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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  September 23, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> president trump defending his telephone call with the president of ukraine, as he blasts the dishonest media for fading to expose joe biden and his son's alleged corruption, this is fox news, just learned that whistle-blower who sparked controversy didn't have first hand knowledge of that known call -- phone call. details in a moment, bernie sanders loves to call president trump a racist and a bigot. but he has no problem having linda, as a campaign surrogate, a controversial activist who made many anti-semitic remarks,
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we expose bernie's hypocrisy. and major win for president trump as your economy and apple announcing it will keep building its mac pro computers here. with us lieutenant colonel bob maginnes, trish regan primetime begins now. ♪ >> hello, i am greg jared in for trish. democrats rushing to impeach trump without any relevant facts, fox now learning that whistle-blower who filed a complaint about a telephone conversation between trump and ukraine a newly elected president did not have any first hand knowledge of that phone call.
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allegations -- for corruption even the president himself does acknowledge he raised that issue of the bidens in the call but he insists there was no quit pro kuo. -- quid pro quo. >> i put no pressure on them, i could have. it would probably have been okay if i did. but i didn't. i didn't put any pressure on them, that i want to do the right thing, they know about corruption. >> well president's claims not stopping adam schiff. from threatening to cut off funding from our inte intelliges agencies until he gets all of the information he demands, she speculating naturally about impeachment. >> i have been reluctant to go down the path of impeachment, but if the president is essentially withholding mill aiy aid at same time high is tr he o
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brow beat a foreign leader, then that may be only remedy that is coequal to the evil that conduct represents. >> joining me, georgia congressman jody this is the same adam schiff who promised that there was compelling evidence of trump and russia collusion, conspiracy was hiding in plain sight, and he would reveal it in time, but he didn't, it did not exist, it was a lie by adam schiff. dodo have you a reasonable basis to be skeptical now of everything that adam schiff says. >> absolutely, the entire country has every reason to doubt what he says, he has been lying to american people for two and a half years,y an he has a
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horrible track record, he said he has been reluctance toward impeachment that is another lie, this whole thing for two 1/2 and a 1/2 years has been all about impeachment. >> you know, we played clip of president, he said there is no quid pro quo, "wall street journal" was first to report the same thing. that does not seem to deter the media. yet they seem to ignore with impunity the of views quid pro quo demanded by joe biden, and he bragged about it on videotape, listen to this. >> you are not getting the billion, i'll be leaving here in what 6 hours, i said i'm living in 6 hours if the prosecute ser not fired, you are not getting the money. the son of a [bleep] got fired. >> do you think that needs to be
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investigated by department of justice? >> absolutely, you know the themcrats are masterful at accusing others, of the very thing they themselves are guilty of, we just had two and a half years of them accusing president of colluding with russia, we know that hillary clinton. dnc were funding this thing. they were the guilty ones, now the same thing, joe biden by his own admission as vice president, threatening to hold a billion of u.s. loan guarantees if he does not get his way, and his prosecutor who is investigating his son, is not fired, that is the story, but what do the democrats do? they accuse the president of a misbehavior, time too get to the bottom. american people are sick of this hypocrisy, and that what they hate about this stay. >> democrats in media screaming at top of their lungs, lighting their hair on fire that
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whistle-blower's complaint has not been revealed. but under the law it cannot be and should not be, as a wrote in column last week, whistle-blower is not a whistle-blower. there is no whistle-blower law that allows someone in an agency or department to blow a whistle to the president of the united states in our constitutional government he is the unitary excessive not a member of any -- executive, not a member of any department. they only complain comply to cos within the department. are they correct in saying this is not a whistle-blower, it does not qualify we're not turning it over. >> that is a great point, and spot on. ure just look at this, president of united states, part of his job is to talk with other leaders of other governments and countries. and if we're going to create an environment where the president
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is not able to have those conversations in confidentiality, we're creating a --macy this president will not be able to do his job, it appears that whistle-blower has no jurisdiction if you want to use that term. >> another thing reported by "washington post," is that is joe biden was pressuring ukraine to increase the gas production, and his son working for ucranniaukrainian gas company, e add that on while we're investigating the bidens? >> absolutely, we need that investigated, vice president putting pressure -- another country for purpose of benefiting his son, who is making 50,000 a month in that capacity, yet joe biden at this time, vice president,
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threatening to withhold a billion of potential funding, to ukraine, and by his own add ms. -- admission as you played, there is the true story, yet democrat continue to try to throw mud at president, relentless attack against president has gone too far, i believe that american people are seeing through it. >> and then, while we're at it, throw in china, son flies over in air force 2 with his father, gets more than a billion for his fund from china sources. this thing -- >> amazing, isn't it. >> it really stinks, congressman we're out of time thank you. >> thank you very much my pleasure. >> antifa never turning down a chance for violence, against our men and women in blue, now on camera, harassing portland police near a climate rally.
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>> coming up west virginia republican governor jim justice to reaction. >> tonight 32 arrested as climate protestor tried to shut down dc, daily caller stephanie hammel talked with some last friday, and found a double standard. >> what is your biggest climate change 70. >sin. >> i try my best. >> i live -- i drive an hour and a half every day. >> i live in u.s., i am from uk, i have done a lot of trans atlantic flights. >> daily caller stephanie hamill with more, but first. jewish senator bernie sanders is now being pressured to cut ties
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with accused antisemite, probably for moments like this. >> linda -- has right to exist. >> we'll answer questions after the press conference. >> are you taking questions? >> do you believe --? the right to exist? >> my next guest said that bernie wants ultra progressive pro palestine vote, after this. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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gregg: pressure growing on 2020 democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders to drop linda as a campaign surrogate, she has ties to nation of islam founder and known anti-semite louis farrakhan. and a long history of anti-semitic statements hersz, . last week women's march board cut ties with her. joining me now. former obama campaign director rob up bureau. you know, i'm trying to figure
11:15 pm
amy, motivation behind bernie sanders having her on. i guess he wants pro palestine vote, is this disgusting hypocrisy. >> it is and confusing, why would we have a candidate, who is of jewish faith want to take someone on at this level or take her on at all, you have other people who call for removal of this woman, this anti-semitic woman, a well-known billionaire from manhattan, and zionist of america group. this really does not make much sense to me on why he would latch himself to her, but for that maybe he is trying to set her up for a future run, perhaps. gregg: robin, i jotted down a few of linda sarsour's greatest
11:16 pm
hit, praising a palestinian ter whoifterrorist who bombed a jewh market. and pals around with farrakhan, called for a jihad against president trump, and praises sharia law, she is not be anywhere near bernie sanders' campaign or any campaign for that matter. >> you better believe it. she would be toxic to bring to any campaign. understand that they have some history together, bernie and linda to 2016, but right now, i'm a veteran u.s. army airborne ranger, we have an expression, you have a payload that is threatening to take you down, you need to cut the sling load, bernie sanders you need to cut that sling load that is linda sarsour, you neat to cut her down. gregg: when women's march board dumps you, that is a pretty clear sign that you know, you
11:17 pm
are way out there. and -- >> right, she is too anti-semitic for the women's march but not bernie sanders' campaign? that is lunacy. robin said, you know, they may have history together, but he should be done with her, just make her history at this point, she is very toxic. and her beliefs are evil. gregg: robin -- >> you know what he is not only campaign that is allowed himself to be connected to someone that is so toxic, elizabeth warren for all those people who are supporting her, she actually has someone on her campaign that is tied to hamas. gregg: what about that, robin? do the campaigns need to china up their -- clean up there are , especially bernie sanders, and does it call into question their judgment? >> oh, gosh, how could it not, i
11:18 pm
question the judgment of anyone who would bring her on, tip with everything that happened and said. i don't want to get to elizabeth warren right now, but she is up 8 in california, she is a threat. and bernie sanders, i think is just losing relevancy, he is giving us nothing more than the message of 2016, not even repackaged. i like the guy but come on. you can't make a strategic move like this and get a pass. gregg: amy, what is going on with the women's march? they pick another person, zara ballou. same thing, antisemitic, anti-israel remarks, and that a nano second they kicked her off. congresswoman rashida tlaib, a member of the squad, defending ballou, this is the same thing over and over, what is going on with women's board, no surprise about tlaib, though.
11:19 pm
>> no. though surprise with her at all. but i find it interesting that since they have removed those two anti-semitic women, they have replaced them with three women who are jewish. which i apla applaud them are it and a transgender woman and faith base leader. this is a stronger combination, a smarter choice. i need to clarify the fact, i said this american on warren's campaign is connected to hamas has been quoted this is a person who favors hamas, and his name is max berger. >> thank you for clea -- clarif. >> you do have two top democrat candidates who are involved and intertwined with anti-semitic individuals who have no place in our politics.
11:20 pm
gregg: amy and robin thank you. >> coming up. horrific video, antifa never turning down a chance to you know draw violence in the streets, against our men and women in blue. see the footage yourself. >> also climate protester trying to shut down dc today. daily caller stephanie hamill talked with some last week, they did not disappoint. >> maybe it should not take us you an hour to get somewhere, 13 days because we're traveling to a another country, another location. coming up, daily caller stephanie ham wil hamill with m. but first president trump is saving more u.s. jobs from going overseas after a meeting at white house last week. one of the world's biggest companies apple, announcing it is ditching its plans to move more jobs to china. former reagan economist art lapre say that democrats seem
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gregg: apple reversing it decision to move production from mac pro to china, keeps production in austin, texas, committing billions of dollars to the american economy. joining me now art laffe laffer. is this a win for not only u.s. economy. certainly people of texas, but also for donald trump? >> a huge victory for donald trump, good to see you, gregg, first time i have been on where you are host, this is fun. in that teaser. if -- would they have cut me out. gregg: they would have. >> this is a huge win for donald trump. it a huge win for texas.
11:26 pm
a huge win for austin. my granddaughter, just enrolled as freshman at ut, texas, austin, a great school, trump is winning this. and i think that u.s. prosperity is incredible. gregg: was talking to a businessman the other day, who said i'm getting out of china. do you see other businesses leaving china in maybe moving production to united states? >> maybe, i think that would be natural for a lot of businesses, they don't want to be in midst of this turmoil. that is why trump is doing what he is doing to get turmoil going get the chinese to negotiating table to have truly free trade, in we had that this would be spectacular. we would be a miracle together it would help the u.s. economy.
11:27 pm
gregg: are you? >> i would say here. gregg: are you confident that he can do a deal, that not only engages fair trade. but stops china from the intellectual property theft of billions of dollars of american intellectual property? >> if there is one person on earth who could do a deal that is a good deal, he is the pers person. he is a master negotiate ar neg. i have watched him, he knows how to negotiate. and do to well, i am confident that he will get a great deal with china, it will be wonderful for china as well, i wish they would do it sooner rather than later. gregg: he has been very critical of the fed, and fed has reversed course, is that an admission
11:28 pm
that fed made a mac mistake in raising the interest rate. >> they should have lowered rates earlier, and by more. president is correct on this point. i don't know why they did not, maybe because he was bullying them a little bit, they said no we're not going to do that. that is a wrong way for an institution like the fed should behave. the fed should lower more as well, it would really help the economy. i think that fed bottom line is pro greet growth. gregg: i have less than a minute. from your vantage point. it is all this talk about imminent recession, media is hoping for a recession, notwithstanding you know damage it would do to over 300 million americans, but. from your vantage point, how is the economy doing?
11:29 pm
>> u.s. economy is doing well. we're growing much faster than the rest was world, the rest was world is very close to a recession, the rest of the world is pulling us down but not enough to cause us to any into recession at all, there is nothing but good signs that i can see going forward, imvery optimistic about the economy over next 6 months to a year. gregg: art laffer thank you. >> thank you. gregg: climate protestors trying to shut down dc today, stephanie hamill talked with some of them. finding some hypocrisy in the crowd. >> is this plastic? >> wir we're at a climate marchd you are wearing plastic or something made from fossil fuel?
11:30 pm
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it was like that feeling when you pull your green sock out of the dryer and then the very next sock is the other green one. and then you pull out two blue ones. and you keep going till you've matched every single sock in perfect order. and the owner of the laundromat is so impressed, he hangs a picture of you next to the dryer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. gregg: welcome back, a shocking case tying an american man from new jersey to middle east terrorist group, heading to federal court, prosecutor say that man was a hezbollah operative for over two decades and spend years scouting famous landmarks as potential attack locations up and down east coast. fox news senior correspondent rick leventhal with details from downtown manhattan. reporter: fed say that alexi was
11:35 pm
not involved in active terror ballot but was gathering intelligence on possible targets for last 20 years, working in america, becoming a u.s. citizen in 2008, he pled not guilty to all 9 counts again him. including being a covert agent for hezbollah, based in lep lebanon, they say they trained him and handling weapons and building bombs and best surveil targets posing as a target looking for weak spots in plac places. according to complaint, saab focused on structural weakness to determine how a future attack could cause most destruction, maximize damage, now close in
11:36 pm
proximity one could get in targ ettarget or soft spots, saab pleaded not guilty to all 9 counts today. including providing support to hezbollah. and receiving military type training. he has a court date in two days. >> thank you. switching gears, new fallout tonight, as iran president rouhani arrives in new york to address the united nations general assembly in an attempt to play the victim to cruel u.s. sanctions, rouhani will address on wednesday. he refused to meet with president trump, but trus trumpt ruling out that progress could be made behind the scenes. >> we have pressure on them, more pressure than they h iran knows they for a position they
11:37 pm
are a lot of things are going to happen. a lot of things are happening with respect to iran, more than you would know, more than needia media knows. >> joining me now, foreign affairs analyst, retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel bob mcguinness, the script is written, rouhani will appear before u.n., and cry and whine that sanctions are cruel by u.s., the u.s. is satan they had nothing to do with the attack on saudi arabia, which is absurd given the evidence, he will get sympathetic ears there, won't he? >> it is a pity party to a certain degree. he will find macron and other country that will listen sympathetically, promoting the
11:38 pm
hormuz peace plan. what the president said, what he didn't say is significant. they have high unemployment. real. 80% of their income, comes from oil, we have cut home off at knee, they are really in a desperate situation. and so they have to lash out, that is only thing that ayatollah can do is send his irgc and proxies in world disturbing peace, bringing you know radical ideas to not only that region but to northern and south america. and venezuela and central america. there a lot going on, perhaps this hezbollah guy we heard about is involved. gregg: two part question, should president continue the course sanctions which are having a devastating affect on iran? and should he meet with rouhani? >> well, you know, like
11:39 pm
churchhill said, you can jaw a jaw and war a war. i think that president likes to talk, i think that president believes, and rightly so he could be persuasive in turning anyone in right way, he takes with kim jong-un, and he have seen progress there. and talked with president xi . so, you know, let the president talk to him. what are we going to lose? they have already shot down a drone, they bombed oil facilities in saudi arabia. they have killed american soldiers in iraq. a little you know jaw to jaw will not be that bad. gregg: i want to turn to a second topic, a new report out from the federation for american immigration reform. and it offers shocking estimates on cost of illegal immigration they claim about 14 million
11:40 pm
illegal immigrants are here, not 11 million that we've seen claimed. and more shockingly, get this, net cost is an annual, $130 billion on american taxpayers, your reaction? >> well, i'm not surprised, gregg. a lot of people that support this open borders routine, they -- invite that, but with open borders with sanctuary cities and welfare inviting people, plenty of jobs and a good economy, you know these people will continue to come in to country until we get a dramatic change in our national policy, regarding illegal immigration. the president is right. we need to have a robust, effective legal immigration system. but you know unfortunately, progressives democratic party seem to embrace the idea of open
11:41 pm
borders, andin anything goes, tt will attract many millions, we're likely over the next 6 years, to see a radical change-up wards in illegal immigration. gregg: yeah. >> as well as cost to taxpayer. gregg: you know what progressives say, come here, break your laws and we'll give you free healthcare, that is tough to turn down, colonel mcguinness thank you. >> climate. gregg: climate protestor trying too doesrupt dc today, daily caller stephanie hamill talked with some last friday. >> what is this made out of? >> plastic. >> so, we'll ban plastic straws but k450e7 producing this. >> i know. gregg: busted. tonight, daily caller stephanie hamill with more, but first, antifa engaging in more violence o-- camera, harassing portland
11:42 pm
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gregg: climate protest picking up steam today. antifa members caught on camera harassing police, reportedly throws rocks at officers, has the movement lost all credibility, my next guest said the protestors have no idea importance of coal and gas energies of america. joining me i am trying to decide if they of malicious or ignorant, i believe they are both. >> a shame. i think about our founding
11:47 pm
fathers. i blame our leaders, they are misinformed, kids are good, i am a high school basketball coach, i am with kids all of the time. i love kids. the very people we should love and respect the most police, this is ridiculous. gregg: shifting to a cause new green deal, estimate range 52 trillion to 93 trillion. let's call it tens of trillions of dollars in cost.
11:48 pm
this is a pie in the sky stuff? >> it is pie in the sky, people don't realize, very people that will hurt most are poor and middle class. and beside that, gregg. here is the other thing, so many -- china burns 7 time kole that u.s. burns annually, i say, why don't they go to china, get china onboard. or one step worse, what if people that good people, coal miners, good families, gas producers, what if just all of a sudden people decide, we're just tired of this. we're tired of being good stewards and wanting clean air, and wanting clean water. and west virginia we have
11:49 pm
preteen air and press teen wat water. about what if these people decide to take a moratorium, we're not produce coalary gas. i would have a catastrophe, a matter of being misinformed. let's hope, pray our young people are good people, they are so misinformed by leaders on sob boxes that are in lalaland. gregg: explain more about how vital goal and gas are to u.s. economy. >> today, if you think that we could do without gas. and we could do without cold today, just shut -- coals today had, shut the spigot off. these people would not have any
11:50 pm
idea. but coal makes coke, and coke makes steel with iran or, from a -- if you just cut off coal and gas, in 60 days we would have a total meltdown in this country. millions would freeze to death in middle of winter, electric grid would collapse, base load we could not supply the base loads. and there would be so many problems it is unbelievable, but, people don't understand is just this, coal and gas people, they want clean air and clean water. these welcome the alternatives, we -- all we know is today we have to have a plate at table, we welcome a global energy strategy. we want -- >-- want they want.gregg: yet, w many people on the left, those running for president of united states, and democratic party are
11:51 pm
embracing this notion that grind new -- green new deal, did not work out well are in hillary clinton. here is what she said about coal. >> i am only candidate when has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renew able energy as key. in the coal country, we're going to put a lot of coal miners and cold companies out -- caa l companies out of business. >> how did that work out for her? >> well, it didn't work out well, thank goodness. at the end of the day our president is doing a terrific job, he has a lot of battles he is fighting, we have a lot of good stuff in west virginia. you know what all comes down, gregg you have people today running with the bulls, they are uninformed. and let's heap and pray that good sense prevailed.
11:52 pm
gregg: i think she lost every county in west virginia, a nice trick. governor. thank you so much. >> thank you. gregg: climate protester getting in the way of dc traffic today, big time, daily caller stephanie hamill talked with some of them last friday, she is here with highlights or low lights after this. [upbeat action music] ♪ (pilot) we're going to be on the tarmac for another 45 minutes or so. this is jamie. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no.
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11:56 pm
daily caller's stephanie hamill. steph, great to see you. first up, you stopped by a climate strike in washington. let's check it out. >> i drive about an hour and a half every single day. >> i live in the u.s., i'm from the u.k. >> we're at a climate march, and you're wearing plastic. >> yes. >> i used a lot of paper towels. [laughter] you know, other things like tissues. >> what is this made out of? >> i think it's some sort of nylon. >> ban plastic straws, but we're going to keep producing these. >> yeah, i know. [laughter] gregg: do they understand the definition of hypocritical? >> they were pretty upset that i was asking those questions, i'll tell you that. they got called out bigtime. so the daily caller went to this climate strike to learn more about the activists who are demanding the way you and i change the way we live, eat and go about our daily lives. and it turns out they're a lot
11:57 pm
like us. i didn't understand why somebody needs to wear a plastic dinosaur costume made out of nylon. this woman says it's society's fault. it's not society's fault that she decided to wear a plastic dinosaur costume that's made of fossil fuels. it's like a vegetarian or vegan eating a cheeseburger at a meat strike. it makes no sense. so these are the people we're dealing with. i'm for a clean environment, but they don't want to live by example. [laughter] gregg: yeah. we made them do it. okay. so a couple is receiving criticism for their unconventional gender reveal. take a look at this. >> oh! [laughter] >> yes! gregg: okay. so it's blue dye, right? is that the deal? >> it's actually jell-o. so this has been -- yes. people are calling it the worst gender reveal ever.
11:58 pm
and i kind of disagree with that. i think it's actually one of the coolest gender reveals i've ever seen. so this texas couple, they worked with the zoo to do the gender reveal of their future child, and people were really worried about the hippopotamus eating the dye that was in the jell-o, but he eats it all the time, we're finding out. everyone needs to calm down. people were saying some really horrific stuff to this couple that's expecting their first child. they were saying, like, feed the child to the hippopotamus. people can get pretty nasty on the internet. i'm sure you've experienced it, i've experienced it. they feel pretty powerful when they're at their little keyboard. gregg: according to a new study, each american eats 103 pounds of food a year, roughly 6,000 in the average adult lifetime. how so? >> well, it is a ton of food, 100 pounds a year, 6,000, as you
11:59 pm
said, in one year. people can't get through all of the things that are in the refrigerator, so at any given time people have around $100 worth of food in the refrigerator, so if you're a whole foods shopper, you probably have one after caddo and -- avocado and the bag of oranges. i'm sure i'm not the only person who has good intentions going into the week, i'm going to cook healthy, and then you get busy and start dining out. it's kind of the same vicious cycle every single week. gregg: not at my house, because i'm the king of leftovers. i eat all of them. even my wife says, oh, that's stale the, you might get sick. nonsense, i eat it, i'm fine. >> that's pretty brave of you. gregg: well, my wife's a good cook. thanks for joining us. and just a quick note, my new book called "witch hunt" is available for pre-order right
12:00 am
now. right here. nice cover, there we go. pick it up or go to barnes &, it comes out in two weeks. trish will be back tomorrow night. kennedy begins right now. ♪ ♪ kennedy: thank you, gregg. washington, d.c. is freaking out, man! the president's critics say he committed treason. his supporters say the ukraine scandal is a big pile of hot nothing. so who's right and where on earth do we go from here? in the all started last week, as you'll remember, when "the wall street journal" printed an article about a white house whistleblower. as the story goes, the said whistleblower heard or read something troubling the president said during a phone call with the ukrainian president. we still don't know what he said exactly, but various reports claim the president repeatedly asked for dirt on joe biden and his son hunter and that he may have dangled military aid as payment for said dirt. toda


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