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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 24, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: good evening, president trump today bringing his america first agenda on the united nations. to the general as general assem. leader of the free world at least, delivered a speech on religeous freedom before meeting with 6 different world leaders, taking up global extremism to the potential of a new fair and reciprocal trade deal with china. >> if my opponent had won the election, china's economy would have surpassed united states by now. with me a difference, we're talking to china, we have
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serious conversations coming up. lou: we'll have the latest on those conversations as we talk with treasury secretary steven mnuchin. more questions about incredible claims of corruption in the ukraine, surrounding former vice president joe biden and his son hunter. desperate to stick to the left's narrative. president trump som somehow committed an impeachable offense during a phone call with the leader of ukraine. president today denying any abuse of power for political gain. as we learn more about the so-called whistle glower at the- blower at center of this firestorm directed at president of united states. chief white house correspondent john roberts with us tonight. great to have you here. >> lou, this whole controversy surrounds a complaint that was
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delivered to the intelligence community inspector general by this whistle-blower, sources tell fox news that whistle-blower did not have first hand knowledge of telephone conversation on july 25 between president trump and president zelensky. what is more. they make it clear the whistle-blower did not have first hand knowledge. we're learning more about why this complaint was not delivered to congress, genera -- general , it involves privileged communications by persons outside of the intelligence community, therefore the dni lacks unilateral authority to transmit such materials to intelligence committee, general council office consulted with inspector general about this, sheer what general counsel said.
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we determined that the allegations did not fall within the sta statutory definition ofn urgent concern, and did not require the continental balanceg transmitted to intelligence committees on capitol hill. president today denying any wrong doing in this telephone call. and ukrainian foreign minister, saying he knows what was talked about and saying there was quote no pressure put on president cell cel zelensky by president trump. they are considering releasing a partial transcript of the phone call. >> perhaps you see it, perhaps you won't. it depends on what you want, i would rather not do it from stand point of all other conversations i have, i may do it, it was a very innocent call on his part and mine it was a
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nice call. i hope you get to see it soon. reporter: that is president talking about st. there are reasons to not do it, precedent, i don't remember any time when a telephone conversation between president of united states and a foreign leader las been released. and slippery slope, do democrats on capitol hill then say we want your calls with putin. then do republicans say, we want to seeing all of president obama's calls with world leaders, then third, there is the issue of would you have to redact sections of it for national security measures of classification? if there one redaction in a transcript of a phone call that democrats are so hungry to get their hands othe on, they will y thaiinvalidates the whole thing. lou: only part that i find
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attractive is listening to the conveconversation and reading cs conservations of president obama and world leaders. we know this whole thing is built on hearsay, and a person without standing in the intelligence community. we know that intelligence community itself has been hostile to this president to point of number of chiefs -- reporter: i think unless. lou: john, lets me finish. reporter: sorry. it's your show. lou: also good manners. the agency chiefs had some role, we don't know yet quite what. in effort to subvert the president of the united states now your turn. reporter: i was goi ing to say s full transcript of that phone call is released, democrats
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would not buy it. lou: they would not buy anything, truth or anything approaching it, it has been our experience so far. great to see you. >> you too. lou: breaking tonight, newly obtained memo finds rod rosenstein fold andrew mccabe as he served as acting director of the fbi, that he would wear a wire to capture president trump's quote true intentions over the firing of james comey. that memo released today dated may 16, 2017, the day before robert mueller was appointed somewhere council. rod rosenstein insists that the comments were meant as sarcast sarcastic. joining me now, tom fitton president of judicial watch.
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let's start with first of all, rod rosenstein's role in this, and what we know of his intentions and how it is he survived this long if those intentions were nefarious as some would claim? >> well, no longer in the justice department, so, it was -- he was vol slowly rolled oute door i guess. his explanations i don't think were persuasive. mr. mccabe his credibility is lacking, this memo is written the day of the meeting, mccabe said he -- this is the extraordinary thing, mccabe said i'm investigating the president. he said you are a witness. rod rosenstein confesses. and said i'll wear a we're on the president, then mccabe said, we'll get back to you. we'll ask our team. now why would he pursue that if
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it was a sarcastic remark? here you have mccabe and rod rosenstein abusing their powers to target president trump. and seriously discussing it looks like wearing a we're on the president, you have -- wire, on the president, you have mccake initiating a stay operation on mant president, ons own, this is documented in two pages. we had to wait over a year for the fbi to finally cough it up. this is the sort of thing that the media does not want you looking at, as it plays its ukraine gambit in latest of coop argument against president trump, this is the coop. the heart is here in this document. and now we're talking about phone calls over ukraine, unbelievable. lou: it is unbelievable. particularly when you consider that now in a phased revelation if you will, following the on
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set of this manufactured nonsense, but again directed at president of united states, to find that whistle-blower whoever he or she is, did not have first hand knowledge. was operating purely on hearsay. and further more, is not a person of the intelligence community. therefore could not hold whistle-blower status. what difference does that make? democrats continue their nonsense, braying in the dark with their usual ignorance and venality. >> i said it twitter, a malicious sa conspiracy againste president. anyone that hears what president said to foreign leader automatically has whistle-blower status, you know what?
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i'm blowing whistle to joe biden, i want them toes to investigate, and i am blowing whistle on probe prob presidenth his conversation with hillary clinton, they will not follow-up on that as a matter of law, nor should anyone else take seriously this obvious attempt to try to derail the president's ability to conduct foreign policy, they want to freeze the president, he is not allowed to fire fbi directors, and talk to foreign leaders, not allowed to exercise oversight over the corrupt fbi or doj, they want to make it impossible for him to do his job. when they do, that they attack our constitutional respec repub. we hired him to do the job, these folks are in the way. lou: i could not agree with you more, they should get out was way. i would also hope at same time
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confess and turned themselves in for further constructive rehabilitation should they decide too rejoin society. >> thank you. lou: department of homeland security is ending its so-called catch and release policy. gaining next week. acting director kevin said this should a vital step to restore rule of law. family apprehensions have risen 400% so far this year. compared to same time a year ago. up next, president trump calls out world leaders for shunning and worse, people of faith. >> too often people in positions of power preach diversity well, silencing, shunning or censoring the faithful, true tolerance is respects the rights of all people. >> we take that and much more up
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with pastor robert jeffers here tonight. also, why is wall street trying turn cut the president's negotiating position with china? we'll take that up and much more with treasury secretary steven mnuchin right after the quick messages. autism spectrum disorder
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lou: not a lot to report on wall street, so we won't. stocks mixed. dow' 15, s&p flat, volume on big board, dropping to 3.2 billion shares, crude oil up a percent. and gold up a percent. silver up 5%. adam newman, launching talks with investors in board of directors talk become his future role with the company. they are not pleased with his performance. according to reuters, he may give up his title as ceo,
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softbank, we works chief respect reportly wants him to resign. and it is does appear it the be going to market very soon. reminder to listen to my reports 3 times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> president trump tough stance with china rattling wall street, business round table and chamber of commerce from time to time. "wall street journal" reporting billionaire owner sheldon adelson warned president about how tariffs might affect the economy, that warning may have been somewhat personal to adelson, his las vegas sands company makes about 63% of its revenue from casinos in china, his companies licensed to operate is also set to expire in 2022. st. louis fed president, saying it is inevitable that u.s. and
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china would clash on trade, citing china's failure to live up to the wto commitment when it joined in 2001. in a statement saying this: >> our next guest will be meeting with the vice premier of china in early october, to resume trade talks. joining us, treasury secretary steusteve en mnuchin. >> thank you. lou: let's start with china and united states and where we are in negotiations, if they could still be called that. >> i think you know that ambassador lighthizer and i have been at this for a while.
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president has been clear, if we get the right deal we can do a deal, if we can't, she happy with th--he is happy with the t. lou: anything approaching to end of threat of of hundreds of billions of intellectual property and technology to balance trade is a present of any agreement? >> well from our first meeting with trump and president xi, president xi agreed that rebalancing the trade deficit was ary priority, we've been working two years oar that, the president is determined we have if have a fair and reciprocal relationship with trade, it has been a one way street. lou: it has been since the beginning of the chinese adventure, if you will, has it not?
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right now agriculture will be number one export of the united states it is extraordinary to me as an outsider looking in, that it would be our first move forward. >> well, it is not that agriculture is the most important issue. the most important issue as you say is the "insid "inside polit" intellectual property up. i would say that you know we take it as a personal offense they stopped buying agriculture. good news that chinese agreed, they started buying again, this is the good news, a sign of good gisture, they are -- gesture they are back at table. they are important people who have supported president. lou: i am soybean consumer like nearly everyone here.
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and i appreciate that. i do find it a little difficult to understand why china is so rereticent too acknowledge -- president has i think been brilliant talking about agriculture, and moved back positionive in can billions of dollars, about 26 billion to the farmers. out of that almost now more than simpt billio70 billion in tarifs extraordinary to me innovative way to deal with the agriculture. >> i agree, and president was determined to make sure that the farmers were not collateral damage in the discussions. good news, i think that there is a desire for china to move
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forward with the reforms. they have their own issues internally, i think they are focused on. lou: we mentioned that sheldon adelson, was telling -- according to the report in the "wall street journal" -- that you know he didn't think it was a great idea to proceed with tariffs to disrupt the relationship. but understandably. his most of his revenue is from macsau, a hotbed of gambling enterprise. >> he has been a great supporter
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of the campaign of the president, i think he has the right intentions, as you say, he does have interest there, but one issue, he is good perception from having done business in china. that is really his counsel but he's the right cut outcome, he understands issues of intellectual property, this is the first president that has confronted these issues. lou: it is stunning when we think about chronic year after year trade deficit with china. and wall street arguing it is not a zero-sum game, there no affect on economic growth, it does affect national savings and reduce the rate of economic growth in this country. this president and you, and the lighlightlighthizer have stood t the chinese, i think first year
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they tried to get over the shock of american government to say you cannot loot. >> president uses tariffs strategically, he is right, if not for tariffs nobody would be at the table negotiating, this is an important tool in rebalanceses this relationship. lou: talks will be underway shortly to do just that, we'll continue our conversation with the treasury secretary. steven mnuchin right after these very quick words, please stay with
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lou: we're back with treasury secretary steven mnuchin, mr. secretary, where are we in terms of talks with vice premier, you referred to him today at united nations. when will you resume the talks? >> actually i think not next week, the following week, we'll have the talks. we have deputy level talks last
4:29 am
week. and made a little bit of progress on that front. we look forward to meeting with the vice premier. lou: at the u.n. today it was a moment of seemed uncertainty on part was media, as on whether or not the chinese delegation chose to skip the agriculture talks in montana and nebraska or whether or not treasury and trade representative suggested too them they skip it. can you clear that? >> i just want to clarify, i didn't' people to think they can't selled the trip -- canceled the trip, they are buying agriculture. we just decided that timing of the trip was not necessarily perfect, they will reschedule that until after the trade meetings. >> you say we, you and lighthizer. >> yes, bob and i. lou: great. let's go to another very important -- i think most people would probably be surprised to
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learn just how much of your time is spent on national security,a on sanctions approaching at least half your time, right? >> it is. lou: iran. we're at a juncture that i think very few people saw arriving. that is with tensions at a height, and the president cool headedly, constrained not unleashing the hounds of hell. >> let me put this in perspective, i think you know that president campaigned on he would rip up the iran nuclear deal, it was a terrible deal. it would have allowed iran to end up with nuclear weapons, at the end of a relatively short-term. and also had many other things it did not address when president came in, he did that and u instructed us to put
4:31 am
sanctions back on, they are toughest. there is no question they are working, we have cut off the money to iran that money was being used too spread terrorism. president did three things, recently one was he authorized to us put sanctions to central bank and sovereign wealth fund. they were using money for terror. highe agreed to send a couple hundred troops for defensive purposes to saudi and ex expedie arm sales. lou: these sanctions have been effect. but these sanctions now, severe as they are, does it mean that iran in your judgment will be forced to come to a negotiations table and to change their ways? >> well, i don't top predict what they will do, i will say,
4:32 am
they are working, there is no question that they are working, that they are cutting off the source of funds. lou: and the maximum pressure campaign. are you now at maximum pressure in these an santions, or is there still room ton inflict fur burden. >> we're all most at maximum with iran, but we still have the ability to go after third parties that violate our sanctions, that will be the focus of what we're working on now at-this-point. lou: talking about constraints, huawei. their role now is -- it is ambiguous where they stand within our national security as well as national economic policies. the europeans have not eagerly at least moved toward the same degree of concern about the
4:33 am
espionage organization of the pla . >> i want to be careful what i say. i have access to a lot of information. on this. the first issue, most important is we want to make sure that the u.s. government and our allies are not using huawei equipment in our infrastructure. that is really something we're focused on. as it relates to selling things to them, i think you know some of the stuff, are commodity items, that we make, that south korea makes, and some of more strategic. there is really two different issues, one is what we're buying from them, and two what we're selling to them. lou: and in the as we conclude here, the relationship with business in this country. no -- there has never been a better president in the first -- in phy his first term in office.
4:34 am
we know there will be two, for business, for markets. yet we have a wall street that has been resistant to balance trade with china, they are not being particularly helpful, they being the be community. in fighting against the poll ses of this president, you and robert lighthizer on balancing trade. what more would you ask of -- just seems to be something should be asked of business community, wall street to assist this government in pursuing national economic and national security policy. >> they are working against the interest of the country in many instances. >> as you say this president is a very much pro business, pro economy president. we came in there were three parts, first historic tax cut, and number two regulatory relief, that allowed us to do
4:35 am
business properly again, and third is trade. i think there are a lot of people in the business community that are shup are o supportive e trade. a lot of people realize china is a giant market, if u.s. companies and u.s. workers can compete fairly in china, that is a tremendous opportunity for u.s. business and workers. that is a big priority for us. lou: i understand, but i don't understand why there is not a at least an expression of of respirator--sreprosty. that would assure some alignment. with you and lighthizer, mr. secretary, great talking with you, appreciate it, look forward to talking soon. >> thank you, lou. lou: much luck. up next, a look at a bill
4:36 am
senator mike lee trying to force through the senate, oh, man, does it have interesting sponsors, you know outsourcing and american workers, it say problem in that bill. we take it up right after these
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lou: something percolating in u.s. senate right now that i want to bring to your attention, it is a very serious matter. rino senator mike lee put
4:40 am
forward a plan to week to as he is lead sponsor to push through legislation that would be detrimental to the american worker. no if, ands or buts, 386, fairness for high skilled immigrants act, think about that. it would remove grin green card limits, allow largest countries, india and china to pack greed card lines with as many h-1b visa workers as they like eager to take up u.s. jobs and historically, lower pay. pushing this legislation are companies like coggi cognizant d deloitte, two of the biggest sponsors of h h-1b visa workersn all of america. and they are pushing like the dickens as is microsoft and
4:41 am
google's presiden parent, alpha. in this recent elect cycle, senator lee raked in tens of thousands of dollars from big tech companies, more than 33 now fronow,000 from microsoft -- 330 from microsoft, 18,000 from google just for openers, joining us. fox business analyst, most knowledge. person in this country that i know on pool ticks. politic. >> thank you. president made a commitment to create jobs for americans, in particular young americans coming out of college, and what have you with engineering and health care degrees, now this bill would create a competition for them. by giving the visas to indian students who come here, particularly indians, which a country of a billion people, give them jobs at lower wages than --
4:42 am
>> somewhere 2 20 to 30% lower wages, than prevails wages, they are high schooled workers, they are usually in lowest of those four levels that define the h1 b visa. >> immigration is such a critical issue, he have to make sure that american students, american young americans, seeking jobs they have the benefit of their education and competition is among themselves initially. without creating this false competition by giving these students from india advantages or the visa. i think to certain extent there was a sleeper bill. lou: they tried to around it through last week, senator
4:43 am
perdue stopped it because he said he was uncomfortable with the language, i was cheering him until i found out he will support it once they fix a little bit of the language. i have been hanging around politics so long, i get disappointed this is one time. >> one of those bills, this is an imperfect bill, to me, needs to be a perfect bill. anything that is detriment to the young americans out of college and universities. with tactical skills -- >> this president is the president of the working man and woman. you know, it these senators need to be careful about the position they put the president in. radical dimms. quotes unquote whistle-blower? who does not know -- has no personal knowledge of anything? is not a member of the intelligence community, therefore is not a
4:44 am
whistle-blower that is entitled to any kind of protection, we should ask this person who the hell told that you nonsense. >> this is part of deat dean ofe -- deep state that we've been fighting, i think as rudy guliani put biden's young son has been out there doing things. lou: president makes it clear, we need to know what happened. >> we should. lou: live the fact that the dimms hate the idea that president of the united states can ask a question of a foreign leader. >> and reality. lou: you have adam schiff, ed, at it again. lying through his teeth. >> you have to understand, he is the speaker in waiting as far as nancy pelosi is concerned. lou: and a fraud in the present. >> they are looking for any excuse to hold impeachment hearings. >> let them have at it. >> let them go, they will not
4:45 am
win, this is stupid, they want to expose biden. lou: if they want to indulge in self -- >> one thing is national news media needs to get after this. -- oh. otherwise there is -- >> this is a comedy act. a whistle blower who is not a whistle blower who is campaigning about something he does not know or she does not know that is perfect for "saturday night live" not the house of representatives or senate. always great to see you. >> thank you, my friend, take care. lou: thank you, you too partner. >> cor corey lewandowski joinins
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4:50 am
incumbent two term senator that would push me further into the race after last week's fe fiasci don't think another person who be treated the way i was, so rude, name-calling, disrespect that committee members showed me. lou: i thought they were very nice and respectful to you. >> presiden was not that nice. >> whistle-blower. >> my cousin's sister's cousin dog, like a scene out of space ball the movie, this person has no direct knowledge of the conversation who heard it at a bar at a cocktail napkin given to him by his cousin a friend who might have worked in the white house one day. lou: you might be expecting too much of people.
4:51 am
if you are assaulted and affronted by radical dimms on judiciary committee, now you think a whistle-blower should know what the hell he or she is talking about. first hand experience and b be a member of the intelligence community in which they are seeking whistle-blower status, this is amazing. >> this is crazy talk. if you will actually hear a 61 a conversation, you would have actual have had to hear the conversation, this person never actually heard it. they went to a person who said, have you no credible tie in this conversation, we'll not pursue this you know this. mainstream media. lou: they love it. >> they hate had president more than they love the country. anything to stop donald trump. lou: i think you are right, corey grade to have you. -- great to have you with us, this is where you will announce your senatorial run, right? >> if i do it, i'm coming here.
4:52 am
lou: all right, you are on the record, we know you top start with a clean record. >> i do. lou: thank you, cowie, cocorey lewandowski. >> joining me now. fox business contributor, president today taking up for world to hear the re-- religion liberty as priorities. >> first time in history about leader of any nation spoke to the u.n. on that topic. that is unbelievable. he was addressing a real problem, he did it with passion, honest 3, this was right thing to do morally, but a brilliant thing to do politically. instead of going to a boring summit, on climate change, and imaginary problem, he said, to heck with that, he has his own conference on a real problem,
4:53 am
religious liberty, there is no president in history that would have the guts to do what this president did today. lou: he had a lot of days like today, no previous president would have had the guts to do because they didn't do it. they had opportunity whether it is standing up for this nation and international trade, whether it is making a partner of mexico. putting tens of thousands of troops on the borders of south and northern borders of mexico. to stop illegal immigration, the list goes on. tearing up what was the so-called legacy of barack obama. >> you know watching him, deal with the democrats, lou it have mines of road ru runner cartoon, and wile ecoyote. they have not been able to catch
4:54 am
him. he said the heck with that, i'll have my own summit, this is the leadership that up newe infurias enemies and makes his people love him. >> by the way is great for america. >> pastor, as you are, appreciate it. pastor robert jiffers. jeffers. >> thank you, lou.
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lou: a few concluding thoughts
4:58 am
tonight on a few of president's detractors and radical dimms, who oppose everything he achieve. beginning with mitt romney. his latest tweet is so pathetic it begins with a hyp hypotheticl quote. if -- romney is a know nothing, worse kind of rino who wanted to lead but who cannot now follow the nation's true leader. it does not matter to romney or the radical dimms that so-called whistle-blower has no first hand knowledge of anything. that president's enemies claimed, but that was enough for venal to charge head long to fabrication and absurdly baseless calls to impeach of president, these people are worse than fools, they know better, still they lie. but this time they have been caught. early. and person who is being hosted with the left's is none there or
4:59 am
than sleepy joe biden these are his words. >> i'm leaving here, i think 6 hours, i'm leaving in 6 hours, if the prosecutor is not fired, you are not getting the money. lou: now biden is in full glaring focus. now finally, we're about to watch what appears to be the beginning of a investigation of the obama bidenner aand all of the political corruption it spawned. this is it for us, thank you. tomorrow night judge jeanine andy can b sasabestian gorka among our guests, see you here tomorrow. good night from new york.
5:00 am
lauren: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. trade tensions ease as treasury secretary steven mnuchin says talks with china continue next week with china now buying u.s. soybeans, can the trade war cool off and give consumers some relief. cheryl: then as president trump gets ready to speak before the united nations general assembly later this morning, more european leaders putting the blame on iran for saudi oil attacks. will there be a face-to-face with president trump and iranian leaders? lauren: the dnc tightening the qualifications for the next round of democratic debates. is it now or never for the struggling candidates. cheryl: get ready, pumpkin spice spam is hitting the


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