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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 19, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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kennedy: would you look at that. democrat have 184 candidates run for president. but according to "fox news poll," democrat voters want more people to jump in make room for in the clown car. 38%. say they want someone new to enter the 2020 race, that means more than a third of donkeys don't think their current crop of candidates is go good. that could only mean one thing, hillary clinton is in her layer, stroking her cat, planning her inevitable return. i am kidding, she is just as bad
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as the rest. i would still love to see her get back in the race. go to polls, joe biden still very much in the lead 29%. 2 points less than last month. and same period bernie sanders jumped 10. -- from 10 to 18%. kamala still stuck in neutral. look at elizabeth warren in third place. "fox news poll" suggests her support is falling a little bit, a big surprise. a number of other polls show her making big gains on joe and bernie. she gave a speech too 20,000 people in new york city. many democrat voters say, they don't care who wins the nom, as long as they can beat the president, right now joe biden
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still claiming. 42% say sleepy joe is the man who can win the white house, followed by bernie and liz. what do the polls mean for the race. and do any democrats have a shot, meeting the parties panel on. rochelle ritchie. and hugo garden, and hos matt w. welcome to you. >> hello. kennedy: let's discuss it. we have the podium right now biden, sanders, warren. do you see it changing? 3 front-runners. >> we have time for one of the people who are languishing at 5% to bubble up. kennedy: what do you do? what can mayor pete do he has not already done.
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>> does joe wander out in his bathrobe and jabber at clouds. kennedy: that is bet best case. >> and his teeth and eyes fallout, bad things could happ happen. we think he could win, he won't scare people as much as barky socialist does. right now, all about elizabeth warren in many ways, not just national polls but specifically iowa. right now 2007, hillary clinton lead by 18 percentage points, and brac barack obama saying, focusing on iowa. >> thank you. kennedy: i don't know what happening. hugo, this is interesting. at some point, if joe biden gets nomination, that looks more
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uncertain every day. every time elizabeth warren has a rally on, she shows contrast between herself and the excite bill tie of her fans who -- excite bill tiability of her fa. she is only person who can draw people like this. if they go for biden, when do democrats have buyers remorse. >> after he is nominated. you point out is right, he is stumbling, bumbling. by contrast with hi with with hh warren, she looks so fresh. he is getting more support, but poles show that enthusiasm for him is declining. kennedy: how important is that. >> hugely important. there will be a point people
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say, the party is thinking, how long will the enthusiasm last. does it wayne. and they think if this stumbling and bumbling continues, does he become a liability. they have to make that decision before the nomination, you can't nominate him, then everyone having buyers remorse. kennedy: i think that is going to happen based on these numbers. unless elizabeth warren is kind a way to get -- find a way to get bernie out of the race, they share an audience. they want to keep coalition together until last moment, but if she can get bernie out, does she little bit bernie is up -- split bernie supporters with biden or does she take a massive lead. >> that a good question. looking at elizabeth warren now,
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she is trying to become more sentist, realizing that going very far left is turning off a lot of the moderate democrats. you see her get away from this bernie kind of rhetoric, and find her own path down the middle. if biden is not nominated and nominee is elizabeth warren, i am interested to see, who she chooses for vp . we may see an all woman ticket. if she taps into kamala harris or cory booker and pulls in that black american vote she has a better chance. kennedy: i think that kamala harris is a better one for her.
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kennedy: weakest in top 3 is bernie sanders, he dropped as soon as biden got in the race biden took the old white guy vote. and elizabeth warren has climbed. people see her as socialist alternative. bernie sanders lost what distinguished him from the rest. kennedy: right, hillary clinton was a diet republican. and all bernie had to do was show up, and everyone has stolen his mojo. >> bernie sanders voters did not come out and vote. kennedy: i think it is easier for them to stomach someone like bernie sanders. they want that -- like elizabeth warren, they want that support. they don't want that to turn into real primary season, which sill 6 years away.
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>> president trump today calling out beto o'rourke. claiming he made a political deal on gun reform nearly impossible. after saying this. >> hell yes we'll take yourar 15, and ak-47. kennedy: setting off a firestorm of criticism from second amendment advocates, as well as people who don't want government taking away anything they legal leone, this morning president trump tweeting: >> this is not just a republican thing. joe mansion told a "wall street journal" reporter quote: >> he is not taking my guns away
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from me. that is right, joe. get tough. last weekend delaware democratic senator said that beto played right into the hands of republicans. did he shoot himself and other gun control advocates in the footsy. i start with you, the president is not forced to make a deal with moderate people like pete buttigieg. just has to remind people of the words. >> single biggest factor of making a deal or not is president making up his mind. mitch mcconnell has said as much. president trump had not same feeling for second amendment as a lot of other republicans.
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kennedy: even though nra endorsed him early on. >> always there. beto's comments don't affect that. but they are right, when they say, it might get beto's polls from 3% to 4%. but republicans will use this forever, democrats have been saying, we don't want to take your guns but we want background checks and closing loopholes. and beto went for it, and selling t-shirts. kennedy: pete buttigieg said, we have a moment, let's take advantage. you va to talk with people with whom you can make a deal. >> chuck schumer said he did not know another democrat who agreed with erourke.
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unfortunately. kamala harris and cory booker came out supporting this idea. democrat have to be cross he has thrown the curveball in there. but, he i dis desperate, they ae doing poor in polls, he and kamala harris and cory booker, they are doubling down, doing damage to the party. >> it does. kennedy: beto is really reacting to what happened in el paso. sort of energy he had, when he said it was very aggressive. it does do a disservice, this is all republicans hear, they take their guns. it does a disservice, he needs to -- i understand that e el pao was traumatic, he needs to dial it back and be clear on what he
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is saying. kennedy: i think that is moment for him is gone. >> i do too. kennedy: you double down, you go full bore hard -- >> he could try to redeem himself. kennedy: i don't think he has political instincts to do it. the subtleties and tools to sort of recraft his message. a lot of gun control add revats, who advocates. this is stuff that other senators. have been talking about for years. >> he has had a weird campaign. he is trying on out woke everyone. but he could have been a different candidate. it shows that anyone who has about kind of moderate track
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record, whether cory booker on charter schools or whatever, they are running away from that. i don'they are running to the l. >> i think that democrats have change the way in which they craft their message with gun legislation, they only talk about it with mass shootings. you see conservatives say what about baltimore, and chicago and 9other cities, but they don't sy that a lot of illegal guns come from red states from, indiana, to chicago, i'm from chicago. they need to change the way in which they talk about it, make it not so much about mass shootings, but also suicide, 61%. kennedy: they use those numbers, suicide, some murder are -- some
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are different. >> but they still have to craft the message. >> try to appear not extreme. one thing that we've been pushing, voluntary background check system that would catch more than 90% of these people who show not get the guns. but democrats don't want it voluntary, they want to impose their will. >> you think someone that is able to volunteer would do so. >> voluntary system was proposed by tom cobben 10 years ago. kennedy: much more with panel later on. first they huffed, they puffed. but the democrat in house judiciary committee could not take corey lewandowski down. will the dems give up or
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>> you are worr welcome to readf you like. >> time -- is expired, witness may answer. >> i don't believe there was a question. >> very well. >> yes, there was. >> could you repeat the question. >> i would be happen. >happy.>> it was just a rant. kennedy: they were unable to break former campaign manager corey lewandowski. they will not stop plugging away at their quest. after it alexandria ocasio-cortez said that lewandowski's testimony said increases the case for impeachment. but house speaker nancy pelosi
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appears to be growing quite frustrated with her party for those who will not take no for answer. telling jerry nadler and his crew to knock it off. joining me, birthday boy himself. corey lewandowski. welcome back. >> thanks. kennedy: so, this was -- was it just the trolling expedition for you? how much were you looking forward to your time in front of the house judiciary committee? >> i did look forward for opportunity to remind american people of something that i have known, and mueller report stated over, there was no collusion, and no obstruction. and mueller was never told he could not investigate anything.
12:21 am
bob mueller testified on that. yesterday was once again, democrats attempt to go after a duly elected president, even though there was no crime committed. i welcome the opportunity to remind the american people of what a farce this whole circus is in washington. kennedy: other people, they shrink away from the shade of the limelight, they don't like congressional grillings. you took that opportunity to launch senate bid and jeffries swatted you down. did you want to appear, what you knew you had most eyeballs on you? >> well, the truth is, i had to appear, they subpoenaed me. through my legal council we said if you want me to come, just tell us date and time, but they
12:22 am
subpoenaed me for 10:00 hearing, that started at 1:00, i had a legal obligation to attend, i did. but other part, i am contemplating running for senate, many democrat members of commit who had to remind me, i was not u.s. senate yet, i appreciate their vote of confidence, knowing i'm going to win. >> that is something. they were mad at you. i was amused you called representative swalwell, president swalwell. >> i was so confused. he was running for president. i thought he was. the way they treated me, and they changed the rules to allow now for first time since bill clinton impeachment hearings, a staffer, not just a staffer, a
12:23 am
consultant to committee to ask me questions, this is a clear violation of rules in congress, they did that to try to emper es me. i am not someone who will not allow someone to attack me and not respond, i think that american people love a fighter and people of new hampshire need a fighter in u.s. senate. kennedy: are you launching your bid right now on ke kennedy sho. >> i love you but i'm in the ready yet. kennedy: corey lewandowski is waffling. >> i never waffle. we will have a fantastic birthday. just got back from a lovely day in washington, i'm note making an announcement today, but -- i am not making an announcement today, but you could not likely going into that committee hearing, but you saw was someone who was willing to push back on fake narrative, that fake collusion, russia hoax that democrats have mer perpetrated r
12:24 am
two and a half years, why has horowitz been in front of that committee or page or strzok or baker or clap. kennedy: i think strzok is only other person beside you, who embrace performance aspect of congressional testimony as much. >> i don't know. i don't want to be in same category that that, he is a bad guy, dishonest. kennedy: are you a patriot or attention whore. >> i am looking at, if i can be successful, i think i can win republican primary, but have to ask yourself is that best way to serve my country, family and residents of state of new hampshire. trish: is it. >> i don't know. i have amazing privileges, speaking to president, traveling with him, helping on some policy matters, do i have that same
12:25 am
privilage if i am in u.s. senate or am i confined to rules of senate then. kennedy: just do what rand paul and lindsey graham do, go golfing with him. >> i am a terrible golfer. kennedy: and president is a regular tiger woods. >> he is a good golfer, he is very good. kennedy: okay. best golfer. corey lewandowski. >> best presidential golfer ever. kennedy: you know. grant would be old up and set with you. when you announce, come back, share with us. >> i will. kennedy: coming up, new york time botched latest hit piece on supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. but after a year of attacks who in their right mind would want to be nominated to high court, good lord, my memo is next.
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kennedy: how in the hell did we get recaught up in brett kavanaugh's -- and self described flaming feminist, ruth bader ginsburg tried to leave beach week behind, he describes brett kavanaugh as smart. and decent, and railed geapts at the highly partisan show of his confirmation circuit. and in trojan horse of flimsy allegations, as though a brazen journalistic miscarriage could birth enough outrage to bring impeachment. they have managed to turn growth
12:31 am
brett into a victim, supreme court confirmation process should not be about victim hood or weapo weaponnizedded 30-yeard yearbooks. it has to be within reason, it means every law school and every financial bench and supreme court will be empty, because of this is what it takes to cancel someone and stain their representation now. imagine the purests whose every drunken moment and impulsive act would have been documented on iphones and instagrams in 20 years. this compare to full-scale buffet of filth and gossip that lies ahead for president trump'sment in supreme court -- next nominee.
12:32 am
that is the memo. kennedy: latest kavanaugh cur of i--popped up. a glaring emotion, they did not mention ha brett kavanaugh's supposed new accuser had sere zo recollection of any such misconduct. joining me, real kavanaugh book, mollie hemingway. welcome back. >> it is grade t great to be he. kennedy: i think it is great you are red, we look fantastic. what did you think. >.>> i read the book, and realid
12:33 am
what they wrote in the book is different from the times peac p. she never made a claim against brett kavanaugh, never spoken to anyone, but said through several friends, she had no recollection. that had to be included. does not make sense they were not including. it. indicative of problems they are having with their reporting. kennedy: having interviewed over a hundred people for your book, there is a story to tell, and a way to tell it. people read the book say, that you know it not going to pacify the anti-kavanaugh crowd, there are very inconvenient facts here, not just the second accuser with no re recollection.
12:34 am
are but also leland kaiser who was central to dr. ford's claim, 20% of party says, i have no idea what she is talking about. how problematic is that for impeachment march. >> having head the new book. most interesting thing they have about kaiser is ford a star witness. saying she did not believe. and pressured to change your story to be more supportive of her friend, that is witness tampering. that is big news, we had that story first, they have good quotes on the record, but nobody wants to talk about it.
12:35 am
people don't want to be reminded there was no support. kennedy: what is the end game? have you two full books written about the kavanaugh circus. he will not be impeached, certainly not for behavior when he was 18? what is the point. to set table on and put pressure on president to nominate a different kind of jurist for the next supreme court vacanty? >> i think important to know not just fighting kavanaugh, he is not going to going anywhere. but about making sure people are scared to serve in the capacity like a judge where they know that they might have their entire lives and represen repubn nationarepresentationrepresent -
12:36 am
there are costs to doing these types of actions against kavanaugh and previous nominees. but it is why people need to behold accountable for what they did. there were a lot of false crimes against kavanaugh, none of the senators who broke committee rules had any action taken against home. they got book deals and raises and promotions, there is no incentive to change in the future. kennedy: i think that is the best point. we have to take stock in where we arite now, and realize that going forward, and ruth bader
12:37 am
ginsburg said this, a couple months ago, it has to be a different process. she was confirmed 93 to 6, you know she said, i was a flaming foafeminist. but they still supported her nomination. she says we get to that point, who would want to go through this process, no matter how much of a church lady or boy scout they are. >> many justices have talked about this. break down of confirmation process, they went out of their way to welcome the new justice, and make sure she was view -- he was viewed add legitimate, ruth bader ginsburg a note able example. we were struck by how many supreme court justices said they did not enjoy the confirmation process, and they didn't have
12:38 am
anything like what justice kavanaugh had to go through. not surprising this is a little bit pro process in sorts. so it is important for the court itself, if it wants to be viewed add legitimate to have a fairly understandings of limited constitutional role. settle disputes but not go into an activist mode. kennedy: what is what senators have to focus on. past writings and past decisions, apply to future. mollie hemingway thank you. kennedy: thank you. kennedy: coming up, president is fundraising in liberal california. he said big cities there to blame for explosion in homelessness. there is one, in the golden state. but will they do anything to fix
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♪ california ♪ kennedy: california. all right, state of california is a mess, liberal policies killing businesses, residents leaving, homelessness out of control, and president trump noticing, saying we can't get the cities destroy themselves by allowing what is happening. not long ago i spent the day at skid row with my good friend bryan suits then we sobered up and got a camera crew. >> no one wants to take responsibility for how we got there and divide the plan with tough choices to make it better.
12:44 am
>> one correlation about every city in west coast, it is run by liberal democrat who cannot draw a line, and say sleeping on the sidewalk is intollerrible. kennedy: it is not good for you, not good for the city, so many diseases. the parties panel is back, matt, i don't think that republicans have a good answer. >> there are no republicans in california first of all, which is kind of an issue. problem in california has been clear, 4 years ago state commissions best internal think tank, saying what do we do about our affordable housing. it will be a drop in the bucket if you create affordable housing, stop it. the biggest problem is takes too long to build things, or you
12:45 am
block things from being built. kennedy: you have limited housing, it is very expensive. and a lot of people are one paycheck away. >> takes 3 times as long to get permit if you live near the coast because of environmental reviews or regulations, you make housing more scarce and expensive, the roof above your head does not maybe supply and demand does not work for housing, they never approach it, every year, we'll increase the sale tax localy by a penny and solve homelessness. kennedy: they don't, and money does not do it not every warm climated see has same homeless problem that tran san franciscod l.a. and other cities have. orlando and las vegas don't have it. >> there are stricter rules about what you can do. they don't say that sidewalk can be taken over by many people
12:46 am
with many cases have pathologies, they have their own problems like since 19 70s, you know people with mental illness, they were let out in streets with no care take. this is a regulation problem. an irony in california, that you know these liberal cities. policies that people who elected have policies that push prices up then concern, next thing there are people request a federal bailout. kennedy: that is what mayor garcetti has done, sh he said ts is a federal problem, not my problem that not acceptable. >> looking at san francisco in particular, not just liberal policies but such a tech boom in san francisco, people are priced out of their homes. you look at native residents of san francisco, people on street
12:47 am
have been there for years. kennedy: you have a lot of rent control. >> but when median sale price 1.5 million, you have to make therein 150 thousands to live -- $150,000 to live comfortably. they have been priced out. kennedy: i went to san francisco two weeks ago, it is not, it is people who go there, theyment to take advantage of some policies some, do have drug problems. and mental illness. but it is not a god-given right you get to live in an expensive case. and income inequality, more government will not fix the inequality. >> they can not afford to live there, an computer engineer who was uberring, to make enough
12:48 am
money to pay for rent. i would be interested, not all are people who -- >> move to mill valley. >> we have to go. >> thank you. kennedy: topical storm is next. i saved hundreds when i switched my car insurance to geico. this is how it made me feel. it was like that feeling when you pull your green sock out of the dryer and then the very next sock is the other green one. and then you pull out two blue ones. and you keep going till you've matched every single sock in perfect order. and the owner of the laundromat is so impressed, he hangs a picture of you next to the dryer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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kennedy: a joke telling robot is now cleans floors at a museum in singapore. visitors love it, but twitter mafia wants to fired because of very intensive comments it made on a podcast last year, get a life. this is the topical storm. >> one, in wyoming. a girl was caught on camera dancing for a couple of bucks, officials at yellowstone saying that the fawn was trying to attach attention of male deer with hig my butt, never leave bd unsmoked marijuana.
12:53 am
that is not true. she is not first bambi to make her name as a dancer, a hit on the internet, but she was shot by a hunter, a few seconds later. not what other deer meant when they told her to get down. i am kidding, she is still alive, if you like to write her a letter, her name is venison. >> tommic two, police in ohio looking for 2 amish men who we were. the bug had a full-blown stereo and 12 pack of michelob ultra.
12:54 am
that is crazy, who drinks that, was the horse out of urine? they are last seen hustling a bowling match with woody harrelson. they will be sent where other criminals in ohio good, to cincinnati bengals. police have not solved the carriage caper, but they believe they left beer in the woods. there -- tiny dancer's butt flinging, she moves like my producproducerproduce paul, aftf natty daddies.
12:55 am
>> this happened in maryland. an air traffic controller told the pilot, it was my way or the highway. you must be kidding with that. no. i'm not. flight officials say that pla pe lost an engine after take off. good news that no body got hurt, driver of the car was treated for minor injuries, nice to see someone crashing and burning beside beto o'rourke. the pilot road of rode off in ar vehicle, after the crash. the horses smelled like
12:56 am
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>> tomorrow night, tom bevin with lee, and michael malice is >> the following is a paid advertisement from time life. these are the country hits we remember, played on jukeboxes across america. >> ♪ and when we get behind closed doors ♪ >> ♪ i am a lineman for the county ♪ and i drive the main roads ♪ >> ♪ and she believes in me ♪ ♪ i'll never know just what she sees in me ♪ >> from glen campbell to kenny rogers. from patsy cline to george jones.


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