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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 12, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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of you for watching. i'm paul gigot, hope to see you right here next week. ♪ lou: good evening. president trump being hammered daily by the radical dimms the deep state on the left-wing national media. the president castaicing on all his antagonists and enemies at once as they work to overthrow and subvert his presidency. president trump: the republican party and president have been treated extremely badly by the democrats. because they have a tiny margin in the house, they have eviscerated the rules. they don't give us any fair
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play. it's the most of unfair situation people have seen. lou: president trump informed the radical difficulties are who lead the house inquiry effort and denied him and the house republicans any representation to obstruct the president's administration's ageneral .and subvert his presidency and eventually remove him from office. right now there is no crime. just the assault on the path and the nation itself. joining us tonight, victoria toensing and joe digenova. the kurd claim 7 civilians have been killed by the turks in
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airstrikes. president trump said he's watching the situation carefully. calling turkey's invasion a bad idea. we turn to white house chief correspondent john roberts. reporter: with turkey escalating its attacks in northern syria. president trump warned president erdogan not to launch a bloodbath. he's keeping in his back pocket harsh sanctions against turkey if erdogan goes too far. but at walter reed visiting combat veterans. reporter: the president, white house and republicans in congress did keep up the war against the impeachment inquiry. but president trump saying he would consider cooperating with the inquiry if house speaker
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nancy pelosi calls for a full vote in the house to authorize it. president trump: if they say you can't have lawyers, you can'tv ask questions, all these crazy things. reporter: the president said when robert mueller met with him in the oval office in 2017, he was indeed interviewing for the fbi job. and mueller had been speaking to rod rosenstein about taking the job of special counsel. president trump: robert mueller wanted a job to be director. the other element of your question i never heard that until just recently. reporter: fox news asked president trump if he had spoken with the attorney general, bill barr, about the origins of the russia probe investigation or john durham's separate
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investigation which recently expanded because of what durham has found. the president said no, he's leaving all of that to bill barr. lou: john roberts joining us from the white house. joining us former acting attorney general matthew whitaker. let's start first, the house under democratic leadership obviously launching a partisan attack against the president in the guise of a quote-unquote impeachment inquiry. the idea there wouldn't be a republican representation and the president wouldn't be represented by counsel. for this to be a partisan assault on a president is unprecedented. >> we would fully expect at the end of the house impeachment inquiry a completely partisan vote. this is against the legal traditions of our country. and the house is unwilling to
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make its members record their vote. that is an interesting issue in and of itself. they are unwilling to follow precedent from previous impeachment proceedings. quite frankly, this is wait appears to be, a completely unfair and partial proceeding that is only going to conclude with one thing. that is cherry picked facts that make the president look very bad which is inconsistent with what has happened. we have the evidence. we have seen the mueller report. we have seen the call transcript. we have the primary evidence. it's very obvious to me as a former prosecutor and very obvious to the department of justice that declined these cases that there was no crime committed. this is a complete waste of time and there are so many things they could be working on. lou: some of the reporters in
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the deep state forget the department of justice ruled there was nothing improper about that phone call whatsoever. yet they proceed. there is something definitely improperrer it seems to most of americans interested in fair play whether they are a supporter of this president or not. on its face, the idea it would be a whistleblower in secret who happens to be a cia officer, this is pressing against possibilities. >> the idea that although we have a call transcript, we'll put a whistleblower on, obscure their face, obscure their voice and have them essentially give adam schiff's version of the facts. we have seen his interpretation of the call. but we should expect more of that. the american people -- the ones i talk to in real america including my home state of iowa. they know what's important.
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the usmca trade agreement is something that would make a positive difference for iowans. lou: they not only want to subvert him and remove him from office. but they refuse to give him even the opportunity to serve the nation with a completed deal, a complete negotiated agreement that requires only the house to move to become law. >> even though the house wastes their time on his impeachment, this president is getting things done. lowest unemployment in 50 years. great economy. criminal justice reform was passed. the president is moving forward despite what the house is doing. lou: the justice department, before judge howell, seeking to block the house from getting grand jury testimony from the mueller witch hunt, it's -- the
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judge making clear to the justice department attorneys that precedent is on the side here of releasing that because as she points out, impeachment per se is considered a judicial proceeding, but this is not like any proceeding before it. >> it's not. and the law is clear, grand jury proceedings and transcripts and evidence collected as part of a grand jury can only be released as part of the judicial proceeding. there is no way under the law that this thing in the house that they haven't even voted on to start can be considered a judicial proceeding. this is one of the things i think americans are frustrated with our courts and system of justice. they can read the plain letter of the law and the what it's interpreted is entirely different. this is something i think the
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supreme court once they get this case will rule the house is not entitled to this evidence. lou: we are looking at a lot of different polls about their confidence of the president and the so-called impeachment inquiry. i think the polls are absolute nonsense. this is a country that right now does not trust its judiciary system, it doesn't trust this legislative system as led by pelosi, schumer, and the bunch. it's just -- this is a time of i think significantly ebbing trust. >> the house of representatives is unwilling to do the people's business. lou: there is one dependable public servant in d.c. and that's the president of the united states. and that's just a sad fact.
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matthew whitaker. good to see you. the justice department charging a former intelligence agency for leaking information to two members of the media. henry freize was arrested for providing information on a federal weapons system. he's the 7th person arrested by the trump administration for leaking information to journalists. a contrast to the obama justice department largely criticized for targeting whistleblowers. up next, attorneys victoria toensing and joe digenova join us. we'll be right back.
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lou: joining us tonight, former white house political director, ed rollins and michael goodwin. and gentlemen, thanks for being
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here. let me start with you, ed. the polling. i don't know how to judge it. you tell us. >> in spite of the fact two or three weeks of bag barbed and smashed, and two years before that, the president still has the support of most of of the country. as i said we should not live and die by the polls because there are other polls that say something different. it's about momentum and i think the president is holding his own. it's a long battle and they need to fight back every day. lou: the cipollone letter, saying this an attack on the united states. your thoughts. >> it's good to see somebody other than the president fighting. the president fights this every day in every day he can.
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but you need an organized broader approach. in addition to this letter there are a number of republicans in congress calling for schiff to be removed. but the last count i saw was only 91. they have nearly 200 members. you have lindsey graham -- lou: he promised he would investigate this since he took over as chair of the judiciary committee 9 months ago. where has he been. >> if this is a partisan fight republicans have to use the power they have in congress which is the senate. lou: is it a question it's a partisan battle? >> not to you and me. but apparently things move slowly in washington. >> the good thing is they have been gone for two weeks.
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but they will be back next week and there will and lot of activity. they are coming back, and they will be fired up. the key thing here, if i was the white house -- lou: congressman mark meadows, he's roaring. he's standing up for this president. and also jim jordan doing a great job. >> we still have -- they all should be battling. lou: andy biggs. speaking of being slow. >> i think -- lou: don't pile on. >> eventually if the white house does not cooperate which is the best strategy of all, and the members should not cooperate. i wouldn't even show up for these hearings. i would say if you want a kangaroo court, have at it. lou: cipollone's letter lays it out.
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you are invalid, illegitimate and to hell with you. it's just so nice to see the president stand up and tell them exactly where they stand. >> as i said, it will be a long slog and the polls will change every day on that. lou: i am not so sure it will be. let me play devil's advocate for a bit. an unaccustomed role for me. i believe the american people are smart enough to see what's being pulled in washington. this is amateurish by any standard what the democrats are doing. orchestrating cia officers to bubble up from the swamps and be ready to talk hearsay with a coordinated effort to change the rules of the complaint form and the complaint itself by the whistleblower? why isn't anyone talking about the 8 whistleblowers prosecuted
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by president obama. more than any president before him. and the little darlings of the left-wing media, my goodness, he's being so tough on these whistleblowers, actually wanting to know who the hell would accuse him. >> i am not as confident as you are in the country right now in terms of how all this -- how -- it's such a polarized country -- lou: i'm a hop limptd, i believe -- while a populist and i believe in the people. >> if they can keep the media on their side they will have a megaphone every day. >> the members of congress who support there is president and the people support this president will write to congress and jam it up and tell them to knock this crap off.
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that's the only way they will pay attention. lou: last question. where has learned i graham been? chair of the judiciary committee and he doesn't done anything to investigate as the radical dimms of the household sway over the entire narrative. >> hopefully he continues to say what he's saying when all the members come back next week. he's sitting there by himself at this point. if giuliani wants to testify he should be given that opportunity. >> the way lindsey graham rescued the kavanaugh hearing, i'm willing to give him a little time on this. that nomination would have been sunk without him. i'll be patient with him this time. lou: patient? you think it's a matter of patience? it's nine months and he hasn't done anything.
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i am talking about the chairman of the judiciary committee hasn't done anything. that's not patience. he's going awol. >> i was talking about impeachment. >> impeachment is the topic. will be for the next several weeks. lou: the poor, defenseless host of this show. >> it's a fair fight, 2-1. ed rollins and michael goodwin, i thank you nonetheless. appreciate it. president trump fighting back against the washington establishment still howling at his decision to pull our troops out of syria, what he promised he would do when he was a candidate for the office he now holds. they are just not used to that. presidents who keep their campaign promises and put america first.
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lou: the trump administration black listed 28 chinese organizations and companies, so-called entities over human rights violations against muslim million minorities and we know hunter biden owns a stake in one of thosent is. he owns a 10% stake. he filed for an i.p.o. and expected to raise a billion dollars by the end of the work. jpmorgan chase anding citigroup joint sponsors of the ipo.
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we have details about the whistleblower's bias. citing three sources, byron york writes that michael atkinson, the inspector general of the intelligence community wrote that whistleblower had a significant tie with one of the presidential candidates vying to challenge president trump. thank you, byron york. joining us tonight, byron york. chief political correspondents for the "washington examiner." byron, terrific reporting. give me the name of that democratic candidate. >> i don't know. but the story goes back to august 26 when the inspector general of the intelligence community writes this letter that we now have seen.
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a letter to the director national intelligence. it says the whistleblower who was anonymous, had some indication of an argue iewbl bias. lou: a democrat and work for a democratic presidential candidate. >> a few weeks later we had press reports saying we found out what the bias was. the whistleblower is a registered democrat. there was a lot of commentary about republicans think simple registration in the democratic party is evidence of wrongdoing. but now we found out there is more to the story. inspector general friday did testify to the house and republicans asked him. what about his political bias. is it just because it's a registered republican? and the answer was no.
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it's because the whistleblower had a work or professional relationship with a person who is now one of the democratic 2020 candidates. lou: with that, the plot is filling out before our very eyes. we have an 8-day gap now -- an 18-day gap between the telephone call and the sudden urgent need for whistleblower status. it's an extraordinarily long period. then we find out in that period there were contacts with presumably the staff of the intelligence committee which was not brought to the attention of atkinson, the inspector general or anyone else to this point. without reporting here, your reporting in particular, there is a lot we wouldn't know. and this committee is obviously
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trying to pull off without public knowledge or transpair i at all, and certainly without the participation of the minority party and giving this president in this so-called inquiry due process and even the most of limited kind. >> there is a huge fight over secrecy going on with this entire impeachment inquiry. last week we had two hearings, one with the ambassador kurt volker and with michael atkinson, the inspector general. both of those were secret. they were so secret they were held in a room called a scif, it's a room that's impervious to surveillance so lawmakers can talk about the nation's most of
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important secrets. this was not classified information. it was a democratic desire to keep everybody secret. lou: it's more than secret. to keep the knowledge away from the republican members of the committee and their staffs. this is a determined effort i think you will agree, to deny the minority any of its traditional rights and anything approaching american values of fair play and due process. >> house republicans have been saying and i think they are correct about this. the democrats seem to be making things up as they go along. because there have been meetings where republicans say okay, what are the rules for this meeting and they are not entirely sure. so that's what the letter, by the way, is about that the white house bro wrote today to nancy pelosi challenging the legitimacy of the entire
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impeachment inquiry. it's basically saying this is being done on the say-so of the speaker of the house and they believe it's not legitimate enough to stand up in court. lou: i think the letter has a stronger foundation than that. they are saying this is an illegitimate attempt on the part of the democratic party to create a fraud and sham of an inquiry in order to subvert the president if they were to get lucky with their friends in the national left-wing media, perhaps overthrow a president. >> this letter is about going to court. if you listen to democrats when they have been asked. lou: going to the supreme court. >> if you listen to democrats when they ask, why haven't you had a vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry as was done in the richard nixon and bill
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clinton case. their answer is we don't have to. and they don't have to. it's not in the house rules they have to do it. lou: you say that and i have heard others say that. but i beg to differ. all three presidential impeachment efforts, the fact is there was a vote. and that vote makes it more than a partisan witch hunt and effort to overthrow a president. >> you are exactly right about that. lou: that's a distinction cipollone, the president's lawyer, makes clear in that letter. >> when the white house is subpoenaed and the white house said no. because you don't have an impeachment inquiry. in the past courts have ruled the house was in a more powerful position if they had a formal inquiry going. we'll see if the judge buys that
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position. lou: i can't imagine the judge or the american people buying that position because it's fraudulent to the beginning to what i will hope will be an end very soon. byron york. great reporting as always. >> thank you, lou.
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president trump: these are
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democrats headed by a democrat lawyer. this is a con job being perpetrate on the united states public. and even the world. lou: there it is. the president calling out the radical left's attempted overthrow of his presidency ongoing. all of this as senate judiciary chair lindsey graham said he's telling house speaker nancy pelosi that senate republicans will not impeach the president based on the trump-zelensky phone call. the senator fighting corruption. but up until not's been all talk and very little action. >> this committee will look long and hard on how this all started. we'll look at the fisa warrant process. i am going to look at the clinton seem investigation when it comes to the counter-intelligence investigation. i want to find out why they never went to trump to tell him he may have a problem with people in his campaign working
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with the russians. and the fisa warrant, how do this dossier be used to get a warrant against an american citizen four fiem times and it's still.
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tell you what, he's quick. of course, conditions are very, very different tonight. this one of those days back in the twin cities. >> the weather conditions. we are in the 30s here. the wind is blowing. the snow is blowing and coming down. this is big 10 football. nebraska won the ball. the 25-yard line.
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the 60th meeting. let's take a look now at the sophomore. ucf transfer making his first career start. four career rushing touchdowns. he's got better speed. washington starts with the
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backfield. >> as soon as he makes that catch. nice job by minnesota. >> third and one for nebraska. we are going to keep it straight ahead. he's got a first down. >> nice job right there. you can see on that first carry of the night he took it off the back door. start opening on the back side. gets the head down. he ran hard to get the first down. >> robinson in the backfield.
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he will throw the screen. coming forth cornhuskers.
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