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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 8, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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calculation. melissa: i will be back at 4:00 p.m. eastern when connell mcshane. [♪] lou: good evening. the democratic party is in a mess of its own making and the radical dimms may be victims of their own nefarious plot to try to overthrow the president of the united states. they may be the victims of the disastrous consequences they intended for president trump and the republican party. for more than two weeks the dimms carried out what is clearly an soccer straighted effort to bring forward a so-called whistleblower to attack the presidents with false claims and charges based on hearsay. then we found the person they
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brought forward had connections to the cia, a democrat and one with no first-hand knowledge. now we learn he has ties to one of the 2020 dem ya -- the democc candidates for president. the white house has clearly decided to fight the radical dems' acts of subversion. the pretense of an impeachment inquiry is challenged directly by the white house. the ambassador to the our penal union was stopped from testifying by the white house from testifying before adam schiff's committee. there are expectations the justice department's investigation into the investigators will contain
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bombshells. late today another bombshell. that is the white house counsel sending a letter to house speaker nancy pelosi and house committee chairman adam schiff, elliott engel and elijah cummings informing the radical dimms there will be no white house cooperation at all with the dimms' illegitimate probe. john roberts with the very latest. reporter: a senior administration official tells fox news that the investigation to the genesis of the russia probe is expected to be released later this month and its findings will be detailed. the justice department inspector general michael horowitz has been looking into whether there were after he biewlses of the fisa system that led to the mueller investigation. sources also say another investigation into the probe,
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this one headed up by veteran prosecutor "john durham. he added staff and agents and widened the scope of the investigation into the spring of 2017 when robert mueller was appointed special counsel. sphoks news learned mueller was not accurate when he told congress he was not interviewing for the position of fbi director when he net president trump in the oval office in may of 2017. >> it was not understanding i was not applying for the job. i was asked to give my input on wait would take to do the job. reporter: multiple administration officials tell fox news he was indeed pursuing the post left open by the firing of james comey. mueller was looking at two
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possible jobs, fbi director and special counsel. according to documents obtained by judicial watch, rod rosenstein talked with mueller about the possibility of becoming special counsel before he met with president trump. rosenstein wrote to mueller quote the boss and his staff do not know about our discussions. the day after mueller met with the president, rosenstein appointed him special counsel. the president's attorney calls outraged that mueller interviewed for the position, knowing he could become special counsel. john roberts reporting from the right house. president trump sending the radical dimms into today a fit keeping gordon sunland from 70sifying before congress. we turn to catherine herridge.
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catherine: just 90 minutes before ambassador was set to square off with congressional investigators on sue crane, he learned the white house pulled the plug. his name appeared in the whistleblower's complaint after the july the 25th phone call with the ukraine president. he wanted to take the discussions off line. he did not take reporter questions after he leveled new allegations. >> the ambassador has emails on a personal device and the state department is withholding those text messages as well. >> what we see in this impeachment is a kangaroo court.
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>> there has not been a vote to launch an impeachment inquiry because the minority does not have any right for subpoenas. the intelligence community watchdog who was never told about the whistleblower's contact with schiff's staff. >> the full text of ambassador coker -- volker's testimony would have exonerated the president. let's release it. lou: catherine herridge reporting from washington. white house counsel send an 8-panel letter to nancy pelosi and cummings, engel and schiff stating that it will not participate in their i will legitimate and unconstitutional inquiry. the letter highlights three main
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points. quote, your inquiry is constitutionally invalid and violates due process rights and separation of powers. the invalid impeachment inquiry seeks to reverse the election of 2016 and influence the election of 2020. there is no legitimate basis for your impeachment inquiry. the document concluding the president has a country to lead. the american people elected him to do this job and he remained focused on fulfilling his promises to the american people and dismissing the house of representatives inquiry. joining me harmeet dhillon, the rnc committee woman for california. a member of the 2020 trump advisory council.
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this is a fundamental moment. it's a tipping point, if you will, in this contest in the separation of powers between ways obviously a partisan initiative on the part of the democrats against a legitimate sitting president of the united states. >> no doubt, lou. this letter is really a tipping point. it's the white house fighting back aggressively for the first time. republicans fighting back. it's giving me hope we'll see a showdown here. nancy pelosi and her crew have run roughshod over the constitution, make a mockery of separation of powers and executive privilege. and now they are being exposed for that. i'm glad i am seeing the white house fight back. lou: this fight is joined by the
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republicans, the white house, the president. now does it go to the supreme court? >> there will be many steps in between here and there. the courts don't get involved in these types of political questions. lou: how will it be resolved? >> there can be stand offbetween these coequal branches. the congress can tried to proceed without the white house cooperation. they can get subpoenas from people whom they intimidate. calling aught knap nancy pelosi and congress for intimidating witnesses. they are threatening that if they push back on the subpoenas, that will be considered obstruction of justice. people will be judged guilty if they try to assert their constitutional -- their constitutional rights.
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if republicans back the white house, i think there will be a standoff and they won't be allowed to proceed. lou: who won't be allow to proceed. lou: issuing an impersonal noun. >> congress, nancy pelosi, schiff, nadler, those folks won't be able to complete their impeachment effort without evidence, witnesses and the political will behind them. lou: it's fair to say it's past due the legal team of this president. the justice department, we are now being told, big doings in the swamp. there will be bombshells in the horowitz report. your reaction? this is almost too good to be
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true, thinking about how disappointing his previous report was to just about everyone who supports this president. >> well, i agree. i think republicans have gone the their hopes up and ordinary americans that we would see some bombshell. now we are 3 1/2 years into this debacle. and we are hearing we'll have a report that includes serious evidence regarding fisa abuses that led up to that russia investigation. if that's true, that will be devastating to democrats. the prior thing we are talking about, the impeachment inquiry. i have to believe their hysteria and unhinged efforts towards that are in part a disstrks from what they know is the coming evidence about what will come out about the fisa abuses which could lead to people being held accountable, not in congress, but certainly in the administration. lou: harmeet, thanks so much.
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we appreciate it. the major development tonight about the so-called whistleblower and ties to a current prominent democrat, the "washington examiner"'s byron york joins us with the breaking news on that story. also, american voters rebuke the radical left's latest efforts to overthrow president trump. we'll have the latest polling on impeachment inquiries and such right after these quick messages. stay with us. she wanted a roommate to help with the cooking.
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lou: the stocks selling off. the nasdaq plunged 133 points on the day. volume on the big board. silver gained about a percent. listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. lindsey graham inviting rudy giuliani to testify before his committee. graham wants to give giuliani the chance to detail his
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allegations of corruption in the ukraine and discuss the former vice president and his son hunter. graham writing on twitter, i am tired of hearing one side of the story. it's time to give voice to everything sue crane. let the chips fall where they may. a quinnipiac poll shows senator elizabeth warren virtually tied with joe biden. warn has 20% and biden 26%. coming up third, senator bernie sanders 16%. and the rest of the field running far behind. 49% of voters say the president should not be impeached or removed from office. amongst republicans 94 percent
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will be say the president should not be impeached. democrats. a different situation all together. 85% say the president should be removed from office. ed rollins, the "new york post." pulitzer price winning couple tonight michael goodwin. let me start with you, ed. the polling. i don't know how to judge it. you tell us. >> in spite of the fact of two weeks of being bashed and smashed, the president still has the support of most of of the country. as i said we shouldn't live and die by the polls. there are other polls that say something different. it's about momentum. and the key here is it's a long battle and they have to keep fighting back every day.
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lou: the letter to nancy pelosi. as harmeet dhillon said, this white house is fighting. it understands clearly this is a fraudulent attack on the president of the united states, orchestrated in every detail to this point. your thoughts? >> it's good to see somebody other than the president fighting. the president fights this every day in every day he can. but you need an organized broader approach. in addition to this letter there are a number of republicans in congress calling for schiff to be removed. at last counts i saw, it was 91. they have nearly 200 members. i am not sure why the others haven't stepped up. >> he has been promising he would investigate since he took over as chair of the judiciary committee 9 months ago. where has he been? >> if this is a purely partisan
7:20 pm
fight then republicans have to use the power they have in congress which is the senate. >> should it be difficult to discern this is a partisan battle? >> not to me and you but apparently things move slowly in washington. ed: the good news is they have been god for two weeks. now that they are back there will be and lot of activity. they are going to come back and they will be fired up. the key thing, if i was the white house. >> congressman mark meadows is standing up for this president, and jim jordan doing a great job. ed: great battlers. the democrats -- lou: i must be --
7:21 pm
>> a 3-second delay. if the white house does not cooperate which is the best strategy and the membership doesn't cooperate. i wouldn't even show up for these hearings. i would say if you guys want to have a kangaroo court, have at it. >> the letter lays it straight out. you are invalid. illegitimate. and to hell with you. it's nice to see the president stand up sheer and tell them exactly where they stand. >> as i said. it will being a long slog and the polls will change every day on that. >> i'm not so sure sit will be. let me play devil's advocate. an unaccustomed role for me. i believe the american people smart enough to see what's being
7:22 pm
pulled in washington. this is amateurish by any standard what the democrats are doing. orchestrating ci tax officers to bubble up from the swamps and be ready to talk hearsay with a coordinated effort to change the rules of the complaint by the whistleblower. why isn't anyone talking about the 8 whittle blowers who were prosecuted by president obama. more than every president before him, and the little darlings of the left-wing media being so tough on these whistleblowers wants to go know who in the hell would accuse him and the public's right to know isn't as important now to this little darlings on the left. >> i'm not as -- i'm not as confident as you are.
7:23 pm
lou: i'm a populist. i believe in the people. >> right now this country is so divided and there is so much hatred for this president. if they can keep the media on their side, they will have a megaphone every day. >> the members of congress who support this president and the people who support this president need to get on the phone and jam it up and tell them, new york this crap off. >> where has lindsey graham been? chairman of the judiciary committee. and he hasn't taken step one to do anything to investigate with the radical dim's of the house. >> hopefully he says what he continues to say what he's saying when all the members come back. he's sitting there by himself. but i think if giuliani wants to testify he should be given that
7:24 pm
opportunity. >> the way slid i graham -- the way lindsey graham rescued the kavanaugh hearing, i am willing to give him time. i'll be patient with him this time. lou: do you think this is a matter of patience? his is 9 months, he hasn't done anything. lou: the chairman of the judiciary committee hasn't done anything. that's not pay sherns. he's going awol. >> i was talking about impeachment. >> impeachment is the topic. it will be for the next several weeks. fair. 2-1. ed rollins and michael goodwin.
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i appreciate it. coming up next. president trump fighting back against the washington establishment still howling at his decision to pull our troops out of syria. what he promised he would do as a candidate for the office he hold. presidents who keep their campaign promises and put america first. new reporting on the so-called whistleblower's political attachments, connections, bias and more. byron york joins us. stay with us. limu emu & doug ♪ hour 36 in the stakeout. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ]
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so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. lou: senators lindsey graham and chris coons requesting a senators only briefing on the trump administration's decision to withdraw our troops from northern syria, all 1,000 of
7:30 pm
them. the senators claim the president's decision will quote impair our ability to build strategic alliances in the future, end quote. president trump said this, he's not abandoning kurdish fighters in syria, he says the united states will still provide weapons and financial assistance as our troops are in the process of withdrawing from syria. joining us is retired army colonel douglas macgregor. we have 1,000 troops in syria. and for the life of me i don't know what they are doing. i don't know how the balance of power in a region, a thousand our troops as great as they are. i can't imagine them being the essential sine qua non of
7:31 pm
military success in the region. >> americans see no tangible concrete strategic interest we should have in syria. the longer we are there in fragile numbers the greater the likelihood we could be drawn into a conflict with the major mayors. russia, turkey, iran. we have no interest in going to war with them. syria is ultimately a russian client. we never had any relationship with damascus. so you are spot-on. lou: as i look at what's going on with the establishment when you talk about lindsey graham and others demanding to know from the pentagon, the state department and intelligence what the deal is, we know what the deal is. they made their case, they have been there for five years in what has been an exercise in
7:32 pm
futility. if their role was indeed to bring that war to a conclusion and also it was an impossible mission with those numbers. it's too bad senator graham and his colleagues from the swamp didn't demand briefings before we went into all of these places. they never seemed to care. their only interest was dragging us in and keeping us there. i suspect their donors are upset but the american people are not. lou: when it comes to the withdrawal of troops, our president promised he could do exactly this. but we have tens of thousands of troops around the world in germany, the u.k., south korea. principally. we are talking about almost 70 years of our troops in south
7:33 pm
korea. >> it's been 75 years since the end of the second world war. the conditions that resulted in the station of these forces no longer exist. that's trump's appeal as a candidate. he said why are we in south korea when north korea is circling the drain. in syria he has done the same thing. except in syria his withdrawal is particularly brilliant. he checkmated everybody in that country by bringing the turks into northern syria he placed a barrier between the coast, between lebanon and iran, blocking iranian influence from. the foreign minister was so shocked by the move he was speechless.
7:34 pm
there has been no formal statement from the russian foreign minister. they don't know what to do. because they promised the territorial integrity of syria would not be changed. now their dreams have been smashed. lou: the two elements this. the fate of those isis fighters. tens of thousands of them and their families, and of course 75% sunnis in turkey and syria, the possibility of creating yet a new alliancen and power center that could be fraught with potential danger for the region. >> that's right. the president formally shifted responsibility to mr. erdogan in northern syria for what remains of isis. he will reassemble these refugees who are sunni muslim
7:35 pm
arabs. it will expand turkish power and influence. but if you look at the actors arrayed around syria, that's in our interest. we are not interested in turning syria into a platform for iranian attack against israel. lou: thanks for being with us and sharing your insight. lou: nancy pelosi, adam schiff. they want to call the cia officer person a whistleblower. they want something like the witness protection program for a person whose face and name will never be known to the american public no matter what. the "washington examiner"'s byron york with new reporting on the story. he joins us after this quick break. ♪ (dramatic orchestra)
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lou: the trump administration black listed the 28 chinese companies for human rights organizations. we know hunter bide be owns a stake in one of those companies through vhr partners.
7:40 pm
it filed for an ipo in hong kong in august. expected to raise a billion dollars which the end of the year. citigroup and jpmorgan chase are two of the sponsors of the ipo. the washington chapeller in's byron york writes that michael atkinson revealed the whistleblower quote had a significant tie to one of the democratic presidential candidates currently vying to challenge president trump in next year's election. byron york was praised saying this is just the beginning of the end. thank you, byron york. terrific reporting.
7:41 pm
give me the name of that democratic candidate. >> i don't know. but the story goes back to august 26 when the inspector general of the intelligence community writes this letter that we have seen, a letter to the director of national intelligence. it said the whistleblower had sound cases of what he called an arguable political bias in favor of a rival political candidate. imagine that. lou: political bias. >> a few weeks later we had press reports that said we found out what the bias was. the whistleblower is a registered democrat. a lot of come terry said -- a lot of common terry saying that republicans i region station in
7:42 pm
the democratic party is bias. the inspector general testified friday to the house. he was asked, just base's registered republican? the answer was no. it's because the whistleblower had a working or professional relationship with a person who is now one of the democratic 2020 candidates. lou: with that, the plot is spilling out before our very eyes. we have an 18-day gap between the telephone call and the sudden urgent need for whistleblower status. it's an extraordinarily long period. then we find out there were contacts with presumably the staff of the intelligence committee which was not brought to the attention of atkinson,
7:43 pm
the inspector general or anyone else to this point without reporting here, you know, you reporting in particular there will be is a lot we wouldn't know. and this committee is obviously trying to pull off without public knowledge or transparency at all, and certainly without the participation of the minority party and giving this president in this so-called inquiry due process and even most of of the most of limited kind. >> there is a huge fight over secrecy going won this entire impeachment inquiry. last week we had two hearings, one with the ambassador kurt volker and the one i was discussing with the inspector general. they were so secret they were held in a room called scif.
7:44 pm
it's considered to be impervious to surveillance. lawmakers can begin the side and talk about the nation's secrets. this was not classified information it was a democratic desire to keep everything secret. lou: it's more than secret. to keep the knowledge away from the republican members of that committee and their staffs. this is a determined effort on the part of pelosi, i think you will agree, and schiff, to deny the minority any of its traditional rights and anything approaching american values and fair place and due process. >> house republicans have been saying that democrats seem to be making things up as they go along. making the rules up as they go along. there have been meetings where
7:45 pm
the republicans say what are the rules of this meeting and they are not entirely sure. so that's what the letter, by the way, is about that the white house wrote today to nancy pelosi basically challenging the legitimacy of the entire impeachment inquiry. it's basically saying this is being done on the say-so of the speaker of the house, and they believe it's not legitimate enough to stand up in court. lou: i think the letter has a stronger foundation than even that. they are saying this is an illegitimate attempt on the part of the democratic party to create a fraud and sham of scene inquiry in order to both subvert the president, and if they were to get lucky with their friends the national left-wing media, perhaps overthrow a president. >> this letter is about going to court. because it -- if you listen to
7:46 pm
democrats -- lou: going the supreme court. >> if you listen to democrats when they are asked, why haven't you had a vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry as was done in the richard nixon and bill clinton case. their answer is simple. we don't have to. actually they don't have to. it's not in the constitution other house rules that they have to do it. lou: if i may beg to differ. all three presidential impeachment efforts, the fact is that there the was a vote, and that vote makes it more than a partisan witch hunt and effort to overthrow a president within and that's the distinction that the president's attorney draws in that letter. >> what makes this important, when the house subpoenas the white house and the white house says no, because you don't have aan impeachment inquiriy going
7:47 pm
on. let it go to the court. in the past the courts have ruled the house was in a more powerful position if they had allege inquiry. lou: i can't imagine the american people buying that position because it's fraudulent from the beginning to what i hope is an end very soon. byron york. great reporting as always. your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ pain happens. saturdays happen. aleve it. aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol.
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lou: joining us tonight, former chairman of the house oversight committee, jason chaffetz. also best-selling author and fox business contributor as well as great american. the white house has finally told them to go to hell in the house of representatives and their phoney impeachment inquiry. your reaction? >> i love it when we are playing offense. i think that's what we should be doing. people forget. three times previously in this congress the democrats have tried to move forward with an impeachment resolution and it
7:52 pm
failed. i think the white house case despite what we said earlier is a lot stronger than people will admit. i think the white house and the president is right to ignore those subpoenas and demand there be an impeachment inquiry vote. they may not prevail, but then the minority has rights. it's a sense of fairness. lou: and bipartisanship if they can move forward with the support of the republican and democratic party, then you have quite a different look at what they are doing. but this is what the president has foiled everything that has befallen him by a democratic radical party that has tried to subvert him since he entered the racial for president. it's stunning stuff. to see the national left-wing
7:53 pm
media pretend this pretext before them is legitimate is legitimate is astonishing. it's something none of us has ever witnessed before. >> it is wrong. the democrats want to implement the political death penalty for the president but they want to do it in the dark. they don't want anybody to see the testimony except the cherry picked portions they want. republicans have to get united. donald trump and the white house, they are being aggressive. but the republicans in the house are not united and they better get united pretty quick. you only have 77 people supporting andy biggs' legislation to censure adam schiff. lou: it's being reported your friend tray gaudy has -- trey
7:54 pm
bowed --trey gowdy has joined te president's legal team. >> he never lost a case as a prosecutor. he's one of the partest people i know. -- the smartest people i know. the president's insphinxes are right on this. lou: do you believe the radical dimms are going to be held to account for an orchestrated effort to manufacture these claims by so-called whistleblowers? >> i do. i think america ultimately figures out who is telling the truth. it's this age of authenticity. donald trump wins the daytime
7:55 pm
and time again. people like elizabeth warren lose the day. when you look at how adam schiff and nancy pelosi hand this, they will pay a huge price come november 2020. lou: author of the new book "power grab." we are coming right back. this is the family who wanted to connect...
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aalexa: it's a masterstroke of sorrow by olivia watson. heartache, brutality and redemption. the mist crept into the pivot hole beside her... you're late. david! what did you think of the book? it's a...masterstroke of... heartache...brutality... ...and redemption. you didn't read it, did you? i didn't...but i will. the lexus nx, modern utility for modern obstacles. lease the 2020 nx 300 for $349/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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lou: president trump tweeted last night challenging hillary clinton to enter the 2020 hopeful race for the democratic nomination. i think he tweeted crooked hillary clinton should enter the race to try to steal it away from uber left elizabeth warren. only one condition. the crooked one must explain all her high crimes and misdemeanors including how and why she deleted 33,000 emails after getting c subpoena. joining me tomorrow, former attorney general matthew whitaker. a reminder to follow me on twitter, facebook and instagram @loudobbstonight. see you right here tomorrow
8:00 pm
evening. good night from new york. [♪] trish: the white house drawing a hard line saying once and for all the white house will not cooperate with the democrats and their endless subpoenas. the president's attorney rudy giuliani is here with his first reaction to this news. good evening, i'm trish regan. president trump's white house lawyers sending a scathing letter to speaker pelosi and adam schiff. saying you seek to overturn the results of the 2016 election and deprive the american people of the president they have


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