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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  October 17, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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robert jeffress. follow me on twitter @loudobbs and like me on facebook. thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow. night from new york. trish: impeachment in secret. president trump's ambassador to the e.u. gordon sondland telling house investigators that he opposed the president's request to run ukraine policy through his personal lawyer but he went ahead and contacted giuliani anyway. he claims it was giuliani who drew a link between the ukraine investigating the bidens. and the throingt white house. but chief of star mulvaney says none of this is illegal.
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>> he didn't like the fact that giuliani was involved. you may not like the. that's fine. it's not illegal or impeachable. the president gets to use who he wants to use. trish: the chamber's democratic leader is out there praising these efforts. >> i'm proud of the work of chairman adam schiff, none of us came to congress to impeach a president, but we do have to honor our oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. trish: you could have fooled me because i seem to recall when rashida tlaib won she was rejoicing that she was going to go and impeach the -- well, she used inappropriate words. she have been talking about impeachment all along. nancy pelosi resisted it when apparently the squad got to her enough she felt she had to move
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forward. to praise adam schiff who is reading that fiction as though it was the actual transcript of a call. misleading americans. joining me, jody heiss. i want to express my sincerest condolences to the family of elijah cummings as well as to you. despite the fact you guys were across the aisle, i know you had respect for each some other personally. sow my condolences, sir, to you. >> thank you for that. we didn't see eye to eye on political issues at all. but within the democratic party he was a great leader and he will be incredibly missed. he was very kind and we butted
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heads a lot of times but we had a great respect for one another and our prayers for for his family. trish: that's wait comes down to, mutual respect. it's something lacking in so many ways in society. let me get back to the impeachment news. to nancy pelosi praising adam schiff. do you have think she feels she has to say that or is she proud of the work he has done so far. >> it's disgusting what adam schiff is doing. here is a person who does not need to be leading this impeachment inquiry whatsoever. he has proven himself to be an individual who cannot be trusted. who in their right mind can think it's okay to falsify word of the president of the united states of america and try to make the american people believe those are true words. trish: i didn't like that one bit.
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the other thing i didn't like is he went on msnbc and said we have not had any contact with the whistleblower. only for his office to then have to come out almost immediately thereafter saying a member of the staff did have contact with the whistleblower. that is something i think he would have known about. to go on national television like that and completely lie, i took issue with that as i imagine you did, too. >> absolutely. and the way he's running this whole thing. we are in the basement of the capitol. we had a deposition some 8 hours. i was in there for 8 hours today plus. we are in the basement of the capitol in a shroud of secrecy. there is know transparency. this is supposedly an impeachment inquiry of the president of the united states. the american people are left in the dark.
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members of congress are not even allowed to be part of it or read the transcripts even. this is an absolute sham. we are not even allowed to call our own witnesses or subpoena witnesses. this is a one-sided witch hunt being led by adam schiff. it's wrong. it's unfair it's un-american in every day. trish: i hear you. it seems the other side ought to be entitled to have their own witnesses and get their own information. let me ask you about this. mick mulvaney left a lot of people scratching their heads. i want you to see we had to say. >> i was involved with the process by which the money was held up temporarily. the corruption in the country. whether other countries were participating in support of ukraine and whether they were cooperate" our department of justice.
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that's completely legitimate. trish: the concern was he may have effectively said there was a quid pro quo situation going on. and they had to deliver information on this investigation which the doj said didn't you exist. i want to point out that mulvaney's office attempted or is attempting to clarify some of this. so let me read the statement we are getting mulvaney's office tonight. once again the media has decided to misconstrue my comments to advance a biased and political witch hunt against president trump. let me be clear in was absolute lit no quit pro question between ukrainian military aid and any investigation into the 2016 election. so why did he suggest otherwise. was that an attempt to normalize it in some way. help the viewer understand what was going on. >> i think it real issue here is
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the reality of what the request was, if you want to put it that way. the president has every right -- in fact he has a duty, when there is an ongoing investigation by the department of justice that finds its way into another country. the president has the doubt idea it to ask that country to cooperate with the department of justice when they come asking for cooperation. and that's what took place. to. >> read more into that is totally wrong. trish: it's more than the doj, it's cooperating with rudy giuliani. >> there again the president has the right to appoint anyone he wants to to be involved in matters that's involve foreign affairs. some of it all wraps up together. this is an official ongoing investigation. trish: even though giuliani was not in an official capacity.
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he said to me and the viewers, he said i needed to do what i needed to do to defend my client. i needed to understand exactly what transpired in 2015 into '16 because if mueller was coming at him with accusations of russia collusion, i needed to disprove that. that i understand. >> but keep in mind they did get the aid. president zelensky said he was never aware there was a holdup. so how can you have a quid pro quo when the person on the other end was not aware there was a holdup. trish: that's a fair point going right over the heads of adam schiff and nancy pelosi. anyway, congressman, it's good to see you. thank you for joining me. coming up, "trish regan
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primetime" producers hit the streets to see what you think about the nba. >> if you are profiting from it when you are there, that's hypocritical. trish: president trump touting his middle east strategy as turkey agrees to a 120-hour ceasefire. president trump: if we didn't go this unconventional tough love approach we couldn't have gotten it done it's a great day for civilization. trish: i'm setting the record straight on these endless wars. first democrats on the house judiciary committee say the decision to hold the next g7 at a trump resort is an example of corruption.
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trish: democrats in the mainstream media are up in arms over the president's decision to hold the next g7 at the doral
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resort in florida. the president says he won't make money off the event. >> there will almost certainly be a house judiciary committee hearing about this selection. >> only one hand i'm thinking to myself they don't have time to do it because they are too busy doing impeachment. then i think to myself, this is entirely consistent with how they spent the first 18 months in office. 12 months, however long they have been there. trish: joining me, congressman greg steube. >> we have a president who isn't taking a salary, who made his money before coming into office. it didn't matter where he picked
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the site. trish: however, i will play devil's advocate. he's going after joe biden for these conflicts of interest. dose run a risk when he holds it at one of his properties. he said you will save money if you do it at a trump property. he can gift to them at cost and take a haircut on it. nonetheless there are people who will say it's at a trump property, therefore he's getting publicity. that's intangible. maybe this isn't the right time to pick a trump resort. >> i'm from florida, i'm glad they are coming to florida for the g7. if you make a comparison to the hunter biden family, they didn't make their money before they got into elected office. hunter biden talked about how because of his name he was able
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to get positions on boards. trish: i do think it many very different. we had a lot of presidents who always made their money before they became president of the united states. the whole idea that some people would like him to give up his business all together is bizarre. then people say the trump children are benefiting because they are still in the business. and they make that comparison to hunter biden. that strikes me as a stretch because these are people who have spent their entire adult lives around that business, helping their farther to build it which is entirely different than somebody who got discharged or let go from the army for possible cocaine use suddenly showing you have on the board of a company he has no experience in the industry for. >> the american people elected trump knowing he has this experience and expertise and made all this money being
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successful in business. they elected him because of his experience. trish: do you think anybody cares? >> i can guarantee people in florida and my district don't care where the g-7 is held in the united states. and i'm glad world leaders are coming to florida. trish: it's interesting to me what is being leaked. fiona hill's testimony about john bolton. that was quite deliberately leaked out. the sondland stuff today. there is all this testimony going on most of of which isn't fitting the narrative they want. but when you get the little drips and drabs that do, boom, it's on the news. all this is done in secret. how do you think the news cycle is working in terms of the fiona hill stuff getting out? >> i was in the sondland
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deposition. when i went back to the classified briefing room where the deposition was going on. they had cnn on who was already report being what was said in that deposition three hours earlier. i asked one of the classified people there, how is this information getting out when all this supposedly is classified? obviously we are having this complete impeachment secrecy hearings where the american people don't get the transparency of what's being said. trish: why can't they say it in front of cameras. >> literally cnn several hours later is putting out what the democrats want to be put out. it's frustrating for me when you look at historically how impeachments have gone. clinton had his own personal lawyer who was able to cross-examine ken starr. you had all this open to the
11:19 pm
public. trish: you had inquiry votes back then. imagine that. the danger, i would imagine, one thing that might concern you certainly concerns me as scene america is the precedent. does this mean whoever becomes president next, if the opposing party doesn't like him or her, that suddenly it's open season? >> if you look at the federalist papers, they talk about it. if you have impeachment proceedings, that's not what the constitution is about. it needs to be transparent and open to the american people. i think the democrats learned from the mueller escapade by having that hearing in the public. i think they learned that didn't work out well for them. they will have hearings and depositions in secret so they can leak out what they want to leak out. they can use that as articles of impeachment. it's really sad.
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trish: new proof tonight the democrats impeachment push is galvanizing president trump's base. wait until you hear how much money the rnc as raised amid his impeachment inquiry. and many democrats condemning president trump's decision to pull u.s. troops from syria. >> what the president did was dangerous. >> i would not have withdrawn the troops. our commanders across the board, former and present are ashamed of what's happening here. trish: what if i told you there was a time when democrats praised obama for withdrawing troops from overseas. they praised obama because he was getting out of these overseas conflicts. we'll expose the hypocrisy. we'll expose the hypocrisy. i'm getting reaction from
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trish: venezuela offered its people freebies and i'd land them in hot water. meanwhile there are reports in russian media that pedestrian ps going to surrender itself to the russian-owned company. vice president mike pence announcing turkey agreed to a ceasefire after five hours off negotiations between erdogan and the trump administration. it will last 120 hours allowing the kurds to withdraw from a buffer zone around turkey.
11:26 pm
the president says this is not a fight the u.s. should be in. he argues it's a question of resources in terms of our soldiers and money. i wanted to show you this. since 2006, we have lost nearly 5,000 soldiers in international conflicts. the vast majority died in the middle east. we have spent $1.2 trillion policing the middle east the last decade. and this president says enough. >> we have got to get out of the endless wars and bring our troops back home. i go to walter reed and give out purple hearts. i seat incredible soldiers coming home to dover, coming home in a cop -- home in a coffn areas we have nothing to do with, and it's heartbreaking. trish: when donald trump won the
11:27 pm
presidency, all of a sudden everything they used stand for they were suddenly against. this is democrats reacting when president obama took troops out of the middle east. think about that versus what they are saying now. >> president obama promised to end the war in iraq responsibly. prop is made, promise kept. the russians have tried to get us involved in the wars unsuccessfully. >> where do you come down on that. do you support his decision? >> absolutely. it's the right decision. >> we have abandoned the kurds. >> if we had don't job our administration set out to do, to end the war we did not start. >> it's the most of shameful thing any president has done in
11:28 pm
modern history. it's shameful what this man has done. trish: when and why and how did these tables turn. i hope our politicians aren't engage our military strictly for political purposes. joining me, 206 campaign manager -- 2016 campaign manager, corey lewandowski. i spoke with the president about this troop withdrawal, if you would. he feels very strongly, and he would probably have more insight into this because it's social campaigned on. that americans should not be involved in conflicts that we can't meaning any resolve, and we should not be risking lives and spending money in ways that won't result in anything -- anything that's going to truly benefit us. you can hear in his voice -- we
11:29 pm
just played the tape of how disturbed he is when he has to talk to family members who lost a loved one fighting overseas. but at the same time you get a lot of critics scratching their head saying why now? >> as you remember on the campaign trail, what the president talked about is bringing back the men and women in uniform to our country and left a u.s. interest we had overseas. the president didn't want to say how many countries our troops are in right now because it's embarrassing. for too long we have been the police force of the world. we have a war going on in afghanistan that we have been in for over 16 years. the people of who started serving tha in that war. it's a trillion dollars, thousands of american lives. what this president said was we are going to bring those people home because that wraps they
11:30 pm
belong. then just like it's related to the southern border. the border wall the democrats used to be for. but they are opposed because donald trump is in favor of it. and they want to bring troops home until president trump wants to do it. trish: this president is saying i want to get out of the middle east. i don't want to be there. i don't want to risk american lives. and that's something historically the democrats might have agreed with. i'm always struck, if you would, by this upside down rule. "alice in wonderland" kind of world where black is white and white is black. i mean, is he just really stuck because no matter what he wants to do, they will be in the way of? >> that's part of it. but the other part is the military industrial complex is
11:31 pm
very real in washington, d.c. these giant defense contractors give tens of millions of dollars to elected officials so they can build more missiles and continue to have wars and have prove fits. this president doesn't care about the industrial military complex. he wants to make sure our men and women, when they come back in coffins, or having to go see them in walter reed. is this best use our military force? and the question always comes back to him as the commander-in-chief. he has to decide, is one american life worth losing to be in a place the united states doesn't need to be? it's amazing to me that members of the republican party are chastising this president for want to go bring our men and women home. this is a president who rebuilt our military from the depletion that happened under the obama administration. i know he loves our military.
11:32 pm
but he wants to make sure our men and women are safe. trish: i understand that. he's not wrong to wants that. for sure. and to be the president of the united states, you have to live with yourself and look at yourself every day in the mirror. it has to be hard if you think gosh, if only i could have gone the those people out, maybe i could have saved their lives. coming up, democrats may want to rethink their impeachment bush because it's helping president trump. wait until you hear the money the rnc raised last month. my next guest worked for the fbi. he says spying on a trump he says spying on a trump campaign member was definitely to the outside world, you look good,
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trish: fox confirming inspector jones's report on fisa abuse is in the final stages of declassifying before its release. president trump the i.g. report will come out soon, i know nothing by the in terms of the report. i'm waiting for the report like everybody else. but i predict you will see things you don't even believe, the level of corruption, whether it's comey or strzok and his lover page, whether it's so many other people, mccabe. whether it's president obama himself. trish: what's taking so long? the former deputy assistant director for counter-terrorism, terry turchie. what's your sense of what could be in there? what would you be looking for.
11:38 pm
>> never in my lifetime, never while we have been around have we had a report coming out from an i.g. that might shed light on two intelligence agencies. law enforcement agencies and a political party perhaps conspiring to nullify an election. nothing about the christopher steele allegation warranted the activity it got. to have this fisa extend three times. people need to know that getting a fisa is not an easy thing to do. once you get it and it's approved. it then takes a certain amount of time to get installed. before you have much of that fisa running, you have to go back and work on rejustifying it. to do that you have to have new information that builds on the previous information. two years after the mueller report and millions of dollars.
11:39 pm
there is no other information. so it's going to be interesting to see how they were able to you justify this three times and keep it going. and you know, we already know there is a lot of anomalies in the way the steele information, the fisa was handled. trish: that was paying for foreign intel, let's be clear. they hired a foreigner, christopher steele who called up all his buddies in russia, got information from them, airport was bought and paid for by hillary clinton's campaign. that was opposition research conducted on foreign soil right there. >> to add to that. take it perkins youie law firm it was perkins coie that sold
11:40 pm
fbi you can't gone it dnc network. i hope this fisa i.g. report starts to clear some of this up. trish: why do you think it's taken so long. we heard jason chaffetz on fox today say a lot of people are a little bit nervous about what's going to come out and maybe there are some legal troubles? does that make sense to you? >> it makes sense. but this is extensive. we know the i.g. is very thorough. they have a lot of paper and documents to go through. it was a big investigation. it will come down to very subtle points. did you lie when you said this. then it will be around some minor points. because they want to prove everything they can assert in there, and go with what is the strongest argument on some of these people they have to deal with. trish: terry, we'll be watching
11:41 pm
and i look forward to talking to you some more. the nba basically censoring fans, players, and the league from making pro hong kong comments. this isn't sitting oh well with most of americans. >> as important as sports are, we have to be sensitive. we have to be sensitive to the people and support the people. you know. and the democratic world. trish: first, the democrats impeachment push is galvanizing the president's base. i am the twisting thundercloud. i am royalty of racing, i am alfa romeo. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there."
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trish: proof that the left's desperate impeachment push is galvanizing trump supports. donations are pouring in. the rnc raised $27.3 million in the month of september. pretty impressive stuff. but a different story for joe biden. he has less than $9 million left in his campaign fund. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren have twice as much money available to them.
11:46 pm
carl, good to see you again, tom. wow, these are big numbered. >> they are big numbers. trish: it's like impeachment is helping in some ways? is it? >> i think so. she have been attacking this man for two years. when you try to take something from some people they pull back harder. way they are pulling back harder in this instance is to give him money. we are still a year out. when i talk about in my book, when the stakes rise, intensity rises, his donor base is growing, they are giving money now a year in advance of where they normally would because they don't want the democrats to take away their president. trish: part of what you are saying the more divide you become, the more polarize something one is, you have got the bad but you also have the good. and people want their voices to
11:47 pm
be heard. let me ask you about joe biden. it's not working, that theory is not work for him. you would think some democrats would say i have got to give to joe, i have got to help him out and keep number the game. but he's quickly running out of money. >> in april or fox i wrote he won't be the nominee. nobody burns for bind. they burn for bernie. bind doesn't charm people or inspire people. he's just a hasm and egg guy when it comes to politics. i think he continues to fade. i expect joe biden won't do well. they already told people they might not win iowa or new hampshire. so he's definitely in trouble. i expect the republicans who are unified. remember the democrats are divide. they are raising money, but they
11:48 pm
are spreading it out among several democrats. by the way, they are taking it away from congressional candidates. they remain divide. the best part of his for trump is they will be divide into march and april. it's proportional for the democrats. in march we still won't know who the nominee is going to be. they are going to be sucking up all that money and the republicans will raise it for six or seven more months with a war chest. trish: all that said, who do you think it might eventually be? bernie sanders? elizabeth warren? it's great to run against a socialist. those two, in particular. >> early on last year i said bernie has a great shot. the reality is they give him money and support him no matter what. we'll see how elizabeth warren does out in front.
11:49 pm
she did poorly in the last debate because she can't justify her program without massive tax increases. and she looks dodgy. trish: how do you look dodgy. >> she is dodging the questions. she is dipping her head and not answering the question. trish: how she's going to pay for her medicare for all. >> they are ignoring bernie sanders. they think he's going away. but if you raise 25.3 million in a quarter and you leave the lead the pack, you shouldn't be ignored. by march it will be split up. what's to watch for is whether bernie and elizabeth have more delegates than biden. if that's the case i say it's
11:50 pm
50-50 the democrats go all the way to the convention. steve bannon is pretty convinced, tom, that hillary clinton wants to get back in, and if they are going to nominate a socialist that somebody will come to her and say listen, we need you. can you envision it? >> hillary of course wants to get in. whether she'll. bloomberg, too. they are talking about him getting in. there is a poll showing that michelle obama is doing better in new hampshire. that's how badly divided the democrats are. this remind me of '68 for the democrats. if the republicans come with a message how to fix healthcare and keep the economy going and the democrats are socialists, trump should win. trish: i agree. kennedy is here with a sneak peek at what's coming up on her show. do you have any more games?
11:51 pm
kennedy: it's the casino of fox business. it got spicy last night. we had one libertarian kentucky lawmaker, tonight we'll have another one. thomas massie will keep us up to speed on syria. and maybe he will change my mind or take me count bourbon trail and the gloves will come off. it will be great either way. thanks so much for having me. trish: coming up, everyone, "trish regan primetime" producers hit the streets to see what you the american viewer think about the nba china deal he's an american citizen. if he supports democracy of the hong kong residents, what's wrong with that. in this country you are free to speak last time i heard. driverless cars, or trips to mars.
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for the next big opportunity. like 5g. it's gonna make things just... incredible. almost all the fortune 500 partner with us. ♪ plus thousands of other companies of all sizes. (woman) no matter what business you're in, digital transformation never stops. ♪ verizon keeps business ready. ♪ >> we have a right to free speech. at times there are ramifications but negative can happen when not thinking about anything. >> trying to change people's lunch they don't realize the harm physically and financially. >> south park taken another opportunity and specifically the lebron james allowing the
11:56 pm
insults to be center by the communist chinese government. we decided to do our own research and to see what americans really think about the mba priority. >> i think it's important that we send the right message and it should always be about the people. >> i think it should be america first. >> getting treated unfairly or bad and while you're there. it is hypocritical not to say something and speak up about it. >> lebron james, do you agree with his comments. >> i think he's a hypocrite. >> he needs to use his voice for it but stepping back and not saying anything is a lot. >> i don't condone it. i don't think is right for that. >> lebron speaks up for things
11:57 pm
about walker's matter, please brutality and then when it comes over there with human rights -- >> joining me now stephanie hamel. you heard from people on the street. lebron james, i don't like it. nobody likes it. >> was he thinking. >> it's all about the money, it is shocking that south park will take on communist china but the mba and king james won't. king james who is been very political all of a sudden has nothing to say but he was there to support hillary clinton and criticize trump supporters and president trump and he doesn't want to go to the white house, he criticizes the border wall and the list goes on and on in his silence is deafening and it really is saddening. a really breaks your heart -- >> the idea that they had to
11:58 pm
basically tell the rockets manager, do not tweak that in the criticize import and try to apologize and then try to walk that back. i get it, one and a half billion dollars, that is how much the tv deal in china was worth plus all the inquiry stuff. but you the nba, basketball is like americana. and you are going to sit there and compounded china at a time like this where they're doing what they do to their people. >> everyone should be stated that for democracy and standing up for the protesters in hong kong. it's really a no-brainer. i think the big picture here and i'm glad we are talking about it, it shows how much of an influence china has over america so we are exporting our jobs, this is bigger than the nba, were exporting our jobs and their importing fascism into america. to have these big-time
11:59 pm
celebrities and athletes stay silent when this is so important, how much does he have to lose, he's worth millions and millions of dollars. >> king james actually basically said everybody else did not know what they're talking about. he needs to get his facts right and do a little bit of reading in a little bit of cultural exchange because he is empathy for what these people are going through on the streets of hong kong. anyway always terrific to see you. thank you so much. we have a lot coming up tomorrow, congressman norman, and michelle malkin and many, many more and we will continue to stay on the whole impeachment ordeal. we are waiting patiently but with some anticipation ig report which should be coming
12:00 am
very, very soon and should help shed a lot of light on all that has transpired. we hope so anyway. kennedy is next and i will seeui will see you on monday. have a triptych we can. kennedy begins now. ♪. kennedy: thank you trish, president trump calling it a victory. a cease-fire between turkey and the kurds kinda. the president says it could save millions of lives but did he make a deal with the double? fix a problem that we created bikvice president mike pence yor future president and secretary of state mike pompeo. i am a said stake, he wishes. to hammering out a deal to stop the violence, more than a week that the turkish military has been attacking our longtime allies in northern syria. the kurds claim the turks are committing more time killing civilians.


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