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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 13, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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. >>. lou: good evening president tre hammered daily by the radical dems deep state left wing national media, spent term fighting the corruption, that has filled the district for decades the president taking on all his antagonists enemies at once to overthrow subvert his presidency. >> the republican party and president the republican party has been treated extremely badly by the democrats very unfairly. because they have a tiny margin in the house 24e6 he -- they have he is very indicates
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rules don't the give us any fair play the most unfair situation people have seen. lou: president trump informed radical demonstrates lead the inquiry effort denied him and house republicans any representation, or due process in shameless baseless orchestrated plot to obstruct his administration agenda to subvert his presidency, and to eventually remove him from office. even though there is no crime, no charge, and only now desperate usurpers running the assault on this president and against the american people, the nation itself. we take the all up tonight former acting attorney general matt whitaker joining us, turkish troops have begun into northern syria prepared to take ons focuses the kurds --
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civilians killed in air strikes president trump is watching the situation carefully calling turkey invasion a bad idea for more to chief white house xorgenuine reports. >> turkey escalating attacks in northern sir kurds reportedly taking dicing president trump warned turkish president erdogan not to launch a bloodbath. president trump is keeping in back pocket harsher sanctions against turkey if erdogan goes too far citing trips to waltzed walletr reed is? ed time to bring u.s. troops home. >> tough guys all tough guys let's keep fighting they go had to go to walter reed? >> the the president white house campaign republicans couldn't up war against impeachment inquiry today, but president trump saying he would consider cooperating
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with the inquiry if unanimous called for a vote to authorize. >> it if they give rights if they vote say you can't have lawyers you can't ask questions you can't have anybody present all crazy things. >> president trump responded to fox news reporting in a when robert mooirl he met in the oval office may 2017 mueller was indeed interviewing for the fbi job, contrary to what mueller told congress and mueller had been speaking to rod rosenstein about possibly taking the job of special counsel. >> i had no idea that he was a doing that, to the first question, he absolutely wands to become fbi director mueller wander a jobity director the other element i never heard that until just recently when it is being reported. >> fox news also asked by the trump if he had spoken with bill barr about the inspector general report into investigation into origins russia probe for prosecutor durham's separate
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investigation into that recently expanded, because of what durham has found p president said no, he was leaving all that to bill barr. >> lou? >> thank you, john john roberts reporting from white house, joining us tonight former king a u.s. attorney general matthew whitaker start first, if we may, the house under democratic leadership obviously, launching an partisan attack against the president, in the guise of impeachment inquiry. >> the idea there wouldn't be republican representation, the opportunity for the president to bee represented by counsel to be, for this to be a partisan assault on the president, is unprecedented. >> right we fully expect the end of the house impeachment inquiry completely partisan vote. you know, this -- this is against the legal traditions of our country.
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and, you know, the house is unwilling to make its members, record their vote i think that is very interesting in issue and of itself unwilling to follow precedent from reprieve impeachment predicting quite frankly, this is what it appears to be which is a completely unfair and partial proceeding that is only going to concluded with one thing cherry picked facts that make the president look very bad which is inconsistent with about what happen we have the evidence we've seen a mueller report we have scene the transcript we have primary evidence obviously, to me as former prosecutor and very obvious to the department of justice declining these cases there was no crime committed it is the american people need to understand this is a completely waste of time there are so many other things they could be working on. lou: this -- some of these he reporters in deep state forget
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the department of justice there was nothing improper about that phone calls whatsoever. and yet, they foresee there is something indefinitely improper it seems to i think mostly americans interested in fair place, whether they are supporter of this president or not. on its face, the idea that it would be -- a whistle-blower in secret also happens to be a cia officer, this is -- you know this is pressing -- in -- >> whistle-blower thing the idea that although we have the call transcript we are going to put a whistle-blower on, off sight obscure face obscure voice have them essentially give adam schiff's version of the fact we have already seen some of his were are interpretation of the zmum we should expect more that have the american people, the ones i talked to in real america including, places like my home state of iowa, they know what is important they know what
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the house should be focused on usmca trait agreement something would make a positive difference for iowa. >> flats how interesting -- >> no interest in and a halfing. >> they not only want to subskwert him remove him from office refuse to give the opportunity to serve the nation with a completeed deal a about ebb negotiated agreement that requires only the house to move to become law. >> even one of the -- while house wastes their time on impeachment this president is getting things done lowest unemployment 150 years great economy criminal just reform passed this president is moving forward with agenda in spite of what the house is doing right now. >> justice department, also now, before a federal judge, judge howell, seeking to block the house, from getting grand jury testimony, from the mueller -- i said mueller i
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will say mueller witch hunt, the judge make verying clear, to the justice department attorneys, that precedent is on the side here of releasing that because, as she points out, impeachment per se is card judicial proceeding that this is nothing like any proceeding before in trying to impeachment inquiry of the president. >> it is not 37 t. clear is laer grand jurying predicting have had collected can only be released as part of judicial proceeding there is no way under the law that, this thing in the house that they haven't voted on could be considered judicial proceeding this is one of the reasons i think americans are frustsdz with courts system of justice where they can read plain letter of the law it will says and the way self-respect interpreted entirely decisive
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this is something i expect supreme court once they get this case will rule house is not entitled to this evidence. >> i think americans not only ups frustrating, a lot of different polls about confidence of the president so-called impeachment inquiry i think those polls are nonsense this is a country does not trust its judiciary system doesn't trust this legislativism as led by pelosi, schumer and the bunch this is a time of -- i think,s significantly, trust in our -- >> you have the house of representatives unwilling to do people's business most frustrating thing at this point in time. lou: right now one dependable public servant this that is the president of the united states a sad fact. >> appreciate it.
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>> thank you. >> good to see you. up next justice department charged former defense agency working for leaking top secret information to two members of the media counterintelligence at arrested for providing information on capabilities of the russian weapon system the 7th federal employee to be prior to that date by interest of administration for leaking classified information to journalists, five of whom charged directly relate to go breach of national security contrast of the obama justice department largely criticized for targeting whistle-blowers, and first amendment advocates in its prosecutors up next attorneys general victoria toensing joe digenova join us as we take up the response to the radical demonstrates impeachment inquiry so-called,
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lou: joining us tonight former a regular white house political director fox business political analytical ed rollins "new york post," fox business contributor
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michael goodwin, thanks for being here let me start with you polling, i don't know how to judge it, you tell us. >> well, in spite of the back to or three weeks bashed smashed, including two years before that, the president still has the support of most country. as i have said observer and over again we should not live and die by polls there are three or four out today that say something different, it is about momentum i think the president is holding his own no this battle the key thing here long battle they got to fight back every day. >> simple -- the cipollone letter to house speaker pelosi, i mean, said this white house now is fighting. it understands clearly that this is a fraudulent attack on president of the united states orchestrated every detail to this point. your thoughts. >> look it is good to see somebody other than the president, fighting the president fights this every day every way he can you need
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more organized broader approach in addition to this letter, there are now a number of republicans in congress, calling for schiff to be removed last kroubt i saw only 91 they have nearly 200 members i'm not sure why others who not stepped up lindsey graham want to go use the senate judiciary committee. >> promised he would investigate since he took over as chair of the judiciary committee. what nine months ago. i mean where has he been? >> if this is going stooeb a purely partisan fight republicans have to use the power they have, in congress. >> the senate. >> is should it be difficult to discern partisan battle. >> not to me apparently things mover slowly in washington. >> if stuck in the mud that have swamp. >> good news gone 2 1/2 weeks all back next week seem lot of activity, but i do think. >> always hasomething to cheer
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us up with here they come. >> reality check not coming back they got to come back be fired back the key thing if i was white house. >> great to see congressman mark meadows roaring. >> standing up for this president, and also, jim jordan doing a great jb. >> great, you know, we still -- still have -- democrats all -- >> speaking of being slow i must be mired -- >> three second delay. >> i. >> i don't pile on, okay? >> i thihe conveniently if whit house does note cooperate members should not the leadership house republicansi wouldn't show up i would say can't a canningry court have at. >> it that is what they are doing the letter lace it straight out, you are invalid,
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illegitimate the hell with it just so nice to see the president stand up here, and tell them exactly where they stand. >> well, look, it is as i said going to be a long slog the polls are going to change every day on this. >> you know i am not so sure it will be i really -- let me just defensively's advocate for a bit he i just really,brief the american people are smart enough to see what is being pulled in washington, i mean this is am t . >>. >> orchestrating kri to bubble up from the swamp, and be ready to talk, hearsay with are a coordinated effort to change the rules of the complaint -- and the complaint itself by whistle-blower, by the way, why isn't anyone talking about the 8
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whistle-blowers who were prosecuted by president obama more than every president before him darlings of left-wing media, my goodness being so tough on these whistle-blowers want to go know who the hell accused him so he can stand up defend himself public right to snow suddenly isn't positive are to little darlings of the left. >> i am not as confident as you are in the country, right now in terms of -- in terms of how all this -- >> intelligent. >> i polarized country. >> i believe in the people. >> i generally do i think right now this country so is divided, and there is so much hatred for this president if they keep media on their side will have a mega phone every day. >> media on their side. >> what has to happen the members of congress support this president and people who support this president need to write congress get on phone jam it up basically tell them
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knock this crap off only way they will pay sneengs where has lindsey graham been chairman senate judiciary committee hasn't done -- step one. to do anything, with that committee to investigate, as the -- the radical demonstrates of the household sway over narrative. >> hopeful he continues to say what he is saying when all members come back next week he is sitting there by himself, i think it is if giuliani wants to testify should be given that opportunity. >> he has -- >> the way lindsey graham rescued the cakavanaugh hearing i am willing to give him time on this i think what he did there was heroic work that nomination would have been sunk out him i will be patient this time. >> looking back on kavanaugh cave. >> you really think a matt of patience. >> this is 9 months he hasn't done anything. >> i thought specifically on
7:21 pm
this issue. >> i am talking about chairman of the judiciary committee hasn't done anything that is not patience that is -- >> talking about. >> going awol. >> taking impeachment. >> right. impeachment is the topic now. >> i'm sorry? >> impeachment is the topic will be for the next several weeks. >> i said to both of you the four different --. >> it is a fair fight. >> fair fight two to one. >> fair. >> two to one on. >> rollins michael, i thank you -- >> appreciate it. next president trump fighting back against washington establishment hollering at decision to pull troops out of syria what he promised to do in the office he now holds they're not used to that presidents who keep pain promises and keep america first of all the things he might have done we'll have
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lou: the trump administration today blacklisted 28 chinese entities over human rights violations against muslim minorities we know hunter widen owns a stake in one 10% stake for bhr partners backed by alibaba filed for ipo in the hong kong in august expected to raise a billion dollars by the end of the year. yes goldman sachs citigroup jpmorgan chase joined spors of
7:27 pm
the ipo. we have breaking news about so-called whistle-blowers political bias if there is any doubt in your mind krielting three sources washington examiner's byron york lights friday michael attkissonig of intelligence community revealed whistle-blower quote had a significant tie to one of the democratic presidential candidates currently vying to challenge president trump in next year's election. president trump praising byron for latest op-ed saying in a tweet this is the beginning of the end, thank you byron york, joining us the afore said byron york for the washington examiner's fox business contribute give me the name of that did democratic candidate. >> i don't know don't know but the story goes back, to august 26 when the inspector general the intelligence community
7:28 pm
writes a letter that we now have seen a letter to the director of national intelligence said the whistle-blower who is anonymous had indications of arable political bias in favor of a rival political candidate. >> imagine that divine a political bias, a democratic working for a democratic presidential candidate. >> a few weeks later we had press reports that said hey we found out what the bias was whistle-blower is a registered democrat a lot of commentary said you know, republicans are crazed by partisanship so much think system registration in democratic party is evidence of wrongdoing there is more to story inspector general friday did testify at it house republicans asked him so what about this political bias what is the story just because he is a registered republican? and the answer was no.
7:29 pm
it is because the whistle-blower has had a working or professional relationship with a person who is now one of the democratic 2020 candidates. and with. >> with that, plot is filling out before our very ice we have 18 day gap now between the telephone call and the sudden urgent made to for whistle-blower status an extraordinary long period, and then we find out in that period there were contacts with presumably the staff of the committee the intel jens committee not brought to attention of anyone else without reporting your reporting in particular, there is a lot we wouldn't know.
7:30 pm
and this committee is obviously, trying to pull off without public knowledge or transparency at all certainty, without the participation of the minority party and giving this president in this so-called inquiry due process even the most limited kind. >> there is a huge fight over see seeks secrecy with inquiry last week we had two hearings one with ambassador volker the other with michael attkisson inspector general both secret as a matter of fact so secret, that they were actually held in a room called a skif sensitive compartmented information facility a room constructed to be impervious to any sort of surveillance law enforcements can shut door talk about most important secrets that is what they were
7:31 pm
talking about not classified information just a democratic desire they make rules to keep everything secret. then -- >> more than secret. to keep knowledge away from it is republican members of that committee. and their staffs. this is this is a determined effort on the part of pelosi i think you will agree, and schiff, to deny the jiernt any of its traditional rights and anything approaching american values of fair play, and due process. >> house republicans have been saying, i think correct about this, that the democrats seem making things up, as they go along the rules making rules up as they go along because they had meetings republicans say okay what are the rules for this meeting, and they are not entirely sure. so that is what the letter, by the way, is about the white house wrote today 8 page letter to nancy pelosi
7:32 pm
basically challenging the legitimacy of the entire impeachment inquiry basically saying this is all being done on the say-so of the speaker of the house, and they believe, it is not legitimate enough to stand up in court. lou: i think the letter actually has a stronger foundation than even that byron it is saying that this is an illegitimate attempt on the part of the democratic party to create a fraud and a -- absolute sham of an inquiry in order to both subvert the president and if to get lucky, with their friends in the national left-wing media perhaps overthrow a president. >> this is about this letter is about going to court if you listen to democrats when they have been asked. >> supreme court. >> going to some big court, if you listen to democrats when asked why haven't you had a vote to authorize an intoo. inquiry as was done in richard nixon case bill clinton case
7:33 pm
why haven't you done that? the answer we don't have to, and actually they don't have to it is not in -- not in house rules they have to do it. >> you say that, and i have heard others say it byron if i may, beg to differ, it has been all three presidential impeachment efforts, the fact is that there was a vote, and that vote makes it more than a partisan witch hunt an effort to overthrow the president. >> you are exactly right about that distingeion cipollone draws in that very important letter. >> last sfwhoord word. >> when house subpoenas white house, says now don't haves inquiry going on it is going to court and in the past court has ruled that the house is in a more powerful position affiliate had a formal inquiry going on that is what they did in the past what they are going to try not to do we will
7:34 pm
see if judge buys that position. >> i can't imagine a jufrj or frankly american people buying that position because it is fraudulent from the beginning, to what i hope will be a -- an end very soon. >> byron york great reporting as always thanks for being with she wanted a roommate to help with the cooking. but she wanted someone who loves cats. so, we got griswalda. dinner's almost ready. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with our renters insurance. yeah, switching and saving was really easy! drink it all up. good! could have used a little salt. visit and see how easy saving on renters insurance can be. ♪ do you recall, not long ago ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪
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>>s. >> this is a democrats headed
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by a democrat lawyer big democrat lawyer, this is a con job this is a conbeing pepper traitdz on united states public even the perpetrated the president calling out radical left tell atted overthrow of his presidency ongoing, all of this senate judiciary committee chair lindsey graham said the thoilgs speaker nancy pelosi republicans will not impeach the president based on trump-zelensky phone call fighting corruption up until now, it has been all talk and very little action. >> this committee is going to look long and hard an how this all started, we are going to look at fisa warrant process. >> three things going to look at judiciary chairman clinton e-mail investigation when it comes to counterintelligence investigation i want to find out why they never went to trump to tell him he may have a problem with people in
7:39 pm
campaign working with russians last thing fisa warrant how do document dossier be used to get a warrant against american citizens four timed still unverified. >> i am not issuing subpoenas people are frustrated i am calling horowitz before committee going to tell us about fisa warrant application counterintelligence investigation i will go where facts take us. >> victoria toengs former deputy assistant attorney general for criminal of division justice department, joe digenova former u.s. attorney district of columbia found theing partners of digenova and toensing law firm thank you for being with us beginning at perhaps unusual place, asking why in the world have we seen nothing from senate judiciary chair made it very clear going to investigate, all of those issues, as the had of that committee victoria? >> i don't know, i really like lindsey for a lot of people
7:40 pm
including my former whistle-blower but why -- he says the reason is that he is waiting for the ig report to come out you know, like okay. we are waiting we are all waiting supposed to come out months ago now going to be another few weeks i don't see the purpose in that, because the ig can't do that it is durham really doing more because he has much more authority, as u.s. attorney, so i don't get it i don't understand it i will tell you would i like lindsey to get all the republican senators, onboard, signing a letter saying what he just said they don't -- i'm going to impeach -- biggest challenge will be mitt romney. >> it would be a difficult conversation for even a saint, i think. >> joe, let's turn to john solomon his tloorth in fact the ukrainian officials opened a new investigation before new
7:41 pm
president was elected he chose not and of itself invalidate any claim by radical dems not house there was anything improper untoward, by the way, independent about objective view no claim of any kind against this president based on that phone call if indeed allegations were preceded by an investigation. >> well, i don't think there is any doubt that -- nothing the president said on that phone call was improper in fact, whether a the president said on that phone call was essentially he was exercising the authority under article two of the chief law enforcement officer of the united states. the chief diplomat of the united states enforcing a mutual legal assistance treaty is between united states and ukraine p fact ukrainians already opened up
7:42 pm
investigation or were relooking at it reviewing it trying to find out whether or not it was handled properly of burisma is icing on the cake you are absolutely correct. >> i want to say the obama administration treated ukraine like a candy store. they went in got whatever they want would withhold money victoria knew lan george sorrow her buddy would go in and tell ukrainian the prime minister who they should indict who they should investigate who they could not investigate trust me one of them was any organization, connected with george soros including a-n-t-a-a very corrupt organization under a thing says anticorruption obama administration had done this quid pro quo throughout the whole 8 years their running ukraine. lou: it is -- it is really stunning stuff, and watching
7:43 pm
this -- it seems like every turn, the investigation, the probe, the charges against the president all result in a criminality or a lie on the part of the investigators so kwlauld fbi, department of justice whether robert mueller testifying before congress there is nothing in this that does not appall part -- fall apart upon xhmgs by red cal demonstrates may be i should just say dimms there doesn't seem any divide on political corruption they inspire when they obviously, host. >> the demonstrates have decided they can win by using lies, to the american people. when complicity of mainstream immediate two major newspaper
7:44 pm
"washington post" and "new york times" some polling data indicates they are succeeding notwithstanding the fact that nothing that they are saying is true, they are throwing so much mud consistently that it is having an effect on the body politic that, of course, is what demonstrates want because this is not about rule of law. this is about stealing an election, from the american people. stealing an election from donald trump. lou: that is what what they did in 2018 they knew including of the charges the inclusion of the collusion charge before election that could have been announced no, it wasn't, and my judgment the effect was that theft of the 2018 election and control of the house of representatives. >> stall right, bob mueller was completely complicit in it acted that way to assist democrats. >> i say if bill barr hadn't
7:45 pm
become attorney general that investigation would be going on barr is attorney general we appreciate it thank you for being with us we appreciate always. >> up next president trump responding to joe biden's call for the president's impeachment, joe biden! what is going on? there's a power in listening; it's what gives audible members an edge. it opens our minds, changes our perspective, connects us, and pushes us further. the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories: audible. the♪lexus es... ...every curve, every innovation, every feeling... a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379/month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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lou: biden dropping like a rock. >> i don't think going to make it i didn't think was going to make it a long time i don't think going to make it. >> caught red-handed here is a man on tape saying exactly what he is going to do in terms of of corruption. and he gets away with it. f. that ever happened to a republican they would be getting the electric chair right now. >> president trump slamming the corruption of joe biden and his comments came a few hours after biden joined radical demonstrates calling for impeachment of president trump senate judiciary chair lindsey graham inviting rudy giuliani to testify before his committee graham wants to give giuliani chance to tell his allegations of corruption in ukraine to discuss former vice president and sun hunter
7:50 pm
graham writing unlike the house of representatives, i am tired of only hearing one side of the story, it is now time to give voice everything to ukraine. let chips fall where they may and new quinnipiac poll shows senator elizabeth warren tied with joe biden in demonstrates 2020 primary race warren has support of 29% voters, biden, 26%, and coming up third senator bernie sanders and the rest of the field running well behind. margin of error 3.1% in this poll same poll great news for the president 49% voters say the say president should not be impeached moved from office more than 45% who say he should be, amongst republicans 94% say this president should not be impeached, independents in president's favor as well 47 to 43. as for democrats, well a
7:51 pm
different situation altogether. as we might suspect, 85% say president should be removed from office. up next we continue our coverage of the party of hate's efforts to take down this president corey lewandowski joins me right after this break. stay with .
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
>> president trump calling impeachment inquiry nothing more than a scam today former
7:55 pm
trump campaign manager and best-selling author corey lewandowski joining us tonight good to see you the president really raising hell today, he put -- the -- the military industrial complex on notice that he wouldn't sacrifice a thousand lives in syria for a bunch of neocon nonsense for five years puffery out of senate why there why critical to be there to no end your thoughts. >> well, lou look i am not a military expert i do know this this is not the first time we've seen of congress or the senate, get out in front of the president only to walk things back after because they don't have all information that he has. and look, i think this president when he ran for office, and now that he is in office, has the most important job that he can have, making sure men and women in uniform come home safely and if we don't have, a reason, that we need to be in a country, i know that he has always said
7:56 pm
any manor woman who wears that pat of american flag on uniform should be home safely with family that is what he pledged to do that is what he is going to do. >> why did it take three years i i guess next question you answered that because he has been trying, and has run up against the military industrial complex in the pentagon, i know some of the people who have been lobbying like hell on the issue of keeping troops there, and we heard a number step forward including you know, lindsey graham. speaking of people who are military experts. deciding that -- i can't figure out who he is is he friend or foe to this president? >> well, allow i do know this look i know when president. >> doesn't sound like o -- the way answer begins corey. >> when president asked friends advisers how do we get troops home end senseless in afghanistan bring men and women home they said sir you can't do it there is no way to do it he said that is not an
7:57 pm
acceptable answer that is why i think by and large he had to get rid of first secretary of defense wouldn't follow through what president's initiatives were bringing troops home. >> he was a president for crying out loud. >> of course, he did, by the way, so many others in that military industrial complex think they are the president. they can. >> more than a few -- >> believe they are president. >> yes allow i am with you when you know that difference is this, one man got elected to be president united states 53 million people supporting him he made a pledge to bring our troops home he has to do that, it is the right thing to do those people should be on u.s. soil unless an absolutely critical reason yvrg you want to have forward deployed snow question paychecks in the world all troops now still in nato? in europe? >> in south korea the list goes on. >> we've got troops i believe,
7:58 pm
well over 100 countries around the world this is madness. >> we do. >> allow we can no longer be police force of the world we have our own problems right here. >> you are talking to the choir partner. >> every single day, every single day people coming across our southern border crimes committing against americans can be prevented take care of something else called america first, i know that sounds terrible to globalists out there i don't care it is about -- >> why listening to globalists and he is the president. he has the power to shut down the nonsense whether emanating from dhs, from within his white house his own advisors it is time for this president to -- and i salute him, to connect back with the people who put him in this white house. the american people. not -- not wall street. and not the swamp, not corporate america not tim cook
7:59 pm
mr. and mrs. america live on streets all over this country in middle class neighborhoods in neighborhoods, that aspire to be middle class that is who husband his people are. >> that is right. >> where are we going to see it? >> i mean i see more -- corporate ceos parading out of that white house than i ever thought -- possible. >> allow. >> under this president. >> last week, as relates to the national security counsel, to cut the size of bloated government bureaucracy for a period 400 people working in it many which hate this president are leakers people who have -- private conversations the national security counsel this president said last week going to go in cut size of national security counsel a big bloated government step in right direction that is a step in streamlining government what he pledging to do that is what he is doing. >> corey how many people do we have in government? >> way too many allow i don't know what number is.
8:00 pm
>> about three million. and 400 would be a start as you say corey great to see you thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> thanks for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow. good night from new


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