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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 26, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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subsidize what in many applications is just low quality technology. the chevy volt we talked about that literally for years. >> and for it on consumers. david: good to see you that does it for bulls & bears thank you so much for watching we'll see you next time. liz: the markets taking impeachment in stride again today, as president trump wore this that "markets would crash if democrats impeach him." wall street pros now ballparking multiple scenarios jpmorgan warns we are on now ground what the top wall street pros say tonight and we have a heightened state of readiness for saudi arabia, the pentagon sending a patriot missile defense system, four radar units and 200 personnel to saudi arabia, to defend it against potential attacks. also the pentagon put three more units on "prepare to deploy orders" that story tonight to d.c. chaos growing, after the hearing today on that anonymous
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white house whistleblower complaint over the president's phone call with the leader of ukraine, and questions grow about this new narrative. a white house coverup of that phone call. we take that on and debate it. also on the show the 2020 democrat roadmap for the white house getting clearer by the way and it's getting different. democrats are dodging important questions about how their policies will slam america's pocketbook. tonight wall street anxiety grow s over a president elizabeth warren, and democrats now blast the bold and wildly out there, new idea by elizabeth warren. a big government push to take over a giant economic sector that powers both growth and consumer confidence. that story tonight. a shouting match broke out between former i.c.e. director tomorrow as homan, and representative, we've got more on how thomas homan refused to be shutdown and he fought back. we'll ask a local sheriff who
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just met with the president all about that and we've got another trump victory on the border. i'm elizabeth macdonald, the evening edit starts right now. welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. let's get you updated on that fiery hearing with the acting director of national intelligence. who got grilled by congress on that anonymous whistleblower complaint about the president's call with the ukraine leader. hillary vaughn brings us that story live. reporter: we are getting more details on that anonymous whistleblower. the new york times is reporting that the whistleblower is a cia officer that was assigned to the white house, and now, the president is calling whistleblower a spy. the la times obtained audio from the private event with the president in new york where the president called into question the whistleblower's tactics and
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also the facts that this whistleblower went off secondhand information. president trump: basically, that person never saw the call, heard something and decided that he or she was a spy. i want to know whose the person who gave the whistleblower, whose the person that gave the whistleblower the information? reporter: the top democrat on the house intelligence committee now wants to hear from this whistleblower a male cia officer that's now back at the cia, adam schiff says his investigation will not stop with the whistleblower. he also wants to talk to other people involved. >> we'll be working through the recess, and as i mentioned i think the complaint gives us a pretty good roadmap of allegations that we need to investigate. there's a whole host of people apparently who have knowledge of
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these events. reporter: republican devon nunes also voiced concern this is the third phone call with a foreign leader who has leaked from the white house, and follows calls that leaked with leaders from mexico and oughts rail entitlement ill yeah. >> this is the third time. i'm not aware of this ever happening before. >> it just seems to me it is unprecedented and i would also say i think the decision by the president yesterday to release the transcripts of his conversation with the president of the ukraine is probably unprecedented as well. reporter: liz democrats also drilled into mcguire wanting him to make a statement of opinion about the whistleblower complaint whether he thinks it's fact all or not. he said his job is to pass the complaint on to congress and it's up to them to decide what to do with it. liz? liz: it's clear they want him to say it's fact all even though it's anonymous and secondhand. thank you so much for your great reporting from capitol hill. despite what you hear that
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impeached is a political move it's really a constitutional move that has to do with the facts. with us now is republican congresswoman debbie lesko, member of house judiciary. your reaction to today's events? >> can i just say that i'm disgusted by the democrats? they keep this false narrative going on. it feels like they are grasping at straws quite frankly. representative schiff told us for two years he had evidence that trump was colluding with russia and that turned out to be false and then in todays hearing , he pretended he was reading the transcripts but he was making up a story. it was a false narrative. it wasn't even the real transcript. he's trying to fool the american people. it's quite disturbing to me. liz: i hear what you're saying. here is the lay of the land. 219 house democrats support impeachment or injury and there's a debate whether in a
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anonymous complaint would holdup in a court of law. let's get to the transcript of the president's phone call cause this is what the democrats are saying is actionable this is the impeachable offense the president invoked the idea of reciprocity that the president when he said "do us a favor" and brought up looking into biden and crowd strike does that both in you at all? it came at a time when russia was using military force in the ukraine. that's what the democrats have an issue with. >> well i think again it's another false narrative by the democrats and they are trying to undermine president trump and they will do anything to under mine president trump. i read the transcript, i read the complaint, i read the llc opinions, and i do not agree with them at all. in fact the conversations started out congratulating the new president and the new party that he had and then went into talking about what president trump has been saying, that the
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other countries are not pitching in enough to help ukraine, and he wants them to pitch in more, and the ukraine yankees president agrees. one-time, one-time the president mentioned the word "biden" and so all this talk about how he mentioned it's seven, eight times it's just absolutely false liz: he asked a foreign leader to investigate a political rival the democrats are saying that's prima fascie abuse of presidential power but the prosecutor, nobody in ukraine, it seems right now, that we know of, looked into joe biden for president trump. that's not what we're hearing now. talk to us about the idea there was a cover up that the presidential phone call transcript was placed on to another network. talk to us about that? >> well, the president released the transcripts so who cares. i mean again, this is just more and more stuff.
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two days ago i heard on media that president trump talked about biden eight times or something to that effect. it's totally false. i asked the american people to read the transcript and they will find out for themselves. this is a bunch of hoopla over nothing. liz: now we have reports that mitt romney advise or claims 30 republican senators would support impeachment in a secret vote. we have a republican senator saying foreign involvement in u.s. elections is really bad. you're take on all of that? >> well i haven't heard all of that except for the ben sass thing and he said critical thins about the president before , so it doesn't really surprise me. i mean for goodness sakes. if nancy pelosi had the votes for impeachment, why isn't she putting it up on the board. if you want all of this talk put it up on the board for a vote. liz: she broke precedent there. quickly final question. you know the president's
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fighting crowd strike on the phone call with the leader of the ukraine. the theory is that president trump is going after the origins of the russia probe that russia did not hack the dnc server that you crane had it. the mueller probe and authorities say it was russia, james comey testified in june of last year that the fbi was denied multiple request to access that dnc server that crowd strikes instead so what is going on here? can you break that down for us? >> i don't have the details on that and i'm not going to guess what the president was thinking when he talked about crowd strike because i just wasn't there and that's the other thing that you brought up, this whistleblower wasn't even there, and so when you go to court they don't allow hearsay evidence. liz: but that was in the transcript of the president's phone call. final word, congresswoman. >> i don't have any more information. liz: got it thank you so much for joining us. thank you. liz: to your money and markets
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gerri willis is on the floor of the big board with more of the action and trading today. gerri? gerri: liz, a down day in the markets all three major averages finishing in the red the dow down 80 s&p down 7 and the nasdac down 47. not an ideal day, to launch an i po, but peleton came to market finishing 11% lower the company will not be profitable until 2023. and uber unveiling the safety features after a report in the washington post claiming the company's special investigations unit is trained to put the company ahead of passenger safety. meanwhile, the fourth investigation, anti-trust probe facebook said to be underway, that is the u.s. justice department joining others investigating the company. and being asked by congressional and state investigators for information on google the two companies have clashed in business disputes in the past and finally, walmart sam's club will launch a discount health care program to supplement
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insurance and bring down out of pocket health costs. liz? liz: gerri willis, great to see you thank you so much. next up, president trump warned that markets would "crash" if democrats impeach him. wall street firms ballparking and doing the fact check and all of that. one thing is for sure, jpmorgan is warning we are on now ground. what the top wall street pros now say about all of that and we've got the 2020 democrat roadmap for the white house getting clearer by the day. dodge important questions about how their costly policies will slam america's pocketbook. tonight critics blast the bold and wildly out there new idea by elizabeth warren. a government takeover of a giant economic sector that powers growth and consumer confidence. that story, coming up. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs.
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take your business beyond. liz: tonight, more questions over whether d.c. can get any deals done on trade. let's get to edward lawrence for this story from washington. edward? reporter: liz the impeachment process started in the house and throws into question if congress can get to ratifying u.s. mca. now the u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer says he hopes to have mca come
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up to after vote before december and he needs tomorrow with the democratic working group on the deal and says it makes sense to slightly change the agreement to address their concerns over enforcement and the house speaker says the process is moving forward but gives no firm date on when a deal could come for a vote. we're moving ahead on the u.s. mexico canada agree. we're again hoping to be on a path continuing path to yes. reporter: democrats are saying there is so much work that the house has to do like passing a budget that the u.s. mca may not come up within the next three months but still the administration pushing for a vote. lighthizer says it would be a catastrophe for the u.s. economy if u.s. mca does not pass the republican leadership warning the house speaker to get her priorities straight. >> millions of americans are waiting for speaker pelosi to remember that serving the public interest requires more than just picking fights with the president. it actually entails addressing
6:17 pm
the people's business. reporter: and white house economic advisor larry kudlow believes there will be a vote in the fall. the administration officials from the president to the commerce secretary are pushing for a vote sooner rather than later to end the uncertainty for businesses. liz? liz: edward lawrence thank you so much for your reporting there president trump punching back today tweeting this, about impeachment. "if they actually did this, the markets would crash and now remember the dow is up 43%, since the president was elected, and jp morgan chase warning we are on brand new ground, lots of wildcards now in the economy in the markets, it's different than the clinton or nixon impeachment eras. " let's welcome economist, great to see you your thoughts here. >> hi, liz great to see you yes , so we are close to the all-time highs we have needed volatility, and for me, it is trade, trade, trade, the economy is stupid, and that's it. all there is to it.
6:18 pm
if we get a trade deal the markets move higher and some of that is priced in and if we don't get a trade deal, the markets are going to pay much more attention to that than they are impeachment, i think impeachment goes the way of the russians investigation and markets largely ignore it. liz: francis, it's so interesting because democrats are talking about a nafta 2.0 deal. we know wall street is tracking multiple scenarios, of impeached , a hurt or help trump, does it hurt or help biden does it give support to elizabeth warren or analysts indicate investor anxiety over a president elizabeth warren. we've got more. this is really about the economic back drop when it comes to impeachment because if the economy was bad under clinton, clinton would have been impeached. >> well that's true. i mean, most people do care about their wallets at the end of the day and i don't think most people listening to all of these hearings even understand half of the acronyms being thrown around but it is the economy and we do have a
6:19 pm
business cycle that's going to end and it will be largely about the timing because the news about the fed and easing and all of the language and the statements and when you takeaway the china trade deal and you takeaway political uncertainty, it's always going to return to economic numbers, and economic numbers at the moment are a little bit mixed and so that's going to be what the markets do over the long term trajectory. i do agree some of the political stuff i think that if we knock out biden, and let's say warren gets knocked out which i don't think will be the case, and then we have sort of the more radical left for kind of candidates i think capital markets will not respond well because at the end of the day capital markets are a capitalist idea, and they're not going to trade favorably with any kind of super left ideas about socialism. liz: i hear what you're saying i want to get back to your thoughts on trades because what you say is so important about whether we do see a china trade deal or not.
6:20 pm
the idea that the washington democrats want to drive the presidents approval rating down going into 2020 that would go against a china trade deal, the democrats say they do want a deal, what's really interesting to your point, francis, and you make a good one about trade deals is that when clinton was impeached one of the defense against impeachment was that he had a 70% approval rating, and that's what he said in his defense. so this is really about the president's approval rating. that means that he likely will get, in your opinion does that mean that he will likely push for a china trade deal? >> well i think what's interesting is i think that first he comes out and says i will not do a half deal, i'm not going to compromise, and now with the impeachment sort of on the table, he's more likely to do a deal. i don't know under what lesser circumstances, but it pressures him more to do a deal, and i think that if he gets the china trade deal his approval ratings will reflect that because again it's everybody's wallets and
6:21 pm
business certainty and those things, so i think the impeachment might actually help trump and help the markets and help a deal go through but that remains to be seen. liz: francis, great to see you thank you so much. >> thank you. liz: great to have you come back soon. still ahead news coming in the u.s. will deploy 200 personnel and a patriot missiles defense systems to saudi arabia. is saudi arabia preparing for something we'll talk about that, and the u.s. has slapped sanctions on castro for supporting the communist dictator of venezuela. more on that story coming up and the democrat roadmap to the white house becoming clearer by the day. it's about dodging all of your questions about how their policies would slam you. we've got elizabeth warren out with another idea, a government takeover of a big sector of the u.s. economy that powers both economic growth and consumer confidence. those stories coming up. i get it all the time.
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liz: welcome back, watching the fox business network, we're coming into the bottom of the hour, another participant sentenced today for his role in the biggest college admissions cheating scandal in american history. fox news is in boston with more. molly? reporter: a wealthy businessman from california became the third parent to be sentenced for his role in the college admission scandal four months is the sentence that he received and he apologized in court today to college bound students and their parents acknowledging the terrible example he set and breaking down in tears as he apologized with his son and others. government has slammed him for pulling his son into this game, having him submit essays featuring fake credentials and e-mails to a corrupt tennis coach in on the plan. he agreed that involving the teenager did add to the serious nature of the crime. prosecutors painted him as remorseless in court noting that just days after entering his
6:27 pm
guilty plea, he sued georgetown university, to stop them from expelling his son, trying to retain the "fruits of his fraud ." prosecutors also argue that he sees himself as a victim. one member of his legal team argues that is true. that while he acknowledges his role as a co-conspirator he was also victimized by the ring leader of the scheme, rick singer. >> oh, he's a classic extortion ist. he could teach a class on 101 on how to extort people and he found these peoples vulnerability. >> the same judge that sentenc ed him five huff fan two weeks in prison and devon sloan, who faked water poll or pictures four months behind bars at his sentencing on tuesday, and they have now all been given dates to report to prison. they are all before the end of the year and more parents are slated for sentencing in the weeks ahead and there are others like lori loughlin who are inch ing closer to trial. liz? liz: thank you so much we're
6:28 pm
tracking other stories tonight the cdc says the death toll from that mysterous lung ailment linked to vaping is now climbed to 12 nationwide, we have 805 potential vaping illnesses now in 46 states and one u.s. territory. that's a 52% spike higher from the number of vaping illnesses reported just last week. reports coming in that delta airlines worker arrested for his alleged role in that theft of $300,000 in cash, from jfk international airport here in new york city. the cash both u.s. and foreign currency apparently disappeared before it was loaded on to a delta flight bound for miami. it had been delivered to the airport earlier via armored car and that worker called in sick and that was a red flag to investigators let's take you to france. 135 firefighters battling a ferocious blaze at a chemical factory and that fire forced
6:29 pm
schools and nurseries, look at this, in 13 towns to shut down. no injuries reported just yet. we'll stay on that for you. to this mind blowing story, a $5 electrical component that was used in two types of new nuclear weapons has some kind of flaw they were basically broken. the cost to fix it, wait for it. $715 million, sounds like somebody has explaining to do at the cost there and look at the story it'll warm your heart. dashcam footage of a police officer, he raced on to a really busy interstate 275 in tampa, florida to save a dog, seconds after that dog got hit by a car. the dog is nicknamed lucky by that officer and the dog survived with minor cuts and bruises it's a great story. tonight we've got more questions and details about the controversy over american military aid to you screen. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the story from the pentagon. reporter: liz in may the pentagon certified ukraine had
6:30 pm
taken substantial actions to cleanup corruption, green lighting $250 million in military aid. the letter sent to capitol hill lawmakers first obtained by npr was written by the pentagon 's undersec for policy john rude. president trump has cited corruption in the ukraine as one of the reasons his administration withheld $250 million in military aid beginning in july prior to his phone call with the ukraine yankees president. the $250 million in military aid was finally released on september 11, a day after application adam schiff, chairman of the house intelligence committee makes a formal request in writing to transmit the whistleblower complaint to his committee. to date about $225 million has been allocated according to defense officials. senator dick durbin has called on the pentagon inspector general to investigate what the pentagon knew and when its officials knew ukraine military aid appropriated by congress was being held up allegedly at the
6:31 pm
direction of the white house. "the delay raises questions about whether dod officials were involved in any scheme to target a political opponent. mark esper was sworn in as defense secretary two days before president trump's july 25 phone call with the ukraine president. also of note three days after that phone call, president trump announces dni dan coats will resign on august 8 trump bypass es his deputy sue gordon for the director of national intelligence position, four days later the ig receives the complaint from the whistleblower , who the current acting dni, joe maguire, a respected former navy seal said today under oath he believes the whistleblower is acting in good faith and did the right thing. liz? liz: jennifer griffin at the pentagon thank you so much. coming up the democrat roadmap to the white house is getting clearer by the day. dodge all of your questions about how their policies will slam your pocket book and elizabeth warren is out with a
6:32 pm
new plan a government take over of housing, and cars, along with healthcare and capitalism and loans and the whole energy sector and more. that story coming up plus president trump has another victory, another central american country that being honduras now joins guatemala and el salvador to enable u.s. to send migrants back to their countries the opposition mounting and also that big fire work display between thomas ho man, that story, coming up. at fidelity, we believe your money should always be working harder. that's why your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity. open an account today.
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6:37 pm
washington's participation in the nuclear deal, but only if economic sanctions are lifted. the iranian leader spoke to reporters during a one hour news conference, and the sun where the world's body is holding its annual meeting of the general assembly. he urged the u.s. to replace its current policy with what he terms dialogue, logic and reason >> so what we say is that for america to take the pre- conditions off the table, the pre-condition of america is if it wishes to talk to iran, the condition is that the sanctions and a maximum pressure upon the iranian people must be implemented and then enter into talks. reporter: ruuhani told reporters his attacks had nothing to do with the saudi arabia oil facility and he dismissed accusations from the u.s. and a
6:38 pm
growing number of countries that tehran was responsible. during the news conference, he was asked about the fate of a british flagged oil tanker seized by the a rain yankeeses in july and he said he soon expects it to be released adding that the legal process is going through the final stages. liz? liz: david lee miller at the united nations thank you so much this just in, a heightened state of readiness for saudi arabia, the pentagon now sending a patriot missile defense system as well as four radar units and 200 personnel to saudi arabia to defend it against attacks, also the pentagon put three more unit s on "prepare to deploy orders." that being two more patriot batteries made by raytheon and terminal high altitude defense system from lockheed. joining newly-released now is the heritage foundation, retired lt. colonel, does this mean that saudi arabia is about to attack? what do you think? >> no this is truly a defensive
6:39 pm
measure and what it does is it cuts off. points to the iranians. they picked a vector and they attacked from the place that nobody expected, and that's why they got away with this and what this really does is plugs that gap, so this is something that they won't be able to try to get away with. liz: because it got into that blind spot so this is about sur ing that up is that your opinion? >> right and the iranians have been smart about this is they're notice kanye west lating. they are trying different things so they try to shut the straight down that didn't work. they shot down a donald they did this. they are very clever about finding different ways to poke, but that's all they are is different ways to poke at the u.s. and they're not really escalating the competition. liz: okay the rhetoric got escalated today let's listen to the president of iran at the u.n. today, watch this. >> the objective of the united states of america that was through this sanction is to exert pressure on the people of iran and separate them and create gaps between them, and the establishment and government , it was from the very
6:40 pm
onset clear that it would not succeed, but what he did accomplish is to create a distance and widen a distance that existed from before, between the people of iran, and america. liz: well the people of iran are in open revolt in many quarters. i mean, so this is just rhetoric right? he's also talking about a peace endeavor but hasn't iran been disrupting the key oil shipping point? your take on all of this? >> this is really important and it's not just rhetoric. it's actually an incredible concession and admission. they were threatening war. now they backed completely away from that and it demonstrates that they've given up on the europeans, they know that's not going to happen that's going to not work, and closing the separates didn't work so they kind of conceded here that they haven't been able to break the back of the pressure campaign, and the other thing is actually an incredible admission. hey if you come back, we
6:41 pm
recognize maybe you need more reassurances. they just basically confirm that the iran deal wasn't adequate. i think that the u.s. has made huge progress here. liz: so that's a really interesting take you're just giving us james you're making head way and insights here. you're saying that what he was saying is that iran is weak, but the president knows it, that he's backed into a corner and now he wants to deal is that your take? >> yeah, i think what look what's not going to happen is the iranians know this, we're not going to lift the sanctions and go back to talk and this is why people miss this all the time. you have to look at the iran talks and the north korean talks together because they're twins right? and we didn't do it for north korea. we said you want to talk, great but the pressure doesn't come off until we have a deal. the iranians know they aren't getting anything better than that. they know that. liz: heritage foundation thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. liz: coming up an explosive shouting match again involving i.c.e. director thomas homan,
6:42 pm
this time with representatives, a democrat out of washington. he fought back and refused to be shutdown. this is an amazing dialogue that happened today, we got the fireworks we'll show you and we're also going to ask a local sheriff who just met with the president, we're going to talk to him about all of this, the story coming up. >> this hearing is just another grandstanding political theatre to attack our president and this administration and the men and women who serve in this administration. (groans) hmph... (food grunting menacingly) when the food you love doesn't love you back, stay smooth and fight heartburn fast with tums smoothies. ♪ tum tum-tum tum tums
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liz: look whose here, fox news contributor, jeanine borelli, what a great take with what's going on. oh, my gosh like what a year. liz: now the financial times is saying elizabeth warren will be the democrat nominee because ukraine is hanging over joe biden's head your reaction to that? >> well my first take is wall street is the big investors on wall street because she has a war on the wealthy, right? she wants to tax them, she's got a problem with big corporations, so why would they want to support her? i was reading that they may either sit out or they may support president trump. liz: i was reading that too and of course their wets tax would hit seniors retirement savings as well. here is the other thing.
6:47 pm
by the way capitalism would hit their retirement account, not the wealth tax, but yesterday, elizabeth warren said that if elected she will make all buildings and houses green, in just nine years time. she wants to get them to stop using carbon emissions. she wants safer cars as well so these are two big sectors of the u.s. economy that it's about jobs and consumer confidence right? >> it's insane. why don't she just try to do it tomorrow like we were joking in this segment. i don't know what these politicians were thinking this is command and control government from the cradle to the grave. they have a war on fossil fuels. they have a war on the wealthy they want to tax hard working americans, it's command and control government, and that means less freedom for average every day working americans, because a big government. liz: you know it's about retrofitting the skyscraper, mcdonald's, suburban ranch houses, but here is the thing critics are saying that elizabeth warren and bernie sanders are raising to an artform, the art of dodging
6:48 pm
questions about their expensive policies. watch this. >> why not say that i'm leading this revolution, i'm not going to take this. >> [laughter] >> i am, i paid the taxes that i owe. >> middle class families are going to see their costs go down >> but will their taxes go up? >> but here is the thing. >> i've listened to these answers a few times before. >> you guys dodged that tonight >> no, no, it's about where -- >> him saying how much are your taxes going up. >> how much are your costs going to go down. >> no, no, different question how much will your taxes go up. no it's how much of your costs. liz: okay, that's not going to play in 2020 because americans know we've got a $20 trillion debt for the u.s. government and massive amounts of government waste. >> no you're right and again they want big government, and how this is all going to be paid for everything that they are
6:49 pm
proposing, it's pie in the sky, and they are lying to americans. come on you can keep your health care, and it's goinging to be government-run health care and the war on fossil fuels that means jobs in the industry people are losing and some are saying we'll just retrain them and have them work in other industries but that didn't work well for hillary clinton when she said the same thing about coal miners. liz: to your point, and so here is another thing let's get more into what's going on with joe biden. he's facing more criticisms about more family members, trying to sell access and influence and power. it goes beyond his son hunter's the criticism that his activities in the ukraine and china. it has to do with joe biden's brother james, that basically, he reportedly was selling access when he told health executives at a company, his business partners were interested in investing in, about his brother joe biden's cancer initiative and how that would help them boost their company. >> interesting. liz: so this is more, right? >> right. liz: it's not stopping. >> add it to the list it's
6:50 pm
political clout. the influence, my brother, my brother will help us out with anything you have just get us in and again, i think joe biden has a lot of nerve saying that president trump was the one who was abusing power when you look at what he did for his son, in ukraine and for china. that should be looked into. liz: deneen borelli, you're terrific thank you so much. coming up a big shouting match today between former i.c.e. director thomas homan this time with a democrat and refused to be shut down, you won't believe this fireworks that we've got coming up. we'll ask the local sheriff, he met with the president, we'll ask him, all about it. >> this world's upside down. when the people not only violate the laws are the victims and those who enforce the laws are the bad guys. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios.
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with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? liz: joining us now liz: we had a big shouting match between thomas homan and a congress wofnl and on border detention facilities. i would like to your side of this. >> you won't work with this president to close the loopholes
6:55 pm
we have asked for. if you need to know why these issues exist, you need to look in the mirror. >> mr. homan please respect the chair and the authority of the chair. the time of the gentleman has expired. >> i asked you politely top let me extend my time. liz: sheriff, your reaction. >> these committees have turned into a circus. they disrespected the people who have come here. they cut them off and treat them disrespect any. they say we pay your salaries. you are supposed to be doing our work. they basically pursue their political ideologies and use the witnesses as their political pawn.
6:56 pm
they are not here to hear the real facts. they don't want to know the truth. we have seen it time again. i have been one who experienced it on a number of occasions. total disrespect. liz: thomas homan said when he was i.c.e. director under obama congress was quick to support them. iewrnld the obama administration i don't remember any hearings on that. congress was quick to give us all the money we needed. >> i didn't like it under the obama administration either. liz: that was about the congress woman's objection to the bed facilities. >> i was down in mccowan texas when they had the chain link
6:57 pm
pens put in under the obamaed a minimum straition. it's amazing the hypocrisy. the american people are figuring this out. it's much like the script in the wizard of oz. homan pulled the curtain back on these congress people and i don't blame tom homan who is a great patriot for being frustrated like many people are when they go before the committees. liz: 811,000 border crossers so far. the president got an agreement with the central american country of honduras. el salvador now joining honduras to send migrants back there to
6:58 pm
await their asylum cases. these countries are atblictd highest homicide rates in latin america and they say it's dangerous for them. >> the president has tried every which way to secure the borders. all has gotten is roadblocks and obstruction. i have never seen anybody in my time in the presidency that has had the people's interest at heart in finding solutions. every time they throw a roadblock you have, he has endless energy to find a way to do it. he's the first president to take a business model to create solutions. liz: you have a number of sanctuary communities in our neck of the woods you have to deal with. earlier at a press briefing.
6:59 pm
he was saying sanctuary cities are complicit in the crimes the illegal aliens commit. >> massachusetts has the highest migration of illegal immigrants in the united states. between 2007 and 2017, and the second most of commonplace to find fentanyl in the united states. 2,500 from the border. that's because there are sanctuaries. the word gets back across the border. if you want to go and you want to lay low, go to places like massachusetts. we have public officials undermining the public safe of our communities. >> no question by the. they absolutely do. >> thanks for joining us. thank you for your service to our country. thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on
7:00 pm
the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: good evening, we are coming to you tonight from the nation's capital where president trump is laying into the ro radical dimm. he says they are making up stories about a so-called whistleblower's complaint regarding a phone wall with the president of ukraine. that whistleblower we are learning tonight is reportedly a cia officer who had been posted to the white house. we'll have more


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