotics. a new women's march board member comparing our u.s. it in officers to islamic terrorists. dr. zuhdi jasser is disgusted by this. he's here right after this.
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trish: tensions between the u.s. and iran escalating after the secretary of state blamed iranians for the attack on an oil plant in saudi arabia. instead focusing on unifying our country with our allies against a brutal regime, you have got far left congresswoman ilhan omar taking this moment to sow more division and hate. and to bash president trump. here she is. >> congress has the constitutional right to declare war. the president doesn't have it. i think we need to make sure that the american people understand that this administration that lies about weather maps or cot size cannot
8:36 pm
be trusted to give us the full information we need. trish: dr. zuhdi jasser joins. what do you think ilhan omar's rhetoric is really about? >> well, it's really about the primary lens of being anti-trump and basically not about representing everyone in her district it's about representing the most of radical on the margins, if you will. she is doing untold damage to our community as far as muslims are concerned. and americans see our ally attacks an act of war. nato ships have been attacked in the straits. cargo ships. these are acts of war. her response to do so on the sunday morning programs and elsewhere, this is a time to unify us and a time to make clear and her talking points are
8:37 pm
being put on the front panel of iranian press tv and anti-american propaganda. trish: i was thinking about you last night because we covered ilhan omar, and we looked back to her comments about 9/11, her recent comments about 9/11, saying some people just did something. and she didn't like seeing the muslim community paying the price. you have been so outspoken to amplify the good in the muslim community and get away from the victimization. when she is saying they painted us the same way, there is a lack of sensitivity to people who lost loved one. this is the biggest attack on
8:38 pm
our home soil and says everybody has to feel for her. i think it many a victimization things and does a disservice to the muslim community. were you in a different platform? walk we through the two different ways of thinking if you could. >> trish, it's gas lighting. you want to distract americans into being defensive. it's the' ground zero mosque, they thought they might have the right to do it, but it wasn't the right thing to do 8, 9 years ago. now the moral equivalency. saying we condemn quied, but what about the but. there is no moral equivalency to an act of war that killed 3,000 of our fellow citizens and all that came after to get them in afghanistan. it does a disservice to
8:39 pm
americans thinking our lens is about an islamic lens and first and foremost only an american lens. >> keeping with that theme, this another story in the news. the women's march announced to board members, one in particular has some frightening statements. this woman writes that there is basically no deference twin the u.s. military and terrorists. here she is in 2017 saying the u.s. military, isis or died. i believe all of them are comparably evil. and last year she wrote that the israeli army is committing war crimes. this is who they want to represent them? in the women's march? >> it shows you who's driving the boat at the women's march. they went from linda sars sorks
8:40 pm
ur. the leadership of our community looks at our military not as the most of moral fighting force or our allies, but a force for isis. the head of cair said the same thing. they digd their heels in and double down. they are run can the women's march because the head of it is basically gas lighting america into thinking it's not about patriotism and unifying the country or women's rights. it's about keeping us on the defense while the socialists and islamists push back and begin to influence more and more global strategy and threaten america's interests. >> i don't know what happened to a sense of why -- to use a trump
8:41 pm
phrase, america first, the patriotism that we all grew up with that you want americans to have. now suddenly that's not cool. kat timpf is here. we'll be talking about sean spicer's dramatic debut. what he smile he had on his face while dancing with the stars. my next guest says we are heading to an age of darkness and history will continue to be censored by liberals. historian doug wead is here. me , and i do. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. listen to the doctor. take it seriously. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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trish: the left trying to erase the past and perceived injustices. you have to understand history. this time we have it going on in new york city. a commission picked by the far left mayor is calling for male statues to be removed from central park and replaced by
8:46 pm
female statues. i am a woman. i happen to have two daughters. but since when did historical figures like robert burns, christopher columbus and alexander hamilton become so hated? because they are men? i am a woman. i have daughters. i also have a son and a husband and father. i recognize where we are at this moment in time. i have no problem adding women statues to central park. we should. but you are going to take down the male statues and replace them with women? how does that make any sense? >> i too have two daughters that i celebrate through history,
8:47 pm
cleopatra and elizabeth i and in modern times maggie thatcher and angela merkel. but i think this is just being used as a device to rewrite history. we started in the 70s with our textbooks where we rewrote the speeches of george washington and patrick henry. we left original quotes in and censors others because we thought they were too religious. i took comport going to mount vernon and seeing etched in sent to original statements of these founding fathers. i thought they can't take that away. trish: what you just said is an important reminder to every one to go back and read original text so you can see what was actually written at the time. in new york city we have a guy
8:48 pm
who wants a grade school interpretation of history. why not add the women in and you can be equitable that way. what is the real underlying goal? >> well, it's to change. it's to change the future by changing the past. you talked about you could study yourself some of these old documents. but more and more you can't. it's being wiped from the internet now. from the search engines every day that passes we see more and more that's lost. stop and think this. imagine russia without vodka or belgium without chocolate or italy without tomato saws or ireland without potatoes. trish: women without men or men without women. >> what i'm describing is christopher columbus. he made that great exchange. one of the greatest figures in
8:49 pm
history. we want to hall him off to a dumpster? trish: he's a bad guy because he stole from native americans. it's sad when people just absolutely fail to understand the context of this. but you said something doug which is interesting. they are rewriting history so they can control the feature. what is the future when you don't honor men and women equally. when you say we are going to try and hurt men, replace the male statues and replace them with women because that makes us feel better about ourselves as a society. >> i'm frightened for the future. it seems very orwellian. we are headed into another dark age where information will be rationed out. and some information will be allowed to have, our children. other information and stories of history are going to disappear. and we won't be able to find them.
8:50 pm
it's a scary thought. if they take away the statues, the word that are caused and etched in marble, if those are ground down to powder, is there not going to be much left for us to find our way back. what happened, it doesn't mean we agree with everything that happens. but we need to know where we came from and what happened. trish: it many a very, very good way of phrasing it. we do need to know. and we need to understand the past. to really understand our present. and of course to influence our future in a good way. in an inclusive way. in a way that appreciates all forms of diversity including intellectual diversity. doug, it's always good to see you. thank you. everyone is talking about it. former trump white house press secretary sean spicer's dramatic
8:51 pm
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8:55 pm
looks like they are having a great time, i don't see a problem with it, i thought it was funny, costume too, but there was so much outrage, i want to tell anyone who is upset about this just because someone you don't like danced, does not mean your life is in danger. it will be okay, yes even if he is wearing a shirt you don't like, if you have the emotional energy to be upset, that means things must be going pretty well. trish: he looks so happy. >> i loved it. trish: i give him credit, that is not easy. >> no. trish: one thing to get in front of press, another thing to dance. >> does not seem like he had a choice in outfits. >> or they planned on unbutton it all the way. trish: a conspiracy theory on-line, maybe they picked that costume because he is a
8:56 pm
conservative. >> there might be something to that but i think he rocked it, he i -- had fun, if you are mad about this you never clearly ever had a real problem. trish: roseanne barr revealing she has a big come-back planned after the fired show, because of her controversial tweet, she claimed she already had a target on her back because she likes president trump. now she is trying that. does it work? >> she is funny, the tweet was unacceptable, period. but she is not wrong in saying she already had a target on her back, we know that because of what debra messing tweeted saying she wanted to know all of the hollywood donors who support president trump. people are not good secret
8:57 pm
keepers. it is just it blows my mind, i don't understand boycotting everyone with whom you disagree. i am a libertarian, if i did that, i would never be able to consume anything. trish: the mark of a true intellect, someone that is step back, take the emotion out. say, let me think about this from someone else's perspective, lets me understand how they feel. it is a emotional intelligence, eq, i don't see that on the left. >> no, similar to like a toddler behavior, you should be more emotionally mature by the time you are an adult. what is what being an adult means. trish: who is not mature, nadler, corey lewandowski performance on capitol hill. >> are you the hit man, the bad
8:58 pm
man, look out or all of the above. >> i think i am the good looking man. on page 90. >> start the clock. >> i don't have to start the clock, he is filibustering me. >> reference that one -- >> you don't have to reference it, president asked you -- >> page 90? >> president asked you -- reclaiming my time. >> truth of set you free and the american people. >> the time has expired. witness may answer the question. >> i don't believe there was a question. >> very well. >> if democrats keep it up, it keeps more certain in my mind that trump will win, you look at these questions, if they could be called, that they don't serve any other purpose than to get attention. i understand, i love attention, i am a millennial. but, at the same time, you are serving the american people not
8:59 pm
your own face getting plasters, sorry. trish: right, that is the problem, they are so self interested, if they actually cared about the constituents and country, they would do work on real issues. we have come to put dogs in the show. >> i love it. trish: every day, a video that is footage of a dog, he destroys his owner's book that was titled, "guide to well behaved dogs " >> i love it, i am going to say, this dog, i don't know about all dogs, but this specific dog can read. he saw that book, you heard it here. he saw the book, he said i'm note doing that. -- not doing that, similar to what the patriots did in boston tea party in 1773, i looked it up.
9:00 pm
it was 1773, he did the same thing, he said i'm not doing this, i want to be free. trish: good for that dog. be free. >> thank you. trish: kat timpf thank you. >> kennedy begins now. kennedy: thank you. you blew it, "new york times" blew the story on supreme court justice brett kavanaugh, they have since apologized. but democrats still pushing for his impeachment. despite major flaws in the piece on the sexual misconductal allegations. what will it end. only problem, woman in question reportedly declined to be interviewed, and has zero recollection of the alleged
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