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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 24, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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conviction. >> no. >> that will not happen in the problem that this committee and the house will be focused on that and the other legislative agenda. >> the last thing we would had usmc a pass and now we won't. >> that is it for "bulls & bears". see you next time. liz: breaking news, republican leaders about to respond, we will take you life, nancy pelosi declared yes the house will launch a formal impeachment inquiry picking up on what the house judiciary is already doing. they count now rising to 182 house democrats who now back in impeachment inquiry. this after president trump announced that yes, he will release a complete bully declassified an unredacted transcript of his phone call with the president of ukraine about joe biden. impeachment would be a positive for me in 2020.
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bonds rose in stock fell. president trump promising that this will show the call is totally appropriate and there was no pro, and mitch mcconnell is staying mom of how they will handle all of this. >> we have every angle of this cover for you. jerry is on the floor with the big board and edward is in d.c. where we begin our coverage tonight. >> the house speaker nancy pelosi said the president's actions violated the constitution. that is why she starting the formal impeachment process. this is an impeachment inquiry, not the articles this is the investigation part. she made an announcement in a brief statement. >> this week, the president has admitted to asking the president of ukraine to take action which will benefit him politically. the action of the trump
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presidency revealed dishonorable facts of the president's betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of her national security and betrayal of the integrity of our election. therefore, today, i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry review the house speaker vowing to pressure from an ever-growing number of democrats calling for the impeachment process, about two thirds want to impeach the president, president trump saying he will release the transcript of the call with ukrainian president. he said it will be unredacted in the general assembly he also said this is good for him but bad for the country. >> this is why they say it's good for the election, you know what it's bad for the country, what she is doing is bad. i can even believe it's true. how can you do this and you haven't even seen the phone call.
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review the president tweeting in the last 30 minutes, this is a witchhunt, presidential harassment. and kurt schrader, moderate democrat from oregon said a rubicon has been crossed. the next step they will start hearings under impeachment together information to see if articles of impeachment should be drawn up. elizabeth: just a reminder 1998 the s&p 500 fell about 20% one point from the high to the lot as independent counsel kenneth raised up his investigation of bill clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice. let's get right to fox news contributor and counsel. great to see you. >> is what you are hearing so far, is all of that impeachable crimes and distant country misdemeanors customer. >> no, absolutely not from what we know. and we do not know what is in the transcript, it's unlikely even if the transcript is
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unflattering and constitutes treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors. i think the speaker had an excuse to do what she did but she did not have a reason to do it. she had an excuse to take a political action and it's very unfortunate that the president has seen a presidential judgment call to make public the transcript. i understand the pressures but this is a very unfortunate president because the president needs to be able to conduct the foreign relations, foreign policy of the united states and confidence. liz: let me back up, the good that the democrats came to have so far is this, they don't have the transcript to the phone call, the president saying he will release an unredacted version and they don't have the whistleblower complaint, the whistleblower did not have direct knowledge of the communication. here is kevin mccarthy approaching the microphone responding to nancy pelosi.
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>> thank you all. i just listened to the speaker of the house. speaker pelosi happens to be the speaker of the house but she does not speak for america when it comes to this issue. she cannot decide unilaterally what happens here. they have been investigating this president before he even got elected. they have voted three times on impeachment on this floor, twice they voted before one word when the mueller report came back. our job here is a serious job. our job is to focus on the american public, our job is to make tomorrow better than today. our job is to legislate. not to continue to investigate something in the past when you cannot find any reason to impeach this president. this election is over. i realized 2016 did not turn out
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the way speaker policy wanted it to happen. but she cannot change the laws of this congress. she cannot unilaterally decide when and impeachment inquiry. what she said today made no difference of what is been going on. it is no different than what nadler has been trying to do. it is time to put the public before politics. thank you. [inaudible conversations] liz: let's get back to ken, what kevin mccarthy just said, three times have the democrats voted on impeachment, two times was before even the mueller report came out. your reaction? >> the other party, democratic party has been on the impeachment train in different people get on the train. it is so bad for the country, i say that as someone who did not like what was happening during the clinton years but it needed
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to happen because congress had a statute that said send this information to us even if an impeachable offense was committed. this is entirely self-inflicted wound by one part of the house of representatives. it's not the law of the land as independent statue was. it is really unfortunate, i agree with mr. mccarthy, this is so bad for the country, go back to the constitution and the history. all the impeachments, not exitinsingleexecutive officer hn removed from office. nine judges have been removed from office. this is really something that we need to take a careful look at, mainly the whole idea of impeachment. britain has done away with impeachment no impeachment since 1804, that's who we inherited this from. and now it is become this horrible political grenade that both parties will sometimes use.
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it is very bad for the country. liz: to your point, what would be the impeachable offense because critics are saying the president had no business bringing of joe biden and a phone call with the foreign leader. in talking about investigation of joe biden. will the democrats have to prove that basically the president would have to say if you do not investigate joe biden we will not give you military aid. with the president even release a transcript incriminating himself that way? >> it makes no sense that he would. if he did it's like the nixon tapes. i did commit, as nixon essentially said, here is the smoking gun. but don't remember from office anyway. so i think president trump and his visors have undoubtedly fly speck the transcript and determined there is no there
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there. that having been said, to answer your specific question, this comes under abuse of power. as opposed to a specific kind of crime, conspiracy to interfere with the election of the united states. i think that's what the other side is basically saying. he is taking advantage of his president to seek and conduct the formulation of the united states in a way that benefits him politically and hurts his political opponents. liz: is this coverage, getting back to what you were talking about earlier, that impeachment is a political move to jump to impeachment, you have to have consensus of the public that they are for, this doesn't mean it's happening now. you have to have the goods, you have to show, you have to have
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the whistleblower complaint coming out of the transcript of the phone call, you have to have proof, do we see that happening? do you see the elements in place? >> no, it's premature. let's return the indictment without having seen the evidence. so let's see the evidence. the whistleblower complaint at this stage is irrelevant other than there's a problem in the intelligence community. by the way, the whistleblower statute does not apply to the president of the united states who is entitled to conduct a foreign policy. >> is he entitled to ask a foreign leader to investigate and opposition, arrival? >> it's a matter of raw power, yes. but if he did do that. >> he is allowed to do that? >> there is no crime. >> i don't believe there is a criminal statute that forbids the president of the united states if he thinks it's in the interest of the united states. it's going to be a mixed motive. i don't think we need to argue
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that, and the reason is apparently there was none. and if there was -- here's a hypothetical, that is arguably an abuse of power, when she consider all the circumstances and part of the circumstances i understand with respect to the ukraine, there has been an effort with the various administrations to address corruption in the ukraine. the alleged corruption involves the vice president son. maybe there is a merit to the charge, maybe there is not. we know that hunter biden a ton of money from a darn corrupt government. that is not a crime in of itself. it is part of the foreign policy of the united states, the united states keeps working with countries around the world receiving aid to work on corruption and addressing corruption. it's a very legitimate reason why he would say i want all corruption in the ukraine to be
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investigated, addressed if were going to release. liz: not investigating an opposition candidate in the u.s. that would be jumping the shark. that seems like an abuse of power. >> they could arguably be. i think we should withhold judgment, were not suggesting we jump to a conclusion. i have said, yes it is arguably colorfully an abuse of power if it is not raw, that naked, i want you to investigate this person. in the political opponent. i agree with that, that is a serious matter, there's no evidence that we know of other than the whistleblower characterization if that's true. liz: thank you so much for your insight. coming up next, we are going to move on, take a break from
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impeachment to give you an update on a breaking story happening, bernie sanders is trying to regain traction with the wealth tax bigger than what elizabeth warren wants to pay for the big government run healthcare to basically tax everything's american work hard during her life for. why critics warn it would backfire and it won't even fund a bigger increase in irs broker c. and watch this, it could slam a very big democratic voting base in the white house. it's an angle you have not seen before. we have it next. ♪ credit cards right- by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right. so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. i had no idea why my mouth was constantly dry. it gave me bad breath. it was so embarrassing. now i take biotene dry mouth lozenges whenever i'm on the go,
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liz: president trump in a wide ranging to hit a lot of topics. he used the speech to defend the trade war with china into slam china for intellectual property theft. watch. >> i will not accept a bad deal for the american people to confront the unfair practices. i placed massive tariffs on more than $500 billion worth of chinese made goods. the united states does not see conflict with any other nation. we desire peace and i will never
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fail to defend america's interest. liz: here is the other issues that the president took on at the un. >> americans no that in a world where others seek conquest and domination, our nation must be strong and wealth, might and in spirit. as we defend american values we affirm the right of all people to live in dignity. >> maduro is a human puppet protected by cuban bodyguards hiding from his own people. today i have a message for those open border activist. who have themselves in the rhetoric of social justice. your policies are not just, your policies are cruel and evil. that makes it wrong, the hatred
6:19 pm
of israel to distract from their own failures, america is ready to embrace friendship to all who generally seek peace and respect. liz: joining me now is the heritage foundation retire lieutenant colonel dakota was. thank you for coming on. your reaction to the speech? >> i tell you, trump is trumped. he is a plainspoken man and makes a compelling argument, it's all based on fact and something that has been reported and theft of intellectual property by china, support of terrorism by iran, the horrible maduro regime in venezuela that's plummeted the country into abyss. the world is not used to somebody who is so plainspoken and i find it refreshing. liz: he said "a policies are evil. can you explain that? >> if you allow unfiltered migration, people coming to america because although america
6:20 pm
represents and offers to open the door for human trafficking and for movement to people with small children across thousands of miles, it's better to help them improve their lives where they live rather than taking the very dangerous journeys coming to the united states in violation of u.s. law. that is really what he is getting at. good intentions are actually causing harm to people and folks that want to help. liz: germany, britain and france blame around for the saudi oil tax, even john kerry saying around was behind the attacks. it looks like around support at the un is evaporating. watch jack king who was with us last night on what can happen next. watch the. >> i think a military retaliation is very appropriate here because as i said, the
6:21 pm
iranians are escalating connecticut attacks. and no station will stop that. liz: escalating connecticut tax. your reaction? >> that is true. to see the foot dragging european partners who are trying to avoid conflict is coming on board and pointing the finger at tehran and says the evidence is overwhelming. again another fact on the table and pointing to iran is a sort of activity that they are engaged in. i think it's premature for the united states to unilaterally conduct a strike and the saudis need to figure out what they need to do that because it was their country attacked in the united states needs to assure the freefall of oil for the unitethatregion. liz: reports are coming in the ironic cornered and running out of money and that is why it's escalating. it is saying that tehran in a report coming in that it faces
6:22 pm
excruciating trade-off, how much money does it spend on asad, syria, lebanon and quid pro quo in lebanon as a middle-class is going bankrupt. >> what happens next i think we will probably see more violence pray that's an assumption on my part, fully in the pattern of a rain and behavior. this is an indication that the sanctions are taking a fact, cutting off the central bank from the global financial distribution network will be profoundly effective and the only option that iranians have are either change the behavior which they don't seem inclined to do or cause more problems to coerce or intimidate the europeans and other folks to get the united states to pull back. i don't think the president will do that so were likely to see more aggressive action by iran in the united states, saudis and europeans need to hold firm on this and then the iranian people
6:23 pm
determine whether they want to continue to have an authoritarian regime in charge and tehran. liz: they get to much for joining us. usa today says u.s. taxpayers, you are seeing america's immigration system on the brink of collapse. more on the u.s. moving to catch and release and why the 2019 migrant surge is unlike anything this country is oversea before. we have brand-new numbers and you will not believe the number of apprehensions at the border and we have a number of house oversight, he recently toured the border. he is next. ♪ wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar?
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we're woven together by the moments we share. everything you need, all in one place. expedia. should always be working harder. that's why your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity. open an account today. liz: we have breaking news, president trump tweeting, secretary of state mike pompeo received permission from ukraine government to release the transcript of the telephone call i had with their president. they do not know either what the
6:28 pm
big deal is. a total witchhunt scam by the democrats. turning to this, the fbi has arrested a u.s. soldier who was allegedly sending bomb making instructions over social media and discussed a plan to attack a network and not being possibly cnn. lucas thomason is that the pentagon with more. reporter: william smith from south carolina is a 24-year-old u.s. army i he made his first court appearance monday per he had been stationed at fort riley in kansas home of the first infantry division as the big red one. he had never deployed overseas. according to court documents he is charged with distributing information on explosions. an fbi informant encountered him in march, the junior enlisted soldier shared bomb making instructions online including how to make cell phone activated bombs. he apparently also expressed interest in going to ukraine to fight with a group of neo-nazi
6:29 pm
ties. currently battling russian back in ukraine. he also had targets in the u.s. including major news headquarters officials say, cnn. also on the target nt for activist and democratic presidential candidate 800 work who responded to the arrest. >> we have been sharing any information relevant with the fbi and are very confident in our ability to bring this case to justice and to protect our fellow americans. we cannot be more grateful for our intelligence community and law enforcement that we are this moment. >> the first infantry division said, these allegations violate our army values so we take them very seriously. our law enforcement team cooperated with the fbi on the rest over the weekend. he faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. liz: thank you so much.
6:30 pm
senator bernie sanders, he is now trying to regain traction in the race for 2020, here is what's going on, the 2020 democrats are cooking up bigger and bigger taxes that this country has ever seen before. he is doing one better on elizabeth warren with his version of wealth tax that would hit american household early hard all to fund costly big government run healthcare plans. joining me now from washington, d.c., the republican strategist, your reaction on this? the tax assets like stocks, land and more. >> let me say this, i'm not sure the plan is constitutional. here's the problem that bernie sanders is having, he is losing the ground to elizabeth warren not only nationally but the key nominating contest including iowa and new hampshire. he's tried to slow the freefall
6:31 pm
and tried to say he's much more socialist in terms of bona fide. his problem is a democratic basis, they like elizabeth warren's energy for more. liz: the constitution is bad tax income not commonwealth. you wonder if this will backfire on the democrats because the big democrat voting base that they need to win, teachers unions, they get paid out of endowment fund that pays for the salaries of teachers like elizabeth warren, her husband and bernie's wife. >> there is no question that a lot of the plans that they put forward are really pie in the sky and nobody has actually looked at who it a will hurt. it's quite clear elizabeth warren and bernie sanders will hurt middle-class americans and lower-class americans potentially. right now they are trying to win the democratic nomination but i think if either of them were in the nominee we would talk more about this. liz: here is what codecs are saying, how crazy the plan is. they would tax investments annually, not when they're sold. the irs would have to come up
6:32 pm
with their values to what american assets are, you would need a lot of bureaucrats to calculate that, the revenue raised by the wealth tax will not pay not cover the cost of the irs bureaucrats, they would have to figure that out. here is pete buddha judge saying i don't like single-payer at all. >> the medicare for all whether you want to or not. i am so confident that our plan will be the best one and i think everybody will come to it. liz: he also pointed out in the soundbite that taxes would have to go. he does not like single-payer. the majority of voters do not like it either. we seen that from the polls. >> i think the biggest mistake that the democrats did is going in on medicare for all because essentially, only 41% of general election voters actually like it, they prefer a public auction. that's what makes joe biden a little dangerous against donald
6:33 pm
trump in the general election because no he has not taken it t all. if bernie or elizabeth warren becomes a nominee, it's a primetime ground for donald trump to go after them. liz.liz: the president will brip this. look at the shot of the candidates raising their hand saying yes, we would be for healthcare for illegal immigrants. i'm not sure if we have the shot, but that is going to bite them hard next year. >> that will buy all of them, even to joe biden, only 36% of americans favor this. the message that you are sending to the white working-class voters, the that you care more about illegal immigrants they need to and americans. that's a message that donald trump wants to drive home. we talk about illegal immigration, and starts the middle class americans regardless of ethnicity. that is something he can one. liz: is not just white working-class, it's minorities who worked really hard. thank you so much. we appreciate it.
6:34 pm
we have our eyes on other stories for you tonight. pg&e the california utility whose faulty power lines are blamed of the deadliest wildfire in california state history, it is called the campfire, earlier this week they cut power to 24000 customers to avoid even more wildfires, 85 were killed and last year's campfire. investigators probing the recent suicide of four crew members aboard the aircraft carrier the george h. w. bush. two of the sailors kid themselves in the same day. officials say they have not linked all four of the deaths. the first suicide took place on the 16th. orlando planning to offer where the 400 plant-based foods starting next month. for your west coasters, you will have to wait a bit longer for disneyland in anaheim, california will rollout their plan menu in the spring. also tonight, the the world's big food company nestlé getting
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into the awesome burger. look at the story, it is wild, a painting found hanging above a hot plate. in a senior citizen woman's kitchen near paris, the long-lost masterpiece likely from the 1200 by one of the greatest florentine renaissance artist ever. this is called christ mocked. again it was discovered in companion. here's what else is going on, usa today says u.s. taxpayers, you are seeing america's immigration system on the brink of collapse. we have brand-new numbers about border apprehension doubling last year end more than the last two years combined. the 2019 migrant surge has been like anything like this country has seen before. with this next member house oversight, recently toured the border. new information surfacing and
6:36 pm
raises the question, is this what you want your tax dollars spent on? the obama administration did more surveillance on, did they do surveillance on more high-level figures in the candidate and newly elected donald trump, that story coming up. ♪ fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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thought surgery was my only option. turns out i was wrong. so when a hand specialist told me about nonsurgical treatments, it was a total game changer. like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today. liz: to the biggest college admission cheating scandal in american history, another parent sentenced today for his role, fox news is in boston with more. a second parent who admitted to the role on the college mission scandal has been sentenced to four month in prison. devon sloan, the ceo of a water treatment business based in california got farmer time behind bars and actors felicity huffman who is given two weeks for her role although both were sentenced by the same judge. hoffman paid $815,000 bribe to
6:41 pm
the cheating on her daughter's sat test, sloan paid 250,000 ultimately taken an athletic profile for his son to gain admittance to southern california. he ordered water polo gear off amazon and had his son "pose" for pictures. an element of his crying he was scolded for. in comparing the cases, prosecutors argued that she kept her kid out of the crime noting sloan through his son into the family pool. hoffman lied once but sloan many times and argued the huffman showed remorse but sloan plotted with the schemes mastermind about how to lie to the irs. he has been ordered to self-report to a facility chosen by the bureau of prisons on december 3 and hoffman is begin to serve on october 26. later this week a third parent will go before the same judge and several others in the weeks ahead. it is also worth noting that the other famous face in this case
6:42 pm
lori loughlin along with her husband are inching closer to trial. liz: great reporting. tonight, more details coming to light over the controversy involving the ukraine and the president joe biden and his son hunter. the intelligence correspondent catherine herridge in d.c. with the story revealed good evening, a source familiar with the conversation tells fox news that the department of justice lawyer and lawyers at the white house have been advising a ministration officials to release the entire transcript of president trump's july phone call with ukrainian president those last week. on twitter today the president said he wants full transparency that he is authorized to release tomorrow of the complete declassified and un-resented transcript of my phone conversation with president of ukraine. you will see with a very friendly and totally appropriate call. unlike joe biden in the sun quid pro quo.
6:43 pm
calling to release the transcript with the whistler complaint to the oversight committee. in this case house and senate committee. the leader said establishing the facts matter. >> we're going to find out what happened in the senate through a process preestablished by the intelligence committee behind closed doors initially with the acting director of dni. that's a responsible, rather apolitical bipartisan way to proceed with what we think we know at this particular point. >> on the house side where speaker pelosi formalize the committee investigation into a formal impeachment inquiry, the house intelligence committee tweeted, we have been informed by the whistleblower council that their client would like to speak with our committee and has requested guidance from the acting director of national intelligence or dni as how to do
6:44 pm
so. we are in touch with counsel and look forward to the whistler testimony as soon as this week. it's worth noting, there was only a single question at speaker post a statement which she did not answer. reporters wanting to go whether impeachment inquiry a compost was anything if the senate refuses to back house democrat. liz: catherine, you have done such great reporting. what was your take in your reaction to hearing nancy pelosi formalizing what already is underway in the house, that being an inquiry. and the fact that what goods do they have? they don't have the transcript of the phone call yet, they don't have the whistleblower complaint yet, what was your reaction when he heard all of this? >> my assessment is, the announcement tonight, the formalization of the impeachment inquiry allows the house speaker to wrest control of all the investigations into her ally if you will. so she removes it from chairman nadler and chairman shift. i think that's important because
6:45 pm
there's been a big disappointment over the handling of the high-profile hearings. i think this is a general consensus that robert mueller hearing in front of the judiciary committee and the intelligence committee wit was disappointing and the public testimony from former campaign manager cory lewandowski where he took the fight to democrats on these issues. this gives speaker pelosi more control over how they proceed and whether they do go to a full house but with democrats on the impeachment issue. i would make one note about the transcript. the thing to watch tomorrow is whether it's an entire transcript as the president has described, as most of us would recognize it, or whether a summary or notes. it can be in various forms. in the issue is the transcript based on the reporting, i don't have it independently, but one element of this complaint. i think we can expect, if the transcript is exculpatory that
6:46 pm
are helpful to the president, democrats are likely to point to other issues which remain under seal. liz: always terrific. great to have you on. thanks for all your clarity. next, new information surfacing, raising the question, is this what you want your tax dollars spent on? the obama administration do more surveillance of more high-level figures close to candidacy and newly elected donald trump, many we knew about. that story next. ♪ it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right - by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right - by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right. with sofi. check your rate in 2 minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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liz: you are looking at video just surfacing, it was taken by border patrol, 81 migrants trying to illegally cross the arizona border last week. they were apprehended. all of this is with a new headline in usa today. america's immigration system is on the brink of collapse. border agents overwhelmed by the flow of border crossers. with us now is congressman michael cloud, the house oversight. good to see you. your thoughts? >> yes the border continues to be a real issue that needs to be dealt with of course with all
6:51 pm
the drama that is going on, we really do have a job to do. part of the job is securing the border, making sure we take care of the situation in the crisis at the border. it is metastasized over decades and it continues to be something that affects the community throughout my district in south texas. we need to see action. liz: you visited the border and the brand-new numbers coming in, more than 811,000 border crossers apprehended this fiscal year through august. that is more than double last year 396,000. that is more than the last two year total combined. it is on pace to be the highest annual number 12 years. and how other countries are tougher than we are on border crossers. we will get to that in a second period look at the number, your take? >> the deal is, congress has not acted, fortunately the president has. to the situation is getting better, route 154,000 in may and
6:52 pm
down to 64000. that is more than a year ago we had 47000. that was still a crisis. we have to do what we can to secure the border, we have to uphold the rule of law and we need a workforce, we want the big gate that the president has talked about often but i have seen the video and what the cartels are doing to people. it is horrible. this is a facility where 40% of young women are abuse. and you see dads strip down naked and beaten in that video was sent to families for ransom. our failure to secure the border continues to let cartel do what they do. we have to address that. liz: thank you so much for joining us. i wish we had more time. new information surfacing raising the question is this what you want your tax dollars spent on. did the obama administration do surveillance on more high-level figures close to candidates and newly elected donald trump than we know about? that story coming up.
6:53 pm
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6:57 pm
know if there is more you are virallans. >> that's -- more surveillance. it's time for transparency on this. liz: we have got the doj i.g. report on the fisa probe coming out in weeks. we have nancy pelosi announcing an impeachment inquiry under way in the house. do you see any connection between the two here? >> i think ultimately this will come down to president trump's defense of himself that this is a witch hunt. it goes back as far as his campaign itself that the democrats were conducting surveillance on him. whether that is legitimate or not is something to be seen. there are legitimate reasons to do surveillance on american citizens if there is probable cause to believe there were crimes being conducted.
6:58 pm
but we don't have that yet, and we don't have the evidence as to why they were doing surveillance. >> if they were acting as a foreign agent of a foreign government, they have to show proof of that and whether the fisa court was abused. that's the issue. >> that's a key issue. the use of fisa warrants with foreign entities, it doesn't have to go the fisa route. it's a question whether the doj is mishandling or misusing the fisa warrants what he they should be using traditional warrants. liz: what do you want to see in that doj i.g. report? it's the use of the intelligence community to spy on an american citizen. what do you look -- what are you
6:59 pm
look for here? >> i have been saying this on your show for quite some time. what i'm looking for is what the original fisa warrant legitimate. as time went by, did they go back to the court and update information they were finding or did they just let it go. that's the critical questions. what were they finding out and were they going back to the court to update? liz: the fisa warrants expire, they put strains of information to keep justifying new fisa warrants and new investigations, right? >> that's exactly right. this whole idea of whether you are producing as much evidence as you have or given the judge what you know that judge will need to sign off on it. are they being as forthcoming as they need to be? liz: thank you for having us in your homes. thank you for watching.
7:00 pm
lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. keep it here for all your business news. lou: president trump today dlirved an historic rebook you have globalism and -- rebuke of globalism and globalists governor the united nations general assembly. president trump taking his america first message to declare the days of globalism to be at an end. but as the president affirmed america's position in the world, distractions were running rampant


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